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nixternallet me run this by you all, and i am open to any and all comments01:51
nixternali am the team lead for ubuntu chicago, a local team01:52
nixternalwe have a guy, 16 or 17, in high school who recently got involved in an incident that was deamed hacking by school officials01:52
nixternalhe is a good kid, and comes from a very good family, he just let curiousity get a hold of him01:52
nixternali am not one to turn my back on anyone, and he has been suspended for 10 days and possibly worse circumstances could come out of this01:53
nixternalhis parents and attorney recommend that people who have worked along side him send in emails to the principle highlighting his importance and that he isn't this bad person01:53
nixternaljust so you know..this alleged hack didn't cause any damage01:53
nixternalhe was an accessory more than anything as well...they realized there was an admin account on their computer with no password..the used that account, grabbed the same file, and simply cracked it01:54
nixternalthey didn't use the passwords or anything illegally...but like i said earlier, curiosity caused them to get caught and in trouble...how would you go about helping them out besides backing them from a community standpoint01:55
nixternalonly reason i ask here, is because of the educational environement, and the intelligence that is sitting in here..thanks! sorry for the spam as well ;)01:55
nixternalthe school has ousted him and labeled him a hacker...however we know a hacker is a good thing and the school is ignorant to the true definitions of the word...i feel bad for this kid, but at the same time, i told him to leave it well enough alone01:57
LaserJockwell, hopefully he learned something from it01:58
HedgeMagenixternal: Well, the tack I would take is that this transgression is minor one, the result of a young mind not able to exercise itself to more productive ends, and suggest that he be reprimanded *but* pushed toward something more productive (perhaps an OSS project for school credit or something)01:59
nixternalim sure he did...kids these days just don't listen worth a crap...i told him the circumstances involved with something like that01:59
HedgeMagenixternal: that's probably the best you can do01:59
nixternalya HedgeMage, and the exact way im thinking about taking01:59
HedgeMagehowever, if he's from the Chicago schoools, don't bother, they don't give a damn.01:59
nixternalthere are about 20 or so of us that are going to be emailing the dean concerning this01:59
HedgeMageI mean, trying can't hurt I guess, but they don't give a damn01:59
nixternali know they don't01:59
nixternali used to work for them as a contractor01:59
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HedgeMagenixternal: My mom's a teacher south of Chicago... she often gets victims of the chicago school system02:00
nixternalthat lasted until they sent me to a neighborhood i sure as heck didn't belong02:00
=== HedgeMage nods
nixternalyour mom doesn't work for York High in Elmhurst by chance ;)02:02
HedgeMageNope, Sandridge School in Lynwood02:03
nixternalok, that is south south02:04
=== HedgeMage nods
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sbalneavEvening all03:13
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RichEdping nixternal : got the mail ... thanks ... will respond today08:06
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nixternalRichEd: cool, thanks!08:13
nixternalmorning juliux!08:27
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=== RichEd -> taking my son to the physio
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cbx33ajmitch: ping RichEd 11:58
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=== mode/#edubuntu [+o highvoltage] by ChanServ
cbx33I just had a problem upgrading a 64 bit machine dapper to edgy - X refuses to start12:20
cbx33it mumbled about not being able to find any fonts.....but apparently that shouldn't cause the issue12:20
cbx33any ideas?12:20
lucasvocbx33: are you sure the update finished without problems?12:29
lucasvocbx33: I had a problem, that one installscript was broken and used a wrong update-fonts-dir command.12:29
cbx33no it finished fine12:29
cbx33if I run startx it works fine12:35
RichEdhey cbx33 :)12:37
cbx33hi RichEd 12:38
cbx33gimme 2 ecs to switch machine12:38
cbx33then I have a little something fory ou :p12:38
