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tidelineanyone here working on the handbook?03:18
BonBonTheJontideline: I am, somewhat03:35
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tidelineBonBonTheJon, is the work coming out of/being updated in C or working or orig dir?03:37
BonBonTheJontideline: I just started helping, but I look in the C directory03:37
chovynz34654I'm setting up an 80G HD with some partitions for Edubuntu / win 98 :\. I need some help getting some of the setting right 03:37
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: what do you need help with03:38
tidelineBonBonTheJon, ok thanks - also do you know if the task list on the wiki is up to date?03:38
BonBonTheJontideline: no idea, I am working on the Concepts: Networking page03:38
tidelineBonBonTheJon, ok thanks!03:39
chovynz34654BonBonTheJon: I'd like to set up some partitions (how many specifically i dont really know yet. What i do know is this ...03:39
chovynz34654./boot partition = 2Gb, swap partition = (2xRAM) = 1.5gb, / partition = leftover, win98 partition 4gb. Sounds reasonable so far? 03:42
tidelinechovynz34654, you dont need that big of a boot partition03:43
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: everything besides boot, only needs to be like 50 MB, maybe03:43
chovynz34654tideline : how much (that was one of the things that confused me after looking at some docs)03:43
tidelinechovynz34654, like BonBonTheJon said 50 would be a lot I usually make mine about 120 ish03:44
chovynz34654120mb for a boot? 03:44
chovynz34654for edubuntu03:44
chovynz34654k. done. boot needs to be first partition correct?03:45
BonBonTheJonI don't think it NEEDS to be, but I always do03:45
tidelineit is best to have it the first section of addressable blocks03:46
tidelineor something like that03:46
chovynz34654ok. Next Q. I have Edu6.06 already installed and upgraded on HDA1...(im installing EDU onto my primary slave so i can return my friends HD)03:47
chovynz34654theres an option under installing...03:47
chovynz34654copy data from another partition03:47
chovynz34654If i use that will it copy the data already D/led and installed onto my .....argh03:48
tidelinethats is, your boot partition must be contained within the first 1024 cylinders03:49
tidelineI have never used that option03:49
tidelinethere are many ways to get data from one disk to another03:51
tidelinelet me see if I can find something I wrote a while ago03:51
chovynz34654I have 2 HDs. the 8g is my friends which id like to return soon. The 80G is mine which id like to set up as the booter in Edubuntu03:52
chovynz3465480g will have a boot part, a root part, 2 data parts, 1 win98 part03:53
tidelineare you going to install onto the 80gb'er?03:53
tidelinea fresh install?03:53
chovynz34654EDU is already installed o the 8g03:53
chovynz34654fresh onto 8003:53
tidelineright but are you going to do a fresh install on the 8003:53
chovynz34654yes fresh onto 8003:54
chovynz34654I have a cd that im running trying to set this up03:54
chovynz346548 is master, 80 is slave03:55
tidelineok I would put the 80gb disk on the contoler as primary and the 8gb on as slave, install the OS's you want, then rsync or copy from the 80 to the 803:55
chovynz34654ok got that.03:56
chovynz34654what im having trouble with is the boot root and win parts03:56
tidelinedo you have apps that you have installed other than what comes with edu?03:56
tidelineare you going to use grub?03:56
chovynz34654i've written down a plan, but im struggling to set my HD up like i want03:57
chovynz34654(bearing in mind I wont have my friends HD soon)03:58
chovynz34654wheres the info i need...03:58
chovynz34654*Heres the info i need03:58
chovynz34654Q. What sizes do i need the partitions to be03:58
chovynz34654and how do i install win after into some freespace after linux03:59
tidelineI dont know what a normal Windows Install takes up space wise?03:59
chovynz34654as far as i can tell i need 4 parts... "/" "/boot" "swap" "win98"03:59
tidelineI would imagine 25-30 gb of the 80 would be enough04:00
chovynz34654onyl need 4g04:00
chovynz34654itll be a stripped down version of win9804:00
chovynz34654only esentials and graphic drivers04:00
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: if the computer is fast enough, why not do windows in a virtual machine04:00
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chovynz34654tried virtual04:01
tidelineso i would add a little space for additional storage04:01
tidelinedid you try parallels?04:01
chovynz34654it wont run some of the progs im running under windows (maplestory)04:01
tidelineit has worked great for me, but it's not free04:01
tidelineI have some guys at work that use qemu04:01
chovynz34654:\ cant afford atm04:01
tidelineI personally don't use any Windows anymore, even at work!04:02
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: did you try vmware/qemu, or did you try wine04:02
chovynz34654trid wine04:02
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: ahh, see vmware runs windows from within linux, so it will work, just need to set it up04:02
chovynz34654vmware costs04:03
chovynz34654i cant pay any more money atm04:03
tidelineqemu is a very viable option04:03
tidelineits free04:03
chovynz34654got a link?04:03
ubotuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo04:03
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository. Instructions to install VMWare Server can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingVMWare04:03
chovynz34654thnx for links04:05
chovynz34654hmmm...these dont help me yet04:05
chovynz34654they would if i were at a gui or shell...but atm im at formatting / partition setup from the CD04:06
chovynz34654ok ill ask from a different angle04:07
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: install EDU on the drive, then when that is up, you can install Windows in VMWare or Qemu04:07
chovynz34654how much freespace should i leave on the 80.....ok bonbon04:07
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: for...?04:07
chovynz34654(so i can install win98 later / after EDU)04:09
chovynz34654nvm i answered my own question04:10
chovynz34654thnx for your help guys04:10
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BonBonTheJonfor a clean install of edubuntu, I guess 50 or 100 or more for /boot, 2 times memory for swap, the rest can be /04:10
chovynz34654oh thats why i was getting confused....the 80g (new as of 6 months ago) previously had win98 on it. 98 didnt handle it very well and now i have bad sectors on the disk. After formatting that shouldn't matter but i was wondering if i partitioned the HD into a few data drives, would it reduce the problems i get from bad sectors (if any ever appear again after installing linux)  04:13
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: this is getting beyond my reach, but I think the disk can detect bad sectors and not use them04:14
chovynz34654k :)04:15
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: I am most likely wrong, but for what its work04:16
tidelinedont save any space on the drive04:16
tidelinequem and vmware use files on the local system for OS04:16
tidelineso here is a generic partition table04:18
chovynz34654win98 does not however. if i install win98 later i will need a partition. I wanted to set that possibilty up now incase these two programs dont run MapleStory. MS is the ONLY reason I'm still using 98 on my othercomputer 04:18
tidelinecrap I will use a paste bin its a little large04:18
chovynz34654everything else i need is available on linux04:18
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: just don't partition jsut enough space for win9804:19
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: and if you get a virtual machine working you can expand the / partition04:19
tidelinechovynz34654, BonBonTheJon has a good point04:19
chovynz34654good thought04:20
tidelinebut if you were going to know you were going to use qemu I wouldn't bother just use the entire balance of the disk after you have boot and swap04:20
chovynz34654so boot does need to be a partition?04:21
BonBonTheJontideline: but my way will work in either case04:21
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: yeah, say 150MB04:21
chovynz34654:( my installation failed04:21
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: what do you mean04:22
tidelineBonBonTheJon, right I agree nothing meant by my remarks04:22
BonBonTheJontideline: I was just pointing out :)04:22
tidelinechovynz34654, what happened?04:23
tidelinedid you get any useful info?04:23
chovynz34654"./pool/main/h/hplip/hplip-data_0.9.1-4ubuntu1_all.deb file failed the md5 checksum verification. Your CD-ROM or this file may have been corrupted."04:24
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: is this a new cd?04:25
chovynz34654yes :( CD image04:25
tidelinechovynz34654, did you check the MD5 after you downloaded it?04:25
chovynz34654i didn't. My friends CD. it might be ROM. The CD worked before to install to his HD as well.04:26
chovynz34654this is frustrating04:27
tidelinehang in there04:27
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: we are here to help04:27
chovynz34654ok heres what im goon try....04:27
chovynz34654i have a working 8g HD. I have a clean 80G HD as slave04:28
chovynz34654EDU is already installed on 8g04:28
BonBonTheJondownload, check, and burn on edu04:29
chovynz34654ill direct copy over 8HD to 80HD 04:29
chovynz34654swap cables (master & slave) and see if that works04:29
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: its worth a try04:30
chovynz34654meanwhile im ordering a couple of cds :D04:30
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: good call04:31
