ompaulmike-ekim, so now I want you to type, in the filter box: ipv6 it will give you two options12:01
=== fowlduck [n=duck@68-190-90-101.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Davertohow do i turn off the frambuffer12:01
Teri2007how do I make new folders I upload via vsftpd default to a specific owner:group when I upload? I want to upload and have the folder be assigned to root:apachegrp rather than teri:teri12:01
Jowiloper06: I would recommend to get a static ip address (or a dynamic one that doesn't change very often)12:01
rootompaul do you know the name?12:01
ompaulmike-ekim, click on the top one until it goes bold (double click)12:01
mike-ekimi dont have ipv612:01
=== megaqwerty [n=megaqwer@ip72-197-253-49.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuIf you would like information on framebuffers, please visit: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer12:01
SeanTaterin order to compile qemu, apt-get says I have to remove libsdl1.2debian-alsa. Is that safe?12:01
ompaulmike-ekim, disable it12:01
megaqwertydoes anyone know where I could find a Edgy Eft .vmx file? I want to try it out.12:02
=== kitche [n=dragon@sourcemage/guru/kitche] has joined #ubuntu
ompaulmike-ekim,  then try it - it may improve your browsing - however 256 megs more ram would also be very useful12:02
=== mikko [n=mikko@a88-112-66-155.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
loper06Jowi: so the best and effiency way is just to use no-ip or a dynmaic dns provider?12:02
=== vlt [n=daniel@dslb-088-073-255-238.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
Teri2007****how do I make new folders I upload via vsftpd default to a specific owner:group when I upload? I want to upload and have the folder be assigned to root:apachegrp rather than teri:teri12:02
jhasseHow to change the thing that will happen when i click the powerbutton on the front of my computer???12:02
ompaulmegaqwerty, edgy has its own channel #ubuntu+112:03
=== megaqwerty [n=megaqwer@ip72-197-253-49.sd.sd.cox.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
pike_mike-ekim: you might cat /etc/resolv.conf and make sure only one nameserver is showing up there12:03
Teri2007jhasse, how do I change that too?12:03
DavertoI dont even get GRUB12:03
ompauljhasse, that is your hardware --- that is not a ubuntu issue12:03
SeanTaterTeri2007: you can probably upload from epiphany or konqueror, as long as you give them your user and password on the ftp server, that may make it easier12:03
Jowiloper06: i never used no-ip so I can not say. Myself, I have got a "dynamic" ipaddress but it never change. in my domain controller (which is at the company i bought the domain from) I can set the pointers12:04
jhasseompaul, But i can change it with windows, so linux can't?12:04
ompaulRookie_, what is your question in full?12:04
rootjowie it has 6 iron pins and12:04
kitchejhasse: it has to do with ACPI12:04
ompauljhasse, you mean you alter your bios? you do that by pressing F12 or Delete or F2 as the machine boots up12:04
Teri2007seantater?  who is "them"12:04
Jowiroot: ps2 connection probably12:05
vltHello. I have installed ubuntu Dapper and try to activate my notebook's wifi card. It's a Broadcom 4311 Chip so I did `modprobe bcm43xx` but when I run `iwconfig` no wireless extensions are found. What should I do?12:05
jhasseompaul, no, setting in the windows energy options12:05
=== Jamminpotato [n=jamminpo@ip68-230-214-64.rd.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
rootJowi thats right!:D12:05
=== Mogz [n=max@h138n5fls34o1041.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
jhassekitche, Yes! How to change that?12:05
ompauljhasse, I know nothing of that o/s12:05
Jowiroot: run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and hope that it will autodetect your mouse.12:05
Hoxzersomebody, make a email backup script for me12:05
=== pau [n=pau@220.Red-80-37-183.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
loper06Jowi: thx. ill just let my domain expire next month.12:05
DavertoWhenever I start my computer I dont even get GRUB, but I've got it before on other distros, what do I do?12:06
=== GoldKeeper [n=ubuntu@wiley-459-102426.roadrunner.nf.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Squee [n=squee@ip70-162-69-93.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
kitchejhasse: look up changing ACPI settings in linux since I m not sure myself to be truthful12:06
sethkDaverto, boot the live cd or a rescue cd, to start with12:06
sethkDaverto, and then investigate what is going on.12:06
jhassekitche, where can i see the ACPI settings?12:06
DavertoI have and it workds12:06
Mogzhey everybody. i'm looking for a piece of music player software that can play all (most) formats and that supports gnome samba network URIs...12:06
GoldKeeperhow do i get a root account when running ubuntu live ?12:06
rootjowi it shows dev/input/mice12:06
Mogzany ideas?12:06
SqueeIs ther a good program I can play music out of without a gui, using just a terminal?  I need to be able to generate a playlist and then play it ou.12:07
=== Jack_Sparrow [n=jack@ppp-69-230-19-223.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #Ubuntu
pauhi. i've got and hp with ubuntu, my mike dosen't work, some one can help me?12:07
sethkDaverto, ok.  have you tried reinstalling grub, using the grub utility?12:07
jhasseGoldKeeper, sudo -s12:07
kitchejhasse: I m not sure but it's probably in the Admin part of your Desktop12:07
DavertoHow do I do that?12:07
=== das-q [n=das-q@p54BFE718.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkDaverto, that would be my first step.12:07
=== Jack_Sparrow [n=jack@ppp-69-230-19-223.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has left #Ubuntu ["Konversation]
Jowiroot: sounds ok12:07
SqueeIs ther a difference between sudo -s and sudo su, other than sudo su lists the pwd?12:07
ompaulDaverto, it is fast about 2 seconds you can extend this by editing using the following command and increasing the seconds   >>>    sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst12:07
pauhi. i've got and hp with ubuntu, my mike dosen't work, some one can help me?12:07
sethkDaverto, best way is  to mount your root file system somewhere, do a chroot to it,12:07
sethkDaverto, then run grub from the command line.  Are you familiar with mount and chroot?12:07
=== YBH_1 [n=YBH_1@c-24-21-24-238.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== dfgas [n=ubuntu@adsl-68-248-234-201.dsl.milwwi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
jhassekitche, hmm.. can't find it12:08
rootjowie still the same error12:08
=== Mazingaro [n=tetsuja@host247-237-dynamic.6-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu
sethkDaverto, ok.  are you at the machine now, with the live (or rescue) cd booted?12:08
ompaulSquee, you don't need either do  " sudo -i " if you must - and yoiu should not - it is just not the right way to admin a box12:08
=== Milchmann [n=david@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu
=== adioe3 ulijece u sobu.
=== MotorCityMadMan [n=max@68-232-97-118.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mazingaro [n=tetsuja@host247-237-dynamic.6-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Jowiroot: put the error in pastebin12:08
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (you can always find it in the channel topic, among other useful things)12:08
Davertono im on another computer12:08
pike_pau: in a terminal run alsamixer and check the settings12:08
rootJowie is not that easy to do that with lynx:P12:09
ompauladioe3, english please12:09
dfgaswhat is the channel for edgy?12:09
sethkDaverto, it would be easier if you were at the broken one.  I can try to point you in the right direction12:09
Jowiroot: you got a point :)12:09
pau hi. i've got and hp with ubuntu, my mike dosen't work, some one can help me?12:09
Squeeompaul: It's just more conveniant when doing large tasks that require root to not have to type sudo before everything12:09
ompaul #ubuntu+112:09
=== inflex [n=PLD@] has joined #ubuntu
sethkDaverto, do you know the partition layout on the hard drive of the machine we are trying to fix?12:09
adioe3ompaul: sorry, an away message was set, forgot to turn it off12:09
ompaulSquee, sudo -i12:09
Jowiroot: have you tried with another mouse? will the mouse work with a live-cd?12:09
DavertoI cant because my wireless card requires ndiswrapper and i dont have 2 CD-roms12:09
=== Shadowpillar [n=Shadow@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
inflexhi everyone.  I want to install vim 7 on my ubuntu box - however I see apt-get only goes to 6.4 vim atm... can I just install my own vim or will it bugger things up ?12:10
rootjowie lol i have installed it with floppies:P12:10
=== kmaynard [n=kmaynard@] has joined #ubuntu
sethkDaverto, we'll have to make the best of it then.  do you know the partition layout of the hard drive?12:10
Jowiroot: btw, did you compile your own kernel?12:10
rooti did the debian install12:10
Squeeinflex: go get checkinstall12:10
ompaul Daverto try a usb stick12:10
DavertoYes, i partitioned it myself12:10
=== bugz_ [n=bugz@adsl-69-235-211-96.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== klekkus [n=klekkus@] has joined #ubuntu
=== SkippyX [n=Thangleb@] has joined #ubuntu
Squeeinflex: that will generate a debian for you so if you have to remove it it is alot more simple12:10
inflexSquee: okay, getting it... got it12:10
rootno i did not12:10
inflexSquee: tx.12:10
sethkDaverto, ok, so you know which partition is the root partition, and whether or not there is a separate boot partition?12:10
ubotucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall  -  Please: Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page. - DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!12:10
Squeeinflex: do the ./configure and instead of make & make install just run "sudo checkinstall"12:11
=== robbbb [n=robbbb@heeleybankroad.plus.com] has left #ubuntu []
Davertothere is a seperate boot partition12:11
=== root_ [n=root@66-191-145-50.dhcp.roch.mn.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
ompaulSquee, our bot has - cough - lots of clues :)12:11
sethkDaverto, ok.  is this an IDE disk?  primary master?  which partition is root, and which is boot?12:11
rootJowie i wanted to change all the debian names in the sources fromat and change it into ubuntu12:11
root_how do i mount a samba share?12:11
=== jhasse [n=jhasse@p5489D89E.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
THX-1138!ubotu is amnesiac12:11
sethkroot_, mount -t smbfs12:11
Squeeompaul: ha didn't know about that12:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is amnesiac - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi12:11
rootbut i want gnomeworkingfirst:P12:11
klekkushi everybody (again, and again a problem). I now has a problem at boot up, as i had then too. But to the case, when i boot up ubuntu on my hda1 i get alot of lines with error simular to this; buffer I/O error on device dm-2, logical block. Do anyone know if i can edit something in /boot/grub/ etc to make ubuntu skip it? thanks12:12
ompaul!samba > root_12:12
vltroot_: mount -t cifs ...12:12
DavertoIDE, Pri, /swap is root and / is boot12:12
root_thats what i thought but it tells me bad fs or superblock12:12
Jowiroot: does "cat /proc/bus/input/devices" list your mouse?12:12
sethkDaverto, no, swap is swap.  root just means /.   if boot is separate, it is somewhere else12:12
klekkusit takes loooooooooootts of time to load the system because of these errors12:12
Davertolet me go check i pull it up on live CD12:13
ompaulklekkus, get a new disk soon, backup your existing data real soon12:13
sethkDaverto, what you need to know is, for example, first partition is /, second is /boot, third is swap (or of course whatever is actually true on this drive)12:13
=== tecta [n=tecta@] has joined #Ubuntu
Squeeis there a program that can play music without having an xserver started?  I'm trying to run a game server / jukebox and I dont want to waste the ram for X12:13
=== Jay_Levitt [n=jay@] has joined #ubuntu
=== inflex [n=PLD@] has left #ubuntu ["wrong]
kmaynardklekkus, what did you do different before this started happening12:13
=== aaron_ [n=aaron@60-241-7-74.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
sethkDaverto, also, I don't see what the wireless network has to do with being able to run the machine and talk to us at the same time.12:13
klekkusompaul, why, the systems seem to work well, and i cant afford to buy a new12:13
SkramXSquee: mp3blaster12:13
kitcheSquee: xmms2 mpd there is a couple12:13
sethkDaverto, unless you mean the only way you have to connect to the 'net is through the wireless.12:13
kmaynardSquee, look at mp3blaster12:13
aaron_im new to ubuntu and linux, and this is probably a stupid question, but...12:13
klekkuskmaynard, nothing, it has been like this since ive installed12:13
roothow did you spelldeveicescorr4rectly12:13
ompaulSquee, depends on file type I use ogg a lot so I end up with - ogg123 -d alsa09 path/file12:13
ubotump3blaster: Full-screen console mp3 and ogg vorbis player. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.2.0-7 (dapper), package size 191 kB, installed size 612 kB12:14
=== Astray [n=Astray@pool-71-98-172-221.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Squeemp3 blaster sounds good12:14
Davertothat is my only connection to the internet on that computer12:14
kitcheaaron_: no such thing as a stupid question really well besides one not asked12:14
aaron_i cant use any of the symbols on my keyboard, the symbols you access by holding down shift and pressing 1, 2, 3, etc.12:14
ompaulSquee, pm?12:14
kitcheaaron_: it's alt not shift12:14
aaron_like the 'at' symbol and 'dollar' symbol12:14
klekkusbefore i ran windows, now i run linux ( ubuntu ). It loads ubuntu after a long while, but it works seemless when its loaded. Exact the same with windows. My question is, is there a way to make ubuntu ignore these errors?12:14
Jowiroot: does "cat /proc/bus/input/devices" list your mouse?12:14
MotorCityMadMan how/can one clean/clear out old stored commands in run command box ?12:14
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o ompaul] by ChanServ
Squeeompaul: ?12:15
kitcheaaron_: ah those hmm thought you meant the alt codes12:15
kitcheaaron_: probably you have a wrong keyboard configuration12:15
sethkDaverto, ok, but you can have the machine next to you and talk to us using the machine you are using at the moment.12:15
kmaynardklekkus, what file system?12:15
sethkDaverto, ok, that makes things a bit easier12:15
root[A[B[B[B[B[B[B[B[B[B[B[jowie it says unknownfileor dir12:16
Davertothew other computer is booting the Live CD now12:16
sethkDaverto, ok, so you are about to do    fdisk -l /dev/hda         for us.12:16
klekkuskmaynard, but isnt it a simply parameter to add in grub config to make it being ignored?12:16
rootJowie it says unknown file oor dir12:16
=== |ryan| [n=foo@c-24-23-17-75.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Davertoi have to wait it is loading now12:16
sethkklekkus, make it ignore what, exactly?12:16
sethkDaverto, ok12:16
klekkusbuffer I/O error on device dm-2, logical block <- these errors:)12:17
kmaynardklekkus, what file system?12:17
=== patrickmorin [n=patrickm@S0106000cf1828ca7.ss.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
kitcheklekkus: not really since it's after grub gives control to the kernel12:17
rootJowie the dir bus only contains the dirs usb and pci12:17
THX-1138Squee: mpg321 or the closed source mpg12312:17
klekkuskitche, okey, is it a way to configure the kernel to ignore it?12:17
sethkklekkus, those are not normal things.  I wouldn't ignore it, even if I could.  You need to figure out what is actually going on.12:17
aaron_ok... left alt doesnt give me anything and right alt doesnt give me the symbols that match with whats above the key12:17
Jowiroot: does "mount" show you "proc on /proc...." ?12:17
sethkklekkus, depends on why it is happening.12:17
=== sc0tty_ [n=yann@ARennes-257-1-110-167.w86-210.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
sureshotcrippy is there a good compiler out there for ubuntu just wondering12:18
klekkussethk, and i have no clue why..12:18
=== m1n1 [n=mikko@a88-112-66-155.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
rootJowie yes andits rw12:18
Davertoit give -i as an invalid option12:18
kitcheaaron_: check your keyboard configuration you might have a wrong configuration ebfore I thought you mean altcodes not the symbols above the numpad12:18
sethkDaverto, dash L, not dash i12:18
sethkDaverto, lower case l,   fdisk -l /dev/hda12:18
aaron_no no, not above numpad, the main numbers in one row12:18
THX-1138sethk: Can i make grub skip network devices? "Configuring network devices" freezes the system after configuring Ralink Wifi.12:18
kitchesureshot: umm gcc g++12:19
sethkDaverto, your font must make l and i look similar  :)12:19
nox23Im looking for someone using a Hauppauge WINTV PVR-150/250 or 350 , Please!!12:19
sureshotkitche hay and do you have a list of commands and tip and such that you have put together is so could you send them to me12:19
vltHello. I have installed ubuntu Dapper and try to activate my notebook's wifi card. It's a Broadcom 4311 Chip so I did `modprobe bcm43xx` but when I run `iwconfig` no wireless extensions are found. What should I do?12:19
sethkTHX-1138, that happens after grub transfers control to the kernel.12:19
klekkusmay it be fixed with a defrag?12:19
Jowiroot: can you modprobe mousedev and psmouse and see if that works?12:19
Davertono, it has 4 options12:19
=== DigitalNinja [n=dhull@134-7-178-69.static.gci.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkDaverto, what has 4 options?12:19
nox23Im looking for someone using a Hauppauge WINTV PVR-150/250 or 350 , Please!!.12:19
DavertoShould i be using terminal on the live cd os12:19
sethkDaverto, yes.12:19
kitcheaarpm_: yes I know what you mean I call that a numpad as well12:19
sethkDaverto, I assumed you were already at a terminal, sorry.12:19
sureshotthanks kitche is that installed with ubuntu or in the repos12:19
THX-1138sureshot - GCC is standards compliant. - some havee recommended Anjuta as i87~6ua development environment.12:20
DigitalNinjaWhat's a good wireless pci card? I need one that works out of the box.12:20
nox23Im looking for someone using a Hauppauge WINTV PVR-150/250 or 350 , Please!!..12:20
THX-1138Thanks Sethk12:20
SkippyXGot a problem running synaptic. Tried to uninstall an app using synaptic and got an error message regarding kdeedu-doc-html. text of message posted here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/25927/12:20
Davertoit says i have four options to to run the fdisk program with12:20
kitchesureshot: install build-esstenial(bad spelling) if you haven't already12:20
sethkis the right spelling12:20
nox23Im looking for someone using a Hauppauge WINTV PVR-150/250 or 350 , Please!!...12:20
SkippyXIt's a recurrent problem. Happens when I try to use synaptic to install apps as well.12:20
SkippyXAny suggestions?12:20
sethknox23, probably nobody here at this moment is using it.  be patient12:20
=== PWill [n=paul@cpe-24-208-191-36.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Smeggy [n=Smeggy@220-253-104-211.TAS.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
rootmoucedevit cant locate moucedev and what was the other one?12:21
=== jhasse [n=jhasse@p5489D89E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
nox23sethk can you take a moment and see if you can help me ?12:21
sureshotTHX-1138 i was thinking for kicks to recompile the kernel12:21
jhasseHow can i activate 60 hz for my monitor? At the moment it's only supporting 75 hz12:21
sethknox23, sure, but I don't have that card.12:21
THX-1138sureshot - hm - avoid irssi as your irc client. What was i87- ??12:21
nox23sethk www.pastebin.us/612412:21
Jowiroot: "mousedev" and "psmouse" check the spelling12:21
sethkSkippyX, trie creating an empty file with that name (make sure it is rw)12:21
=== srikanthssn [n=logic@] has joined #ubuntu
nox23sethk im getting this using dmesg12:21
klekkusanyone knows?12:21
SkippyXsethk - K. I'll give it a go.12:21
nox23sethk but all needed files are in lib/firmware12:22
sureshotthanks kitche i will do that i have not done that do i need to download the gcc before i build12:22
m1n1I'm out of space of my root-partiotion, how do i grow it up?12:22
THX-1138sureshot - grab build-essential and the header files for your kernel.12:22
sethknox23, does the file it is complaining about exist?  v4l-cx2341x-enc.fw?12:22
rootJowie indeed mousedev works12:22
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first: not all !repositories are enabled by default!)12:22
sethknox23, sorry, you were typing and I was typing at the same time  :)12:22
aaron_how do you scroll back in irssi12:22
Jowiroot: and you need "psmouse" now as well12:22
Davertoi m in terminal and it says that -i is an invalid option and then it lists four options of what i can launch with the fdisk program12:22
sethknox23, my first guess would be that it is looking for the firmware in a different place.12:23
sethkDaverto, dash L, not dash I12:23
sethkDaverto, lower case L         fdisk -l /dev/hda12:23
THX-1138aaron_ pgup12:23
rootJowdi can i aot get it?12:23
sureshotTHX-1138  thanks man12:23
nox23but /lib/firmware is where hotplugs firmwares are supposed to be no ?12:23
sureshotkitche hay and do you have a list of commands and tip and such that you have put together is so could you send them to me12:23
Jowiroot: "modprobe psmouse" should do it12:23
eraccgnomefreak, ompaul, you both said my /nick earlier? About an hour ago.12:23
rootJodi can i aptget it?12:23
srikanthssnmy drapper hangs while upgrading or installing certain packages. it hangs at the moment "upgrading gnome-lib-docs" I got the same problem while trying to install Kaffine, F-Spot someone please help..12:23
rootJowi that can find module12:24
gnomefreakeracc: mine was a completion error12:24
sethknox23, possibly.  if a file isn't found, there are only a couple of possibilities.  (1) it's in the wrong place or (2) it has the wrong permissions.12:24
=== majd_ [n=zeit@cpe-71-65-19-97.twmi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
eraccgnomefreak, ah, ok.12:24
kitchesureshot: not really sicne it depends on the thing that your compiling12:24
nox23sethk i did chmod 777 firmware .. :P12:24
=== EspenBe [n=espenbe@177.80-202-24.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
Jowiroot: strange. try to start Xorg anyway. if it doesn't work I would suggest you install Ubuntu properly.12:24
sethknox23, a few lines before the end, you have a "misaligned resource pointer" message.  that may be the real problem12:24
rootJowi ok12:25
sethknox23, or there may be more than one problem.12:25
srikanthssngoogle doesnt help me.. please help..12:25
DavertoIt sdays that it cannot open /dev/hda12:25
sureshotkitche i was looking only for stuff to learn about.. i am a noob at this i an only thinking of doing that just to learn how is all any info anyone and send me will not go to wast on ubuntu12:25
sethkDaverto, ok, then your drive isn't IDE primary master12:25
sethkDaverto, or the required IDE drivers are not loaded.12:26
sethkDaverto, are you sure it isn't an SATA drive?12:26
Davertoit is IDE12:26
Davertoi know12:26
=== wasabi_ [n=wasabi@ubuntu/member/wasabi] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138aaron_: http://f0rked.com/public/irssi-docs/help-full.html irssi12:26
Davertoi work with computers a lot12:26
nox23sethk ight.. i complete every possible howtos about his and read all forums12:26
sureshotDaverto what kind of data cable do you have on it12:26
ompauleracc, errors of tab12:26
kitcheroot is your Xorg complaining about /dev/mouse0? or no since I had that problem12:26
=== UdontKnow [i=debian-t@freenode/staff/udontknow] has joined #ubuntu
Davertothe side of the case is currently open12:26
sethkDaverto, I don't mean to be insulting, but remember, I don't know anything about you.12:26
nox23sethk reinstalling windows :/12:26
dfgasroot@ubuntu:/boot/grub# grub-install hd012:26
dfgas/dev/hdd1: Not found or not a block device.12:26
Davertothat is fine12:26
srikanthssnmy drapper hangs while upgrading or installing certain packages. it hangs at the moment "upgrading gnome-lib-docs" I got the same problem while trying to install Kaffine, F-Spot someone please help..12:27
sethknox23, I wish I had the card here so I could be more help.12:27
dfgasbut i edited everything i can think of12:27
sureshotDaverto same here12:27
=== Van_Gogh3 [n=terji@] has joined #ubuntu
sethkDaverto, at the risk of doing it again, do you have a regular IDE cable or an EIDE cable?  if EIDE, is the drive jumpered for cable select?12:27
eraccompaul, yeah, I figured that out from what gnomefreak said. Looks like someone with a nick starting with "er" got all the ops attention. :-)12:27
Davertono i have it set for master12:27
gnomefreakeracc: it was erUSUL  that i was attempting to talk to12:27
sethkDaverto, if it's an EIDE cable, it must be jumpered as cable select.  the eide cable has one blue, one grey, and one black connector.12:28
SkippyXsethk - directory ./kmessedwords wasn't there. created it and now I'm trying synaptic to install something small...12:28
eraccgnomefreak, yes, I saw that when I went back and looked after you told me it was a nick completion error.12:28
=== Elmister [n=nicola@host204-123-dynamic.56-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138srikanthssn: I am curious about that. - no reall ideas - Has a syntax erro crept into your sources list?12:28
sethkSkippyX, k12:28
sureshotgnomefreak i would like to ask if you have any ubuntu crib sheets or so that you can share with me. command line stuff is hard to learn if you have to look up everthng you have to do LOL12:29
srikanthssnno my source list in clean12:29
SkippyXdanged dial-up12:29
srikanthssni checked that too12:29
=== |chris3| [n=asdfsdf@ip70-178-13-60.ks.ks.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Elmisterhi all12:29
=== spiwaterwing [n=spiwater@216-12-26-17.va.mvl.ntelos.net] has joined #ubuntu
ompauleracc, shhhh12:29
|chris3|I have the oddest issue12:29
Elmistersomeone can speak italian?12:29
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!12:29
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via applications -> accessories -> terminal (gnome) or kmenu -> system -> konsole (kde). Manuals: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicCommands12:29
=== ba5e [n=willmc@c-6fa0e655.133-9-64736c11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
gnomefreaksureshot: ^^^12:29
|chris3|my screen goes blank every time I watch a video file in totem for longer than 15 min.12:29
spiwaterwingprobably sleep mode12:29
|chris3|If I move the mouse then the sreen comes back.12:29
spiwaterwingit's just your computer sleeping to conserve power12:30
Phlosten|chris3|: screen saver options12:30
SkippyXsethk, that got it. thank you, sirrah! 'twas a maddening thing,  yet a simple fix (which is often the case, I've found).12:30
Davertonow i dosent even recognise the HD12:30
=== andreasdk [n=andreasd@] has joined #ubuntu
|chris3|Phloesten: the screen saver is set for two hours12:30
srikanthssnTHX-1138: can i do anything abt tat?12:30
|chris3|Phloesten: it will come on if I don't play a video file12:30
=== Laterix [n=late@dsl-aur-fee8de00-197.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
ubotusource-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic12:31
eraccsureshot, I think you would be helped by browsing tldp.org and by getting yourself a copy of Rute (http://rute.2038bug.com/).12:31
sureshoteracc what is Rute12:31
Daverto[16:08]  <Daverto> How do I do that?12:31
Daverto[16:08]  *** das-q (n=das-q@p54BFE718.dip.t-dialin.net) joined12:31
Daverto[16:08]  <sethk> Daverto, that would be my first step.12:31
Daverto[16:08]  <GoldKeeper> thankyou12:31
Daverto[16:08]  *** Jack_Sparrow (n=jack@ppp-69-230-19-223.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) left ("Konversation terminated!")12:31
Daverto[16:08]  <Jowi> root: sounds ok12:31
Daverto[16:08]  <Squee> Is ther a difference between sudo -s and sudo su, other than sudo su lists the pwd?12:31
Daverto[16:08]  <ompaul> Daverto, it is fast about 2 seconds you can extend this by editing using the following command and increasing the seconds   >>>    sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst12:31
andreasdkIsn't there a plugin for Firefox that enables you to be taken to a new tab with the Compose mail feature whenever you press a mailaddress on a site??12:31
Daverto[16:08]  <pau> hi. i've got and hp with ubuntu, my mike dosen't work, some one can help me?12:31
eraccsureshot, I just gave you a URL for it. Go see. :-p12:31
=== mode/#ubuntu [+b %*!*@71-214-58-196.clsp.qwest.net] by ompaul
|chris3|spiwaterwing: the sound is still running but the monitor gets no signal until I move the mouse12:31
spiwaterwing|chris3|: I see.  Odd.12:32
Phlosten|chris3|: power saving option set from in bios?12:32
THX-1138eracc - that link to rute is golden. - thank you.12:32
eraccTHX-1138, glad to help. :-)12:32
=== jiSh_clone is now known as jiSh
aaron_next question, how do i check keyboard configuration12:33
|chris3|spiwaterwing: yes odd12:33
ompaulkitche, he be shut up for a few mins12:33
andreasdkCan someone please help me?12:33
andreasdkIsn't there a plugin for Firefox that enables you to be taken to a new tab with the Compose mail feature whenever you press a mailaddress on a site??12:33
=== spiwaterwing is now known as spi`away
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b %*!*@71-214-58-196.clsp.qwest.net] by ompaul
=== hou5ton [n=hou5ton@coyote.tranquility.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Blackshyr [n=canalzo@cable-213-132-148-120.upc.chello.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== A-L-P-H-A [n=alpha@CPE0018397a8bca-CM0012c9a9b2ea.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Daverto [n=Daverto@71-214-58-196.clsp.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
A-L-P-H-AAnyone know of an app that will test the speed of a harddrive in linux?  Looking to test the througput/bandwidth of a raid array12:34
THX-1138http://rute.2038bug.com/index.html.gz - awesome tips eracc12:34
Davertoirc conn went bad12:34
=== Blackshyr [n=canalzo@cable-213-132-148-120.upc.chello.be] has joined #ubuntu
|chris3|phlosten: it happend afer I updated my kernel a few weeks ago12:35
=== pooh_beawr [n=hasmadem@] has joined #ubuntu
eraccandreasdk, there is no builtin mail in Firefox. You can set an external mail handler with the network.protocol-handler.app.mailto config.12:35
andreasdkSeriously... There's got to be tons of the darn things outthere....!12:35
kitcheDaverto: you do know you got muted for pasteing all of that in her right?12:35
=== skroat [n=nathan@adsl-75-10-37-56.dsl.ksc2mo.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
gnomefreaknot in her12:35
sureshoteracc was that www.tlpd.org or http://tlpd.org12:35
gnomefreakompaul: did you remove the mute?12:36
=== kosmar [n=mariusz@chello084010131153.chello.pl] has joined #ubuntu
=== OPTi2 [n=optico@ti112220a080-9063.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
eraccsureshot, both should work.12:36
andreasdkeracc: How do i find that little cousin???12:36
=== jadams [n=jadams@rrcs-24-73-180-143.se.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== secleinteer [n=scl@adsl-70-237-222-47.dsl.stlsmo.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
ompaulDaverto, ... I muted you due to the paste I12:36
sureshotreacc www did notwork i will attemp the other12:36
THX-1138the linux documentation project tldp.org12:36
ompaulalso removed it12:36
Davertoit was an acciddent12:36
Davertomessed up on keys12:37
=== piedoggie [n=esj@harvee.org] has joined #ubuntu
eraccandreasdk, in Firefox's location bar type 'about:config', press enter and then use the search bar shown to lookup 'mail'.12:37
dfgascan anyone help me with grub?12:37
pauhi. i've got and hp with ubuntu, my mike dosen't work, some one can help me?12:37
=== F_roZeN [n=zCharGer@] has joined #ubuntu
Davertoubuntu is loading now since i switched it back to master12:37
=== lupine_85 [n=lupine@nick.lupine.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
sureshoteracc i cant get either to work ... i will scroll back and make sure i typed it correctly12:38
eraccsureshot, sec. Let me try here.12:38
ompaulDaverto, the point of the mute is to let the paste go by (and some of them can take a minute or two to clear)12:38
pauhi. i've got and hp with ubuntu, my mike dosen't work, some one can help me?12:38
eraccsureshot, http://tldp.org/ works from here.12:38
THX-1138http://tldp.org/ sureshot12:39
ompaulpau,  double click on the "speaker" top right hand corner choose the "capture" and "switches"12:39
sureshoteracc the second letter  i l as in lemon12:39
dfgaslupine_85: any idea what i have missed with grub?12:39
eraccNot one.12:39
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o ompaul] by ChanServ
THX-1138Hi @ompaul12:39
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o ompaul] by ChanServ
=== kosmar [n=mariusz@chello084010131153.chello.pl] has joined #ubuntu
pauopaul, it is switch on!!12:39
eraccsureshot, it stands for The Linux Documentation Project - tldp.12:39
ompaulTHX-1138, hope that was of use eariler12:39
lupine_85dfgas: not a clue, sorry12:40
lupine_85maybe you need to run update-grub or... something12:40
paudo i need some special driver?12:40
THX-1138ompaul - i looked a little. - i need to look at more links12:40
=== kosmar [n=mariusz@chello084010131153.chello.pl] has joined #ubuntu
=== pooh_beawr is now known as away_pooh_beawr
andreasdkeracc: Hate to tell you this but i cannot find a "mail" anywhere12:40
sureshoteracc must be the pain meds rotf hehe i just clicked on the url here it worked sorry man this back thing is not a good thing to have thanks12:40
THX-1138ompaul - Thank You12:41
ompaulTHX-1138, np12:41
eraccandreasdk, did you type - about:config - in the lookup bar?12:41
=== maxLF [n=max@S010600062582c114.tb.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Van_Gogh3 [n=terji@] has left #ubuntu []
maxLFHow do I switch from the onboard graphics card to my ne video card?12:41
andreasdkeracc: yes i did12:41
eraccandreasdk, then did you see the "Filter:" bar?12:41
sureshoteracc hope i did not annoy you if i did sorry12:41
Teri2007how do I remove a directory/folder.  I can get rm to work12:42
eraccsureshot, no worries dude.12:42
dfgaswell i guess i will reinstall ubuntu then  :(12:42
DigitalNinjais a Pentium 3 and AMD k7 about the same12:42
=== mode/#ubuntu [-bbbb *!*@ool-18e42e8c.dyn.optonline.net *!*@p54A1E0E4.dip.t-dialin.net!#ubuntu-read-topic *!*@bas7-montrealak-1177636480.dsl.bell.ca *!*@] by ompaul
=== mode/#ubuntu [-bb *!*@cpc1-gree2-0-0-cust562.brnt.cable.ntl.com *!*@] by ompaul
eraccandreasdk, when you type 'mail' in the filter it pulls up nothing?12:42
maxLFHow do you change from onboard graphics on a motherboard to a graphics card?12:42
JowimaxLF: in your BIOS12:42
kitchemaxLF: you should be able to disable your onboard though the bios and install the video drivers for your graphic card12:42
gnomefreakmaxLF: disable the onboard card in your bios12:42
=== mode/#ubuntu [-bb *!*@ *!*@] by ompaul
piedoggieQ: have multiple virt machines (ubuntu) running on XP.  I want to import part of the XP file system to store working data, bzr archives, etc. for each virtual machine.  the Q is what is the best network file system for exporting the xp fiilesystem (i.e. will maintain correct uid, gid, perms)12:43
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o ompaul] by ChanServ
=== bc [i=bctraine@mo-71-49-77-143.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
andreasdkeracc: Something about GTDGMAIL, which is to be removed next time i strat firefox but nothin else.12:43
=== superkirbyartist [n=superkir@ottawa-dial-206-191-1-200.d-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== chrismurf [n=chrismur@SYDNEYPACIFIC-FOUR-EIGHTY.MIT.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
=== {{corona}} [n=corona@c-68-80-141-196.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
eraccandreasdk, hmmm, I guess I added that by hand here. Let me get the details for you.12:44
=== squee_ [n=squee@ip70-162-69-93.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138piedoggie: export? - isn't it the host treated as a seperate machine on a seperate network link?12:44
shea(warning, about to repeat myself from 2 hours ago): well, hrm.  anyone ever had issues with extremely latent (possibly just slow) USB?  i'm using a motion controller and the input rate is what seems to be 2 samples/sec, same with other usb devices, mouse pointer updates ~2fps, etc.12:44
sheawell, almost.12:44
chrismurfJust got a new laptop with Core 2 Duo.  It's 64bit and Dual Core - what's the right Kernel to use?12:44
=== UKMatt [n=UKMatt@] has joined #ubuntu
=== bc is now known as bctrainers
superkirbyartistSorry, but I am very disappointed of the incompatibility of the printer.12:44
UKMattwhats the difference between 32 and 64 bit?12:45
THX-1138chismurf - -smp12:45
=== aditta [n=aditta@] has joined #ubuntu
freemindUKMatt: ask wikipedia12:45
chrismurfTHX-1138, thanks - that will take advantage of the 64b?12:45
eraccshea, IMO USB is cheap crap. One gets that for which one pays. ;-)12:45
=== dr_kabuto [n=franky@host219-2-dynamic.4-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== tj9991 [n=tslocum@c-67-183-68-252.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
UKMattwell.. i wanna figure out whether I should use 32 or 64 on my computer12:45
piedoggiethx-1138  yes it is.  all N machines are treated as seperate machines12:45
THX-1138chismurf - go 32 bit - 64 multimedia and flash are horrid.12:45
superkirbyartistI am sorry I would just like assistance.12:45
=== cappicard [n=cappicar@CPE-65-26-86-29.kc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
freemindUKMatt: u'll find answers there12:45
=== jpcaron [n=jpcaron@c66.110.150-184.clta.globetrotter.net] has joined #ubuntu
gnomefreakTHX-1138: its not horrid its non-exsitant12:46
ompaulUKMatt, 32 if you like it easy and want multimedia - 64 if you want a database server with more than 4 gigs and12:46
sheaeracc, i agree :)12:46
baconbaconsuperkirbyartist, what's the problem12:46
=== cntb [n=user@ODAP-62-0-83-95.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
superkirbyartistAll my print jobs say "Stopped: job-stopped" :-(12:46
sheabut most of my devices are usb12:46
piedoggieI'm running a bridged interface for all of the public interfaces for all virt machines12:46
sheaunfortunate but true12:46
superkirbyartistDouble bacon LOL :-D12:46
paumy capture funtion dosn't work, what can i do?12:46
squee_ukmat: 64bit is a nightmare for use in anything other than a server12:46
THX-1138lol @ gnomfreak - yes erm that too.12:46
shealuckily my real mouse is ps/2, heh.12:46
=== hangfire [n=hangfire@] has joined #ubuntu
eraccshea, I understand. Even I, the USB loather, has some USB junk. :-p12:46
UKMattompaul, well just basic computer use, some movies and music though12:46
UKMattompaul, it's for my pc12:46
gnomefreakUKMatt: you want 32bit12:46
sheaeracc, hard not to12:47
freemindhehe gnomefreak :)12:47
chrismurfTHX-1138, gnomefreak thanks ;-)  I'll hold off on the 64bit for now ;-)12:47
UKMattgnomefreak, alright ty!12:47
gnomefreakhe said movies and music12:47
sheathanks to marketing!12:47
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable106.200-70-69.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
andreasdkeracc: Any luck with those strings?12:47
gnomefreakhe doesnt want 64 for that12:47
sureshothey all i thought the dual 2 core was 2 32 bit cpu's side by side will it run 64 bit12:47
piedoggieand a common net isolated from the public interfaces for host to guest private comms12:47
=== amgad [n=amgad@] has joined #ubuntu
ompaulUKMatt, 32bit12:47
squee_sureshot: core 2 duo if that's what you mean is 2 64bit cores12:47
superkirbyartistbaconbacon?  What do you suggest?12:47
UKMattya, i think i'm gonna try Vista, i'm still an Ubuntu fan though.. don't worry12:47
gnomefreaksureshot: no i think you need a 64bit cpu12:47
=== insomnik [n=insomnik@smg13-2-82-232-128-209.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
chrismurfcore duo is 2 32bit12:48
chrismurfcore 2 duo is 2 64bit12:48
superkirbyartistUKMatt: I happen to have a Vista RC1 DVD, but you need 512MB memory, but no 64bit.12:48
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:48
=== A-L-P-H-A [n=alpha@CPE0018397a8bca-CM0012c9a9b2ea.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
eraccandreasdk, ok, what I did was create a new file in my Firefox settings folder (~/.mozilla/firefox/<junkstring>.default/) called 'user.js'.12:48
sureshotchrismurf thanks man i had it mixed up12:48
piedoggieUKMatt: me to.  need to keep xp primary os but vm lets me have ubuntu near to hand12:48
Ash-FoxHow do I disable preempt in the kernel?12:48
ompaulsuperkirbyartist, lexmark are the problem, get onto your retailers case, and say where is your support for GNU/Linux and Ubuntu in particualr12:48
squee_core duo is fake 64 bit12:48
gnomefreaklexmark drivers are fun to build :(12:49
UKMattsuperkirbyartist, yeah I have 512, i've been holding off because I'm afraid it will be a little slow, but I wanna try it12:49
eraccandreasdk, then I put this line in that file: user_pref("network.protocol-handler.app.mailto","/usr/bin/kmail");12:49
superkirbyartistAll jobs are stopped; Ubuntu printer detected.12:49
baconbaconsuperkirbyartist, did you install a printer with system -> admin -> printing?12:49
=== perso [n=perso@lns-bzn-50f-62-147-187-91.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
superkirbyartistGo ahead.12:49
sheahrm, so, with misbehaving USB (works but slow), where would be a good place to start at least?  I'm not used to all this linux stuff, coming from irix. heh.12:49
chrismurfTHX-1138, gnomefreak , so - can I upgrade to SMP from an x86 install12:49
chrismurfor will the world end12:49
superkirbyartistUKMatt: That is why there are trial DVDs.12:49
UKMattpiedoggie, well i've actually changed to Ubuntu as primary, but i'll duel boot into vista12:49
sureshotsquee what do you mean by fake 64 bit .. i understand that amd is only the true 64 bit cpu12:49
gnomefreakcan we please move the vista support somewhere else?12:49
eraccandreasdk, of course you will want to change "/usr/bin/kmail" to YOUR mail handler.12:49
gnomefreakchrismurf: yes12:49
=== xprisoner [n=michael@cpe-066-057-034-163.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
chrismurfgnomefreak, thanks12:49
=== xprisoner [n=michael@cpe-066-057-034-163.nc.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== codecaine [n=codecain@cpe-70-125-182-20.sw.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
andreasdkeracc: Thanks a lot!12:49
sheathe modules and settings and such i've looked at seem correct12:50
UKMattsuperkirbyartist, hows the speed for you with 512?12:50
=== finalbeta [n=finalbet@d5152A68A.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
Crippy-Boysureshot, Some of the Pentium D series are 64 bit12:50
squee_chrismurf: I think smp is built into all of the newer kernels12:50
sureshothay all vista is a bad bad work heheh12:50
Crippy-Boysureshot, and i believe the xeon is12:50
eraccandreasdk, you're welcome. IIRC I found out how to do that using an AltaVista web search.12:50
=== OPTi2 is now known as OPTiCO
DarrageAnyone here know about Wine? *newbie needs help*12:50
=== ehazlett [n=ehazlett@adsl-68-251-183-110.dsl.ipltin.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
squee_sureshot: I was told that it can run 64bit operations systems but never to do it because it's done wrong.  I dont know much more than that12:50
piedoggieUKMatt:  that works too.  right now, I'm using xchat in ubuntu in vmware on xp12:50
sheabios is normal, controlled is found.  i get some strange output about the controller irq (saying "nobody cared" on the irq), but i tried what it suggsted to no avail12:50
superkirbyartistUKMatt: Sorry to tell you, but I have two 256MB computers; so I would need to put both RAM modules in a PC... too complicated.  I am happy with Linux except for that job stopped comment?12:51
UKMattpiedoggie, oh nice, I've done VMware (through ubuntu) and it was too much of a performance hit for me to deal a lot with it12:51
gnomefreakUKMatt: and EVERYONE ELSE for vista support call MS but not in here12:51
piedoggieso if I can get the file system issues worked out, I'm be in happy land12:51
sureshotCrippy-boy xeon is but it has to be p4 xeon i have a computer with 2 xeon p3 they are 32 bit12:51
sethkshea, tell us the exact message about nobody cared12:51
eraccBah, andreasdk left while I was typing. :-p12:51
sheasure, one sec.12:51
UKMattgnomefreak, what?12:51
sureshotsquee_ thanks12:51
piedoggieUKMat: weird.  I've seen the same perf hit on a pre-vanderpool cpu12:52
ompaulUKMatt, leave the MS stuff out of here12:52
gnomefreakUKMatt: this is not the place for MS vista questions comments or support12:52
ompaulUKMatt, pay microsoft for the support we do Ubuntu support here12:52
=== ehazlett [n=ehazlett@adsl-68-251-183-110.dsl.ipltin.ameritech.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== eracc grins
sethkompaul, he's gone12:52
wildchildwhy won't k3b burn avdio data project: unable to handle the following files due to an unsupported format  (format is mp3)12:53
=== stiz [n=p4deskto@user-142glnd.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138UKMatt: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain at your own peril dorothy12:53
=== Eudemonia [n=laurita@OL185-171.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #ubuntu
sheasethk, "irq 6: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)"12:53
ompaulsethk, ehh you don't say12:53
=== superkirbyartist is asking for help about all the "Job stopped" errors.
