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sidHello tomveens02:15
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milosevicsame problem04:29
=== poningru extremely busy with school-work so sorry guys but I just cannot help UWN this week
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tomveensWhat's on the menu this week for the marketing team?04:40
milosevicI sill want to help translating the newsweekly to Spanish...04:43
milosevicand I can't connect to gobby04:43
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tomveensI do not know what gobby is04:48
poningruit is??04:48
poningruhold on04:48
poningruhmm yeah there seems to be something wrong04:50
poningrutry again04:52
poningrumilosevic: ping04:52
milosevicat last!04:53
poningrusorry please do ping me when stuff like that happens04:54
milosevicI will, thank you :D04:54
milosevicno one is connected?04:55
milosevicponingru, I have a question about the translation05:00
milosevicI need to create a new document correct?05:00
milosevicwith this format UWN 16 - ES or UWN 16 SP?05:00
poningruupto you05:01
poningrubut yeah05:01
milosevicany commands? html? php? just plain text?05:02
poningruwe like to keep it plain text05:02
milosevicthank you05:03
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milosevicponingru, when you say: Universe Version Freeze05:20
milosevicis that literal?05:21
milosevicI mean the Freeze?05:21
milosevicor is the name: "Universe Version Freeze"05:21
milosevicto know if I need translate it or not05:22
poningruask dholbach05:23
poningruhe should be in #ubuntu-devel05:23
milosevicwill do05:24
poningruor not05:24
poningruhe is not in there05:24
poningruooh you can ask mdke_ as well05:24
poningrumdke_: ping ^^^05:24
milosevicponingru, the last question, why when I want to save it, it wants to be saved in my box? is that ok?05:41
poningruthats fine05:41
poningruit will be saved on the server automatically05:42
poningruI have it saving every 10 mins iirc05:42
milosevicok, thank you05:43
milosevicno se necesita habilidad, nada mas saber leer05:44
milosevicwrong window05:44
milosevicwhen is the newsweekly released? which day?05:46
milosevicjaja forget it05:46
milosevicI just saw when05:47
milosevicsee you tomorrow :D, i'm going to sleep now06:03
=== milosevic is away: [... gomirrito :) lqmL :* ** ] [sleeping]
Plugin excellent news06:51
Plugthere's PPTP support for NetworkManager now in universe for edgy06:51
PlugI'd love to write about it in UWN06:51
Plugpoint to point tunnelling protocol06:52
Plugvery common mostly-Microsoft VPN technology06:52
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jendaMenZa: HuzzaH03:21
jendapapa's got a brand new bag03:21
MenZaelkbuntu: hey Melissa :)03:23
MenZaelkbuntu: just read about the trip you're going on03:24
MenZaCongrats :)03:24
elkbuntuMenZa, :)03:24
elkbuntui hadnt gloated to you? shame on me :03:24
MenZaelkbuntu: you still need an about page though ;O03:25
MenZaAnd no, a Wiki article won't do03:25
jendaMenZa: Thanks a bunch. Reminds me I promised to send a few of mine. Will do.03:25
=== MenZa wags finger
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MenZajenda: Oh, they got there.03:25
MenZaIn good shape?03:25
jendaDecent :)03:26
MenZaAnd quality?03:26
=== MenZa pokes jenda
MenZaStop putting stickers everywhere!03:27
MenZaOooh, I digg Joey Stanford03:30
MenZaOpenOffice.org + Ubuntu + Esperanto = 133703:30
jendaMenZa: I gotta run back to school :)03:40
jenda4 hours off - I had time to have lunch and attend a court hearing, but now back to teh grind.03:40
elkbuntucrap. i think the wiki is down03:40
jendaMenZa: quality looks good, but I'll report depending on what end-users say.03:41
MenZajenda: rgr03:43
MitchMping menza?04:40
MenZaEnjoying the stickers?04:41
MitchMDigg Joey Stanford?04:41
MitchMwhere'd you see that?04:41
MenZaas in dig04:42
MenZathe internets corrupted my circuits.04:42
MitchMI'll be meeting Joey later this month04:42
MitchMhe's the head guy of our loco here in Colorado04:42
=== MenZa bows before MitchM
=== MitchM pats himself on back
MitchMelkbuntu still around?04:43
MenZaIt's a bit late over ther04:43
MitchMSo where did you find this info on Joey Stanford?04:43
MenZabut possibly04:43
MitchMaye -- i never catch her at the right time.04:43
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MitchM=) gracias04:43
MenZabitte :)04:43
elkbuntuMitchM, awake for a v.few more minutes04:44
MitchMhey hey -- you lookat the awstats?04:45
MitchMi think i got it all setup for ya04:45
elkbuntuwhat url?04:47
=== elkbuntu finds the email. hmm. im not sure that's right
elkbuntuanyway. bed. as i said. v.few mins04:59
jendaMitchM: you in Colorado? Cool.05:11
jendaJoey used to be active in the MT, wanted to work on the Ubuntu Magazine.05:12
jendaI might try to bring him back to help me with spreadubuntu and the UWN, if needed.05:12
jenda(back from school... the presentation was rather short :)05:13
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jendaMuhehe... first days of school exciting.06:05
jendaWe were recommended a textbook today on Roman Law written by my great-grandfather06:05
jendaMenZa: The stickers are great, Thanks again.06:16
jendaya think you could email the source files?06:16
jendaJust to offer to the public, as is my rule :)06:17
MitchMJoey seems like a pretty cool guy.06:28
MitchMwe're having the edgy release party on the 27th. Should be fun =)06:28
MitchMelkbuntu: I dont think the hits are right. Seems way too low; I will do some checking and see what I cant find. =)06:29
MitchMgot it fixed elkbuntu --  Should be working right from now on =)06:39
jendaMenZa: could you please send me your address? I'm so lost in all this data :)06:47
jendaI gotta go.06:51
MenZajenda: rgr07:20
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Discriminanthi there09:02
MenZaHey Klaidas.09:43
MenZa@ Discriminant09:43
Discriminanthi menza :)09:50
Plugso: I want to write about a feature app for UWN.  Should I just go ahead and do this on the wiki?09:51
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