helmutPlease tell me about whom to contact or I'll blacklist launchpad.net. Good night. (I'll stay here and read tomorrow or later.)12:22
crimsunhmm, DDs are getting the build failure notifications, too/12:23
Nafalloyepp :-/12:24
helmutok. could you change that policy?12:24
=== Nafallo has no idea who cares for soyuz now :-/
helmutThere are two good options:12:24
helmut1) ASK DDs (and other maintainers) _before_ using their packages.12:25
helmut2) Change the maintainer.12:25
Nafallohelmut: I think infinity turned off the thing that sends mail, and that it got sent for DDs are a bug.12:25
crimsunhelmut: I have no privileges to modify any of the internals.12:25
helmutNafallo: I like mails, but I'd like to decide what packages I maintain.12:26
Nafallohelmut: indeed :-)12:26
helmutCould you file a ROM bug for me?12:26
crimsunI noticed that the build failure notifications I received are all from straight syncs.12:26
Nafallookt 22 20:10:55 <infinity>      Argh, it's definitely a bug that it's mailing Debian maintainers. :/12:26
Nafallookt 22 20:11:21 *       infinity turns off the buildd-sequencer until he can get ahold of Team Soyuz.12:26
helmutI recently reported a ROM against slate for etch and slate is removed.12:27
helmutslate isn't further developed. That's why I advise to remove it from ubuntu, too.12:28
helmutAnyway change the maintainer if you wish to continue using that package.12:28
NafalloI think we do that now. 12:29
NafalloMaintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>12:29
NafalloOriginal-Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Media Team <motumedia@tauware.de>12:29
ajmitchhelmut: the maintainer change is being done when packages are rebuilt, I believe12:29
helmutCould you somehow take care of the package either being removed or the maintainer address being changed? I don't care what happens as long I don't get requests to fix bugs in a package I don't maintain.12:30
helmut(Indeed I don't really have a problem with maintaining packages for ubuntu, too. I do have a problem with not beeing asked to do that though.)12:31
NafalloI can understand that12:31
=== Nafallo files a bug against slate
helmutWhy not send a polite mail to maintainers asking them to maintain their packages for ubuntu, too?12:34
crimsunNafallo: have you already filed? I was just about to press Submit.12:34
Nafallocrimsun: yepp12:34
helmutYeah that "floods" too, but the maintainer can then decide if he or she really wants to do that.12:34
Nafallohelmut: sure, but we currently import source from Debian and builds it. then we have the Masters of the Universe who cares for the bugs, so you shouldn't have to maintain it if you don't want to.12:35
=== helmut forgot to check the yacy packages for some sponsored maintainer. :-/
=== helmut 'll do that tomorrow. ;-)
helmutThanks for you support and good bye.12:37
Nafallohelmut: bye, nice talking to you :-)12:37
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UbugtuNew bug: #67640 in malone "Bug report form doesn't say anything about supported markup." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6764012:45
UbugtuNew bug: #67646 in launchpad "+editwikinames doesn't support MediaWiki" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6764601:05
UbugtuNew bug: #67653 in malone "Product for linking to upstream bug trackers doesn't know about all of universe." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6765301:30
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Nick_HillThere seems to be a problem with identifying the right product on Launchpad. This led me up the garden path, until a far more knowledgeable person on #ubuntu+1 put me right.02:55
Nick_Hillgo to www.launchpad.net. Type in name of Ubuntu package (eg sane). Click on sane-backends. See only one bug for sane-backends. try to submit a bug for sane-backends on edgy. Then I get message:  sane-backends does not use Malone as its bug tracker02:57
Nick_HillI feel the path I took is the obvious path for anyone to take, but it led me completely the wrong way.02:57
Nick_HillI have spent 3 hours trying to isolate and create a decent bug report for the failing scanner in Edgy. If it were not for the help I received in using Launchpad, the bug would go un-filed.02:58
Nick_HillI believe many users (possibly most) who search for a package on Launchpad will expect it to direct them to the Ubuntu package bug page. I feel Ubuntu will benefit if that is the case. Else, mirror the bugs for Ubuntu, and only Ubuntu at a web address such as bugs.ubuntu.com and direct peope searching for Ubuntu packages there.03:54
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SteveAgood morning08:35
mpthi SteveA 08:35
SteveAmpt: I think we should write a page like the ui-1.0 template report08:44
SteveAbut add to that whether it has help in it08:44
SteveAwhat do you think?08:44
SteveAmaybe even use the same page08:44
mptSteveA, just what I was going to suggest08:44
mptanother column on that page08:44
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=== carlos [n=carlos@75.Red-88-0-156.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
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=== mdke [n=matt@ubuntu/member/mdke] has joined #launchpad
SteveAmpt: call in about 55 mins09:03
mptSteveA, page layout improvements in 2006-08-ui09:07
mptShould I land these on ui-one-zero?09:07
mptor can you pull them straight from there to the brilliant server?09:07