ompaulactually you do say :)12:53
sheathen "Disabling IRQ #6" nearly immediately follows12:53
=== UKMatt [n=UKMatt@] has joined #ubuntu
Crippy-BoyJeez, someone should write a script that repeats any sentence with the string 'ms' in it 50 times, it'd save some of you alot time12:53
squee_wildchild you have to install mp3 for k3d12:53
UKMattalright what about this, this is an ubuntu question, if I put vista on does that override my GRUB12:53
Crippy-BoyUKMatt, yes12:53
gnomefreakCrippy-Boy: we only _need_ to say it once12:54
sethkUKMatt, no, that's not an ubuntu question.  that is a what happens when I install vista question12:54
wildchildsquee_ how do I do that?12:54
=== skoger [n=skoger@] has joined #ubuntu
eraccUKMatt, install all other operating systems AFTER Windoze.12:54
piedoggieUKMatt:  perf is not as much of a prob on modern dual core cpu's12:54
squee_wildchild: apt-get install libk3b2-mp3 I think12:54
=== Laterix [n=late@dsl-aur-fee8de00-197.dhcp.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
Crippy-Boygnomefreak, I was being sarcastic because of the above, about 6 people said it twice :-)12:54
=== majd_ [n=zeit@cpe-71-65-19-97.twmi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
squee_wildchild: you might need the plf repositories to do it though12:54
=== xorAxAx [n=xorAxax@moinmoin/coreteam/alexander] has joined #ubuntu
=== superkirbyartist wants to know "hOW tO dEAL wITH jOB sTOPPED pROBLEMS".
gnomefreakUKMatt: win 2k was the only one that had a bootloader to boot linux12:54
UKMattsethk, chill12:54
xorAxAxhow do i process /var/crash data?12:54
=== perso [n=perso@lns-bzn-50f-62-147-187-91.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
piedoggie*OR* run vmware on windows and use full screen mode :0(12:54
Crippy-Boysuperkirbyartist, You should learn how to deal with the keyboard first12:55
xorAxAxas in "load it into gdb" or "get the backtrace" and not "put it into launchpad"12:55
lupine_85superkirbyartist: run "fg"12:55
sethkUKMatt, I'm not being difficult, I'm clarifying for you what software is responsible for what configuration12:55
superkirbyartistgnomefreak: What are you talking about?  Win XP can work alongside Linux!  But I removed XP.12:55
persohi !12:55
gnomefreaksuperkirbyartist: you didnt read what i said12:55
ompaulsuperkirbyartist, remove the printer from the "printers" in system administration printers, power it off, power off the ubuntu machine, power onthe printer, and then the ubuntu machine, now install the printer and it should be okay12:55
gnomefreaksuperkirbyartist: xps bootloader will not boot linux12:55
sethksuperkirbyartist, he meant that the native windows boot manager for 2k was able to boot linux.  not relevant, really.12:55
Crippy-Boysethk, But it would affect his ubuntu install.12:55
eraccsuperkirbyartist, <gnomefreak> UKMatt: win 2k was the only one that had a bootloader to boot linux <- you did not understand12:55
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=== Amaranth_ [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #ubuntu
lupine_85gnomefreak: there's a hacked version that does, apparently... but yeah. pointless when you consider grub12:56
sheaman i feel sorry for you guys, look at all these questions :[12:56
sethkCrippy-Boy, possibly, who knows?  It's a vista question.12:56
=== essay [n=essay@a217-118-40-94.bluecom.no] has joined #ubuntu
superkirbyartistbash: fg: current: no such job12:56
gnomefreaklupine_85: hacked versions and windows go hand in hand in this channel12:56
sethkCrippy-Boy, depends entirely on what vista does w.r.t. the mbr.  has nothing whatsoever to do with ubuntu.12:56
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o gnomefreak] by ChanServ
=== essay [n=essay@a217-118-40-94.bluecom.no] has left #ubuntu []
superkirbyartistgnomefreak: Ubuntu comes with GRUB.12:56
gnomefreakWindows comments in another channel please12:56
=== zebedee [n=zebedee@88-110-10-52.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #ubuntu
eraccshea, this is what happens when an OSS distribution becomes popular with the "unwashed masses". ;-)12:56
aboutblankso i'm trying to make an logical volume... "pvcreate /dev/hda3"... the answer literally alternates between "successfully created" and "failed to write physical volume". when i try to vgcreate, it says "no physical volume label read" and "not identified as an existing physical volume"12:57
sureshoti thought all ms products were hacked hehe12:57
=== imaSpy [n=dslieker@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
Crippy-Boysethk, No but my point is, The MBR bring overwriten would cause him to be unable to boot ubuntu, which then becomes a ubuntu question reguardless of what caused it12:57
gnomefreaksuperkirbyartist: re-read it until you understand it12:57
sheaeracc, whatever it takes i guess :p12:57
superkirbyartistRe-read what time?12:57
sethkCrippy-Boy, that's pretty thin12:57
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto12:57
lupine_85one answer :)12:57
UKMattCrippy-Boy> sethk, No but my point is, The MBR bring overwriten would cause him to be unable to boot ubuntu, which then becomes a ubuntu question reguardless of what caused it  <-- that's my point12:57
xorAxAxhow do i process /var/crash data?12:58
piedoggiestill looking for some suggestions for my mixed ubuntu/windows file system questions12:58
gnomefreakxorAxAx: you dont have /var/crash in dapper12:58
xorAxAxgnomefreak: oh, i am not on dapper12:58
gnomefreakxorAxAx: join #ubuntu+112:58
xorAxAxgnomefreak: cool12:58
ompaul!grub > piedoggie12:58
=== benjamin [n=benjamin@stu433.sjc.ox.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
UKMattIf I were to install it how would I be able to re-enable GRUB12:58
sethkUKMatt, by that logic any question about anything whatsoever about the mbr is an ubuntu question, which is absurd.  but we've beaten it enough12:58
=== xorAxAx [n=xorAxax@moinmoin/coreteam/alexander] has left #ubuntu ["Nobody]
=== superkirbyartist does not know what gnomefreak's talking about.
gnomefreak!grub > UKMatt12:58
sethkUKMatt, boot the live cd, and reinstall grub from there12:58
=== mshiltonj [n=jen@cpe-069-134-187-232.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_piedoggie: What are you looking for?12:59
ompaulpiedoggie, that is the only comment on it12:59
freemindlol sethk12:59
piedoggieompaul:  :-)12:59
sethkUKMatt, or boot a rescue cd.12:59
THX-1138ompaul - workaround for the wifi "configuring network devices" lock up - configure (??) initrd then load wifi modules at the desktop with insmod. - sound at all possible? it sounds difficult.12:59
=== ruokblah [n=Ruok@68-187-233-3.dhcp.davl.vt.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
freemindlovely, sethk12:59
freemindwhere are you from12:59
Crippy-Boysethk, Yes that is absurd, But if he is unable to boot ubuntu, Then it becomes a ubuntu problem *for him*.12:59
piedoggieompaul: vmware machines running ubuntu12:59
superkirbyartistAHEN gninefreaj,12:59
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o gnomefreak] by ChanServ
sethkfreemind, you mean geographically?12:59
piedoggiehost xp12:59
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=== green_earz [n=admin@213-232-83-67.dsl.prodigynet.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== srikanthssn [n=logic@] has left #ubuntu []
=== tortoise_ [n=tortoise@] has joined #ubuntu
ruokblahhey guys, quick question, does anyone know the user smb runs as?12:59
piedoggieneed to make xp file system accessable to ubuntu machines01:00
=== Pluk [n=Pluk@12-68-dsl.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu
ompaulpiedoggie, talk with vmware01:00
piedoggieneed to preserve ubuntu uid,gid, perms01:00
freemindsethk: yes, lol01:00
superkirbyartistGnOmEfReAk:  I do NoT understand.01:00
Crippy-Boypiedoggie, You can compile a kernel with NTFS support, but AFAIK its flaky01:00
sethkfreemind, I'm in New York.01:00
piedoggiethey have been ummm. hopeless01:00
freemindsethk: what could I mean else?01:00
ompaulsuperkirbyartist, drop it now - or you will not be here01:00
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o gnomefreak] by ChanServ
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=== mode/#ubuntu [-o gnomefreak] by gnomefreak
ompaulguess I was a bit late01:00
zebedeeGood evening all. Quick question... what do you recommend for virus and adware removal on os 6.06??01:00
Crippy-Boypiedoggie, oh sorry, i didnt realise it was to do with vmware01:00
=== superkirbyartist [n=superkir@ottawa-dial-206-191-1-200.d-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ompaulzebedee, nothing we don;t have that01:01
croppaI have a motherboard with a Realteck PHY RTL8201CL network card which Ubuntu doesnt pick up. has anyone else had this problem and how do I fix?01:01
wasabi_ruokblah: Whatcha mean? smbd itself runs as root, but forks for each user.01:01
piedoggieCrippy-Boy:  np01:01
gnomefreakzebedee: none if your not using it as a windows server01:01
=== squee__ [n=squee@ip70-162-69-93.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Crippy-Boyzebedee, You dont really need it but its good if you email windows users regulaly to ensure you dont pass anything on01:01
shearuokblah, i don't know about ubuntu in particular.  i would assume whatever you set, but on most systems, it runs as root or similar.01:01
superkirbyartistCan you people help me instead of explaining me how to use the keyboard ?!01:01
sureshotcroppa hey man i no offense but is it turned on in cmos01:01
jribzebedee: welcome to linux, support for windows viruses and adware is currently not implemented!01:01
sheathe daemon anyway, i assume thats what you meant.01:01
ompaulsuperkirbyartist, I told you how you might fix it01:01
piedoggieI've tried the vmware file tol (loses ownership + perms)01:01
=== nyetwork [n=nyet@adsl-69-182-29-155.adsl.snet.net] has joined #ubuntu
mshiltonjCan someone please help me find a way to recover from an X memory leaking w/o rebooting? I had the leak for sometime, but the only evidence I can find pointing to something specific is xrestop: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/25929/01:02
ruokblahwasabi_: basicly i want to smb in to /var/www i have it working so that only local machines to my network can use smb on the server but for some reason i cant get write permsion from smb in /var/www01:02
mshiltonjHow do I get that 1500k back??01:02
ompaulsuperkirbyartist, however you insisted on arguing the point01:02
UKMattwait, so that I have this straight and don't ruin my partition, I let the Live CD boot up (drapper), run the Install Icon, and everything?  that won't damage anything as long as I don't format?01:02
superkirbyartistompaul: I did not read it: PM me.01:02
ompaul!logs > superkirbyartist01:02
piedoggietrying samba but has the same prob01:02
shearuokblah, you specify a user and group in the mount options01:02
ruokblahwasabi_: i have tried everything i can think of changing owner ship changing group chmod -R 777 everything01:02
eraccHeh, I love the Introduction in Rute:01:02
eracc1. Introduction01:02
eraccWhereas books shelved beside this one will get your feet wet, this one lets you actually paddle for a bit, then thrusts your head underwater while feeding you oxygen.01:02
zebedeecool thanks everyone :-)01:02
wasabi_ruokblah: You need to make local users, and grant them access to the server, and establish either NT hashes or kerberos keys for them.01:02
gnomefreakUKMatt: made no sense you have to format the partition you are installing ubuntu on01:02
wasabi_ruokblah: Are you using AD?01:02
ompaulsuperkirbyartist, remove the printer from the "printers" in system administration printers, power it off, power off the ubuntu machine, power onthe printer, and then the ubuntu machine, now install the printer and it may be okay01:02
kitchemshiltonj: do you use firefox?01:03
wasabi_ruokblah: Or just plain two windows machines?01:03
=== svu_ [n=svu@] has joined #ubuntu
piedoggieblech.  network file systems haven't improved much over the past 20 years01:03
wasabi_NFSv4 is fine.01:03
sethkUKMatt, that reinstalls.  if you are still talking about grub, then that isn't what you want to do.01:03
wasabi_Network file systems don't need to improve.01:03
sethkUKMatt, you want to reinstall only grub, which you do from the live cd command line.01:03
UKMattgnomefreak, no i mean for reinstalling grub alone01:03
=== mumbles is now known as mumbles-off
=== luis_lopez [n=jabba@ip216-239-88-214.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
mshiltonjkitche: I do.01:03
freemindsethk: please take my pm01:03
piedoggiewasabi: can I get an ntfsv4 server for xp?01:03
=== superkirbyartist [n=superkir@ottawa-dial-206-191-1-200.d-ip.magma.ca] has left #ubuntu []
ruokblahwasabi_: i dont know what AD is and shea i think i did, and wasabi_ again, it is ubuntu server as smbServer and then a windows machine connects to it01:03
ompaul!grub > UKMatt01:03
sethkwasabi_, there are some unusual cases, but by and large that's true.01:03
wasabi_piedoggie: not likely.01:04
ompaulUKMatt, read the message from the bot01:04
UKMattompaul, i have that01:04
gnomefreakompaul: been there tried that01:04
=== mikeh [n=mikeh@c-24-16-169-54.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
piedoggiethought so01:04
wasabi_ruokblah: You need to make a user for the windows user.01:04
=== Lasse|NOR [n=opera@197.84-48-150.nextgentel.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== mister_roboto_ [n=jrk@24-136-10-99.hnc-bsr1.chi-hnc.il.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_ruokblah: and run smbpasswd to set it's password.01:04
kitchemshiltonj: that could be leaking memory as well01:04
wasabi_ruokblah: The usernames much match.01:04
sheaoh, sorry, i misunderstood.  the remote machine can't access the shared directory?01:04
ruokblahwasabi_: i have done that01:04
mshiltonjbut quitting ff doesn't free the memory.01:04
aboutblankso i'm trying to make an logical volume... "pvcreate /dev/hda3"... the answer literally alternates between "successfully created" and "failed to write physical volume". when i try to vgcreate, it says "no physical volume label read" and "not identified as an existing physical volume"01:04
croppagood sujestion sureshot but it works in $M01:04
wasabi_ok, restate the problem then01:04
=== jadams is now known as jadams|uncomfort
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=== _wetduck [n=lebafar@] has joined #ubuntu
ompaulmshiltonj, it does, ubuntu (linux) do not treat ram as you might imagine - they reserve it run "free"01:05
kitchemshiltonj: correct firefox holds on to that memory even if you close it atleast from what I have seen try to turn off page cache that might help you to narrow your problem down01:05
ruokblahwasabi_: the problem is that from smb i can not get write persission at /var/www, that is the only directoy that does not work01:05
ompauljadams|uncomfort, don't change your nick in a channel with nearly 900 in it please if we all did it the channel would not be usable01:06
=== superkirbyartist [n=superkir@ottawa-dial-206-191-1-200.d-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu
superkirbyartistThe logs take forever to load on dialup :-(01:06
=== Shadowline [n=shadowli@ppp-69-214-15-115.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== eracc decides to go play Enemy Territory for a while ... BBL
=== WhiteStar [n=marty@s205-206-61-54.ab.hsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_ruokblah: Does the user you made have write access?01:07
ruokblahwasabi_: when i log in to the box from ssh i can mod the files in /var/www with out needing to sudo or change users01:07
wasabi_ruokblah: Other than setting read only = No in smb.conf, that's all you need to do01:07
sheawelp i have to go for a while.  good luck fellas01:07
mshiltonjompaul, kitche: I understand that linux sorta keeps memory after the app closes, but it will reallocate if needed. This leak keeps the memory and never lets it go until I reboot.01:07
=== superkirbyartist is assuming you are saying "Well kirby that's too bad".
mshiltonjeven after restarting X, the memory is still kept locked up.01:08
=== public_void [n=void@adsl-83-100-174-232.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_mshiltonj: How do you know the memory is used?01:08
=== iDaniel [n=daniel@pool-71-111-90-175.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
ruokblahwasabi_: i had writable = yes should that be read only = no?01:09
wasabi_ruokblah: No, those are equivelent. I'd read the log files.01:09
mshiltonjwasabi_: because once I get up to 90+% memory used, even immediately after restarting X, starting any app after that starts hitting swap.01:09
ompaulsuperkirbyartist, if your printer is not working, go to your retailer and ask them why it does not work with Ubuntu, and I am not joking here01:09
mshiltonjafter rebooting, I don't have that problem.01:09
ruokblahwasabi_: ok i will dive in to the logs and then come back here if i cant get it still thanks man01:10
=== gooba [n=jason@c-68-55-83-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Crippy-Boyompaul, and they'll say because we only support microsoft windows, it was on the box, screw you, go away01:10
ompaulmshiltonj, please paste the output of "free" someowhere01:10
mshiltonjThis is a slow leak. I have to reboot this machine once or twice a week.01:10
sureshotsuperkeibyartist or go out to lexmark wep site and look it up they may have linux drivers out there for that make and model01:10
wasabi_mshiltonj: Well, you're going to need to come back with a screenshot of the output of free or something.01:10
THX-1138[Remote closed the connection] 01:10
wasabi_mshiltonj: Or "top"01:10
ompaulCrippy-Boy, then you know not to buy from them01:10
mikehcan anyone help me with a problem with my newly installed ubuntu dapper deskotp01:10
superkirbyartistompaul: They will say "Well, here we have a copy of Windows XP Home for 200$".01:10
Crippy-Boyompaul, Yeah, but heh its no good when you already have01:11
Crippy-BoySpeaking of which, What is nvidia 7900 support like in ubuntu?01:11
superkirbyartistCrippy-Boy: It does not say "We do not support Linux".01:11
=== orion2012 [n=orion201@cpe-70-114-30-76.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== pauliukas [n=pauliuka@AC92CFE6.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
mshiltonjompaul, wasabi_: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/25930/01:11
=== thomas_ [n=Thomas@p50811D32.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
pauliukasCan someone quickly help me with 'screen'? How to create a session? How to disconnect from it? And how to connect back to it?01:11
sureshotsuperkirbyartist or go out to lexmark wep site and look it up they may have linux drivers out there for that make and model01:12
ompaulsuperkirbyartist, this matter is not for further discussion here, #ubuntu-offtopic channel exists for that reason01:12
PacketScanpauliukas, man screen01:12
mshiltonjtop reports high mem usage, but no PID is hogging memory01:12
thomas_I cant' get any working drivers fior my ATi card01:12
superkirbyartistReally?  Send me there.01:12
pauliukasPacketScan: It's overwhelmed by information.01:12
Crippy-Boysuperkirbyartist, No but it probably doesnt say that it does either.01:12
pauliukasI know that the commands I need are quite specific.01:12
cntbmay I suggest that canon printers are better supported in linux01:12
squee__thomas: what is your problem so far?01:12
pauliukasAny Linux user knows them01:12
=== superkirbyartist [n=superkir@ottawa-dial-206-191-1-200.d-ip.magma.ca] has left #ubuntu []
PacketScanscreen --help01:12
Crippy-Boysuperkirbyartist, You cant pull them up on something they never claimed :-)01:12
thomas_the ATi drivers I downloaded don't work...  I get erros when I config them01:12
thomas_So I have to use vesa01:13
ompaulcntb, you can, and so are hp 4050s :-) I have sevearl on my linux network in work01:13
=== dooglus [n=dooglus@rincevent.net] has left #ubuntu []
mcphailPacketScan: "screen" creates a session01:13
=== guilhermee [n=glhrm@20151034011.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
squee__thomas_: wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Installation_Guide01:13
mcphailPacketScan: sorry - wrong nick01:13
=== ompaul thinks about 12
squee__thomas: I used that and it worked great01:13
PacketScanmcphail, tis ok i knew what you ment :p01:13
=== jareth_ [n=dr_stran@ip56521d94.speed.planet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
sethkthe way to avoid printer headaches is to use postscript printers.01:13
apecatwii thomas_01:14
ompauland a few big epson dot matrix boxes01:14
mcphailpauliukas: 01:14
=== pauliukas [n=pauliuka@AC92CFE6.ipt.aol.com] has left #ubuntu []
PacketScanscreen starts a session screen -list shows a list of sessions open.01:14
wasabi_mshiltonj: Try the output of top.01:14
apecatthomas_: /wii is the command for whois whois in irssi01:14
wasabi_mshiltonj: Find the leak.01:14
apecata doublewhois that is01:14
=== peace-keeper [n=markus@chello213047168211.15.14.tuwien.teleweb.at] has joined #ubuntu
=== jpcaron [n=jpcaron@c66.110.150-184.clta.globetrotter.net] has joined #ubuntu
apecat..and i forgot thr /01:14
sureshotsuperkeibyartist what is the model01:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about w32 - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:15
=== CheekyBoinc [n=fox@p50924027.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #ubuntu ["Ping]
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:15
=== WhiteStar [n=marty@s205-206-61-54.ab.hsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
thomas_Be right back, I just installed KDE and need to boot into it01:15
=== v3l0ct [n=tao@adsl-70-233-93-229.dsl.mrdnct.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
peace-keeperhi where i go look if i want write access to ntfs partitions ?01:15
=== luis_lopez [n=jabba@ip216-239-88-214.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
Crippy-Boypeace-keeper, AFAIK you have to compile the kernel with ntfs support, but its flaky (atleast last time i tried it)01:16
ubotuThough it's still very unsafe, you can read about Ubuntu NTFS writing here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lkraider/NtfsFuse01:16
sureshothey all just jumped out to the lexmark site linux or unix is not mentioned in any of there supported os lists01:16
peace-keeperhmm okay doesnt sound good01:16
mshiltonjwasab_: top, sorted by memory: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/25932/01:16
squee__sureshot: it rarely is01:17
ompaulpeace-keeper, that means if it dies you have been warned01:17
mshiltonjwasabi_: see my previous comment.01:17
sureshotjust thought i would say01:17
Crippy-BoyIt'd be nice to be able to boycott hardware companies01:17
gnomefreakompaul: did you send mr lexmark to -offtopic?01:17
guilhermeepeace-keeper, or find about ntfs3g (not 100% safe)01:17
ompaulI did01:17
silvertip257crippy-boy i sent u a pm01:17
ompaulis he there01:17
wasabi_mshiltonj: Okay? Don't see anything wrong.01:17
mcphailompaul: yes01:17
=== mister_roboto_ [n=jrk@24-136-10-99.hnc-bsr1.chi-hnc.il.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
mshiltonjwasabi_:  I'd love to find the leak. That's the problem.01:17
gnomefreakyeah :(01:17
=== bugz_ [n=bugz@adsl-69-235-211-96.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mister_roboto_ [n=jrk@24-136-10-99.hnc-bsr1.chi-hnc.il.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
mshiltonjwasabi_: top looks good, right. Aside from not knowing what's leaving me with only ~7MB of free memory.01:18
=== mister_roboto_ [n=jrk@24-136-10-99.hnc-bsr1.chi-hnc.il.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== holycow [n=bite@S01060016b6b53675.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_130MB actually.01:18
=== atrocity [n=atrocity@e176120246.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== _nEVERmind [n=tiagosal@87-196-88-180.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_Notice "cached"01:19
=== Olof [n=ubuntu@c-1853e655.019-35-6e6b701.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
ompaulmister_roboto, what is with the changes?01:19
wasabi_Here's the thing. Linux will ALWAYS use all of your memory, except just a few MB.01:19
wasabi_It does this because there's no reason not to.01:19
=== cowbud [n=Jamius@p54BD34BF.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== rednaxel [n=rednaxel@201-25-44-101.paemt704.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_It will cache as much disk content as possible.01:19
=== jareth_ [n=dr_stran@ip56521d94.speed.planet.nl] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
mister_robotoompaul: sorry about that. was having trouble changing my name in konversation :)   kept going to the alternate01:19
wasabi_Except a small ~10MB space so it can allocate new memory fast.01:20
Olofhello, im using ubuntu from the CD now. if i press places then computer i can see all my old windows harddrives (NTFS), but i cant open them. it says unable to mount.01:20
cowbudwhen I load up X and look in the log I see the following: I810(0): Option "RenderAccel" is not used although I have RenderAccel set to true is it not using renderaccel then?01:20
ompaulmister_roboto, k01:20
=== duckdown [i=airfoil@unaffiliated/duckdown] has left #ubuntu ["+++]
vltHello. I have installed ubuntu Dapper and try to activate my notebook's wifi card. It's a Broadcom 4311 Chip so I did `modprobe bcm43xx` but when I run `iwconfig` no wireless extensions are found. What should I do?01:20
=== superkirbyartist [n=superkir@ottawa-dial-206-191-1-200.d-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== duckdown [i=airfoil@unaffiliated/duckdown] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_And, depending on your swappyness setting (located in /proc), it will actually favor cache for swapping a process out, depending on work load.01:20
SkramX6.06 finally installed :)01:20
=== luis_lopez [n=jabba@ip216-239-88-214.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
duckdownDoes anyone know of an FTP client (preferably console) that can edit a text file on a remote server01:20
superkirbyartistWhy don't you Canonical people follow your Ubuntu policy?01:21
BenjaminGOlof, create a file called /mnt/harddisk01:21
duckdowni guess essentially would automate the downloading, editing, and overwriting01:21
squee__vlt: you have to set up ndiswrapper and use the windows inf driver to make it work (unless it has recently changed)01:21
mister_robotoduckdown: you can do that with ssh01:21
gnomefreaksuperkirbyartist: you need to read the coc and the guidelines01:21
mshiltonjwasabi_: hmmm. that really helps. thanks. maybe I can configure my way back to better performance.01:21
=== willys_fueguino [n=lara@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Clarrisa [n=Administ@c-67-166-115-133.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
gnomefreaksuperkirbyartist: you dont read them we cant help you.01:21
=== hpnadig [n=hpnadig@wikipedia/kn/HPNadig] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:21
duckdownmister_roboto> ssh?  but i can only ftp01:21
willys_fueguinohi I need to know who to talk to register an "ubuntu" domain...01:21
rednaxelmy winXP partition is not booting anymore (after a power failure)... even tried a "recovery console", but it does a BSOD (complaining about ntfs.sys)... any hint? the (Ubuntu) Linux partition is working fine01:21
vltsquee__: Thank you.01:21
squee__vlt: your welcome01:21
superkirbyartist"Full professional support" doesn't mean "people who treat you like crap".01:21
=== gyx [n=nuked@] has joined #ubuntu
superkirbyartistAnd who block you from IRC.01:21
mister_robotoduckdown: sorry to hear that :)    you don't have the option of running ssh on the server?01:22
=== jazzrocker [n=jahjah@adsl-75-34-85-73.dsl.austtx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
gnomefreaksuperkirbyartist: we dont have to help you01:22
sethksuperkirbyartist, full professional support also does not mean free01:22
gnomefreakwe are not paid to help you01:22
=== WALOKO [n=WALOKO@pc-150-94-104-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== nicau51 [n=nico@cer51-1-82-226-138-170.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
duckdownmister_roboto> hehe not sure, it's my XBOX to be honest :p01:22
superkirbyartistBut if the CD says it comes with support then it comes with support.  And there are Canonical guys who support the channel.01:22
=== elmister [n=ubuntu@host68-174-dynamic.2-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu
superkirbyartistAnd they get paid.01:22
gnomefreak!coc > superkirbyartist01:22
=== higen [n=ehasting@239.80-203-134.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
gnomefreak!rules >  superkirbyartist01:22
zebedeeall ways been of help to me01:23
gnomefreakabr superkirbyartist01:23
willys_fueguinosuperkirbyartist, like who??01:23
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o gnomefreak] by ChanServ
elmistersomeone speak italian_01:23
=== mode/#ubuntu [+b *!*@ottawa-dial-206-191-1-200.d-ip.magma.ca] by gnomefreak
=== superkirbyartist [n=superkir@ottawa-dial-206-191-1-200.d-ip.magma.ca] has left #ubuntu [requested]
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o gnomefreak] by gnomefreak
=== Tomcat__ [n=tomcat@p54A1AC1D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
mister_robotoduckdown: aha.  well good luck with that ftp editing. certainly not part of the ftp protocol01:23
=== elmister [n=ubuntu@host68-174-dynamic.2-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
willys_fueguinognomefreak, are you from canonical??01:23
Crippy-Boyanother person that doesnt understand the concept of 'commercial support'01:23
gnomefreakwillys_fueguino: no01:23
=== luis_lopez [n=jabba@ip216-239-88-214.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== andy80_ [n=dfgsdfg@host163-110.pool8250.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
willys_fueguinohi I need to know who to talk to register an "ubuntu" domain...01:24
wasabi_mshiltonj: What you can do is explore each process, not just by RES memory, and see what ones have the most memory.01:24
=== rance [n=rance@70-96-159-136.bras01.kea.ne.frontiernet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Brydenn33 [n=brydenn@] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_mshiltonj: Because of shared memory and stuff, it's very hard in modern OS' to give a "memory count" for any given program.01:24
kitchewills_fueguino: you will probably have to e-mail canonical about it01:24
Brydenn33need some help getting a program running guys. i keep getting this error "configure: error: Cannot find glib2/gtk2/pango"01:24
=== THX-1138 adds superkirbyartist to /ignore
sethkBrydenn33, you are installing from source and you don't have the pango library installed01:25
sethkBrydenn33, search in synaptic for packages with pango and dev in the name01:25
Crippy-BoyTHX-1138, no need, he/she/it is banned01:25
Brydenn33well i actually have Kubuntu hehe01:25
mister_robotoduckdown: you could always ftp the file to your local box, edit it,then ftp it back to the server01:25
jribwillys_fueguino: http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/TrademarkPolicy/01:25
=== txoof [n=txoof@ip68-11-78-43.no.no.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== johannari [n=johann@] has joined #ubuntu
=== wang_kim_dong [n=daesotho@brwn-06b-132.res.umass.edu] has joined #ubuntu
duckdownmister_roboto> yeah, thats the process i'm tired of doing though, especially when i'm trying to constantly make changes to files on the fly01:25
willys_fueguinojrib, Thanxx...01:26
CromagDKmy Nautilus just went down, is it possible to get it back up ?01:26
txoofHow does anacron decide who to mail and with what method? I can't seem to find anything in /etc.01:26
mister_robotoduckdown: well... keep the local one then you only have to ftp TO the server   :)01:26
andy80_upgrading from dapper to edgy fails: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/25933/01:26
willys_fueguinoI already read it...01:26
andy80_lot of Gnome packages have problems01:26
rancei need some help with a usb image scanner install, its a Cannon N670U which IS supported by the plustek sane backend and IS loaded by the /etc/sane.d/dll.conf file, problem is that sane-find-scanner cant find the scanner, even though /var/log/messages shows the scanner being connected, can someone give me a hand?01:26
jribwillys_fueguino: you need to email them01:26
mister_robotoduckdown: i take it you don't have telnet either, eh?01:26
freemindtxoof: sendmail, look into /etc/aliases01:26
ubotunautilus: file manager and graphical shell for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.14.3-0ubuntu1 (dapper), package size 838 kB, installed size 2620 kB01:26
mister_robotoduckdown: never played with an xbox01:26
=== cgarr04\Ubuntu [n=cgarr04@cpc3-blfs2-0-0-cust302.belf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== zenwhen-lt [n=zenwhen@] has joined #ubuntu
=== derek [n=derek@81-202-64-199.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
willys_fueguinojrib, is just that I need a fast answer... And I dont lose nothing asking here :-01:27
squee__duckdown: what are you doing on the xbox that you need to constantly make changes with?01:27
jribwillys_fueguino: oh, ok.  Canonical employees usually don't hang around here though01:27
duckdownsquee__> the .xml configuration files01:28
=== daerek [n=derek@81-202-64-199.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== lupine_85 [n=lupine@nick.lupine.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
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Brydenn33sethk: what is the actual name of the file? cuz all i see is libpango1-ruby, libpango1.0-0, libpango1.0-dev, etc01:28
duckdowni'm adding shares, sources, etc all the time01:28
squee__duckdown: are you running the media center part or just linux?01:28
sethkBrydenn33, you need the library, and you want the package with "dev" in it because you also need header files01:28
gnomefreakcanonical employees dont hang out on IRC on weekends either ;)01:28
=== luis_lopez [n=jabba@ip216-239-88-214.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
gnomefreakrare few do01:29
SeanTateris libsdl1.2debian-alsa necessary for ubuntu (I have to remove to install another program)01:29
freemindsethk: please see pm01:29
sethkBrydenn33, probably the one without a number is for gtk2.01:29
cntb!rules >cntb01:29
=== JanC [n=janc@lugwv/member/JanC] has joined #ubuntu
duckdownmedia center01:29
THX-1138gnomefreak - saturday/sunday morning we could really use one.01:29
=== Decadent [n=variemai@ppp90-34.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
Brydenn33sethk: ok. yah i'm just trying to get Audacious to run hehe01:30
squee__duckdown: I can't really see much of a reason to do all the changes through the xml files... I use the dashboard on the program01:30
=== iiieee3 [n=hannes@] has joined #ubuntu
squee__duckdown: Though it still should be possible to use ssh01:31
=== brian98 [n=brian@] has joined #ubuntu
cgarr04\UbuntuHow can I 'stream' mp3 files from a server on my network?01:31
=== Jehjoa [n=jehjoa@cm47498-b.maast1.lb.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
cgarr04\UbuntuFor them to play I must copy them locally to play them via VLC media player.01:31
mcphailcgarr04\Ubuntu: use gnump3d01:31
Jehjoagood evening all :)01:32
THX-1138cgarr04\Ubuntu: VLC is a possibility01:32
=== djjason [n=johann@] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about avahi - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:32
ubotuavahi-daemon: Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.10-0ubuntu3 (dapper), package size 66 kB, installed size 308 kB01:32
cgarr04\UbuntuOkay, thanks.01:32
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508DA143.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuavahi-utils: Avahi browsing, publishing and discovery utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.10-0ubuntu3 (dapper), package size 32 kB, installed size 140 kB01:32
=== Darryl [n=darryl@] has joined #ubuntu
squee__avahi is needed for vlc to sream01:32
THX-1138squee__ - cool, didn't know that.01:33
sureshotgnomefreak thanks and i read it01:33
=== Darryl is now known as Darrage
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=== didymo [n=ashley@CPE-61-9-197-223.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
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=== siloe [n=siloe@200-158-118-108.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
siloePlease dont sucess install http://rtext.sourceforge.net/    Helping!?!01:35
=== mbb [i=Mike@d27-104.rb.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== alef-null [n=alef0@M861P028.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
sethksiloe, what problem are you having?01:36
=== mshiltonj wonders why THX-1138 is not at his station.
