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wombleHi, I'm trying to get ubuntu server to run on a sun 2100 fire server (amd64)04:09
wombleThe network appears up but I can't ping anything, just get destination host unreachable and the connection works on another machine...04:09
wombleAnyone able to suggest what I can try?04:11
Rieswhat does ifconfig tell you?04:19
nictukuwhat does mii-tool tell you?04:21
Rieswhat does the book of a thousand and one answers tell you?04:22
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goofeydoes the ubuntu lamp server install include everything the ubuntu server install would?04:53
Riesgoofey: I think LAMP stands for Linux Apache Mysql PHP04:54
Riesif you need that... it will work...04:54
goofeyit does stand for Linux Apache Mysql PHP - the question is - doews it also install all the stuff that would come with a standard ubuntu server install (ie: samba, cups, nfs etc)04:55
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SqueeIs it possible to deny a mac address an IP when using ubuntu as a dhcp server?04:58
RiesSquee: so you don't supply a IP ?05:00
Riesthat is possible...05:00
RiesI think it's in the doc of the DHCP server how to do that05:00
Squeealright thanks05:02
SqueeI'm running a game server for our lan... and we need a way to ban cheaters from the network05:02
nictukufilter using using firewall rules would be much more effective05:03
Squeewhy is that?05:03
RiesI agree with nictuku....05:05
goofeyanother way to ask this question: is it possible to add "automatic lamp" (as described here: http://www.ubuntu.com/server) to a standard ubuntu server install?05:05
nictukuSquee, because they could just setup a static IP05:05
Squeenictuku good point05:05
SqueeI was hoping that they wouldn't know how to do that but completely banning them from accessing the server does sound better05:06
Riesgoofey: what areyou trying todo?? LAMP installes just some software (I think)05:06
RiesSquee: How do you know that they are cheaters?05:07
Riesdo you see that ny there MAC address ?05:07
goofeyRies: that's what i'm trying to find out - the url i gave says that is "integrates" lamp if using the lamp install - does it do the same if i apt-get apache php mysql?05:07
SqueeWe already caught 2 people at our last lan...  we have their mac adress05:07
ajmitchSquee: add them to a range that's unroutable, perhaps - though they could still set it manually05:09
Riesgoofey: yes... you can do that by hand aswell...05:13
goofeyRies: ok - cool - thanks!05:14
RiesI personally do it by hand,,,05:14
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infinitygoofey: "apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork libapache2-mod-php5 apache2 php5 mysql-server php5-mysql"05:51
infinitygoofey: That's what LAMP does on the install CD, pretty much exactly.05:51
goofeyinfinity: excellent!!!!  thanks!!!05:52
goofeyinfinity: that's exactly the info i was looking for05:53
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tuhlis this the right channel for Xen and Edgy?03:19
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