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juliuxogra, ping12:55
ograjuliux, pong12:55
juliuxogra, how good is your evo t20 working?12:56
juliuxbetter then the rangee one?12:56
ogradidnt try yet, gimme a minute12:57
juliuxthere are a lot of cheap evo t20 on ebay at the moment12:57
=== cbx33 upgraded to edgy last night
cbx33mostly ok, apart from losing the ability to run wine01:00
cbx33and losing my dual core proc - but I've sorted that one01:00
cbx33my dpkg database is screwed01:00
cbx33it thinks wine is installed but it's not01:01
cbx33and it has no installation candidate01:01
cbx33but anyway....I downloaded the deb, but it still didn't run the program that I needed....so I need to compile from source01:01
cbx33that worked last time01:01
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=== ogra_ waves to juliux from a T20
juliuxogra_, great01:13
ogra_but it uses vesa and is very slow01:13
ogra_local devices work though :)01:14
juliuxthe rangee thinclient are also working with vesa, and i want something faster01:14
bimberijono: ping01:14
ogra_they have identical video hardware iirc01:14
jonobimberi, ping01:15
bimberijono: hi. just wondering if this is ok - http://asdfgh.info/ubuntu/toc.html01:15
juliuxogra_, that is bad01:15
jonobimberi, cool, where did you get the content?01:16
bimberiit's not mine, someone was just asking about it in #ubuntu-au, so i sought out an author :)01:16
bimberihe wants to print it off but was worried about copyright/licence breach01:17
ograjuliux, i'll try to force the cyrix driver, but i dont expect it to work, lets see01:17
jonobimberi, who is it?01:17
bimberijono: siccness was the one asking.  I have no idea who owns the site though.01:18
juliuxogra, good luck01:19
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bimberiD-lined ?01:23
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jonobimberi, thanks for the call :)02:31
bimberijono: different server. very sneaky :)02:31
bimberijono: np, 'twas nice to have an excuse...02:32
jonoheh :)02:33
cbx33hey jono 02:38
cbx33hehehe oh dear02:39
=== bimberi removes the shining armour
=== cbx33 awards bimberi with the jono cross medal
cbx33jono: we record the first segment of youth lug radio tomorrow02:43
cbx33"How would free software affect education"02:43
jonocbx33, cool :)02:43
cbx33yeh should be good02:47
cbx33what do you record in now?02:47
willvdlsome teachers in Limpopo where very interested in audacity02:58
willvdla quick demo to some teachers of what is possible03:03
willvdlthey loved it. especially when you speed it up and everyone sounds like a hamster03:03
cbx33willvdl: you should show them ardour...heheh with the jog/shuffle wheel03:04
cbx33speed up and slow down in real time03:04
willvdloh yeah. We recorded the national anthem, popped it onto a CD and played it back all in a matter of minutes03:05
willvdlthis doesn't sound too fantastic I'm sure but considering where this school was located, it is quite mind-boggling03:06
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sbalneavMorning all03:45
Amaranthwest coast?03:51
cbx33anyone ever use pascal on linux?03:51
cbx33someone wants to show me some code he wrote03:51
cbx33but I can't get the crt library to work03:52
sbalneavWhat's the code about?03:57
cbx33nothing major04:00
cbx33crappy little calculator04:00
cbx33I finished it04:01
cbx33it's ok04:01
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sbalneavMorning ogra!!!04:16
=== Jon335 [n=jon335@unaffiliated/jon335] has joined #edubuntu
ograafternoon :)04:17
sbalneavEvening too!04:17
ograheh, only 4pm :)04:17
ograand i'll do a short day today ... my exhaustion pipe is waiting for more wielding ;)04:17
sbalneavThings dropping down to a more sane level?04:18
sbalneavHey, that one person on ubuntu-devel, the RDSP thing, he needs to specify acpi=off on the boot, but I can't remember how to specify boot commands on the command line for the live cd.04:18
ogranow that the solar thingie is done (plumbing finished yesterday) ... i can finally play with all these new tools for the car ;)04:18
sbalneavYou got a pointer to that, so I can reply to him?04:19
ograno, but i think you just hit F604:19
ograand append acpi=off there04:19
ograthen hit enter ;)04:19
=== ogra spent most of the day trying to find the reason for https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/ltsp/+bug/65003
ogranasty bug ... seems its caused by an asian locale setting 04:20
