BonBonTheJonchovynz: reload synaptic in order to check for updates12:16
=== jono [n=jono@88-107-14-218.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #edubuntu
BonBonTheJonchovynz: what happened?12:22
chovynzit has a list of upgradeable installed apps. but it does say 88mgs need to be downloaded.12:23
chovynzi read on the apt-proxy page that we need to point the deb http lines to deb //var/... maybe this would help?12:24
chovynz^ deb line in sources.list12:24
BonBonTheJonchovynz: the 88 megs is because you were missing some repositories12:25
chovynz...which are already on my other HD, which brings me back to my original question.....how do i make a harddrive a repository source12:25
BonBonTheJonchovynz: did you set up apt-proxy12:26
chovynzno. i've been following the command lines. I'm gonna try apt next12:26
chovynz<sigh> Q. how do i search for all files of *.deb in File manager?12:34
LaserJockdoes nautilus do that?12:34
LaserJocklike system-wide searches?12:35
chovynzits supposed to i thought12:35
chovynzthe search function doesn't seem to work like it looks like it should12:35
stelisPlaces > Search searches your personal data12:36
stelisEmails etc. 12:36
stelisRather than all of the system12:36
chovynzok....even when you select file system?12:36
=== cafuego [n=cafuego@] has joined #edubuntu
BonBonTheJonchovynz: I know how using the command line12:37
chovynz:D how?12:37
BonBonTheJonchovynz: 'cp -v -i /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb /mnt/hdb1/var/cache/apt/archives'12:38
chovynz"y enter y enter y enter y enter y enter ..." :D12:41
BonBonTheJonchovynz: then do control-c12:41
BonBonTheJonand take out the -i12:41
chovynzits ok. its already done12:42
chovynzBonBonTheJon: ok heres another question for you....what would the uri for my secondary HD be? how would i find this out?12:52
stelisfile:// plus the device name12:54
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #edubuntu
stelise.g. file:///dev/hda112:54
stelisThree slashes because of the leading slash in the device names12:55
chovynz"/" = root?12:55
stelisDevices are files12:56
stelisIn /dev12:56
stelisDrives are then mounted to access 12:56
stelisThe contents of the devices appear under /media by default12:57
BonBonTheJonchovynz: what do you need the URI for12:57
stelisSo the contents of /dev/cdrom would appear in /media/cdrom12:57
chovynzstelis:  thats true12:58
chovynzBonBonTheJon:  i need that address which is where the local repository for my entire upgraded old system is12:59
stelisI wasn't sure how much you knew already :)12:59
chovynzstelis: good for checking12:59
BonBonTheJonchovynz: is this for apt-proxy12:59
chovynzstill SPM...haven't figured out apt yet..i've been following the tutorial, but there are steps in there that i dont need01:00
chovynzwhat i do need is for sources.list to point to my mounted HD. I don't know the syntax for the SPM / apt channel 01:01
chovynzthen when i run SPM it will see the updated old apps, see the recent "old" files, think of my old upgraded system as a channel and overwrite my new ones. 01:02
chovynzwhich is what i want :D01:03
chovynzis there a crying emote in here?01:05
BonBonTheJonI guess01:05
chovynzthat'll do :)  :'(01:05
chovynzi might as well have DL them all again01:06
BonBonTheJonchovynz: don't give up01:06
chovynzfor the time its taken me this far01:06
chovynzheres the file error message i get01:06
BonBonTheJonchovynz: can you pastebin you sources.list01:09
=== bimberi [n=dave@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.bimberi] has joined #edubuntu
BonBonTheJonchovynz: are you using breezy or dapper01:13
chovynzi used badger didnt i01:14
BonBonTheJonchovynz: did you run through the apt-proxy tutorial01:14
chovynzi didnt completly. I thought it wasn't what i needed. I'll take another look01:15
BonBonTheJonchovynz: did you copy all the .deb files to a folder on the new drive01:18
BonBonTheJonchovynz: you can install all of them, I guess01:18
chovynzall these tutorials and documentations are talking about http internet and networked computers. They aren't talking about a local HD on the same machine - this is the syntax i need for SPM to recognise where to find the undated files.01:19
chovynzBonBonTheJon:  i dont even know how to find all .deb files yet01:19
BonBonTheJonchovynz: did you copy all the files01:20