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #launchpad
jameshthey've banned import of Vegemite into the U.S.09:35
SteveAmpt: I can do either09:35
SteveAmpt: do land stuff on ui-one-zero09:35
SteveAbut I'll pull from your branch directly too09:36
=== matthewrevell [n=matthew@82-37-194-190.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
SteveAmpt: ping09:50
mptSteveA, pong09:52
=== stub [n=stub@carl-sgc-sg-1.inter-touch.net] has joined #launchpad
stubjamesh: Any reason not to turn on product-release-finder.py in production? Mark and Robert say 'doit' but I'm doing a paranoia check10:10
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #launchpad
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mptjamesh, time for the Marmite fans to gloat10:19
jameshstub: I think it would be safe to turn on.  A while back I asked you to try a run on staging as a sanity check.  Did that get done?10:22
=== Spads [n=spacehob@] has joined #launchpad
jameshmpt: apparently Vegemite was banned because it contains folate.10:22
jameshI wonder if marmite does too?10:22
=== ddaa [n=ddaa@nor75-18-82-241-238-155.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
jameshmpt: http://www.marmite.co.nz/home-page/nutritional-info <- looks like Marmite would be banned under the same rules10:25
jamesh"The bizarre crackdown was prompted because Vegemite contains folate, which in the US can be added only to breads and cereals."10:27
stubAnd vitamin pills I hope.10:28
jameshstub: vitamin pills probably don't count as food10:28
SteveAyou can add them to food10:29
mptThat requires further explanation10:29
mptThe US requires folate to be added to bread10:29
jameshwhat I mean is that the ban of folate probably relates to food products10:29
mptbut that's not a reason to prohibit it from other foods10:29
SteveAUS food inspectors are obviously feeling left out10:29
SteveAtheir buddies in other departments are cracking down on terrorists10:30
SteveAso, they need to start a war on vegemite10:30
stubSo they should make vegemite using bread as an ingredient - just bread with an exceptionally high concentration of folate10:30
SteveAthey'd have to use american bread10:30
SteveAnowhere else adds folate to bread by law10:30
SteveAanyway, just change the ingredients list from "folate" to "felate" and tell them it's an australian thing10:31
mpt"... most North and South American countries now fortify their flour, along with a number of Middle Eastern countries and Indonesia. Mongolia and a number of ex-Soviet republics are amongst those having widespread voluntary fortification; about five more countries (including Morocco, the first African country) have agreed but not yet implemented fortification. Previously, the UK had decided not to fortify, mainly because of the vitamin B110:31
mpt2 concern. However, this decision is currently being reconsidered by the Food Standards Agency."10:31
SteveAthe overall reason is, the governments of these countries thing their population is not capable of eating properly10:32
jameshSteveA: well, in a lot of cases they're right ...10:33
SteveAwell, of course if the government steps in and takes that responsibility10:33
mptIt appears to be a hoax10:35
=== jinty [n=jinty@127.Red-83-50-221.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
SteveAeven better10:40
jordigood morning10:49
jordicarlos: can you assign "tonyyarusso" to the "oj" language in Ubuntu translators?10:49
carlosjordi: please, could you answer the Punjabi email?10:50
SteveAmatthewrevell: hi10:53
matthewrevellSteveA: Hello10:53
carlosjordi: thanks10:54
jordicarlos: I was talking to bubulle10:55
carlosoh, ok10:56
jordicarlos: and we might end up getting to the point that the only exit is pa_IN and pa_PK10:56
jordiwhich sucks10:56
jordior at least pa and pa@arabic or whatever10:56
carlosI thought you were going to do it by email ;-)10:56
jordibut it's difficult to decide which10:56
jordicarlos: well we had a irc chat so I raised the issue :)10:56
carloswill pa only used in India?10:56
carloswill pa@arabic be used only in Pakistan?10:57
carlosif the answer is 'yes', pa_IN and pa_PK10:57
carlosif the answer is no, pa and pa@arabic10:57
carlosam I missing anything?10:57
carlosalso, pa and pa@arabic would be much more easy to implement10:57
carlosbecause current translations under 'pa' don't need any change in GNOME, KDE and others10:58
carlosjordi: Ojibwa team exists now10:59
jordicarlos: great11:00
jordiI don't know how acceptable pa and pa@arabic is11:00
jordiie, is it just the script?11:00
jordior is it very different?11:00
jordisr/sr@Latn vs. zh_CN/zh_TW11:01
carlosthey should know it...11:02
jordicarlos: ross is asking ame about https://launchpad.net/people/vcs-imports/+branch/evolution-data-server/main11:06
jordiwhy is the bazaar branch not updating?11:06
carlosjordi: ddaa is your man11:06
carlosI don't see anything wrong at: https://launchpad.net/products/evolution-data-server/main11:08
ddaacarlos: yeah11:08
ddaathere's no useful feedback system for users atm11:08
ddaait's not very easy to fix11:08
ddaacarlos: RuntimeError: CVS repository location has changed11:09
carlosjordi: ^^^11:09
ddaaplease have an email sent to me with the new cvs location11:09
jordiI wonder what the new location is11:09
carlosdid it change?11:09
ddaait appears to be an internal cscvs error11:10