=== synth7 [i=synth@cpe-076-182-016-173.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== luis_lopez [n=jabba@ip216-239-88-214.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
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ruokblahwasabi_: thanks for the log idea, turns out  that i had a printer in there that was erroring and that one below the printer, i removed the errored printer and poof it works01:38
=== mister_roboto [n=jrk@24-136-10-99.hnc-bsr1.chi-hnc.il.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
aboutblankis it even possible to have one partition on a physical disk be part of an LVM based LV??01:38
=== Born_In_Xixax [n=dstaudt@adsl-69-154-27-218.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
wasabi_ruokblah: Heh.01:39
=== Stv- [n=tux@yap-pm02-s45.telecom.fm] has joined #ubuntu
sethkaboutblank, the only thing that can be part of it is a physical disk, no?01:39
=== sandlst [n=sandlst@24-181-107-137.dhcp.mtgm.al.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
aboutblank... what01:39
=== u^A [n=allberto@] has joined #ubuntu
aboutblanki'm trying to make a spanned LV...01:40
sethkaboutblank, yes, and?01:40
ClarrisaI have a website that is supposed to be only using SSL / http.  But when I try it with http I get a directory listing in my browser though.  what did I do wrong?01:40
aboutblankand i'm trying to add one partition on a physical disk to this spanned LV... so i do "pvcreate /dev/hda3"01:40
ClarrisaI hope that made sense01:41
sethkaboutblank, right01:41
Born_In_XixaxClarissa, are you sure the URL shown in your browser hasn't switched to HTTPS?01:41
aboutblanksethk, so when i do that from the livecd, it tells me "failed to write physical volume "/dev/hda3"01:41
=== br1| [i=br1@user-0c6scpo.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== rance [n=rance@70-96-159-136.bras01.kea.ne.frontiernet.net] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
=== gooba [n=jason@c-68-55-83-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
Clarrisaeverything works right if I try the website with https:  but obviously I don't want the http to display anything01:41
sureshotwell all goodbye for now my wife wants to take to a mexican restrount so i am off for supper  (fehitas) hmmmmm01:42
mcphailClarrisa: you need to remove the "listen 80" line from /etc/apache2/ports.conf and restart apache01:42
sethkaboutblank, ok, but that doesn't tell us what the error is, only that the command failed.  If you are asking whether it failed because /dev/hda3 is a partition on a physical disk, the answer is, no, your command is correct01:42
THX-1138TC sureshot see ya soon.01:42
sethkaboutblank, it didn't fail because a partition is not allowed there; in fact, a partition is most commonly what you use.01:42
=== |ryan| [n=foo@c-24-23-17-75.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
Clarrisamcphail, ohhh... no, I didn't.  but the problem is, that I have another website that I want to be able to get to via port 80... can't I do both?01:43
=== andy [n=andy@pool-72-78-228-197.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkaboutblank, that's all it says?  no more information about why it failed?01:43
aboutblanksethk, that's all it says.01:43
sureshotTHX-1138 see ya my friend and my friends01:43
Clarrisampchail, it's in a different virtual directory01:43
aboutblanksethk, actually, it ALTERNATES between that message and "physical volume /dev/hda3 successfully created"01:43
=== BenjaminG [n=benjamin@stu433.sjc.ox.ac.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
aboutblanksethk, but i still cannot add it to a LV01:43
mcphailClarrisa: yes. You should have a config for "VirtualHost *:443" and not "VirtualHost *:80"01:44
aboutblanksethk, vgcreate says "No physical volume label read from /dev/hda3 \n /dev/hda3 not identified as an existing physical volume"01:44
andyhi, I have 2 hard drives, a windows one, and a linux one.  Is there a way to access the files on my windows hardrive from Ubuntu?  It shows up in "computer" but gives the error "unable to mount..." when I click on it01:44
=== iw2 [i=iw@sh.doog.org] has joined #ubuntu
sethkaboutblank, something is clearly wrong, but unfortunately I don't know what.01:45
=== Jehjoa [n=jehjoa@cm47498-b.maast1.lb.home.nl] has left #ubuntu []
sethkaboutblank, I believe there is a verbose option you can use on that command to perhaps get more information.01:45
sethkaboutblank, try it with -v01:45
Clarrisamcphail, I did that as well... each site has it's own and the conf files are all stored in /etc/apache2/sites-available/<websitename>01:45
=== Hit3k [n=allan@166.125.dsl.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Clarrisamcphail, the ssl one have the *:443 in it01:46
Dr_willisandy,  double check the fstab entry for the windows drives. Hers a url that details what it should/can look like. Most likely you need to use the 'user' and umask=0222 (or similer options.01:46
Dr_willisDefacto NTFS (and works for Vfat as well) guide for your Fstab/mounting of NTFS partitions -->  http://wiki.linux-ntfs.org/doku.php?id=ntfs-en#how_do_i_mount_an_ntfs_volume01:46
aboutblanksethk, verbose says nothing interesting to say the most.01:46
andywhere is the "fstab"?01:47
sethkaboutblank, I don't have any good suggestions at the moment, unfortunately.01:47
aboutblanksethk, alright.. thanks for the help.01:47
=== Ovidio [n=Ovidio@host126-231-dynamic.3-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
=== willys_fueguino [n=lara@] has left #ubuntu ["Me]
Dr_willisandy,  in /etc/ with 99% of the other config files. :)01:47
sethkaboutblank, in your situation I would probably strace the command and try to get an idea of what is going on, but the strace output is very difficult to interpret01:47
=== Cosmo-guh [n=Cosmosan@] has joined #ubuntu
andyok, one sec01:48
=== majd_ [n=zeit@cpe-71-65-19-97.twmi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Born_In_XixaxAndy: please check the HowTo area of the Ubuntu forums: ubuntuforums.org01:48
Born_In_Xixaxthere are some tutorials on configuring NTFS access01:48
=== the_empty [n=the_empt@ip70-190-69-227.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mbb [i=Mike@d27-104.rb.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== iw2 is now known as iws
=== |CADE| [n=Cade@adsl-19-73-140.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== SuperMiguel [n=miguel@252-223.126-70.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
lealhello all01:50
SuperMiguelhow can i use blitz01:51
the_emptyI have a Dell Latitude running Breezy and it seems if I close the screen (*triggering gnome-screensaver to lock) the display never wakes back up01:51
SuperMiguelon ubuntu01:51
=== matteo [n=matteo@213-140-6-96.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisSuperMiguel,  what is blitz?01:51
the_emptyIs this a known issue?01:51
SuperMiguelDr_willis: programing language01:51
Dr_willisthe_empty,  i would advise upgrading to dapper. It may work much better01:51
=== gandalfcome [n=wkerzend@p85.212.185.72.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== inuyasharenegade [i=UPP@c-68-81-7-199.hsd1.de.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
the_emptyDr_willis: sorry I meant dapper01:51
Dr_willisSuperMiguel,  check the blitz homepage then.. see what os's it supports.. and if you can copile it from source..01:51
leali have a LG dvd player (4230N), avidemux, k3b, dvdstyler, cdrdao and some files (avi)...01:52
Dr_willisthe_empty,  :P  Theres some issues with suspending, and some of the video drivers.. sadly.01:52
sethkthe_empty, there are a number of problems of this sort related to power management.  It's not unusual to get this problem on a laptop.01:52
=== _Falcaum [i=_Falcaum@] has joined #Ubuntu
sethkthe_empty, or a desktop, for that matter, if the power save features are enabled.01:52
lealwhere can i find a "real" how to to make a dvd?01:52
=== _Falcaum [i=_Falcaum@] has left #Ubuntu []
=== Dragonfire1 [n=cmant1@adsl-8-123-12.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
the_emptyDr_willis, sethk: I dig, but I want to know if theres some workaround01:52
Dr_willisthe_empty,  hopefully the next release with newer kernel and video card drivers will fix a lot of them01:53
=== khaije1 [n=khaije1@person1.constellation.com] has joined #ubuntu
the_emptyDr_willis: Gah, OK01:53
matteoI'm trying to share a printer with cups, but I'm getting a network host busy error. Any ideas?01:53
sethkthe_empty, I don't have any magic for it.  updating to the most recent kernel may help, but no guarantees01:54
=== LjL [n=ljl@62-101-126-215.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_willisthe_empty,  blame the laptop makers for not following the standards I guess...01:54
=== lunaticLT [n=Emilis_D@clt-84-32-58-66.dtiltas.lt] has joined #ubuntu
=== redguy [n=mati@acu169.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
the_emptysethk:, Dr_willis: OK... I know ACPI is totally screwed01:55
=== YouCeyE [n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye] has joined #ubuntu
=== halex-ab [n=halex@] has joined #ubuntu
YouCeyEhello.. i have a brother laser printer.. when i connect it to usb.. it says belkin components01:55
YouCeyEusb 1-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice01:55
the_emptyOh nice01:55
YouCeyE[17205380.636000]  drivers/usb/class/usblp.c: usblp0: USB Bidirectional printer dev 4 if 0 alt 1 proto 2 vid 0x050D pid 0x000201:55
=== aSt3raL [n=eric@65-102-149-238.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
the_emptyI just killed gnome-screensaver and it came back to life01:56
=== iXce is now known as iXce[aw]
=== _Falcaum [i=_Falcaum@] has joined #Ubuntu
_Falcaumalguem fala portugues!?01:56
lunaticLThi.. why is IP needed for local hostname in /etc/hosts in Dapper? It breaks my previous apache configuration. Can I change it to
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br  ou #ubuntu-pt  para ajuda em portugus. Obrigada.01:56
DraconicusHow the heck do you burn a .bin format CD image?01:57
lunaticLTDraconicus> k3b?01:57
sethklunaticLT, it should be    where did come from?01:57
LjLDraconicus: you could convert it to ISO perhaps. there's a package for that, don't remember what it's called01:57
=== shadeless [n=marco@p549F269E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
PacketScanDraconicus, do you have the cue ?01:57
the_emptyOK close enough to a solution I guess01:57
Dr_willisk3b can do it.. but ya got to figure out how. :P01:57
lunaticLTsethk> I dunno01:57
=== telemac1 [n=telemaco@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Jack_Sparrow [n=jack@ppp-69-229-179-102.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #Ubuntu
the_emptylater all thanks for the help01:57
DraconicusPacketScan: Yes. K3B says the operation isn't permitted, though.01:57
DraconicusThe output isn't very clear.01:57
zenitDraconicus: you might be lucky, sometimes a .bin is just like a plain iso-image01:57
=== the_empty [n=the_empt@ip70-190-69-227.ph.ph.cox.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
sethklunaticLT, change it to, I can't imagine it causing a problem.  make sure does not occur in any files in /etc01:58
PacketScanconvert to iso like LjL  suggested.. should provide a work around.01:58
LjLDraconicus: "bchunk" is the package01:58
lunaticLTsethk> hmm.... okay... I was just curious why was it needed. Thanks.01:58
PacketScanunless the cue file is written wrong/ contains incorrect path.01:58
DraconicusI'm actually on Gentoo. I use Ubuntu frequently and the channel was open, so I thought I'd ask here. I'll see if Gentoo has bchunk. It should.01:58
PacketScanfix the path then try.01:58
sethklunaticLT, you need to be able to resolve the name localhost01:58
LjLDraconicus: ah, also, "cdrdao" can burn from bin/cue01:59
DraconicusGot all of that.01:59
DraconicusK3B uses that.01:59
DraconicusThe path has ( ) in it. That may be why.01:59
lunaticLTsethk> it's not for localhost, it's listed for computers hostname01:59
=== Razorleaf [n=polden@219.62-97-230.bkkb.no] has joined #ubuntu
lunaticLTsethk> localhost resolves to 0.101:59
kitchelunaticLT: anything 127.x.x.x resolves to localhost anyways in reality02:00
=== Muelli [n=Muelli@rzdspc10.informatik.uni-hamburg.de] has joined #ubuntu
lunaticLTkitche> yes, but I can't connect to my apache because it says deny all, allow ;-)02:01
=== ChocoCid [n=ChocoCid@r38h107.res.gatech.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Muellihi. I just updated to edgy and I wonder where the aiglx with compiz is. isn't that shipped out w/ edgy?02:01
ubotuedgy is the current development version of Ubuntu. Version 6.10, codename "Edgy Eft". For support head to #ubuntu+1. For its release schedule, see !schedule02:01
DraconicusPacketScan: Oh. Now I see what you meant. Lemme check that path.02:02
kitcheMuelli: you probably have to install compiz but yes aiglx is part of it you might have to enable it though but #ubuntu+1 is the channelt hat you want02:02
=== vega_ [n=vega@c-69-247-98-91.hsd1.ms.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
matteoHallo, I set up a printserver with cups, but I can't print to it. it's set to broadcast published printers, this works and they are automatically found and set by the client. Help!02:02
=== argetlam [n=argetlam@12-218-18-183.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
vega_im trying to install WINE but cant find it in synaptic package manager, any help?02:03
aboutblankwhere can i get more support for LVM?02:03
LjL!info wine02:03
ubotuwine: Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.9-0ubuntu2 (dapper), package size 8578 kB, installed size 40460 kB02:03
LjLvega_: i suppose you don't have Universe enabled02:03
LjL!tell vega_ about universe02:03
aboutblank!info LVM02:04
ubotuPackage lvm does not exist in any distro I know02:04
LjL!tell vega_ about wine02:04
=== yUSiyEEE [n=yusiye@adsl-75-24-247-117.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ^majik^ [n=majik@68-187-20-53.static.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #Ubuntu
aboutblank!info LVM202:04
ubotulvm2: The Linux Logical Volume Manager. In component main, is standard. Version 2.02.02-1ubuntu1 (dapper), package size 272 kB, installed size 800 kB02:04
sethkmatteo, what happens when you try to print?02:04
=== chokes [n=chokes@modemcable029.79-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== Cosmo-san [n=Cosmosan@] has joined #ubuntu
=== reptyle [n=reptyle@rrcs-71-42-31-116.se.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
matteosethk: nothing no jobs appear on client but printer appears in notification area, when i chek printer status I get a network host busy message.02:06
=== w30 [n=kolklay@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pschulz01 [n=paul@] has joined #ubuntu
Muellithx kitche. I'll have a look02:08
aboutblankdoes anyone actually ever use LVM? do you format the partition before you add it to an LV?02:08
=== pschulz01 [n=paul@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
sethkmatteo, can you print locally (that is, on the machine where the cups server is installed)?02:08
peace-keeperwhat linux command i use for binary file compare ?02:08
aboutblankpeace-keeper, you can md5sum them02:09
peace-keeperah good idea02:09
=== Deaigo77 [n=biglou@203-206-65-138.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== Deaigo77 is now known as Deaigo
matteosethk: local printing is working, also when I check error.log and access.log there's nothing recognisably useful.02:09
=== andy [n=andy@pool-72-78-228-197.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== yeager_ [n=yeager@wsip-24-120-118-218.lv.lv.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkmatteo, are the client machines running linux?02:10
andyI just installed ntfs-3g and now my CD-RW wont mount, how can I fix this?02:10
vega_hm... still no WINE02:11
vega_even though i enabled all repositories02:11
matteosethk: both machines are ubuntu dapper02:11
vega_there are a lot of packages that are related to WINE02:11
=== mcscruff [n=mcscruff@cpc1-folk1-0-0-cust969.asfd.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
vega_but not quite02:11
sethkmatteo, what happens if you run lpq on thec lient?02:12
kitchevega_: wine has it's own repo02:12
matteovega_: on wine-hq they give repositories to add uptodate wine to ubuntu02:12
vega_whats wine-hq?02:12
=== Linuturk [n=Linuturk@] has joined #ubuntu
vega_on this server?02:12
kitchevega_: wine's website02:12
matteosethK: I get aHPpsc1350 is ready and a second line with no entries02:13
=== K^Holtz [n=kholtz@24-54-79-216.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
andy I just installed ntfs-3g and now my CD-RW wont mount, how can I fix this?02:13
=== andy [n=andy@pool-72-78-228-197.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== andy [n=andy@pool-72-78-228-197.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== K^Holtz [n=kholtz@24-54-79-216.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138vega_: Be nice to vitamin the only one there that knows WINE like a religion02:14
=== ciphernemo [n=cipherne@pool-72-72-215-57.altnpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== K^Holtz [n=kholtz@24-54-79-216.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== |thunder [n=e@c-68-60-143-198.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
aboutblankwhen trying to make an LV in LVM, vgcreate says "adding physical volume /dev/hda3 to volume group...no physical volume label...not identified as a physical volume... unable to add physical volume /dev/hda3" --- Why does it think hda3 is a physical volume?!02:14
vega_haha thanks02:14
=== Garbaek [n=virtus@] has joined #ubuntu
andy I just installed ntfs-3g and now my CD-RW wont mount, how can I fix this?02:14
=== yeager_ is now known as yeager
=== theunruled [n=rullie@CPE000c414b9685-CM0011e6c3fa9f.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Heartsbane [n=ne1469@] has joined #ubuntu
=== K^Holtz [n=kholtz@24-54-79-216.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
kitcheaboutblank: it's not it's saying it's not a physical volume02:15
GarbaekCould someone help me build a script that restarts a process when it crashes ?02:15
aboutblankkitche: really now. because it said it 3 times..02:15
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu
kitcheaboutblank: LVM is usually one disk but has slices inside of the LVM02:16
=== agent [n=agent@pool-71-97-136-85.aubnin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
andycan anyone help me?02:16
sethkGarbaek, there are tools available that will do that better than a script you can write02:17
THX-1138Garbaek - the linux documentation project bash scripting guide is indispensable.02:17
Dr_willisandy,  try mounting it manually ?02:17
sethkGarbaek, look at the daemontools package.  look at the respawn option of inittab02:17
aboutblankkitche: o..kay... i'm trying to put together a spanned LV with /dev/hdb1 and /dev/hda3.. i pvcreated both, and i cannot do "vgcreate the_volume /dev/hda3 /dev/hdb1"02:17
Dr_willisandy,  you may want to research how linux mounts drives.. befor messing with the deeper things like ntfs-3g.02:17
THX-1138sethk - likely knows a lot better than either yoiu or i.02:17
=== BoggsBeer [n=biglou@203-206-104-219.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
andyit is a little late now...02:18
Dr_willisandy,  in short..  sudo mount /media/cdrom0  (or whatever its called)02:18
=== BannaMama [n=xxxx@c-68-44-160-248.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
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Dr_willisandy,  its never too late to learn02:18
LoWarning: `BannaMama,Butmifjdsif,GFkeoffff,GFkgod' seems to be spamming, please discontinue or kicks/kills/klines will be issued.02:18
andyI know, just I already installed ntfs-3g02:18
LoWarning: `BannaMama,Butmifjdsif,GFkeoffff,GFkgod' seems to be spamming, please discontinue or kicks/kills/klines will be issued.02:18
Dr_willisandy,  i dont see how that sould be affecting the cdrom drive at all to be honest.. so you need to trouble shoot whats going on02:19
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ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:19
=== GFkeoffff [n=xxxx@ool-4354c6e7.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
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vega_hm... i went to winehq and did what it says, but now synaptic gives me an error02:19
=== nikin [n=niki@dsl540099BC.pool.t-online.hu] has joined #ubuntu
vega_the error is "E: Type 'http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt' is not known on line 33 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list02:20
sethkTHX-1138, what?  I'm not sure what you were talking about a moment ago.02:20
andywell, I installed ntfs-3g and then went to check if I could use my windows HDD and noticed that my CDRW no longer worked02:20
Garbaeksethk > thanks.. ill look it up02:20
=== henzo [n=henzo@pc-111-18-241-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== raiXer [n=raixer@] has joined #ubuntu
matteovega_: what is the exact entry you inserted in /etc/apt/sources.list02:21
kitchevega_: do you have deb http://wine.budgededicated.com/apt <last part>02:21
=== cstudent [n=cstudent@] has joined #ubuntu
=== fluxinator [n=mindyour@ool-4579a67d.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
vega_yes i have the whole line, not just the piece it showed in the error02:21
=== snowbird122 [n=eric@cpe-66-68-42-17.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
vega_with deb at the front and dapper main at the end02:21
andyI tried mounting it manually, but I got this: mount: can't find /media/cdrom1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab02:22
=== thejoe [n=malignan@pool-70-110-43-185.sea.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~sethk - scripting something as a service02:22
fluxinatorchmod 750 /usr/bin/rcp >> would this help improve security02:22
=== NoBIOS [n=everson@200165187211.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
sethkTHX-1138, ok, I must have lost the thread of the conversation.  :)02:23
=== Celeste [n=Celeste@] has joined #ubuntu
thejoeCan someone tell me what is wrong in my simple shell script: http://www.rafb.net/paste/results/WqyVOQ48.html02:23
sethkfluxinator, not in any meaningful way, no02:23
=== majd_ is now known as ub3rH4x0r
LjLthejoe: if ("$answer" = "y")   should perhaps be     if [ "$answer" == "y" ] 02:24
vega_is AMD64 i386 architecture?02:24
thejoeLjL: I tried that as well, but it didn't work02:24
sethkLjL, no, I don't think so.  the [ ]  are for the test syntax02:24
LjLvega_: no. but it emulates the i386 architecture, so you can install the i386 Ubuntu on an AMD64 processor02:24
sethkthejoe, what is it doing?02:24
matteovega: WINE doesn't work properly with amd64 at the moment02:25
fluxinatorsethk what could I do to this system to help lock it down further besides  running bastille02:25
vega_well shit lol02:25
=== K^Holtz [n=kholtz@24-54-79-216.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
vega_thats the problem02:25
sethkfluxinator, use scp instead of rcp02:25
fluxinatorI dont use rcp at all afail02:25
vega_im on AMD64 with ubuntu 6402:25
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.02:25
andyDr_willis: Is there a way to return everything to how it was before I installed ntfs-3g02:25
LjLsethk, all i know is that using () gives a syntax error.02:25
vega_sorry ^.^02:25
=== aftertaf [n=david@lns-bzn-51f-62-147-204-193.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Dybber [n=Dybber@0x3e42d1c0.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
LjLvega_: that's fine, except that on AMD64 you lack some things that exist for i386... like some video codecs, perhaps Flash...02:26
kitchethejoe: but what's does the script do exactly? when you run it like it doesn't read the answer?02:26
=== Axe [n=Axe@ool-44c0abd0.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
matteo<vega_>you could try setting up a chroot for 32bit apps02:26
thejoesethk: This is what I get: /home/malignant/Scripts/Master: line 7: [y: command not found02:26
sethkthejoe, take out the parens, to start with, you don't need them02:26
aftertafwhats with lilo in the topic?02:26
=== andrewski [n=andrewsk@c-71-230-244-71.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Axeconfigure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check02:27
AxeSee `config.log' for more details.02:27
sethkthejoe, take out the quotes around $answer02:27
kitcheaftertaf: lilo is the guy that ran freenode02:27
Gabby_Hayesvega-  .. did you d/l it, or from a disk?02:27
AxeAttempts to build things have this error02:27
thejoesethk: ok02:27
LjLsethk: as in    if  "test" == "test" ; then echo Yes; fi    ?02:27
Axehow do I fix this02:27
=== andrewski [n=andrewsk@c-71-230-244-71.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
jribthejoe: you need a space after [ and before ]  like ljl pasted02:27
kitchealso he owned it aftertaf02:27
=== erick [n=erick@67-23-32-16.snbrca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
LjLjrib: except that it seems that i got it all wrong...02:27
erickhello room, can someone help me with wine?02:27
sethkLjL, I'm wrong about [] 02:27
=== Scunizi [n=Scunizi@ip72-197-239-49.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
aftertafkitche: ahhhhhhh ok. (getss the rest)02:27
=== Hawk|- [n=Hawk@p549C9865.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
sethkthejoe, here is an if statement that works:              if [[ ARGC != 1 ] ] 02:28
mcscruffanyone know an app where i can backup a whole partition (like ghost)02:28
thejoesethk: it still doesn't work02:28
=== Indrid_Cold [n=alberto@adsl-ull-228-143.44-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== aftertaf [n=david@lns-bzn-51f-62-147-204-193.adsl.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu []
sethkthejoe, or,   if [[ $silen == "FALSE" ] ] 02:28
kitchemcscruff: partimage02:28
loper06question: in smb.conf how can i limit only one user to be logged in using the same login. i want to avoid 2 users w/ the same username to be logged in at the same time using sshd02:28
=== aftertaf [n=aftertaf@lns-bzn-51f-62-147-204-193.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Indrid_Cold [n=alberto@adsl-ull-228-143.44-151.net24.it] has left #ubuntu []
sethkthejoe, or,   if [[ $silen == "FALSE" ] ] 02:28
mcscruffkitche, ty02:28
sethkthejoe, so use:    if [[ $answer == "y" ] ] 02:29
thejoesethk: I still get: /home/malignant/Scripts/Master: line 7: y: command not found02:29
thejoeDidn't connect02:29
THX-1138mcscruff - partimage (it is a seperat step to back the mbr)02:29
sethkthejoe, wait until I tell you what to do02:29
thejoesethk: ok02:29
sethkthejoe, you can't try what I'm suggesting until I'm finished suggesting it.  :)02:29
erickI installed star wars, jedi outcast using wine. I can start it up fine but when I try to play it complains about the cd not being in the drive but it is in the drive. :/02:29
Dr_willisloper06,  hmm.. what does smb.conf have to do with ssh?02:29
=== agent [n=agent@pool-71-97-136-85.aubnin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkif  [[  $answer == "y" ] ] 02:29
akano1nhi, i need some help, im trying to config my wifi, i have a Compaq Presario v2000, and the problem is, i have a button in my keyboard that enables the wifi, but when i press it, nothin happens, stays off, anyone know why? i have installed ndiswrapper and all this kind os stuff02:29
kitcheloper06: well sshd has nothing to do with samba02:29
Ash-FoxIs there not a single kernel I can use that isn't preempt?02:29
sethk    whatever02:29
Ash-FoxI really need preempt disabled02:29
LjLsethk: if [ "$answer" == "y" ]  works, as well. also, you do need the quotes, because otherwise, if $answer happens to be empty, you'll end up with a syntax error.02:29
agenthow do i temporarily disable bug reporting tool??02:30
mcscruffTHX-1138, its only to clone my winxp partition, pissed off at it fookin up, grub can have my mbr02:30
=== |thunder is now known as |thunder-afk
loper06question: in sshd_config how can i limit only one user to be logged in using the same login. i want to avoid 2 users w/ the same username to be logged in at the same time using sshd02:30
sethkLjL, I just tried it, no syntax error for an empty variable ... hmm02:30
thejoesethk: if [[ $answer == "y" ] ]  worked, thanks02:30
sethkthejoe, np02:30
kitchemcscruff: the ntfs support is expermential in partimage02:30
thejoesethk: why do I need to brackets?02:30
mcscruffkitche, expermential but still working?02:30
Axeconfigure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check02:30
AxeSee `config.log' for more details.02:30
Axehow do I fix this02:31
sethkthejoe, because it doesn't work without them?  I have to look that up, to be honest with you.  I just looked at a bunch of scripts I wrote a few months ago.02:31
=== j00ma [n=skituljk@as54-bc1.dlp379.bih.net.ba] has joined #ubuntu
kitchemcscruff: it works but it might kill the ntfs filesystem I don't use it on ntfs02:31
=== ChrisWhite is now known as cpw
erickis there anyone who can help me with wine?02:31
thejoesethk: ok02:31
sethkLjL, of course, I use zsh, which doesn't have the scripting bugs that bash has.02:31
LjLsethk: ljl@ljlbox:~$ if [ $answer == "test" ] ; then echo SI; fi     [newline]       bash: [: ==: unary operator expected02:31
=== raiXer [n=raixer@] has left #ubuntu []
mcscruffkitche, i'll try :)02:31
LjLsethk: ah, well, but bash is the default shell in Ubuntu02:31
sethkLjL, bash error, I think02:31
sethkLjL, the quotes won't hurt anything, so I guess it makes sense to leave them in.02:32
LjLsethk: i'm not sure it's an error. variables are substitued literally in bash, so if a variable is empty, it will be substitued with emptiness02:32
agenthow do i temporarily disable bug reporting tool??02:32
THX-1138mcscruff - take a peek at "testdisk". - supposed to solve problems with disk errors - (haven't tried it.)02:32
sethkLjL, indeed, but "" is equally empty as02:32
sethkLjL, (couldn't find a way to say nothing, :) )02:32
=== fdisque [n=tom@c-67-189-22-179.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Xore [n=xore@phpbb/convertor/Xore] has left #ubuntu ["<_<]
LjLsethk: but "" denotes an empty string. "simple" emptiness just denotes a syntax error, in that there is a "==" operator without a left operand02:33
sethkLjL, "" is a blank string, and $variable-with-no-value  is also a blank string02:33
=== b_52Centos [n=skimo@adsl196-126-41-217-196.adsl196-10.iam.net.ma] has joined #ubuntu
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sethkLjL, it's an interpreter, so I guess you can't really blame it for getting confused.02:34
=== Lo is now known as LoRez
=== tyvek [n=dps@c-71-205-133-16.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== timalot [n=tim@202-78-148-47.cable.telstraclear.net] has joined #ubuntu
erickcan anyone help me use wine?02:35
timalotwhats up02:35
=== gyx [n=nuked@] has left #ubuntu []
timalotwith wine?02:35
=== Axe [n=Axe@ool-44c0abd0.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== noriega [n=felix@kr-lun-71-156-233-83.3.cust.bredband2.com] has joined #ubuntu
erickwell I installed jedi outcast but everytime I try playing it complains about the cd not being in the drive02:35
erickit is in the drive though02:35
=== Axe is now known as Axe_
LjLsethk: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/quotingvar.html ---- note how "COMMAND $variable2 $variable2 $variable2" executes COMMAND with *no* arguments. so those variables are *not* taken as empty strings, but just as... nothing02:36
erickjedi outcast starts, but wont let me play02:36
loper06how can i do this? enable only one connection per username in sshd to avoid users from doubling up on logins?02:36
lunaticLTgood night and thanks for help02:36
timaloterick: sorry not sure about that... u could always use a nocd02:36
sethkLjL, so, the docs have the same errora s the program.  :)02:36
ericktimalot: thanks a lot, do you know where I can find something like that?02:36
LjLsethk: ah, well, i suppose you could see it that way.02:36
=== MistaED [n=mistaed@203-214-156-231.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== henzo [n=henzo@pc-111-18-241-201.cm.vtr.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
sethkLjl  :)02:37
thomboneodd, trying to upgrade my dapper to edgy fails02:37
mcscruffpartimage (from repo) doesnt support ntsc atall02:37
sethkthombone, why odd?02:37
thombonewell, it's a vanilla dapper02:37
thombonecurious to find out what's blocking the script... once I find out I'll report it of course02:38
holycow*mmmm* vaaaniiilllaaa *grrglghghg*02:38
sethkthombone, edgy is unreleased.  it's constantly being modified02:38
=== holycow dist upgrades to chocolate dapper
thomboneOh I know02:38
sethkthombone, unreasonable to expect  it to always work.02:38
=== GigaClon [n=gigaclon@n159s030.ntc.blacksburg.shentel.net] has joined #ubuntu
thomboneI don't even get that far, the actual upgrade script is failing02:38
=== Tru7h [n=chatzill@d199-126-241-44.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
thomboneso I'm curious02:38
=== superkirbyartis1 [n=superkir@ottawa-dial-64-26-165-181.d-ip.magma.ca] has joined #ubuntu
thomboneI don't expect it to work02:38
holycowthere is no such thing as an upgrade scirpt02:38
holycowwhere does apt stop?02:38
sethkthombone, in that case, I'm also curious  :)02:38
=== Heartsbane [n=ne1469@] has joined #ubuntu
Scunizimcscruff:  You might take a look at http://pba-vm.sourceforge.net/ .... Looks interesting.02:38
=== a_pha [n=alpha@modemcable073.65-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
thombonejust wondering aloud why it doesn't and was wondering if it's a common problem02:39
Tru7hGuys, I'm having trouble booting up Ubuntu on my old Dell. Is there any way I can put it on several floppy disks and boot from those?02:39
sethkholycow, what do you mean, there is no such thing?02:39
THX-1138erick - visit the wine channel here on freenode.org  #winehq02:39
thombonesethk: ok well once I figure it out I'll let you know02:39
sethkTru7h, it's not impossible, but it's not easy.02:39
holycownote: all dpkg does is look at the repo and upgrades to whatevre is newer, there isno upgrade script per se02:39
aftertafthombone: what script? what are you trying to use to update?02:39
BHSPitLappyTru7h, what's the problem?02:39
=== vlt [n=daniel@dslb-088-073-192-124.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tru7hIt's a Dell 4100... I have two CD drives, and my master drive doesn't work properly.02:39
sethkholycow, well, semantics, I guess.  It generates a script, and then executes it.02:39