chovynzi c&p what you told me to01:20
BonBonTheJonchovynz: I have an idea, open up the console and follow with me01:20
chovynzthe cp -i - v bit01:20
chovynzterminal or naut?01:20
BonBonTheJonchovynz: ok, change into the directory with all the .deb 'ch /mnt/hdb1/var/cache/apt/archives'01:21
BonBonTheJon'cd /mnt/hdb1/var/cache/apt/archives'01:22
chovynzBonBonTheJon: k01:22
BonBonTheJonchovynz: now we will install all of them 'sudo dpkg -i *.deb'01:22
BonBonTheJonchovynz: it should take a long time, it is installing all of the files01:24
chovynzyes :D01:24
chovynzo.O i just thought....why are we installing all of the files?01:24
BonBonTheJonchovynz: it will have the updated files01:25
chovynzBonBonTheJon: im seeing packages in there that i unchecked01:25
BonBonTheJonchovynz: like...?01:25
chovynzlike most things to do with kde01:26
BonBonTheJonchovynz: well, they will show up in synaptic, so you can remove them01:27
chovynzBonBonTheJon: lol. ok if it works i guess01:27
BonBonTheJonchovynz: better to get too much and remove the extra, than download it all over again01:27
BonBonTheJonchovynz: dinner time, I'll be back later01:28
chovynzok thnx01:28
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BonBonTheJonchovynz: update?01:55
chovynzcommand line is done01:55
BonBonTheJonchovynz: refresh synaptic and see if there are any updates01:55
chovynzit says the same thing. and its still downloading from the internet01:56
chovynzi said yes this time01:56
BonBonTheJonchovynz: hmm, I don't knwo01:57
chovynzo.O i need to restart01:58
chovynzill bbs01:58
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chovynzBonBonTheJon: <shrug> it all seems to be updated. I dont know when it did, and i dont know how...but it is02:08
BonBonTheJonchovynz: thats the important thing02:08
chovynzthere seems to be some gaps though - openoffice updates for instance 02:08
BonBonTheJonchovynz: you can add the openoffice repository02:09
chovynzah well...Thanks muchly for helping me02:09
chovynzI do appreciate it02:10
BonBonTheJonchovynz: glad to be of service02:10
chovynzwas it a mission?02:10
chovynzI guess if i need any more help with EDU ill come back here :)02:14
BonBonTheJonchovynz: of course02:14
chovynzthanx all02:15
chovynzThanks BonBonTheJon02:15
BonBonTheJonchovynz: no problem02:15
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=== chovynz [n=nathan@] has joined #edubuntu
chovynzQ. what was the other apps other than WINE?02:22
chovynzvmware and qvm or something02:22
BonBonTheJonvmware or qemu02:22
chovynzqemu. thnx thats what i was looking for02:23
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chovynzqemu up and running04:37
chovynzoh yeah, so is windows04:37
BonBonTheJonchovynz: cool04:37
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sky123thanxsa earlier with help on PXE....got it working !!! :) 05:37
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=== jack_wyt is away:
=== jack_wyt is away:
=== jack_wyt is away:
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=== sky123 [n=student@static-71-103-255-118.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #edubuntu
sky123whoo hoo! xchat working with edubuntu thin client!!! 07:47
sky123:) 07:48
sky123Hi guys can someone help me understand whether schooltool is installed by default on the server end???07:48
sky123and how do i access it via the web? 07:48
LaserJockhmm, I think it's installed on a server install07:52
bimberiyes, edubuntu-server depends on it07:53
sky123right...i saw it synaptic...but i guess my question was a litttle vague...how do i access it??07:53
sky123cool 07:53
bimberisky123: try http://localhost:718007:53
bimberi(a guess)07:53
sky123cool will do 07:53
sky123ill netstat -ln it if necessary 07:54
sky123;) 07:54
sky123also...what does it use as dbase backend? mysql 07:54
sky123or postgres or??07:54
sky123and is zope installed by default for conent management??07:55
sky123content that is...07:55
LaserJockI'm guessing no to the zope question07:55
sky123okay...by the way i hit schoolbell on 7180..which installed as well...but that is schooltool right??07:56
bimberisame here07:56
bimberi(guessing no to zope)07:57
sky123and uhmm...newb here...what is the default login and pass for management..or is that only done from localhost??07:57