UbugtuNew bug: #67706 in launchpad "Can't select text from portlets on person pages using IE" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6770611:10
jordithat cvs url looks good to me11:10
ddaajordi: I'll try to look at it today11:10
carlosperhaps you got a broken cvs mirror....11:10
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #launchpad
ddaaapparently the error is that the cscvs cache and the cvs checkout disagree about the location of the repo11:11
jordiok, the url is correct11:12
ddaaso I need to dig into the system to figure out wtf is going on11:12
ddaacscvs does not support things like changes of the module location in the repo11:12
ddaaI guess that's what this error is about11:13
=== zwnj [n=zwnj@] has joined #launchpad
ddaajordi: I'll look at that this afternoon. I have a meeting in less than one hour.11:16
jordiddaa: okay11:18
=== danilos [n=danilo@cable-89-216-150-179.dynamic.sbb.co.yu] has joined #launchpad
jordioi danilos 11:23
daniloshi jordi11:23
=== malcc [n=malcolm@host86-135-237-55.range86-135.btcentralplus.com] has joined #launchpad
carlosdanilos: hey dude!11:25
daniloshey carlos11:25
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=== poolie [n=mbp@carl-sgc-sg-1.inter-touch.net] has joined #launchpad
SteveAjordi: ping11:53
SteveApoolie: hi, how's the release going?11:53
pooliehi SteveA11:53
pooliesince it's 4am in chicago it probably hasn't started yet11:53
SteveAok, I'll keep the champaigne cooling for now.11:54
pooliehow's holland?11:54
pooliewhich city are you in again?11:54
ddaathe standard answer to that is "flat"11:54
ddaain the same way that the standard answer to "how's england" is "wet"11:55
poolieso is singapore11:55
poolieflat and smokey11:55
SteveAtoday, I'm in rotterdam11:56
ddaathere are only two things that stick out in holland: windmills and footballers11:56
SteveAfrom the start of next month, I'll be in amsterdam11:56
SteveAgoedemorgen ddaa11:56
ddaaSteveA: hello, meeting time?11:57
SteveAalready?  wow, it's all go this morning11:57
poolieddaa: we're in a meeting here, we should maybe skip?12:02
jordiSteveA: hello12:25
SteveAhi jordi 12:25
UbugtuNew bug: #67719 in malone "Bugzilla bug syncing stuffed" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6771912:40
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salgadois staging down?01:19
carlosseems like that01:23
=== carlos fixes it
salgadothanks carlos 01:25
=== zwnj [n=zwnj@] has joined #launchpad
=== matthewrevell [n=matthew@82-37-194-190.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
carlossalgado: fixed01:38
=== pirast [n=martin@p508B2902.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #launchpad
pirastwill the malone email interface support attachments?01:55
=== mdz [n=mdz@] has joined #launchpad
BjornTpirast: yes it will. i'm not sure when it will be implemented, though, there's quite a lot of functionality waiting to be implemented.01:57
pirastBjornT, thanks01:57
pirastbtw, I always sign my mails..01:57
pirastbut, is it correct that it is not needed in order to use the e-mail interface?01:58
pirastand it is a little bit annoying to see the signature always on launchpad.net01:58
BjornTpirast: it's needed if you want to change something, for example change the status or assignee.01:59
BjornTit's not needed for adding comments to bugs.01:59
pirastBjornT, k..01:59
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salgadospiv, around?02:16
jameshPQM is hosed02:19
jameshvery fragile test in zope too, by the look of it02:21
SteveAin what sense is PQM hosed?02:23
SteveAin that zope tests are always failing, so preventing merges?02:23
=== carlos -> lunch
jameshSteveA: it looks like one particular test has hung02:35
jameshSteveA: it tried to set up a web server on a particular port, which failed and I guess it is still trying to connect to that port02:36
jameshthe test would be more robust if it tried to bind to None, and then used whatever port got assigned to it02:37
jameshI guess PQM will eventually kill the test suite when it times out though.02:39
SteveAI wonder why this has changed just now02:41
=== j-a-meinel [n=j-a-mein@adsl-67-37-237-79.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #launchpad
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SteveAjamesh: what zope test is it?03:01
SteveAthat's even deprecated code!03:02
salgadohas stub been around today?03:07
SteveAsomeone register this in the spec tracker: http://www.gnome.org/~michael/print-button-spec.png03:08
SteveAsalgado: he's been in meatspace meetings in singapore today03:08
salgadoSteveA, ah, thanks. will email him03:09
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j-a-meineljamesh: It looks like pqm is stuck on one of your merge requests. Do you have any way of checking more closely?03:57
=== j-a-meinel [n=j-a-mein@adsl-67-37-237-79.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has left #launchpad []
=== j-a-meinel [n=j-a-mein@adsl-67-37-237-79.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #launchpad
jameshj-a-meinel: I was hoping it would clear itself when the test runner failed to generate more output -- I guess we should get the admins to reset it03:58
j-a-meinelOther than lifeless, who can you ask to do that?03:58
=== zwnj [n=zwnj@] has joined #launchpad
jameshstub (who is in the same timezone as lifeless right now) or the admins03:59
j-a-meinelstub is in Singapore?03:59
jameshj-a-meinel: Spads killed the zope test suite, which should clear up that job04:06
