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milosevicsame thing :/02:19
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jendaHaha :) My Korean friend was at a library and saw a lappy with an ubuntu sticker :) It made his day.10:05
jendaIt would make mine too, come to think of it.10:05
tonyyarussojenda: One of the little ones like system76 is handing out, or the big banner kind like sabdfl has on his Thinkpad?10:06
jendaThe sabdfl one.10:07
jendaI have one on my lappy too.10:07
tonyyarussojenda: Where did you get it?10:07
jendatonyyarusso: You probably meant "One of the little ones like you are handing out, or the big banner kind like sabdfl has on his Thinkpad?"10:08
jendatonyyarusso: came with the shipit CDs10:08
Madpilotthere's an even larger sticker that was handed out at the Montreal Ubuntu thing earlier this year - similar to the ShipIt one, but twice the size10:08
jendaI see10:09
tonyyarussojenda: I'm referring to http://system76.com/index.php/cPath/53_64; not sure what your connection is that that particular one.10:09
jendaMadpilot: and did it stick twice better, too?10:09
tonyyarussoMadpilot: Yeah, I think that's the one I meant.10:09
Madpilotno idea - the ShipIt sticker on the side of my desktop tower seems to stick well enough10:09
jendatonyyarusso: None, but I sent out almost 1000 of these: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Shipping10:10
jendaMadpilot: I see... I had trouble with mine. Had to glue it in the end :)10:10
tonyyarussojenda: Oh yeah, I remember seeing a bit of hubbub on the mailing list about that.10:10
jendayeah, on the mailing list it was when I proposed it as a MT project. Since it was rejected, I made it a private endeavour and spread it elsewhere.10:11
tonyyarussojenda: What did you end up charging anyway?10:12
jendaHowever, the point is still more general: I want to encourage others to do similar things.10:12
jendatonyyarusso: $3 for 10 stickers became standard, ranging all the way to $15 for 100 (notice the price per sticker is half there)10:13
tonyyarussojenda: Is that with basic shipping?10:13
jendawith any shipping10:13
jendamade a flat price on that10:13
jendaonly exception was when people picked it up in person :)10:14
jendatonyyarusso: and did you catch the posters?10:14
tonyyarussoUnfortunately, while I don't mind it as a desktop background, I'm not sure I like the brown in a sticker.  Not sure.10:14
jenda(it looks great on silver lappys - not sure about dark)10:15
tonyyarussojenda: I saw your scope included that, but haven't seen them.10:15
tonyyarusso(black lappy here)10:15
jendabig mistake, lemme link ;)10:15
BHSPitLappytonyyarusso, I agree with the brown thing.10:15
jendaTake the title from the first and the fine print from the second, and that's the result.10:15
Madpilotjenda, hadn't realized that final versions of those posters had been made - that is a very cool design10:16
jendaBHSPitLappy, tonyyarusso, I'm out of the browns anyway - and MenZa has sent me some 500 white ones (much like system76's) very cheap to help fund the posters.10:17
jendaMadpilot: read the UWN! :)10:17
tonyyarussoWhat I would really like is to have foil stickers, like the Windows one it will replace.10:17
BHSPitLappytonyyarusso, you can order those from a german site10:18
jendaToo expensive to prent.10:18
tonyyarussoBHSPitLappy: Expensive though.10:18
BHSPitLappyunfortunately, the site and the checkout is in german ^^10:18
BHSPitLappyI don't think the price is bad.10:18
tonyyarussoBHSPitLappy: Well, I got someone in here to help me navigate the german one night.  The shipping comes out as more than half the original price was though, so it would be better if they could be done in bulk.10:19
jendaIt's funny how shipping is expensive everywhere, but cheap here.10:19
jendaI sent fifity stickers to a guy and payed 0.4010:19
jendaMenza sent fifity stickers to the same guy from where he is (Denmark) and payed 510:20
BHSPitLappyyeah... we need to coordinate with some German Ubuntu Marketing Teams to get a large order over to the states10:20
jendaBHSPitLappy: Aren't paper ones good enough? :)10:20
jendaYou must be the first to complain :)10:21
BHSPitLappywell I want a silvery one for this laptop.10:21
tonyyarussoBHSPitLappy: Yeah, 4,90 EU cost for 10 plus 2,50 EU for shipping, that's $10.5010:21
BHSPitLappyand my mom's laptop, now! she just got one10:21
BHSPitLappyand I've already ubuntized it ;)10:21
jendaBHSPitLappy: And how about contacting local printers and trying to print in bulk and sell out?10:21
jendaYou can even gain a bit of pocket money on that, if you want.10:21
BHSPitLappyjenda, I dunno who can print those fancy things10:22