sky123ie...remote clients may NOT administer the box... for schooltool...??07:58
bimberisky123: see if there's anyone in #schooltool perhaps :)07:58
sky123lol...good enough :) 07:58
sky123will do 07:58
bimberibtw yes, schoolbell is part of the schooltool project07:58
sky123is there is a list of default packages installed with edubuntu or is a dpkg --list my best option? 07:59
sky123cool 07:59
sky123bimberi,Laserjock thanks for the help thus far07:59
LaserJockdpkg -l is the best to see what you've got07:59
sky123will do. 07:59
LaserJockusually in conjunction with | grep 08:00
sky123but of course :) 08:02
LaserJocksky123:  so have you been able to get into schooltool?08:03
sky123not yet... 08:03
sky123i can access the page..and the official schooltool getting started didnt have any docs in it.. 08:03
sky123yet to be added it says08:03
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
bimberisky123: how about http://localhost:7080 ?08:05
sky123oh...lemme try that 08:06
sky123same result...takes me to calendar...and has same login button at top 08:07
sky123fyi: SchoolTool uses an object database, the Zope Object Database (ZODB) to be precise. It is not a relational database. There are no tables and no object-relational mapping, just persistent objects.  Instead of looking at database tables, Zope developers look for interface.py modules to grok an application's data structure.08:10
sky123bimberi: looks like it uses zope...from their faqs08:10
bimberisky123: yes, zope3 iirc08:11
sky123bimberi: manager,schooltool......lol....worked! 08:17
bimberisky123: did you guess that?08:17
sky123I wish I could take credit for miracles like George Bush...but I googled it... 08:18
sky123and saw it on the cando website.. 08:18
bimberilol, i was going to say 'you cracker you' :P08:19
sky123which is addon to schooltool for managing assessment08:19
sky123lol 08:19
sky123google...gotta love it. :) 08:19
=== RichEd is at US embassy - VISA
=== jack_wyt [n=Jack@] has joined #edubuntu
sky123alright guys...will be reading up on schooltool...thnx thusfar08:24
BurgundaviaRichEd: there are days I am glad I am a Canadian and don't generally need a Visa to go anywhere08:25
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cbx33Guten Morgen Alles11:25
LaserJockhola amigo ;-)11:26
cbx33LaserJock, !!!!11:26
cbx33dude how are you11:26
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highvoltagehowdy, mr tango02:07
highvoltagehey jsgotangco :)02:07
jsgotangcoIt seems our RC is our gold with very little changes to the build now02:09
=== highvoltage does Mr burns thing... "Excellent"
ograwell, apart from the udev bug highvoltage had and apart from the session choose bug i have no info on yet ...02:14
ograb8ut its to late for uploads anyway ... 02:14
jsgotangcoJeez dapper looks old02:14
jsgotangcoAnd slow02:14
ograwell, we'll roll the final isos in some hours02:15
ograand then have a nice week of tests ...02:15
highvoltageI won't be able to do testing again until I'm home, which is also in a few hours. *sigh*02:16
jsgotangcoDo you remember before a year ago when final isos are rolled out and everyone is online02:16
highvoltageogra: and if the udev thing can be fixed, do you think that would be allowed?02:16
ograonly if its a small chane02:16
ograbut i suspect its a kernel bug or something ... it sliekly to be bigger02:17
jsgotangcoMan my thumbs are sore now chatting on a phone02:18
jsgotangcoogra: who is christina armstrong?02:19
ogradid she write something exciting i didnt read yet ? 02:20
jsgotangcoEOL of 02:21
ograyeah, there goes hoary02:23
jsgotangcoI think hoary was my first real tangible contribution to ubuntu02:23
jsgotangcoI still use rhythmbox02:31
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jsgotangcohighvoltage: can you email me your snail mail addy? I want to send something to you02:42
jsgotangcoogra: you too ;)02:42
highvoltagejsgotangco: sure02:47
highvoltagejsgotangco: nothing illegal, I hope?02:47
=== gsuveg [i=gabor@248-244.dyn-fa.pool.ew.hu] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcohighvoltage: probably02:49
gsuveganyone can show picture from Mario ani ?02:49
highvoltagegsuveg: that's pygi :)02:50
jsgotangcoi dont even know how he looks like02:50
gsuvegyes. but he is offline now02:51
gsuveghttp://ubuntu.hu/konf/?q=program/edubuntu <  im edit the flyer02:51