j-a-meinelthanks, it looks like it is on to the next test.04:10
j-a-meinelAlso, has anyone commented about having a "Project Admin" role. Which could mark branches as merged, etc, even though they aren't the owner?04:10
j-a-meinelI can look in the launchpad tracker, but figured I should start a discussion here first.04:11
jameshj-a-meinel: we've got a "landing_target" field for branch records that isn't currently exposed04:11
jameshj-a-meinel: and lifeless has a spec for including information about a branch's complete ancestry in the database04:12
jameshtogether they'd make it possible to quickly answer the question of whether a branch has been fully merged into its target04:12
j-a-meinelWhich would be nicer than doing it manually, but it also seems like there are cases where you need to whack people's branches into submission, even when the person cannot be contacted.04:13
=== zwnj [n=zwnj@] has joined #launchpad
j-a-meinelThough I guess that could just be a db-admin request.04:13
jameshpeople on the Launchpad Admins team would have permission.  We don't currently give product owners any extra permissions over other people's branches though04:14
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ddaajordi: evolution-data-server had an interesting bustage04:57
ddaaI think the import has been broken ever since it was first published04:57
=== nmsa [n=se@] has joined #launchpad
carlosddaa: yeah, its last commit is quite old...04:59
ddaaactually, the import was done from a tarball04:59
ddaaof the cvs repo05:00
ddaaand the location of that tarball got recorded in the cache05:00
ddaaimport-from-cvs-tarball has been deprecated for months05:00
ddaaso I did what I could to unbust it, but it's likely to need a new import from scratch05:01
ddaaokay, that's funky05:01
ddaait causes the cvs log parser to blow up05:01
jameshe-d-s is likely to have a fair bit of CVS surgery in its history05:06
jameshgiven that most of the code began in the evolution module05:06
ddaait's blowing on some inconsistency about "branches" lines not reflecting the revision numbers found in log05:07
ddaait might be that the import-from-tarball was busted in some way that made that problem ignored, or it might that some later surgery is causing the problem05:07
ddaaI'm not sure that clearing the import and redoing from scratch would help05:08
jordijamesh: wasn't it injected from the ximian cvs as well?05:14
jordiI see I've found a bad bitch here :)05:14
carlosjordi: yep05:14
ddaajordi: does that mean there was some serious cvs surgery in the past couple of years?05:15
jordiit's possible, as jamesh said05:15
jordiI'm not sure tho05:15
ddaaThe import was done using gnome cvs tarballs made by jdub waaaaay back05:15
ddaalatest actual commit there is 2004-04-0705:17
ddaamh... it probably needs a fresh import anyway05:18
=== ddaa goes out and decomissions the import using his superpowers
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jbaileyI'm trying to link a bug in Ubuntu to a bug in Debian, but it's claiming that the source package "linux-2.6" is invalid.06:00
jbaileyIs there something magic that I have to tweak for that?06:00
LarstiQyou should be able to paste the full url?06:00
jbaileyInto the source package name?06:01
jbaileyOr do you mean https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.17/+bug/67773/+distrotask ?06:01
UbugtuMalone bug 67773 in linux-source-2.6.17 "msync() in recent kernels fails LSB" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  06:01
LarstiQwhen linking up the bug06:01
jbaileyI've selected the distribution.  I've put linux-2.6 in the Source PAckage Name, and http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=394392 in the URL06:02
UbugtuDebian bug 394392 in linux-image-2.6.17-2-686 "msync() in recent kernels fails LSB" [Important,Open]  06:02
jbaileyIt's claiming that "linux-2.6" is an invalid value in the source package name.06:02
LarstiQwhat happens if you leave the package name out entirely?06:02
jbaileyThat seems to work.06:03
BjornTjbailey: i guess linux-2.6 doesn't exist in Ubuntu? in that case we probably need to import that from Debian somehow. could you please file a bug about it?06:05
jbaileyBjornT: Correct, it doesn't.06:05
ddaajordi: I set up e-d-s to do an import from scratch06:06
ddaamight or might not work...06:07
ddaaduh... dtv is so crack06:08
ddaasvn co does not actually work on their repo!06:08
jameshit'd be nice if having two batteries didn't mean your laptop shut itself down automatically twice while they're discharging ...06:08
LarstiQjamesh: heh06:09
jbaileyBjornT: Thanks, done.06:09
ddaaLarstiQ: participatoryculture stuff06:09
LarstiQddaa: democracyplayerish?06:10
jameshLarstiQ: bug 60442: Ubuntu does an automatic shutdown when the extra battery discharges (even though I've got 4 hours left on the main battery)06:10
UbugtuMalone bug 60442 in gnome-power "Dual / Two Batteries, shutdown on empty expansion battery. (GPM does not recognises second battery on hotplug)" [Unknown,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6044206:10
ddaatheir repo appears to carry a ton of shit like a whole libboost...06:10
ddaaLarstiQ: yeah06:10
LarstiQI'd wager.06:10
=== LarstiQ mehs at useless mono backtraces
jordiddaa: heh yeah06:10
ddaaand an actual CVS directory at the top06:10
jordievo was a pile of shit at some point06:11
ddaa(maybe deeper as well)06:11
ddaajordi: "at some point"?06:11
jordithey had a CVS directory?06:11
