nysosymgood night fschoep :)12:07
fschoepnysosym: good nogith :)12:08
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Burgworkwhat is this about new art?12:18
=== Burgwork is annoyed
Burgworkfschoep: why is the artwork changing at this late date?12:18
fschoepBurgwork: master's orders12:19
Burgworkwe are lucky I still have two days to change the books screenshots12:19
fschoepBurgwork: aren't you on the docteam?12:19
Burgworkyes, I am12:19
fschoepOK, I sent out a notification to the mailing list warning everyone not to take screenshots until further notice.12:20
fschoepSomeone replied that noone was taking screenshots.12:20
fschoepI'm really sorry.12:21
Burgworkreplying now12:21
fschoepOK, thanks.12:21
Burgworkartwork has missed every deadline it has ever been given, in the history of the Ubuntu project12:23
Burgworkevery time I get a little bit more annoyed12:23
Burgworkthis time, for Dapper, I thought we were good12:23
Burgworkapparently not12:23
BurgworkI don't blame the artteam12:24
fschoepI can understand your frustration.12:24
fschoepI'm sorry to hear about your problems, unfortunately I can't really help you out at the moment :(12:25
Burgworkwe can revert the change, which is what I would do12:25
fschoepI'm not sure if Mark would agree with that.12:26
Burgworkbut if *any* other feature fails to make the deadline, it gets cut12:26
Burgworkartwork does not12:26
fschoepI see.12:27
fschoepTonight, we worked very hard with the team to conform to Mark's latest wishes and I'm sure he wouldn't want us to revert everything at this moment.12:28
Burgworkit is still up in the air about whether or not I will be in MV12:29
fschoepI understand the book being high profile as well, but it's not up to me to decide what to prioritize. I'm sorry I can't help you out much more than this.12:29
Burgworkif I am, I am going to go to bat12:29
Burgworkit is not just the book12:31
Burgworkwhat about other projects?12:31
fschoepCan you tell me about some of those?12:31
Burgworkother book projects12:32
Burgworkthat is the biggest one I can see12:32
Burgworkanybody doing out of tree marketing12:32
Burgworkthere are a million places screenshots are used12:32
Burgworkanyway, I need to run12:33
fschoepOK, I'm sure we'll discuss the matter again. Thanks for dropping by.12:33
fschoeptroy_s: ping?12:41
kwwiihehe, write a book about kubuntu12:42
kwwiiit has been solid for weeks12:42
fschoepkwwii: lol, you show 'em :)12:44
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imbrandonkwwii, pong01:11
kwwiiimbrandon: I made a couple a logos for the website01:20
kwwiimore along the ubuntu lines though01:21
imbrandonkwwii, sweet01:36
imbrandoni just woke up, give me a few to get some food in me and stuff then i'll be ready to rock01:36
fschoepkwwii: shouldn't you be asleep?01:39
imbrandonheya fschoep01:40
fschoepHey imbrandon01:40
fschoepHow do you do?01:40
imbrandongreat, had some time this weekend to get the community artwork site rocking, thats what newz^2000 kwwii and me are pumping out01:41
kwwiifschoep: yes01:41
fschoepOK, great01:41
imbrandonmark really seemed to like it , we just have a few more changes ( mostly cosmetic ) before we go live01:41
kwwiilet me post the latest stuff01:42
imbrandonkwwii, okies01:42
fschoepIt sounds exciting, do you have a preview?01:42
imbrandonfschoep, ( private-ish url , e.g. no mailing list please ) but a sneak peek at http://art-staging.ubuntu.com01:42
imbrandonthats what me and kwwii are working from, he is working on a more "ubuntu" theme now ( but not totaly default )01:43
imbrandonit andhels all the image resizine, sounds, the whole bit01:43
fschoepNice design, I think this is a major improvement over the old site01:43
imbrandoni'm working on better "group" stuff now, and a sound section01:44
imbrandonrainbow heh01:44
kwwiiyou can see that I can do that effect in any color01:45
imbrandoni like the first one personaly, its close to what i did on buntudot.org before the fridge merge01:45
fschoepkwwii: lol01:45
kwwiithe question is what do we want01:46
kwwiiI would like it to be cross desktop and there not necessarily orange-red01:46
fschoepkwwii: should it fit in the preview's design?01:46
imbrandoni was thinking a little deeper colors , i was going to change the backgrounds to still fade like they are but match the existing site moreso01:47
kwwiifschoep: not necessarily01:47
imbrandon( as in cross -desktop)01:47
kwwiiimbrandon: how did you make the log now? it is part of the bg?01:47
imbrandonabout as long as the letters, photoshop01:47
imbrandonits really just an illusion , so it would fit all resolutions01:48
imbrandonits two seperate images01:48
kwwiiso you coud take some transparent logo and put it on top of the bg pic?01:48
kwwiierm, nope01:49
imbrandoni have a blank one01:49
imbrandonthat i can on my hdd01:49
kwwiiyou have composited them in advance01:49
imbrandoninfact one sec01:49
kwwiiwhich is not bad01:49
kwwiiharder to test01:50
kwwiias you have to do it every time01:50
kwwiiI will send you 100 pics now01:50
kwwiitest them all please and show everyone everything :p01:50
kwwiijust kidding01:50
kwwiidon't run away01:50
kwwiiI am a bitch about art01:51
imbrandon^ blank one01:51
imbrandonbrb i'ma grab some grub, back in ~15 minutes01:52
kwwiiabout time for bed here01:52
kwwiimight be asleep by that time, who knows01:52
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msikmaHmm, the update to 6.10 seems to have changed around some of the graphics used by the "LegacyHuman" theme.06:30
msikmaThey look uglier now and broken in some places.06:30
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PingunZEvening all07:11
PingunZI made a gdm .. http://pingunz.rockz.be/Dump/screenshot.jpg any comments ? :)07:13
andreasnstar trek?07:16
andreasnI totally want a star trek theme :)07:16
msikmaNice background. I'm not that impressed by the design of the middle part, though.07:16
msikmaMostly, I don't find the internal/external glows to be very attractive.07:17
=== pradeep [n=pradeep@] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
msikmaI think that keeping the glows either very small (in radius) or making them very transparent (maybe 10% opacity, probably less) is nice. One thing I'm certain of is that a dark outer glow is _not_ a good substitute for a drop shadow.07:17
msikmaI'm irked by whatever logo that is in the middle. It has a shadow that makes no sense and it looks like an unfinished Tango icon resized to way past the scale it should be at.07:19
PingunZOk :)07:21
PingunZIt's the official archlinux logo btw ;)07:21
PingunZThe background is the suse default wallpaper ;)07:22
PingunZI'll design a total new one, I'll keep you updated :D07:22
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