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sbalneav_Evening all04:27
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freet15anybody ?08:26
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highvoltagemorning all09:01
highvoltagewhat is the latest image I should rsync to for testing this morning?09:01
freet15highvoltage: hi09:06
highvoltagehi freet15 09:11
freet15 I want to add some hotkeycode for my notebook, so I use "showkey --keycode" to get the keycode...09:11
freet15but it doesn`t work.... I had change the /etc/init.d/hotkey-setup to match, and add the keycode(Keycodes are shown by showkey --keycode.) in /usr/share/keycode-setup/.....hk09:12
freet15highvoltage:Did you have done this before ?09:14
highvoltagefreet15: hmmm.. that might be a better question for #ubuntu09:17
highvoltagefreet15: I've done it a long time ago on slackware a few laptops back, I don't know what the correct way is to do it on Ubuntu though09:17
freet15highvoltage:Thanks  anyway :) I have searched some mail-list or website to read, if I can`t get usefull infomation, I must ask somebody at#Ubuntu09:20
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sky123Hello. I am new "admin" of sorts to the edubuntu world.  I just became involved with the world of charter schools, and thought it would be a really cool idea to use Zope for CM. Anyone doing this with multiple sites?? 10:35
sky123Alo Id like to discuss the addition of grading, attendance, calendar...etc...any ideas??10:36
sky123How are you folks dealing with the whole grading...for teachers issue??10:47
freet15cool ~10:56
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lucasvosky123: there is a tool called Schooltool whihc afaik supports grading11:11
lucasvoI'd also look at moodle11:11
lucasvosky123: I haven't used it though11:11
sky123lucasvo: sorry for not responding sooner...will do 11:53
sky123have you tried the thin client??11:54
lucasvosky123: yes12:02
lucasvoI use one right now12:02
sky123and what kind of server class do you need to support say 12 pcs??12:02
sky123i know it recommends xeon....but that is like a p4 or higher right??12:03
sky123ie...for pxe boot etc12:03
sky123any recommendations?? 12:04
stgraberogra: ping12:08
highvoltagesky123: a P4 should be fine for 12 PC's. if it has hyperthreading it's also a big +12:16
highvoltagesky123: and you'd want abot 1.5GB RAM for 12 PC's. a bit less could also work if you use Xfce instead of Gnome.12:17
sky123okay.. sounds like a good plan...but with respect to the actual pcs...being used by kids....the saving of docs etc...do you folks usually block that or use a repository of some sort... 12:18
highvoltagea document repository?12:19
sky123Also this grading thing....minus schooltool and Bessie the Annihlator...there is severe lack of a good grading, attendance,etc tool out ther.. 12:19
=== highvoltage hasn't seen Bessie before
stgraberI'm installing a daily build of Edubuntu for testing, is there anything else than : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuTesting I should try ?12:20
sky123highvoltage: ie using the PXE boot server with NFS or something to store the students documents... 12:20
highvoltagesky123: the problem with those kinds of tools is that it's 'unsexy', and very few people are willing to volunteer on tools like that, which is exactly why Mark Shuttleworth is sponsoring Schooltool development12:20
sky123highvoltage: considering it is a thin client on the students end..once they type say a paper...where do they save??12:20
sky123highvoltage:  your previous comment about the school tool... I fully agree. 12:21
highvoltagesky123: oh I see what you mean, when you boot to the server, your entire session actually runs on the server, so all files are stored on the server without using NFS, since OpenOffice, etc is actually running on the server, not on the client12:21
highvoltagesky123: it's a bit of a strange concept to grok if you haven't tried it yet, but as soon as you boot up a thin client and poke around a bit, it becomes very easy to understand.12:22
sky123highvoltage: I used to be a former high school teacher in a "project based" school...and the need for those tools is immense.....the one that people use now is for apple...and its client server as well....while powerful its such a "closed" product...I am very very interested in making a contribution in this area...12:23
