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juliuxmorning highvoltage 08:12
juliuxhighvoltage, on this page http://edubuntu.org/ThinClientConfig is a bug. the screenshot is wrong. the path should be gksu "gedit /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf" 08:13
juliuxon a default edubuntu installation is no ksudo08:14
=== highvoltage looks
juliuxand the path is als wrong08:15
highvoltagejuliux: ah, I see08:15
highvoltageI thought I fixed it. strange.08:16
juliuxthe path should be /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf and not /opt/ltsp/i386/lts.conf08:16
juliuxyesterday i only looked at the screenshot so i put my lts.conf in the wrong folder and so the clients didnt boot08:16
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highvoltageurgh. pips1 and I changed the password and I can't remember it.08:18
highvoltagejuliux: I have an updated screenshot now, will upload a bit later today when I find pips108:18
juliuxgood luck08:19
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RichEdmorning highvoltage & others08:55
highvoltagemornign RichEd 08:55
=== HedgeMage peeks in
HedgeMagehi, guys :)08:57
RichEdhi HedgeMage :)09:01
HedgeMagehey, RichEd, how's it going?09:02
RichEdWell thanks HedgeMage and yourself ?09:03
RichEd(Last planning over the next few days and some construction action by the end of this week hopefully.)09:04
HedgeMagePretty good... TT is finally potty training :)  Other than that just trying to find time at the computer to wrap up as much handbook stuff as I can09:04
HedgeMageDo we have a docbook guru who might be willing to help straighten out some errors with handbook's markup?09:04
HedgeMageI only took one quick look, but I am still learning docbook so it didn't seem horribly obvious to me.09:05
RichEd^^ Good. I raised your desire to move in the meeting ... people are aware of the situation and we need to recruit some more willing helpers. We are hoping Will van der leij will take over all docs from a co-ordination and management point.09:05
RichEdre: docbook guru - what is required here ? skills ? time ?09:06
RichEdHedgeMage: re: docbook guru - what is required here ? skills ? time ?09:29
HedgeMageRichEd: We get about a dozen (possibly trivial) docbook errors when trying to process the thing to make a pdf or show it as one document or whatnot... I'm not sure how to fix them off of the top of my head.  If someone who actually knows what they're doing can help, i doubt a fix would take more than a half hour, maybe an hour tops.09:31
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RichEdHedgeMage: Can you send me an email with the info above and some details as to how this has been experienced or fixed before ? And anyone who helped previously ? I will try to find a resource or willing helper.09:51
RichEdAnd any examples of the problem(s) ... that would help.09:52
HedgeMageRichEd: sure thing.09:52
HedgeMageprobably in the morning, though, I'm about to fall over.09:52
RichEdno rush ... also include deadline dates & targets ")_09:53
HedgeMageRichEd: I'll post a plea to ubuntu-docteam as well, someone there was very helpful last time.09:53
=== HedgeMage nods
HedgeMagecool, thanks :D09:53
HedgeMageI am so sick of being so strapped for time... I hate doing this job knowing I can't give it 100% :(09:53
HedgeMageIt *deserves* 100%09:53
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RichEdhey jono :) you been away for a bit ?10:17
RichEdmorning ogra10:17
jonohey RichEd :)10:17
jonoRichEd, yeah was on vacation for two weeks10:17
highvoltageHedgeMage: I've been there before, I understand. It's not fun :(10:24
HedgeMagehighvoltage: thanks :)10:25
highvoltageHedgeMage: what I can tell you though is that it eventually does pass over :)10:27
HedgeMagehighvoltage: Thanks for the support :)10:28
HedgeMageIt's good to know I still have friends here despite being so absent lately.10:29
highvoltageHedgeMage: :)10:29
=== HedgeMage hugs highvoltage and RichEd
=== RichEd hugs HedgeMage ... avoiding the bits of highvoltage sticking out ...