chovynz34654want to hear a linux horror story? (aka lessons ill never forget)04:32
tidelinechovynz34654, sure04:33
chovynz34654when the 80g was still a W98 HD, i was trying to get EDU to recognise the HD so i could access the files and transfer to a backup machine. I didnt know how to do that so i read up and fiddling around. I used "Disks" under sys -> admin. 04:36
chovynz34654i pointed the mount point for the 80g HD to /dev (made sense to me)04:37
chovynz34654after clicking ok....i couldnt do anything else04:37
chovynz34654i panicked....and read up trying to fix that mistake for hours04:37
chovynz34654most solutions involved doing something like go to shell and type ...04:38
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: did you ever figure out how, I have no idea unless you chroot'ed into the drive and fixed it04:38
chovynz34654i couldn't GET to shell or terminal or anything04:38
chovynz34654so that was no go04:39
chovynz34654i hard rebooted04:39
chovynz34654it didnt save the session, so my mistake wasnt in the system04:39
chovynz34654phew O.O04:39
chovynz34654(try it out on a trash HD) lesson : NEVER direct your points to any of the systme folders...make one up first04:40
chovynz34654ok another question for you....04:46
chovynz34654how come i cant (using gui) copy and paste the boot folder on 8g to 80g04:47
BonBonTheJonI don't quite understand, how are you going about copy and pasting04:48
chovynz34654click on /boot folder under root (8g)    copy     focus on /mnt/hd1/boot (80g)      paste is greyed out04:50
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: oh, you might not have write priveleges04:51
chovynz34654im doing it as root04:51
chovynz34654i think04:51
BonBonTheJondid you just open the file manager04:52
chovynz34654yeah. Thats under user name. I dont really get the users vs root bit yet04:53
chovynz34654do i need to do what i want to under terminal?04:53
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: I haven't used EDU yet, so does it use GNOME or KDE04:54
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: you will need to run the file manager (name?) under root04:55
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: I use KDE, and I don't know how you do that, maybe I can look it up04:56
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: I'm going to guess 'sudo nautilus'04:58
BonBonTheJonchovynz34654: then try it04:58
chovynz34654yes nautils 2.14.304:59
tidelineyou are trying to copy your /boot partition to the /boot partition on the other disk?04:59
chovynz34654yes tideline04:59
chovynz34654ah no05:00
tidelinechovynz34654, I think the best way to do that is with somthing more low level like dd in the command line05:00
chovynz34654ok..."dd"? what does that mean?05:00
tidelinethat will copy block for block05:00
tidelineI dont think it means anything... it probably did ;-)05:00
tidelineman dd gives dd - convert and copy file05:01
tidelineand its name05:01
chovynz34654so go to command line...that is not terminal is it05:01
tidelineits terminal05:01
chovynz34654ah...lol too late05:01
tidelineI wrote a blog entry about something just like this you may want to check it out, it's about disk recovery with reiserfs and ext3 as boot so it may help05:02
tidelinelet me get a link05:02
tidelinechovynz34654, try this: http://blog.internetinnovation.com/?p=205:03
tidelinethere is a section about copying with dd from one disk to another05:03
tidelinecheck the section about the /boot partition very similar to what you want to do I think05:04
tidelineit is actually dump not dd05:04
chovynz34654yeah thats quite simialr to what im doing05:05
chovynz34654thnx for link05:05
chovynz34654what is reisurfs?05:07
chovynz34654nvm found it05:08
tidelinereiserfs is just another journaling fs like ext305:08
tidelineit's creator is actually in jail now05:08
chovynz34654dd = disk dump05:09
tidelinethat makes sense05:10
chovynz34654i guess :)05:11
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tidelinenight all05:22
nathannight tide05:22
nathanthnx for your help05:23
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chovynzbon bon...can you read this message?05:24
chovynzok thnx05:25
chovynzBonBonTheJon: can you C&P the last lines of Tide for me? I closed the  window. :\05:28
BonBonTheJon<tideline> night all05:29
BonBonTheJon<tideline> that makes sense05:29
BonBonTheJonthat good?05:30
chovynzlol the ones with the link and any HD copying info05:30
BonBonTheJon[23:03]  <tideline> chovynz34654, try this: http://blog.internetinnovation.com/?p=205:31
chovynz*scratches head* i dont understand most of that file. 05:34
BonBonTheJonchovynz: did you get the files copied05:35
chovynzno. still trying things05:35
chovynzlooking at edubuntus docs05:35
chovynz....how do i login as root in terminal05:39
chovynzgeez....theres got to be a simpler way to copy a HD05:40
BonBonTheJonchovynz: are you using a terminal windows?05:41
BonBonTheJonchovynz: do 'sudo passwd root' to set the password05:41
BonBonTheJonchovynz: then 'su' to log in as root, it will ask you for the password you just entered05:41
chovynzthank you.05:42
chovynzmost helpful05:42
BonBonTheJonchovynz: did it work?05:42
BonBonTheJonok good05:42
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sbalneavEvening all05:45
BonBonTheJonevening sbalneav05:45
chovynzBonBonTheJon: where can i find info on the commands for linux05:46
chovynzevening sbalneav05:46
sbalneavHello hello05:46
chovynzBonBonTheJon: things like sudo su dd etc....05:46
chovynzthats part of my problem i think...i dont know what to do or type or where to look05:47
BonBonTheJonchovynz: well, some info is installed, they are called man pages05:47
BonBonTheJonchovynz: if you know a command, run 'man command' and you will get info.05:47
BonBonTheJonchovynz: there are plenty of web sites that give info, like http://www.linux.org/lessons/beginner/toc.html05:47
chovynzthnx...see i didnt know that :D05:47
BonBonTheJonchovynz: also you can check out the wiki at http://wiki.ubuntu.com05:48
BonBonTheJonchovynz: and of course here on irc05:48
chovynzthnx both those links are helpful.05:48
BonBonTheJonchovynz: a lot of stuff is similar between other distros, so most tutorials will work05:49
BonBonTheJonchovynz: except when it deals with installing software, use synaptic05:49
chovynzyeah got that one already05:49
chovynzIm a windows user from way back....i've found learning linux is ....challenging05:49
BonBonTheJonchovynz: yeah, but I find working with linux, you come to understand how the computer works more05:50
sbalneavFor the most part, you shouldn't really ever need to use the command line.05:50
sbalneavMost things you'd "normally" like to do, you should be able to do graphically in Ubuntu.05:50
BonBonTheJonsbalneav: and if there isnt, then I think we need to get someone writing some code :)05:51
chovynzsbalneav: heres a challenge for you. Is there a way to (GUI) copy & paste system files (i.e. /boot)  from one HD to another clean one?05:52
sbalneavchovynz: Are you trying to simply backup the files, or make a bootable hard drive?05:52
chovynzBonBonTheJon: lol now i gotta explain it all again05:53
chovynzbootable HD05:53
BonBonTheJonchovynz: :)05:53
chovynzsbalneav: i have 2 HD05:53
chovynz8g and 80g05:53
chovynz8g is a friends, has EDU on it05:54
chovynz80g is mine and i want to install linux on to it05:54
chovynzim returning 8g soon05:54
sbalneavSo, why not simply install edubuntu on it, then just copy over the data?05:54
chovynzcause my cd isn't working anymore05:55
sbalneavWhich, the drive, or the Ubuntu cd?05:55
BonBonTheJonsbalneav: we think it is the cd05:55
chovynz*bangs head on desk*05:55
BonBonTheJonchovynz: can you re-download edubuntu?05:56
sbalneavThat's easy: borrow another cd rom drive from a friend.  Try with that one.05:56
chovynzi reallllllly dont want to lol....i want to get it up and running this arvo :D05:56
chovynzbeen working on this issue for a number of days now05:57
chovynzthat and i have limited broadband05:57
sbalneavTrying to do a hard drive to hard drive move isn't easy, but it's not impossible.05:58
chovynzif i re dl edubuntu that'll take a big chunk out05:58
chovynzsbalneav:  whats the least complicated way of doing hd to hd 05:58
sbalneavEasy.  Trade your 80 for your friends 8.  He gets a bigger drive, you get an edubuntu install.  Everyone's happy :)05:59
sbalneavI'll see if I can dig you up an article.05:59
sbalneavThis isn't an "easy" thing on any any os, including windows.06:00
chovynzlol "Easy.  Trade your 80 for your friends 8.  He gets a bigger drive, you get an edubuntu install.  Everyone's happy :)"06:00
chovynzif this were windows id use ghost or something06:01
sbalneavThat's something you have to buy.06:02
chovynzargh....my times up.......thnx for help guys.......ill come back here later....better yet ill leave this window open06:02
sbalneavLeave it open, I'm looking up an article, I'll paste it.06:02
chovynzbbl in 2 ish hours06:02
sbalneavDo you have both hard drives installed?06:03
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chovynzback...for a few06:14
chovynzyes i have both hd installed06:15
chovynz8-g is clean and ready to take new OS06:15
sbalneavok, I can probably step you through the process, if need be.  It'll take a bit of work, though.06:17
chovynzsbalneav & BonBonTheJon: why does my 80g keep losing its access path? How can i make my 80g HD a permanant HD?06:18
sbalneavWhat do you mean?06:18
chovynzwell every few hours i have to use "Disks" again and point the 80HD access path to teh folder i created (/mnt/hd2)06:19
chovynzDisks Manager06:20
sky123Hi guys....I just got the edubuntu server up and running and could use a little help on the config/ help with the thin client portion. 06:20
