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=== mneptok pokes the mjg* clients
tfheenmneptok: you're optimistic. :-P08:28
mneptokyou taunt me.08:34
infinityTaunting you is fun.08:43
infinitymjg59_: What the heck are you doing up this early?08:45
mjg59_Damn good question08:45
mjg59_I blame having had most of a bottle of vodka08:45
infinityThis morning, or last night?08:46
mjg59_Last night08:46
mjg59_Spirits seem to result in me waking up early08:46
infinityYeah, that happens to me too.  A hard night out until 5am, and I wake up at 8am.08:47
mjg59mneptok: Still around?08:47
mjg59I'll probably crash again soon08:47
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=== mjg59 boggles
mjg59Eh. Never mind.08:48
mjg59_So who does this appear as?08:49
mjg59_Oh, I see08:49
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=== mneptok unidles
mneptokmjg59*: still here?08:58
=== tfheen wonders why mneptok doesn't just ask his question.
tfheenalso, I need to get around to writing my "automatic response to contentless ping" irssi script.08:58
fabbionehe must be shy08:58
mneptoktfheen: because before i paste the URL of the LP bug report and close the browser window, losing said URL, i want to make sure it gets seen08:58
=== tfheen wonders if fabbione hit his head on the glibc packaging or something.
mneptokand ... i'm shy.08:59
tfheenmneptok: then.. don't close the window?08:59
fabbionetfheen: hehe08:59
mneptoktfheen: OK, you just inherited the task of ensuring this is at least before Edgy ships. - https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/6328609:00
mneptokthanks man, i'm gone. :P09:00
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Infectohello 09:18
Infectocan some one tell me why after resmu from ram my fan dont work (laptop hp compaq nc8000) 2.6.17-10.29 09:19
Infectoi report a bug 09:38
Infectoif some one can help me i will be glad 09:38
tfheenmjg59: whenever you're around if you could take a look at https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/63286 and tell me whether you think it should be a 6.10 target or not, I'd appreciate.09:38
mjg59tfheen: Eez kernel boog09:45
Infectomjg59: what about with my problem ? is there any posibility to look on it ? 09:46
mjg59We could drop the rmmod/modprobe09:46
tfheenwhat could be the consequences?09:46
mjg59There's suspend/resume methods in the drivers themselves now09:46
mjg59Probably none, but, well. Who knows?09:46
tfheenI'm reluctant to change it at this point09:47
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KeybukBenC: I get a strange "kernel direct mapping tables" message floating at the bottom of the screen on boot10:39
KeybukI think it comes from the kernel10:39
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shawarmaThe uploaded kernel packages should be exactly identical to what can be found in git, right?12:08
shawarmaOr could there be a sane reason for keeping certain changes out of git?12:09
shawarmaI'm asking because some changes (a bunch of printk's with debug info) that are nowhere to be found in git kind of breaks drm on i915 chipsets. ("kind of breaks" means that I get 10 fps in glxgears instead of the usual 500 and my syslog grows by about a GB pr. hour).12:13
infinityUploads come straight out of git, generally.12:14
shawarmathis could be avoided by a break-if-there-are-local-changes check in the clean target of debian/rules or something like that.12:14
shawarmainfinity: That's what I thought.12:14
shawarmaThis is bug #65000 by the way.12:14
shawarmaNo ubugtu?12:14
infinityubugtu doesn't like the kernel.12:15
shawarma..but does it sound like a good idea or am I on crack again?12:22
shawarmaIt would definitely have avoided that particular bug. 12:23
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damnedhi all. after last (today's night) kernel update i got my glx-extensions (on i915GME, laptop) not working.03:01
damnedcan anybody suggest?03:01
damnedglxgears warns on libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x5b03:02
shawarmadamned: It would have done so before as well.03:07
shawarmadamned: That is not the problem.03:07
shawarmadamned: It's been filed already as https://launchpad.net/bugs/6500003:08
damnedshawarma: oh. thnx.03:11
=== damned thought that kernel was freezed.