Tru7hPut simply.02:39
thomboneholycow: ok, thanks... I'll run it again and try to figure out where apt is dying then02:40
=== superkirbyartis1 [n=superkir@ottawa-dial-64-26-165-181.d-ip.magma.ca] has left #ubuntu []
thombonesethk: right that was my assumption as well02:40
sethkTru7h, are you trying to install it, or just trying to boot it after it is installed?02:40
holycowsethk, *nod* thombone if you can narrow it down we might be able to help02:40
=== printk [n=jvaughn@unaffiliated/printk] has joined #ubuntu
=== mesut [n=mesut@unaffiliated/mesut] has joined #ubuntu
erickthanks a lot02:40
thomboneat any rate, I'll keep playing with it... would love to run edgy (been a gentoo freak for years for that reason and really am loving ubuntu now, but still like to live on the edge haha)02:41
mesuthi how do i force dpkg to install a .deb (without deps)02:41
a_phaexcuse-me I use weechat-curses to folow you but I'm blind and I can read more than one line at a time02:41
thombonesethk: thanks friend02:41
Axe_configure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check02:41
Axe_See `config.log' for more details.02:41
Axe_how od I Fix this02:41
holycowthombone, edgy is very useable at this point in time, no big risk02:41
=== Linuturk [n=Linuturk@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
aftertafi agree holycow02:41
=== ezenu [n=ezenu@smallbox.rit.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Tru7hsethk: I'm trying to install for the first time.02:42
holycowtypically if your dist-upgrade fails you just haveto wait a few days for repos to be udpated and it goes away02:42
THX-1138a_pha Welcome02:42
sethkAxe_, the compiler is installed?    you've installed the build-essential package?02:42
=== K^Holtz [n=kholtz@24-54-79-216.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
timalotmesut: from a deb file? ... then its dpkg-deb i think02:42
=== K^Holtz [n=kholtz@24-54-79-216.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== noiesmo [n=noiesmo@CPE-143-238-160-252.qld.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== mat [n=mat@igoan/mat] has joined #ubuntu
thomboneholycow: my basic motivation is I want to play with the latest GCC and compile against cutting edge libc, etc. without running gentoo (gentoo has become quite a mess lately)02:43
mesuttimalot: coultn find anything on both man dpkg and man dpkg-deb02:43
sethkTru7h, that's more difficult.  too bad.02:43
=== A-L-P-H-A [n=abc@unaffiliated/a-l-p-h-a] has joined #ubuntu
=== A-L-P-H-A [n=abc@unaffiliated/a-l-p-h-a] has left #ubuntu []
timalotmesut: do u just want to extract the files or actually install the pacakge?02:43
holycowthombone, *nod* haven't looked at gentoo in ages ... care to elaborate?02:44
=== gleesond [i=devong@ceti.cs.pdx.edu] has joined #ubuntu
a_phado you know if the next ubuntu cd will be usable with braille display to install02:44
holycowi'm just curious, not looking for a flamewar btw :)02:44
loper06anyone? how can i avoid 2 or more users w/ the same username from looging in at the same time from sshd?02:44
gleesondhow do I change back to gdm? from xdm02:44
=== sol0 [n=sol0@] has joined #ubuntu
thomboneholycow: sure, basically gentoo dev teams are infighting to the point where ebuild quality control is going way down02:44
thomboneholycow: lots of politics about where they want the distro to go, nobody can agree02:45
sethkgleesond, easiest way is probably to force a reinstall of gdm02:45
=== Lilandra [n=lilandra@241-10.greendottt.net] has joined #ubuntu
loper06i just want to permit only one instance per user using ssh02:45
holycowthombone, weird, gentoo seemed very cool in that regard actually despite the fact it takes a week to install it02:45
ciphernemoAnyone here install mythtv on ubuntu? The #mythtv-users community sucks and is pretty much unhelpful. I just need some straightforward help in building mythtv and configuring it with mysql, then I can pick up from there.02:45
mesut--force-depends* found it timalot02:45
thomboneholycow: it basically started over the gentoo livecd and easy install versions. some of the more hardcore think it's sacralidge ;)02:45
timalotmesut: cool02:45
sethkthombone, that's too bad.  I'm not a gentoo fan, but I hate to see people wasting effort that way.02:45
holycowthombone, i was always awe of their devs and help files but i never understood why anyone would create gentoo02:46
=== erebus [n=erebus@CPE0011950c3991-CM001225dbaf4e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
holycowwhen all you had to do is take debian to create the same thing with like 2 guys02:46
=== sidny4 [n=sid@24-116-191-206.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138a_pha - This release breezy badger has assistive technology support.  edgy should be no exception.02:46
holycowand get the benefits of both approaches02:46
holycowthombone, they'll figure it eventually, all projects have their ebb and flow, debian has always been a rocky boat :)02:47
Axe_configure: error: You must have the XTest library to build synergy02:47
a_phaTHX-1138: yes but in the live cd there wasn't orca or gnopernicus install.02:47
=== edgarin [n=edgarin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== torchie [n=torch@adsl-156-235-11.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138a_pha Ubuntu is an african word for humanity. I thonk mark shuttleworth would like open source software available to everyone.02:48
=== patconnexion [n=patconne@lns-bzn-54-82-251-88-254.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
thombonesethk: agreed, gentoo had it's upsides (and it's down, of course... who wants to compile software 24 hours a day) but if you wanted to be right on the very edge (which is sometimes important for a dev as you can well imagine) it's a great way to go for some. Not better or worse then debian-based (ubuntu et al) of course, just a different angle on Linux. But unfortunately, making a gentoo box even remotely stable nowadays, even sti02:48
thombonecking with "stable" ebuilds is almost impossible, it seems. That's why when I heard about Edgy I've been trying to play with it.02:48
SkramXwhat is the package i need to apt-get for all the compiling tools?02:48
SkramXit was like build-essentials? no.02:48
ozzloyi just put 6.06.1 in a computer and it came up with vertical lines02:49
=== xtriox [n=alex@m815f36d0.tmodns.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tru7hHow could I mount Ubuntu to a flash drive?02:49
ozzloyhow do i fix that?02:49
=== tyvek [n=dps@c-71-205-133-16.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== sidny4 [n=sidny4@24-116-191-206.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
thombonesethk: my gal is an easier way to live on the edge, and I also have to say I'm in love with Ubuntu in general. It's really something special02:49
Tru7hAnd would that work for a Dell Dimension 4100?02:49
thomboneseth my goal* rather, sorry02:49
Axe_I can't find xtest anywhere02:49
holycowthombone, i would generalize that and say debian is something special, and ubuntu is just a special case of special02:50
sethkthombone, I'm quite pleased with it, and I've used a fair number of distros.02:50
aftertafSkramX: yeah02:50
THX-1138a_pha I don't know. - if you can use apt-get or better the package manager sysnaptic it will be available. - free-dom open source software.02:50
aftertaf!info build-essentials02:50
=== MissLady [i=skylabs@modemcable117.240-201-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuPackage build-essentials does not exist in any distro I know02:50
siloeHello, how to install file  *.bin ?02:50
sethkbuild-essential      not    build-essentials02:50
=== aFx [n=MUKUL255@] has joined #Ubuntu
=== trousuisse [n=trousuis@mal35-3-82-240-203-91.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
SkramXit isnt huge,, should be built in IMHO :)02:51
siloeHello, how to install file  *.bin ?02:51
patconnexionsileo .. just type sh02:51
thomboneholycow: good point and sethk: ditto02:51
=== vlade33 [n=vlade33@CPE-72-135-235-115.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
sethkSkramX, no set of default options will satisfy everyone.02:51
Tru7hDoes anybody know if I can install Ubuntu using Windows?02:52
SkramXof coure02:52
=== Mr [n=JJones02@adsl-69-208-208-75.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowsethk, excellent poitn02:52
aFxTru7h : use Vmware tool02:52
=== vghty [i=vghty@c-24-126-34-251.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
vlade33i can't successfully install nvidia drivers ... i followed this https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/hardware.html... and nothing.. x won't even start02:52
holycowwhich also explains the existence of so much variety and seeming duplication in this neck of the wood02:52
=== Maria_26 [n=5@226.Red-88-9-21.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tru7haFx: What does that do?02:52
=== a_pha [n=alpha@modemcable073.65-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu ["WeeChat]
sidny4Tru7h, how do you mean using windows? Using VMWare yes02:52
MrI have a question im a complete noob at linux can someone help me privatly?02:52
sidny4it makes a virtual machine02:52
aFxhttp://www.vmware.com <---02:53
sidny4based on your hardware02:53
holycowMr, just ask here02:53
Tru7hWell, I can use my second CD drive, so I was thinking I could maybe install Ubuntu from that drive while running windows.02:53
loper06is it possible to restrict ssh logins to one per user/username?02:53
holycowMr, and welcome :)02:53
xtrioxis it possible to shutdown the laptop when closing the lid?02:53
sidny4no, you would need to boot from the ubuntu CD02:53
ChocoCidyeah, you can02:53
=== Xanotos [n=coir@ip70-189-93-44.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4at least I think so02:53
Tru7hUgh... and there's no way to boot from a non-master drive, right?02:53
ChocoCidsystem- prefs - power management, xtriox02:54
sethkxtriox, yes, it is possible02:54
THX-1138xtriox - power management is unpolished. - maybe02:54
vlade33can someone plase help me install nvidia drivers for 680002:54
=== demio [n=demio@a213-22-88-221.cpe.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu
holycowTru7h, ubuntu doesn't have a windows installerd02:54
xtrioxpower management only let me suspend and hibernate02:54
XanotosCould someone please instruct me hw to reset my MySQL password? I've tried the mysql -u root -p mynewpassword and it gives me an error.02:54
=== aidil [n=aidil@177.Red-88-17-253.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowyou CANNOT install ubuntu FROM windows02:54
sethkTru7h, there are some BIOSes that can do it, but you said your box is old, plus it's dell02:54
MrI burned desktop ubuntu and ( formatted my whole harddrive on my other computer ) it boots up from cd then I click install sometimes it doesnt open sometimes the os freezes although its running from cd and I have another problem Im using my tv as the monitor and the bottom of the installer is cut off02:54
sidny4if you change some settings in your bios you can02:54
=== deadly_venom [n=LoL@ner-as21730.alshamil.net.ae] has joined #Ubuntu
ChocoCidit has shutdown as an option02:54
holycowyou need to use the installation cd from whatever drive you have and boot off of that02:54
THX-1138holycow - lol02:54
MrAlso it freezes evertime i get the the timezone part02:54
xtrioxChocoCid, but not for closing the lid02:54
=== olof [n=chatzill@c-649e72d5.019-35-6e6b701.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
sethkTru7h, there is no problem running ubuntu from the slave drive02:55
XanotosTru7h: You CAN, though, use VMWare Server (gratis) and run Ubuntu inside of that.02:55
olofHi, how do I change my HZ on the monitor?02:55
sethkTru7h, you simply install grub on the master, and let it boot both windows and linux02:55
ChocoCidyeah, i guess you'd have to do it via a config file02:55
loper06anyone? is it possible to restrict ssh logins to one per user/username? yes or no02:55
Mruhh did someone read what I said so i can get some help?02:55
vlade33how can i install nvidia drivers on ubuntu.. i tried 2 times and x failed to loead02:55
sethkTru7h, I think there is a bit of confusion.  I think you mean that you want to dual boot, with windows on master and linux on slave.  there is no problem doing that.02:55
freemindI got a 10port switch with 3 ubuntu pcs, but only get broadcast ping from one of them, why?02:55
xtrioxChocoCid, I went to the config file and theres no option there02:55
silvertip257sethk:  good 2 know b/c i'm trying dual booting after i master linux :)02:55
holycowMr, i read it, everyone read it02:55
XanotosIs anyone here familiar with MySQL?02:56
sethkMr, I would try a text mode install from the alternate cd02:56
holycowMr, the rules are basically ask the question, sit and wait for an answer02:56
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:56
patconnexionwhat is command to change mac adress of the computer ?02:56
holycowsomeone will come around, and don't be rude and insist anyone help you02:56
thombonemr: no one is ignoring you, it's just that no one here probably knows the answer offhand02:56
=== mesut [n=mesut@unaffiliated/mesut] has left #ubuntu []
holycowwe all do this for free02:56
vlade33i tried that02:56
sidny4Mr, the alternate CD is much better, I have had issues myself with the desktop CD02:56
=== demio [n=demio@a213-22-88-221.cpe.netcabo.pt] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
patconnexion Is there commande to change mac adress of the computer ?02:56
Mrafter the ulternate installation will it run one when its done02:56
THX-1138Mr - you get what you pay for... - lol02:56
jtholmesMr: i had the same problem the other night and I solved it by double clicking the install icon so it started two installs and when I got to to timezone i caneclled the other install and things installed02:57
Xanotospatconnexion: a MAC address is tied to a NIC02:57
=== trousuisse [n=trousuis@mal35-3-82-240-203-91.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mrill try it02:57
kitchepatconnexion: yes there is it's part of ifconfig02:57
Xanotospatconnexion: You can do MAC spoofing and such, but I don't know ho to start with that. :-)02:57
jtholmesMr: weird but it worked02:57
=== intercool_ [n=intercoo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== newbie [n=ubuntu@rrcs-24-227-213-74.sw.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
xtrioxplease can somebody tell my how can I shutdown on closing the laptop's lid02:57
newbieI am running the live cd of ubuntu 6.06 I was wondering if someone could tell me how to be able to watch quicktime trailers and windows media files streams working02:57
sidny4you want to shut down when the lid closes?02:57
patconnexionno i dont want to change for network but for the machine02:57
sidny4or you don't want it to shut down when the lid closes02:57
xtrioxsidny4, yes02:57
Mreven when i double click it usually doesnt open 202:57
sidny4should be in the power settings02:58
MrIll try though again02:58
patconnexioni found much about network adress but i want to change the mac adress of the computer ... Not for the network mac adress02:58
aFxTru7h : if you try to install on second hd , you have to know well about Linux partision (grub,lilo)02:58
XanotosCould someone please help me reset my MySQL password?02:58
MissLadyI installed ubuntu on my hdd and i've UsbCableModem and need help to config it. With live-cd this usb modem worked very fine and automatically but since i installed ubuntu, it don't work. Can anyone help me pl ?02:58
jtholmesMr: then click three times etc. until you have more than one02:58
=== zeemon [n=ron@] has joined #ubuntu
holycowpatconnexion, dude, your computer DOESN'T have a mac address02:58
xtrioxsidny4, I want the laptop to shutdown when I close the lid02:58
THX-1138xtriox - you might try xev and xmodmap and tie that to a scrioted shutdown  #!/bin/bash shutdown -f -r now02:58
sidny4system->preferences->power management02:58
holycowmac addresses are at a component level02:58
sidny4and I believe it's on the general tab02:59
ChocoCidsidny4 : i already checked that, it's not there02:59
=== admin_ [n=admin@ool-182df57d.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidreally seems odd02:59
=== elite_hacker [n=elite_ha@c-68-83-8-113.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidthat was the first thing i thought of too02:59
admin_How do i tell what process is using most ram02:59
kitchepatconnexion: umm MAC has to deal with networking02:59
xtrioxTHX-1138, in english please?02:59
ChocoCidgnome-system-monitor, admin_02:59
sidny4it's been awhile since I've used it on my laptop02:59
holycowadmin_, or top in command line02:59
THX-1138xtriox - gconf-editor /apps/metacity will allow you to map a key (in this case the lid close button to a command)02:59
patconnexionbecause is the mac the same for bluetooth and internet for exemple ?02:59
=== Groovebot [n=guv@adsl-1-148-81.clt.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
admin_holycow: top dosnt always have it in order03:00
holycowpat no03:00
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:00
Mrits kinda off topic but does anyone know if the 64bit edition is noticably better?03:00
=== centoslayman [i=khermans@nat/cisco/x-251cc72c0a21cacf] has joined #ubuntu
xtrioxTHX-1138 , thanks I will try that03:00
holycowpatconnexion, your ethernet card will have one mac address, your bluetooth device will have its own mac address03:00
=== AbortD [n=abortd@ip-12-195-52-66.ncwcom.com] has joined #ubuntu
elite_hackerhtf is ubuntu pronounced?03:00
=== Groovebot [n=guv@adsl-1-148-81.clt.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
admin_Use Easyubuntu if you have problems with restricted formats, its easy03:00
Renan_s2elite_hacker, oo-BOON-too03:00
=== Crippy-Boy [n=kieran@80-192-168-201.cable.ubr02.blac.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
LjLelite_hacker: ooboontoo. or whatever you want.03:00
admin_elite_hacker: oooboonttwoo03:00
patconnexionwhen i connect to a bluetooth phone i have the same name that have been given by the university ... I got my computer from them03:01
sidny4Mr, I'm using the 64 bit, not too much better but it was more stable than the intel x8603:01
patconnexioni want to change this03:01
THX-1138xtriox - type xev in a terminal prompt - see the keycode when you press the lid close button. map that code to a command - your #!/bin/bash  shutdown -f -r now    command script.03:01
=== BoggsBeer is now known as Deaigo
holycowpatconnexion, i know it can be done, i don't know how its done ... maybe a quick google would explain it03:02
Mrsidny4 So like programs dont freeze as much? or is it worth installing?03:02
=== Zarephath [n=zarephat@cpe-72-181-22-100.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== OmniD [n=OmniD@cpe-72-178-230-2.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
holycowpatconnexion, i just never needed to do that so i can't tell you, sorry03:02
patconnexionok doesn t matter ... thanks03:02
=== K^Holtz [n=kholtz@24-54-79-216.bflony.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
OmniDMission ATImpossible03:02
elite_hackerRenan_s2, LjL, admin_: thanks.  i was afraid i was going to make a fool out of myself at a linux user group meeting03:02
sidny4if you have an AMD64 processor, it might be worth installing03:02
=== iturk [n=iturk@] has joined #ubuntu
Mri do03:03
ZarephathI have a logitech optical wireless mouse...any way to get the scroll wheel to do a double click when depressed?03:03
holycowMr, let me just say that in reading your comments you are not just a noob to linux, but computers in general :)03:03
sidny4I installed the intel x86 twice and both times the system either locked up or there were seg faults like mad03:03
MissLadyI installed ubuntu on my hdd and i've UsbCableModem and need help to config it. With live-cd this usb modem worked very fine and automatically but since i installed ubuntu, it don't work. Can anyone help me pl ?03:03
sethkMr, odds are you wouldn't ever notice the difference.  before installing it, make sure the things you need to run are available in 64 bit.03:03
THX-1138xtriox - no need for the -r - sorry -   shutdown -f  now    command script.03:03
thombone64-bit linux is great for servers but for desktops I don't think it's quite ready for primetime yet... there's a lot of stuff just not working in 64 bit yet03:03
Mrok, yeah i have the 64bit turion03:03
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu
ZarephathMissLady: Your cable modem should work fine..I suspect your issue is with your network card03:03
MrYeah they said its good when programming03:04
holycowMr, no03:04
=== majd_ [n=zeit@cpe-71-65-19-97.twmi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4yeah, that's the problem with 64, it keeps getting pushed up but it's just not ready yet03:04
MrI read a article03:04
sidny4not perfected and there isn't enough support for it03:04
MissLadyZarephath i don't use network card but usb cable03:04
=== __max_ [i=xXx@seduce-and-destroy.com] has joined #ubuntu
holycowMr, even for applications that are compiled and built for 64 bit, the average user won't know the difference03:04
ZarephathMissLady: Sorry mis-read your post03:04
=== niroxx [n=niroxx@p5089B07A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
Mro ok yeah im not going to worry about getting it if im not going to see a difference then03:04
MissLadyZarephath np ;p03:04
vlade33which "linux-restricted-modules" should i use when installing NVIDIA DRIVERS FOR 680003:04
holycowMr, 64 basically is not necessarily faster for the average workload, it mostly allows programs to address A HUGEASS AMOUNT of ram03:04
sethkMr, I have some production machines running 64 bit ubuntu, but they have a narrow well defined purpose.03:05
thomboneMr: indeed you'll probably find 32-bit much more enjoyable for now03:05
sidny4vlade33, the one that matches your system best :)03:05
vlade33how do i know :)?03:05
gleesondso is there a way to switch to gdm with out reinstalling it?03:05
=== elite_hacker [n=elite_ha@c-68-83-8-113.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
holycowMr, so typically what benefits from 64 bit cpus are database applications, 3d rendering, and scientific applications that need large amounts of ram03:05
xtrioxTHX-1138, I typed XEV and a little box popped up, then I closed the lid but got no keycode03:05
holycowthe average desktop user simply wont see the difference03:05
=== dagrump [n=dagrump@dsl64-111-55-122.casstel.net] has joined #ubuntu
MrOk im not a big noob at computers03:05
ZarephathMissLady: First off you need to find out what chipset it is using...look at dmesg and see what usb devices are listed03:05
=== torchie [n=torch@adsl-156-235-11.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Axe_Anyone know where I can find xtest03:05
newbieCould someone also tell me if there is a way to get xgl to work on ubuntu live cd03:05
=== brian98 [n=brian@] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4it's mostly based off of your CPU03:05
thombone64 bit can even be slower than 32 bit in some cases03:05
sethkxtriox, the lid switch is not treated as a keyboard key, you can't identify it that way.03:06
ubotuCompiz (compositing (window) manager) and XGL (Xserver architecture layered on top of OpenGL) howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager XGL+compiz help in #ubuntu-xgl  See http://tinyurl.com/pw5ez for Kubuntu systems03:06
joejaxxnewbie: ^03:06
=== Caplain__ [n=matt@137.detroit-06-08rs.mi.dial-access.att.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowMr, :) lol is allright, i worry sometimes that if people don't have the proper perspective they come to the wrong conclusions about stuff.  you see to be open minded :)03:06
vlade33sidny4: i have a p4 ht 3.203:06
Mrmy installation wont open on ubuntu live cd03:06
sidny4probably the 686 then03:06
MissLadyZarephath what i need to do ... i'm new in linux and i don't know dmesg command03:06
holycowMr, then download the alternate cd everyone told you about03:06
=== SheaTara_____ [n=shannon@cpe-069-132-052-158.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== SeanTater [n=sean@cpe-069-132-052-158.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Mrok but is it going to look like this when its done installing?03:06
holycowthat will install for sure, unless you hae some bizarro hardware configuration no one has ever heard of03:06
ZarephathMissLady: dmesg |less from the terminal03:06
xtrioxsethk, then is not possible to shutdown when closing the lid?03:06
aboutblankhow can i check the filesystem of a drive?03:07
holycowMr, like the desktop you see on your live cd03:07
sidny4Mr, it will look like what the live CD looked like03:07
=== haary [n=haary@] has joined #ubuntu
holycowsidny4, you type too slow03:07
=== DaveyJ [n=daveyj@ool-44c2d1f8.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== simpla [n=wayne@ppp39-175.lns2.syd6.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4haha, so03:07
Mrok good now i have to download alternate cd :(03:07
XanotosIs there a relatively simple way to setup a DNS server in Ubuntu? My domain registrar (godaddy) requires two different nameservers, and I only have a single IP.03:07
sethkxtriox, it's possible to detect the switch and fire off a switch.  It doesn't happen at the X windows level, it is a lower level thing.  Try google; I found it a few weeks ago and I'm sure it is still there.  :)03:07
ZarephathMissLady: Your up down arrows let you scroll...to quit just press "q"03:07
totall_6_7Mr: that is how it looks till you install themes hehehehe03:07
sidny4yeah, but once it's downloaded you will have a piece of pure happiness03:07
DigitalNinjaCan I setup Xubuntu in spanish?03:07
=== Adrian2 [n=Adrian@d3-164.dip.axsp.de] has joined #ubuntu
MissLadyZarephath thx. if i resume i need to do dmesg in terminal when live-cd running or i must do that in my new installation ?03:08
aftertafDigitalNinja: yes03:08
holycowMr, well you can go :( about that, but then did you pay a  penny for about 100 000$ worth of software that cd comes with?03:08
MrI want it to look like that besides the background03:08
=== Mr_Congeniality [n=mr_conge@71-213-103-189.slkc.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
patconnexionby the way ... Have any one an azerty keyboard ? It s alway s the same problems with numbers.. caps lock is not working for numbers... I tried to look arround in keyboard layout but there is nothing to do :( I'm french but i realy hate those azerty keyboards.. Not good for Linux :(03:08
Mrlooks like s***03:08
holycowif you look at it that way downloading another cd is :)03:08
DigitalNinjaaftertaf: Will there be an option at login to switch between english and spanish?03:08
holycowMr, you can change the wallpaper03:08
ChocoCidyou can change EVERYTHING heh03:08
=== jack_wyt [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu
ZarephathMissLady: You can do it both ways...I suggest if your cable modem is working with the live cd then look at what is different booted to live-cd versus install03:08
ChocoCidwallpaper, toolbars, title bars, colorschemes, hell, you can change your windows manager altogether03:08
MrYeah i know umm whats the difference between the server edition from desktop03:08
Mris server all texted based?03:09
ChocoCidserver edition has no GUI, i think03:09
ubotuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments. The default install includes a server kernel and no GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current stable version is 6.06 LTS. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/03:09
xtrioxTHX-1138, thanks for trying03:09
sidny4server is what it says, a server03:09
holycowMr, not a lot, server has less packages, no gui interface03:09
Mri like gui03:09
aftertafDigitalNinja: not really... but you can setup a user for one or the other.03:09
Mri had it before03:09
ChocoCidit's hard to use a computer without a GUI03:09
Mri just looked at the screen03:09
holycowChocoCid, *umm* no03:09
MissLadyZarephath: Thx a lot i'll try this now :)03:09
sidny4gui is for sissies :D03:09
simpladoes any one know if linux doesn't quite support my laptop (ie ACPI etc), is it possible that it could over heat?03:09
sidny4so, I'm a sissy03:09
holycowback to the line with you!03:09
ZarephathMissLady: Good luck03:09
ChocoCidlet me know when you can run firefox with no GUI03:09
MissLadyZarephath: Thx :)03:10
ChocoCidlynx doesn't show images :P03:10
sidny4I know03:10
sidny4lynx, haven't used that in ages03:10
ZarephathMissLady: Before you go you can try this command too... lsusb03:10
sidny4since I tried to install gentoo03:10
holycowsimpla, all cpus come with fan elements designed to keep them cool enough for operation even under 100% load all the time03:10
ChocoCidin theory :\03:10
holycowsimpla, so no chance unless you have shitty hardware03:10
Mrfirefox with no gui? wow03:10
simplaholycow, so it doesn't matter that there is no software support?03:10
ChocoCidMr : no, firefox with no GUI isn't possible really03:10
ChocoCidyou can use lynx though03:10
holycowMr, you can run firefox via x without gui yes03:11
=== Smeggy [n=Smeggy@220-253-104-211.TAS.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidwell, ok03:11
sidny4yeah, I looked up google once in lynx03:11
sidny4I got lost03:11
ChocoCidmy computer hit 75 degrees celsius the other day and auto-shutdown03:11
=== skroat [n=nathan@adsl-75-10-37-56.dsl.ksc2mo.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowsimpla, no, what it will do is eat up your battery because it won't know HOW to shut off unnecessary hardware03:11
DaveyJmy sound vanished :( is there a way to reload the sound driver?03:11
DaveyJor module03:11
sidny4ChocoCid, your fan blows, but not really03:11
holycowsimpla, all that will happen is the fan will run all the time03:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about moust - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:11
ubotuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto03:11
xtrioxsethk, thanks, though I might never find it03:11
ChocoCidi have 3 fans on my computer actually03:11
ChocoCidthe problem is it's on a desk and can't get enough airflow most likely03:12
sidny4yeah they'll do that sometimes03:12
=== patconnexion [n=patconne@lns-bzn-54-82-251-88-254.adsl.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu ["Quitte"]
ChocoCidi need to get one of those cooling pads03:12
simplaholycow, oh ok.  Do you know of any links or info that I could start looking up, to figure out to give it support?03:12
=== bo__bo [n=ben@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4I don't have one, my roomate does and he likes it03:12
=== arekmenner [n=scoot|ad@c-68-62-100-115.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Mrwhos looking forward to windows vista? , not me03:12
holycowsimpla, honestly, google is really your #1 resources03:12
holycowsimpla, ubuntu wiki and forums are your #2 resource03:12
sidny4I'm scared of window vista, it's too stupid friendly03:13
simplaholycow, yeah have been trying that, not much luck.  Any how thanks for your help!  I will keep looking.03:13
sidny4everything is "here, I'll do that for you"03:13
=== JanKok5 [n=JanKok5@71-208-6-226.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== patconnexion_ [n=patconne@lns-bzn-54-82-251-88-254.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowsimpla, chance of anyone here really having enough experience with your hardware is not very high03:13
holycowsimpla, no problemo03:13
timalotmr: they are already behind the times... with compiz/XGl  on X windows03:13
arekmennerHey, can anybody give me some help troubleshooting audio? You don't need to necessarily walk me through it, I just need to know how to find what's wrong.03:13
Mrits prob just going to be more drivers already installed and anti pirate stuff03:13
=== b1shop [n=b1shop@dsl081-149-253.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mainer [n=mainer@bb-205-209-95-182.gwi.net] has joined #ubuntu
arekmennerIt's a bit difficult to ask people about my problems when all I could tell them is that it's not working >_<03:14
sidny4I can't wait until linux hits primetime and takes out windows at the knees03:14
holycowMr, i've been using linux exclusively now for a good number of years03:14
simplaholycow, yeah I figured that, as there isn't much info on it regarding any linux.. :(  but thought I would try anyhow.03:14
holycowMr, trying to use windows is very painfull,e specially when things go wrong03:14
holycowsimpla, just out of curiosity, what laptop model?03:14
jtholmessidny4: dont hold you breath until it happens03:14
=== vlt [n=daniel@dslb-088-073-192-124.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
=== Kr0ntab [n=Kr0ntab@unaffiliated/Kr0ntab] has joined #ubuntu
MrI could see using linux but not 100% for my main operating system but thats why im trying to use it now03:14
simplaholycow, Acer Travelmate 5614WMSi03:14
sidny4haha, I'm not planning on it jtholmes03:15
holycowoh, eh acer has linux based laptops and i buy those a lot03:15
=== aji [n=aji@] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidwindows vista looks like a really freaking bad system03:15
holycowbut their non linux stuff uses all sorts of weird crap03:15
ChocoCidi have XP because i didn't consider switching to linux until recently03:15
sidny4simpla, I've had ubuntu on my Acer Axpire 3003WLMi for a long time with no problem03:15
MrI think they are already rushing it03:15
ChocoCidand quite frankly, there's one app i actually need windows to run03:15
=== niroxx [n=niroxx@p5089B07A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
b1shop<-- panicking out of inodes on a 3+TB array.  how do i add more without totally fsck'ing things up!?03:15
holycowacer is kind of like a garbage dump, they will scrape up any type of shit components and drop them into their laptops03:15
totall_6_7Mr:  that is what i did, i dumped XP and went 100% linux and i love it03:15
sidny4simpla, try checking out www.linux-laptop.net03:16
ChocoCidif wine ever gets to where it can run that app, i'm dumping windows03:16
simplaholycow, funny thing is, lol, I did the dvd restore disk creation.  Then formatted etc to try linux.  Disappointed with linux, so tried to put the restore back on, and unfortunately find out that the dvd didn't burn properly :( lol.  So I guess back to linux and just bare with it03:16
MrIm on a Gateway03:16
Axe_ChocoCid, what app03:16
aftertafwhich app ChocoCid03:16
arekmennerI've actually heart Acer laptops are really good.03:16
ChocoCidwell, not mws, mwsplay03:16
ChocoCidmws actually works perfectly heh03:16
MrGateways are better :)03:16
=== arekmenner nods.
