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ddaajamesh: lifeless: spiv: SteveA: meeting in 61 minutes10:58
ddaaplease tell poolie and _thumper_ if they are anywhere close10:59
SteveAthey'll be in singapore11:57
SteveAand may possibly not be here11:57
ddaaI'm happy to skip it this week11:57
SteveAI'd like to know how things are going with you and your work11:58
SteveAand I want to know how the smartserver is going12:00
ddaajamesh: 12:01
ddaasupposedly, yes12:01
ddaa== agenda ==12:01
ddaaNext meeting Monday 30 October, 10:00 UTC.12:01
ddaa* production status12:01
ddaa* debian svn server load12:01
ddaa* status reports12:01
ddaa* singapore meeting12:01
ddaaThis is the new meeting formula. A few broad agenda items.12:01
ddaa== roll call ==12:01
ddaaspiv: ping12:01
spivThe roll call isn't on the agenda ;)12:02
spivI'm here.12:02
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SteveAthanks for considering the feedback about the agenda from last week, ddaa12:02
pooliehi, who's here?12:02
ddaajamesh, spiv, SteveA and I12:03
pooliewe're still meeting here but i can come here for a bit12:03
pooliecould you (re)post the agenda please?12:03
SteveAddaa: would you give the agenda again?12:03
ddaa== agenda ==12:03
ddaaNext meeting Monday 30 October, 10:00 UTC.12:03
ddaa* production status12:03
ddaa* debian svn server load12:03
ddaa* status reports12:03
ddaa* singapore meeting12:03
ddaaThis is the new meeting formula. A few broad agenda items.12:03
ddaaLet's get going.12:04
ddaa== production status ==12:04
ddaaRolled out new importd needed after launchpad rollout (db schema change). No functional change.12:04
ddaaNothing much interesting going on there.12:04
ddaajamesh: okay, if you have interesting rollouts to talk about, this is the place now.12:05
ddaaMoving on...12:05
ddaa== debian svn server load ==12:05
ddaaMuch discussion last week.12:05
ddaaFinally, I agree to what poolie suggested:12:05
ddaa * Svn imports that have "trunk" in their name can proceed (essentially) unattended12:05
ddaa * Svn imports that do not have "trunk" in their name will require operator validation to proceed at all12:05
ddaa * Check for "no file in directory" will be implemented as an extra safety, will be overridable by operator validation.12:05
ddaaI have gardened the database.12:05
ddaa * Will add check for "trunk" with hardcoded exception into importd.12:05
ddaa * Hardcoded exceptions will be removed when operator validation will be implemented in the web UI and database.12:05
ddaaAny comment on that plan?12:05
jameshdo we count branches with /branches/ in the URL as valid?12:05
jameshor just trunk?12:05
SteveApoolie: did you contact the debian guy?12:05
spivHave we been unfirewalled from the debian server?12:06
ddaajust trunk, because cscvs does not make related imports relate in bzr history12:06
poolieddaa: sounds good12:06
poolieSteveA: no, i'll mail him tonight12:06
SteveAI think that in future, a swift initial introduction and contact would be better12:06
SteveAwith a more involved followup later12:07
ddaagenerally, the whole web UI of vcs-imports needs to be redesigned to make it clear that vcs details are input for a service, not informational.12:07
SteveAwhile *we* know we've been dropping everything (kind of) to attend to this issue12:07
SteveAhe doesn't12:07
poolieSteveA: yes, i agree12:07
ddaaThank you all for contributing to this discussion last week and for humoring me.12:08
ddaabtw, it's apparent that we are _not_ being firewalled from the debian svn12:08
ddaaACTION: poolie to talk to the debian guy12:09
ddaamoving on12:09
jameshhave we put in an RT request to change the reverse DNS of the importd slaves?12:09
ddaajamesh: mh... not AFAIK12:09
jamesh(that's if we've decided that we want to)12:10
ddaaI see not reason not to do that, but there's also the whole thing about putting informative pages up, and things like that12:10
ddaashould I follow up on that, or is that mpool's?12:11
ddaapoolie: ?12:12
ddaawell, I'll try to follow up on that... keep nagging12:12
SteveAddaa: please file and RT request for that and cc me12:12
ddaaSteveA: ok12:12
ddaa== status reports ==12:13
ddaaspiv: supermirror-smart-server.12:13
ddaapoolie: thanks for checking the svn roundtripping discussion. I will come back to you when I have a clear statement of what I need you to comment on.12:13
ddaajamesh: product-release-finder. Last week you said "we should be able to run it in production this week".12:13
ddaa_thumper_: spec-branches.12:13
ddaaddaa: python import: no progress on that last week.12:13
ddaaddaa: pyrex: did not publish branch. Progress (off-hours): now blocked on landing of new svn changeset logic. Started to split work in reviewable chunks. (for the record, jamesh was volunteered for review last week).12:13
ddaapoolie: bzr-lp features.12:13
ddaaspiv: how's smart server this week?12:13
ddaajamesh: how's the product-release finder?12:13
SteveA tim/launchpad/spec-branches  is w-i-p12:14
jameshddaa: forgot to ask stub about that.  He brought it up today, and I said we should go ahead12:14
poolieddaa: please follow up on fixing importd's rDNS12:14
SteveA389 line diff output12:14
poolieand add a bug about putting up some information about it; we don't have to do that right now12:14
poolieddaa: we're working now on specifying more bzr-lp features12:14
pooliein particular getting diffs for branches and doing branch review12:14
spivI've updated the status whiteboard on https://features.launchpad.net/products/bzr/+spec/smart-server and https://features.launchpad.net/products/launchpad-bazaar/+spec/supermirror-smart-server12:15