sbalneavYou're probably mounting it as a user, and when you log out, the automounter unmounts it.06:20
sbalneavsky123: What seems to be the problem?06:20
BonBonTheJonsky123: what is your question06:20
sky123Do I need to set up dhcp on the box with two nics like the wiki says or is that unecessary 06:20
sky123i already have a dhcp server on my network 06:20
sbalneavIf you've installed edubuntu, the dhcpd server should be there already.06:20
sky123and configured the edubuntu box with a static ip... ( just read your comment ohhhh). 06:21
sbalneavchovynz: OK, what hard drive is your root, and which one's your 80 gig?06:21
sky123okay assuming the client machines PXE boot up... (pardon my newbness on this)...and I have one dhcp server serving up the rest of the workstations on my network....and edubuntu as the tftp/pxe dhcp installed...and I pxe boot...will the two dhcp contend with each other...??06:22
sbalneavchovynz: Could you paste the results of the command "sudo fdisk -l" to the pastebin?06:22
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (you can always find it in the channel topic, among other useful things)06:22
chovynz8g is root - master- hda. 80g is /mnt/hd2 - slave - hdb06:22
chovynzok sbalneav06:23
sbalneavsky123: Does the edubuntu server have 2 nics in it?06:23
sky123sorry..long question..not necessarily a /var/log/messages post...i know about pastebin...my appologies.. 06:23
sky123nope 06:23
sky123just one06:23
sbalneavThen yes, they will cause problems with each other.06:23
sbalneavBest way to deploy any LTSP network is to have a separate nic for just the terminals, that way they don't interfere with other dhcpd servers.06:24
sbalneavsky123: The pastebin comment was for chovynz06:24
chovynzsbalneav: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/27752/06:25
sky123so in essence if there is already a network say...   DSL---firewall----network( or something would have to be setup....sort of a double natted environment??06:25
sky123does that sound right?...06:26
sbalneavNo, the edubuntu server won't need natting, remember, all the processes are going to be running on the edubuntu server, so they'll just see and talk over the network.06:26
sbalneavSetting up a network for the terminals to live on, makes it so you only run the dhcpd server on that network, and it only serves the thin clients.06:27
sbalneavAll they do then is just move the X windows packets back and forth on that network.06:27
sbalneavchovynz: OK, well, looks like you've got it partitoned already.06:28
sbalneavOK, type this:06:28
sbalneavsudo su -06:28
sbalneavand a warning.06:28
chovynzheh. i dont hold you resposible sbalneav :D06:29
sky123okay....say the dhcp server config file which the wiki talks about is adjusted to say... one nic on the machine...there is still contention by potential workstations that connect (ie not thin clients) which may choose or with two nics IT IS sort of natterd no?? or am i seeing this all wrong....06:29
sbalneavso, first thing you want to do is make a swap partition on hdb5.06:29
sbalneavmkswap /dev/hdb506:29
chovynzit already is isnt it?06:30
sbalneavIf you install a second nic, and hang a switch off it, and hang the terminals off that, they will be separate, yes.06:30
sbalneavchovynz: it's PARTITIONED as swap, but unless you've FORMATTED it as swap, it won't act as a swap drive.06:31
sky123okay...but with the one nic setup....what is required??...(just trying to understand it ;) ) 06:31
sbalneavsky123: You'd have to adjust one, or both of the dhcpd.conf files.06:31
sbalneavEdubuntu by default hands out dynamic addresses.  If the other dhcpd server does the same, it will have a confilct.06:32
sky123sbalneav: if say adjust the edubuntu server to say a dhcp network...still the conetention or??06:32
sbalneavchovynz: Tell me when the mkswap command is done.06:32
sbalneavsky123: No, that won't work.  You can't have  a nic be both a .1.0 and a .0.0 network.06:32
sky123sblaneav: so in essence only one dhcp server with the location of tftp,pxe info etc.. 06:33
chovynzsbalneav: done06:33
sbalneavThat's usually easiest, yes.  Not necessary, you can do it other ways, but thats the simplest.06:33
sky123sblaneav: also that basically means one of the dhcp servers turned off. 06:34
sbalneavchovynz: OK, now we need to move the data across.06:34
sbalneavsky123: Either that, or move both to using static assigned addresses.06:34
sky123okay 06:34
sbalneavSearch on wiki.ltsp.org for the dhcp section06:34
sbalneavIt has all sorts of good info.06:35
sbalneavchovynz: Give me a second to look up the exact set of command line options I need...06:35
sky123maybe using the two nics isnt such a "bad" idea and in essence isolating requests to the edubuntu server via a physical switch... 06:35
sky123that way any client machines can be easily identified.. 06:35
sky1232nd...uhmmmm..okay 40th question...lol...assuming the bios on the clients have no PXE boot capability...what are you using to get the ability for the clients to be able to have the PXE cabalities?? 06:37
sbalneavsky123: etherboot.06:37
sbalneavOK, chovynz, lets do this:06:38
sky123is that a iso disc or something on the internet that can be dl'd ? 06:38
sbalneavecho "mnt" > /excludes06:38
sbalneavecho "proc" >> /excludes06:38
sbalneavecho "media" >> /excludes06:38
ubotuetherboot: Bootstrapping for various network adapters. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.4.1-1 (dapper), package size 21206 kB, installed size 25052 kB06:39
sky123asked and answered...lol 06:39
sbalneavecho "dev" >> /excludes06:39
sbalneavchovynz: So you should have a file in your root with 4 lines in it06:39
chovynzsbalneav: not sure...i did those commands06:40
sbalneavcat /excludes06:40
chovynzwhat does cat do?06:40
sky123hmm...okay showing more newbness....how to get a bootable iso or floppy to "etherboot"??06:41
sbalneavcat "catenates" or appends files.  i.e. dumps them to the terminal06:41
chovynzah. thnx06:41
sbalneavsky123: Read that on the wiki.ltsp.org as well06:41
sbalneavEtherboot section.06:41
sbalneavchovynz: OK, 06:41
sbalneavHave you mounted the hdb1? i.e. type the command "mount | grep hdb1"06:42
sbalneavis it mounted on your "/mnt/hdb1" you created?06:43
chovynzim sorry sbalneav...i need to go....will you be on in 2 hours?06:43
chovynzor can you point me to a link?06:44
sbalneavMaybe yes, maybe no.06:44
sbalneavThere's an article on debian-administration.org, as well, I'm working from some notes of my own.06:44
chovynzthnx for youe help here...hopefully ill see you in 2 hours :D06:44
sbalneavProbably not.  It'll be 2 am for me here then :)06:45
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=== BonBonTheJon_ [n=jon@cpe-69-133-37-32.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #edubuntu
=== BonBonTheJon [n=jon@cpe-69-133-37-32.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #edubuntu
=== sky123 [n=skys123@static-71-103-255-118.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #edubuntu
sky123okay...got a little further and have dhcp properly configured on edubuntu and used the rom-tool for etherboot to create an iso...rebooted client and I get a no BIOS32 detected message...can someone help out??07:49
sky123is the driver wrong?07:50
=== HedgeMage [n=HedgeMag@ubuntu/member/hedgemage] has joined #edubuntu
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #edubuntu
sky123hi...still having problems with a pci_init: no BIOS32 detected message...what does that mean?? and what do I need to do to have the client connect to the edubuntu server... 08:10
sky123okay....i guess im having trouble creating the image for the etherboot via the rom-omatic..can someone help out?08:18
=== chrismo [n=chris@rdlax10-b089.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #edubuntu
=== RichEd [n=richard@dsl-165-124-53.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
chovynzim back09:05
=== jbrefort [n=jean@lns-bzn-29-82-248-210-154.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== achandra [n=achandra@static-71-103-255-118.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #edubuntu
achandraanyone awake out  there that may  be able to help out with an etherboot issue??09:27
=== highvoltage might
highvoltageachandra: still kind of waking up here though :)09:40
=== pygi [n=mario@83-131-18-206.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
pygihey ogra 10:16
=== foRza [n=forza@] has joined #edubuntu
=== cbx33 [n=prochat1@84-45-238-195.no-dns-yet.enta.net] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33ping ogra10:22
highvoltagepingz ograz!!!10:29
highvoltagemorning cbx33  :)10:29
cbx33excellent testing my man10:29
highvoltagethanks. if I could get my rsync working I'd test with the rc image too :-/10:30
cbx33i see 66808 bit you too10:32
cbx33did you manage to confirm or deny my sound bug10:32
highvoltagecbx33: bug number?10:33
highvoltagecbx33: I don't recall having any sound problems10:33
cbx33on a thin client...login u get sound....10:33
cbx33logout and login as a diff user.... do u get sound?10:34
cbx33i dont here10:34
highvoltageah, I couldn't test that, since I couldn't log in as any other user than the first one10:34
highvoltagelots of strange things happen after you've logged out and log in again.10:35
highvoltageI think LDM needs to clean up much more10:35
highvoltageI'm going to make some heavy LDM hacks for tuxlabs. I think worse case sceneario is that we'll have to use GDM + XDMCP again this round, but I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.10:36
cbx33think i'll update my lappie and do some testing later10:37
highvoltageat least with feisty, I'll be able to get more frequent images and do more testing.10:38