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ogracbx33, did you mail claire about not attending UDS ? 12:22
cbx33and received a reply12:23
ografine, thanks12:26
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skwashdhi all01:03
skwashdi am trying to use the tftp server which ships with edubuntu to flash some firmware01:04
skwashdwhere do i store the users ?01:04
highvoltagehi skwashd 01:04
skwashdhey highvoltage 01:04
highvoltagewhat kind of users?01:04
skwashdhighvoltage: the tftp users01:04
highvoltagehmm... I've only used it with root before.01:05
highvoltageI didn't even know tftpd has concept of users :)01:05
skwashdhighvoltage: well i keep on being prompted for user:pass01:06
ografor tftp o_O ?01:06
skwashdogra: yes01:06
ograthe tftp protocol doesnt support such stuff01:06
ograseems youre not using tftp there ... tftp is totally dumb and doesnt know about users01:07
skwashdogra: hmmm01:08
ograbut the right place for the file would be /var/lib/tftpboot in any case ... tftpd exports that as /01:08
skwashdyeah ... i am using /var/lib/tftpboot/sparc for my files ... to keep them separate01:09
ograthen you need to use /sparc/yourimage.bin on the client ...01:10
skwashdogra: yes ... but i am still at the flashing stage01:10
skwashdunder Getting the installer booted01:11
ograthats what i mean 01:11
ograput your firmware into /var/lib/tftpboot/sparc and use flashupdate -s yourserverip -f /sparc/yourimage.bin01:12
skwashdi am using  flashupdate -v -s -f /sparc/Sun_System_Firmware-6_1_11-Sun_Fire_T2000.bin01:12
skwashddave@edubuntu:/var/lib/tftpboot$ ls /var/lib/tftpboot/sparc01:12
skwashdboot.img  Sun_System_Firmware-6_1_11-Sun_Fire_T2000.bin01:12
ogradoesnt talk about tftp for flashupdate01:13
ogra          So, before running the flashupdate utility, you must have already downloaded01:13
ogra          the new Sun System Firmware image from the SunSolve site to a local FTP01:13
ogra          server accessible by the platform whose firmware you are upgrading.01:13
skwashdogra: sorry for wasting your time01:14
ograjust install vsftp and move the .bin file to a users home ... then get it from there with the users name/pw01:14
skwashdi failed to notice the lack of a t01:14
skwashdand as i need tftp for the net boot i just assumed it was used for the flash01:15
skwashdoh wel01:15
skwashdtime to intsall vsftp01:15
skwashdthat worked! :)01:22
skwashdthanks again01:22
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ograclap clap01:48
=== jsgotangco pigs out on downloading the daily now
ogragood idea ! :)01:49
jsgotangcoheh it seems i downloaded the wrong image01:50
jsgotangcogahhh i downloaded knot 301:51
ograthats broken as hell01:51
ograapart from the broken usplash progressbar everything should be release ready now ...01:52
jsgotangcoi knew it! that's why i though f*ck its ugly01:52
cbx33we did well01:52
jsgotangcoim so sad i didnt see much01:53
jsgotangcocbx33: are you going to mountain view?01:53
ograwell, you are back in the right moment for the final tests ;)01:53
cbx33:( - no01:53
cbx33I can't get the time off work01:53
ograapparently nobody will go for edubuntu ...01:53
cbx33man was friday bad01:53
cbx33not even pygi?01:53
ograpygi mailed he has exams 01:53
cbx33no way.....he was so stoked to go?01:54
ograi wonder why he asked for sponsorhip 01:54
ogranow we wont have anybody apart from the k12 guys and LaserJock :/01:54
cbx33I'm really really sorry ogra01:55
cbx33now you're making me feel awful01:55
RichEdogra: we've got some ltsp people as well no ?01:56
ograbut they will be focused on ltsp ... not edubuntu specific stuff01:56
ograenabling the ltsp features we want in edubuntu is the only real edubuntu related task here ...01:57
cbx33can I still be assigned specs if I'm not at MV?01:57
ograimportant for me is to get SCP up to speed and to have more gui tools for edubuntu management (ltsp-manager, willowng)01:57
cbx33ltsp-manager is a must01:58
ograapart from discussing things like CD size and new edubuntu features01:58
cbx33upgrades to SCP and indeed it's inner workings are a must too01:58
cbx33ogra: I had an idea for an idea :01:58
ograi worked a bit on it over the weekend ...01:58
cbx33was gonna write a spec01:58
cbx33ogra: on SCP?01:58
cbx33ah cool01:58
ograSCP should be realease reday, right ? 01:59
cbx33what about a way for teachers to plan their lessons......could be integrated in SCP, so that you click a button and on each persons machine it will load what they need for that lesson.....like firefox - pointed to a research resource - oowriter for taking notes.....01:59
ograi dont have to change anything anymore, do i ?01:59
cbx33ogra: yes01:59
cbx33it's all done01:59
cbx33could be extended to save their session to...so next lesson they can continue exactly where they left off?02:00
cbx33what do you think?02:00
ograi'd like to be SCP independent from schools at some point , classroom/schedule management should rather be done by schooltool (thats why we ship it)02:00
cbx33then time isn't wasted at the start of a lesson loading materials02:00
cbx33but schooltool doesn't do what I just described does it?02:01
ograSCP should turn into a generic lockdown ltsp-session-control panel02:01
ograthen add it there :)02:01
cbx33i thought schooltool was webbaseD?02:01
ograit is02:01
=== jsgotangco waves at RichEd
cbx33then we can't really integrate it can we?02:02
ograbut nobody keeps you from contributing code ;)02:02
=== RichEd waves back across the typhoon storm damage to jsgotangco :)
cbx33of course not....but getting a web based package to run programs on a users mahcine and collect information about their current session isn't the best way of doing it is it?02:02
ograwhy ? launchpad integration is using webbased stuff as well from the desktop02:02
ograwhy should the webtool collect info ... collect it independently and *send* it to the webtool02:03
cbx33i suppose02:03
=== cbx33 hasn't ever really looked at schooltool.....