ograbut the guy behind the bug is very intresting, he does exciting ldap7kerberos/AD setups04:20
sbalneavExciting? :)04:21
ograyeah, he offers a ltsp/ldap/kerberos/freebsd setup on a preconfigured iso04:22
ograthe host is freebsd ... the clients have a linux chroot04:23
ograsbalneav, do you know if jammcq made his final decision where we'll have BTS now ?04:26
ograsbalneav, also, i added a new default lts.conf and lts-parameters.txt to the ltsp-client package, they get installed in /usr/share/doc/ltsp-client/examples in the chroot04:30
ograi'll try to keep the lts-parameters.txt file up to date04:30
sbalneavCool, I'm working on the manuals.04:31
sbalneavI think he's leaning towards San-Fransisco.  The nice thing is with that, we'll go there thursday night, spend Friday and Saturday hacking, then just pile in a car and drive down to Mountain view (2 hour drive) on Sunday.04:33
sbalneavSo, I think it should be cool.04:33
ograsounds great 04:35
ograbut he should make up his mind soon, i need to book my flights :)04:35
sbalneavPing him in #ltsp04:37
sbalneavI think he's working on it today.04:37
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sbalneavbrb, reboot required after package update04:45
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sbalneavBack again04:50
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PetarisHi all05:23
Petarisogra: Has there been any progress with the network authentication bits?05:24
ograajmitch was working on it, i dont think he finished, but ask him in -devel05:24
ograi plan to attack the server side in edgy+1 though05:25
PetarisI have issues on and off with the sadms route05:25
PetarisI will ask over it -devel but he is rarely there when I am05:26
ograhe is in .nz timezone ...05:26
Petarisyeah, I know05:26
PetarisThat is why he is rarely there when I am05:27
PetarisI'm also have odd issues with my users home dir mounts05:27
PetarisI am using LinNeighborhood for each user, but I am going to try to see if I can use Services for Unix to push an NFS share from the win2k server05:29
Petaristhat might fix the issue05:29
lucasvocan anyone suggest a good ide for pytho & webdevelopment?05:33
sbalneavlucasvo: errrm... terminal + vi? :)05:38
lucasvosbalneav: yes, I am currently using this setup, but I don't know if there is anything better05:38
ograif you like vi, use pida05:38
ograapt-cache show pida05:39
Petarislucasvo, I use jEdit for all my webdev stuff05:39
highvoltagewow, pida is nice05:40
=== highvoltage wonders why he hasn't seen it before
lucasvosbalneav: you see, the question was worth asking :)05:41
Petarisogra: to your knowladge has anyone ever tried to authenticat via an nis server running on a win2k server?05:41
Petaristhe NIS server is supplied with Services for Unix05:42
sbalneavlucasvo: Oh, sure, it's worth asking, I was simply telling you what *I* use :)05:42
=== sbalneav used to work on Unix before X was widespread.
sbalneavI've been a Unix user since 198405:43
lucasvosbalneav: my first days on unix, it was over an ssh shell...05:43
lucasvoso also cli only05:44
lucasvopida looks awesome05:44
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ogranote that pida wasnt really ready when i tried it out ast the beginning of dapper ... but thats some time ago05:46
highvoltagesbalneav: wow05:47
sbalneavhighvoltage: I told you this story in France, didn't I?05:47
highvoltagesbalneav: you gave me a lot of history, but I can't remember that part05:48
sbalneavHeck, when I started using the internet, they'd JUST stopped using FTP for mail transfer, as SMTP had just been developed the year before.05:48
sbalneavI'm 38 years old, and an internet methusela already.05:48
highvoltagesbalneav: I don't think you actually gave me much history about yourself, only from when you started working at legalaid05:48
sbalneavStarted using unix in High School. :)05:48
sbalneavMeh, I'm pretty boring :)05:49
highvoltageftp for mail transfer? lol05:49
sbalneavHeck, I still remember UUCP mail and bangpaths05:49
highvoltagesbalneav: we still use uucp in tuxlabs :)05:51
sbalneavFor anyone else interested:05:51
=== highvoltage looks
sbalneavYou know why ! is called a bang, right?05:53
sbalneavon old IBM card punches, coding a ! actually punched out all the holes for the row.  Producing the loudest noise.05:55
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lucasvohow can I print out an object of a multivaluedict?06:17