highvoltageI think there might be a hacekrgotchi somewhere02:51
jsgotangcoits only a few months ago i discovered how prolific pygi is02:55
jsgotangcoUbuntuWorld 2007?02:57
=== highvoltage thinks it would be cool, despite a college student thinking that it isn't
jsgotangcosure but pity us on the other side of the planet heh03:04
lucasvojsgotangco: so true!03:04
lucasvoI want it in europe!03:04
jsgotangcothe *way other* side of the planet03:05
jsgotangcoerrr firefox now has the logo???03:05
highvoltageon Ubuntu? wow.03:06
highvoltageI've always manually changed my one to have the logo :)03:06
highvoltagefor example...03:08
lucasvothis stupid debian fork is the dumbest Idea I've ever head03:08
highvoltageor http://photos.jonathancarter.co.za/screenshots/23_OCT_2006 03:08
highvoltagelucasvo: it's unfortunately just the way it has to be :-/03:09
jsgotangcohighvoltage: well i just updated firefox and i get the firefox logo on the panel03:09
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagelucasvo: if mozilla wants their logo in Debian, they'll have to change the licensing a bit03:09
jsgotangcolucasvo: well mozilla is pretty adamant about stuff as well to the point of being unreasonable03:09
highvoltagejsgotangco: ok, cool. I think it's good that ubuntu does that03:09
jsgotangcolucasvo: i actually met asa dotzler before and we argued about it03:09
lucasvowell, both are dumb.03:10
lucasvodebian for forking it and mozilla for their licensing03:10
jsgotangcohighvoltage: i wont be surprised if its temporary03:10
cbx33afternoon all03:10
jsgotangcobut at the moment /usr/share/pixmaps/firefox.png is the firefox logo03:11
cbx33ogra, just read your mail.....03:11
cbx33sorry for being so monumentally stupid03:11
cbx33I was thinking way outside the box on that one03:11
ograoh, the SCP mail you mean03:11
highvoltagehey cbx33 03:11
cbx33I feel.....well...stupid ;)03:11
cbx33hiya highvoltage 03:12
cbx33ogra, I'll see if I can get on with that soon03:12
highvoltagejsgotangco: I think it might be intentional, see edgy-changes03:13
jsgotangcoahh i see it03:15
jsgotangcohighvoltage: hopefully, sabdfl doesn't see this http://world.honda.com/news/2006/c061017HondaJetNBAA/03:20
lucasvojsgotangco: why?03:23
highvoltagelucasvo: he might buy one. or ten.03:23
jsgotangcoand replace his bombardier03:23
lucasvohighvoltage: an Ubuntu Summit shuttle service?03:23
jsgotangcosure its been used like that before03:24
highvoltagejsgotangco: if you're sending me one of those, it won't fit in my postbox :(03:24
ograjsgotangco, whats wrong with bombardiaer ?03:24
jsgotangcowell nothing wrong really with having your own aircraft, but this one is cheap for $3.65M03:24
ograwell ... fsvo cheap03:25
ogra(i could buy a football field of porsches for that :) )03:25
highvoltage'cheap' is always relative :)03:26
cbx33indeed as is expensive03:27
lucasvoprivate jet & opensource is kinda strange together...03:27
ograwhy ? it proves the model works ;)03:28
highvoltageI think I'll buy one one day just because lucasvo said that :)03:28
=== lucasvo would also buy one
=== highvoltage is of course too chicken to actually fly in one of those small planes
lucasvobut I woulnd't use it where normal frlights are available03:29
lucasvowhy burn 1000 times as much fuel as needed?03:29
jsgotangcogood queston, let's ask the man who owns one03:30
=== MrMoo [n=steve-o@] has left #edubuntu ["Leaving"]
lucasvojsgotangco: I will03:33
=== lucasvo just hope's he won't get banned forever from #ubuntu
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sbalneavMorning all04:02
bddebianHello sbalneav04:06
sbalneavHey bddebian04:12
bddebianHeya jsgotangco04:14
sbalneavbe back in a bit, have to reboot my box04:23
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tidelineafternoon all05:12
highvoltagegood afternoon, tideline 05:12
highvoltageisn't it very late in the evening / early in the morning your side of the world?05:12
tidelinehighvoltage, me - no its 11:13 am05:13
tidelineim in EST USA05:13
tidelinebeen here at work for 3 hours now05:13
jsgotangcoheh exact opposite here, its 11:13 pm05:13
=== highvoltage has been confusing time zones again
highvoltage17:13 here :)05:14
jsgotangcoi live in the future05:14
tidelineor i live in the past05:14
tidelinenot very zen of me is it 05:14
jsgotangcowell how does this sound05:14