jendaThe budget of my stickers ended up with a 50% profit - all goes to fund the posters, as I'm still some $200 in the red there.10:22
BHSPitLappyhow about organizing a mural painting event ^^10:23
jendaMadpilot: The designer will get 5 prints for free... and my everlasting respect. Probably some good publicity, too :)10:23
BHSPitLappylike, on one side of Trump Tower or something :)10:23
jendaI should really go :)10:23
Madpilotjenda, cool - do you have larger-res versions of the poster images for printing?10:24
jendaMadpilot: will have.10:24
jendaHe said he'll finish it by today, so we'll see :)10:24
BHSPitLappyI should start a LUG at school10:25
BHSPitLappyas like, a club or something10:25
jendaBHSPitLappy: where is that?10:25
BHSPitLappya high school :_10:25
tonyyarussoYou gotta love how the naked people is still the number two Google Images result...10:26
BHSPitLappylol yup10:26
jendaargh, I meant _where_, BHSPitLappy :) Wanted to have a look if I can find anything in the area that's already up.10:26
BHSPitLappyjenda, DFW texas10:27
BHSPitLappybut I just meant as a school club10:27
BHSPitLappyit'd be funny10:27
jendaOh, ok.10:27
jendaIf you can find more than a metric 1 linux user at your school... 10:27
BHSPitLappyit'd be hard finding a sponsor though, I don't think there's a grown person in the school who knows what linux is10:28
BHSPitLappylol yeah, it'd just be me and the handful of friends I've already "saved"10:28
BHSPitLappybut hey, maybe then it would grow, eh10:28
tonyyarussoI bought a spindle of 100 CDs and am pondering what I'll do with them10:29
jendatough decision there...10:30
jendamine is tougher, as my burner refuses to work in Ubuntu.10:30
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tonyyarussoWell, I know what I'll put on them, but where will they go, and how?10:30
BHSPitLappyjenda, that sucks.10:30
BHSPitLappyI've had nothing but success with burners and linux10:31
jendaLappy burner, and no idea what to do about it. Not on dapper, not on edgy.10:32
jendaOh well.10:32
BHSPitLappymy lappy's works, CD and DVD :/10:33
jendaLucky you ):10:33
BHSPitLappyI wish there were more linux users my age, if I go to a local LUG meeting it'd be all people in their 30's+10:34
BHSPitLappyno offense to 30's+ people10:34
jendaIt's your job to create those people :)10:35
=== BHSPitLappy trudges out to the sidewalk with a stack of shipit cd's and a loud bell
BHSPitLappythere are enough problems, though, with ubuntu in its current state to (justifiably) turn away many a potential new user.10:36
BHSPitLappyor, rather, ubuntu and other components of the opensource world10:37
BHSPitLappymy biggest pain is wireless10:37
jendaOK, I gotta run to school. Wish luck - first day.10:37
BHSPitLappygood luck -.-10:38
=== BHSPitLappy has been in school for 2mos
tonyyarussoBHSPitLappy: I'm 20 - am I close?10:38
BHSPitLappytonyyarusso, pretty.10:38
tonyyarussoSee, you're not totally alone.10:38
BHSPitLappybut see, you're not a neighbor or a classmate or anything :P10:38
tonyyarussoTrue enough.10:39
tonyyarussoThat's why we have our little virtual neighborhood here :)10:39
BHSPitLappyit'd be nice to have intelligent face-to-face conversation RE: technology for a change10:39
BHSPitLappyhmm.. .Ubuntu Teamspeak server, anyone? :P10:39
tonyyarussoWell, I'm a physics major, so while I may not find another Ubuntu user intelligent conversation is easy to come by.10:40
BHSPitLappyI've got some physics homework myself... o.o10:45
=== BHSPitLappy is in AP Physics (B)
=== jenda 's 19
jenda(and is a Law student)10:45
BHSPitLappyget to class!10:48
BHSPitLappyyou gonna be a lawyer for the FSF when you grow up? hehe10:48
jendaWell, I wanted to run some errands before class, but it's too late now :)10:49
jendaBHSPitLappy: great idea ;)10:49
BHSPitLappyyou can sue mozilla for being ridiculous10:49
BHSPitLappyor sue my wireless card for not wanting to work in ubuntu10:50
jendaWell, it's not mozilla who's ridiculous... it's the intellectual property rights.10:52
jendaThey're taking a ride...10:52
jendaAnd lawyers don't sue - they take care of the folks who sue only to find out they aren't lawyers ;)10:52
BHSPitLappyand distribute linux stickers10:55
BHSPitLappyat least, from my experience, that's what lawyers do10:56
BHSPitLappytonyyarusso, where be ye from10:56
tonyyarussoBHSPitLappy: Be I from St. Paul, Minnesota, and I be currently residing in Peterborough, Ontario.10:57
BHSPitLappyso you didn't really have to acculmate to a new accent...10:58
BHSPitLappy.... eh? ;)10:58
tonyyarussoNope, very, very similar.  In fact, this particular area is more similar in accent than the area I drive through to get here.11:00
