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ph8zul / BenC: Do you know if that ich8 fix has made it into a daily yet? I'm looking at training down to london to get this machine going next weekend and don't want to waste any money :p01:18
ph8notice/pm if you prefer01:19
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tfheenzul_: hmm, isn't the master branch of the xen repo supposed to be 2.6.17 now?09:01
ajmitchthere's an ubuntu-xen-2.6.17 repository09:02
ajmitchbut it doesn't have the changes of the last week09:02
tfheenoh, there's another repo, not just a branch?09:03
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porkpieBenC: hi did you manage to build the power edge 1950 kernel ???10:20
tfheenBenC: are you or somebody else working on a main inclusion report for kexec-tools?12:07
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AnAntanyone knows the difference between -386 & -generic kernels ?01:59
tonfageneric is x86 + x86_6402:01
mjg59No it isn't02:01
mjg59generic supports SMP. -386 doesn't.02:02
mjg59-386 supports a small number of drivers that -generic doesn't.02:02
tonfamjg59: then the info in dpkg is wrong :)02:02
AnAntmjg59: so for dual core I would use -generic ?02:02
mjg59tonfa: No, the description is unclear, but that's because the package name is the same on x86 and amd6402:03
mjg59AnAnt: Yes02:03
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AnAntmjg59: thanks02:04
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BenCtfheeE: Does kexec-tools need to be in main?02:10
BenCtfheen: ^^02:11
BenCmj59: Patches I have from you are the toshiba fix and the shut-up patch...is that it?02:12
tfheenBenC: either that, or linux-image-kdump must be demoted to universe.02:12
BenCtfheen: I'd rather the latter02:13
mjg59BenC: There's two that I put with bugs in launchpad02:13
BenC#61981 is one02:13
BenCwhat's the other?02:13
mjg59BenC: Uh. That is, there should also be a Sony fix02:13
BenC61981 is the toshiba_acpi02:13
tfheenBenC: ok.  It's currently listed in supported, so we need to change it there.02:14
mjg59There should also be a diff for libata02:14
mjg59BenC: Subject: [PATCH]  - fix regression in suspending on some Toshibas                02:15
BenCmjg59: the toshiba fix is the libata one02:15
BenC"..on some Toshibas" :)02:16
tfheenBenC: isn't the kexec thingy part of some spec of yours?02:16
BenCthe toshiba_acpi one is different02:16
mjg59Oh, right02:16
mjg59Sorry - you've got both of those. Ok.02:16
BenCtfheen: Yes, but it isn't completed...there's a lack of usable userspace stuff to capture the dumps02:16
tfheenBenC: ok02:17
mjg59BenC: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.17/+bug/6151502:17
BenCmjg59: Do you think the libata patch will also fix: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.17/+bug/64430 ?02:18
infinityBenC: If you want it demoted, can you change debian/control to toss the -kdump stuff in universe/devel, so my beain doesn't bleed when processing queue/new for ABI bumps?02:19
BenCinfinity: Sure thing02:19
infinityOh, not that it will have an ABI bump anyway, cause it's a single unversioned package..02:20
infinityBenC: What was the rationale for that, rather than having it versioned and using linux-meta?02:21
BenCinfinity: Because kdump is not really important enough to follow an ABI...it just needs to boot to an initrafs and capture the dump02:22
BenCinfinity: Also, I don't want it to be possible for there to be 4-20 kdump kernels laying around through ABI bumps02:23
gnomefreakis there anything other than a bad hd that would cause noise on shutdown?02:23
gnomefreakhe filed it under kernel thats why i ask here02:23
infinityBenC: Sounds fair.02:25
mjg59BenC: Nope02:25
infinitygnomefreak: What sort of "noise"?02:25
mjg59BenC: That seems to be some bizarre conflict between the radeon drm and e100002:25
infinitygnomefreak: PCI bus contention (which is both the fault of hardware and drivers, pick one) can cause garbled noise out of sound cards sometimes.02:26
gnomefreakhe found an already reported bug after bugging me all morning :( it seems it on one type of laptop02:26
mjg59gnomefreak: Which bug?02:27
gnomefreakhttp://launchpad.net/bugs/63937  and now he tells me his dell is doing it02:28
mjg59I've no idea what "a sound like in the case of disk failure" means02:29
mjg59Anyway, I've got a Dell02:29
gnomefreakme too but i dont have sata02:30
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BenCmjg59: btw, I looked over the diff between dapper and edgy's ata_piix, and none of the PCI id's were lost02:31
BenCI'm hoping that the changes to the guts don't cause any problems02:32