jordioh, it is now?06:11
ddaaI'm talking about dtv06:11
ddaajordi: but well, evo is a nice calendaring app06:12
ddaait would be real cool if they actually had a mail client that did not crash 2 or 3 times a day06:12
jordievo's getting nice lately06:12
jordiwhen they stopped adding a ton of features, all of them crashy06:12
ddaaand if it did not send my workstation to swap death when trying to move a few thousand emails across boxes on my local imap server06:13
ddaaand if it did not have the habit of having its own medata _outside_ of the imap boxes06:13
ddaaand if it was actually responsive06:14
jordii dunno what's with that imap implementation06:15
jordibut it's terrible06:16
UbugtuNew bug: #67777 in launchpad "Cannot link bug to source package "linux-2.6" in Debian" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6777706:16
jbaileyevolution is *wonderfully* responsive on a dual 2.5ghz PPC64 box with 6GB of memory ;)06:20
ddaajbailey: do you realise that by running evo on that system you are noticeably accelerating the heat death of the universe?06:21
jbaileyYou know what they say, "You can't take it with you"...06:22
jbaileyBut why should I leave anything else behind for anyone else? ;)06:22
jbaileyddaa: And frankly, I suspect that I'm accelerating it less than on a lesser system.  I'm be surprised if entropy created from just running the machine was greater than the entropy created by the harddrive swapping and swapping and swapping...06:24
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
ddaaactually evolution runs on little quantum gnomes that eat the substance of spacetime. By running it on a faster system, you are giving the evil little gnomes more power to achieve their nefarious plans.06:25
ddaaActual physical entropy is negligible compared to that.06:26
=== lbm [n=lbm@] has joined #launchpad
BjornTkiko: ping?06:35
=== khext [n=khext@saruman.cmc.msu.ru] has joined #launchpad
khextwhere i should write, if i'd like to merge my launchpad accounts?06:38
salgadokhext, if you have access to the email addresses of both accounts you can use https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge06:42
khextno, the problem is that i don't have access to my old address(06:43
khextsaldago, i've read the instruction... there is: "contact launchpad support team" in this case06:44
salgadoah, right06:44
salgadoSteveA, can you merge khext accounts?06:45
SteveAkhext: hi06:46
khextSteveA: hi06:46
SteveAlet's talk about merging your accounts.  I'll send you a privmsg.06:46
=== daq4th [n=darkness@netstation-005.cafe.zSeries.org] has joined #launchpad
ddaathere's an actual "HEAD" branch in the evolution-data-server repo06:49
=== rraphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
carlosddaa: isn't that the default one for cvs ?06:50
ddaaHEAD is not a branch06:50
ddaait's a "magic tag" that points to the tip of the MAIN branch06:51
ddaaand that also honors default versions06:51
ddaawell, except in e-d-s...06:51
ddaaI do not really understand it myself06:52
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=== BaKKaR [n=BikOS@] has joined #launchpad
BaKKaRany launchpad admin in here please ?07:01
=== BaKKaR seeks some help.
SteveABaKKaR: hi.  What's up?07:08
=== ajmitch [n=ajmitch@ubuntu/member/ajmitch] has joined #launchpad
BaKKaRhallo SteveA 07:09
BaKKaRi am just stuck07:09
BaKKaRforgot my Launchpad e-mail07:09
SteveAyou mean, you can't log in?07:09
SteveAdo you know what username you used?07:10
SteveAwhat is it?07:10
BaKKaRmy wiki name wbakkar07:10
BaKKaR"Waleed Bakkar"07:10
SteveAthat is your page07:10
BaKKaRit's looking07:11
SteveAso, there is an email address on that account07:11
SteveAbut it is listed as private07:11
SteveAso, I, as a launchpad administrator, can see it07:11
BaKKaRthat is my page07:12
SteveAbut I'm not going to just say what it is, because the email address is private07:12
SteveAlet's talk in a privmsg, and see what we can work out07:12
BaKKaRif there is "actually " an e-mail there07:12
BaKKaRwould u please to send me a reset07:12
BaKKaRi am trying to look it up in 7 accounts for 2 days now :)07:12
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=== merriam [n=merriam@84-12-201-7.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
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UbugtuNew bug: #67790 in soyuz "non-release pockets should be available before release" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6779007:35
=== BaKKaR problem solved. Thanks to SteveA !
SteveAcarlos: ping07:37
carlosSteveA: pong07:37
SteveAplease see the question from Ng in the canonical channel07:37
carlosdone, thanks07:38
UbugtuNew bug: #67797 in launchpad "I do not want to receive other e-mail in spitha@hypersystems.gr" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6779707:50
SteveAhi again BaKKaR 08:09
BaKKaRto sign the Key of conduct, I have recived an e-mail to confirm my gpg key, how can i decrypt it pls08:09
SteveAthe code of conduct08:09
BaKKaR*code of conduct08:09
SteveAthat all depends how you send email08:09
BaKKaRLaunchpad sent me the e-mail to confirm my gpg key08:10
SteveAif your email program doesn't do it for you, you'll want to put the raw text of the email into a file on your disk08:10
SteveAand then decrypt it with   gpg -d filename08:10
BaKKaRdone that sir08:10
SteveAI use thunderbird for email08:10
SteveAand it has an integration with gpg08:10