highvoltagecbx33: I've been thinking yesterday...10:38
highvoltagecbx33: ok, talk to you when you're back10:38
cbx33no no10:38
cbx33now is cool10:38
highvoltageeven though there's few Edubuntu bugs at the moment, I think we should have an Edubuntu hug/bug day too on Wednesdays, along with the Ubuntu one.10:39
cbx33good idea10:39
highvoltageit will be a nice space/forum/platform to co-ordinate testing and bug hunting10:39
cbx33sounds great10:40
highvoltageand it's convenient that wednesdays are on the same days as our weekly meeting10:40
=== pygi has no time for hug days :'*
cbx33we should draft a mailing list announcement 10:40
highvoltagepygi: I'm sure you'll get there some day :)10:40
pygihighvoltage: yes, when they kick me out of uni =)10:41
highvoltagecbx33: good Idea. timing wise, this coming Wednesday is a bit bad time-wise, since it's the day before release10:41
cbx33but in future 10:41
=== pygi is presenting edgy two days after it's out ;)
highvoltagecbx33: perhaps we should start as soon as feisty opens?10:41
cbx33i agree10:41
highvoltagethat will give us good time to prepare wiki pages, which will help new people get involved, etc, etc10:42
cbx33clean up as many old bugs be ore devel starts10:42
=== cbx333 [n=pete@84-45-238-195.no-dns-yet.enta.net] has joined #edubuntu
cbx333highvoltage, did you bugify on LP all your bugs?11:22
crimsuncbx333: looking forward to some rockin' sounds for Feisty :)11:22
cbx333oh indeed11:23
cbx333crimsun, now got my Lexicon effects unit from the uni days all hoooked up to the Delta11:23
cbx333thanks for all the help bud11:23
highvoltagecbx333: I buggified ~90% of them11:24
highvoltagecbx333: some I have to check up on again11:25
cbx333highvoltage, I'll try to confirm some of them on the RCC release11:25
=== highvoltage just found some fun forgotten photos on hard disk and uploaded
highvoltagelike this one: http://photos.jonathancarter.co.za/tuxlab-roadshow-2005/img_2757 :)11:26
highvoltagecbx333: ok thanks, that will certainly be very helpful11:26
cbx333highvoltage, gcompris is fine with ati driver11:32
cbx333trying vesa11:32
cbx333yup that's a confirm from me11:33
highvoltagecbx333: great, can you confirm it in malone too please?11:33
cbx333yes about to11:33
cbx333but hit another really opdd bug11:33
cbx333reall really odd11:34
cbx333whilst trying to switch VTTs11:34
cbx333all the keys just make funn characters11:34
cbx333I can't switch11:34
cbx333I guess I must be trying to switch during vesa loading 11:34
cbx333I'll take a pic on my mobile11:34
cbx333highvoltage, have you experienced it where loading a nautilus window results in 4-5 windows being opened?11:37
cbx333all at the home dir11:38
highvoltagecbx333: yes11:38
cbx333is it bugged?11:38
highvoltagecbx333: on the thin client just after logging in to11:38
cbx333I hate that11:38
cbx333hmm....it does it on normal edgy too11:38
highvoltagecbx333: no, not yet, I had trouble reproducing it11:38
cbx333yeh me too11:38
cbx333just had it whilst loading my memstick on ym phone11:39
highvoltagebut it *does* happen11:39
highvoltagecbx333: I think you should bug it, I will confirm11:39
cbx333I don;t know what to file against11:39
cbx333confirmed your other one11:40
highvoltagegnome-desktop... or nautilus11:40
highvoltageI don't think it matters *too* much which one. someone can correct it when more info is available on the bug11:40
cbx333highvoltage, where are the menu entries stored?11:42
highvoltagewhich menu entries? like the gnome menu entries?11:43
cbx333like gcompris11:43
highvoltagejust a sec, I can look it up11:43
cbx333just bugged the other one11:45
highvoltagecbx333: that's the debian style menus location, then there's also /usr/share/applications, which seem to be the gnome specific ones11:46
cbx333yeh i got it11:46
highvoltagebug confirmed.11:49
cbx333thanks 11:49
cbx333not a lot of info on the gcompris11:49
highvoltagemight even be a bug with the vesa driver or Xorg11:50
cbx333gcompris displays very little11:50
=== highvoltage tries to think of other games that switch resolution
cbx333highvoltage, do you know how I can route all output to a file11:50
highvoltageI have a feeling that it's not a gcompris problem per se11:50
cbx333stdout and stderr11:50
highvoltagecbx333: gcompris >& output11:51
cbx333highvoltage, got some strace output on that bug12:25
cbx333I'm gonna post to LP12:26
=== yannick [n=yan@vbo91-2-82-239-207-217.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #edubuntu
cbx333just logged in clicked for home dir and got 5 windows12:26
cbx333this is silly12:26
=== yannick is now known as yannick_d
highvoltagecbx333: I got the windows popping up without even clicking on anything12:29
cbx333I have had that before too12:29
highvoltagecbx333: it just opened when I logged in12:29
cbx333did you see my attachemtn to the gcompris one12:29
cbx333highvoltage, could it be a font issue?12:30
cbx333check out thhe last 30 or so lines12:31
cbx333where we see...Fatal Server error12:31
=== frandavid100 [n=david@81-203-22-142.user.ono.com] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagecbx333: what's the bug number again?12:31
frandavid100how can I get some info on the student control panel?12:31
cbx333ahhhh.....I see a SEGFAULT12:31
highvoltagecbx333: sorry, nm12:31
cbx333frandavid100, I wrote a lot of it12:31
frandavid100it doesn't have an "about" button12:31
cbx333what can I do for you12:31
highvoltagefrandavid100: cbx333 is the current developer on it :)12:31
cbx333frandavid100, no, there is some documentation about it....12:32
frandavid100hi cbx333, does it have a webpage?12:32
cbx333it probably will have this release, or something like it12:32
cbx333let me fidn the docs12:32
cbx333highvoltage, where is the doc repo?12:32
cbx333nixternal, had a rendered of the handbook so far12:33
cbx333any ideas?12:33
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
frandavid100it's not like I can do anything with that info myself, but I want to create a Ubuntu spec to include some sort of internet cafe software12:33
highvoltagecbx333: I don't know, I don't think I ever had access to it12:34
cbx333ahhh good plan12:34
cbx333frandavid100, hang on 2 ticks12:34
frandavid100and someone who knew how to do it could modify SCP to create that kind of program12:34
frandavid100that's what I think at least, I can't program a thing so I couldn't tell12:35
cbx333frandavid100, well,,,, SCP is going to become more generic next release12:35
cbx333so less of the emphasis on puil/teacher12:35
frandavid100they're calling me for breakfast, I'll be back in a minute12:35
cbx333infact frandavid100 I'm writing the next SCP spec today12:40
cbx333so feel free to make some additions12:40
=== Yagisan [n=Yagisan@doomsday/developer/Yagisan] has joined #edubuntu
frandavid100hi again, cbx33312:43
frandavid100what's the address of the spec?12:43
cbx333not written yet12:44
cbx333hang on switching IRC12:44
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33highvoltage: *gah* - I just had 4 windows load on log in12:49
frandavid100what's the content of the spec going to be?12:49
frandavid100I mean, it's a ubuntu/edubuntu spec right? what's the proposal going to be?12:52
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cbx33ogra, I'mworking on the spec now01:14
lucasvocbx33: nice01:22
cbx33it's getting there01:22
lucasvooh, it doesn't exist01:22
lucasvoI'll add my thoughts later on today01:22
cbx33luscavo it does now01:23
cbx33check it01:23
frandavid100yep it does01:23
pygicbx33: ping01:23
cbx33pongity pong01:23
pygio frandavid100, you're the one with mathusalem stuff on -devel01:23
pygicbx33: pm01:24
frandavid100yeah that's me01:24
frandavid100that thing is just spectacular01:24
pygifrandavid100: read what Ivan just told you :)01:24
frandavid100let me check my mail01:24
frandavid100well yeah, he's right as well01:25
cbx33please anyonewith ideas add them o the bottom,.....so I can include into the spec01:25
frandavid100cbx33: you can see mathusalem here01:26
lucasvocbx33: isn't this a litle short sighted: Easy handling of student LTSP connections on a single LTSP server. ?01:26
pygifrandavid100: let's see how good it gets for feisty+101:26
pygilucasvo: let's not push it :P01:26
cbx33lucasvo, that was from the intial spec01:26
frandavid100think so.01:27
lucasvofor example if a class uses high power apps, and needs two servers scp is not usable any more01:27
frandavid100cbx33: have you seen controlaula?01:27
cbx33frandavid100, no01:27
frandavid100it mightgive you some good ideas01:27
frandavid100let me check it01:27
cbx33oooh ok01:27
cbx33link me if you can01:27
pygifrandavid100: no, no, not controlaula :P01:27
pygi(gambas, vb, eeesshh)01:27
frandavid100but some of its funcionality is quite cool01:28
pygiand I think it's development stopped:P01:28
lucasvocbx33: I think a "send file" option would be nice01:29
lucasvocbx33: also if possible a media streamer01:29
lucasvoto make a screencast01:29
frandavid100you can see some features here http://www.itais.net/controlaula/01:29
pygilucasvo: let's focus on basic functionality for now :P01:29
pygifrandavid100: I know, I had some talks with its author01:29
frandavid100and some more here but in spanish http://www.educalibre.cl/?q=node/10601:29
lucasvopygi: well, the basic funtionality is already speced01:29
cbx33we have basic funtionality01:29
frandavid100oh right01:29
cbx33it's not just spec'd it's competed01:30
ogracbx33, seen my mails to ubuntu-devel ? 01:30
lucasvocbx33: blocking internet access is also good01:30
ograthe vnc stuff should be in this time 01:31
=== pygi nods
ogralucasvo, thats totally out of scope for SCP01:31
lucasvoogra: it is? why?01:31
lucasvoa classroom needs that 01:31
pyginot really, no01:31