jsgotangcoi live in the future05:14
jsgotangcobut i depend on the work of people in the past05:15
tidelinejsgotangco, where are you Aus or something?05:15
jsgotangcoi'm in Manila05:16
jsgotangcoSydney would be around 1am already05:16
Yagisanits 1:16am05:16
tidelineisn't it bed time ;-)05:16
Yagisanindeed - but the kids don't believe me05:16
tidelinefunny mine never believe me either05:17
Yagisantideline, mine are 2 and a half, and 11 months. yours ?05:18
tidelineYagisan, 6 years and 3 years05:18
tidelinethe 6 year old is why I sterted looking at edubuntu05:19
Yagisanheh. I've gotten my 2 year interested in it05:19
Yagisanyour 6 year will very likely have no trouble with it (and probably start teaching you how to use it soon ;) )05:20
tidelineHe goes to a private school which is getting new computers this year - Iam actually going to pitch a edubuntu solution to them tomorrow morning05:20
tidelinehe already does05:20
tidelineI actually had to take his laptop away from him for a litle while, he was on there all the time05:21
jsgotangcomy 4 1/2 uses gcompris all the time05:22
tidelinehas anyone used kid pix... its not OS but they just bought it at his school and I want to tell them that XX is just as good and free05:22
tidelinelooks like tux paint but a little more polished05:24
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juliuxogra, ping06:30
=== BonBonTheJon [n=jon@] has joined #edubuntu
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lucasvodoes edgy have the swap server?07:12
ogranot the one we wanted though, but it has a swapserver07:12
LaserJockwhat does that mean exactly?07:12
lucasvoogra: why are there two different swapservers?07:15
lucasvowhat's the diference?07:15
ografully-automatic-swapserver defines that everything we want is directly included in nbd-server07:16
ograthe current solution is a wrapper script that does the same but isnt integrated07:16
lucasvoogra: because of lack of time?07:17
ograso f-a-s is still not properly integrated ... and will only be if we turned the script into C code and applied it to nbd-server07:17
lucasvowill it be different in fiesty fawn?07:17
ograi'*ve put it on the discussion agenda07:17
lucasvoogra: you don't like C?07:17
=== lucasvo neither
ogratoo many security rissk 07:18
=== lucasvo is already looking forward for the new features in fiesty
lucasvoI am so damn annoyed that I missed the deadline for MV. :(07:19
sbalneavDON'T LIKE C?!?!?!07:20
=== sbalneav faints dead away.
lucasvosbalneav: well, if you like C, why don't YOU do it!?07:20
=== LaserJock splashes some water on sbalneav
sbalneavSure, what is it I'm doing?07:21
=== sbalneav reads back
sbalneavOh, sure, I could do that.07:21
lucasvosbalneav: nice!07:21
=== spacey [n=herman@ubuntu/member/spacey] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagegood evening mr sbalneav 07:32
sbalneavhey highvoltage07:33
highvoltagesbalneav: how's LTSP 5 coming along?07:33
ograhighvoltage, as far as you see it on your testinstall :P07:33
ograwe're just writing specs :)07:34
highvoltagecool :)07:34
sbalneavIt's coming swimingly.07:34
ograhttps://features.launchpad.net/people/ogra/+specs has already a handfull07:34
=== ogra proposes highvoltages fat-clients spec for uds
sbalneavThere's a nice 3-level heirarchy there.07:36
highvoltageogra: I don't think the diskless fat client work will be so much work, I've got it working already, I just need to get the code into a ltsp bzr branch (which I still need to figure out how to do)07:36
LaserJockogra: I'm wondering now if I shouldn't have marked edubuntu-dynamic-menus as "implemented"07:37
sbalneavFat: Full client, just no harddrive07:37
highvoltagethe only tricky part is the authentication, but ldap support is going to be in feisty, so that makes it easy :)07:37
ograLaserJock, its there, isnt it ? make a followup spec07:37
sbalneavLocalapps: Mainly thin, but an app or two farmed out to the client.07:37
highvoltagesbalneav: correct07:37
sbalneavThin: Everything on the server.07:37
ograLaserJock, like we did for SCP 07:37
LaserJockogra: well, I marked it as implemented, but it's more like "Beta Available"07:37
highvoltagesbalneav: at some stage I had that on a terminology page so that we all know what we're tlaking about, perhaps that can go into the ltsp docs this time :)07:37
