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maro_Keybuk: regarding the script syntax, have you considered using a make-like syntax instead?06:00
thomoh please no06:00
Keybukmaro_: I think I share thom's response here ;)06:03
KeybukDEPENDENCIES := foo06:03
KeybukDEPENDENCIES += bar06:03
Keybuk   some script06:03
thomi couldn't imagine anything more hideous, personally. but you could have some fun06:03
Keybuk.EXEC: /sbin/some --daemon06:03
Keybukactually, that'd be illegal, you'd need \t before "some script" :)06:04
Keybukthom: X. M. L.06:04
thomvpath %.event \ /etc/event.d/ ; %.event: ...06:05
thomKeybuk: true06:05
maro_Keybuk: no, that wasn't what I meant :)06:06
maro_it was only for the "start script"/"end script" stanza06:06
Keybukmaro_: elaborate06:06
maro_I was initially confused with the "start script" wording since I thought it meant "start of script" (versus "before running the command")06:07
maro_Keybuk: http://borkware.net/~mark/upstart-service.txt06:08
Keybukthe trouble there is the requirement for indentation and physical tabs06:12
maro_python fans will love it, though ;)06:14
maro_my guess is that most distros/users will be consistent in their indentation anyway, and enforcing it will make 3rd party supplied event scripts more consistent06:16
maro_anyway, that's just my POV, you're the code monkey :)06:17
maro_btw, the 'while' thing is mainly to avoid "start on this-up", "stop on this-down"06:19
_ionI'm not very fond of the pythonish way of indentation.06:20
thomcan we please not have a pointless indentation debate06:21
maro_yeah :)06:21
thomthe problem with make like indentation is that some poor user will always cock it up and then get really, _really_ confused06:21
maro_my main liking about it is that it's more human/language-friendly to use a colon, and it saves a line for each script - screw the indentation :)06:24
maro_(the only argument I can see for that is that the people who edit event scripts are likely to already be familiar with make syntax)06:25
thommaro_: i don't think that's particularly likely; think about the poor sysadmin who needs to knock up an event script quickly06:27
maro_what about the poor sysadmin that though "start script" was the syntax for beginning any script block since it's stopped with "end script"? (e.g. me ;))06:30
Keybukthere's a more interesting problem that "start script" implies the script should start the daemon06:31
maro_anyway, screw the make syntax part, what do you think about "while"/"when"?06:31
Keybukit's planned to be renamed to pre-start and post-start anyway, which should make things clearer06:31
maro_Keybuk: true :)06:32
Keybukwhile/when ?06:32
maro_Keybuk: the first non-commented line in the file06:32
maro_also allowing "functions" to be either script blocks or binaries ("run" in that file)06:35
Keybuk"while X is Y" doesn't make sense ... events are one-shot occurrences06:35
maro_Keybuk: hal would run "while dbus is running"06:36
maro_i.e. respawn if it dies, and stop when dbus is no longer running06:37
Keybukwhat is "dbus" in this context?06:37
maro_system bus is available :)06:37
Keybukbut what is that?06:38
Keybukit's not an event06:38
maro_the start/stop of it is, but yeah, point taken06:38
Keybukstart on job-started dbus06:39
Keybukstop on job-stopped dbus06:39
Keybukstart on job-failed self06:39
Keybukaccomplishes much the same thing06:39
Keybukthough not quite, interestingly06:40
maro_and which one is nicer to read/understand? :)06:40
Keybukmaro_: I'd say yours is easier to read, but mine is easier to understand06:40
maro_I really like the "start on job-failed self" thing instead of exec/respawn :)06:41
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x4NothinKxis mahangu there?06:42
maro_how does "when storage is added" look like?06:43
maro_"on storage-added"?06:43
Keybukdefine "added"06:43
Keybukyou have block-device-added, or path-mounted, etc.06:43
Keybukdepending what you name those events06:44
maro_that's set by the storage event (and could be anything)06:44
maro_are all those files in /etc/event.d? :/06:44
Keybukno, those are events06:46
maro_ah, right, "arbitrary strings" - I need coffee :)06:48
x4NothinKxcould someone tell me when mahangu is regular in the channel?06:48
Keybukalso see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UpstartDesignChanges06:48
Keybukthat details where we're thinking of going with them06:48
x4NothinKxi want to do the documentation and german translation for upstart06:49
maro_looking at it, thanks :)06:50
Keybukx4NothinKx: https://launchpad.net/products/upstart/main/+pots/upstart/de/+translate06:51
maro_Keybuk: btw, I noticed that initctl list doesn't remove moved files07:03
maro_(in current upstart, obviously)07:03
Keybukknown bug07:05
maro_ok, as long as it's considered a bug :)07:05
Keybukor moved files, actually ;)07:05
maro_or both :)07:06
Keybukyup, it's actually just a lack of implementation07:06
Keybuke.g. should a job be stopped if you remove its file? :)07:06
maro_hmm, good question07:06
maro_I'll avoid thinking about that, might get a headache07:07
_ionIMO definitely yes (unless it's only renamed)07:07
maro__ion: in which case... should it be restarted?07:07
_ionI don't see a reason to restart it.07:08
maro_nah, true, initctl should just list the new name07:08
_ionJust change the job's name in memory.07:08
Keybukthey're not restarted when modified07:08
Keybukso in theory they probably shouldn't be when renamed07:09
maro_agree completely07:09
maro_I'd hate to upgrade initscripts if they were ;)07:10
maro_Keybuk: I also get a ton of hal noise on my console even when using "console null" - I guess hal's helpers are to blame?07:12
maro_heh, hal just had pid 666, wonder why07:19
_ionBecause it's an integer between 2 and kernel.pid_max07:23
x4NothinKxi do the translation now07:37
x4NothinKxbut i think rosetta is not good07:37
x4NothinKxits very difficult to find matching vocabulary07:38
x4NothinKxbecause the most words are without a context07:38
x4NothinKxthats a puzzle07:38
KeybukI'm afraid I know little about translation, or the difficulty involved07:39
x4NothinKxsome words should be kept in german, like "killed" or so. But some should'nt. I need to test the translation intensively.07:44
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