BaKKaRi tryed gpg --decrypt .. from the man pages08:10
BaKKaRand it told me that secret key not avliable08:11
BaKKaRdidn't see in the man options secret keys strings08:11
SteveAperhaps you didn't upload the right key to launchpad?08:13
BaKKaRi did gpg --fingerprint08:17
BaKKaRthe output was filled in launchpad08:17
SteveAand you did gpg --send-key first?08:19
SteveAI guess you must have08:20
SteveAfor launchpad to send you that encrypted email08:20
SteveAdid you create the gpg key just for launchpad, or did you use it before?08:24
BaKKaRyes sir08:24
BaKKaRjust for launchpad08:24
SteveAok, then we need to check you can actually use your gpg keys normally first08:25
SteveAand then we'll check that you can use it via launchpad08:25
SteveAso, let's start by going to a new directory for experimenting with this stuff08:26
SteveAcd /tmp/08:26
SteveAmkdir /tmp/gpgtest08:26
SteveAcd gpgtest08:26
BaKKaRall done Mr.Steve08:27
SteveAnext, make a small file that we can try encrypting and decrypting08:27
SteveAecho "hello, a test" > test.txt 08:27
BaKKaRby touch ?08:27
SteveAthen, to check: cat test.txt08:27
SteveA(sorry if this is all very basic, just want to make sure we're doing the same things)08:28
BaKKaRi am lovin it08:28
SteveAnext, encrypt it: gpg -ea test.txt08:28
BaKKaRactually i am embrrassed that i am over using ur time08:28
SteveAit might ask you what key to use, and will ask you for your passphrase08:28
BaKKaRit says ..08:29
BaKKaRenter user id empty with end file08:29
SteveAso, type in the email address you used for your gpg id when you created the key08:30
SteveAthen press enter08:30
BaKKaRit has listed my gpg key as" currunt recpints"08:30
SteveAthen press enter again08:30
SteveAyou're writing an encrypted message to yourself08:30
BaKKaRshould i cat it now ?08:31
SteveAdo ls08:31
SteveA you will have a new file, test.txt.asc08:31
BaKKaRsaw it now08:31
SteveAthat's what the "-a" bit in "gpg -ea" means08:31
SteveAe for encrypt08:31
SteveAa for in an ascii format, not binary08:31
SteveAyou can do: cat test.txt.asc08:31
BaKKaRshould be used with text files then, no ?08:32
SteveAand you'll see some stuff a bit like what the email from launchpad looked like08:32
BaKKaRexactelly  i see it now encrypted08:32
SteveAit means that the output -- the encrypted message -- is in ascii08:32
SteveAthe input can be anything08:32
BaKKaRall till now seems on track08:32
SteveAif you didn't use -ea but just used -e08:32
SteveAit would look horrible and might cause problems in your terminal if you did cat on it08:33
BaKKaRthanks for the tip08:33
SteveAbecause it would be a binary file08:33
SteveAok, next, we try to decrypt it08:33
SteveAgpg -d test.txt.asc08:33
SteveAwhat happened?08:34
BaKKaRit echoed to my terminal the original text08:34
BaKKaRi think that is the decryption.08:35
SteveAok, that's good08:37
SteveAso, that means your gpg key works08:37
=== jinty [n=jinty@127.Red-83-50-221.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
SteveAso, do gpg --fingerprint your@email.for.gpg08:37
SteveAlike, the email address you used in the test above08:37
SteveAis that the same fingerprint as you added to launchpad?08:37
SteveAso, I think you added the wrong fingerprint to launchpad08:38
SteveAmaybe for a different key08:38
SteveAso, try adding that fingerprint, and getting a new email08:39
BaKKaRjust pls give me sec.s to double check08:39
SteveAand see if you can decrypt the new email08:39
BaKKaRworked now08:41
BaKKaR"The key 1024D/7A36BA23 was successfully validated. "08:42
BaKKaRi shouldn't post that, no ?08:42
SteveAdoesn't matter08:44
SteveAit's public information08:45
SteveAjust, keep your private key private08:45
SteveAif it doesn't end with .pub, keep it private08:45
BaKKaRthank you alot SteveA 08:48
BaKKaRhow can I ever repay you ?08:48
=== BaKKaR hands you a cigarate.
BaKKaRI am now an Ubuntero :)08:49
SteveAcool.  you've promised not to be crass to people on irc and mailing lists, and to work for the good of the community.08:50
BaKKaRnever was even b4 that. So I signed that with no prob.s08:51
BaKKaRbut when I reinstall Ubuntu incase something went wrong ..my gpg key is gone ?08:51
SteveAthat depends08:53
BaKKaRcan you refare me to any link08:54
SteveAit's a good idea to put your gpg key -- both private and public parts, somewhere safe as a backup.08:54
BaKKaRi am really over useing your generousity here08:54
SteveAbut somewhere that they won't be found for example by crackers08:54
BaKKaRlike my mail box ?08:54
SteveAI don't know what you mean by that08:54
=== coreymon77 [n=coreymon@unaffiliated/coreymon77] has joined #launchpad
BaKKaRthe mail box that i should not forget :)08:55
SteveAsomewhere not on a server08:55
BaKKaRmy e-mail inbox08:55
BaKKaRi see08:55
SteveAlike, I keep mine on a USB key08:55
BaKKaRi can have it on my phone memory as well08:55
coreymon77can someone help me with registering an openpgp key?08:55
BaKKaRSteveA, 08:55
BaKKaRcan i take this one ?08:55
SteveAyou can maybe write them onto a CD, and put the CD somewhere secret08:55
SteveAsure, go ahead08:56
BaKKaRcoreymon77, you need to make a gpg key ?08:56
coreymon77i have on08:56
coreymon77eand launchpad sent me a gibberish email08:56
coreymon77and said i had to decrypt it08:56
coreymon77but i dont knwo how08:56
BaKKaRlet's make sure first that your gpg key is working , ok ?08:56
BaKKaRpls ...08:57
BaKKaRdo : cd /tmp08:57
BaKKaRand then make a new dir08:57
coreymon77im using kubuntu08:57