sky123highvoltage: thnx for the clarification 12:24
sky123:) 12:24
highvoltagesky123: great! well, you seem to be well aware of schooltool, have you joined the schooltool mailing list yet? that would be a good way to get involved.12:24
highvoltagesky123: I think they desperately need more people that understand education well that can make suggestions and give feedback on improvement, you sound like you could contribute well there.12:24
sky123highvoltage: not yet...but I will be sure to do this....to be quite honest...I have now dedicated a significant portion of my life to this effort.. of integrating tools such as samba,wikis.v-bulletin,schooltool, to make a "package" of sorts for small schools.. I just think the social constructivist nature of these tools have tremendous power. Throw that in with tools like asterisk and you have a complete solution 12:27
highvoltagesky123: absolutely :)12:27
highvoltagesky123: if you just compare the current loose open source tools that's available now to all the tools that collectively existed 10-12 years ago, then the future certainly looks bright12:28
sky123highvoltage: I will definitely be on that mailing list...in addition my wife is a teacher....and does the "this what our stuff does now" and this is what we need. 12:28
highvoltagesky123: great. You might also want to speak to RichEd from Edubuntu, I think he'll appreciate your educational input too.12:29
sky123highvoltage: 110% agree. As a teacher I struggled to understand this stuff...then I quit my job, and dwelved into linux for the past 12 years.. 12:29
sky123now i want to give back.. 12:29
sky123:) 12:29
highvoltagesky123: there's also a channel called #ubuntu-education, you might be interested in that, there's also a mailing list for it at http://lists.ubuntu.com12:29
sky123nice. 12:29
sky123I have a bunch of concepts and ideas... 12:30
sky123for example - The states in the US have standards... and what people are attempting to do is to use the standards across various subject areas to create lesson etc... 12:30
highvoltagesky123: I also work on a project in South Africa where we install open source labs in schools, and create a whole management and support system around their computer labs12:31
highvoltagesky123: perhaps your insight and experience will be helpful to us too12:31
sky123so....one the concepts are tied to a search engine.. and returns concepts....and also will look against lessons created against an edubuntu server...etc..etc...12:31
sky123:) 12:31
sky123stuff like that 12:31
sky123Absolutely....whatever this community needs...lemme know :) 12:32
sky123it is by and far the most important project i have worked on 12:32
highvoltagegreat :)12:32
highvoltagesky123: where are you located?12:33
sky123highvoltage: just read your comment...that is exactly along the lines for what I am attempting to do with a friend...I live in Los Angeles12:33
sky123highvoltage: Just to give you an idea....many schools ie charters are opening here...they cater to students are not able to "function" in schools with 40 to 1 ratios 12:34
sky123so they are opening charters with   social constructivist nature 12:34
sky123and have their own governance structure.. 12:35
sky123this stuff is absolutely perfect in those environments 12:35
highvoltagethere in LA specifically, or California, or US?12:35
sky123the idea is to figure out how to directly support these type of orginizations which promote learning through projects, induction etc.. 12:35
sky123highvoltage: specifically San Dimas California...near Pomona...about 40 mins east of Los Angeles.....lol 12:36
sky123highvoltage: as for the schools they are now EVERYWHERE..in the us 12:37
highvoltageheh :)12:37
sky123see if this sounds like linux to you 12:37
highvoltagesky123: are you going to visit us regularly in #edubuntu, I'd really like for you to speak to RichEd.12:38
sky123there is an educational theory called the Zone of proximal development where a community of learners works together to advance their cognitive abilites...12:38
highvoltageI'm not that clued up on education per se12:38
sky123lol....that is Linux!....except they call it ZPD in education... lol12:38