sidny4Acer laptops are good03:16
=== Axe_ needs windows for sony acid (audio editing) and vegas (video editing) and adobe after effects
arekmennerI've had a vendetta against Gateway for quite some time.03:16
=== neoncode [n=neoncode@unaffiliated/neoncode] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidthe description on winehq for mws is actually wrong :/03:16
simplasidny4, did it pick up the ACPI stuff?  Does all that work, like the battery, lid close etc?03:16
holycowsimpla, well get a windows source cd and just reinstall ... the sticky on the bottom has all the info you need03:16
sidny4I've never had any complaints about them (ok, the battery sucks)03:16
MrI have 5 hours03:17
sidny4in ubuntu dapper yes03:17
MrPlatnuim Edition03:17
Mrlaptop 30% more battery03:17
sidny4previous versions I had to compile the DSDT03:17
ChocoCidhttp://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=5661  <-- this doesn't actually work after following his instructions03:17
Mrwow my internet sucks03:17
sidny4the newest version has taken care of that for you03:17
Mrim paying for 6mb download03:17
simplaholycow, yeah I tried that, but the serial number on the sticker won't work in it.  Comes up invalid serial.  I was reading that there is a difference between the retail Xp Pro, and the OEM version that comes preinstalled.  The serials don't work with each other.03:17
Mrand the fastest it goes it 150kbps03:17
ChocoCidyou can use shipit03:18
MrI cant believe this03:18
=== capgadget [n=elifino@adsl-69-149-58-83.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowsimpla, really?03:18
Mrim paying for 6mb download and i get 150 to 180 is the fastest i can do03:18
sidny4well Mr, what's your internet connection?03:18
arekmennerMr: I would be dissapointed, too. hahah03:18
simplaholycow, yep03:18
holycowsimpla, well thats the weirdest way to get a new user of linux but ... well ... welcome :)03:18
MrSBC Yahoo i keep beggin my parents to go to comcast03:18
sidny4yeah, windows WGA blows goat, that is one of the main reasons I'm dumping windows03:18
holycowwhich parts of ubuntu didn't you like? what can we help you with?03:18
sidny4but I keep it, for gaming and for macromedia flash03:18
=== lars30 [n=larry@VDSL-130-13-240-4.PHNX.QWEST.NET] has joined #ubuntu
jtholmesMr: the download site does  have influence over the download speed03:19
sidny4cedega does work pretty well though03:19
=== Rulzern [n=dadude@ti221110a081-4268.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidlinux has (adobe) flash actually03:19
totall_6_7mr you need a download manager that will split downloads and download all of the split files at the same time, you will find yourself hitting your max download speed then03:19
simplaholycow, lol.  Well I am using ubuntu on my desktop pc.  Havent' used windows for a little while actually.  Was hoping to do the same on the laptop03:19
Mro im using torrent03:19
jtholmesMr: it could be very busy03:19
=== Rulzern [n=dadude@ti221110a081-4268.bb.online.no] has left #ubuntu []
Mryeah true03:19
ChocoCidit's not the latest version though, but i think the NEXT version of flash will be for both windows and linux03:19
Mri love my dads house03:19
arekmennerI run Linux, but I keep Windows around for little compatibility problems.03:19
Mr400kbps and it goes faster03:19
lars30my mouse is very jumpy.. i've tried updating the DPI resoluion in xorg.conf but it hasn't made much difference. anyone have any other suggestions?03:19
ChocoCidclean the ball03:19
sidny4sweet! where did you hear that chococid?03:19
lars30it's a laser one.03:20
holycowsimpla, there is a laptop compatability list on the wiki, check your laptop against that.  in terms of getting acpi to work, you may need to google and learn to compile and get it to work manually03:20
Mrthis site set a limit of 400kbps but the net goes faster then that03:20
ChocoCidsidny4 : not ENTIRELY sure of that, i'm pretty sure it was unofficial03:20
sidny4ic ic03:20
arekmennerlars30: I really couldn't tell you.03:20
=== Milchmann [n=david@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu
simplaholycow, yeah its not in the list.  and yep will search for that now.03:20
=== cyzie [n=cyzie@] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidare you on gnome or KDE?03:20
arekmennerlars30: Don't give up, though, I'm pretty bad at this stuff.03:20
timalotlars30: check the sensitivty setting in preferences->mouse ... plus ive found making sure AGP is enabled helped me03:21
lars30ChocoCid, was that for me? i'm on Gnome.03:21
MrCan the program bitcomet not be good for downloading stuff fast?03:21
SinnerGwhen I do an apt-get update && upgrade and I see for example openssl being updated : should I recompile everything that uses it ?03:21
=== toon [n=khan@CPE000f6611eba1-CM014080009418.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidk, just checking03:21
holycowMr, wtf is bitcomet?03:21
ChocoCiduh, SinnerG , no03:21
holycowsounds like some windows spyware03:21
Mrbitorrent program03:21
ChocoCidbitcoment is a torrent program03:21
totall_6_7Mr: torrents are only as fast as the source(s) you are getting them from03:21
=== detectiveinspekt [n=jonathan@ip-58-28-146-24.ubs-dsl.xnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
totall_6_7mostly slow03:22
MrYeah i thought so someone told me bitcomet sucked03:22
holycowah in that case deal with it03:22
holycowa torrent is a torrent is a torrent03:22
ChocoCidtorrents are typically slow03:22
DaveyJmy sound vanished :( is there a way to reload the sound driver or module?03:22
=== arnducky [n=ordinary@S01060017ee009b87.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Crippy-Boy [n=kieran@80-192-168-201.cable.ubr02.blac.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== toon [n=khan@CPE000f6611eba1-CM014080009418.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== Shadowline [n=shadowli@ppp-69-214-15-115.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidlars30 : mind pasting the mouse-related stuff in your xorg.conf on http://rafb.net/paste03:22
Mrim downloading at 150kbps so i have to wait a hour and a half till its done03:22
aboutblankare the commands listed in System - Prefs - Sessions - Startup programs executed as root or the user that logs in?03:22
arekmennerDaveyJ: I don't know, but I'm hacing similar problems, so if you can find an answer, please tell me.03:22
ChocoCidprefs-* are as logon user, i think; which is why you don't need to type in your pass03:23
ChocoCidcould be wrong though03:23
totall_6_7Mr:  try usenet (news groups)03:23
=== _Deaigo [n=biglou@203-206-104-219.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
lars30timalot: sensitivity is all the way to Low.. it's most jumpy on the "borders" of windows and widgets (if that makes sense)...03:23
lars30timalot: AGP?03:23
lars30timalot: I've a PCI Express NVidia video card.. but i'm still using the generic "nv" driver.03:23
JanKok5Hi folks. I've used Red Had and other distros in previous times. Today, decided to try ubuntu as a way of poking around on a broken Windoze 2000 box.Burned a ubunto CD and booted off it on the Windoze box. It got as far as starting up the window manager and nautilis, then I get a X Windows screen. The mouse cursor moves around, but there isn't much on the screen except an icon in the lower left, and what look like windows workspaces on the lo03:23
ChocoCidooh, on the borders?03:23
lars30timalot: (If that's what you meant by AGP)03:23
ChocoCidthere's a setting that controls it snapping to borders, i think03:23
=== Maria_26 [n=5@226.Red-88-9-21.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== sexcopter8000 [n=james@] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidlars30 : mind pasting the mouse-related stuff in your xorg.conf on http://rafb.net/paste ?03:24
timalotlars30: yeah i dont know about PCI express ... too new for me i live back in the dark ages of AGP..... but making sure u have full 2d acceleration is a good idea03:24
=== trousuisse [n=trousuis@mal35-3-82-240-203-91.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== haary [n=haary@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
timalotlars30: yeah the generic driver should be ok03:25
deadly_venomMy internet connection was working fine (I can browse firefox), until I deactivated it. Now, when I re-activate it, Internet browsing doesn't work any longer. Status: Idle .. How can I fix this?03:25
Mrhow much ram should i have to run ubuntu03:25
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has joined #ubuntu
holycowdeadly_venom, depends where the problem actually is03:26
=== master_of_master [n=master_o@p85.212.143.72.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu
holycowdeadly_venom, sometimes stopping and starting your eth card from terminal helps03:26
lars30ChocoCid: http://rafb.net/paste/results/AmkKdi18.html03:26
=== Powerbook` [n=Eric@adsl-065-006-176-175.sip.bct.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowso ifdwon eth0 && ifup eth0 works03:26
deadly_venomholycow how can I do tha?03:26
holycowthat should at least tell you if it can acquire dhcp addy03:26
holycowthen you can do ifconfig and that will tell you what interfaces are up and give you ip and other info03:27
ChocoCidlars30 : i take it you raised "resolution" there?03:27
detectiveinspekthow can you check for SMART errors?03:27
deadly_venomholycow When i click Support (eth0's properties) .. Internet Protocol (IPv4) Address: .. Subnet: . Network Device Type: Local Loopback .. Address: 00:00:00:00:00:0003:27
=== majd_ [n=zeit@cpe-71-65-19-97.twmi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
holycowonce you know if your ethernet can come back up or not, you can go from there and figure out if its your network cable, your router, your isp, etc03:27
lars30ChocoCid: actually I added it, it wasn't in there at all.03:27
ChocoCidah, ok03:27
holycowdeadly_venom, well i didn't tell you to click on support :)03:28
Mrhow much RAM should i have to run ubuntu03:28
ChocoCidubuntu probably runs fine on pretty much any ram amount you have03:28
ChocoCidi mean, do they even SELL 64 meg ram cards anymore?03:28
holycowMr, as little or as much as you want03:28
deadly_venomholycow I was just giving u some updates. :)03:28
holycowMr, if you have 64 mb of ram then you cant use gnome desktop, you need something light like xfce03:28
holycowMr, if you have 128 or more gnome or kde will be okay03:29
timalotlars30: grep WW /var/log/Xorg.0.log will give u any warnings from X org .... there are always warnings... but u could check for stuff relating to the mouse or video driver03:29
MrI have 512 on the computer i want to install it on03:29
ChocoCidless than that, you want xubuntu03:29
ChocoCid512 is fine03:29
holycowafter about 512 megs ram, there is not a lot you can do to really notice a bunch of difference03:29
ChocoCidmight be a bit sluggish if you do graphics-intensive stuff, but that's true anywhere03:29
Mri just want to make it a server03:29
Mrim not using it to edit graphics and stuff03:29
ChocoCiduh, then why not use the ubuntu server version?03:30
holycowwith 512 megs you will either haveto work on VERY VERY large office or graphics documents to really notice sluggishness03:30
Mri need gui03:30
ChocoCidthe GUI on the server will slow it down03:30
holycowor very very large 3d scenes03:30
MrI need gui03:30
holycowoutside of that, you can't do a whole lot to use up 512 at this point in time03:30
Mrim lost without it03:30
deadly_venomholycow This time, I got some ip address (which is correct) from Supprt .. BUT, it's status is still Idle. :(03:30
holycowMr, stop effin repeating your self.  jesus.  do we care if you need a gui?03:30
Mrsorry chill out03:30
freemindlol holycow03:30
holycowdeadly_venom, why are you in support?03:30
=== niroxx [n=niroxx@p5089B07A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== DarkAngel_ [n=marcus@dslb-088-070-022-220.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowMr, this isnt a 12 step program03:31
holycowget over it, no one is going to coddle you03:31
freemindI like how you americans write :)03:31
Mrdarkangel? like that show with jessica alba :)03:31
deadly_venomholycow Alright then, I did sudo ifdown eth0 and sudo ifup eth0, and still status: Idle :(03:31
holycowdeadly_venom, open up a terminal and try the commands i gave you :) its good practice03:31
Mrwhat are you talking about03:31
freemindholycow: jesus.03:31
holycowdeadly_venom, ifconfig gives you what?03:31
holycowfreemind, where?03:32
freemindwhatabout jesus mate03:32
JanKok5I _don't_ need a gui. I need a terminal window. ANy helep for me?03:32
=== sproingie [n=chuck@64-121-2-59.c3-0.sfrn-ubr8.sfrn.ca.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
holycowJanKok5, thataway -->03:32
ZarephathGetting kinda bummed here...been reading the wikis on modifying mouse button options..I have yet to see and example of how to make my scroll wheel double click when depressed..anyone point me to information on how this is done?03:32
freemindholycow I like you03:32
freemindwhere are you from03:32
=== YouCeyE [n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
sproingiesynaptic: error while loading shared libraries: libvte.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:33
holycowfreemind, i have come to the conclusion i am the figment of your imagination03:33
holycowhow about you?03:33
sproingiewhat package do i need for libvte?03:33
=== Decadent [n=variemai@ppp90-34.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
freemindbe serious holycow03:33
=== bo__bo [n=ben@dialup-] has left #ubuntu []
freemind(if you can)03:33
=== Blasphemous [n=mike@adsl-1-254-212.ilm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowdeadly_venom, with ethernet stuff your basicallyh trying to figure out: a) does the card turn on or off b) if it can't grab a dhcp address, can i give it a static ip address and will that work03:34
=== deadly_venom is now known as d_v
timalotsproingie: go to packages.ubuntu.com .... then type the library name in the "search contents of packages" form to find out03:34
holycowc) once you give it a static ip address, can it ping it self first, then can it ping the router03:34
freemindholycow: do you believe in god?03:34
loper06is it possible to restrict ssh logins to one per user/username?03:34
sproingiehm, it says libvte4 is installed.  i'll try reinstalling it03:34
holycowd) if it can ping it self but not router then it might be the newtork cable03:34
freemindloper06: yes, see "DenyUsers and DenyGroups"03:34
BlasphemousHey guys. I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux. =D03:35
freemindholycow: answer my question please :)03:35
freemindwelcome Blasphemous03:35
=== darkaura [n=darkaura@wnpgmb02dc1-63-228.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowe) if you get a dhcp address or can see the rotuer but cant get to the internt, then the problem is either at the router or the isp03:35
=== uBuNtU_FrEaK [n=vlade33@CPE-72-135-235-115.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfreemind, *cough* vancouver, and no, in that order03:35
sproingiewow, i have libvte.so.9 and not libvte.so.4.  they go crazy with the major version number or what?03:35
freemindlol :D03:35
d_vholycow Ive did what you've told me, to do.03:35
holycowuBuNtU_FrEaK, yes03:35
sproingieuBuNtU_FrEaK: stop shouting03:35
darkaurahi would I be able to get some help regarding the screen resolution of games like torcs?03:35
THX-1138uBuNtU_FrEaK: Do you have nvidia? twinview. ati xinerama03:36
holycowd_v, coolio, so where are you now? is it working?03:36
uBuNtU_FrEaKholycow: how can i do it .. i have nvidi 680003:36
holycowdoes it have dual head on the card?03:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dualdisplay - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:36
uBuNtU_FrEaKyes.. i use it with win03:36
d_vsproingie Do the following:03:36
holycowokay here are th einstructions:03:36
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:36
holycowmake sure you follow that first to get nvidia drivers setup03:36
theunruled /leave03:37
loper06freemind: how does that help. dosen't denyuser/group just limit to the users/group? if joe1 is logged in via ssh, another joe1 can't log in03:37
JanKok5holycow, it was a serious question. X Windows comes up, but there are no icons that do anything. My kingdom for a terminal window!03:37
d_vsproingie sudo aptitude install gnome-terminal-data/dapper-updates gnome-terminal/dapper-updates libvte4/dapper-updates03:37
=== warpzone [n=warpzone@nc-65-41-172-209.sta.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycownow gimme a pastebin type site and i'll post my xorg.conf file so that you can refer to that for proper settings03:37
d_vsproingie sudo aptitude install libfreetype6/dapper-security03:37
=== musti [n=p0w@vanderwindt.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
d_vsproingie sudo aptitude install libcairo2=1.0.4-0ubuntu103:37
holycowJanKok5, ah, alt/f2 and then type in gnome-terminal03:37
freemindloper06: then u r looking for deny/allow hosts03:37
d_vthat's it03:37
mustiHello anybody got howto for getting mscorefonts?03:37
holycowJanKok5, or ctrl/alt/f1 through f703:37
THX-1138dual monitors  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo03:37
=== der_daniel [n=daniel@pD9E14B46.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
freemindholycow: take my pm pls03:38
holycowactually don't use xinerama03:38
holycowuse the nvidia dealie its much nicer03:38
THX-1138holycow read the linked page03:38
holycowfreemind, no, gimme a pastebin url i can post to pls03:38
holycowpaste it in here03:38
sproingied_v: hm, it has unmet dependencies and wants to keep libvte4 at its current version to resolve03:38
uBuNtU_FrEaKwhen i installed drivers for "linux-restricted-modules" i selected 686... and i have a p4 ht 3.2 ... <---- is this right ?03:38
loper06freemind: can u be more specific?03:39
freemindholycow: its a private question, but I can paste it to pastebin if you want so03:39
=== gana-home [n=ganadist@] has joined #ubuntu
sproingieeh, since it's just a keep resolution, i'll try taking it03:39
=== d_v is now known as deadly_venom
freemindloper06: can YOU be more specific? :)03:39
=== bigbootay [n=bigboota@CPE0004e28a9289-CM000a73a14ed4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Lilandra [n=lilandra@241-10.greendottt.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowoh that03:39
holycowi posted already03:39
freemindloper06: tell me what you want, exactly :)03:39
=== Lurkan [n=agsm@] has joined #ubuntu
akano1nhi, anyone could give me a hand to set up WPA for my wireless ?03:39
holycowvancouver canada and no in that order03:39
=== timalot [n=tim@202-78-148-47.cable.telstraclear.net] has left #ubuntu []
uBuNtU_FrEaKwhen i installed drivers for "linux-restricted-modules" i selected 686... and i have a p4 ht 3.2 ... <---- is this right ?03:39
sproingieugh, it's downgrading gnome-terminal.  i think i must have gotten some backports in there03:39
freemindok :)03:39
holycowthat basically means i'm canadian, but yes i suspect i might be german somewhere down the line03:40
holycowi'm too much of an asshole03:40
freemindnice country03:40
holycowhehe :)03:40
jtholmes!wireless > ankano1n03:40
freemindmy aunt lives in toronto03:40
sproingieuBuNtU_FrEaK: yes, that's what you want03:40
=== domster [n=dominics@dominics.actrix.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
akano1njtholmes what ?03:40
THX-1138musti: sourceforge - though it must be in the repositories. - "restricted" catagory?03:40
freemindhow old r u holycow03:40
deadly_venomholycow yup eth0 works, it does take it's ip from the dhcp server, and I tried static IP doesn't work for me too :(03:40
loper06freemind: in sshd. if user joe1 logs in and another user tries to log in as joe1, they can't b/c joe1 is already logged in.03:40
holycowfreemind, technically, as old as the universe03:40
freemindlike everyone..03:41
holycowdeadly_venom, aha, okay well can you access your routers web interface maybe, if that is available to you?03:41
freemindbut thats the physically meaning03:41
freemindloper06: in that case, read the ssl manual, I dont know :(03:41
sproingiedeadly_venom: thanks, it went into a downgrade frenzy for a while, but it works now :)03:43
=== btdown [n=btdown@] has joined #ubuntu
=== B1zz [n=cgomez@] has joined #ubuntu
JanKok5holycow, ctl/alt/f2 thru f8 bring up various text windows, but there appear to be no shells listening to them. Characters are echoed in some of them, but there is no ">" prompt, ctl-C does nothing, etc.03:43
holycowJanKok5, those are terminals03:44
holycowlog in and shell away03:44
holycowthe same as gnome terminal03:44
=== fildo [n=fildo@c58-107-108-125.livrp1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
darkauraare the drivers off of the Nvidia website better than the Ubuntu 6.06 drivers?03:44
sethkJanKok5, do you have any  getty   processes running?03:44
holycowJanKok5, it sounds almost like your monitor is busted03:44
sethkJanKok5, you should have one   /sbin/getty   process for each virtual console03:44
holycowyour displaying everything at a set resolution but your moni is only showing the top left of the resolution windows03:45
JanKok5sethk, I wouldn't know, because I can't get to a shell :-) But I but probably not.03:45
holycowhave you tried maybe fiddling with your monitor settings? i'm guessing here, but if you cannot see the login section its basically offscreen03:45
=== meatface [n=harry@bas1-stcatharines10-1167942762.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
sethkJanKok5, if the machine is on a network and configured for it, you could ssh into it from another box03:45
holycowwhat sethk said03:45
=== torchie [n=torch@adsl-156-235-11.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== trousuisse [n=trousuis@mal35-3-82-240-203-91.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== longfire [n=longfire@c-71-230-119-58.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== _Er1K_ [i=erik@re-url.com] has joined #ubuntu
sethkJanKok5, by default there are six virtual consoles and X is on control-alt-7.  did you say you have displays on control-alt-f8, f9, and f10 also?03:47
deadly_venomholycow yup, i can login into my router03:47
=== MikeyMike [n=a@ip70-179-218-46.dl.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
darkauraholycow are the Linux Drivers supllied by Nvidia beter than the Drivers supplied buy ubuntu?03:47
holycowdeadly_venom, bingo, everything then works03:47
=== akano1n [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu
=== j00ma [n=skituljk@as54-bc1.dlp379.bih.net.ba] has left #ubuntu []
holycowdarkaura, actually they are the same binary drivers03:48
deadly_venomholycow I tried www.google.com , it doesn't work :( nor www.cnn.com nor ubuntuforums.org :(03:48
=== vorlex [n=vorlex@host.] has joined #ubuntu
deadly_venomnever mind03:48
deadly_venomit works now03:48
deadly_venomlol .. sorry03:48
JanKok5holycow, I think c-a-f8 was some sort of log, nothing on f9 or f10.03:48
holycowdarkaura, by default all linux distros have a free driver called nv which only has 2d acceleration03:48
deadly_venomholycow what seemed to be the problem?03:48
=== vorlex [n=vorlex@host.] has left #ubuntu []
holycowdarkaura, but ubuntu does provide nvidias drivers PROPERLY PACKAGED03:49
holycowdarkaura, i strongly urge you to NEVER EVER use the nvidia installers, they are total generic crap03:49
holycowsame drivers, properly packaged in other words03:49
=== deadly_venom is now known as d_venom
d_venomholycow could you please tell me, what semmed to be the problem?03:49
freemindholycow: not correct.03:49
holycowdeadly_venom, your network card simply wasn't picking up an ip address and gateway info via dhcp for some reason and you needed to do it manually03:50
Axe_there's a nice tutorial somewhere that details specifically how to setup samba shares, can someone make the bot tell me about it03:50
holycowJanKok5, not logs, those are terminals03:50
freemindfor example: when you want to install XGL, nvidia-beta-driver is REQUIRED03:50
ubotusamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT03:50
Axe_ahh thank you03:50
holycowJanKok5, you just cannot see the bottom of the terminal for some reason where your logon lines are03:50
holycowfreemind, technically one shouldn't be installing crap like xgl :) lol03:50
=== AlReece45 [n=alex@] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfreemind, but that is correct, right03:51
=== mainer [n=mainer@bb-205-209-95-182.gwi.net] has left #ubuntu ["Get]
freemindtell them too ;)03:51
d_venomholycow by manually you mean " sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth0 " right?03:51
=== sidvicius [n=framirez@ns.gurunet.cl] has joined #ubuntu
JanKok5holeycow, its a LCD monitor and seems to be working ok. I suspect there are no gettys, or at least they cant hear the keyboard. Also, seems strange that the X window should be nearly empty except for a top and bottom white bar. Is that normal?03:51
holycowd_venom, yes03:51
freemindholycow: how old are you by the way ;-)03:51
holycowJanKok5, say what? indeed no03:51
sethkfreemind, add the line     vga=ask     to your kernel command line in /boot/grub/menu.lst, and choose the 80x25 resolution.  that should at least get your consoles.03:52
holycowfreemind, i already answered that :)03:52
d_venomholycow thank you.03:52
sethkfreemind, sorry, wrong nick03:52
Mrback everybody03:52
holycowno worries03:52
sethkJanKok5,  add the line     vga=ask     to your kernel command line in /boot/grub/menu.lst, and choose the 80x25 resolution.  that should at least get your consoles.03:52
meatfaceI am having an issue with the gui freezing at boot. Everything is good until I login. After the login screen the music is playing until the deskto is about half loaded. Then the music cuts and the desktop stops loading. I can move the cursor but cannot click anything along the top panel. If I disable sound in user privliges then everything boots fine. Anybody have any ideas, this is making me crazy.03:52
freemindholycow ;))))) yea, you did indeed03:52
=== deadly_venom [n=jqk@ner-as21730.alshamil.net.ae] has joined #Ubuntu
sidviciusanybody use apace2 with multiples ssl certificates?03:52
HedgeMageDoes one have to restart any processes to make changes to /etc/hosts take effect?03:52
sethkmeatface, IRQ sharing bug, I'd bet03:52
freemindHedgeMage: no03:52
HedgeMagefreemind: thanks, didn't think so, but I had to check.03:53
sethkmeatface, try toggling the PnP setting in the BIOS setup.  if it is on, turn it off, and if it is off, turn it on.03:53
deadly_venomholycow:  THanks again :D03:53
sethkmeatface, that usually changes the assignments of IRQs, and I've seen that fix problems of this sort.03:53
holycowmeatface, my first instinct is to try a reinstall ... something is borked and i've never seen that  before.  i'm thinking something is wrong with gnome libraries my self03:53
holycowdeadly_venom, any time03:53
freemindHedgeMage: needs a moment to work03:53
sethkmeatface, it only works in about, oh, maybe one out of five times, but it's worth a try.03:53
sidviciusapache2 + mod_ssl03:53
freemindHedgeMage: about 10-60s03:53
meatfacesethk, I may sound a little stupid here but what is PnP03:53
HedgeMagefreemind: thanks, got it already :D03:53
sethkmeatface, oh, sorry, plug and play03:53
=== croppa [i=user72@] has joined #ubuntu
freemindHedgeMage: i guess its reloaded every minute03:54
sethkmeatface, there is usually a bios setup option that says "plug and play operating system"03:54
freemindHedgeMage: np :)03:54
deadly_venomNow, all I need is to make my wireless work (It's activated and runninng) but i can't browse! ..03:54
meatfaceDuh! sorry that was pretty thick of me03:54
JanKok5Pnp= plug and PRAY03:54
freemindmeatface, what about you nick? nick03:54
meatfaceI will definitely give that a try, thanks for the suggestion03:54
holycowmeatface, great nick03:54
freemindholycow: please answer my question03:54
=== silvertip257 [n=silverti@c-71-230-114-9.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
meatfacefreemind, what about it?03:55
holycowfreemind, stop being so dutch :)03:55
freemindmeatface, it rawks03:55
holycowi'm 30 according to some humans, but i beg to differ03:55
freemindwhat does dutch mean?03:55
=== Ropechoborra [n=rope@201-212-47-129.cab.prima.net.ar] has left #ubuntu ["Ubuntu]
holycowokay okay deutch03:55
Pierredutch are worst03:55
holycowoh you euro03:55
holycowi looooove amsterdam :)03:56
freemindme 203:56
holycowdutch girlies are really lovelie03:56
freeminda spliff a day....?03:56
freemind...keeps doctors away03:56
=== harisund [n=harisund@ip72-207-245-197.br.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
meatfaceI was on the internet when I first got a computer a few years back on rotten.com, and saw a picture of this guy that had his face all mangled in an accident. Me and my buddies named him meatface and that has been my handle eversince.03:56
JanKok5sethk, I'm booting off a live CD. Should I put that in the boot options (f6 on the initial screen) or in the VGA selection (f5)... ah maybe that?03:56
harisundIs it possible to create a fat32 file system within Linux? Do I need some particular switches in the mkfs command?03:57
holycowmeatface, heh neat03:57
freemindlol meatface03:57
freemindu r crazy03:57
holycowharisund, if you do with via terminal yes, but we have lotsa guis for that03:57
holycowharisund, try gparted03:57
meatfaceanyway, I am out of here, I need to reboot to try sethk's suggestion. Thanks for the hospitality!03:57
harisundholycow, sorry ... I don't have GUI access for it ...03:57
holycowyou can even create an ntfs parition but i wouldn't recommend it03:57
harisundThis is a hard disk connected to a box I remote into ..03:57
=== amonkey [n=amonkey@r78h47.res.gatech.edu] has joined #ubuntu
amonkeywhat's the best graphical (s)ftp client for gnome (or  wtv)?03:58
sethkharisund, you can use mkdosfs, or mkfs.vfat (which is the same thing) but as holycow said it's best to use windows programs to create windows file systems03:58
holycowoh there we go03:59
v3l0ctamonkey: that's all a matter of taste03:59
holycowi was lookin for tha, right what he said03:59
harisundmkdosfs creates fat32 partitions? oh ... didn't realize.. thanks ... (sethk and holycow) ...03:59
=== richiefrich [n=dethwish@unaffiliated/richiefrich] has joined #ubuntu
holycowi would use mkfs.vfat my self03:59
amonkeyv3l0ct, i know there will be different opinions, but some suggestions are alwasy nice.03:59
=== raiXer [n=raixer@] has joined #ubuntu
=== hackntossh [n=andrew@pdpc/supporter/student/hackntossh] has joined #ubuntu
raiXeri can't seem to change resolution with xorg 7.104:00
raiXerit just goes back to 800x60004:00
v3l0ctamonkey: if you want suggestions then you should specify it.  I like gftp, works fine.04:00
holycowraiXer, your on edgy aren't you?04:01
raiXeruhm yes04:01
deadly_venomWhen  i typed -> lspci | grep Airgo .. I get the following:04:01
deadly_venom0000:03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Airgo Networks Inc: Unknown device 0001 (rev 01)04:01
deadly_venomDo I have to worry? cause I see my pcmcia card light's on. And I can Go to my wireless connection properties04:01
=== rexbron [n=rexbron@CPE00904bbc8c86-CM0012256e816a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== intercool_ is now known as intercoo1
holycowmake sure you have the correct horizontal and  vertical refresh rates in your xorg.conf file for your monitor, restart gdm and log back in.  you will get all resolution options for your monitor then04:01
sidviciuslspci -v04:01
=== zeemon [n=ron@] has left #ubuntu ["El]
deadly_venomsidvicius:  was that for me?04:02
=== gnomefre1k [n=gnomefre@adsl-221-42-144.rmo.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jack_wyt_ [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu
=== hybrid [n=x@easyubuntu/supporter/hybrid] has joined #ubuntu
=== sandyeggoboy [n=yeR1XsMh@ip68-101-158-107.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== meatface [n=harry@bas1-stcatharines10-1167942762.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu
holycowwe have people creating some neat nicks in here04:05
=== pwner4once [n=irc4u@adsl-70-242-6-239.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Astray [n=Astray@pool-71-98-172-221.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== rocch [n=rocch@unaffiliated/notaffiliated] has joined #ubuntu
freemindholycow: you're making me laugh all the time04:06
freemindvery funny guy04:06
PacketScangotta be original :p04:06
meatfacesethk, I gave it a shot, but my laptop is compaq and has a very limited bios. Sucks.04:06
=== brendonjt [n=brendon@222-152-251-7.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfreemind, i guess in kinda like david hasselhof04:06
holycowi'm hated everywhere but worshipped in germany04:06
=== brendonjt [n=brendon@222-152-251-7.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
PacketScanmeatface, have you updated to latest bios?04:07
meatfaceSomething else that I thought of is that if I boot in recovery mode it boots fine with sound enabled.04:07
harisundIs the SMP kernel what I need for all of 1. Multiple cores, 2. Multiple processors 3. Hyperthreading?04:07
holycowfreemind, isn't hasselhoff a big deal over there?04:07
freemindharisund: 1.04:07
freemindholycow: wtf are you talkin' about?04:07
meatfacePacketScan, no I have not updated bios, and that is probably a great idea04:07
freemindyou mean this baywatch guy?04:07
harisundfreemind, what about for a machine with hyperthreading and multiple processors?04:07
freemindwhat about him04:08
holycowfreemind, you may not want to admit it but you know its true04:08
holycowlol !04:08
freemindyouzr funny man04:08
=== tyvek [n=dps@c-71-205-133-16.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
freemindso, what abouth im?04:08
freemindyou like him?04:08
holycowwasn't he like a pop star in germany?04:08
=== avagant [n=skt@ip72-207-113-116.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
freemindno, but in america i think04:09
holycowlol not at all04:09
=== darkaura [n=darkaura@wnpgmb02dc1-63-228.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #ubuntu
freemindhe is a STAR04:09
=== Scunizi [n=Scunizi@ip72-197-239-49.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bsdfox [n=h36sa@0-1pool22-196.nas50.stockton1.ca.us.da.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowhere is the butt of all jokes04:09
freemindhollywood star -> *04:09
avagantOk guys, tell me there's a way to get out of this.04:09
freemindavagant: pants off04:09
avagantfreemind: Wha?04:09
holycowwell technically ...04:09
v3l0ctlol, he's crap in America.  He was some kind of singer or something in Germany04:10
freemindlolol really?04:10
THX-1138And is Chuck Norris popular there? (it's ridiculous but, hey it's the 'Net)04:10
avagantI was trying to move a icon file from the desktop to the icon file and I think I accidently moved my whole entire desktop to the icon folder, what do I do?04:10
freemindI will put faulty tomatoes at him when I see him04:10
Shadow_milChuck Norris pwns all!04:10
freemindgreatest lamer ever04:11
freemindin this case, I prefer hasselhoff04:11
=== GoldKeeper [n=ubuntu@wiley-459-102426.roadrunner.nf.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowwell chucknorris is a bible thumper04:11
avagantI'd really like some help with this, because I'm seriously going to cry. It's been the worst week of my life with this linux stuff.04:11
holycowproof --> http://youtube.com/watch?v=tlaWbCbZhAA04:12
freemindavagant: dont cry :(04:12
freemindavagant: tell us the problem again in one sentence04:12
darkauraholycow can you help me in private chat for a minut?04:12
holycowavagant, you can just copy it back04:12
THX-1138avagant - We are using linux and you can also, - What can we help with?04:13
holycowdarkaura, no, just ask here04:13
avagantI was trying to move my icons from my desktop to the icon file.04:13
=== windtw [n=wind@59-112-225-29.dynamic.hinet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== harisund [n=harisund@ip72-207-245-197.br.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
avagantAnd I accidently moved the whole entire Desktop folder I think.04:13
darkauraokay I followed this guide to install the drivers you get off of the site well mostly all of it http://doc.gwos.org/index.php/Latest_Nvidia_Breezy04:13
avagantI moved it back, but I'm not sure if it's screwed up now.04:13
avagantCause my hd isn't showing up in ls04:13
=== morodock [n=chatzill@71-209-201-47.phnx.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
darkauraI used method 204:14
avagantMy second hd isn't showing up.04:14
holycowavagant, it really doesn't matter anyway.  when you log back in it will just be recreated04:14
=== cuijinli [n=cuijinli@] has joined #ubuntu
avagantAre you sure?04:14
darkauraand I was wondering how to uninstall the drivers I got off the site and re-install the original drivers04:14
=== baxter_kylie [n=baxter_k@66-234-34-46.nyc.cable.nyct.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowall that is in your desktop folder would be any files you have on your desktop04:14
avagantI really hope so.04:14
freemindavagant: check dmesg for kernel detect of devices04:14
holycowavagant, so you can create the Desktop folder manually if you like, then serach for the missing stuff and put it back later04:15
holycowavagant, yeah its no big deal really04:15
=== HateMS [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
holycowavagant, your desktop folder wont have anything to do with your hd actually04:15
freemindholycow: what about madonna? do you like her?04:15
avagantNo my hd is mounted, but i put it in /media/hdb1 and it showed up on the desktop, and now it's not listing on the desktop.04:15
baxter_kylieHello everyone. Can anyone assist me in mounting a raid partition (mdadm)? Everytime I try to mount /dev/md0 I get a 'Function not implemented' error message.04:15
holycowavagant, your hd should should up under places anyway04:15
ChocoCidcan someone explain to me how Crossover Linux can use GPL software without being released under the GPL?04:15
holycowyour second hd anyway04:15
freemindbaxter_kylie: check your kernel for raid support04:16
avagantWell I hope it's alright :(04:16
holycowfreemind, *ew*04:16
darkauraholycow did you get that?04:16
=== sureshot [n=sureshot@dpc67475065.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
HateMSI have an Ubuntu partition that Windows messed up when it was installed and need to fix GRUB can someone plzzzz help04:16
holycowdarkaura, scrolling04:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about grup - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:16
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:16
freemindbaxter_kylie: use "modprobe raid{number}"04:16
holycowHateMS, use the live cd to reinstall grub.  thats all04:16
HateMSholycow, i'm in the live CD but can't get it to work04:16
freemindI prefer LILO04:17
=== JDStone [n=JDStone@adsl-68-126-1-229.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
HateMSI really don't care how, I just wanna be able to get to my UB04:17
freemindlike you should also do, holycow04:17
darkauraor is my only way to fix it is to re-install Ubunu04:17
=== FaLc[ON] 2 [n=gabriele@81-208-83-240.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfreemind, oh i dun fink so04:17
FaLc[ON] 2hi all04:17
holycowgimme grub or gimme death04:18
freemindok ;P04:18
freemindcan grub boot a kernel only one time?04:18
FaLc[ON] 2sorry guy can you help me with a little problem?04:18
freemindlike for remote handling, if you get kernel panic04:18
baxter_kyliefreemind: Just did the modprobe. Same error.04:18
freemindlilo can.04:18
THX-1138http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/11162/   winmac_fstab.sh will find and mount available partitions04:18
ChocoCidhow do these two parts of the crossover linux license actually make sense together?04:18
=== mkyb14 [i=mkyb14@68-233-244-200.crlsca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidi thought if you used GPL stuff, you had to release your code under the GPL?04:18
baxter_kylieUsing the edgy beta 'generic' A64 kernel.04:18
JanKok5sethk, I put vga=ask at the end of the boot options line and it did ask... But still seem to have no gettys running. Here's something, ahem, "interesting": on the f2 console, there are some messages saying "Buffer I/O error on device hdc..." which is probably the CD drive I'm trying to run off of. What would cause that??04:18
freemindbaxter_kylie: then you are missing the raid module you need :) recompile your kernel with the needed module(s)04:18
HateMShow do I figure out my harddisk boot partition numbers04:18
holycowdarkaura, oh just search your system for anything with nvidia in it and delete it04:18
holycowdarkaura, installation only copies files to the right places04:19
holycowdarkaura, then do dpkg-reconfigure and select the nv driver there and restart x04:19
freemindbaxter_kylie: google for apt-get kernel-source + compile method04:19
holycowonce you are done that install the official stuff04:19
ChocoCid(is this the wrong place to ask about GPL stuff?)04:19
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:19
THX-1138avagant - take a look at the link above ^^^^^^^^^^04:19
holycowthats pretty much it04:19
sethkJanKok5, could be a lot of things.  trying to access using dma, when the device can't do dma properly comes to mind04:19
ChocoCid(if this is, where do i ask about GPL stuff?)04:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cow - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:19
mkyb14Comptuer question to anyone that might know... reinstalling on a dell that's not mine... upon plugging everything in it starts up for about 3 seconds and then shuts off... nothing on the LCD and no beeps... any clues?04:19
sethkJanKok5, see if there is a setting in the bios to force it to use IO mode (I think it will say PIO)04:19
raiXerchannel #suse04:19
darkauraholycow I had to uninstall all the restricted drivers in order to get the nvidia ones to work04:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about milk - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:19
=== deadly_venom [n=jqk@ner-as21730.alshamil.net.ae] has joined #Ubuntu
baxter_kyliefreemind: oh ugh... that's no fun. So the egdy generic a64 doesn't have raid0 in it.04:20
avagantNo my drive is fine.04:20
freemindbaxter_kylie: seems so :(04:20
=== Xanotos [n=coir@ip70-189-93-44.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sexcopter8000m [n=james@] has joined #ubuntu
HateMSI THINK my root is sda2, but how do I check04:20
baxter_kyliefreemind: Thanks just the same.04:20
deadly_venomWhat do I have to replace with $conffile ?04:20
holycowHateMS, i don't know the instructions to reinstalling grub from live cd, the instrucdtions are actually all over google as its a common thing04:20
freemindnp baxter_kylie04:20
=== Jordan [n=jordan@CPE0026540aadd2-CM000039df5a60.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138freemind - aptitude ? aptitude has no super COW powers?04:20
ChocoCid!super grub disc04:20
ubotusuper: Execute commands setuid root. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.26.1-1 (dapper), package size 122 kB, installed size 852 kB04:20
holycowHateMS, google up some instructions should be something there usefull04:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about grubdisk - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:20
=== raiXer [n=raixer@] has left #ubuntu []
HateMSholycow, I found some, its "sudo grub" in terminal04:20
ChocoCidhold on, i'll do it manually04:20
=== sking [n=sking@wiley-443-77029.roadrunner.nf.net] has joined #ubuntu
freemindTHX-1138: never used it, is it so good?04:20
holycowHateMS, there ya go04:20
Jordanhas anyone had any experience with ATI's All in Wonder 2006 and ubuntu?04:21
HateMSchococid, yeah I made the super grub disc and was banking on that working but it didnt and now i'm ... censored word04:21
freemindholycow: what time is it over there04:21
ChocoCidtry it again?04:21
deadly_venomholycow: just curious, what should I replace with $conffile ?04:21
holycow7:21 pm and 35 seconds04:21