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavlucasvo: What, they key has a list as a value?06:22
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #edubuntu
lucasvoalso wenn ich eifach print request.POST mach chunnt: <MultiValueDict: {'{"params":[2] ,"method":"delete", "id":"1"}':[''] }06:22
lucasvosbalneav: ^- this is the dictionary06:22
lucasvonow, I'd like to make something like if(method=="delete") 06:23
bddebianHowdy folks06:23
lucasvohi bddebian 06:23
bddebianHello lucasvo06:23
sbalneavlucasvo: Well, for dicts, maybe an .iterkeys() and format from that?06:27
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LaserJocksbalneav: interesting programming history there :-)06:34
LaserJockI think my boss used punch cards early in his academic career06:35
LaserJockI got into computers when the 5" floppies were going out of style :/06:36
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LaserJockRichEd: you still awake?06:51
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cbx33ping RichEd 08:07
cbx33ping ogra dude !08:17
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cbx33HedgeMage, 09:18
cbx33HedgeMage, I just submitted something to the handbook09:18
cbx33did you manage to find the blurb stuff yet?09:18
cbx33Amaranth, did I see you're involved with beryl mirrors?09:19
Amaranthi used to make daily snapshot packages09:19
cbx33oh np09:19
HedgeMagecbx33: just got an email from lisa, and I'm editing now and about to send it off :)09:19
cbx33check out the SCP docs when you get a sec09:19
Amaranthbtw, no school for the rest of the week09:19
Amaranthgoing to spend some time mellowing out today, tomorrow is coding time :)09:20
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lucasvoogra: can I ask you something about pida?10:33
lucasvoogra: how can I edit the todos?10:33
=== grahamldlw [n=ubuntu@host81-7-39-133.adsl.v21.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hey grahamldlw 10:39
cbx33it's pete here ;)10:39
cbx33so you finally made it10:39
grahamldlwi guessed10:39
grahamldlwyeh but as soon as i turn this off i gotta do it all over again10:39
grahamldlwit's good practive fro the sudo apt-get install etc10:39
cbx33but now you know what you gotta go10:39
grahamldlwyep i certainly do and thinking of that i shud have wrote it down lol10:40
cbx33well this channel is where all the people who are involved in edubuntu hang out10:40
grahamldlweducational unbuntu?10:40
=== neurogeek [n=neurogee@] has joined #edubuntu
grahamldlwcan u talk me thru this install thing if i get up the install thing10:40
grahamldlwtechnical termology u see10:41
cbx33install thing?10:41
grahamldlwto acctually install it permanently10:41
grahamldlwi got 7 gb free and regardless of what i delete i cant find anythin more to get rid of10:42
cbx33well....what we could do is install it tomorrow so you can see how to do it10:42
grahamldlwi have 30 gigabytes worth of stuff somewhere not doing anything not rele being used?10:42
grahamldlwumm i get all of it apart from the partition thing10:42
cbx33well you gotta find that out first :p10:42
grahamldlwmight be a key time to wipe all and start again, which i wud be inclined to do if i didnt have such important documents on here, and if i didnt have so much work set each day10:43
cbx33well....back them up10:43
grahamldlwim gonna stick them on that little hard drive thing i had/mp3 player10:44
grahamldlwas soon as i get them i can delete all, i just dont wanna like wipe windows tho10:44
grahamldlwor delete somethin i shudent, like last time wen i needed a new pc10:44
grahamldlwit's just reading the disks10:46
grahamldlwit has like 3 different types of file system10:46
cbx33we'll have to talk about this tomorrow10:46
cbx33I'm not gonna have time to go through it all now10:46
cbx33infact it'll make a good section on youth lug radio10:46
grahamldlwhow long u been doin that for?10:46
grahamldlwi wasnt even informed10:46
cbx33it's the first recording session tomorrow10:47
cbx33hang on10:47
cbx33ian hadaway is coming in10:48
grahamldlwhow do you know that?10:48
cbx33I'm just talking to him10:48
cbx33he should be joining10:48
cbx33grahamldlw, join #youth-lug too10:51
=== Sonofaq [n=IanHadaw@cpc2-sout1-0-0-cust715.sot3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hey Sonofaq 10:52
cbx33grahamldlw, is trying to install ubuntu :p10:53
cbx33Sonofaq, you #youth-lug10:53
cbx33join even10:53
Sonofaqis there a channel now10:53