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BHSPitLappyjenda, did the whole "school" plan just fall under11:34
tonyyarussoWell, at 19 that's probably college/uni, which has non-consecutive classes?11:37
BHSPitLappyhe had to run to class at like, 20 till11:39
BHSPitLappyand he was back online at 4 after11:39
tonyyarussoMaybe he has access in class?11:44
tonyyarussojenda: You're driving us nuts here buddy; what gives?11:44
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jendaBHSPitLappy: hehe... nah, I just switched from my lappy to the big box09:47
BHSPitLappydo what?09:47
jenda<BHSPitLappy> he had to run to class at like, 20 till09:49
jenda<BHSPitLappy> and he was back online at 4 after09:49
BHSPitLappythat was 10 hours ago09:50
jendaI had to run to class, so I disconnected my lappy, on which I take notes in class, and switched on the big box09:50
jendaWell, I was at school and running errands till now :)09:50
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MitchManyone have Elkbuntu's e-mail addy?11:15
jendaMitchM: elkbuntu@ubuntu.com11:18
MitchMi still need to umm; send you money!11:18
jendaThat you should, indeed ;)11:18
MitchMumm how much?11:19
tonyyarussoMitchM: Also, melissa@meldraweb.com ; not sure which is preferred.11:19
jendaIt should be $10 bucks, because it was shipped by MenZa expensively.11:19
MenZajenda: got yours?11:19
tonyyarussoDon't get too excited; I'm on my way out for a bit.11:19
jendaMenZa: not yet11:19
tonyyarusso(I need some fresh air after working with nasty solvents.)11:20
MenZajenda: should be there this week.11:20
tonyyarussoBut I shall return, don't you worry.11:20
jendatonyyarusso: No, I meant, don't post email addys in publically logged channels... although I now realised the ubuntu.com one above is also an email addy :/11:20
MitchMok. 10$ it is; pm me your e-mail.11:20
tonyyarussojenda: Ah, right.  I figured since you did it maybe it would be okay...but I guess we're both oopsy.  :(11:21
jendapoor elkbuntu...11:21
tonyyarussoWe know nothing.11:21
tonyyarusso(Is it possible to edit a log?)11:21
=== jenda sent the other email addy through PM. For some reason the ubuntu one didn't seem real enough.
jendaHmm... it might :)11:21
jendaI'll ask the ubuntulog maintainer.11:22
tonyyarussoAnyway, I'm off.11:22
jenda(I'll suggest an auto-parser that would look for email addys and <nospamified> them)11:23
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jendaMitchM: hey, thanks for the cash.11:25
jendaLast debt payed :)11:26
MitchMthere is not a "you took a long arse time" compensation?11:26
jendahehe :)11:26
jendawant a kick? :)11:26
jendaThat makes me...11:26
MitchMlike a real kick11:26
MitchMor an irc kick?11:27
MitchMbecause one will make me made; the other might just tickle.11:27
jendaOK, if we ever meet RL, remind me :)11:27
MitchMlol will do11:27
MitchMumm -- any news on how ubuntucounter.org is doing?11:27
MitchMim hosting it; but havnt kept up-to-date.11:27
jendaYou'd have to ask elkubuntu :)11:27
jendabut it looks good, I think.11:27
MitchMshe was having problems changing dns11:28
MitchMsemi-big mess and what-not11:28
jenda(I was about to say, that makes me only about $166 in the red :) )11:28
jendaThat is... including posters11:28
jendaand that means... $166 in the red with 500 stickers and 500 posters to sell...11:28
jendathat's not ouch... that's great :)11:28
jendaNo, I forgot the TAX11:29
jenda!lart me11:29
jendathat's another $60 :(11:30
jendathat's ouch. I'll have to re-calculate the prices.11:31
jenda$0.75 per poster is production cost. That means I can stay at the current price of $10 for 10 pcs, shipping included... but it's a close call.11:32
jendaIt's where I lose bits.11:33
MitchMyou have that all figured out =P11:33
=== MitchM hails jenda
jendahehe :)11:34
jendaJust as you said that, the Frank Zappa song playing went 'hail Ceasar'11:34
jenda_exactly_ at the same time, MitchM :)11:35
=== MitchM knocks at jenda's door
=== jenda looks at the site which was meant to make this all public...
jendastill needs a lot of work, that :)11:37
BHSPitLappylike ubuntu11:44
jendaMitchM: BTW, after checking (thanks, openoffice Calc :) ), I found that even with the 19% jump, I can fit in nicely. When I set the first price estimates, I always rather told people more, because telling someone they have to pay less than the price originally asked is better than more...11:51
jendaSo Poster prices will go down once I strike even... but shh!11:52
jenda(In fact, I intend to give a few as prizes for the #ubuntu-trivia quizzes... and who knows what :))11:52
=== jenda apologizes for flood :)

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