ograindeed you could also write a simple gui tool for it ... but i'd rather like it to be independent from SCP02:03
cbx33yes i get that independant part :p02:04
ogra(even we could have a plugin that starts it from SCP ;) )02:04
cbx33but....it could be seen as session storing for ltsp?02:04
ograbut which is not installed in a default SCP 02:04
cbx33yes plugin good idea02:04
cbx33infact that's how I was goign to implement it02:04
ograright, if you keep it as add on thats fine ...02:04
cbx33of course02:05
ograas fine as a timer for internet cafes would be as plugin for example 02:05
jsgotangcoerr pardon me but where is the download link for our beta?02:05
ograor reporting software interaction for billing ... etc etc02:05
ograjsgotangco, /topic ?02:05
cbx33ogra: cna you think of any other enhancements we can do?02:14
cbx33or are you saving that kinda thinking for MV02:14
highvoltageurgh. I'm having heavy NFS problems trying to mount a /home02:14
highvoltageI keep getting a rpc timed out error no matter what I try02:15
=== mode/#edubuntu [-o highvoltage] by highvoltage
cbx33highvoltage: have you tried mounting it from a nother machine manually?02:15
cbx33and do you have an RDNS record? - I believe that affects it IIRC02:16
highvoltagecbx33: I can't, there's not another machine to test from02:16
ograhighvoltage, you mean you try mounting /home on a client via nfs ?02:17
ogras/client/thin client/02:17
highvoltagealso, this is not a machine I have with me, it's one of our schools I'm helping over jabber :/02:17
highvoltageogra: yes02:17
ogradid it ever work before ? 02:17
highvoltageogra: sorry, I should mention that it's not an edubuntu server02:17
ograor is that something new they try to set up ?02:18
highvoltageogra: yes, it worked02:18
jsgotangcoUDS in Mountain View would suck because it doesn't have the cool Edubuntu people02:18
=== jsgotangco hides
highvoltageit worked fine here, and then we sent the server to them, and when they plugged it into the lab, it wouldn't work.02:18
highvoltageworks fine in 4 other places where we have the same setup.02:18
ograhighvoltage, ubuntu ltsp ?02:19
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highvoltageogra: kind of. it started as an ubuntu ltsp system02:28
highvoltageogra: it's one of those setups where I run everything locally on the clients02:28
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RichEdcbx33: sent you an eamail ... please take a look when you get a chance02:48
RichEddoes anyone have a recommendation for simple & cheap no frills domain name registration site : I've used register.com and networksolutions.com but not sure if they are the cheapest 02:55
ogracheapest != best 02:56
ogranetworksolutions.com should be ok ... is it for your own domain ?02:56
RichEdogra: 1 is for me and 1 for the community site ... I've used network solutions in the past, but they kept on trying to sell me "value added services" and I don;t need or want a web site and all the stuff they try to flog you. Just the domain name records to be established and maintained.02:59
highvoltageRichEd: also depends what the domain ends with. if it's a local domain then http://co.za and http://org.za are good (they are cheap, fast, and reliable)02:59
RichEdhighvoltage: yep ... I'm a past good friend of the uniforum :)02:59
RichEdlooking for .org so needs to be international03:00
highvoltageheh, ok.03:00
RichEdIs org.za still with IS ?03:00
ograRichEd, i'm not talking about "value added services" ;) if you want to change the registration (another admin-c entry or simple address change) at some point, some are good and some are not ;)03:00
ograshouldnt company related sites not be registered by the company ?03:01
RichEdogra: ^^ point taken ...03:01
ograi'd ask znarl or elmo about the community site registration03:01
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RichEdanyone dealt with: www.namesecure.com before ? good or bad ? they are bare service bones at 50% of network solutions cost03:28
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ulinskiewhere can I find presentations on edubuntu03:50
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RichEdhello bddebian 04:36
bddebianHello RichEd04:37
tomveensHello Both!04:37
bddebianHello tomveens04:38
tomveensgot plans for today?04:44
bddebiantomveens: Yeah, work :-(05:11
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nixternalRichEd and anyone else..i received an email from a gentleman in Wisconson (US) that has been tasked with finding a replacement for Windows for an elementary school system and High School. I am replying to his email, but I wondered if I could CC or BCC anyone so you could provide more info and maybe help this guy out?06:47
nixternalhe has chosed Ubuntu already, and thinks he burned the CD wrong06:47
nixternalin the email I am letting him know about Edubuntu as well, but I think this email/information would be better sought out and completed by one of you if possible06:48
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pygiogra, cbx33 : ping06:54
pygiahm, ok, you're not here probably06:56
pygiLaserJock: what?! :P07:08
LaserJockyou like pinging people a lot :-)07:08
pygiLaserJock: well, considering I'll be here for next 5 minutes, and then I'll be able to come online in a week or so...07:09
pygiI'd like to speak with them :P07:09
pygimoving, no internet, stuff :)07:09
pygiand considering I'll be eaten .... :P07:10
pygiif only you would understand why, then you'd knew there is nothing to laugh about :P07:11
LaserJockbut a break from internet will be good for you :-)07:12
pygiergh, not really :)07:12
pygireally  gotta run now, sorry :)07:13
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cbx33*bah* I missed him07:26
cbx33ping RichEd 07:29
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juliuxogra, evening, i know that you have a evo t20 thinclient, how good is this thinclient?09:39
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