highvoltagebut I have lots of ideas where it can be better.12:39
highvoltageoh I see.. (missed a line)12:39
sky123the idea would be to inject directly into these founded educational theories and give real meat to why Linux should/would support such things.. 12:39
highvoltagesky123: I'd be very interested in that theory for the tuxlab project12:39
sky123communal learning which now huge in the states 12:39
sky123yeah....hang on sec and Ill pull up the theorist's name...he's Russian... 12:40
sky123actually one guy you need to look up is LeonTev12:40
sky123the other is .. Vygotsky 12:41
sky123read up on that...very very cool stuff 12:41
sky123google search should be sufficient :) 12:41
=== adrian___ [n=adrian@84-12-152-172.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
sky123Like you and I both re-iterated...the tools are all there....they just need to "packaged"12:42
=== highvoltage gets back to testing edubuntu pre-release testing
highvoltagesky123: yes, that's what my dayjob is largely about :)12:42
sky123highvoltage: okay..wont keep you thanx 12:42
sky123:) 12:43
sky123nice 12:43
sky123okay so I met the right person 12:43
sky123This is very very cool...We definitely need to keep in touch. 12:43
highvoltagesky123: we've got a package together that largely work here in South Africa, we'll adapt it to other countries and make it more generic after time12:43
highvoltageyep. I'm nearly always in this channel, so it would be cool if you can hang around and meet the other people too.12:44
sky123highvoltage: great....will do 12:44
highvoltagethere's a lot of the 'right' people that hang out here.12:44
sky123the grading,attendance,calendering tool is HUGE...the best example of one that teachers like is by Apple though its called PowerSchool 12:45
sky123if someone even makes a "clone" of it..that will more than suffice. 12:45
sky123Just of curiosity the school tool "beta version" and source code...where can I get that??01:01
lucasvoisn't it hosted at launchpad?01:06
sky123lucasvo: ill have to look there...the beta version seems to have some of the functionality that I asked on here for...but Id like to look at the source code and see what can be done... 01:07
sky123:) 01:08
sky123which i guess is NOT the stable release that just includes the calendering??01:08
sky123ahhhh....nice...cool 01:08
sky123lucasvo: nice 01:08
sky123okay...looks like i need at least a few hours of sleep....you guys have been awesome and will see you here a little later.. 01:09
stgraberhighvoltage: I'm installing a daily build of Edubuntu for testing, is there anything else than : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuTesting I should try ?01:11
lucasvocya sky123 01:13
highvoltagestgraber: well, anything you can think of. I suggest you try openening every program on the menu's and see if funny things happen01:21
highvoltageespecially gcompris, I've had some unconfirmed problems with that01:21
highvoltageI'm also having some trouble with the installer. I have two network cards installed, and both are detected, but the installer tells me that it can't find a controller to configure dhcpd on01:22
stgraberI will active my onboard network card to check if I have the same issue with two network cards01:26
stgraberhmm, first problem, there is only one Switzerland keyboard01:29
stgraberand it selects the swiss german one01:30
stgraberbut I have a swiss french one :)01:30
highvoltageI can't understand why the world needs *so many* keyboard layouts01:34
stgraberdunno, but mine is missing :)01:34
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
stgraberUsually I have swiss french and swiss german, but this time I only have Switzerland :)01:35
highvoltagestgraber: did you try to manually choose a layout? perhaps there's one listed there?01:35
stgraberother strange, thing, I can't access the "Configure the keyboard" option in the installer01:37
stgraberIt send me back to my Configure networking page01:37
stgraberok, so two bugs : 1) Swiss french keyboard is missing (in the F3 option at least), 2) It's impossible to access the "Configure the keyboard" option of the installer01:38
highvoltagehey jsgotangco!01:38
stgraberdo you know where the keymaps are on the CD ? They aren't in /usr/share/keymaps/01:38