cbx33well not offocicial yet10:54
cbx33but join it10:54
LaserJockcbx33: sounding a little "cave man" there10:54
cbx33LaserJock, who me?10:54
LaserJockcbx33: "You.. #youth-lug ... join ... now"10:55
cbx33or I'll club you with a bat 10:55
LaserJockcbx33: "Me... Pete"10:55
=== LaserJock is now known as Laser_away
grahamldlwubuntu is very confusing :(11:06
=== Laser_away is now known as LaserJock
LaserJockgrahamldlw: it is?11:17
grahamldlwto me anyway!11:18
grahamldlwi've never used nor seen any type of linux/ubuntu, and only just started programming :D11:19
LaserJockwhat part?11:19
LaserJockahyes installing can be fun11:19
grahamldlwfun? FUN!!!! it took me an hour to get this irc thing working with help from cbx3311:20
LaserJockdepending on your hardware, installing can be very quick and painless.... or not :/11:22
LaserJockI'm sorry you are having a struggle with it :(11:23
grahamldlwfor a start i only have 5-6 GB of free space avaliable because i cant find where my windwos portion of the hardrive is eating it11:27
grahamldlwsecondly, which is a new one, my cpu is almost always running at 100% capacity, whereas b4 i cud have any number of thigns open and it wudent go above 10%11:27
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keltorsorianyone out there today?12:03
keltorsorii may have found a bug in the Edgy LTSP implementation, need to figure out who to contact12:03
keltorsori(edubuntu and xubuntu flavors)12:04
LaserJockkeltorsori: you can report the bug on Launchpad12:04
keltorsoriwill do12:04
keltorsoriit's a bug that was reported in the Xubuntu distro last cycle (6.06) and was listed as fixed12:04
LaserJockogra is the one that will look at it12:04
keltorsoribasically on all machines I'm trying to install Knot 3 or Beta (or even new dailies), install is failing at Build chroot (gets to 50%, grinds away and fails)12:05
ograhmm, beta should work ... 12:05
keltorsoriany ideas where I could find my logs (if there are any) that might tell me or anyone exactly whats failing?12:05
keltorsorijust d/l'd it again, tried on 3 different systems (all very recent)12:06
ografile it against ltsp and attach /var/log/installer/syslog (make it world readable first)12:06
ograyou can also immediately look on console4 if the error shows up12:06
keltorsorii'll do that now12:07
=== cyberhell86 [i=djrh@] has joined #edubuntu
cyberhell86hello i gotta question....12:09
keltorsoribtw, looks like another person was having the same issue with 6.06.1 ed: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/edubuntu-users/2006-September/000300.html12:11
keltorsorialthough 6.06.1 installs fine for me (just no edgy releases)12:11
cyberhell86i gotta question.. i don't wanna risk my Windows.. so i want to install ubuntu on my ipod do u think it's a good idea? because i'm running it from the cd and it's really slow :S12:11
keltorsoribooting from USB on pc's never a great idea12:12
ograkeltorsori, try to use another videomode during install (select with F4 at the Cd bootscreen iirc)12:12
keltorsorii'll try that as well (d/l'ing a new iso right now i tossed the other ones)12:13
cyberhell86uhmmm.. but i just got a gateway laptop do u think i'm gonna have any problem with the drivers?12:13
keltorsorishouldn't, but i'd run the chipset through google and see what's supported12:13
keltorsoriwireless is always the sticky problem12:13
ogracyberhell86, try it with the liveCD :) its identical to the installed system12:13
keltorsorieven better idea :)12:13
ograso if your HW works there, it will work as well with the install12:14
keltorsoriogra, do you know how the xubuntu guys are integrating LTSP? is it basically the same as edubuntu or are they rolling their own?12:15
cyberhell86uhmm.. yes it works... i have the same problem of the wireless... but another problem.. is that i use my cellphone to get on internet.. :S so i don't know if i'm gonna be able to do the same thing with ubuntu12:15
keltorsoricyberhell86: some people have been successful with phone as modem12:16
keltorsorihold a sec and i'll pull the discussion12:16
ograkeltorsori, its both identical ... the installer bit is a part of ltsp not of xubuntu or edubuntu12:16
keltorsoricyberhell86: here's file usage http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=75978&highlight=bluetooth12:17
keltorsoriand dialup: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothDialup12:17
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