ograhighvoltage,  https://features.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/edubuntu-network-auth-server07:38
highvoltagesbalneav: btw, is it available somewhere? I'd love to go through it.07:38
highvoltageogra: heh, I downloaded those ldap scripts this afternoon :)07:38
ograLaserJock, if it needs re-considering just make a new spec07:38
=== highvoltage hopes it gets in :)
ograhighvoltage, i'll fight for it ... regardless where the network auth stuff for ubuntu goes07:39
ograi'm tired of waiting07:39
highvoltageogra: do you know whether MV will have teamspeak or other voip things again?07:39
ograyep, it will07:39
ograbut i hope with a speaker/mic on the table this time07:39
LaserJockogra: well, I think it certainly need more discussion to get a really good and usable menu system. I'll whip up something07:39
sbalneavhighvoltage: No, not yet.  I need to sit down for a day and a half, and do some doco on what LTSP5's all about.07:41
nixternalhowdy everyone!07:41
LaserJockogra: although I think maybe more interesting and farther reaching would be making a general group driven framework07:41
highvoltagehey nixternal 07:41
=== nixternal will be doing some handbook work today, to get everything to re-validate
ograLaserJock, yeah, and integrate it with the smbldap ;)07:41
highvoltagetalking about documentation...07:42
highvoltagedid you guys see that indonesian edubuntu cookbook?07:42
nixternali haven't07:42
ogralets rather talk about tesing ;) there is a new iso on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/ ;)07:42
ogramight be the pre-last one who knows :)07:43
highvoltageoh wow07:43
ogra(last one will add additional langpacks)07:43
nixternalthat is rather disturbing to me07:43
LaserJockogra: do you know how the tasks are done. How are packages added to the edubuntu-{desktop,live} tasks?07:43
nixternalto be part of the community, and go for a deal elsewhere before actually helping out with something the community is trying to do right now07:44
ograLaserJock, no, i only know how they are handled in the metapackages, but its easy to find out ...07:44
BonBonTheJon!pastebin > bonbonthejon07:45
highvoltagewow, the edubuntu cd is relatively small :)07:45
ograyep, some space for langpacks07:46
BonBonTheJoncan someone look over my Concepts: Networks and Networking, I think I am almost done07:46
=== highvoltage has trouble with rsync again
highvoltagemy rsync command is rsync -a --progress rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/20061023/edgy-install-i386.iso edgy-install-i386.iso edgy-install-i386.iso07:48
highvoltageand it says "@ERROR: Unknown module 'edubuntu'07:48
highvoltageis there something wrong with my rsync command?07:49
=== cbx33 [n=pete@84-45-225-120.no-dns-yet.enta.net] has joined #edubuntu
BonBonTheJonhighvoltage: at the end you have the iso twice07:49
cbx33Guten Abends07:49
BonBonTheJonGuten Tag07:49
ograhighvoltage, its rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/edubuntu/07:49
highvoltageBonBonTheJon: I'm sure it worked like that before. I tried it with one iso and it didn't work either07:49
ograalso use -az ;) it compresses the network traffic07:50
cbx33ogra, basically we're looking at a total rewrite07:50
cbx33for SCP right>07:50
ogranot really07:50
ograjust split whats there into front and backend07:50
cbx33just shifting stuff around....07:50
highvoltageogra: great! that works :)07:50
cbx33yeh I suppose07:50
cbx33it's gonna be so cool once it's done07:51
cbx33did you get a chance o see the spec?07:51
ograit will only be *some* glue coding, most can be copy and paste07:51
highvoltagecbx33: is your rsync tool in universe yet?07:51
ogranot yet, did you propose it for uds already ?07:51
cbx33yes I did07:51
cbx33as I knew it was the deadline07:51
=== bddebian2 [n=bdefrees@] has joined #edubuntu
ogracbx33, LP url ?07:51
cbx33highvoltage, not yet07:51
cbx33ogra, I'll just get it07:51
cbx33ogra, https://features.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/student-control-panel-upgrade07:52
cbx33highvoltage, I'm hoping o get it in for feisty07:52
cbx33or fiesty07:52
cbx33it works....just needs a little updating as the iso names have changed I believe07:53
=== bddebian2 is now known as bddebian
ogracbx33, ok, i subscribed as essential subscriber, lets see how it raises its priority07:53
cbx33ogra, it probably needs other fields filled it07:53