jsgotangcohighvoltage: hey dude! how's it going, i see you've added a news page in the cms!01:39
highvoltagejsgotangco: yes, finally!01:39
highvoltagejsgotangco: now that I've got internet at home I can get the news flowing again01:40
jsgotangcohmm my sched is getting sane nowadays as well01:40
highvoltagegoing for 13 months without internet is a pain. I think I'll still be talking about those 13 dark months in old age home one day :)01:40
highvoltagemine is also getting saner. and summer holidays are on their way. yippee!01:41
jsgotangcohey you had GPRS01:41
highvoltagethen I'll have time + Internet01:41
highvoltageyes, but the gprs was paaaainful01:41
jsgotangcoim cleaning up my LP membership heh01:41
highvoltageI need to go through LP and wiki too at some point01:42
jsgotangcoyeah its full of cruft01:43
jsgotangcoi managed to finish translations as well today for jokosher01:43
=== ulinskie [n=dsgdsg@] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltageoh cool. I like the way you're envolved *everywhere* in Ubuntu (or so it seems at least)01:44
stgraberhighvoltage: for these two bugs, should I report them for Ubuntu or Edubuntu ?01:44
highvoltageI think this december I'll have a chance to play around in different areas too.01:44
highvoltagestgraber: Ubuntu01:44
jsgotangcohighvoltage: translation is the easiest way to be in the loop actually01:44
jsgotangcoeven upstream01:45
highvoltagestgraber: I don't think you can specify Edubuntu specifically, if you choose the package that is affected in Ubuntu, it will be the same package that's in Edubuntu01:45
jsgotangcohey ulinskie01:45
jsgotangcohighvoltage: heh too bad we're not going to MV next month, but if things go well, i'll meet up with sabdfl before the month ends01:46
pygihey jsgotangco 01:46
jsgotangcopygi: hi!01:46
pygilong time no see ^_^01:46
jsgotangcoi've been busy and online time for ubuntu is limited to night and weekends01:47
jsgotangcopygi: have you looked into the amenity packaging?01:47
pygijsgotangco: yes and no01:48
pygiI think I packaged two components, and then stopped because of moving01:48
jsgotangcohmm the FF fonts in edgy are awesome01:50
stgraberhighvoltage: I reported for debian-installer (for the "Configure the keyboard" stuff) and for syslinux (for the missing swiss french option), I hope that's the good package :)01:50
highvoltagestgraber: I just saw in Launchpad :)01:52
highvoltagejsgotangco: ah! I'm glad you say that. I noticed it looked awesome too, but I thought it was just my imagination.01:52
jsgotangcoi wonder if it now uses cairo rendering01:53
jsgotangcoit looks so cairo-ish01:54
jsgotangcodoes FF use Pango?01:54
=== stgraber really likes the Firefox 2 look
stgraberif I'm not wrong cairo will be used for Firefox 3 (at least I read something like that somewhere)01:55
jsgotangcolaunchpad looks alive in FF201:56
ulinskiehey jsgotangco01:56
stgraberMaybe an info text should be added to the box that shows the "Generating LTSP chroot", like "This can take several minutes, please wait"02:01
stgraberotherwise people will think the installer crashed at 50%02:01
=== spacey [n=herman@ubuntu/member/spacey] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagestgraber: or worse... yesterday, I was intalling edubuntu on a machine that actually froze while building chroot (hardware failure), and I waited a long time for it to finish02:05
lucasvo14:05 < highvoltage> stgraber: or worse... yesterday, I was intalling edubuntu on a machine that actually froze while building chroot (hardware failure),  and I waited a long time for it to finish02:05
highvoltagewhen I noticed how much time has gone by, I pressed caps lock and noticed that that doesn't even work.02:05
stgraberor, maybe some way to update the status bar with the status of the building02:06
stgraberdhcpd works fine with two network cards here02:30
stgraberI choosed the one that's connected to the net during the install and dhcpd is now running on the other one02:31
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pygijsgotangco: I got just one SoC shirt btw :'(02:46
pygiI wanted three =)02:46
pygijsgotangco: well, I had three students :P02:49
pyginext year I'll apply myself under different names and addresses :P02:49
jsgotangcothat's a good idea02:49