BaKKaRit's still the same :)08:57
BaKKaRgo to /tmp08:57
coreymon77do i need root for this?08:57
BaKKaRthen make a directory .. mkdir /tmp/gpgtest08:58
BaKKaRno, you dont08:58
=== carlos -> gym
BaKKaRnow we are going to creat a file and encrypt it ...08:58
BaKKaRin your terminal do ...08:58
coreymon77can i do this graphically08:58
BaKKaRecho "This is my msg" > test.txt08:59
BaKKaRhow hard is that ?08:59
BaKKaRnow we will encrypt it useing your gpg key08:59
BaKKaRgpg -ae test.txt09:00
BaKKaRthe -e is for encryption09:00
BaKKaR-a will make your encrypted text be in ASCII format. so it will look more friendly on your terminal09:00
coreymon77Enter the user ID.  End with an empty line: 09:00
BaKKaRtype here the e-mail you used for your gpg key09:01
coreymon77you mean09:01
coreymon77in my terminal09:01
coreymon77or in the channel09:01
BaKKaRin your terminal , right next to the gpg ID request09:02
=== The_Ace [n=erik@213-65-146-76-no38.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #launchpad
=== lucasvo [n=lucasvo@wservices.ch] has joined #launchpad
BaKKaRso you can tell the gpg program which key you want to use09:02
lucasvois there something an equivalent to Ubuntu Summit for LP?09:02
BaKKaRam not sure.09:02
SteveAlucasvo: not really.  there are some launchpad people at UDS.09:03
coreymon77i think this is a different key from the one i have before09:03
BaKKaRyou might want to use the same key you will sign the COC with09:03
coreymon77the thing before the / had an A at the end09:03
BaKKaRi beg you pardon ?09:04
BaKKaRwhat thing09:04
coreymon77you know how its 4 numbers and a letter and then a / and then a bunch more numbers and letters09:05
lucasvocoreymon77: after the slash is the number09:05
BaKKaRit actually listed the key you just entered it's ID i think09:05
coreymon77the letter right before the slash from what i can remember was an A before09:05
lucasvosub   2048g/1EAA169E 2005-06-27 [expires: 2007-06-27] 09:05
BaKKaRthat would be the key you have selected09:06
coreymon77its not now09:06
BaKKaRif you don't want to enter another one "Hit enter"09:06
BaKKaRHit Enter for now09:06
coreymon77i know what happened09:06
coreymon77the generate gpg key thing froze the first time i did it09:07
BaKKaRok, wanna try again to encrypt your test file ?09:07
coreymon77so i cntrl+c'ed it and did it again09:07
BaKKaROh, Ic09:07
coreymon77apparently it created a key09:07
coreymon77so i think i have 2 now09:07
coreymon77and it was the second one that i submitted the fingerprint fot09:08
BaKKaRwrite in the e-mail for the one you want to use09:08
coreymon77they are both on the same email09:08
BaKKaRthe secoond one then09:08
coreymon77what do you mean09:08
coreymon77they are both connected to the same email09:08
BaKKaRactully Launchpad sends you an email for evey fingerprint you submit09:08
coreymon77i only sent one fingerprint09:09
lucasvoSteveA: are there any guidelines for LP UI?09:09
coreymon77the second one09:09
BaKKaRok then09:09
BaKKaRnow use the second one09:09
lucasvoSteveA: the current UI is horribly inconsistent09:09
BaKKaRwe will give it a try09:09
SteveAlucasvo: that's a tricky question, because there's a lot of work going on right now on a whole new UI09:09
lucasvoSteveA: I just stumbled across a new example.09:10
coreymon77wait a sec09:10
SteveAfar cleaner and more consistent and more modern09:10
coreymon77lets restart09:10
coreymon77how do i get a fingerprint for the firstone?09:10
BaKKaRgpg --fingerprint your@email.adress09:10
lucasvoSteveA: the page lp.net/people/team/+branch/product/branch09:10
SteveAlucasvo: but, you can always submit a bug (if it hasn't been reported before) if you find things that are inconsistent or confusing09:10
lucasvoSteveA: well, I'd like to check first if it is according to the guidelines and if it is supposed to change...09:11
lucasvoSteveA: especially the different usage of portlets09:11
SteveAthe current UI... well, don't worry about guidelines there.  just report what you feel needs fixing.09:11
coreymon77there are two that it gives me09:11
SteveAbut, we might put the fix into the new UI, because that's where the new work is going09:12
BaKKaRfor the same email adress ?09:12
lucasvoSteveA: I'd rather discuss it somewhere since it affects the whole structure.09:12
coreymon77it gives me two different keys09:12
=== mdke___ [n=matt@85-210-193-14.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #launchpad
lucasvoSteveA: is there a ML?09:12
coreymon77its must have not frozen09:12
SteveAlucasvo: launchpad-users.  look in the channel topic.09:12
coreymon77i only thought it did09:12
SteveAyou can discuss there09:12
coreymon77and by that time it had already generated a key09:13
coreymon77so when i ran it the second time09:13
coreymon77it made a second key09:13
BaKKaRSteveA, is this possible. Two fingerprints for the same e-mail adress ?09:13
lucasvoBaKKaR: yes it is09:14
BaKKaRcoreymon77, they have the same keypass ?09:15
coreymon77you mean the thing beside pup09:15
coreymon77or the same password09:15
BaKKaRno I mean when you created your gpg key you had to choose a passkey, right ?09:15
coreymon77they are the same one09:16
coreymon77same password09:16
BaKKaRthen i guess you can go on09:16
BaKKaRencrypting your file.09:16
coreymon77can i get rid of one of the fingerprints to get rid of this confusion?09:17
BaKKaRI would suggest that.09:17
=== BaKKaR ashamed to tell you that he doesn't know how.