THX-1138freemind If it doesn't work you'll get double you money back. - seriously i use it all the time.04:21
HateMSholycow, but I need to find the harddisk/boot partiton numbers for my ubuntu partition, i'm not sure what they are04:21
holycowdeadly_venom, $conffile is where regarding what and how?04:21
ChocoCidthere you go04:22
holycowhatems fdisk -l04:22
=== SiliconViper [n=siliconv@d206-116-114-138.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowah thanks ChocoCid04:22
freemindTHX-1138: THX! :-) I'll try it04:22
=== b_52Centos [n=skimo@adsl196-228-49-217-196.adsl196-10.iam.net.ma] has joined #ubuntu
freemindTHX-1138: can do things like kernel recompile automated?04:22
ChocoCidi have a shortcut made in swiftfox for ubuntu wiki :P04:22
ChocoCid"u searchterm"04:22
deadly_venomholycow: Wireless ------------ sudo cat $conffile | sed -e 's/RadioState|1/RadioState|0/' > $conffile04:22
Axe_what do I download for decoding mp3s04:22
holycowdeadly_venom, oh what are you doing exactly? i have never needed to do that04:23
freeminddeadly_venom: $conf.. means the path to file, or you export the variable first with a value04:23
ChocoCid!restrictedformats > Axe_04:23
holycowmind you i buy wireless cards known to work and just plug them in and turn them on04:23
=== SkramX [n=Mark@hermes.sentiensystems.com] has left #ubuntu []
holycowlol, that sounds like a bad girlfriend joke04:23
THX-1138freemind - why work so hard ubuntu repositories provide a kernel for alsmost any occasion and at least many tastes "vanilla" is my favorite flavor.04:23
deadly_venomholycow: I need ndiswrapper for this pcmcia card, hehe.04:23
holycowoh IF ONLY it was THAT EASY04:23
=== SkramX [n=Mark@hermes.sentiensystems.com] has joined #ubuntu
SkramXhow do i get banshee to work?04:23
deadly_venomfreemind:  path to my .inf file ?04:23
freeminddeadly_venom: thats holycow's turn..04:24
holycowdeadly_venom, oh i won't be able to help you with that bro, i never use ndiswrapper, sorry.  maybe someone else knows04:24
=== torchie [n=torch@adsl-156-235-11.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
freemindthere he goes ;)04:24
meatfacei have used ndiswrapper in the past04:24
deadly_venomholycow:  thanks for the help, thou - really appreciate it!04:24
darkaurabrb in about 20 min going to re install ubuntu04:24
deadly_venomfreemind:  anything you got to say ?04:24
holycowno probs04:24
freemindTHX-1138: using debian?04:24
holycowdarkaura, thats actually not a bad idea04:25
=== neopipil [n=neopipil@ool-4354e1c0.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
freeminddeadly_venom: just that you seem to be using an unset variable named $conffile04:25
holycowdarkaura, it costs nothing and burning cds is cheap, its an easy way out04:25
SkramXat setup i forgot to put in a resolution which I want to use now... how do I add it?04:25
THX-1138holycow - my card works, i reboot and the reboot stops at "configuring network devices" - any suggestions?  (RaLink 2500 native driver)04:25
Tokenbadanyone know what this means?  Can't locate Xmms/Remote.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.7 /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.7 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.8 /usr/share/perl/5.8 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at (eval 3) line 1.04:25
Tokenbad BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 3) line 1.04:25
freemindSkramX: in /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:25
freemindSkramX: or better: dpkg --reconfigure xserver-xorg04:25
darkauraI got the cds shipped to me for free, so its no problems and with reinstall I can easally fix my problems04:26
THX-1138freemind - Ubuntu repos have most everything. if it's popular and GNU it's there.04:26
deadly_venomfreemind:  I figured, so, i was wondering if i have to substitute it with the path to my .inf files (wireless .inf file)04:26
=== frogzoo [n=frogzoo@] has joined #ubuntu
freeminddeadly_venom: just do "export conffile=/path/to"04:26
holycowTHX-1138, it usually means it cannot get a dhcp address you can press crtl / c to kill that during boot.  try static ip and check on your dhcp server04:26
freemindafter it rerun your line04:26
=== HateMS [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
HateMSholycow, sry back04:27
=== Astray [n=Astray@pool-71-98-172-221.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
freemindTHX-1138: i got same device, such problems with native driver, try turning off dhcp04:27
HateMSholycow, what do I run?04:27
=== frogzoo [n=frogzoo@] has joined #ubuntu
holycowHateMS, i completely forgot wher eyou were04:28
holycowor who you were04:28
=== jack_wyt_ [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu
holycowwho are you again?04:28
HateMSGRUB guy holycow04:28
holycowoh heh04:28
=== shwag [n=steven@c-24-126-74-32.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138holycow - i could hug you and plant a wet kiss on your forehead. - had to reinstall. didn't know the secret code. - (i won't kiss you though likely make my wife jealous.)04:28
holycowah like i said, i never had to reinstall grub ... someone posted a great link to how to do it tho04:28
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:28
holycowTHX-1138, oh thank the effin gods !04:28
shwagI installed Dapper on my desktop. I have a ATI Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE] . Which video driver should I install. The default seems a bit buggy.04:29
=== _human_blip_ [n=mike@] has joined #ubuntu
freemindlol THX-113804:29
holycow<ChocoCid> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:29
HateMSholycow, that was the one I had, i don't know the partition numbers or whatever04:29
holycowthank to chocodude04:29
sureshotTHX-1138 mine took me out for fahitas tonight mmmmmmm04:29
holycowfdisk -l04:29
wickedpuppyHateMS, sudo fdisk -l04:29
freemind"plant a wet kiss on your forehead" <- lovely04:29
Tokenbadanyone know what this means?  Can't locate Xmms/Remote.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.7 /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.7 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.8 /usr/share/perl/5.8 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at (eval 3) line 1.04:29
=== SuperQ [n=ben@bar.cologeeks.net] has joined #ubuntu
deadly_venomrebooting ... thank freemind04:29
=== deadly_venom [n=jqk@ner-as21730.alshamil.net.ae] has left #Ubuntu []
holycowTokenbad, it basically means xmms remote is borked and frankly that has never worked for me04:30
freemindTokenbad: let me think, cant locate means... dunno!04:30
=== MissLady [i=skylabs@modemcable117.240-201-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138sureshot - can you fax me a tortilla and some refired beans? - tuna casserole here;.04:30
holycowTokenbad, if i were you i would just forget xmms remote04:30
holycowi would forget xmms entirely, there are much better players out there04:30
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Tokenbadwell trying to get a script in xchat to post the music playing to channel04:30
=== frogzoo [n=frogzoo@] has joined #ubuntu
sureshotTHX-1138 if there were anything left over hehehe we even had the double order04:30
w30Tokenbad, are you compiling something?04:30
freemindholycow: please answer my question: what time is it over there right now?04:30
HateMSI had seen the recovering ubuntu after windows link, but what does it mean "When UB splash comes up with boot: prompt, type in rescue"04:30
=== pluma [n=pluma@p5087CA35.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Tokenbadw30, no..just trying to load a perl script in xchat04:31
holycowTokenbad, thats hardly anything we can help with :)  bug the person that wrote the scritpy, hehe04:31
=== Crippy-Boy [n=kieran@80-192-168-201.cable.ubr02.blac.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfreemind, your like stuck in some mirror universe04:31
Tokenbadholycow, I was just wondering if it was something I needed to load to get it to work04:31
holycowyou aske a question, i answer it, thenyou ask it again04:31
holycowi am starting to suspect that you are your own doppleganger04:31
freemindholycow: i love you too04:31
MissLadyI installed Ubuntu on my HDD...I need help to config my USBcableModem... it worked fine and automatically with live-cd. So i did dmesg live-cd vs installation to compare what was different.I saw different things between both modes. Can anyone would help me please ?04:31
wickedpuppyfreemind, i remember a ctcp to get the time .. but i forgot04:31
=== holycow checks the channel ... nope not in #gay
wickedpuppyit was in mirc04:32
wickedpuppyoh well04:32
freemindwickedpuppy: thx for hint, forgot04:32
holycowwell you know, gotta keep an eye out04:32
freemindbut holycows client isnt responding04:32
holycowTokenbad, yeah hard to help with custom stuff like that04:32
=== Madpilot [n=brian@ubuntu/member/madpilot] has joined #ubuntu
Tokenbadits /ctcp nick time04:32
Tokenbadto get time04:32
holycowfreemind, 7:32 and 38 seconds04:32
freemindi know04:32
=== GoldKeeper [n=roger@wiley-459-102426.roadrunner.nf.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowlast time you asked was at 7:23 and 46 seconds04:33
holycowwhen is the next time you are going to ask?04:33
freemindstop kidding me dude04:33
=== fick [n=dont@71-35-97-54.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
freemindwickedpuppy: where r u from?04:33
=== yarddog [n=kibozo@unaffiliated/yarddog] has joined #ubuntu
sureshotholycow sounds like a valcun04:33
freemind4:33 am here04:33
wickedpuppywhois me and you will know04:33
sureshotor is it an on the end04:33
GoldKeeperi beleive i asked about this before but does ubuntu support xgl or aixgl ?04:33
freeminddunno what .sg is04:34
Crippy-BoyGoldKeeper, yes04:34
GoldKeeperCrippy-Boy:  have you installed it before ?04:34
freemindj/k puppy04:34
sureshotGoldKeper both according to what vid card04:34
Crippy-BoyGoldKeeper, Nope, my laptop is a toaster, but i know you can04:34
freemindwickedpuppy: what is it?04:34
wickedpuppyfreemind, using xchat ? right click on my nick and see my country04:34
ubotuCompiz (compositing (window) manager) and XGL (Xserver architecture layered on top of OpenGL) howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager XGL+compiz help in #ubuntu-xgl  See http://tinyurl.com/pw5ez for Kubuntu systems04:34
holycowGoldKeeper, there is no such thing in linux as 'DOES LINUX SUPPORT X'04:34
=== _Smash_temp [n=smash@p54B2D684.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowGoldKeeper, bascially if its written to run on linux its supported04:35
fickhow do i check what ver of ndiswrapper i have, my current version seems to be incompatible with my kernel04:35
=== unfknblvbl [n=hathe@dsl-202-72-170-229.wa.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
HateMSIs it possible to not have a "/boot"04:35
=== klontj [n=klontj@] has joined #ubuntu
=== wasabi [n=wasabi@ubuntu/member/wasabi] has joined #ubuntu
wickedpuppyHateMS, yes04:35
holycowGoldKeeper, however, aiglx and xgl will both work on any linux, however xgl is hackery and shouldn't be used, while aiglx isn't exactly primetime ready04:35
=== boris55 [n=richards@172.charlotte-03rh16rt.nc.dial-access.att.net] has joined #ubuntu
fickbtw i am currently running ubuntu in windows in vmware using recovery mode (so i have access to the net)04:35
holycowfick, apt-cache show ndiswrapperpackagename04:36
fluxinatorIs there a reason why I have a /dev/shm?04:36
THX-1138sureshot - xgl/compiz/beryl is *ALPHA* and painful to set up. - problems - substitute xcompmgr and transset. for transparency04:36
=== majd_ [n=zeit@cpe-71-65-19-97.twmi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== alex_cn [n=alex@] has joined #ubuntu
Crippy-BoyLooks damned sexy though :P04:37
THX-1138"" AIGLX04:37
holycowbesides xgl is a dead end, no vid card manufacturer will ever support it and it wants to replace window managers like gnomes metacity04:37
holycowwhich i can guarantee gnome people are not happy about04:37
holycowaiglx is the future, but quite a while in the future04:37
holycowand i'm quite certain none of the other de projects thing glx wanting to replace their own window managers of choice04:38
=== Dragonfire1 [n=cmant1@adsl-8-123-12.mia.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu []
fluxinatoris there a reason why I have a /dev/shm04:38
holycowis a good thing at all04:38
Crippy-Boyid check em out IF my laptop wasnt a toaster and i could be bothered setting it up with an ATI card on my desktop04:38
sureshotTHX-1138 xgl and beryl works find here .. but i will look into xcompmgr later lol04:38
yarddogi appreciate the standard fglrx04:38
yarddogdual head04:38
=== intangir [n=intangir@cpe-70-123-125-234.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
yarddognothing better imho04:38
freemindwickedpuppy: dont laugh: using mirc in winxp, emulation with vmware04:38
holycowthe only think i like about 3d accelerated desktops is that a) it makes sense given the technology and b) it makes even open office seem 'snappy' especially as it loads04:39
Crippy-Boyi wish it was possible to boycott hardware manufacturers04:39
THX-1138xcompmgr includes transparency - spinning cubes and wiggly windows got old.04:39
intangirhey people04:39
freemindhey intangir04:39
=== amorph_ [n=amorph@p54B13634.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
freemindhow are you04:39
intangirhow do i install reiserFS support on ubuntu?04:39
holycowCrippy-Boy, it is, just buy stuff that is supported04:39
freemindintangir: modprobe reiserfs04:39
=== axel [n=axel@chello084010088175.chello.pl] has joined #ubuntu
fickmake: command not found ??????04:39
HateMSdoes anyone know much about GRUB, the guides aren't working04:39
Crippy-Boyholycow, its not just as easy as that04:39
holycowas freemind said, you either load the module manually or you plug in your reiser drive and the module gets loaded automatically04:39
wickedpuppyfick, get build-essential04:40
holycowCrippy-Boy, maybe, it is for me04:40
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:40
wickedpuppybtw what are you compiling fick ?04:40
oxygene_fick: apt-get install build-essential04:40
fickthanx oxygene04:40
=== memikep [n=memikep@c-67-174-55-252.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Crippy-Boyfor you yeah, bit i game quite a bit, so there goes boycotting any decent vid card manufacturer04:40
intangirstill says the partition type is unknown04:41
holycowCrippy-Boy, well freedome requires sacrifices04:41
intangirfreemind: does it work with really old reisers?04:41
holycowCrippy-Boy, however there is more than one way to deal with it04:41
=== blazint [n=blazint@bb220-255-109-95.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
Crippy-Boylol, not from me, im not about to give up half the reasons i own a pc just so said pc can be free.04:41
wickedpuppyholycow, are you a perl coder ?04:41
HateMSok this manual is a joke!!!04:41
holycowbeing active in your support of open source, favouring manufacturers that support it, complaining to the ones that don't, all of that helps04:41
harisundThere is a package called "linux-source-2.6.15" but I am running linux-2.6.15-27-686. How do I get the source of what I am currently running (and not a generic 2.6.15)?04:42
=== shaslap [n=shasbot@ip24-251-251-173.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowwickedpuppy, oh god no, perl is what they make you code when you go to hell04:42
Crippy-BoyIm a BIG supporter of Open source, but i cant just 'not use' anything thats not supported.04:42
wickedpuppyholycow, perl motto is there is more than one way to do it ...04:42
Crippy-Boyheh perl isnt too bad, then again i spent a couple of years coding in c04:42
=== wrabbit^ [n=wrabbit@220-245-159-134-vic-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
wickedpuppyah wrabbit^ .. any fresh problems for us ?04:42
JanKok5sethk, didn't find a BIOS setting for the CD drive called PIO. There was stuff about CHS and Large, but that doesn't sound like what youe meant. I ran a check on the CD, and it gave me a bunch more Buffer I/O errors when it apparently finished and Uncompressing Linux. Guess I'll try burning another copy of the ubuntu CD.04:43
holycowCrippy-Boy, well its up to you to decide what you want to do and how much.  the  nice thing about open source is you can't really get pidgeonholed.  you can be a cherry picker all the way down to a kernel hacker ... all up to you04:43
holycowwickedpuppy, indeedy :) perls greatest strength and greatest weakness04:43
holycowwickedpuppy, i never understood how anyone can manage to learn perl considering there are 10 billio nways to do everything :)04:43
wrabbit^wickedpuppy, thankfully none :) After the resinstall yesterday, all has been good.  Got everything running without automatix and I'm very glad04:43
wickedpuppyholycow, no no ... ah you didn't get my joke :P04:43
yarddogJanKok5, order them for free04:43
Crippy-Boyholycow, yup, im going to start supporting a few projects (submitting patches etc), but its just the hardware side im going to find difficult04:43
harisundanybody knows how I can get the source of 2.6.15-27-686? The source for this kernel doesn't seem to be in the repos?04:43
Crippy-BoyChoice between Nvidia and ATI, only choice is go with the lesser evil04:44
yarddogharisund, linux-68604:44
holycowwickedpuppy, quite possible, i am quite dense04:44
holycowhehe :)04:44
=== b_52Centos [n=skimo@adsl196-98-34-217-196.adsl196-10.iam.net.ma] has joined #ubuntu
wrabbit^I even got my bandwidth shaping all setup with wondershaper04:44
=== blazint [n=blazint@bb220-255-109-95.singnet.com.sg] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== feross [n=feross@71-215-81-164.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
harisundyarddog which package do I need to install to get the *source* so I can recompile?04:44
wrabbit^very cool and simple command line shaper04:44
JanKok5yarddog, yeah, but I wan't something right now :-)04:44
wickedpuppyholycow, Crippy-Boy, however there is more than one way to deal with it <-- that was your line :P04:44
wickedpuppywrabbit^, great job :P04:45
yarddogharisund, why not use the stock kernel? why compile?04:45
yarddogJanKok5, :(04:45
holycowyarddog, good qeustion04:45
sethkharisund, if the source hasn't made it to the repos yet, nothing you can do, really.04:45
ChocoCidbecause he's using gentoo?04:45
freemindwhats going on?04:45
=== epla [n=enrico@] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCider... >_>04:45
=== epla [n=enrico@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
holycowharisund, you do know that the debian/ubuntu kernels are entirely modular? they only load what they need, right?04:46
ChocoCid(couldn't help myself)04:46
holycowand on the fly04:46
GoldKeeperanyone keep getting XML Parsing Error: not well-formed <--- theese sorts of popup errors in firefox ?04:46
=== SpudDogg [n=spuddogg@69-165-165-57.atlsfl.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfreemind, watching this dude play through a splawn amp --> http://youtube.com/watch?v=u_DFsM-w-xw04:46
harisundyarddog, sethk and holycow the reason I want to compile my kernel is because I want to use ROPE (a programming language for packet filtering, which is done at the kernel level)04:46
holycowharisund, ah! cool!04:46
holycowthat would be the right reason to do so indeed :)04:47
sethkharisund, you don't need to appologise for compiling the kernel.   many people don't understand that it is often necessary, but you can't worry about that.04:47
Crippy-Boyjust use a vanilla kernel :-)04:47
holycowwhat seth said04:47
sethkharisund, also, that the modular nature of the kernel is good for the distro people, but bad for the end user04:47
holycowwell thats wrong04:47
harisundsethk, hehe.. not apologizing.. the thing is I knew Ubuntu was meant to be for new users, but didn't think the support channel would be so discouraging to someone who knew what they were doing :( .. t04:48
holycowits actually GREAT for users04:48
oxygene_what's so bad about it for end users?04:48
sethkharisund, by the way, Crippy-Boy may have been kidding but the first thing I do is replace it with the kernel.org kernel.04:48
holycowots just not great for SOME USERS04:48
sethkoxygene_, creates the need for initrd file systems.04:48
harisundsethk, ah.. makes sense...04:48
holycowwhat you should NEVER do is what seth does04:48
holycowthats just stupid :)04:48
Crippy-Boysethk, Nope i wasnt kidding, I have a vanilla kernel running04:48
harisundbesides ChocoCid is right .. I have used Gentoo.. just prefer Ubuntu for its ease... I always recompile what I want .. just not *everything*04:48
=== Fackamato [n=fackamat@81-234-172-143-no95.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
freemindwas very nice to meet you04:49
holycowno offense bro but taking a modular kernel and rolling your own makes no sense except in outside use cases like harisunds maybe04:49
freemindgood bye :) im going to sleep04:49
holycowfreemind, later04:49
sethkCrippy-Boy, me also.04:49
oxygene_never had any problems with initrd... probably because the distri always did it for me04:49
fickgrr... whats the shell command to rename a directory04:49
freemind4:49 am here04:49
=== Xanotos [n=coir@ip70-189-93-44.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkholycow, if you say so.  Since I'm a kernel and device driver developer, I guess my perspective is a bit different.04:49
deltabfick: mv04:49
oxygene_fick you rename by moving04:49
ChocoCidi thought debian was targeted for developers and ubuntu to the end user?04:49
holycowsethk, aha! well i bow before your greatness then :)04:50
holycowrarely do i meet a kernel hacker04:50
sethkholycow, how many bows?  :)04:50
indigo_ChocoCid, what kind of developer? :_004:50
holycowdude as many as it takes :) lol04:50
ChocoCiduh... any?04:50
harisundChocoCid, in a way yes... but that doesn't mean you can't be a kernel hacker or a developer using Ubuntu as well..04:50
=== Myrddin [n=Myrddin@68-69-149-90.pittpa.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== indigo_ is now known as indigoblu
Brydenn33how do i change file association with .mp3's? I don't want Amarok to be used anymore. I want XMMS to be used04:50
=== Myrddin [n=Myrddin@68-69-149-90.pittpa.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ChocoCidsure, but i thought debian was "better" for developers, in general?04:50
sethkChocoCid, I don't agree with that04:50
holycowsethk, debians greatest feature imho is its modular kernel04:50
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu
harisundChocoCid, somehow .. ubuntu has a rep of being a distro meant for 'newbies' and so on... you can do anything on one linux distro that you can on another... atleast that's my opinoi04:50
ChocoCidi've never used Debian, but i just thought that was the general intent of both distros04:51
sethkholycow, the modular kernel has nothing to do with any distro.04:51
=== OPTi2 [n=optico@ti112220a080-7125.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
holycowthat alone allows a noob to really not haveto learn anythiing but just plug stuff in and use it04:51
sethkholycow, the kernel is the same on all distros.04:51
indigobluChocoCid, mmm im fairly new to Debian (long time Gentoo user) but i dont see much difference other than packaging04:51
ChocoCidharisund : i'm AWARE of that, but i'm referring to the target of the user04:51
JordanHas anyone here had any experience with ubuntu and ATI All in Wonders? Does the tv tuner work easily?04:51
holycowsethk, maybe now04:51
sethkindigoblu, there isn't any04:51
=== gtl [n=gtl@] has joined #ubuntu
holycowthere was a time when this wasn't so of course04:51
fickgreat .... ran make uninstall for ndiswrapper and it trys to remove /lib/modules/2.******/kernel/drivers/net/ndiswrapper (wont its a directory)04:51
ChocoCiduh, do sudo apt-get remove ?04:52
=== david_ [n=david@] has joined #ubuntu
MissLadyI installed Ubuntu on my HDD...I need help to config my USBcableModem... it worked fine and automatically with live-cd. So i did dmesg live-cd vs installation to compare what was different.I saw different things between both modes. Can anyone would help me please ?04:52
sethkJordan, I found that the all in wonder didn't work worth a damn even in windows, let alone other envs.04:52
indigobluholycow, Linux kernel is general....do you mean Ubuntu does modules for everything where Debian you must staticly compile?04:52
harisundsethk and holycow there's a package called linux-source-2.6.15 which puts a source.tar.bz2 file in /usr/src (standard kernel source path) .. but I want to know if it is the 2.6.15-27 source or something else?04:52
sethkMissLady, on the live cd, do lsmod, and write down the modules that are in use.04:52
=== spuddogg [n=spuddogg@69-165-165-57.atlsfl.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4ok, what all did I miss?04:52
=== seamus7 [n=seamus7@h39.7.141.67.ip.alltel.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkharisund, it's the source for the kernel package with the same number (that is, 2.6.15).04:53
holycowindigoblu, no, ubuntu and debian have a totally modular kernel, now seth says that is true of other distros but then i've used debian now for many years so maybe that is the case now04:53
oxygene_what harisund asks for is something I'd like to know, too04:53
sethkharisund, the minor numbers should match up.04:53
JordanAny recomendations for a budget priced card? My Radeon 9500 finally kicked the bucket04:53
=== JDStone [n=JDStone@adsl-68-126-1-229.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== rexbron [n=rexbron@CPE00904bbc8c86-CM0012256e816a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
spuddoggWhassup everyone04:53
david_can someone point me to the repository that has the version that works with ubuntu?04:53
=== teste [n=teste@] has joined #ubuntu
holycowharisund, i'll let seth answer the kernel stuff considering what he does :)04:53
sethkdavid_, version of what?04:53
sidny4question: dual monitors on an nvidia geforce 7600. I'm currently using TwinView, is there a better way?04:53
david_can someone point me to the repository that has the frostwire version that works with ubuntu?04:53
=== marceloset [n=marcelo@] has joined #ubuntu
MissLadysethk i did lsmod and installed modules who's missing and reboot but nothing worked so i did dmesg to compare and i see now errors in installation04:54
david_sorry, i was thinking faster than i was typing04:54
harisundsethk, what do you mean by match up?04:54
ubotukernel is the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild04:54
fickdamn it, all was going fine until i let ubuntu upgrade itself to drapper04:54
sethkMissLady, you are ahead of me.  :)04:54
THX-1138sethk - no kidding, all-in-wonder was dog slow. took 100mbs of setup files and just plain didn't work as advertised. - ati is second rate.04:54
=== ghostshadow189 [n=ktsm@] has joined #ubuntu
harisundsethk, sorry .. the !kernel output is pretty helpful.. I got most of what I want :)04:54
sethkMissLady, I didn't mean to imply that dmesg wasn't a good thing to do, just that lsmod provides useful info also04:54
sidny4david_ you can download the ubuntu/debian version from the frostwire website04:54
=== Rulzern [n=dadude@ti221110a081-4268.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
spuddoggfick, are there normally problems upgrading?04:55
Rulzernis there a channel for edgy problems?04:55
Rulzernon the user end? :p04:55
=== Tokenbad [n=tokenbad@] has joined #ubuntu
david_i tried that but everytime i ran it it would freeze on me04:55
MissLadynp sethk04:55
ferossany ops here are ops in ubuntu-es.. can I get unbanned please?04:55
Rulzernthanks :)04:55
sethkMissLady, when you say errors in installation, what do you mean specifically?04:55
=== cafuego [n=cafuego@] has joined #ubuntu
ghostshadow189hi all , i installed icewm with "sudo apt-get install icewm iceconf iceme" . after that , i loged out and choosed icewm session . but unfornately , it didnt display anything , like toolbar , start menu , etc . it just displayed a blue desktop  . i also tried ctrl+alt+esc and i saw window list , so that mean maybe i installed icewm successfully , but still there're some mistake ?04:55
sidny4did you receive any error message?04:55
fickspudddog, i just started using ubuntu, last night after someone helped me get my broadcom wireless card in my laptop working04:55
fickusing ndiswrapper, iwconfig and the like04:56
ChocoCidsomeone in here with +o access: please put #ubuntu+1 in the topic for edgy questions :)04:56
=== mainer [n=mainer@bb-205-209-95-182.gwi.net] has joined #ubuntu
MissLadysethk USB HC takeover failed! (BIOS/SMM bug)04:56
spuddoggfick:  gotcha.  i was going to ask you about upgrading to edgy when it comes out, but n/m :)04:56
seamus7hello all.. I have a partition mounted as a directory in / ...... I now realize it would be more convenient to have it mounted in my /home or /home/'user' directory .... can anyone help ... I have a feeling it's a simple process .... thanks04:56
holycowthere is no point, edgy will be released soon04:56
=== mainer [n=mainer@bb-205-209-95-182.gwi.net] has left #ubuntu ["Get]
=== nomasteryoda [n=nomaster@ip68-99-148-93.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
david_sidny ru asking me? if so, no04:56
sethkMissLady, hmm, that's nasty.04:56
MissLadysethk 0000:00:01.2: Can't reset04:57
THX-1138fick - if you have trouble "configuring network devices" CTRL+C to continue booting. -04:57
=== spuddogg is now known as SpudDogg
sidny4yeah, ok04:57
=== fluxinator [n=mindyour@ool-4579a67d.dyn.optonline.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
THX-1138Hi cafuego04:57
holycowlol, you guys realize you have a kernel hacker answering module questions?04:57
holycowat last you get some reliable advice :)04:57
fickedgy? oh dear, dosent sound like a nice release :)04:57
=== senaqueue [n=scarface@adsl-020.isp.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
MissLadysethk ohci_hcd 0000:00:01.2: init 0000:00:01.2 fail, -1604:57
MissLadyohci_hcd: probe of 0000:00:01.2 failed with error -1604:57
=== mathieu_ [n=mathieu@wnpgmb02dc1-60-212.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkMissLady, you might try unloading and reloading the main usb module, which might be uhci04:57
=== Rulzern [n=dadude@ti221110a081-4268.bb.online.no] has left #ubuntu []
sidny4david_ does it lock up the whole system04:57
SpudDoggfick: you dont like what you see with edgy?04:57
Fackamatowhich is the edgy eft channel?04:57
ficki dont like the name :)04:58
THX-1138fick - warty warthog the first release was feared. - lol04:58
SpudDoggfick: i see, lol.04:58
MissLadysethk ok but how to unload ?04:58
sethkMissLady, rmmod04:58
oxygene_Fackamato, #ubuntu+104:58
sethkMissLady, it won't let you unload, without unloading things that depend on it first.04:58
Crippy-Boyi can just immagine that, talking to a tutor04:58
Crippy-Boy'i have warty'04:58
Fackamatooxygene_: thanks04:58
sethkMissLady, so you would have to rmmod a bunch of stuff.04:58
Crippy-BoyI have a feeling the response would envolve 'doctor'04:58
fickit reminds me of how i feel everytime i let a linux distrubution update itself.......and as usual that feeling was warranted04:59
pike_seamus7: what sort of partition is it? ntfs, fat32?04:59
gtlis there a ubuntu64 channel?04:59
ghostshadow189hi all , i installed icewm with "sudo apt-get install icewm iceconf iceme" . after that , i loged out and choosed icewm session . but unfornately , it didnt display anything , like toolbar , start menu , etc . it just displayed a blue desktop  . i also tried ctrl+alt+esc and i saw window list , so that mean maybe i installed icewm successfully , but still there're some mistake ?04:59
THX-1138Crippy-Boy: yes, me too. (wipes the shiny silver drink coaster dry.)04:59
MissLadysethk: k thx :)04:59
fickhence, which is why i am now sadly in xp.....04:59
=== obecker [n=obecker@adsl-065-013-086-093.sip.ard.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkMissLady, you might do a considerable amount of work and end up back exactly where you are at this moment04:59
david_no, not the whole system. Just that program. I use xkill to shut it down04:59
holycowfick, lol04:59
pike_seamus7: ah. right now does it automount on bootup?04:59
sethkMissLady, it's worth trying, but it isn't odds on.04:59
holycowfick, you need a sense of humour first :)  its just a name04:59
=== HateMS [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:00
holycowwhenever i think 'micorosfot windows xp' i just get chills at how lifeless that corporate crap is05:00
SpudDoggWhat IRC client is everyone using?05:00
Crippy-Boyxp is good, infact all os's are good05:00
THX-1138holycow - onthenet pro home version05:00
seamus7sethk: i have two hard drives .... all ext3 ... one partition / ... one partition /home ....  and then this one as a directory under / .... yes they all automount05:00
ficki was hoping to switch, due to the fact that i dont really trust windows xp..... but it seems that all these update managers have a habit of making linux distrubutions more unstable than xp....05:00
ubotuFor help with Microsoft windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. Also see http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 - !equivalents - http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm05:00
SpudDoggHas anyone ever used irssi?05:00
holycowas for upgrading a distro ... well ya know i've yet to see any proprietary upgrade path that was remotely close to workeable05:00
ChocoCid<Crippy-Boy> xp is good, infact all os's are good  <-- windows ME says no05:01
ChocoCidi've used irssi05:01
holycowall os's are NOT good heh05:01
=== EinZteiN [n=einztein@87-196-89-54.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu
ghostshadow189s1 help me pls , i installed icewm with "sudo apt-get install icewm iceconf iceme" . after that , i loged out and choosed icewm session . but unfornately , it didnt display anything , like toolbar , start menu , etc . it just displayed a blue desktop  . i also tried ctrl+alt+esc and i saw window list , so that mean maybe i installed icewm successfully , but still there're some mistake ?05:01
Crippy-BoyOs's create competition for each other and bring innovations which benifits us (the end user)05:01
ChocoCidXP is fine, really05:01
holycowsome are better at some things than others but man, winders needs to be rewritten from scratch05:01
elkbuntucan this OS comparison discussion please go elsewhere?05:01
ficki really dont like xp but at least when it updates, itself i know it will reboot and come up working05:01
pike_seamus7: if they are automounting all you should have to do is sudo gedit /etc/fstab and change the mount point to whatever directory you've made under /home05:01
seamus7pike_: oops I used the wrong nick there ... sorry05:02
holycowfick, actually i have the opposite experience with xp05:02
ficknow, xp is not fine05:02
ChocoCidXP was actually a large leap forward, but vista looks to be going the other way05:02
fickno, xp is not fine05:02
holycowfick i run several hunder machines we actually DON'T UPDATE05:02
=== killapop_ [n=killapop@] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidwell, ok, xp has drm issues and stuff, and it's not free05:02
holycowi cannot tell you how many times an xp update has borked the entire install05:02
fickxp is something i run with a certain amount of paranoia05:02
holycowits infact total shit05:02
THX-1138SpudDogg: Yes, occasionally google irssi help-full.html05:02
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:02
holycowfor something that we paid for05:02
SpudDoggChocoCid: free is always good :)05:02
seamus7pike_: so it's no problem to mount one partition in a directory within a separate partition?05:02
pike_seamus7: nope05:03
fickwhereas a update soultion is a linux distrubtion seems like utter suicide05:03
Crippy-Boyjeez, and people still refuse to contemplate how competition between os's benefit everyone, sad times :(05:03
=== Jordan [n=jordan@CPE0026540aadd2-CM000039df5a60.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu []
holycowon the other hand with linux, i can GUARANTEE it will come up .. .notably because i know that even if there is a problem i can actually fix it instead of try and search for the latest weirdass patch and hotfix from a company that cannot get their head out of their ass05:03
ficki mean in a linux distrubtion05:03
ChocoCidsure, but i'd rather get a computer with XP preinstalled than a computer with, uh, pretty much any other windows install :P05:03
seamus7pike_: thanks i'll give it a go.05:03
holycowChocoCid, thats not saying much05:03
=== czer323 [n=czer323@cpe-24-26-159-208.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
holycowyou can get crap in a bag or crap in a box, crap in a box is still crap05:03
ficki just let ubuntu update itself from badger to drapper...and now ndiswrapper donsent work05:03
=== gujun [n=gujun@] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfick, lol dude05:04
holycowfick, try this comparison then?05:04
holycowtake win98 and upgrade that to 2000 using an upgrade dis05:04
DBOholycow, fick, you guys are getting off topic05:04
Crippy-Boyholycow, if there was only 1 os, where do you think we'd be now?05:04
holycowupgrade win2k to winxp using an upgrade disk05:04
DBOjoin #ubuntu-offtopic please =)05:04
=== asdef [n=deadbeef@host103-76-dynamic.19-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu
holycowor when vista comes out I DARE YOU to upgrade from your xp05:04
oxygene_fick, try upgrading to edgy, maybe it'll start working again ;)05:04
holycowi dare you05:04
ChocoCidCrippy-Boy : using linux with 300 distros, like today05:04
asdefhi there, excuseme, how do i compile things using gcc-3.4 instead than default one ?05:04
holycowif you think one shitty little driver interface is too big for you to handle05:04
Crippy-Boyholycow, MS is a shit company with shit business models, but they bring alot to the table for others, as do others with ms05:05
holycowoh boy, you really don't know what you hav ecomming :)05:05
=== Se7h [n=seth@] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.05:05
ficki then downloaded the latest version and found that make uninstall script dosent work05:05
sidny4fick, is it a broadcomm adapter?05:05
=== OPTi2 is now known as OPTiCO
HateMSok I need ANY grub help, this is freaking retarded05:05
fickbtw my cd drive on my laptop is DEAD, so i can burn iso's05:05
asdefhi there, excuseme, how do i compile things using gcc-3.4 instead than default one ?05:05
holycowCrippy-Boy, well you can look at the ms glass as half full, i cannot but look at it as half empty considering all the bad things they do behind the scenes05:05
THX-1138FOSS competition forced an early release of ie705:05
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508DA143.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
ficki can only access the hd from within vmware05:05
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SpudDoggHateMS: what's goin on man?05:05
Se7hcould some one help me on the webcam ?05:05
holycowfick, its perfectly cool if you like windows and want to use it.  i'm not bashing you at all dude :)05:06
sidny4fick, is it a broadcomm adapter?05:06
yarddogDBO, offtopic, language abuse05:06
asdefhi there, excuseme, how do i compile things using gcc-3.4 instead than default one ?05:06
Crippy-Boyholycow, and the good things?05:06
=== knoppix [n=knoppix@] has joined #ubuntu
DBOholycow, please stop the offtopic conversation, you too Crippy-Boy05:06
HateMSspuddogg, put Vista on, took GRUB out of MBR, now i've been going through every way I can find to get GRUB back and nothings working05:06
=== frogger_ [n=matt@c-66-30-254-239.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== knoppix [n=knoppix@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== darkaura [n=darkaura@wnpgmb02dc1-63-228.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfick, i really think that you don't have a proper frame of reference and enough experience to conclude that upgrading a distro is hard and upgrading windows is easy :)05:06
ficki wish that linux-distrubtions had a sort of vmware mode, so you could load your linux in windows without screwing up your X Settings etc....05:06
asdefhi there, excuseme, how do i compile things using gcc-3.4 instead than default one ?05:06
Tokenbadholycow, found xchat plugin that works for posting now playing in xmms...thanks for your help05:06
Crippy-BoyIm not saying its great and we should all switch, i just think the more os competition there is the more new shiny toys we have.05:06
holycowTokenbad, no prob05:06
=== YuWei [n=alex@202-169-210-171.worldnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
=== catisonh [n=catisonh@ppp-70-226-157-99.dsl.mdsnwi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
SpudDoggHateMS: well, you can add and remove things from your grub menu at /boot/grub/menu.lst    maybe you just need to add your Vista MBR there?05:07
holycowfick, what does that questio neven mean?05:07
Tokenbadalso installed the xchat-xsys plugin..that one is cool05:07
=== FAERRLUQ [n=faerrluq@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has joined #ubuntu
asdefhi there, excuseme, how do i compile things using gcc-3.4 instead than default one ?05:07
oxygene_asdef: well, use the gcc-3.4 binary05:07
pike_fick: heh you could run everyting in vservers05:07
holycowyou can instlal linux on vmware on top of windows of course so ... ?05:07
ghostshadow189hi all , i installed icewm with "sudo apt-get install icewm iceconf iceme" . after that , i loged out and choosed icewm session . but unfornately , it didnt display anything , like toolbar , start menu , etc . it just displayed a blue desktop  . i also tried ctrl+alt+esc and i saw window list , so that mean maybe i installed icewm successfully , but still there're some mistake ?05:07
HateMSspuddogg, booting into Vista isnt the problem, it boots in there automatically, I want to be able to get into Ubuntu05:07
oxygene_or set the CC environment variable to the apropriate path05:07
THX-1138Okay, all interested in windows chat move to #ubuntu-off topic and take a drink each time someone says trojan05:07
HateMSspuddogg, i'm in the live cd now05:07
asdefoxygene_: i've both gcc-4.0 and gcc-3.4 installed05:07
darkauraholycow ubuntu installs the 386 kernel by default I run a intel pentium m 2 ghz is there any benifit in installing the 686 kernel?05:08
asdefoxygene_: but when i compile things, it uses gcc-4.005:08
Crippy-BoyHateMS, boot to the live cd and do a grub-install05:08
FAERRLUQaguante ubuntu!05:08
fickhmm, you know i was hoping to run windows in linux instead of the other way around :)05:08
SpudDoggHateMS: I also have learned that it helps exponentially to install your Ubuntu last...it seems to be really nice to other os's mbr.  How to manage grub from Windows, I have NO idea at all.05:08
ghostshadow189s1 help me pls05:08
ghostshadow189hi all , i installed icewm with "sudo apt-get install icewm iceconf iceme" . after that , i loged out and choosed icewm session . but unfornately , it didnt display anything , like toolbar , start menu , etc . it just displayed a blue desktop  . i also tried ctrl+alt+esc and i saw window list , so that mean maybe i installed icewm successfully , but still there're some mistake ?05:08
holycowdarkaura, yes, it can access maximum ram available for your system, 386 can only acces 786 megs ram05:08
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o DBO] by ChanServ
FAERRLUQwho speak spanish?????!!!!!05:08
holycowfick, you can, vmware again05:08
=== klos [i=hans@p54A8097A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
harisundCan someone tell me what's the latest kernel in the repos right now for the 2.6.15 kernel?05:08
ubotuPara Espaol por favor usen #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendrn mas ayuda.05:08
=== LeanCallPer [n=knoppix@] has joined #ubuntu
harisundI mean, the minor version number?05:08
oxygene_asdef,  a lot of makefiles read the CC or CXX environment variable05:08
darkauraokay I got a fresh install of ubuntu how would I go about installing the 686 kernel05:09
fickthis is what i get for having one of those broadcom bcm4318 cards05:09