shawarmadamned: Perhaps just ABI freeze. I'm not sure.03:12
BenCKeybuk: Is that new, or are you running 10.29?03:54
KeybukBenC: well, new as of upgrading to edgy03:56
BenCdamned: do you have 965 graphics?03:56
KeybukVersion: 2.6.17-10.2903:56
Keybukno, nvidia03:56
damnedBenC: i have i915GME03:57
damnedBenC: an running 10.2903:57
BenCdamned: The only change to the 910 dri kernel module was adding 965 support03:58
shawarmaBenC: No.03:58
shawarmaBenC: That was the only change that made it to git.03:58
shawarmaBenC: You had some debugging stuff that made it into the kernel package. :-)03:58
BenCah, that is so my fault03:58
BenCwell, the extra output is my fault03:59
BenCthe bug isn't03:59
shawarmaBenC: It's a result of that extra output.03:59
shawarmaBenC: It's spewing so much output it kills dri.03:59
BenCit might slow down performance04:00
tonfahow is it possible to build a package with local change ?04:00
BenCyou're right04:00
=== tonfa tought debian builds were done on a computer farm
shawarmatonfa: They are, but someone uploads stuff to that farm.04:00
BenCtonfa: the source package is built on my computer04:00
BenCso whatever source I upload, that's what gets built04:01
BenCI need a check in my source build that checks for local changes04:01
BenCI've never had that happen before04:01
shawarmaBenC: If you can scroll back about 4 hours, I had a suggestion about adding a check to the clean rule in debian/rules in the kernal package that stops the build if there are local, uncommitted changes.04:01
shawarmaBenC: I'm still not sure if this is such a special case that it would be a waste of time to implement such a check. It's just an idea.04:02
BenCshawarma: But the package isn't 100% sure to be built out of git repo04:03
tonfacan't you just specify a git tree to build the source package from ?04:03
tonfa(I'm new to debian, I know it was possible with gentoo)04:03
shawarmaBenC: Well, when the clean target exits it can tell you to set a special environment variable if you really want to upload local changes.04:03
BenCit would be nice if lp supported git along side bzr, but it doesn't :)04:03
BenCshawrma: if you aren't in a git repo, there's no way to know there are "local" changes04:04
BenCI don't think it requires this much attention...uploading a fixed source04:05
shawarmaBenC: Good point. Maybe if there's a .git dir, it should bitch if there are local changes? 04:05
shawarmaBenC: Ok, fine. If you're comfortable that this won't be much of an issue again, so am I.04:06
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:BenC] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel GIT tree info (updated): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelGitGuide | 2.6.17-10.30 uploaded. Fixes accidental debug msg's left in i910 | Daily kernel builds (for debug and testing purposes only) http://people.ubuntu.com/~bcollins/kernels-daily/ | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryKernel | KernelFreeze in effect
BenCwell, I'm sure of it, because this is only the first time I've ever used my main git tree to do debugging04:06
shawarmaAlrighty. 04:07
BenCand that was only because I was debugging a remote machine, and my sat connection sucks04:07
zuloh just get a t-104:07
shawarmaIs the kernel freeze an ABI freeze, by the way?04:07
BenCand that sat connection will be gone in 2 weeks04:07
BenCshawarma: No, it's an actual freeze, but I had some regressions from dapper to fix, and they didn't kill the ABI, so they got pushed in04:08
shawarmaOr was this just an exception to the freeze?04:08
shawarmaBenC: Ok, cool.04:08
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shawarmaThanks for the speedy fix!04:08
BenChighly visible dapper regressions sort of get preference04:08
shawarmaBenC: And so they should!04:09
BenCok, source is uploaded, a few hours and they'll be ready04:09
shawarmaExcellent. Thanks.04:13
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tonfasudo sed -i -e "/i915_emit_cmds/d" -e "/validate_cmd/d" messages syslog kern.log07:18
tonfamaybe it's useful for someone here07:18
tonfa(remove the i915 debugs from /var/log)07:18
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tonfahow do you generate debian/* for a kernel version ?08:59
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zulicky...this was in drivers/xen/core/reboot.c 09:16
zul  if (execve("/sbin/poweroff", poweroff_argv, envp) < 0) {09:17
zul                        sys_reboot(LINUX_REBOOT_MAGIC1,09:17
zul                                   LINUX_REBOOT_MAGIC2,09:17
zul                                   LINUX_REBOOT_CMD_POWER_OFF,09:17
zul                                   NULL);09:17
zul                }09:17
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srwalterwhom do I need to bribe to get a bugfix patch accepted?09:30
srwalter(bug #57625)09:31
=== srwalter looks in BenC's general direction
=== Keybuk [n=scott@quest.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
srwalterwhat'll it be, BenC?  women?  money?09:51
BenCsrwalter: That's a dapper fix?09:54
BenCsrwalter: Email me, and I can get it into the next dapper-proposed upload09:54
srwalterit applies to dapper and edgy10:16
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Infectowhere i can see is some body working on this bug https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.17/+bug/65005  ? 10:40
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tormodbenc, hi, wrt to bug #53748 I am not sure if I should nag you or for instance pitti, but why is there not a /proc/net/p80211 or /proc/net/ieee80211?11:45
BenCtormod: probably because the support was not selected in the options11:46
tormodbenc, in .config? (tried to see there)11:47
BenCtormod: Actually, looking at it, it should be there11:48
tormodbenc, then it is a bug :) can I provide some debugging info?11:49
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BenCtormod: ieee80211 doesn't have proc support11:52
BenCp80211 shows up for me11:52
tormodbenc, none of them shows up here.11:52
tormodbenc, do you have a p80211 module loaded?11:53
BenClike I said, ieee80211 doesn't have support for proc11:53
BenCif I load p80211, I get /proc/net/p8021111:53
tormodbenc, just so I get this once for old. Was p80211 renamed ieee80211 or is there more to it?11:53
BenCieee80211 is the in-kernel 802.11 stack11:54
BenCnothing to do with p8021111:54
BenCp80211 is just there to support prism211:54
tormodbenc, good to know. But your build doesn't provide the p80211 module, right?11:54
BenCmost likely it's built-in11:55
BenCso it's there, just not as a loadable module11:55
tormodthe .config has a d80211=m but no p80211. does prism2=m imply p80211=y so to say?11:56
BenC $ grep p80211 /boot/System.map-2.6.17-10-server  | wc -l11:57
BenCit's built-in11:57
tormodwhat does it take to get the /proc/net/p80211 then?11:58
BenCthe config's show WLAN_NG as =y, not as =m12:00
BenCso I don't know what you mean there12:00
BenCas far as the proc entry, I'll look into it12:00
tormodbenc, sorry but there is a PRISM2=y and PRISM2_USB=m. Is WLAN_NG equal to p80211?12:02
BenCI think I see the problem12:02
BenCok, fixed12:06
BenCtormad: Do you have a bug reference?12:06

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