ogra(specs of atendees are more likely to be accepted)07:53
cbx33I didn't fill in the drafter or stuff07:53
cbx33whois the drafter?07:53
ograthats fine07:53
sbalneavI have a bug for rsyncer.sh07:54
ograsbalneav, i didnt maintain it a while :)07:54
=== Dheeraj_k [n=Dheeraj@] has joined #edubuntu
ograwhats the bug ?07:54
sbalneavneeds to support --flavour 07:54
cbx33ogra, dude that thing needs to go into universe07:54
cbx33then it could be a dep of grasynco07:55
sbalneavFor those of us who spell with the Queen's English :)07:55
cbx33sbalneav, hahaha07:55
ograi thought you integrated it into the grasynco package07:55
cbx33yeh....but seeing as you still make changes to it ;)07:55
ograsbalneav, aww, right ... i'll fix that what flavors do you like ? lemon and ginger i guess if its the quees english :)07:56
sbalneavoin$ ~/rsyncer.sh --arch i386 --create ubuntu --flavor live07:56
sbalneavtouching file ./ubuntu/edgy-live-i386.iso07:56
sbalneavreceiving file list ... 07:56
sbalneavrsync: link_stat "/daily-live/current/edgy-live-i386.iso" (in cdimage) failed: No such file or directory (2)07:56
sbalneav0 files to consider07:56
sbalneavsent 4 bytes  received 17 bytes  8.40 bytes/sec07:56
sbalneavtotal size is 0  speedup is 0.0007:56
sbalneavrsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(1298) [receiver=2.6.8] 07:56
ograthere are no ubuntu isos named "live" anymore, right07:56
ograits desktop :)07:56
BonBonTheJonogra: they all are live07:57
ograthats hardcoded in the script iirc07:57
BonBonTheJonliv cds07:57
cbx33yup it is ogra 07:57
cbx33and they differ beween edubuntu to ubuntu07:57
ografor desktop we'll have it easier in the future :)07:57
ograour live iso will also be called desktop07:57
sbalneavrsync: link_stat "/daily/current/edgy-desktop-i386.iso" (in cdimage) failed: No such file or directory (2)07:57
cbx33hmm...gnome is slow on this lappy07:57
ograand install will be renamed "server"07:57
cbx33think xfce would be quicker?07:57
Dheeraj_kubuntu>kubuntu>edubuntu = full of bug 07:58
LaserJockI <3 awk, but sed hates me :/07:58
cbx33there seems o be live missing07:58
BonBonTheJonany one have a minute to review a handbook page07:58
ograyeah, for live its daily-live/07:58
cbx33and the iso is called live07:58
ografor install/alternate its daily/07:58
ogracbx33, not the ubuntu one07:59
cbx33oh Ithought he was doing edubuntu07:59
ogra ~/rsyncer.sh --arch i386 --create ubuntu --flavor live was his command :)07:59
ograi'll throw rsyncer in bzr afetr release, then people can take it and do want they liek with it :)08:00
LaserJockjust don't make and silly icon restrictions ;-)08:00
LaserJockor we'll have to call it freersyncer08:01
cbx33xfce runs gnome apps right?08:01
BonBonTheJoncbx33: yeah08:01
LaserJockanything will run gnome apps08:01
LaserJockhighvoltage: excellent08:01
highvoltagecbx33: yes, the same way it runs kde apps08:01
LaserJockcbx33: it runs gtk apps more precisely08:02
cbx33ah cool08:02
cbx33LaserJock, *bah* you knew what I meant08:02
highvoltagecbx33: xubuntu install gtk apps only, so if you want to run gnome or kde apps you just need the libs for them installed08:02
cbx33ok...how do install xfce08:02
LaserJockapt-get install xfce408:02
cbx33apt-get install xfce-desktop08:02
cbx33ahh ok08:02
LaserJockwell, there are other things you can get too but xfce4 will get you the basics08:03
highvoltagecbx33: xubuntu-desktop will get you a better collection of packages, imho08:04
highvoltagebut if you just want a very basic xfce installation, then yes, xfce-desktop08:04
=== gsuveg [i=gabor@248-244.dyn-fa.pool.ew.hu] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33ok doing 08:06
cbx33how will that affect edubutnu-dexktop08:07
cbx33do I get a switcher at gdm login?08:07
highvoltageyou can choose it at the session chooser08:11
highvoltage(in gdm)08:11
LaserJockcbx33: by the way, the Edubuntu artwork is looking very nice08:12
BonBonTheJonwho should I mail an entry for the handbook to08:12
cbx33LaserJock, ty08:12
LaserJockcbx33: I can actually use it for every day use without killing my eyes08:12
cbx33....I'll pass that onto lisa08:12
highvoltagecbx33: yes, please pass on to lisa, it's way, way, way better than the artork in the previous version08:14
ograLaserJock, i had many complaints about it being to saturated ... :) but i like it as well as it is :)08:14