frandavid100I don't agree there01:31
ograbecause thats the job of a content filter, not of a tool to control ltsp connections01:31
lucasvoogra: no, not a content filter, a blocker01:32
frandavid100students might be working on some program, but not allowed to surf the web01:32
ogralucasvo, thats something SCP can do already01:32
lucasvobecause pupils shouldn't be able to go to wiki pedia if they are supposed to write a text in openoffice01:32
cbx33ogra, think we'll be able to get SCP to integrate with willow01:32
ogracbx33, yes, thats the plan01:32
cbx33I have drafted an initial spec01:32
ograbut stay able to use each one indepoendently01:33
cbx33as you can see it's basic and a litle sketchy01:33
cbx33ogra, of course01:33
frandavid100cbx33: should any non-teching features be included in the same spec, or a different one?01:33
pygiogra: do we still want me to write a spec for burning on LTSP or is that out now that I'm not coming? :-/01:33
cbx33frandavid100, the hope is they can be implemented in plugins01:33
ograpygi, can do no harm01:33
ografrandavid100, SCP should become a generic ltsp session control tool ...01:34
cbx33ogra, would appreciate any help...I have created the spec on LP and registered it to UDS01:34
lucasvocbx33: but the plugins shouldn't just pop up in a submenu01:34
lucasvothat is too inflexible01:34
cbx33do you agree about a name change ogra ?01:34
ograthings that are specific to schools should be in a SCP-school package and be extensions to it01:34
cbx33lucasvo, ther eis the possibility we can make some have buttons...01:34
cbx33something in the register command01:34
ogracbx33, suggestions ?01:34
cbx33I know the code...it's possible01:34
frandavid100cbx33: but should the spec include intended individual plugin goals?01:35
cbx33frandavid100, yes01:35
lucasvocbx33: when I have a portion of the possible actions in a submenu and one in the window itself, that is confusing01:35
cbx33lucasvo, yes.... I agree01:35
ograyup, that needs to become consistent01:35
cbx33lucasvo, my problem was...as we didnt even have a menu01:36
cbx33I decided to creat the context menu01:36
cbx33you're lucky I figured out how to make it dynamic01:36
ograiright, note the gui changes in the spec01:36
cbx33I started01:36
ogradropping the banner, adding tool and menubars01:36
cbx33I'll add more in now01:36
frandavid100well then, if that's so there should be a plugin to handle connection times, prepaid connections (with time-outs) and a tarification system01:37
lucasvocbx33: I like the controlaula gui01:37
ogramake mpt (our UI designer at canonical) look over it01:37
ografrandavid100, yeah01:37
pygilucasvo: heh, controlaula UI sucks big time01:37
lucasvocbx33: I also have some good ideas concerning the gui01:37
pygiusability wise01:37
frandavid100maybe a user register for special tarifications01:37
ograin the SCP-cafe package ;)01:37
cbx33frandavid100, that is a thought we have had01:37
lucasvopygi: I mean the buttons on the right01:37
cbx33this would require the server/client framework01:37
pygilucasvo: usability wise it's still very bad!01:38
cbx33for the plugins I proposed01:38
pygilucasvo: entire app01:38
ogracbx33, not at all01:38
lucasvocbx33: should I work on an UI suggestion01:38
cbx33ogra, how are you proposing?01:38
lucasvopygi: I haven't used it, I can't comment on that01:38
pygilucasvo: that's why I can :P01:38
frandavid100would it be possible to monitor downloaded or created files, and delete them after a set time?01:38
cbx33frandavid100, yes01:38
ogracbx33, split SCP into a front and backend first before you think about server/client 01:38
cbx33ogra, ok01:38
ogracbx33, also SCP should not gop beyond ltsp01:38
frandavid100well a cafe owner specifically asked me for that feature01:39
cbx33ogra, I agree01:39
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
ograif prople want to manage workstations they should use something else01:39
jsgotangcois that the internet cafe thingie thread01:39
lucasvoogra: maybe with the same frontend01:39
ogralucasvo, probably01:39
lucasvoogra: I think one should make the backend ltsp only01:39
lucasvothe frontend could still be adapted01:39
pygilucasvo: what??!?01:40
lucasvomaybe one could make the frontend connect to multiple backends on different servers01:40
ograwell, my request for the split is rather to make kubuntu happy :)01:40
lucasvoogra: of course01:40
cbx33ogra, ahhh i see01:40
ogralucasvo, beyond scope01:40
cbx33totally a great idea01:40
ograthats something it can have in feisty+1 or +201:40
cbx33ogra, what do yo uthink about a name change?01:40
cbx33to aid the genericism01:40
lucasvocbx33: +101:41
frandavid100that would be needed01:41
ogralets see that we focus on achievable goals for feisty01:41
lucasvobut I don't have a clue, what name one could use01:41
ogracbx33, as i asked above ... gimme suggestions :)01:41
frandavid100student control panel would mislead cafe owners01:41
cbx33I'll think of some01:41
cbx33can we have a cool name01:41
cbx33like ubiquity01:41
lucasvoclient control01:41
pygifrandavid100: bleh, we're not targeting caffe owners anyway :P01:41
ograeasiest would be LTSP Control Panel01:41
ogracbx33, please dont01:41
cbx33ogra, hehehe01:41
ogramake it descriptive01:41
frandavid100the problem is no one does pygi01:42
cbx33ok you win :p01:42
lucasvopygi: well, this is not fully true.01:42
cbx33it will be my little code name for it hahaha01:42
jsgotangcofrandavid100: well that's why there's add-on software01:42
ograprobably juat "ltsp session manager"01:42
lucasvopygi: plugins, could be also suitable for cafe owners01:42
cbx33no....we are targetting any ltsp users01:42
cbx33lucasvo, ++01:42
cbx33no more acroyms01:42
pygilucasvo: right, but I don't think we'll write plugins for caffe owners01:42
lucasvoogra: do people have to know what LTSP means?01:42
cbx33pygi, why not?01:42
lucasvopygi: but other will01:42
pygithat's not even secondary target01:42
cbx33If i have time I'll try...if not...others may want to01:42
ogralucasvo, people that run ltsp and installed it should ... yes01:42
jsgotangcowhy would you even give yourself a problem of users not knowing what ltsp means01:43
lucasvopygi: I know several people thinking of using ltsp for webcafe01:43
cbx33pygi, thinkin of LTSP as a whole01:43
ograbut you are right, it could even be more generic01:43
cbx33not just the edubuntu side01:43
cbx33it is available in ubuntu 01:43
cbx33ltsp that is01:43
pygilucasvo: dude, we're not "Internet Caffe distro" 01:43
cbx33so SCP should reflect that01:43
ograpygi, we are used in a bunch of cafes01:43
cbx33no.....but this particualr app is cross distro01:43
lucasvopygi: no, but ltsp is not only an educational software01:44
cbx33it could be used in ubun kubun and edubun01:44
pygiogra: perhaps that is true, but isn't our main goal education audience01:44
cbx33it's application is to manage ltsp01:44
cbx33not for SCP01:44
ograand you probably might want timed logouts in a school environment01:44
lucasvopygi: yes, but they don't care if it says client or student, if it still does the same function01:44
frandavid100gotta do some work dudes, will see you later01:44
lucasvocya frandavid100 01:44
frandavid100thanks for the good news01:44
cbx33bye frandavid100 01:44
cbx33any more ideas01:44
cbx33mail me01:44
cbx33or mail the list01:45
cbx33even better01:45
pygiogra: since I have some plans of organizing a Linux Education Conference in Croatia next year, I want to make Edubuntu strong in eyes of academic & school circles, not in the eyes of caffe owners01:45
ograClient Connection Control Panel -> CCCP01:45
lucasvocbx33: I'll come up with a UI suggestion, or anyone else want to do this?01:45
frandavid100which list? edubuntu?01:45
cbx33pygi, but01:45
cbx33you're missing the point01:45
cbx33the application itselft01:45
cbx33whilst having a good application in the education sector01:45
cbx33is also applicable to the cafe sector01:45
jsgotangco"as a plugin"01:45
pygijsgotangco: right, AS A PLUGIN01:45
pyginothing else01:46
frandavid100well I'll be back later to ask, bye!01:46
=== frandavid100 [n=david@81-203-22-142.user.ono.com] has left #edubuntu []
cbx33we shouldn't budge people out of the cafe sector just because we want to call it Student Control Panel01:46
ograpygi, and if soemone asks you at this conf "how do i make sure my students are logged out after 15mins so i get their attention back" you can answer "install SCP-cafe" ;)01:46
lucasvopygi: yes, but a cafe plugin for a student control panel is not very logical01:46
pygilucasvo: whatever you do, dont replicate any existing UI's01:46
lucasvopygi: no, I won't01:46
pygiogra: o no, you'll be answering questions like that ;)01:46
cbx33I've got to dash off for a while guys01:46
cbx33really sorry01:47
cbx33want to continue this discussion01:47
lucasvocya cbx33 01:47
pygicbx33: ok, look pm btw.01:47
cbx33I propose01:47
jsgotangcowell if you ask my opinion (like its really important)01:47
pygiogra: just you laugh ^_^01:47
cbx33SCP, SCP-education, SCP-cafe01:47
jsgotangcoah what the heck, forget it01:47
cbx33that kinda thing01:47
pygijsgotangco: shoot pls ;)01:47
lucasvocbx33: but scp eduction should be a meta package01:47
jsgotangcocbx33: why the split?01:47
pygijsgotangco: for KDE UI :)01:47
cbx33if someone could mail me a log of this convo01:48
cbx33that would be great01:48
jsgotangcomail it to yourself?01:48
pygiogra: and I've already got some SCP hacks in use at school where I implemented Edubuntu ;)01:48
ograpygi, make them available in bzr :)01:48
pygiperhaps, but they are really in state of flux :)01:48
ografeisty will also be in state of flux ;)01:49
pygibut I still don't think our primary audience is caffe :) 01:49
pygilol :)01:49
ogranot our primary audience01:49