Madpilotharisund, looks like 2.6.15-27-38605:09
holycowde nada05:09
HateMSspuddogg, yeah I have, i've used Ubuntu about a year and always put it on last when I was doing that, but I took XP off and put Vista (while leaving ubuntu) which is why05:09
holycowdarkaura, apt-cache search kernel 68605:09
sidny4vmware works pretty well if you want to run one Os within another OS, problem is that it eats ram05:09
harisundMadpilot, ah ok .. the Ubuntu wiki says 2.6.17 is in the repos, but I coulnd't find it (atleast not in the official repos)05:09
holycowinstall the one that looks right for your system05:09
=== craigbass1976 [n=craig@pool-72-73-87-3.ptldme.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4for breakfast05:09
asdefoxygene_: thanks05:09
asdefoxygene_: i'm trying to compile L4/Iguana, it uses 'scons' instead of make05:09
oxygene_asdef: it depends on what you want to compile05:09
Se7hcould some one help me on the webcam ? (edgy)05:09
=== Unity [n=Toasty@user-514fbc5f.l2.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== [a] freebsd_fan is now known as feebsd_fan
HateMSspuddogg, I ran grub-install, now what05:10
ubotuwebcam is now easy to install on Linux; instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:10
SpudDoggfick: have you installed ndisgtk for the handy GUI for ndiswrapper?05:10
asdefi successfully compiled it on a debian at univ, but i'm failing here on ubuntu05:10
oxygene_asdef: you could always change the /usr/bin/gcc-symlink05:10
asdefbecause the gcc version is too advanced05:10
=== frogger_ [n=frogger_@c-66-30-254-239.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
craigbass1976I've looked aroudn the desktop for a couple days now and can't find how to shut off the login sound in KDE.  I stopped the drum at the login screen, but not the sound that palys once KDE is finished firing up.  Anyone know how?05:10
=== yarddog [n=kibozo@unaffiliated/yarddog] has joined #ubuntu
oxygene_asdef, but I wouln't do it without trying the other things first05:10
fickeek, i may disconnect due to war-roaming :)05:10
SpudDoggHateMS: i have no idea man...i only know how to add things to the list, really.  you said before that you needed ANY grub help.  sorry i couldnt be more help to you.05:11
=== sidny4 [n=sidny4@24-116-191-206.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowcraigbass1976, #kubuntu might be a good place to try also, they are kden fanatics05:11
HateMSspuddogg, well what did grub-install just do, I just ran it and it did something and then closed05:11
holycowfick, i will add one last thing to what you said05:11
asdefoxygene_: if i remember well there's a script that changes the default gcc version05:11
craigbass1976holycow, Ahh, didn't realize there was a special room.05:11
asdefbut i don't remember it05:11
holycowfick, you are totally right in feeling what you feel right now, its all cool05:12
SpudDoggHateMS: honestly, i have no idea05:12
SpudDoggHateMS: brb05:12
darkauracan I install the new kernel through Synaptic Package Manager05:12
=== freebsd_fan [n=unsure@hdkbib3.hdk.gu.se] has joined #ubuntu
HateMSMy Ubuntu partition is lost foreverrrr!05:12
THX-1138darkaura: yes05:12
=== Dr_willis [n=willis@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
fickthank you, mr psycologist, get you help me some drugs from mr. pharmacist :)05:12
holycowfick, but from experience in coaching people into linux world, i have noticed that once you learn why things are the way they are, one you kinda 'get it' you cannot go back to ms, in comparison its just a piece of junk05:12
pike_darkaura: you can just type sudo apt-get install linux-image-686 if you want05:12
holycowfick, maybe one day :) were here to help if you wanna muck about05:12
ChocoCidholycow :  correct you are05:12
dreamhow do i get ubuntu to recognize my printer. i tried add printer and it doesnt recognize it05:13
fickholycow, i been coming back to linux for years05:13
=== Turney [i=dtox@bas7-montrealak-1177575399.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #Ubuntu
asdefoxygene_: gcc-config maybe05:13
fickholycow, i feel that if my cd drive wasnt dead on my laptop, this would be a lot easier05:13
holycowfick, sure, maybe one day we will have 'linux ready hardware' wher eyou can go down to the store and buy a system preinstalled for you and certified05:13
=== jack_wyt_ [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu
=== insub [i=tiggah@fear.my.56k.on.speeed.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfick, maybe one day we will have enough clout to get that going, so that when you dist upgrade you don't haveto fight  with proprietary drivers05:13
THX-1138compare the simplicity of adding themes to Ubuntu with a redmond WA adware filled windowblinds05:14
=== roostishaw [n=roostish@c-24-126-92-199.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
oxygene_asdef, I don't know gcc-config. but ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-3.4 /usr/bin/gcc will do it, too05:14
fickholycow: i get the feeling that ms themselves are to blame for the lack of drivers for linux.....( well i suspect)05:14
ferossdream: tried the printer util under system>admin>printing?05:14
holycowfick, for now perhaps we can't live up to your requirements and thats cool too, hard to make everyone happy but i'll try to answer question anyway05:14
darkauraits probibly best for me to install the new kernel before I install the Ubuntu Nvidia drivers right?05:14
=== brayment [n=brayment@S0106000d88bfa1e8.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfick, in so much as hardware manufacturers have  been trained to be lazy and selfish yes05:14
dreamyes feross i did05:14
ChocoCidi think ms probably gives them a kickback05:15
SkramXat setup i forgot to put in a resolution which I want to use now... how do I add it?05:15
dreamfeross i am restarting the computer cause hoping maybe it will recognize the printer05:15
THX-1138feross: Did you select "smb" windows printer?05:15
holycowfick, the  unfortunate sideffect of ms dominance is that consumers are also trained to think wrong about computers05:15
=== deadly_venom [n=jqk@ner-as21730.alshamil.net.ae] has joined #Ubuntu
sidny4is twinview the only way to use dual monitors on an nvidia card?05:15
pike_darkaura: if you install nivida from repos do it however you want but if you use the nvidia.sh install then yes05:15
ferossdream: is it an hp printer, there's a util specific for hp's.05:15
ubotuxinerama is using multiple monitors as one big monitor. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo05:15
fickbasically, at the end of the day....linux will have a much better chance of kicking windows arse when it updates work better.....05:15
holycowconsumers now think of computers like products like toasters.  a computer isn't a product its a process.  consumers need to understand that they haveto manage a process they cannot buy a computer like a toaster05:15
fickand i hope it is very soon......05:15
holycowbut oh well thats now, tommorrow is another day05:15
darkaurasorry I just want to get this right this time05:15
dreamfeross, its a brother printer05:15
=== Gierke [n=Gierke@static-203-87-122-214.sa.chariot.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Unitywhats the idea with ALSA? total linux newbie over here, i remember i install ubuntu before and no sound worked at all, then went to install realtek driver and it didn't seem to work, summin to do with ALSA or something, but on this install it all seems to work automatically, & says shutting down alsa when i shut down, so not really sure, oh well, lol.05:16
elkbuntufick, holycow **** can the offtopic talk PLEASE go to #ubuntu-offtopic, or given the subject of your discussion atm, to ##off-topic ****05:16
holycowsidny4, now you can use xinerama but twinview with nvidia is far better05:16
=== Cicero_ [n=bullit@p548CE640.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
fickelkbuntu...is that a bot......05:16
elkbuntufick, no05:16
deadly_venomholycow:  I've got last question. Whenever I plug my usb hdd into my  Ubuntu, The motor of my hdd is running BUT it doesn't show in my Ubuntu Desktop, any idea ?05:16
=== craigbass1976 [n=craig@pool-72-73-87-3.ptldme.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
ferossdream: ok, well that could be a chore. You might have to just use a lexmark or hp driver. anything on G about that?05:16
elkbuntufick, but various people have said this to you all about a dozen times, and you've ignored every instance05:16
holycowi beg to differ, elkbuntu is some very clever ai05:17
fickit seems everytime i am critical of windoze, i get some crap from elkbuntu......05:17
holycowi bet elkbuntu is written in lisp05:17
=== SpudDogg [n=spuddogg@69-165-165-57.atlsfl.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138holycow - has good advice twinview creates two seperate spaces. xinerama one wide desk05:17
sidny4deadly_venom, you probably have to mount the drive05:17
ficki mean am critical of linux05:17
elkbuntufick, holycow. grow up, and take the talk out of the SUPPORT channel05:17
=== anon32 [n=anon32@wikipedia/anon32] has joined #ubuntu
holycowfick, absolutely, that is its greatest strength05:17
fickno, elk only you have said it multiple times05:17
sidny4how do you mean two separate spaces?05:17
elkbuntuthis is a support channel, not a random discussion channel05:17
deadly_venomsidny4: How do I know if it's /dev/sda6 or /dev/sda5 ?05:17
anon32how do I change my MTU?05:17
fickby discussing issues with ubantu, we will spawn support questions and maybe even solutions .....05:18
hondjeanon32: sudo ifconfig mtu #, where # is the MTU05:18
Gierkeanyone wanna help me install ndiswrapper from source :(05:18
holycowelkbuntu, i challenge your definition of tech support05:18
sidny4deadly_venom, it could be either one, try mounting both and see if you can access it05:18
holycowi submit that everything i've said so far actualy IS UBUNTU SUPPORT05:18
elkbuntufick, all you're doing is making alot of other stuff that the confused people here have to wade through to find answers to the questions they asked05:19
Madpilotfick, holycow - drop it. Last warning: Off topic chat goes to #ubuntu-offtopic or another channel. Not, repeat not, here.05:19
fickgierke....good luck i just tried05:19
deadly_venomsidny4:  that was just an example, what if it was IDE HDD .. and if it was /dev/hda4/5/6/7/8/9 ;s05:19
=== darkaura [n=darkaura@wnpgmb02dc1-63-228.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #ubuntu
anon32no such device05:19
holycowframing specific issues in a general perspective sometimes helps users to picture how this stuff works05:19
holycowMadpilot, go away, i'm not really interested in what you haveto say05:19
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=== bronson_ [n=bronson@c-71-198-75-160.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
hondjeanon32: maybe ifconfig eth0 mtu # then05:20
sidny4ide is hda, usb, scsi, SATA is usually sda05:20
ghostshadow189s1 help me pls , i installed icewm with "sudo apt-get install icewm iceconf iceme" . after that , i loged out and choosed icewm session . but unfornately , it didnt display anything , like toolbar , start menu , etc . it just displayed a blue desktop  . i also tried ctrl+alt+esc and i saw window list , so that mean maybe i installed icewm successfully , but still there're some mistake ?05:20
fickyou know thats funny,,,, ndiswrapper problems are what bought me here05:20
darkaura10 min for updates to take place then I can install video card properly05:20
anon32hondje, that's better05:20
sidny4if it's the only usb, scsi, or SATA, it should be sda105:20
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o DBO] by ChanServ
elkbuntufick, then discuss ndiswrapper, not MS philosophy or other tangents05:20
Amaranthsidny4: It's much less confusing in edgy, everything is s<something>05:20
=== hazexp [n=hazexp@219-88-173-9.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
anon32whoa, this wallpaper from Wikipedia rules (yea, kinda a newbie comment)05:20
=== No1Viking [n=micke@h-83-140-104-74.ip.rixbredband.se] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4ic, I haven't tried edgy yet05:21
Amaranthanon32: The tree?05:21
fickby discussing my issues with how it came about, i am violating the rules, intresting......maybe if i was a good little linux user and was critcal of it as well as windows you would not be complaining...bye05:21
ficki find another dist.05:21
=== fick [n=dont@71-35-97-54.tukw.qwest.net] has left #ubuntu []
Amaranthsidny4: My cdrom drive is scd0, for example.05:21
=== adsfasdf is now known as aeroSoul
deadly_venomsidny4: First i would create a mount point, by typing -> sudo /mnt/usb ... next, i would mount the driver (Assuming it's sda1),, then i would type mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb , correct?05:21
anon32Amaranth, no... it's from Wikipedia05:21
hondjedeadly_venom: You'd want a mkdir in there I think :)05:21
SkramXhow do I add more resolution options?05:21
ubotux is the X Window System; it's the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type this in a console: sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  -  To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto05:22
deadly_venomhondje: oh ya, sorry! Thanks.05:22
sidny4yeah, sudo mkdir /mnt/usb05:22
SkramXAmaranth: thanks05:22
SkramXill loook at that05:22
=== jumbers [n=john@ool-457dc6cb.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
deadly_venomsidny4: But my usb hdd isn't ntfs, and it's fat32 .. still go with vfat ?05:22
=== quail [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthanon32: ah, nice05:22
anon32too bad that place'll be gone in a year because of global warming05:22
hondjevfat for fat32, ntfs for NTFS :)05:23
=== Consty [n=grimlock@pool-71-102-149-253.snloca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== seamus7 [n=seamus7@h39.7.141.67.ip.alltel.net] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4yeah, maybe try it without the vfat, justt mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb and if that doesn't work throw in the vfat05:23
=== anon32 is mirroring http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Wikipedia_featured_desktop_backgrounds
sidny4sometimes it'll pick up the partition type automatically05:23
anon32which may take a while since I'm on dialup05:23
ConstyDo most with a AMD64 run the 64 bit version of Ubuntu, or do they run the 32 bit because of problems ?05:23
ghostshadow189hi all , i've an error when i click on show desktop button , it told me error : Your window manager does not support the show desktop button, or you are not running a window manager.05:23
harisundhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild <--- this page has this line: The stock Ubuntu configs are located in debian/config/ARCH/ where ARCH is the architecture you are building for. In this directory are several files. The config file is the base for all targets in that architecture"" But I am not able to find any of those files, can someone help me?05:23
THX-1138Do i need ESSID for an open access point?05:23
=== yleeyas [n=yleeyas@153.152.dsl.ebtech.net] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthTHX-1138: Yeah, it's how you associate with the access point.05:24
hondjeConsty: Most people run 32 bit so that things like flash and media codecs work05:24
deadly_venommount: special device /dev/sda1 does not exist05:24
=== YBH_1 [n=YBH_1@c-24-21-24-238.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
THX-1138Amaranth - Would Linksys be best? - suggestion?05:24
hondjeConsty: If you're not planning on using it as a desktop or plan to address huge amts of memory, 64 bit is probably the way to go....so depends on what you do  :)05:24
=== Billir [n=brayment@S0106000d88bfa1e8.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== zOrK [i=eclipse@c-66-176-68-228.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthTHX-1138: You're looking to buy a wireless router?05:25
sidny4THX-1138, you need to tell the computer what network to connect to, so yes, you would need to specify the ESSID05:25
hantudeadly_venom: dmesg after you plugged in the usb device.. and check which dev it triggered.05:25
zOrKWireless does not works on my HP pavilion :(05:25
zOrKI've tried everything.05:25
=== Consty [n=grimlock@pool-71-102-149-253.snloca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
zOrKfrom  ndiswrapper to setup it manually through the network-admin package.05:25
=== RedRose [n=thestupi@c-67-174-77-132.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
RedRoseI want to run a server, but am caught as to which OS to use. I'm not going to use Win, i can say that, but my main Question is, Linux, BSD, or Solaris?05:25
sidny4well, WRT54GL is supposed to be pretty good, and it even has linux software running it05:25
THX-1138Amaranth - spare machine iso torrents and open acces05:25
ChocoCidzOrK : do you have a broadcom wireless card?05:25
zOrKwhat can I do?05:25
hondjeRedRose: I'd say go with what you know :)05:25
seamus7pike_: you still there?05:25
AmaranthTHX-1138: anything will do05:25
hondjeespecially if it's in production05:26
=== ghostshadow189 [n=ktsm@] has left #ubuntu []
harisundAny kernel developers in here? Or atleast someone who has compiled a Ubuntu kernel? please?05:26
oxygene_deadly_venom, you could tail -f /var/log/messages to see what usb device comes up when turning on your usb drive05:26
ChocoCidtype lspci05:26
AmaranthTHX-1138: I'd stay away from netgear and linksys though.05:26
RedRosehondje:I know them all05:26
zOrKyes ch05:26
elkbuntuRedRose, you're in a linux channel. we're most likely going to say linux :)05:26
zOrKyes ChocoCid05:26
zOrKit is.05:26
ChocoCidyeah, figured05:26
ChocoCiddapper, breezy, what?05:26
ferossRedRose: I run ubuntu server, works great and it has support for the next 6 years :)05:26
THX-1138Amaranth sidny Thanks guys05:26
zOrKBroadcom 80205:26
=== RedRose [n=thestupi@c-67-174-77-132.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Billir [n=brayment@S0106000d88bfa1e8.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
hondjeRedRose: Well, if you want my useless opinion, I'd use solaris then05:26
ChocoCidhave fun, it's a pain in the ass05:26
elkbuntufeross, no, 5.. well 4.5 now05:26
zOrKit is?05:26
ChocoCidblame broadcom for being proprietary instead of open05:26
=== mboso [n=mboso@cpe-24-90-214-9.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4Amaranth, what router do you recommend?05:26
THX-1138Amaranth - it's RaLink 2500 series - native driver.05:26
hondjeBut I'm fond of throwing debian on things I don't want to spend a lot of time maintaining...like my personal webserver, etc05:26
oxygene_deadly_venom, you could also add the disk mounter applet to your gnome-panel and mount it from there05:27
ChocoCidyou can't use ndiswrapper for broadcom05:27
=== R0cK3T [i=rkt@d209-89-30-61.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
ferosselkbuntu: details details.. I'm trying to make a sale here ;)05:27
Amaranthsidny4: Well, my Belkin works alright.05:27
elkbuntufeross, lol05:27
ChocoCidbroacom requires some proprietary driver05:27
ChocoCidwhich you can likely get.... blah05:27
=== R0cK3T [i=rkt@d209-89-30-61.abhsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu []
Amaranthsidny4: But you don't want to buy the cheapest one, they're really small and get really hot.05:27
sidny4I have a d-link that I'm pretty fond of05:27
ChocoCidi'm *hoping* that him leaving was due to rebooting in windows to grab the driver :\05:27
sidny4I've configured a few belkins, the cheap kind, not sure how long they lasted though, configured and ran :D05:28
THX-1138cafuego i think it was had a patch/binary for broadcom05:28
sidny4you can use broadcomm with ndiswrapper, you just nee to disable the broadcomm43xx that comes with dapper05:28
=== Hit3k [n=allan@80.079.dsl.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
FAERRLUQparaguay fiu fiu!05:28
ubotuPara Espaol por favor usen #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendrn mas ayuda.05:29
sidny4anybody ever use lirc?05:29
=== SeraVitae [n=seb@60-240-192-119.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidlost irc?05:29
=== summer [n=summer@71-83-160-75.dhcp.whtr.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
SkramXi have two  monitors resolutions i use.. sometimes on my laptop's lcd (1024x768) and sometimes my 19" lcd of 1280x1024 is this possible?05:29
sidny4nope, linus infrared client05:29
SeraVitaehi there, anyone might have a link to setting up a vnc server on ubuntu/gnome?05:29
ChocoCidthen my answer is no :P05:29
ubotuvnc is a way of doing remote desktop.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !freenx.05:29
ubotussh is the Secure SHell protocol (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto). Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows, which can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/05:29
=== madorb [n=ubuntu@c-67-188-224-187.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
SeraVitaeits just over lan05:29
morodockanyone know where to find latest vmware for ubuntu reposititory? when I run player, it tell me there is a new version, but that's the latest from my synaptic repos05:29
morodockor is it now out yet?05:29
Unityanyone know if call of duty 2 multiplayers possible on cadega ?05:30
morodocknow - not05:30
FAERRLUQel chanchon!05:30
madorbhey, i'm trying to install, but the installer doesn't let me partition or install to /dev/hdf... any ideas anyone?05:30
ferossSeraVitae: uh uh.. I have one that uses himachi and vnc ... interested?05:30
deadly_venomsorry for the delay hondje..05:30
deadly_venom[17182842.460000]  usb 2-2: reset full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and addres s 2705:30
madorbit only provides /dev/[hda|hdb] 05:30
sidny4madorb, do you have 6 hard drives?05:30
ferossSeraVitae: oh, I guess if it's over lan no need for VPN05:30
SeraVitaeill just follow the server instructions05:31
seamus7Hi all ... I'm trying to move a partition from a directory under / to a directory under /home/'user' .... it's an ext3 partition ... I edited the mountpoint in fstab to point to a different directory and restarted my computer but it doesn't seemed to have taken ... anyone available to help? pike_ still there?05:31
=== _nodey [n=freenode@] has joined #ubuntu
oxygene_deadly_venom, it should be followed by something like "SCSI device sda: 488397168 512-byte hdwr sectors (250059 MB)"05:31
madorb3 hds05:31
=== jack_wyt__ [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4ok, so that means you have /dev/hda, hdb, hdc05:31
sidny4which partition is it on which drive?05:32
deadly_venomoxygene_:  [17182847.504000]  sd 240:0:0:0: SCSI error: return code = 0x7000005:32
oxygene_deadly_venom, I use the disk mounter applet so I see the icon for the disk when it is connected and I can mount it from there easily05:32
madorbwell, for whatever reason it read them in as hda, hdb, hdf05:32
madorbno clue why05:32
=== rixth [n=tester@203-109-245-204.static.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4hmm, ok, how are you trying to install?05:33
=== hyperstream [n=hyperstr@static-203-87-30-137.qld.chariot.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
madorbdev/hdf has what i want to install to05:33
pike_seamus7: if you sudo mount -a  You get errors?05:33
Axe_how do I make a shortcut to a folder on the desktop05:33
madorbstandard installer05:33
=== MotorCityMadMan [n=max@68-232-97-118.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Alek [n=Alek@cpe-071-075-213-192.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
sidny4throughthe live CD?05:33
deadly_venomoxygene_:  [17182847.504000]  sd 240:0:0:0: SCSI error: return code = 0x7000005:33
=== mikewinsdesk [n=Admin@65-126-161-171.stc.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #ubuntu
hyperstreamhow can i make alsa choose my nvidia onboard over my pci soundblaster?05:33
ferossAxe_: right click create launcher05:33
oxygene_deadly_venom, well. that's strange05:33
hyperstreamas its primary output05:33
robert_bah, wtf- V4L keeps making apps freeze05:33
deadly_venomoxygene_:  maybe, mine is not scsi05:33
robert_V4L2 won't work at all05:34
mikewinsdeskIs there somewheres where I can read to setup different groups of users on different virtual servers for proftpd in webmin05:34
=== fluxi_ [n=fluxi@117.5-244-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu
seamus7pike_: do i need to change to a different directory in the terminal before using that command?05:34
oxygene_deadly_venom, my usb drive is a simple eide-drive via usb05:34
deadly_venomoxygene_:  i got this also -> [17182847.504000]  sd 240:0:0:0: SCSI error: return code = 0x7000005:34
pike_seamus7: nope it just mounts everything in fstab05:34
deadly_venomoxygene_: I got this also -> [17182847.504000]  sd 240:0:0:0: SCSI error: return code = 0x7000005:34
seamus7pike_: oh ok let me try05:34
=== evader [n=mark@nubbin.noogies.org] has joined #ubuntu
oxygene_i get it05:34
seamus7pike_: no error messages05:35
oxygene_deadly_venom, do you use a usb hub or maybe a long usb cable?05:35
=== jerrcs [n=jeremy@c-69-255-253-184.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== evader [n=mark@nubbin.noogies.org] has left #ubuntu []
pike_seamus7: what directory did you set it to mount to exactly? like /home/username/something ?05:35
oxygene_deadly_venom, try another usb port, too05:36
jerrcshi, my /lib /usr/lib and /var/lib folders a HUGE, is there anyway to reduce the space used by them?05:36
deadly_venomoxygene_:  My hdd and my ubuntu box is both connected with a usb.05:36
seamus7pike_: that did it ... the partition is now showing up properly in the directory I pointed to in fstab .... Thanks!05:36
=== Alek [n=Alek@cpe-071-075-213-192.carolina.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
madorbi'll try the alternate installer, thanks all05:36
seamus7pike_: i thought rebooting would do what your command did .... no?05:36
darkaurawhen I create a folder to share on my computer my friend who is using windows can see me and access my computer but when he goes to view the folder it asks for an user name a password05:36
=== mmuzzy [n=Mike@ip72-200-185-231.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
pike_seamus7: np maybe the entry in fstab is higher than your home dir partition? might put it at the bottom05:37
rixthIs there a KHTML-based browser for gnome?05:37
=== Fackamato [n=fackamat@81-234-172-143-no95.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
SeraVitaeOkay i have the VNC server running now.05:37
deadly_venomoxygene_: [17183568.188000]  scsi249 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices05:37
deadly_venom[17183568.188000]  usb-storage: device found at 4105:37
deadly_venom[17183568.188000]  usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning05:37
SeraVitaebut i didn't see in vnc.conf or any options, what the port for VNC was.05:37
seamus7pike_: yeah it is05:37
robdarkaura: check out https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking-introduction.html05:38
oxygene_deadly_venom, you can use  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/ for the whole log05:38
robthere are a few pages05:38
pike_seamus7: thats the only thing i could think of if home hadnt mounted yet and it tried to mount the other partition first but it couldnt find the directory05:38
=== Dual [n=main_spa@adsl-10-116-196.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
hondjerixth: No, but there's a gtk-webkit thing on sourceforge05:39
SuperQdoes anyone know where mkinitramfs gets it's hints about / being a raid device?05:39
SuperQ(/dev/md0 == raid1)05:39
robrixth: just use konqueror?05:39
=== _nodey is now known as nodey
rixthrob, eehhh but KDE apps don't fit in with gnome05:39
ferossSeraVitae: try lsof -i | grep LISTEN05:39
mikewinsdeskwhy when i change the directory to /home instead of /home/FTP-shared in proftpd does is refuse my connection, otherwise when its set to /home/FTP-shared it works fine, I was using this tutorial to set it up http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79588&highlight=proftpd , but now I want to set it up for virtual ftp servers05:40
deadly_venomoxygene_: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/25944/05:40
ChocoCidkde apps work fine on gnome05:40
robrixth: sure they do, if you spend the time to configure the themes correctly05:40
=== billi_ [n=brayment@S0106000d88bfa1e8.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Arafangion [n=arafangi@220-245-220-160-act-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
ArafangionMy touchpad is too dang sensitive - how do i fix this?05:40
ChocoCidmany of the KDE apps are *redundant* with gnome apps05:40
ChocoCidwhich means it's pointless to have both05:41
GoldKeeperi cant compile in ubuntu ?05:41
robumm kioslaves are nice though05:41
robubotu: tell GoldKeeper about buildessential05:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about buildessential - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:41
=== quail [n=quail@unaffiliated/quaillinux/x-000001] has left #ubuntu ["Fry:]
DualHey guys, I'm having a problem with gaim, 1.5.1cvs,  one one of my MSN accounts it just completely quits after it logs on. I'm even able to see the buddy list (for less than a second)05:41
oxygene_deadly_venom, looks like a hardware problem05:41
=== boris55 [n=richards@172.charlotte-03rh16rt.nc.dial-access.att.net] has left #ubuntu []
MadpilotGoldKeeper, install build-essential05:41
oxygene_deadly_venom, try plugging the drive in another usb port05:41
=== senaxue [n=scarface@adsl-020.isp.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
seamus7pike_: would you happen to know what the error message means in my fstab file for my / partition under the column 'options' ... specifically it says   'defaults,errors=remount-ro'05:41
GoldKeeperthat really should be standard05:42
=== nex_ [n=nex@c-71-199-164-140.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ArafangionDual: If it's a problem with the version of gaim that comes with Ubuntu, fine, but if it's a problem with a non-default version of gaim, why don't you ask the gaim folks?05:42
Se7hcould some one help me on the webcam spca5 driver? (edgy)05:42
SeraVitaefeross - okay that worked05:42
ArafangionGoldKeeper: It _is_ standard.05:42
SeraVitaenow um05:42
Dualit came with ubuntu05:42
robGoldKeeper: it's the source of much debate, its on the cd though05:42
nex_howdy everyone05:42
SeraVitaethe VNC server window..05:42
GoldKeeperi mean its no big deal05:42
SeraVitaeit uh... looks nothing like what's on the server right now.05:42
ArafangionGoldKeeper: Infact, every single debian and debian-derived distro does it the same way.05:42
GoldKeeperubuntu is awsome05:42
DualArafangion: it did come installed with ubuntu05:42
SuperQnevermind.. I figured it out.. mdadm comes with the scripts stuff05:43
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@ppp20-222.lns2.syd7.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sidny4 [n=sidny4@24-116-191-206.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
deadly_venomoxygene_:  same thing! :( .. Let me check the BIOS Setting05:43
ArafangionGoldKeeper: Mac OS X also requires explicit installation for their developer tools.05:43
=== Dual is now known as DualCortex
ChocoCidright now i have kmine open next to the mines for GNOME05:43
oxygene_deadly_venom, does the drive work on other machines?05:43
SeraVitaewhat the hell..05:43
ferossSeraVitae: oh, it probably started a twm session05:43
ChocoCidand really the only difference is the game/settings toolbar05:44
pike_seamus7: im not sure of the specifics of how it works but it would then mount / as read only if there was a problem for instance if you needed root access to a comp you didnt know the password you could edit grub and type init=/bin/sh in the options then it would boot to a root shell but / would be read only you would then have to mount -o remount,rw /05:44
deadly_venomoxygene_: Yup, It is working in my Windows Machine, perfectly.05:44
SeraVitaefeross - it's got a black hatched backround and one terminal window05:44
GoldKeeperhmm maybe im not using the add/remove programs thing rite05:44
GoldKeeperis there a package for ruby ?05:44
ChocoCid(other than the fact that kmine in general looks like something out of an old-as-heck version of windows, which is my opinion of KDE in general so meh)05:44
ferossSeraVitae: yeah, SeraVitae twm, twm SeraVitae05:44
SeraVitaei was sorta hoping i could get access to the existing gnome session i had running.05:44
robGoldKeeper: should be :)05:44
GoldKeeperit doesnt find one05:44
SeraVitaelike the windows version of vnc05:44
oxygene_deadly_venom, do you have another cable to test?05:44
robGoldKeeper: try searching with: apt-cache search ruby05:44
DualCortexHey guys, I'm having a problem with gaim, 1.5.1cvs,  one one of my MSN accounts it just completely quits after it logs on. I'm even able to see the buddy list (for less than a second) anyone got any ideas on what may be causing the problem? Could it be a character from my buddies's nicknames?05:44
darkaurabrb probibly with more questions05:45
deadly_venomoxygene_:  let me check..05:45
=== myk3 [n=myke@cpe-24-243-58-87.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
myk3im trying to setup ubuntu on a compaq presario 1200 (12XL505) but i cant fine the propper sync ranges for the lcd where can i find thesE?05:45
myk3i cna run x but it only uses about 60% of the screen05:45
=== lemonsCC [n=chris@c-69-137-135-80.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
robGoldKeeper: you will probably want ruby1.605:45
SeraVitaemyk3 - graphics card problems. happens on mine too05:45
myk3if i try to auto detect it fails and x doesnt boot05:45
robGoldKeeper: or ruby1.905:46
=== lemonsCC [n=chris@c-69-137-135-80.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== lemonsCC [n=chris@c-69-137-135-80.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmyk3: Alternatively, try a different graphics driver (if available), or a specific resolution.05:46
ferossSeraVitae: you have to fanagle the config files in .vnc tell it to execute gnome-session or similar. Can't rememeber exactly. Should be fairly easy to find on net.05:46
myk3i tried to use the trident but it would boot05:46
lemonsCChello all05:46
seamus7pike_: so that sounds like that 'options' parameter is an intended parameter .... i thought (as a newbie) that it might be an indication of some sort of error05:46
myk3so now im useing vesa05:46
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508DA143.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== stephans_ [n=stephans@mail.farorbit.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Coir [n=Nunquam_@ip70-189-93-44.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
myk3and it boots x but only for 60% on the screen05:46
myk3kinda like a bad res05:47
pike_seamus7: mine has same entry05:47
=== usux [n=none@69-173-172-168.sbtnvt.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
usuxubuntu linux is basically shit05:47
myk3but if i comment out the lines in /etc/X11/xorg.conf (horizontal and vertical) it will use slightly more on the screen05:47
=== JoeyStarr [n=9945niQu@dslb-082-083-231-039.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Billir [n=brayment@S0106000d88bfa1e8.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
seamus7pike_: lol ... great now i don't have to obsess about that anymore ... thanks lol05:47
hondjeusux: That's a topic more suited to #ubuntu-offtopic05:48
=== pike_ hugs usux
hondjeThis is a support channel05:48
pike_feel the love man05:48
lemonsCCQuestion:  I have totem setup to do all the "restricted" formats on firefox, but can't play embedded mp3s.  Is there anyway to play them without messing up my current (totem) plugins?05:48
=== Nicholas [n=chatzill@d199-126-241-44.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== seamus7 [n=seamus7@h39.7.141.67.ip.alltel.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Nicholas is now known as zer0
usuxawsome new ubuntu site wowomg.com05:49
=== zer0 is now known as liquidsilence
myk3when i try to use the trident driver it fails05:49
=== jack_wyt_ [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu
myk3what other driver can i use05:49
myk3besides vesa05:49
myk3and vga05:49
Arafangionmyk3: vesa is extremely generic.05:50
=== yleeyas [n=yleeyas@153.152.dsl.ebtech.net] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
myk3i know05:50
myk3and it works 60%05:50
Arafangionmyk3: What vga chipset do you have?05:50
liquidsilencestupid wowomg.com05:50
oxygene_deadly_venom, I have to leave now. If using another port and cable (and avoiding usb hubs) doesn't help, it could be that either your pc's usb ports are defect or the harddrive itself05:50
=== knapper [n=knapper@] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmyk3: No, not "60%", your screen is simply stating the largest "vesa" resolution it can handle, and displaying that.05:51
myk3o ok05:51
MotorCityMadManif i change my dns server in the resolv.conf file can ?/do you need to restart(shell Command to do so) or just saving the file works ?05:51
liquidsilencehey usux, YOU SUCKS05:51
myk3so it was at 1024x76805:51
deadly_venomoxygene_: what do you use ?05:51
deadly_venomgnome-volume-manager ?05:51
myk3so can i up it one more?05:51
oxygene_deadly_venom, what do you mean?05:51
pike_MotorCityMadMan: just saving works05:51
deadly_venomwhat applet do you use? to maange to usb drives ?05:51
Arafangionmyk3: It's highly likely that your screen can't be fully utilized using only vesa resolutions - let me guess, you have a "wide" screen?05:52
oxygene_deadly_venom, the disk mounter applet05:52
MotorCityMadManpike_: nice, ty05:52
oxygene_deadly_venom, but your problem is on a lower level05:52
Arafangionmyk3: Which laptop do you have? (And how old is it?)05:52
oxygene_deadly_venom, the kernel has problems to communicate with the drive without problems05:52
=== Hitmanx [n=andrew@60-234-156-68.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
deadly_venomwhat is the cmd for disk mounter applet ... apt-get install what? I wajnt to give it atry05:52
Arafangionusux didn't last lon.05:52
=== Hello_Kitty__ [i=acidjame@ABordeaux-152-1-15-188.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== esfe [n=opera@] has joined #ubuntu
ArafangionHello_Kitty__: You *suck* at Utopia!05:53
ArafangionHello_Kitty__: Seriously.05:53
oxygene_deadly_venom, most probably it won't help. i'm not sure if the disk mounter is there by default05:53
GoldKeeperhuh ?05:53
liquidsilenceim a windowz user shoot me05:53
esfeis there a way i can get ubuntu to prompt me about stuff as it starts05:53
oxygene_just right-click on your panel and select "add to panel"05:53
Arafangionliquidsilence: *bang*05:53
esfelike do u want to load this and that05:53
oxygene_look for the disk mounter in the "system & hardware" section then05:53
Madpilotliquidsilence, please stop trolling... thanks05:53
=== lemonsCC cries
Madpilotesfe, prompt you about what?05:54
esfemaybe buy change boot stuff i grub?05:54
myk3ara= compaw presario 1200 model 12XL50505:54
myk3dont know how old05:54
pike_esfe: yes i dont remember the flag for that though..05:54
lemonsCCNo help for mp3 plugin on forums or irc....05:54
myk3it came from a friend05:54
=== eegore [n=eegore@h-68-166-89-122.chcgilgm.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Madpilotubotu, tell lemonsCC about mp305:54
esfeMadpilot: well actually i want it not to cheack my harddisk for erros05:54
lemonsCC I have totem setup to do all the "restricted" formats on firefox, but can't play embedded mp3s.  Is there anyway to play them without messing up my current (totem) plugins?05:54
esfepike_: i rember doining it in fedora05:54
eegoreI am having issues with an asus A8N-E on board sound controller05:55
unfknblvblis there a way to join PDFs in ubuntu ?05:55
Madpilotesfe, the fsck checks? It only does that about once every 30 boots, so once a month or so... is it really worth disabling?05:55
=== |thunder-afk is now known as |thunder
hondjelemonsCC: I'd install either totem-gstreamer-firefox-plugin or totem-xine-firefox-plugin, depending on which is more appropriate05:55
hondjeoh, misread :) Sorry05:56
=== turtle5001 [n=turtle50@61-224-68-207.dynamic.hinet.net] has joined #ubuntu
eegoreit seems that I can only have one app access the hw:0 controller at once. do I need an updated hardware driver to get the channels to work properly in dapper?05:56
lemonsCCMadpilot:  I already went through the restricted formats and got it all working nicely.  Everything except embedded mp3s05:57
gtlI'm having problems installing wine on my ubuntu x86_6405:57
oxygene_deadly_venom, I'm leaving now. bye05:57
deadly_venomoxygene_:  thanks for the help05:57
deadly_venomoxygene_:  bye05:57
=== AVS588 [n=Alfonso@pool-71-100-164-209.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
Arafangionmyk3: Ok, you have:  Trident CyberBlade 3D Graphics with 4 MB shared video memory (user-configurable to 2 MB, 4 MB or 8 MB)05:57
lemonsCCMadpilot:  I installed xmms and it is the default for mp3 files but I couldn't find anything about a firefox plugin05:58
esfeMadpilot: something gone wrong it won't stop checking05:58
=== ohoel [n=oivind@exten-halls-246.soton.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
esfeMadpilot: maybey my hd's got bad sectors or somthing but i don't care05:58
myk3ara yes05:58
cpwI seem to have a lot of packages in hold according to aptitude05:58
cpwanyway to unhold them all?05:59
YBH_1apt-get install windows-vista05:59
deadly_venomJUST CURIOUS, isn't dmesg the same as /var/log/messages ?05:59
YBH_1deadly_venom, C05:59
MadpilotlemonsCC, no idea, you should be glad you can't hear the random crap people install on their webpages ;)05:59
Arafangionmyk3: Which version of Ubuntu are you running?05:59
deadly_venomYBH_1:  What ?05:59
myk3Arafangion when i try to use the trident driver x will freeze causeing a hard boot05:59
Arafangionmyk3: This may be relevant: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/1310106:00
Madpilotesfe, check the output of the next fsck run, it'll tell you if you've got bad sectors. Ignoring them doesn't sound like a good idea.06:00
ChocoCidso, is "localpurge" a bad program to run?06:00
esfebut i want too06:00
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats  -  See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html  -  But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:00
=== Rissie [n=Drew2C@67-21-233-4.agstme.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmyk3: You could try the Edgy live cd, just to check it out.06:00
pike_esfe: have you tried the mplayer plugin instead?06:01
YBH_1ye sdmesg is messages log06:01
Arafangionmyk3: If you're very lucky, it's a bug that's been fixed for edgy - but I doubt it.06:01
sproingieChocoCid: i've run localepurge with no problems, but it's not really worth it unless you're really tight on space06:01
pike_esfe: sorry wrong nick06:01
myk3when i try to boot live on any distro without chooseing (safe mode) it freezes06:01
deadly_venomYBH_1:  can't i just go to /var/log/message rather than typing dmesg ?06:01
=== Xanotos [n=coir@ip70-189-93-44.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
YBH_1Yes if it is readable by anyone except root06:01
YBH_1otherwise - > sudo texteditorenamehere /var/log/message06:02
Arafangionmyk3: Does "any" include any bleeding edge distros?06:02
ChocoCidwell, i am kinda tight on space due to dual booting on a 80 gig hard drive (with the "other" os full of bloat on the other partition)06:02
myk3i have tried06:02
Arafangionmyk3: Which ones have you tried?06:03
myk3ubuntu, kubuntu, slax, slackware, xubuntu, ubuntu lite06:03
=== ebrosius [i=ebrosius@dslb-088-073-002-059.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmyk3: Which *versions*?06:03
myk3latest of all06:03
ebrosiusomg youre still here :D06:03
Arafangionmyk3: Here, the issue is which VERSION of the xorg and graphics drivers.06:03
myk3let me say this06:03
=== gtl [n=gtl@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
myk3when i got the laptop it had pclinux on it06:03