stgraberhighvoltage: I found another bug, the keymap isn't the same on the server and on the clients03:13
stgraberI have my swiss german one on the server and an en_US one on the clients03:13
highvoltagestgraber: iirc, that's already filed as a bug, you might want to search in launchpad and confirm the current bug03:19
stgraberdo you know for what package it has been filed ? I can't find it03:22
highvoltageI don't know, it might be under the ltsp package03:23
stgraberI searched in all ltsp bugs and in all Edgy bugs that contained en_US, en US, keymap or keyboard and I still can't find it :(03:27
highvoltagestgraber: ok, I suggest you create the new bug then. if the other one pops out somehow, you could always merge them again03:31
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highvoltagegeez, you know you need a break when you type 'apt-get install apt-get install icewm' and you're wondering what you're doing wrong04:01
highvoltagehowdy mr bddebian 04:01
bddebianHeya highvoltage04:01
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lguerrahi all04:54
BonBonTheJonhi lguerra04:54
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cbx33ping ogra05:35
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
=== highvoltage wonders how many ping ogra's ogra gets every day
=== lguerra did not it want to be in the ogras shoes
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jsgotangcoahh its only midnight and im still bored06:03
lguerrawhy jsgotangco?06:04
=== jsgotangco is thinking what to do
=== lguerra it suggests to do a party :P
highvoltagejsgotangco: how does the area around you look after the weather accidents that happened?06:06
highvoltagejsgotangco: did your city mostly recover from it already?06:06
=== lguerra place the beers :D
juliuxhi jsgotangco 06:07
jsgotangcohighvoltage: well a few hours after the typhoon, a lot of electric posts and billboards got trashed06:09
jsgotangcohighvoltage: so the government started dismantling the really huge billboards06:09
jsgotangcohighvoltage: i lost power for 3 days and phone for more than a week06:10
jsgotangcobut we're pretty used to typhoons we're just not used to billboards getting trashed06:10
lguerrajsgotangco: where are you?06:10
highvoltageah ok. I thought there was structural damage to buildings too.06:10
jsgotangcohighvoltage: well the worse is that big trees got uprooted and billboards flying over06:11
jsgotangco(we have really huge billboards here in the city)06:12
jsgotangco(some of them like an imax screen)06:12
jsgotangcolguerra: manila (philippines)06:12
highvoltagewow, that's quite big.06:13
=== highvoltage wants to go to manilla one day
highvoltage(when the weather is good, of course :) )06:13
jsgotangcoits usually good here during the summer (April to June)06:14
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcoits the "beach" months06:14
jsgotangcoand usually after november 1, the christmas season starts06:15
=== jinty [n=jinty@127.Red-83-50-221.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcoon tv you see artists starting to promote their christmas albums already heh06:16
=== lguerra it proposes that we do meeting of edubunturos in manila, and all for the house of highvoltage
jsgotangcolguerra: you never know, the next edubuntu conf might be here ;)06:17
highvoltage+1 for that!06:18
lguerraif you see, me not entire you're welcome, not wise that business about the tifon, and now not wise it of edubuntu conf06:19
highvoltagelguerra: heh, no I'm afraid I'm having trouble understanding you06:22
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lguerrahighvoltage:  if they see, I do not find out to me anything, nonwise the one of the typhoon, and now nonwise the one of edubuntu conf06:28
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nixternalwell hello there mr. jsgotangco!06:30
jsgotangconixternal: hey dude06:31
nixternali feel like mike tyson has whooped on me06:33
jsgotangcojeezz it seems bt is a bit borked in edgy06:37
jsgotangcoanyways gotta crash06:41
jsgotangcosee ya06:41
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pygihey bddebian 09:59
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highvoltagehey pygi 10:00
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pygiwb highvoltage :P12:04

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