ograbut SCP should provide such features01:49
pygithrought plugins :)01:49
pygisaw something about chat idea ... telepathy could be used, or tapioca to be exact01:50
ograchat ? 01:50
pygithat's out of scope tho, most probably01:50
pygiyup, dunno where I saw it in context of SCP :P01:50
ograyou can send messages already01:50
lucasvopygi: let's say it like this: we build an application suitable for every LTSP environment, but we only code the general part and the parts that are needed for educational things.01:51
=== cbx33 [n=prochat1@84-45-238-195.no-dns-yet.enta.net] has joined #edubuntu
pygiogra: right01:51
ogralucasvo, why should we restrict ourselves ? 01:51
cbx33just watching01:51
lucasvopygi: what others do with it, is not our problem. but we don't want to lock them out wiht our design01:51
ograif someone wants to write freaky plugins he should just go ahead :)01:51
pygiogra: ;p; "_01:52
lucasvoogra: we = "edubuntu developers" while working 01:52
lucasvonot while working for net cafe :)01:52
ogralucasvo, yes, but what forbids an edubuntu dev to implement a feature he likes :)01:52
=== pygi isn't an edubuntu dev, so he just has no influence on anything :)
=== pygi can only propose things
highvoltagegeez, I had so many questions for ogra now I can't remember them :)01:54
pygihighvoltage: I had questions for you ages ago, and still no answer =)01:54
ograhighvoltage, can you comment on 67356 ?01:54
=== highvoltage looks
highvoltagepygi: I often forget things over IRC, best is to use my e-mail, I use my inbox as a request tracker :)01:55
highvoltageogra: I can comment on the bug report itself just now, but I'll ask you here instead and then we can update01:56
lucasvoogra: I mean while he is working *for edubuntu*01:57
ogra67360 is really odd, we wont solve it before release ... gcompris needs to detect if vesa is running and disable xrandr in that specific case ...01:57
highvoltageogra: I didn't give the second card an IP address, I assumed it would choose one for me01:57
highvoltageogra: so I should manually supply an IP address?01:57
ograhighvoltage, did it get one from your dhcp server ?01:57
highvoltageogra: nope01:57
ograno, i just want to know which range is used for the internet facing interface01:57
highvoltageogra: I plugged out my dhcp server at that stage01:58
ograwhy ?01:58
highvoltagebecause I didn't want it to interfere with the installation01:58
highvoltagemost servers will probably be installed without an existing dhcp server?01:58
ograit cant interfere with a two NIC install 01:58
ograright, then it should offer you to define IPs manually01:58
highvoltageit needs to work that way, so I tested it that way.01:58
highvoltageI can test it again with dhcp server enabled.01:58
ograwhich you should do01:59
ograjust give it a valid interface that up during install 01:59
ograno matter how you do it01:59
ograthe second one will then be configured 01:59
highvoltageok, I will try again02:00
ograif you skip the networking in d-i ltsp wont get any interface data02:00
ograso that behavior is correct02:00
highvoltageah, I see02:00
ogra(if you skip it in d-i the complete network stack isnt loaded, no route and no ifconfig will work)02:00
highvoltageaaah, that explains it. with my one test I did skip it. that makes sense now.02:01
ograone small design flaw is that it wont work if you use 192.168.0.X in the inet facing network02:01
ograthats why i asked for your IP data in the bug02:02
highvoltageinteresting, since I would've probably tested with :)02:03
ograhighvoltage, i'll be in and out all the day today, if you can catch Keybuk in -devel try to point him to the udev thing please02:03
highvoltageogra: will do.02:03
=== ukubuntu [n=adrian@84-12-152-172.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
ograi was too much of a sissy to rewrite the complete dhcpd.conf in case you use 192.168.0.X :) i think i'll do that in feisty ... and just make it generate a new one02:04
ograthe problem here is that dhcpd.conf is a conffile, so the ltsp package would complain on upgrades02:05
ograhighvoltage, i cant reproduce your ldm session bug btw02:06
ograwell, in case of metacity its a bit odd, MC has no right click menu and nothing ... so it starts up the window manage but you cant do anything ... i'm pondering to drop support for windowmanagers for now and only keep sessions in02:07
highvoltageogra: I had trouble rsyncing to the release candidate. is it possible that it might have been fixed since the 17'th? I could easily reproduce it :/02:07
ograRC is the iso 17.1 02:08
ograso its unlikely it changed02:08
ograand there were no daily builds yet02:08
ograRFc is the last iso we have02:08
jsgotangco17th is our RC02:09
ograhighvoltage, can you please note on 67356 that you disabled networking completely in d-i ?02:09
ograso people looking for that symptom in LP have something :)02:10
highvoltageogra: yes, I noted it and closed the bug, I don't think it's really a bug02:12
ograthanks :)02:12
highvoltagethat's something we'll have to note in an edubuntu installer guide too02:13
ograno, its a feature that it warned you .. the bug is probably that i should explain it more detailed in the message you get 02:13
highvoltage(which I doubt we'll have ready before release)02:13
ograbut thats also unlikely to change before release02:13
ograin fact anything that requires more than a few lines of change is unlikely to go in02:14
ograthats why we wont get the gcompris thing fixed02:14
highvoltageis that a vesa driver bug?02:14
ograit needs to detect vesa and disable xrandr 02:14
ograi dont think vesa is supposed to have xrandr support02:14
ograrodarvus could probably tell02:15
highvoltagegcompris used to work fullscreen on vesa displays before02:15
highvoltageperhaps it dodn't use xrandr before.02:15
ograah, k then it sounds like a vesa bug indeed02:15
ograno, it always used xrandr for switching the screen02:15
ogras/screen/screen size/02:15
highvoltageit's not a massive problem for my labs, since we have to run it windowed anyway, otherwise the xfce panels overlap with the fullscreen gcompris.02:16
highvoltageso I can live with that one :)02:16
highvoltagewe should have a tips and tricks and bug workaround section on the website02:16
highvoltagemost of the issues are very easy to work around.02:17
lucasvomy inkscape just crashed after a 1/4h of work unsaved02:18
ograhighvoltage, well, they simply shouldnt exist :)02:19
ogracould you note that the gcompris thing is a regression from dapper ?02:19
highvoltageI think it's actually possible to have 0 edubuntu-specific bugs.02:19
highvoltageperhaps next release :)02:20
highvoltageogra: ok02:20
ograwell, the problem is that we will develop new features that will introduce new bugs :)02:20
highvoltagetrue. I spoke to cbx33 earlier, as soon as feisty opens, we're going to start edubuntu-specifig hug/bug days.02:22
highvoltageit will also be on wednesdays and be part of ubuntu bug days. then we can report on it conveniently in the wednesday meetings.02:22
highvoltageso testing and bug hunting/fixing will happen way more frequently.02:22
ograplease coordinate with sfllaw and dholbach for that 02:23
=== jinty [n=jinty@127.Red-83-50-221.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
ograeven though i like the idea, they are the bugsquad and should be able to veto that if they think its bringing to much fragmentation02:24
highvoltagewe'll do it properly and through the right channels.02:24
ogragreat :)02:24
ogrammm, that we have syslogging enabled now really pays off :)02:25
ogra(in ltsp)02:25
highvoltageyes, it's very convenient and useful :)02:26
highvoltagewill help a *lot* for troubleshooting.02:26
highvoltageour helpdesk guys will be very happy with that.02:26
ograbtw, helpdesk ... 02:29
ograah, no forget it ...02:29
highvoltageplease tell me ogra :)02:30
ograi was just thinking about a ticket system plugin that shows you open support tickes in SCP :) but that would require to focus on a single ticketsystem02:30
highvoltageI see, so that an administrator could keep track of what's happening inside the lab, and of requests of the users?02:30
ograits not so much a school feature02:31
ograbut imagine a big office that runs on ltsp and has a helpdesk 02:31
highvoltagenope. it would be marginally useful. but schools with part-time administrators would find it useful.02:31
=== highvoltage nods
highvoltageI think that once LTSP moves into the offices, the LTSP feature requests will start to roll again.02:32
jsgotangcoinstant messaging between users02:32
highvoltageif all goes well my company will do a big office ltsp rollout next year02:32
jsgotangco(not exactly jabber-type)02:33
pygijsgotangco: using fama im ;)02:33
=== ogra is afk
pygijsgotangco: right? :)02:33
=== jsgotangco looks at fama im
pygijsgotangco: I doubt you'll find it anywhere :)02:34
jsgotangcowhat's that?02:37
pygihttp://www.fama-im.org ^_^02:37
=== pygi nods
jsgotangcoMario ani - Founder & CTO & Core developer02:38
jsgotangcoah tapioca powered02:38
jsgotangcoive used tapioca02:38
pygijsgotangco: so what do you have against me? :P02:39
jsgotangcoerr nothing?02:39
pygithe "lol" thingy :)02:39
jsgotangcowell i thought you were promoting something not related to you02:39
pyginah =)02:39
pygijsgotangco: it's nothing yet tho, so I can't really promote it :)02:41
jsgotangcowell have a good day all02:54
jsgotangcoim going to retire early02:55
jsgotangcosee ya02:55
pygioki, bye :)02:55
juliuxogra, should i open a bug report for the problem with the isa nics?03:30
=== highvoltage thinks it's highly unlikely that isa nics will ever be supported in Ubuntu
=== juliux needs isa support
highvoltageand your pc's have no pci slots?03:33
