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fabbionehey tmarble 09:41
tmarblehi fabbione09:41
tmarblefabbione: sorry -- didn't see you here -- multitasking09:42
tmarblei head out to San Diego in about 1 hour09:42
fabbioneno problem09:42
fabbionei saw your ping yesterday but i was already weekend'ing :)09:42
tmarbleyou can do that!09:42
fabbionehave fun there09:42
fabbionenot always.. my wife doesn't allow me to :)09:42
tmarbleit's all work :-(   SPECjvm200609:42
fabbionewell i love to travel..09:43
fabbioneis there anything i can do for you before you take off?09:43
tmarblePlease note: https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-mtv09:43
tmarbleI will be attending all week and coordinating activities for Sun09:44
fabbionethan you should subscribe to all specs you are supposed to be in09:44
tmarbleany tips on things to think about and/or how to prepare for UDS would be most helpful09:44
fabbioneonce you are registered go to the spec tracker09:45
tmarblewith the exception of the their launchpad page -- is there any other mechanism to determine "who's who" among developer/attendees?09:45
fabbioneand make sure to be subscribed to the one you are interested in09:45
tmarblegot it09:45
fabbionebut there will be a general introduction the first day09:45
tmarblefirst day = Sunday09:46
fabbionei assume we will do like other times.. everybody stands up and say a couple of word on "who am I"09:46
fabbioneyes sunday is my very best guess09:46
tmarbleI'll arrive around noon-ish on Monday09:46
tmarbledo you suppose that developers are going to want to go on caffeine induced hackathons for 24-hour straight?09:46
tmarbleor, would there be some interest, do you think, in *a little* sight-seeing (e.g. food or nightlife in San Francisco)?09:47
fabbioneno, specs writing is boring enough that we spend the evening drinking to forget :)09:47
fabbionesight seeing and life > *09:47
fabbioneare you going to be the only guy from SUN showing up?09:48
fabbioneSimon was talking about a few more coming09:48
tmarblehmmm  I'm very tempted to organize an outing... say tuesday-ish?... for some (techno dance) clubbing... sound good?09:48
fabbioneand we were trying to arrange a dinner just to get to know eachother before starting to work09:48
tmarblethere will be several -- don't have a full count yet09:48
tmarblecool -- any ideas on which day the dinner would take place09:48
fabbionewell they need to register in LP and subscribe to specs, otherwise it will be caothic09:48
fabbionedinner should be wed AFAIK09:49
fabbioneit really depends.. Simon didn't answer one single email i wrote to him to have names and dates09:49
tmarblenow, let's say, Sun person wants to package application foobar for Ubuntu (Debian)... if there isn't a spec yet, should they create one?09:49
tmarbleI apologize on Simon's behalf for that... I'll be much more responsive09:50
fabbioneyes, they need to create a spec in wiki.u.c (use the spec template) register it in LP and get it scheduled for MV09:50
tmarbleI just got approved late friday09:50
fabbionebut there is a time limit for specs submission09:50
fabbionelet me check09:50
tmarblebut, I don't see anything on the schedule yet -- > will the schedule be on the wiki -> ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperSummitMountainView09:51
fabbionethe schedule will be generated on a daily base09:51
fabbionebecause specs don't get all approved/worked at the same speed09:51
fabbioneif SUN guy is known to show up tue, his specs will not be scheduled for monday09:51
fabbioneor something like that09:52
fabbionei mean.. apply that rule in different ways09:52
fabbionelike he needs to leave early and so on09:52
fabbionepoint is that fixed schedule simply doesn't work09:52
tmarblesure, that makes sense09:52
fabbioneif a spec needs more discussion or one just go from draft to approved in one hour.. 09:52
tmarbleI'm going to target nightlife for tuesday (or thursday)09:52
fabbioneyou get the idea09:52
fabbioneyeah let's meet up on monday and see how things are settled09:53
tmarbleok... 09:53
fabbionei have no idea of a lot of details yet09:53
fabbionelike what's up for dinner and so on09:53
tmarblehey, I thought you were supposed to know *everything* :)09:53
fabbione(if we need to find our own resturant or we are all at the hotel.. etc.)09:53
tmarblei'm at the same hotel BTW09:53
tmarble.. and I'm going to stay the weekend as I have biz the following week in Santa Clara09:54
fabbioneyeah yeah.. my wife accuses me of the same, but then when i ask her to fix an IRQ problems, she believes i got some weird new sexual desease09:54
fabbionewe will stay the week after too09:54
fabbionebut we have a fixed event on saturday09:54
fabbioneand we need to change hotel09:54
tmarbleyou can do that09:54
fabbioneyeps.. let see how things evolve09:55
fabbionei am all up for partying and driking09:55
fabbioneit helps to face the day after :P09:55
tmarbledon't know how to localize "woot" in italian ;-)09:55
fabbioneehehe 09:55
tmarbleI have to step away from the computer for a bit (last minute packing and all...)09:55
fabbionei understand that09:56
fabbionetake care09:56
fabbionei am off to watch a movie and then to bed09:56
tmarbleI'll be around (on IRC) once I'm in San Diego09:56
tmarblebuon cine!09:56
fabbionehave a pleasent flight09:56
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