cbx33and hopefully next release will be even better08:15
cbx33Lisa is looking forward to actually getting a team together this release08:15
cbx33as it'll hopefully be a 6 monther we'll have alot more time08:15
cbx33ogra, has the deadline for specs passed now?08:16
ograi think its today, yes08:17
cbx33that' cool08:17
ograi have my specs in so far08:17
cbx33at least I got the most essential one in08:17
ograi'll try to take care for the SCP one08:17
ograas a mentor in MV08:17
cbx33thank you ogra 08:17
LaserJockwhat deadline?08:17
LaserJockthere was a deadline?08:17
ograthe spec submission deadline mdz set ...08:18
ograyes, today afaik08:18
LaserJockwhy do I always miss these announcements08:18
=== gsuveg [i=gabor@248-244.dyn-fa.pool.ew.hu] has left #edubuntu []
LaserJockhow in the world are we supposed to add Edubuntu specs after Edgy is released if the deadline is today?08:19
ograbecause you are not subscribed to ubuntu-devel-announce ?08:19
sbalneavLaserJock: Too busy shooting lasers at things? :)08:19
LaserJocksbalneav: laser? what's that? research? what research? :-)08:25
sbalneavYou know, that thing you do when you're not working on Edubuntu? :)08:26
sbalneavYeehaw!  Just tested my sbalneav@edubuntu.org email and it works!08:27
=== cbx33 [n=pete@84-45-225-120.no-dns-yet.enta.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== stelis [n=se@82-71-4-26.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
tidelineBonBonTheJon, do you still need someone to look at that networks stuff?08:32
BonBonTheJontideline: no, my friend looked at it, I have some changes to make, I might need you later :)08:32
tidelineok just let me know08:32
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sky123_good afternoon guys 09:28
stelisWere you achandra yesterday? 09:31
=== bddebian2 [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #edubuntu
sky123_yep 09:35
sky123_this is the other handle :) 09:35
sky123_at work 09:35
sky123_sky123---also known as----achandra 09:35
stelis:). Did you figure out your NIC problem?09:36
sky123_I tried to post up on the schooltool page....but couldnt find too much about the "grading" module...i think its in alpha...but im super interested in that 09:36
sky123_OHH....yeah....good old F12 on the Sony brought up netboot and BAM it worked like a charm 09:37
stelisI still don't like Sony, but at least it works :) 09:37
stelisWRT Schooltool, you could try asking on #ubuntu-education09:38
stelisOr the Education mailing list09:38
sky123_ahh...yeah...highvoltage did mention that 09:38
sky123_how do I get on it again...ie..place to sign up??09:39
stelisThat's the main page for all the mailing lists09:39
sky123_nice thnx 09:41
=== highvoltage fades out
highvoltagegoodnight everyone!09:53
=== bddebian2 is now known as bddebian
highvoltagenight stelis!09:53
tidelinenight highvoltage 09:57
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sbalneavEvening all, be on later.11:16
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has left #edubuntu ["Leaving"]
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LaserJockogra: I added https://features.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/edubuntu-menus-completion11:54
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JSWAUAnyone know how to uninstall games like solitare, and the like in edubuntu?12:01
BurgworkJSWAU: get rid of the gnome-games package12:01
nixternalhey, <title></title> for the Edubuntu - Firefox start page needs to be fixed to say ->     <title>Welcome to Edubuntu 6.10! - Firefox</title>12:02
JSWAUIt won't let me. It gives me some error.12:02
nixternalogra: ^^ concerning the <title> for the ff start page in edubuntu12:03
BurgworkJSWAU: what error?12:04
LaserJockBurgwork: probably wants to remove edubuntu-desktop12:04
BurgworkJSWAU: you can remove that, but remember to readd it back in when you upgrade12:04
Burgworkthat issue is solved for edgy12:04
JSWAUWhat does removing that do?12:05
=== highvoltage [n=jonathan@] has joined #edubuntu
Burgworke-desktop is a meta package that contains nothing12:05
Burgworkmerely deps on the needed packages12:05
JSWAUSo, I can remove it, and then Gnome-Games. Without effecting the Educational Games that are installed?12:06
JSWAUCool, Thanks. :-)12:07
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