juliuxit is a surfstation with an cyrix cpu and it has only isa slots03:36
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=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #edubuntu
=== Orby_ [n=grant@bb-87-81-116-75.ukonline.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
juliuxogra, did you test the rangee thinclients with edgy?03:57
=== BonBonTheJon [n=jon@cpe-69-133-37-32.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #edubuntu
=== jono [n=jono@88-107-14-218.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #edubuntu
=== cbx33 [n=542de178@84-45-197-14.no-dns-yet.enta.net] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hey all06:26
cbx33how is everyone?06:26
pygivery bad06:27
pygidoesn't matter, but very very very very bad06:28
P3L|C4N069 -+/+06:30
highvoltagepygi: :(06:34
juliux:( my thinclients are not working with edgy06:36
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=== gianlucalinux [n=gianlux8@host-84-221-31-119.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has left #edubuntu ["Konversation]
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achandrahi guys...okay....I had installed edubuntu with dhcp/tftp/pxe and all looks to be good...however, when creating the etherboot part, I used the rom-o-matic tool and created a simple ISO for an e100 card popped it in and it keeps complaining about a no I386 bios found error...any ideas..?08:29
=== ukubuntu [n=adrian@84-12-152-172.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
achandraIt also says boot from net or quit...but booting from net just returns to the same screen over and over 08:30
=== stelis [n=se@82-71-4-26.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
achandracan someone help out??08:30
stelisI can try08:31
achandrastelis: im not sure if it is the "driver" or the fact i am testing on a P4 with HT as the client..(just to test) its a sony vaio RB08:32
achandrastelis: it uses a "version of the e100" that is EB/EZ/ "08:32
achandraI popped in the iso but no go...08:33
achandranot sure what im doing wrong 08:33
stelisThe default version of Edubuntu prefers two NICs08:33
stelis1 for main use and 1 to be dedicated for thin client08:34
stelisWhat happens when you install08:34
achandraokay... as I just had turned off my "main dhcp server" on the other box a that acts as my firewall...and just made to sure that the edubuntu  one was up... 08:35
achandraso it is a one nic setup on the edubuntu 08:35
achandraso the lan looks like this -    DSL----FW------Edubuntu(dhcp)------LAN(workstations)-----thinclient(for testing) 08:36
achandraso in effect all I am doing is trying to "pull" an unused address from the dhcp server on the edubuntu server and PXE off it....but the client totally bitches at me by saying i386 boot rom not found...bott from (N)etwork or (Q)uit 08:37
achandrathat typing N does nothing but return to the same prompt over and over again. 08:38
achandraincompatible driver??08:38
achandrathe actual card itself is (0x8086)(0x1064) which is NOT on the list...there are variants but not the list for rom-o-matic 08:39
stelisOK, so the client will be the Sony?08:39
stelisWhat OS does it normally run?08:39
achandraubuntu...of course...lol...dapper08:40
achandra 2.6.15-27-38608:40
stelisOK, that means that there are least some Linux drivers :)08:40
achandraright 08:40
achandrain fact im using it now ;) 08:40
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
achandrai figured okay..i know this work with ubuntu lets give a shot by making it a thin client... 08:41
stelisNext silly question: Did you set the machine to boot from the network in the BIOS? 08:41
achandrathe bios doesnt have that feature...on the box 08:41
stelisI hate Sony08:41
achandralol 08:42
achandrait was cheap at fry's 08:42
achandra$350 bones for the "floor" model 08:42
=== jbrefort [n=jean@mar44-2-82-227-215-241.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #edubuntu
achandraexcept there were no pretty chicks that came along with it...08:42
stelisI see the attraction08:42
achandra:) 08:42
stelisBasically, anything made in the last 4 years should support PXE08:43
achandraright 08:43
achandrathe problem is the school ill be working with has pretty old stuff too. 08:43
achandrahence etherboot 08:43
stelisAlthough it's often just labelled "LAN" or "Network" in the BIOS08:43
achandrathere is an enable "ROM" for network but i cant really seem to find the right F key to boot from network... 08:44
=== trainpic [n=edward@oh-71-48-88-63.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #edubuntu
stelisIn all seriousness, about 5 years we bought boxes of NICs and replaced every card on the network with an PXE complient one08:44
achandraI see 08:45
stelisWe figured it was well worth the expense08:45
=== trainpic [n=edward@oh-71-48-88-63.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has left #edubuntu []
achandraokay 08:45
achandraso when you popped em in, and say used etherboot for a "well known" card...it just automagically worked...with little or no prompting??08:46
=== Rondom [n=Rondom@p54AEEDBD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
stelisIt meant that we didn't need anything08:46
achandraohh...so the pxe capable cards....didnt require you to even need etherboot???08:47
stelisA standard NIC supports PXE08:47
stelisYes :)08:47
achandrahow does that work??? 08:47
achandraie doesnt bios need to know about it??08:47
stelisJust set "Network" in the BIOS as the default boot option, and start the machine?08:47
achandraokay 08:47
achandraright...assuning that option exists...lol 08:48
stelisThat's really all there is to it.08:48
stelisYeah :(08:48
achandraotherwise....plug an pray 08:48
achandra;) 08:48
achandraokay...I think it is very likely that the deal is that the driver version is just plain off... 08:49
achandraill pop in a known nic like realtek or something and try again... 08:49
achandraany recommendations??08:49
achandrafor the NIC 08:49
stelisIntel :)08:50
stelisThe E100 *should* just work08:50
achandralol 08:50
achandrabut i have the "special" sony one...damn 08:50
stelisI suspect that the NIC chip would support PXE 08:51
achandraokay...will check it out...thnx for your help... 08:51
stelisBut Sony may not have implemented support for it in their BIOS08:51
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=== frandavid100 [n=david@84-123-96-251.onocable.ono.com] has joined #edubuntu
frandavid100hi guys09:36
stelisHi there09:37
stelisFunny issue here09:38
stelisDo you have the Edgy version of Edubuntu?09:38
frandavid100any student control panel devs around?09:46
lucasvofrandavid100: you want to discuss something?09:46
frandavid100hi lucasvo, yeah I was here this morning discussing SCP's possible use in internet cafes09:47
lucasvofrandavid100: we currently want to start with classrooms09:48
lucasvowhat I suggest to do:09:48
lucasvosplit the spec up into three parts:09:48
lucasvo* Core SCP09:48
lucasvo* Edu SCP09:48
lucasvo* Net Cafe SCP09:48
lucasvofrandavid100: but if you don't find a developer, #3 won't get implemented09:48
frandavid100cbx33 seemed relatively interested this morning09:49
lucasvofrandavid100: yes09:49
lucasvocould be09:49
frandavid100people even talked about changing the name to make it more generic09:50
lucasvowell anyway, if you would like to push it a little, I suggest, you create a spec about the spc usage for net cafes09:50
stelisFWIW, I know about .edu rather than cafes but there may be an overlap09:50
stelisWe run day courses09:50
stelisAs in one day events09:51
frandavid100I'll do that lucasvo, thanks for the suggestion09:51
stelisAnd schools also rent out09:51
frandavid100gotta leave, good night!09:51
=== frandavid100 [n=david@84-123-96-251.onocable.ono.com] has left #edubuntu []
lucasvostelis: well, things that overlap, would go into either one of the spec and would be referenced09:52
lucasvostelis: write down your ideas beneath this spec, if you want to help us:09:53
stelisThanks - will do09:53
lucasvostelis: thanks for contributing!09:53
stelisThank *you*09:54
stelisEdubuntu Edgy is already amazing09:54
lucasvoyeah it really is09:56
stelisOne thing I was wondering was about updating the chroots09:57
stelisCurrently I've been updating the main system the normal way09:57
lucasvostelis: easiest is sudo rm -rf /opt/ltsp/i386 ; sudo ltsp-build-client09:58
=== Vuen [n=nick@bas9-ottawa23-1088816400.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #edubuntu
stelisIt is easier to just remake them each time then?09:58
stelisI've currently been using aptitude inside the chroot09:59
stelisWhich is the documented way09:59
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nathan_Q. how can i set a HD which has a previous installation and upgraded programs to be a repository, so that a new HD wiht a fresh install and NOT-upgraded programs can see what teh changes are and upgrade them using the old HD info?11:03
nathan_[sorry for typos] 11:03
BonBonTheJonnathan_: I am trying to look up and answer for you11:06
stelisBy changes do you just mean new packages?11:06
stelisYou can dump packages directly into /var/cache/apt/archives and they will be used rather than downloaded agian11:07
nathan_stelis:  ok.... how do i do that?11:07
BonBonTheJonstelis: does that work, I was thinking something with apt-cache11:07
nathan_do you two need more info?11:08
stelisI think it does11:08
stelisnathan_: I'm just a slow typer11:08
stelisI think if you just copy *.deb from /var/cache/apt/archives from the updated system to the new system 11:09
nathan_Q. (:D im full of them today) I'm using x-chat gnome. When someone's name appears in yellow does that mean they are private messaging me?11:10
stelisThe archives/ directory has a subdirectory called partial that you don't want 11:10