BaKKaRcoreymon77, you might want to use gpg --edit Key ID09:19
SteveAgpg --delete-secret-and-public-key fingerprint09:19
SteveAbe careful with that commad09:19
BaKKaRThank you SteveA , life saver09:19
SteveAI looked in "man gpg"09:20
SteveAI didn't know that command before09:20
BaKKaRsame i was doing now09:20
SteveAit's a bit long and technical 09:20
SteveAbut all the info is in there09:20
BaKKaRthere is also now gpg --edit delsig09:21
SteveAthat's to remove a signature09:22
SteveAcoreymon77 asked to remove a fingerprint, by which I think he means to remove a key09:22
coreymon77know what09:23
coreymon77im using the first key09:23
coreymon77i meant remove the entire key09:23
SteveAright.  so, the key is in two parts, public and secret.09:23
SteveAso, you really need to remove both parts.09:23
coreymon77ow do i remove the entire key09:26
coreymon77give me the exact command09:26
coreymon77anyone around?09:28
coreymon77forget about deleting09:29
coreymon77i jusr want to decrypt something09:29
BaKKaR gpg --delete-secret-and-public-key fingerprint09:29
BaKKaRbut he said to be carefull as it might delete it all09:29
coreymon77i want to remove it all09:29
coreymon77i only want one key09:30
BaKKaRok then09:30
BaKKaRgo ahead with that command09:30
=== BaKKaR never used it b4
coreymon77okay done09:32
BaKKaRdo gpg --list09:33
BaKKaRany left ?09:33
coreymon77thats it09:36
coreymon77i removed both keys09:36
=== mdz [n=mdz@george.kkhotels.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
coreymon77and im starting again09:36
coreymon77im goinna be typing alot soon09:36
coreymon77cause it asks you to do that when its generating a key09:36
BaKKaRdo that in your terminal09:37
coreymon77i doesnt work when i do it ina terminal09:37
BaKKaRbelive me it will, I have tried it.09:37
BaKKaRok now encryt our test file09:39
BaKKaRremember ...09:39
BaKKaRgpg -ea test.txt09:39
BaKKaRassuming you still in /tm/gpgtest/09:40
coreymon77i have to get a gibberish email first09:40
BaKKaRdon't you want to try your key first ?09:40
BaKKaRand btw you may call it " encrypted e-mail"09:41
coreymon77it wont let me import the key09:43
coreymon77it wont let me import and ive followed all of the directions09:44
coreymon77oh i think i got something09:45
coreymon77ill call it bleh09:45
coreymon77i got the email09:46
coreymon77and i saved it as bleh09:46
BaKKaRdo you have gpg in your mail client ?09:47
coreymon77my mail client is firefox09:47
coreymon77i just go to gmail.com09:47
coreymon77i saved the email as bleh09:48
BaKKaRok the copy the encrypted msg and save it to a text file09:48
coreymon77i did09:48
BaKKaRand decrypt it with ..09:48
coreymon77i saved it as bleh09:48
BaKKaRgpg -d bleh09:48
coreymon77should i cd to the directory?09:48
coreymon77should i?09:49
BaKKaRcd or write the file full path, up to you09:49
BaKKaRgpg -d /home/use/mail/bleh09:49
coreymon77gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.09:50
coreymon77gpg: decrypt_message failed: eof09:50
The_AceI have a silly question: Are there only special admins on the ubuntu launchpad bugzilla that are allowed to close bugs?09:50
BaKKaRthis is why someone was suggesting the test for me, before.09:50
coreymon77it gave me that error09:51
coreymon77gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.09:51
coreymon77gpg: decrypt_message failed: eof09:51
coreymon77lets test it09:51
BaKKaRhave you saved the whole msg ? or just the algibrish letters ?09:52
coreymon77the wired stuff09:52
BaKKaRno you should save the "whole" email09:52
coreymon77i cant save the whole email09:53
coreymon77i can only copy/paste stuff09:53
BaKKaRcopy and paste ?09:53
BaKKaRok that's all u need09:53
coreymon77do you want the being pgp stuff?09:54
coreymon77cause i have it now09:54
coreymon77now it works09:54
coreymon77it works now09:56
BaKKaRhave you signed the COC yet ?09:56
coreymon77not yet09:56
coreymon77i had to register the key first09:56
coreymon77donwlaod it and then sign it09:57
coreymon77meaning encrypt it with the key?09:57
coreymon77how do i sign it?09:58
BaKKaRyou need to download the COC and save it.09:59
BaKKaRnow gpg --sign (the COC file name)10:01
BaKKaRit will ask you for you keypass10:01
=== Spads [n=spacehob@host-84-9-50-138.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #launchpad
BaKKaRcoreymon77,  did it work with you.10:19
coreymon77look for yourself10:19
coreymon77im an unbuntero now10:19
=== BaKKaR watches you as the mighty Launchpad server looks at you while you are on your one knee. With his deep wise voice saying "Raise as Ubuntero"
BaKKaRcongrats. coreymon77. Now you should be friendly and helpfull on Irc, forums and on the mailing lists.10:21
coreymon77ive been on irc helping for along time before this10:21
BaKKaRthen it's in the right place10:22
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=== BaKKaR brb
=== BaKKaR [n=BikOS@] has joined #launchpad
WebMavenIs anyone here coming to the Plone Conference?11:52
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