mjg59BenC: Right, but the change in the mapping stuff will impact some people02:32
mjg59The earlier driver has less idea about whether a port is SATA or PATA02:32
BenCbut it's weird, I tried stock 2.6.17 source, and it breaks for a lot of newer ich8 chipsets02:32
BenCok, well, those people will have to deal with it, unless I get that board from montreal in time to debug the 2.6.17 stock driver02:33
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mjg59BenC: What priority should regressions from dapper with easy fixes be?02:56
BenCmjg59: high02:56
mjg59BenC: I've just linked to a patch in 6023102:57
porkpieBenC:Hi 03:12
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:BenC] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel GIT tree info (updated): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelGitGuide | 2.6.17-10.29 uploaded. | Daily kernel builds (for debug and testing purposes only) http://people.ubuntu.com/~bcollins/kernels-daily/ | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryKernel | KernelFreeze in effect
BenCporkpie: Hey03:29
porkpieBenC:How are you03:36
porkpieBenC:Did you manage to finish the Kernel03:37
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BenCporkpie: I got side tracked with edgy kernel stuff, I'll try to get it uploaded today03:43
porkpieOK ...cool03:44
porkpieBenC:we are desperate ...now03:45
BenCporkpie: should be ready in about 30-45 minutes03:49
porkpieBenC:excellent  ....I owe you a beer or 303:53
porkpieBenC:we have complied the debian x86_64 smp kernel and it boots OK but we don't see multiple cpu's in top03:54
porkpieBenC:hi  ....are we there :)04:37
mjg59BenC: Have you fixed the acx111 firmware version stuff?04:37
BenCmjg59: Fixed it how?04:38
mjg59BenC: Set the correct default version04:38
mjg59Ok, cool04:38
BenCporkpie: Almost done...taking longer than I thought04:39
porkpieBenC:Sorry I am chasing....I am being chased04:39
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porkpieBenC:Hello .....is it done boss05:15
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BenCporkpie: give me a little bit, I'll let you know when it's done05:28
BenCporkpie: 15 minutes06:00
BenCporkpie: Damnit, I built the dapper-security git repo, and not the updates one...starting a fresh build06:10
porkpieBenC: ...:(06:31
porkpieBenC:how long will it take  ...40 mins06:31
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zorglu_q. i run a 2.6.15-26-386 but the kernel header for it are no more in the repository (based on apt-get on my local box or from ubotu), how come ? is this a mistake or made on purpose ?07:54
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porkpieBenC:how's the fresh build going ??08:29
BenCporkpie: Still running08:29
porkpieOK ....how long do you think it will take ?  :) 08:31
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porkpieBenC:are you about sir ?09:13
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BenCporkpie_: Yeah, let me check the build09:48
BenCporkpie_: Another compile failure, restart with a fix09:51
BenCporkpie_: BTW, you can keep checking http://people.ubuntu.com/~bcollins/kernels/ for when it's ready09:51
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svu_BenC, ping?11:58
tfheensvu_: does the latest linux-restricted-modules work for you?11:58
svu_tfheen, that's what I was going to complain:) restructed acx module works on x86 but not on ppc64smp11:59
svu_it cannot load firmware for some reason11:59
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svu_[  547.921561]  acx: Loaded combined PCI/USB driver, firmware_ver=default12:00
svu_[  547.921574]  acx: compiled to use 32bit I/O access. I/O timing issues might occur, such as non-working firmware upload. Report them12:00
svu_[  547.923361]  acx_usb: probe of 4-2.2:1.0 failed with error -512:00
svu_[  547.923390]  usbcore: registered new driver acx_usb12:00
svu_that's what I get in dmesg12:00
tfheenouch, ok12:00
tfheenyou want BenC then, yes, agreed.12:00
BenCthe dmesg explains it12:00
svu_BenC, what's wrong with the probe?12:01
BenCwhat are the missing lines?12:01
svu_nothing is missing here12:01
=== svu_ can send entire dmesg if it is any help
BenC-5 == EIO, I/O error12:03
svu_but it is the same hardware, on both x86 and ppc - some old usb wifi dongle12:03
svu_so it is IO error within USB host or smth12:04
BenCnot a firmware upload error it seems12:05
BenCnot sure12:05
BenCI'd need you to compile acx with debug enabled12:05
svu_BenC, NP. Just show me the way. apt-get source it?12:06
BenCtopic has some links12:06
BenCusing git12:06
svu_ok, I'll try.12:07
svu_thanks a bunch12:07
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