=== nathan_ is now known as chovynz
BonBonTheJonchovynz: oh, its you again!11:11
stelisNot sure - I use Gaim11:11
chovynzhi BonBonTheJon11:11
chovynzO.o you can use Gaim for irc?11:11
stelisAnd Jabber/Google Talk11:12
stelisIt does all the IM protocols11:12
BonBonTheJonstelis: I was thinking of apt-proxy, not apt-cache11:12
chovynzlol. ok thnx for info. I DL x-chat just so i could talk here :D11:12
stelisBonBonTheJon: OK. I'm fairly new to APT 11:13
stelisDon't know all the tools yet11:13
BonBonTheJonapt-proxy is like a little repository, I think11:14
BonBonTheJonthe client gets packages from apt-proxy11:14
chovynzI dont really want to find all the apps that have been upgraded....I'd like linux to do that for me while i go eat lunch :D11:14
BonBonTheJonI've never used it, but it sounds like it would work11:14
stelisThat looks really useful11:14
stelisThe problem with Edubuntu is you have run updates twice11:15
BonBonTheJonstelis: not with this, it sounds like11:15
stelisOnce for the main system , and once for the thin client11:15
stelisI'll have to play with this11:15
chovynzBonBonTheJon:  are you using x-chat or other?11:16
BonBonTheJonchovynz: I am using Konversation11:16
BonBonTheJonI use KDE, I've never tried Edubuntu before11:16
stelischovynz: just dump all the .deb files into the cache11:16
stelisAPT should work it out11:17
chovynzstelis:  how do i do that? (im a linux newbie)11:17
stelisHave you got a pen drive?11:17
BonBonTheJonchovynz: are these computers on the same network11:18
chovynzBonBonTheJon: the HD are in the same computer11:19
BonBonTheJonchovynz: even better, mount the other HD and copy them over11:19
chovynzum....ill explain my situation as it is now not as it was yesterday :)11:20
chovynzmy 80g is now running EDU. it is the master. It has a fresh install of EDU onto it and "old" programs11:20
chovynz8g is the slave and runs EDU when i boot from it. It has the "upgraded" apps that i want on my new HD11:21
BonBonTheJonchovynz: mount the 8GB and copy the .deb files11:22
chovynz...without having to DL them all again11:22
chovynzok. 8g is mounted. how do i copy?11:22
BonBonTheJonchovynz: open the file manager as root11:22
BonBonTheJonchovynz: where did you mount the 8GB11:23
chovynzBonBonTheJon: I have DL apt-proxy11:25
BonBonTheJonwell, either go thru the tutorial I linked to for apt-proxy, or just copy all the .deb files from  /var/cache/apt/archives to /mnt/hdb1/var/cache/apt/archives11:26
chovynzBonBonTheJon: otherway around for the manual way? my 80g master is where i want all the upgraded apps to go...11:27
BonBonTheJonchovynz: yeah, the files from 8GB on /mnt/hdb1/var/cache/apt/archives to 80GB on  /var/cache/apt/archives11:28
chovynzthen what....do something in the synaptic package manager? how do i set that /var/cache/apt/archives as a repository11:32
BonBonTheJonchovynz: refresh synaptic and hopefully it will see the updated files11:33
stelischovynz: Every package that you download goes into that directory before it gets used 11:35
stelisLike a browser cache11:35
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stelisIf APT decides it needs a packages thats already in the cache it won't download it again11:35
stelisSo if you install a package, remove it and then reinstall11:36
stelisIt can also reuse the orginal package11:36
chovynzdoes that mean i need to remember all the pacakges i've upgraded?11:37
BonBonTheJonchovynz: It means you DONT need to remember them, the computer will do it all for you11:37
stelisI'm confused...11:37
BonBonTheJonchovynz: try it and see11:37
chovynzIf I have overwritten the local cache with the old upgraded cache, then there wont be a record of teh OTHER packages i've downloaded, which are separate from the old upgraded ones....correct?11:38
BonBonTheJonchovynz: it will look at the version numbers11:39
chovynzAND the upgrade manager will incorrectly tell me that my progs are upgraded when they aren't. correct?11:39
stelisAPT just tracks the versions of the packages that are installed11:40
stelisPlus those available from the network11:40
BonBonTheJonchovynz: no, there is a list of installed software, and there is a directory of packages11:40
stelisThe cache is just holding pen11:40
BonBonTheJonchovynz: it will look at your packages, compare it to the list of installed software, see you have a newer version, and install it11:41
chovynzstelis & BonBonTheJon:  um ok....well i dont really know what to do now. I have copied the upgraded cache to my cache dir. How do i get those packages to be installed? When i went to SPM it told my that my app versions are the upgraded version, but i know thats not right cause i haven't installed anything yet.11:43
stelisRun sudo aptitude update11:44
BonBonTheJonchovynz: did you reload/refresh the sources11:44
chovynzdone that now11:45
chovynzare you telling me its done?11:45
chovynzor is there something else im missing?11:46
stelisFirst you update/refresh the sources11:46
chovynzupdates. done11:46
stelisThen upgrade11:46
chovynzstelis: how do I upgrade?11:47
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chovynzit tells me my installed versions are the updated ones....but i know that cant be yet11:47
stelisEither SPM, or at the command-line: sudo aptitude dist-upgrade11:47
chovynzE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavail able)11:48
chovynzE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another proc ess using it?11:48
stelisYou need the "sudo" bit11:48
chovynzdid that11:48
lucasvochovynz: is aptitude still running?11:48
chovynznot sure....synaptic was...i've just closed that11:49
chovynzok it allowed me now. but it said 0 packages neede to be upgraded11:50
chovynzI have over 100megs of upgraded packages.....it can't be done already....11:50
chovynzcan it?11:50
chovynzso.......im.....lost :D11:51
stelisOK - this is easier to see and follow on the command-line11:52
chovynzaiighty...ill follow command line11:52
stelisThe first command is "sudo aptitude update" 11:52
stelisThis downloads lists of the packages available from network repositories11:53
stelisThen "sudo aptitude dist-upgrade"11:53
stelisThis checks the installed system against the list of repository packages11:53
chovynz"Need to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used."11:54
stelisOK - it thinks that your installed system is current11:54
stelisSo it doen't nned to do anything11:54
chovynzI know. Which i also know is incorrect.11:54
stelisHave you edited the software sources?11:55
chovynzduring installation would it have DL the newest version anyway?11:55
chovynzfrom the Internet? 11:55
chovynzyes i did try to edit the software sources "sources.list?"  But i didnt delete anything...i only added /mnt/hdb1 as a line. SPM threw a spasm so i deleted that line.11:57
stelisThe default installation doesn't upgrade the packages.11:57
chovynzstelis: ok. that what i thought. Thnx for confirming11:57
stelissources.list is the list of repositories to get downloads from11:58
stelisI wonder if it's broken11:58
chovynzok well thats the only file i've tampered with (knowingly)11:58
chovynzand the only thing i put in i took out. so it should be ok now11:58
LaserJockthe easiest thing is to pastebin your sources.list file so people can see11:59
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (you can always find it in the channel topic, among other useful things)11:59
chovynzso i cat sources.list then pastebin?11:59
BonBonTheJonchovynz: that will work11:59
stelisThat's the problem12:02
chovynz(im thinking I need to be on here 24/7 till i get the hang of linux :D)12:02
BonBonTheJonchovynz: I see why you were on-line when it was 2 am. here, you are in New Zealand12:03
stelisThere's a lot of docs12:03
chovynztrue BonBonTheJon12:03
stelisBut the problem is definitely that file12:03
chovynzstelis: how do you mean?12:03
stelisSee the # ?12:03
stelisAt the beginning of lines12:04
chovynzthose are comments. they dont affect the 12:04
stelisSomething has commented out the network repositories12:04
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chovynzthose comments are set by SPM when you turn it on or off12:04
stelisHe's got no active repositories are part from deb-src12:05
stelisFor source code12:05
BonBonTheJonstelis: how about this sources.list http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/27889/12:05
BonBonTheJonstelis: at seems like it would be a better list12:06
stelisThe original had universe enabled12:06
chovynzstrange. my sources list is what was default. is it not very good?12:06
stelisIt was until SPM edited it :)12:07
stelisSPM disabled all the main network repositories12:07
chovynzhmmm...that might've been me too :) i unchecked everything so i could try my HD mount as a repository12:07
stelisProblem Between Keyboard and Chair :)12:08
BonBonTheJonstelis: my pastebin had universe enabled12:08
chovynzso...c&p BonBonTheJon's sources list into my sources.list?12:08
chovynzstelis: lol...yeah im that often12:08
BonBonTheJonchovynz: make a backup of the sources.list12:08
BonBonTheJonchovynz: save it as something like sources.list.102206 or something12:09
BonBonTheJonchovynz: did you copy and paste my sources.list12:10
chovynzdoing so12:10
BonBonTheJonchovynz: ok, then opne synaptic and reload/refresh12:11
chovynzE: Type '01.' is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list12:11
BonBonTheJonchovynz: lol, oops, instead of copying from the top on the webpage, copy from the bottom12:12
chovynzdid that read some html there?12:13
chovynzLOL it copied the line numbers12:13
BonBonTheJonchovynz: pastebin automatically numbers the line12:13
chovynzok done12:15

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