Arafangionmyk3: As I'm guessing, only the latest will work for you - alternatively, it's possible that it'll only work with xfree86 :(06:03
Arafangionmyk3: Did that work?06:04
myk3yes pclinux was working06:04
=== ebrosius [i=ebrosius@dslb-088-073-002-059.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
myk3but i didnt want that06:04
=== FAERRLUQ [n=faerrluq@] has left #ubuntu []
myk3and then when i screwed it up i tried all 3 versions of that with the same result06:04
myk3black sreen06:04
Arafangionmyk3: My guess is that only a very specific driver will work on your machine.06:05
=== didymo [n=ashley@CPE-61-9-197-223.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmyk3: Possibly only with xfree86, as opposed with xorg06:05
myk3is it going to be a trail process06:05
myk3how dod i do that?06:05
Arafangionmyk3: Yes :(06:05
myk3im new to the linux world06:05
pike_myk3: try freebsd :)06:06
myk3hopefully it will work06:06
Arafangionmyk3: You're unfortunate in that you are using very difficult hardware.06:06
myk3i know06:06
Arafangionpike_: What's that like with the graphics drivers?06:06
myk3i had ubuntu on my other laptop but broke06:06
=== Anti-Tedd [n=na@pool-162-83-234-140.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== zcat[1] [n=zcat@60-234-226-80.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
myk3and i am going to buy another (newer) laptop hopefully soon06:07
unfknblvblwhere can i go to learn about batch commands in the console ?06:07
myk3my toshiba broke main board went out after lightning hit it06:07
Arafangionmyk3: Lightning, eh?06:07
akano1nhow can i add ndiswrapper to modprobe ?06:07
myk3and it was oow06:07
ferossunfknblvbl: lookup bash tutorial06:07
myk3and im useing my wifes right now06:08
myk3an acer 710006:08
Arafangionmyk3: The best possible brand of graphics drivers you can get are NVidia, keep that in mind - but they are often expensive in laptops.06:08
myk3its nice06:08
=== harrism [n=ubuntu@67-23-32-16.snbrca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
pike_Arafangion: to be honest not sure. ive only been using it on my laptop for about 4 months and i was fortunate that everything just kind of worked. havent had to mess around too much with it06:08
Arafangionmyk3: I've got an Acer V6V, it's rather nice.06:08
=== link_36p [n=patrick@c-67-183-91-138.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
myk3i work for acer no06:08
Arafangionpike_: The issue here is crap driver support for Trident.06:08
myk3for the past 6 months06:08
myk3in temple tx06:08
eegorefor some strange reason, I can only have one app access the device at once06:09
harrismPlease help with a problem I've encountered. When I restart my computer it hangs when it should load GRUB. I am actually running the live cd right now, is there anything I can do?06:09
link_36pAnyone here experienced with WLAN?06:09
eegoredo I have to reconfigure alsa for the device change?06:09
Arafangionmyk3: Well, the V6800V works rather well, everything works (Haven't tested bluetooth, or firewire, or infrared, or modem), but the ati card works with the ati drivers (download from website), and the card reader also works.06:09
eegoreif so, how do I reset the alsa config06:10
myk3does ubuntu do good with amd 64 x2?06:10
Arafangionmyk3: Asus's windows drivers suck, ironically.06:10
myk3i just bought a new desktop06:10
ferosslink_36p: what's your question?06:10
=== Ferret0547 [n=travis@cpe-72-183-231-110.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #Ubuntu
harrismso can anyone help?06:10
Arafangionmyk3: Infact, they suck so badly that it's faster to run windows in qemu than on the actual hardware itself, and I'm not exagerating.06:10
myk3that does suck06:10
myk3well i think ill try agan tomarrow06:11
myk3for the help06:11
=== Crescendo [n=GWing@cpe-024-211-177-002.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== myk3 [n=myke@cpe-24-243-58-87.satx.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
w30harrism, does it say grub somthing and then hang?06:11
ArafangionChocoCid: I'm not kidding.06:11
ChocoCidi really should find my windows disk and set up qemu just so i can stick windows on face #4 of the cube and get rid of my windows partition entirely06:11
ArafangionChocoCid: Using the "kqemu accellerator", mind you.06:11
=== jaxadmrl [i=davutz@207-255-47-031-dhcp.jst.pa.atlanticbb.net] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidi've just never worked with virtualization before at all, so...06:11
ArafangionChocoCid: It's not virtualization.06:12
link_36pWell im trying to get it working on my laptop feross, i just did a fresh edgy install and there are two connections and i dont know wich is really my wifi, one is named "wifi0" and the network utility shoes packets going through it and the other is "ath0" showing no packets. I cant get a connection at all though.06:12
harrismw30: no, it hangs before it would usually get to that step06:12
ArafangionChocoCid: qemu *emulates*06:12
ChocoCider, ok06:12
ChocoCidvmware virtualize06:12
=== roduku [n=chatzill@12-217-0-57.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidand i'm not sure which one i want, nor why i would want either over the other06:12
harrismI have some java projects on my disk that was not backed up either06:12
ArafangionChocoCid: VMware is more polished.06:12
ArafangionChocoCid: But you have to purchase it in order to use it effectively.06:12
link_36pFeross where can i find a good guide to wifi'ing in ubuntu (ive already gone through wiki.ubuntu.com)06:12
=== rga [n=ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidah, hrm06:13
ArafangionChocoCid: VMware is also better on the graphics dept, but qemu + kqemu is arguably faster in other regards.06:13
pike_vmware server isnt bad and the serial is free with registration06:13
=== Half-Left [n=Half-Lef@cpc1-mapp3-0-0-cust704.nott.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidwell, i don't really care about graphics06:13
ferosslink_36p: hmm, what do you see with iwconfig?06:13
rgaalguem fala portugus e pode me ajudar?06:13
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br  ou #ubuntu-pt  para ajuda em portugus. Obrigada.06:13
ArafangionChocoCid: On the other hand, if you want true virtualization, take a look at Xen.06:13
ubotuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenOnEdgy06:13
ChocoCidooh, edgy :D06:13
ArafangionChocoCid: Though, unless you have the specific hardware, you may have to live with mere paravirtualization.06:13
Half-Leftsome of my themes are broken in Edgy, any ideas?06:13
Unityis an actual install of ubuntu better than VMware ?06:13
=== j_ack_ [n=rudi@p508DAA35.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
ferosslink_36p: don't paste here, but you should see one that says something with IEEE in it.06:13
ArafangionChocoCid: Paravirtualization, however, requires modifications to both host and guest, and as a result, you cannot run windows as a guest.06:14
harrismI don't mind reinstalling, but is there a way I can get my projects off the disk first?06:14
ArafangionUnity: Ha. :)06:14
=== kitche [n=dragon@sourcemage/guru/kitche] has joined #ubuntu
Ferret0547Do you have to register on Ubuntu Forums to use this channel?06:14
ArafangionUnity: You're joking, right?06:14
ChocoCidFerret0547 : no06:15
Unityguy on my msn keeps on telling me to do clean install on hard disk instead of emulation im like why he's like just do it06:15
w30harrism, there is two parts to grub. first part is installed in the mbr and the second part is in /boot and maybe /boot/grub. If you have nothing then you probably have lost something in the mbr and if you have loading stage 1 or something like that and then it hangs you have got the grub on the mbr looking in the wrong place for /boot/grub06:15
link_36pfeross: ya ath0 does in iwconfig its the olny one with a "wireless extention" so why doesnt it pick up any packages!!! :'(06:15
ChocoCidso uh, why does xen want me to make an initrd image of the linux kernel?06:15
=== lemonsCC [n=chris@c-69-137-135-80.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ArafangionUnity: I don't mean to rude, but it's pretty much a "Duh" answer - yes, Ubuntu is better actually installed.06:15
ArafangionUnity: Assuming you have reasonable hardware.06:15
ChocoCidI would think i'd want to install windows there :\06:15
link_36pfeross: packets*06:15
ChocoCidbleh, i'll figure out what i want to do regarding virtualization/emulation later06:16
ArafangionUnity: But...   If you have to use windows most of the time (I use Ubuntu most of the time), you _may_ be better off with continuing to run it in vmware, rather than living with dualbooting.06:16
ferosslink_36p: ok try  iwlist ath0 scanning   ... get the essid and I'll tell you what to put in your interfaces file06:16
ArafangionChocoCid: Xen is currently unable to run windows, because it needs to modify the guest.06:17
ChocoCidah, gotcha06:17
ChocoCidthat's pointless then :P06:17
harrismI was actually trying to use wine, while installing a game everything got extremely slow.. my system locked up actually which I was amazed with so I rebooted to leave the process hang just before it would mention "grub"06:17
ArafangionChocoCid: The magic with Xen is that it allows several OS's to run _natively_ on the hardware, without any emulation.06:17
lemonsCCIs there anyway to install mplayer plugin for specific file types?06:17
w30harrism, to repair grub you have to do the chroot bit with your harddrive installation. There should be help in the Ubuntu community documentation.06:17
ChocoCidi do not need to emulate linux within linux06:17
ArafangionChocoCid: Xen doesn't.06:17
ChocoCider, virtualize it06:17
harrismyou mean, I can access my hd still?06:18
ChocoCidhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows  <-- harrism, use that06:18
=== jeremy_c [n=jeremy_c@cpe-71-74-145-210.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
harrismthanks a lot06:18
ChocoCidi'll probably look more into qemu06:18
harrismthis live cd is a life saver06:18
jeremy_canyone sucessfully installed Ubuntu in Parallels?06:18
stephans_OK - I have another stupid question... how do I tell a host to pass the hostname to the dhcp server... so it can register with DDNS?06:19
DualCortexHey guys, I'm having a problem with gaim, 1.5.1cvs,  one one of my MSN accounts it just completely quits after it logs on. I'm even able to see the buddy list (for less than a second) anyone got any ideas on what may be causing the problem? Could it be a character from my buddies's nicknames?06:19
=== swar051 [n=swar051@202-74-217-20.ue.woosh.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidlivecds tend to be, harrism06:19
ubotulirc: Linux Infra-red Remote Control support. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.1pre2-11ubuntu1 (dapper), package size 271 kB, installed size 1440 kB06:19
ArafangionHow do I adjust the sensitivity of my touchpad?06:20
sidny4anybody know how to use lirc?06:20
ArafangionI only have to HOVER over it to move the mouse or click.06:20
=== darkaura [n=darkaura@wnpgmb02dc1-63-228.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #ubuntu
ArafangionHeck, I could put several layers of paper over it and still use it without any issue.06:20
ChocoCiduh, hold on06:20
ChocoCidis it a synatpic touchpad?06:20
darkauraokay I got the Nvidia drivers from ubuntu installed06:20
ArafangionChocoCid: I believe so.06:21
w30harrism, have you tried to start you Ubuntu installation from the live cd? there should be an option for that.06:21
ChocoCidstep 1: sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:21
=== paradizelost [n=dan@host-69-129-220-24.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
ArafangionChocoCid: Just tried it with four layers of paper.06:21
ChocoCidstep 2: save a backup xorg.conf.old06:21
ChocoCidstep 3... find something in there that looks relevant and make the number bigger :P06:21
ArafangionChocoCid: What's the setting?06:21
=== matjan [n=matjan@216-154-20-235.dsl.look.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidoddly enough, i don't seem to have a relevant one in my xorg.conf06:22
link_36pfeross: essid is "Hansell Manor""06:22
ChocoCiddo you have the synaptics driver?06:22
ArafangionChocoCid: I can't find any such setting.06:22
harrismyeah I did, and it just hanged :/06:22
ChocoCidyeah, googling now06:22
ferossChocoCid: shouldn't step 2 be step 1 ;) .. just sudo cp /ect/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11.xorg.conf.back06:22
ChocoCideh, fair enough06:22
ferosslink_36p: ok hold a sec06:22
=== BeepAU [n=BeepAU@CPE-139-168-29-32.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionfeross: Actually, apt will back it up for you.06:23
esfeMadpilot: if fstab theres two numbers at the end of the hd line the last number is one06:23
harrismhow can I paste the terminal output here? it is more than a few lines so I don't want to flood the channel06:23
Arafangionfeross: Well, in this specific case, xorg is very hard to ruin. :)06:23
Ferret0547I had kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop packages installed and then I removed some stuff from them namely the usplash package06:23
esfeMadpilot: if you change the last number to 0 it stops checking06:23
pike_!paste > harrism06:23
BeepAUany gamers here? i download nexuiz, but i can't see how to install it.06:23
Madpilotesfe, cool, good to know. Add that to the Ubuntu wiki somewhere!06:23
dreamok i found the driver to my printer on dapper but it doesnt print as neat as windows06:23
Ferret0547This is on Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS06:23
esfeMadpilot: aparterntly if you change it to 2 i asks you each tim06:23
dreamis there a way to fix that?06:23
DualCortexHey guys, I'm having a problem with gaim, 1.5.1cvs,  one one of my MSN accounts it just completely quits after it logs on. I'm even able to see the buddy list (for less than a second) anyone got any ideas on what may be causing the problem? Could it be a character from my buddies's nicknames?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:24
=== Lukas3 [n=Lukas3@c65-245.icpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
unfknblvbl#gaim ?06:24
ArafangionDualCortex: What did I say earlier?06:24
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508DAA35.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
ChocoCidwhat brand laptop is it?06:24
DualCortexArafangion: IT DID come installed06:24
harrism!paste > testing testing :D06:24
w30harrism, that should bypass grub and find your kernel directly I think? Maybe grub is not your problem. Have you lost the boot flag on your hard drive or something like that?06:24
=== frodo [n=ahmed@] has joined #ubuntu
esfeMadpilot: found it in man fstab06:25
pike_dream: if you open firefox and goto localhost:631 under the admin link depending on the driver you might be able to adjust some things06:25
=== kishore [n=kishore@] has joined #ubuntu
ArafangionDualCortex: Then, it's not 1.5.1cvs, it's 1.5.0+1.5.1cvs20051015-1ubuntu10 (On mine)06:25
=== jack_wyt_ [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu
kishorehow to clean the temp files in linux06:25
ferosslink_36p: so in your /etc/networking/interfaces file you should have "iface ath0 inet dhcp\ wireless-essid "Hansell Manor" the "\" means those are two lines not all one line.. also you need to disable the networking applet for now.. go to it and select lo as the interface so it doesn't mess up anything.06:25
ArafangionDualCortex: Or you could just not be specific, and just say "The version in dapper".06:25
hondjekishore: define 'temp' files?06:25
harrismw30, I am really not sure but do not know how to find out06:26
frodoHi All06:26
kishorehondje, i mean. when connected to internet some temp r stored somewhere na06:26
frodoi have a Q?06:26
kishorehondje, also during installation06:26
DualCortexArafangion: if you don't have an answer then you might as well ........06:26
feross!ask > frodo06:26
Ferret0547I had kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop packages installed and then I removed some stuff from them namely the usplash package. Now, in GNOME and Xfce everytime I change the font size or font for "Application Font" absolutely nothing happens.06:26
hondjekishore: Your browser should have an option to 'clear the cache' in the menus06:26
kishorehondje, i heard some cmd "autoclean"06:26
=== montablac [n=montabla@210-55-32-28.dialup.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
w30harrism, I know that a MSWindows install likes to change the boot flag to whatever it calls drive C: I don't know what a program in wine could do?06:27
=== DualCortex [n=main_spa@adsl-10-116-196.mia.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== Xanotos [n=coir@ip70-189-93-44.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
kishoreubotu, autoclean06:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about autoclean - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:27
frodowhere synaptic cashe the downloaded pakeges?06:27
=== vik_ [n=vik@cor9-ppp2930.bur.dsl.connect.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
montablachey all06:27
ferossFerret0547: I had all three installed one time and it messes up big time. Just pick one :)06:27
hondjefrodo: /var/cache/apt/archives06:27
montablacany one know of any good game devolment systems for linux?06:27
harrismhmm, yeah I think wine messed me up. My box was running perfectly just before that06:27
hondjekishore: that doesn't have anything to do with browsers :)06:28
=== SurfnKid [n=SurfnKid@cpe-68-203-223-229.rgv.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
kishorehondje, no temp folder in linux06:28
Arafangionduckdown: I don't have an answer, but you're unlikely to get answers when you're asking about _specific_ versionf of gaim, that aren't installed by default.06:28
kishoreya.. may be06:28
harrismdoes that look ok?06:28
hondjekishore: yeah, for firefox it's probably inside $HOME/.firefox though06:28
w30harrism,sudo  fdisk /dev/hda should show you what is going on on your hard drive and partitions just hit m for menu and go from there.06:28
hondjebut there's no 'everywhere' folder06:28
Half-Leftmontablac, You mean like Directx?06:28
frodothank U !06:28
harrismok thanks06:29
=== unfknblvbl [n=hathe@dsl-202-72-170-229.wa.westnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
=== tyvek [n=dps@c-71-205-133-16.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== mboso [n=mboso@cpe-24-90-214-9.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
montablacno,like a c++ enviroment + compiler06:29
Ferret0547I'll pick ubuntu-desktop and just enough kubuntu stuff for kopete to run06:29
w30harrism, but don't write to the hard drive just look :=)06:29
=== Mr [n=JJones02@adsl-68-253-196-114.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
SeraVitaei can't find what commands i need to use to connect an existing gnome-session to tightvnc.06:30
harrismwhich option should I choose on the menu? I am unsure as to what I am looking for06:30
SeraVitaei've googled, but it's all very ambiguous.06:30
MrI downloaded Ubuntu alternate im trying to install it now im where it says Install in text mode,install OEM,Install a server which one do select06:30
hondjemontablac: There are lots of IDEs available, but none specifically for game development afaik06:31
Arafangionmontablac: Why would an IDE be specific to game development?06:31
montablacwell,what would be considered the best one for ubuntu 6.06?06:31
Arafangionmontablac: Define "best"06:31
ferossSeraVitae: hmm vncviewer localhost:0  brings up  twm?06:31
hondjemontablac: that's a matter of debate among people. Everyone has their preference06:31
montablacsmallest and most stable06:32
=== ChocoCid grabs the popcorn and heads to #vi_vs_emacs
SeraVitaefeross - im connecting from a windwos vnc box to a linux vnc server06:32
ChocoCidCALLED IT06:32
Arafangionmontablac: I like vim 7.0, and make files, I say "The OS is the IDE", which it is.06:32
=== ru [n=ru@dsl-146-149-224.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
w30harrism, I think fdisk has (shows) a asterisk for a boot flag06:32
SeraVitaeand yes, when i connect to the linux vnc server i get twm06:32
ruim trying to install synaptic06:32
Arafangionmontablac: Others use emacs and say "Emacs is my OS, and Linux is my device driver".06:32
rureturns a failire:06:32
rusynaptic: Depends: libvte4 (>= 1:0.12.1)06:32
Arafangionmontablac: Yet other swear by KDevelop.06:32
=== Lukian [i=lukian@] has joined #ubuntu
ruhow do i forcefully install the version that it needs?06:32
MrI downloaded Ubuntu alternate im trying to install it now im where it says Install in text mode,install OEM,Install a server which one do select?06:32
montablacim used to things like dev c++06:33
Arafangionmontablac: Other fan clubs you could subscribe to are: Anjuta, Eclipse, etc.06:33
harrismi hit toggle a bootable flag and it wants an option 1 - 5, should I choose 1?06:33
hondjemontablac: there are literally a hundred options man06:33
=== mrmagee2759 [n=ubuntu@124-168-16-82.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
hondjedeveloping on unix is .... well, kinda what it's for :)06:33
Mrcan someone help me?06:33
montablacMR,do you want a sever?06:33
Arafangionmontablac: Dev C++ seems like a rather primitive IDE to me.06:33
=== Yggdrasil [n=Son_Of_O@c-68-35-11-24.hsd1.nm.comcast.net] has joined #UBUNTU
MrI want the GUI06:34
Mrbut its going to be a server06:34
=== jguilherme [n=jguilher@] has joined #ubuntu
montablacis it going to be sent to any one?06:34
ferossSeraVitae: edit  ".vnc/xstartup" .. find twm in there and make it gnome-session .06:34
Yggdrasilhi folks. is there a way to edit mp3s. mostly jsut cropping them for cell phone ringtones ?06:34
=== ajuki123 [n=asdfasdf@] has joined #ubuntu
ajuki123how do i change root password on ubuntu?06:34
Arafangionmontablac: What do you mean?06:34
Mrno? im just installing it on one of my computers06:34
sethkYggdrasil, mp3s are compressed.  you can't really edit compressed audio06:34
sethkajuki123, sudo passwd06:34
montablacMR,try text install06:34
Arafangionmontablac: Why don't you just install a few, and check them out?06:34
DarkMageZYggdrasil, try using audacity. it might do the trick 06:35
SeraVitaefeross - in /home/<user>/.vnc there's a line called xstartup, and there's no twm in there.06:35
montablacbecause i dont know what packages to get06:35
ArafangionDarkMageZ: Nice smilie!06:35
sethkMr, text mode, because you had problems with the gui earlier, right?06:35
MrI want the gui but the installation wasnt working06:35
ajuki123sethk, thanks06:35
Arafangionmontablac: apt-get install anjuta kdevelop emacs vim build-essential eclipse06:35
SeraVitaeoh wait. this is confusing.06:35
=== mikeh_ [n=mikeh@c-24-16-169-54.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
SeraVitaeit was a dir. heh.06:35
harrismrather-> partition number (1-5)... I only have ubuntu on my hd so it would have to be 1 right?06:35
w30Yggdrasil, how do you change the ring tone on a cell phone? I hate my ring tones.06:36
Arafangionmontablac: That installs "five" IDE's, though with eclipse, you'd still need to get the c++ plugin, as by default, it only does Java.06:36
montablacdont you mean sudo in front?06:36
sethkharrism, no, you may have swap partitions, you may have installed onto more than one partition06:36
Arafangionmontablac: Yes.06:36
SeraVitaefeross - there's no twm command in there.06:36
SeraVitaex-window-manager though.06:36
montablacgive me a minute,ill check it out06:36
=== BluR [n=BluR@pool-71-243-96-117.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkharrism, and the automatic partitioner sometimes makes an extended partition, and puts the swap partition in it, which is dumb, but what do you expect from a machine?06:36
ferossSeraVitae: ok try comment that out and add gnome-session.06:37
SeraVitaeyeah i just did06:37
SeraVitaei got some 'error in locking authority file /home/<usr>/.Xauthority06:37
mikeh_can anybody help me with a slow ubuntu system after it goes idle for a while06:37
sethkmikeh_, run top, see if anything is using up cpu06:37
=== jack_wyt_ [n=jack@] has joined #ubuntu
SeraVitaethat said though when i vnc'ed to it, i got TWM or whatever again, but the terminal open was the same as the terminal on the gnome box06:37
Arafangionmontablac: Actually, it's eclipse-cdt06:37
sethkmikeh_, or other resources; top gives you a nice summary at the top06:38
sethkmikeh_, see if the % idle is dropping when it slows up06:38
mikeh_top shows that only 1% cpu and 10%ram is used when the computer gets super slow06:38
ferossSeraVitae: ok hold a sec06:38
sethkmikeh_, hmm.  if you switch to a console, is the response normal?06:38
mikeh_i put in the boot parameters idle=poll06:38
sethkmikeh_, why did you do that?06:39
ubotuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo06:39
=== A-L-P-H-A [n=alpha@CPE0018397a8bca-CM0012c9a9b2ea.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Ferret0547Console should never be slow06:39
pike_mikeh_: are you runnning ubuntu in virtual pc? :)06:40
mikeh_sethK; I have a Multiprocessor system and i heard that it helps SMC performance06:40
cl187ubuntu hates me06:40
Ferret0547I'm on 800mhz P3, i810e Integrated Graphics and USB 1.106:40
sethkmikeh_, I'm skeptical about that.  plus, don't fix a problem unless you see it.06:40
=== lastnode [n=lastnode@unaffiliated/mahangu] has joined #ubuntu
sethkmikeh_, take that out, it's an unnecessary variable06:40
mikeh_the only thing that is super slow is the mouse and typing.  All programs and everything continues running like normal06:40
=== SuperQ [n=ben@bar.cologeeks.net] has left #ubuntu []
Arafangionmontablac: So, what project do you intend to work on?06:40
sethkmikeh_, how can you know that if the mouse and typing are slow?06:41
montablacsimple game devolment,and mostly port my first game to linux06:41
ferossSeraVitae: do you have a System>prefs>remote desktop util?06:41
Arafangionmontablac: 2D, or 3D?06:41
=== Lurkan [n=agsm@] has joined #ubuntu
montablac2d,text based06:41
sethkmikeh_, you can tell that, if you get fast response in a console, but otherwise, that's just an unwaranted assumption06:41
SeraVitaefeross - yeah06:41
Arafangionmontablac: What libs does it use?06:41
SeraVitaejust checking it out now06:41
ferossSeraVitae: ok that one should get you where you want to go :)06:42
Arafangionmontablac: Could I have a look?06:42
=== Sandman [i=The@Kitchener-HSE-ppp3574623.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
mikeh_sethk:  when i finally get the cursor over to a program shortcut and click on it it starts up lightning fast and quits just as fast as if i just rebooted when the computer acts normal06:42
montablacive got the game at school06:42
SeraVitaewell, i ran it, it says starting remote desktop in the tray, then nothing happens.06:42
montablacalong with the source06:42
SeraVitaeit just dissapears.06:42
sethkmikeh_, that only means it has started responding again.  it says nothing about why it was slow.06:42
Arafangionmontablac: Wow, no backup!06:42
mikeh_sethk:  it is just when the computer sits idle the only thing i see with super slow response is the cursor and the keyboard response06:42
Arafangionmontablac: Which compiler are you using on windows?06:42
=== suff0kate [n=suff0kat@24-247-142-36.dhcp.trcy.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
ferossSeraVitae: it might be in conflict with the current vncserver ... turn off the one you set up manually06:42
montablacoh no,we have 3 severs at school,i backed it up on those06:42
sethkmikeh_, ok, it _may_ be that the only slow thing is the cursor and the keyboard, but it may not.06:43
suff0katewhats a good mp3 audio cd burner06:43
SeraVitaefeross - sure06:43
mikeh_sethk:  i agree.  it appears that is so.06:43
Sandmanhey guys ive got a question that google cant seem to solve06:43
=== rednaxel [n=rednaxel@201-25-44-101.paemt704.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmontablac: Good, then you don't have to change your code that much - except for various libraries.  That compiler uses the standards quite well.06:43
sethkmikeh_, the reason I say that is that I suspect that you would have already solved your problem if your assumptions were correct.06:43
Arafangionmontablac: msc does *wierd* things.06:43
ferossSeraVitae: also, when you make the changes there it turns on the service and it doesn't leave anything in the task panel.06:43
SeraVitaefeross - actually, i can't turn it off because my terminal won't open. "starting terminal....." and closes. like remote desktop.06:44
SeraVitaei think i might reboot.06:44
=== BluR [n=BluR@pool-71-243-96-117.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
sethkmikeh_, so don't assume.  does it always slow up after a known amount of time?06:44
Sandmanits not directly about ubuntu linux but about ssh on ubuntu06:44
Ferret0547Errie SeraVitae06:44
SeraVitaeUhhhhhhhhhh. i don't have a shutdown or reboot option now.06:44
Ferret0547just go to a tty06:44
montablacall my libs are the stuff newbs use06:44
sethkmikeh_, if you know that it _always_ slows up after, say, 15 minutes idle, then put it in console mode, wait 15 minutes, and see what happens when you start typing06:44
Mrfinally ubuntu is installing yay :)06:44
Arafangionmontablac: Infact, they have about 3 different standards of C++ now, and their docs never say which one.06:44
Sandmanyea sudo reboot will restart06:44
suff0katewhats a good recommended cd burner for .mp3 files?06:44
=== mrmagee2759 [n=ubuntu@124-168-16-82.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
SeraVitaei'd do that if i could get to a console06:45
ferossSeraVitae: doh! well you can go to terminal and "sudo reboot" right?06:45
Sandmank3b works good06:45
montablacthey need to sort it out06:45
sethkMr, I told you about using text mode four hours ago.  if it is only installing now, it's because you waited four hours to try my suggestion  :)06:45
SeraVitaefeross - the entire gnome session stopped responding06:45
Arafangionmontablac: classic C++, Managed C++, and C++/CLI, which they just call C++, much to the annoyance of the C++ standards committie.06:45
ChocoCiddialup :(06:45
Mru told me that 2 hours ago06:45
sethkMr, I know, I'm teasing you06:45
mikeh_sethk i will and i will get back to you.06:45
Ferret0547SeraVitae, just go to a tty and then login and type "sudo reboot" or "sudo shutdown -r now"06:45
ferossSeraVitae:  do ctr+alt+backspace06:45
SeraVitaeyeah that's what i did06:45
mikeh_sethk:  if it does what else should i try06:45
montablacim usin clasic06:45
Sandmanhey anyone good with ssh?06:45
SeraVitaeyeah, it freaked out a bit trying to stop the gnome dm06:45
sethkmikeh_, you mean if you don't see the slowdown?06:46
ferossSandman: I'm aswsome with it06:46
mikeh_sethk:  if i do see  the slow down06:46
darkaurawhat is the best program to use for playing dvds?06:46
pike_suff0kate: application? i use k3b06:46
montablacbut i want to learn how to incorpate assembler into my code06:46
Sandmanlol ty06:46
mikeh_darkaura:  ogle06:46
sethkmikeh_, I'd start looking at all the power save settings and options.06:46
Sandmanhow can i connect to /dev/tty0 instead of /dev/pts/tty406:46
sethkmikeh_, they are known to be questionable in the first place, and, since it happens when the box is idle, ...06:46
=== RandMC_ [i=kvirc@CPE-72-128-213-137.mn.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmontablac: There is practically little point in incorporating assembler into code.06:46
Sandmanim clueless06:46
darkauraand I don't need that one libss or whatever file installed?06:47
mikeh_sethk:  i have a boot option in grub to apm=off and no acpi06:47
montablacits for simple VGA programing06:47
mikeh_sethk that is noacpi06:47
sethkSandman, why would you care about which one you connect to?06:47
Mrif i really like ubuntu im going to get it on my laptop isnt here a way to partition a harddrive without formatting it?06:47
sethkmikeh_, those don't always work, unfortunately.06:47
Arafangionmontablac: Why do you want to do "simple VGA programming"?06:47
sethkmikeh_, for example, many boxes will still put the screen into power save mode, even if those are all turned off.06:47
mikeh_sethk:  how else do i turn off APM06:47
Sandmani want to have a counter strike server running in a tty so can easily connect and do direct commands06:47
montablacas an introduction to GFX programing06:47
Arafangionmontablac: Just use SDL06:48
sethkmikeh_, rebuild the kernel with the options off, or possibly rmmod the modules, if they are modules and not compiled in.06:48
Arafangionmontablac: GFX programming is all about blits and meshes.06:48
darkauraand what should I install for divx window media realplayer quick time and such playback?06:48
mikeh_sethk_, how do i rmmod the modules.  I am relatively new at this06:48
sethkmikeh_, we don't really have any data saying it is a power save problem, so let's try to get more data first.06:48
Arafangionmontablac: No need to delve into the guts of the hardware.06:48
=== Alakazam [n=Alakazam@cpe-68-203-142-78.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmontablac: SDL is a 2D graphics library, very suitable for games.06:48
mikeh_sethk:  alright i will get back to ya06:48
sethkmikeh_, lsmod will show you what modules are loaded.   you can remove a module using the command    rmmod module_name06:48
montablacwhere can i learn this?06:48
Arafangionmontablac: If you want 3D, try OpenGL.06:49
sethkmikeh_, you do that at a command prompt, and you have to be root to insert or remove modules.06:49
wickedpuppymontablac, i also should mention there are already open source game engines ... no need to learn ..06:49
montablac2D first,then 3D06:49
Arafangionmontablac: 2D is wholly different to 3D ;)06:49
montablacopen source games engines are good,but i want to learn programing06:49
montablaci know06:49
wickedpuppymontablac, you mean with game engines you don't need to program ?06:50
Arafangionmontablac: Check out pyGame, I have never used it, but it seems to be quite good.06:50
mikeh_sethk: which module would it be06:50
montablacbut the guts are 2D is easer06:50
Arafangionmontablac: Incorrect.06:50
Ferret0547I'm going to leave IRC to remove xubuntu-desktop packages and as much of kubuntu-desktop as possible enough to allow kopete to run06:50
Ferret0547Because having all three messes everything up06:51
=== Ferret0547 [n=travis@cpe-72-183-231-110.satx.res.rr.com] has left #Ubuntu ["Konversation]
=== nokrev [n=jeff@adsl-70-253-223-102.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has left #ubuntu []
Arafangionmontablac: Take a look at SDL, it's nearly the only sane choice of library for 2D games.06:51
sethkmikeh_, I'll have to look up the module names.  Give me a few minutes, I have to walk a dog first.06:51
=== motin [n=Motin@c-138472d5.09-32-73746f42.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
montablaci will,but first i goda learn where to learn it06:52
sethkmikeh_, if you have kernel source installed, you can run    make xconfig       (not to actually compile the kernel, just to see what the options are)06:52
sethkmikeh_, when you highlight an option, the corresponding module name appears in the help window.06:52
mikeh_sethk: will you still be here in a half hour06:52
sethkmikeh_, probably, unless I get diverted with some paying support.06:52
=== RandMC_ [i=kvirc@CPE-72-128-213-137.mn.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["So]
=== A-L-P-H-A [n=alpha@CPE0018397a8bca-CM0012c9a9b2ea.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
Arafangionmontablac: http://www.libsdl.org/index.php06:52
SeraVitaefeross - remote desktop thingy worked. but it uses a different port again06:53
=== unlucky1 [n=mike@adsl-153-243-253.jax.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
SeraVitaeoh nice, it uses the default vnc port. all working now :D06:53
montablacdam im unluckey06:53
mikeh_sethk: when i type make xconfig i get make *** no rule to make target xconfig06:53
Arafangionmontablac: How so?06:53
motinWhat sort of hash is used to generate passwords - more specifically the vino-server password? vino-preferences need X and i need to reset my password through ssh/cli06:53
unlucky1does anyone know anything about bcm43xx06:54
montablactwo words that strike feer into he hesarts of men06:54
montablacDIAL UP06:54
=== thatGuy_ [n=joey@c-69-138-218-106.hsd1.dc.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmontablac: What?06:54
montablacim on dial up06:54
=== randmc_ [i=randmc@CPE-72-128-213-137.mn.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmontablac: So?06:55
mikeh_sethk:  also, i am using the 2.6.15-23-686 because i get a kernel panic with smp on the 2.6.15-27-686 kernel.  any reason that might be?06:55
montablaci goda get 150+ MB of soft ware and libs06:55
montablacand port it all through a 56k conection06:55
Arafangionmontablac: What are you installing?06:56
ferossSeraVitae: ok, guess we should have used that from the getgo.06:56
Arafangionmontablac: Also, if this were Visual Studio, that'd be 3G ;)06:56
=== mini_gamer1896 [n=mini_gam@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
montablacall that soft ware you recomended,along with the dependacys06:56
Arafangionmontablac: Try without eclipse.06:57
unlucky1when you add lines to rc.allow are they automatically allowed root access?06:57
mini_gamer1896a question, i upgraded to edgy last night, and my wifi card stopped being recognized (the only net connection for it; it worked fine under drapper).  These error codes show up during boot whenever i have it plugged in """ firmware_helper[2777] : main: error loading '/lib/firmware/acx/default/tiacx100' for device '/class/firmware/0000:02:00.0' with driver 'acx_pci' """ & """ firmware_helper[2751] : m06:57
mini_gamer1896ain: error loading '/lib/firmware/acx/default/tiacx100c0D' for device '/class/firmware/0000:02:00.0' with driver 'acx_pci' """  Also, there is another error code that pops up whenever i boot (i didn't get this with dapper either): """ [17179592.452000]  piix4_smbus 0000:00:07.3: IBM Laptop detected; this module may corrupt your serial eeprom! Refusing to load module! """06:57
Arafangionmini_gamer1896: STOP.06:57
Arafangionmini_gamer1896: Read /topic06:57
mini_gamer1896duh, sry06:57
=== hazexp [n=hazexp@219-88-173-9.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Arafangionmini_gamer1896: Additionally, see #ubuntu+106:58
mini_gamer1896as is #kubuntu06:58
=== gana-home [n=ganadist@] has joined #ubuntu
ArafangionEdgy is still developmental, isn't it?06:59
mini_gamer1896yes, in b stage though06:59
SeraVitaehm, if i want to automatically set the owner/group of everything in a mountpoint06:59
=== majd_ [n=zeit@cpe-71-65-19-97.twmi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
suff0kateK3B - cdrecord has no permission to open the device, you may use k3bsetup2 to solve this problem? what do i do?07:00
SeraVitaewhy wouldnt this work, in /etc/fstab07:00
=== mpan [n=mpan@a88-113-15-215.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
SeraVitae/dev/hdb1 /mnt/stuff ext3 rw,gid=1000,uid=1000,auto 0 007:00
SeraVitaeas soon as i mount it even with the user 1000 it changes back to root/root ownership07:00
=== GoldKeeper [n=roger@wiley-459-102426.roadrunner.nf.net] has joined #ubuntu
ferossSeraVitae: you could  "chown -R user:group /directory/tochange/"07:00
=== wheatie [n=alex@unaffiliated/wheatie] has joined #ubuntu
=== Jerub [n=gideon@unaffiliated/jerub] has joined #ubuntu
=== ceagan [n=ceagan@69-174-226-7.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
montablacsweet,very little to DL now07:01
SeraVitaefeross - yeah, okay, that worked. thanks07:02
Arafangionmontablac: Eclipse is a monster.07:02
montablacso i noticed07:02
Arafangionmontablac: But it has it's fan club. :)07:02
pike_suff0kate: well you could do sudo k3b but im not sure thats the solution you wanted..07:02
suff0katehow come i can't burn a cd with any of my progs?07:02
suff0kate /usr/bin/X11/cdrecord: If you have unexpected problems, please try Linux-2.4 or Solaris.07:03
suff0katescsidev: '1,0,0'07:03
suff0katescsibus: 1 target: 0 lun: 007:03
suff0kateError trying to open /dev/sg0 exclusively (Permission denied)... retrying in 1 second.07:03
suff0kateis what i get07:03
Arafangionsuff0kate: STOP07:03
Arafangionsuff0kate: See /topic07:03
suff0katethat doesn't help me and im sorry i didn't mean to spam07:03
Arafangionsuff0kate: I believe it mentions a pastebin07:04
pike_suff0kate: youre on edgy?07:04
suff0katewhat does that mean?07:04
Tru7hCould anybody give a brief explanation as to how I could go about imaging my USB flash drive with Ubuntu, then booting it from the flash drive?07:04
Mrcan someone link me to the rules or the channel07:04
suff0kateis what i'm using07:04
ubotuThe people in this channel are volunteers. Your attitude will determine how fast you are helped. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:04
suff0katei get the same error with every audio burning software07:04
=== jimFL [n=jtonti@adsl-18-19-183.mco.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
suff0kateand i installed all the plugins07:04
=== cool_nick [n=nikilnad@] has joined #ubuntu
=== andrew__1 [n=andrew@60-242-0-131.static.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== vghty [i=vghty@c-24-126-34-251.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
Arafangionsuff0kate: Why don't you just drag your files to your CD and click on 'Burn image" or whatever it's called?07:05
ferossTru7h: I think you should try DSL for that. just boot it and do F2 or F3 to see what the option is to boot in install moe07:05
pike_suff0kate: if you type groups in a terminal are you a member of cdrom?07:06
suff0katewill that make the audio cd?07:06
suff0katesuff0kate adm dialout cdrom07:06
suff0kateso its there07:06
Tru7hfeross: I was thinking of using DSL as well, but do you know if I can get Ubuntu on there instead?07:07
jimFLGreetings all. Ubuntu newbie - how to start desktop in Ubuntu Dapper Drake server from cmd prompt after logging in?07:07
=== anubis [n=anubis@] has joined #ubuntu
pike_suff0kate: and youve got the libk3b2-mp3 package installed?07:07
andrew__1Hey pals, I just rebooted my server and now mysql has the error "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111)"07:08
ferossTru7h: maybe with the livecd.. does the alternate iso of ubuntu mention anything like that07:08
pike_suff0kate: and sudo k3b gives same error or works?07:08
=== _grego_ [n=greg@mar75-4-82-230-46-152.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Flannel!tell Tru7h about install07:08
_grego_hi all07:08
Mrthe alternate iso works perfect for me07:08
Tru7hfeross: I dunno, I can't get my LiveCD to work on my computer.07:08
FlannelTru7h: that talks about a bunch of methods to install/boot07:08
MrI could help u with that07:08
Tru7hThanks, Flannel.07:09
Mrbeen online all day having that problem07:09
Mrwhat is it doing when you reboot with the cd in the drive?07:09
FlannelTru7h: might not cover USB, I know it covers installing from USB though.  Oh, and installing to an external HD... that might be your best lead07:09
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Mrwhy cant he just burn the image to a cd?07:09
SqueeIs there any simple way to set up an irc server?07:10
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ArafangionMr: He wants to do an audio CD.07:10
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_grego_to play rm/ram audio files, i installed the linux version of realplayer 10 but when i play an audio file, i have an error about the audio device (it seems allready use by an other application). How to resolv this ?07:10
Tru7hI can't boot anything on my computer from a CD, the master drive isn't functional.07:10
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wickedpuppymaster drive is the cdrom ?07:10
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suff0katepike_: sudo k3b worked thank you so much i've been trying to figure it out all day thank you07:11
Tru7hI have two CD drives. The one that boots CDs is the one that doesn't work.07:11
Mrim not sure but wouldnt you go into BIOs and switch what it checks first07:11
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