SteveAddaa: after this meeting, I want to talk about doing an import of silva12:15
ddaapoolie: please keep me posted12:15
ddaapoolie: any spec I need to subscribe to?12:15
pooliespiv: yes i saw, well done12:15
poolieddaa: not as yet, but will let you know12:15
SteveAspiv: do you know about the plan to get a new bzr on devpad when it is packaged?12:15
SteveAspiv: and get lp developers using smartserver transports with that?12:16
ddaajamesh: can you take over spec-branch?12:16
spivSteveA: 0.11 that's already there (and in edgy) is already sufficient for that.12:16
SteveAyes, but what's the point of testing that?12:16
ddaasince _thumper_ is going to be away till december12:16
spivThat said, getting more testing for the 0.12 release candidate would be good.12:16
jameshddaa: okay.  Is there a spec of what needs to be done?12:17
SteveAso I want you to announce in thursday's meeting, and on the list on wednesday, what to do and how to do it, and call for testing12:17
spivWell, the smart server protocol is (I hope!) unchanged in 0.12, although the underlying code is largely the same.12:17
SteveAwe'll have packages available, and on devpad by the end of tomorrow12:17
ddaajamesh: last I heard of it, the main todo was adding a descriptive text to spec-branches12:17
poolieSteveA: and let's please get a poll the following week of how many people tried it12:17
ddaajamesh: we can sync on that later this week12:17
SteveApoolie: ok, +112:17
jameshddaa: okay12:17
spivThat means that regardless of devpad, developers can use/test 0.11 or 0.12 or bzr.dev on the client already.,12:17
poolieand did they either have no problems, or have htem and not report them, etc12:17
ddaajamesh: better to talk it through first, it's not urgent12:18
spivObviously it would be good to get devpad upgraded so we can test the server-side too, but that can happen independently.12:18
jameshddaa: yep12:18
spivSteveA: I've already added a proposed agenda item for Thursday's meeting.  I'm happy to send a mail on Wednesday.12:18
ddaais that a completed agenda item?12:19
ddaaI guess so.12:19
ddaa== singapore meeting ==12:19
ddaaDid not have time to tell more about "releasing cscvs" to poolie. So let's have a discussion now or soon to clarify the issue.12:19
SteveAspiv: or, send a mail already saying how to use it12:19
SteveAand we'll tell people to upgrade in the meeting12:19
spivSteveA: sure12:20
ddaapoolie: I gather  you are on a meeting, so please call back on me when you are free12:20
poolieddaa: just read your later replies on the russkaya thread12:20
pooliegood work there12:20
jameshI suppose we should upgrade launchpad's bzr to 0.12 at some point too -- should be easier than the previous update12:20
ddaathe cscvs release thing is important (at least to me) so i really want it discussed in singapore12:20
ddaapoolie: thank you12:21
SteveApoolie: I added a note for the poll for next week to the lp meeting agenda12:21
ddaapoolie: ack for getting back to me about cscvs release?12:21
SteveAjamesh: yes, who can do that?  does it need to be lifeless?12:21
poolieddaa: why don't you call me after this meeting?  i'm at Carlton.com.sg, room "Victoria 2"12:22
ddaapoolie: ?12:22
jameshSteveA: the API changes between 0.11 and 0.12 are probably fairly minor, so we probably don't need to do a concurrent update of multiple modules12:22
poolieddaa: i meant, call me and we'll talk about cscvs12:22
jameshSteveA: so I don't think it needs to be lifeless12:22
poolieor, send me mail12:22
pooliewhatever works for you12:22
=== ddaa checks phone rates to singapore
SteveAddaa: who has rights to update bzr code in RF ?12:23
ddaaSteveA: afaik, lifeless only12:23
jameshiirc spiv and me do12:23
SteveAddaa: I use skype out for calls like this, with some success.  is quite cheap12:23
spivI believe jamesh is correct.12:23
SteveAI propose updating bzr in lp asac (convenient).  ddaa, do you agree?12:24
ddaasure, there will probably be the usual compatibility fixes, but I'm all for a more bleeding edge launchpad12:24
SteveAI'm propsing this because we have a release now12:25
SteveAnot because it is bleeding edge12:25
ddaa"we have a release" ?12:25
ddaaanyway, sure, let's upgrade bzr12:26
jameshddaa: 0.12 is very near release12:26
ddaaSo, meeting agenda complete.12:27
SteveAthanks ddaa.  I enjoyed this meeting12:28
SteveAddaa: I'd like to try getting silva imported pretty soon12:28
SteveAso I can demonstrate bzr here at infrae with their own product12:29
ddaaSteveA: same bug as usual with silva12:29
SteveAthey already use launchpad to translate silva12:29
SteveAwhat bug is that?12:29
ddaablocked on new cscvs changeset logic, recently reviewed by BjornW12:29
ddaalot of work to make it land though12:29
SteveAwhy a lot of work?12:29
ddaabecause it's a hell of a large branch12:30
ddaaand I did not spend much time polishing it before review12:30
SteveAlots of review comments then12:30
ddaaI just got the code done and working. So yeah, lots of review stuff, bad class names and stuff like that.12:31
ddaamissing documentation too12:31
ddaaoh, that's way cool12:32
ddaaI have free calls to singapore landlines :)12:32
ddaapoolie: what number can I reach you on?12:33
poolieddaa: actually could we talk about this time tomorrow?12:38
poolieor actually, mail me first and we'll go from there, pleas12:39
ddaaokay, will mail you soon12:39
ddaaon top of my todo list12:39

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