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theCoreis there a plan to make the list of the changes between Dapper and Edgy?02:22
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mdke_morning all09:08
pygihey mdke_ 09:10
Madpilothi mdke_ 09:11
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mdke_hi there jono 09:28
Burgundaviajono: !09:28
Burgundaviagood morning09:29
jonohey :)09:29
BurgundaviaUK people means it is time for me to sleep09:29
jonohows things doc heroes?09:29
Burgundaviatalk to you all another time09:29
Burgundaviajono: your boss keeps changing the artwork, nearly fucking the artwork for teh book09:29
mdke_not bad.09:29
=== Burgundavia is unhappy at that
mdke_is there any news on open sourcing the book?09:29
Burgundaviajono: ^09:29
jonomdke_, keep mails debs, but nothing yet09:30
jonowhich is frustrating09:30
jonomdke_, will ping her again and CC youy09:30
mdke_that would be good. 09:30
jonoBurgundavia, yeah, would be nice if art freeze meant what it said :P09:30
jonomdke_, will do that now :)09:30
mdke_we should make book-incorporation one of the main aims for next release09:30
Burgundaviajono: Ubuntu (as a project) has never made an art freeze date09:30
jonoBurgundavia, it has?09:31
mdke_I quite liked the art we had before reverting back to Dapper, tbh. Dunno what all the fuss is about09:31
jonoBurgundavia, there was an art freeze for dapper09:31
mdke_jono: he means "never successfully complied with"09:31
tonyyarussoIs all of the old and rejected artwork available somewhere?09:31
jonooh right :)09:32
jonoI getcha09:32
mdke_tonyyarusso: I think so - you can ask on the art mailing list09:32
jonomdke_, ok mailed, there may be a delay as she has been away due to a family thing09:33
mdke_jono: thanks. Do you know what the delay has been caused by up to now?09:33
jonomdke_, no idea, I am sure its some internal Prentice Hall red tape09:33
jonodebra is pretty punctual, so I doubt its a slackness09:34
Burgundaviajono: artwork has also been the only feature to have ignored their freezes09:34
mdke_I understood that Canonical had the copyright09:34
Burgundaviaso did I09:34
Burgundaviaand the book is technically already under the CC, by the license in the back of the book09:34
Burgundaviawe just want a electronic copy09:34
jonobut PH are the publisher, so there are issues with clearance09:34
jonoBurgundavia, I know, but its still a tricky process for a publisher09:35
Burgundaviaanyway, I truly need to sleep09:35
mdke_Burgundavia: having an open source license without the source is not particularly helpful though09:35
jonoyes, they should have had it online before, but hey, people get busy and rules get made09:35
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LaserJockmdke_: excellent spec :-)11:18
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ray_52g'day all12:07
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altereg0`just a heads up on the front page of yelp: I don't currently have my launchpad details on this install of edgy - but the front page of the help docs has the packaging guide heading in French on an english-au install: viz: "Empaquetage de nouvelles applications pour Ubuntu"05:25
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LaserJockhi mdke 07:11
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mdkeLaserJock: hi08:10
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mdkeLaserJock: which spec is that? the build system one?08:47
Burgworkmdke: do you want to arrange a post-edgy meeting?08:48
LaserJockmdke: yes, the one you emailed about08:49
mdkeBurgwork: sounds like a good idea, except the me arranging it part08:49
Burgworkmdke: why so?08:49
mdkewell, pure laziness reasons. Sure I'll arrange it08:50
LaserJockBurgwork: online or face-to-face?08:50
mdkeI need to spend much of my Ubuntu time on the website though for a bit08:50
BurgworkLaserJock: online08:50
Burgworkdid you and matthew connect on a website plan?08:50
mdkenot yet.08:53
mdkewe've exchanged a few ideas08:53
mdkeI'd really like to merge the wiki and the official docs08:53
Burgworkyes, that would be cool08:57
Burgworkhas that wiki<-->docbook thing been fully baked?08:57
mdkeI don't know. mvirkkil!!08:59
mdkealso, I think the "translation on help.u.c" thing hasn't worked well.08:59
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nixternaltalk about a lazy day10:23
stelisHow so?10:26
stelisI got up early this morning, and am slightly jealous :) 10:27
stelisI've only just been been to get back to Edubuntu documentation, though10:28
stelisHacking on the Help and Support bit10:29
mdkenice to hear some work on edubuntu docs10:30
stelisI've only really just started10:31
stelisBut nixternal and co have got most of the Handbook done already10:32
stelisHopefully when it goes out it will raise awareness a bit10:33
nixternalmy eyes are crossed..i have 10 presentations ( a couple duplicates thank god) to get complete for this week10:35
stelisThe frantic life of a University student :) ?10:36
LaserJocknixternal: you're just getting too old for all this ;-)10:36
nixternali think i am..i have been worn down the past couple of days pretty bad10:36
nixternalwarn down rather10:36
crimsunnow juggle cousins/kids, grants proposals, committee hassles, and ALSA work!10:37
nixternalno thank you..i had the nieces and nephews yesterday..that was enough10:38
mdkeyou can have help.ubuntu.com too10:38
nixternalgive it to me ;)10:38
=== mdke takes it back
stelisThat reminds me... I saw lot of pages marked CategoryCleanup10:39
stelisI was going to update some10:40
Burgworkstelis: then get to work ;)10:40
stelisBut wasn't sure what the criteria was for making a page current if you see what I mean10:40
nixternalya, after edgy is out, im sure we will get back to cleaning up the wiki again10:41
Burgworkthe criteria is that they show instructions for all supported distros10:41
Burgworkthey also need to follow general style guidelines10:41
mdkehaven't we got some instructions hanging around?10:41
Burgworkdevil if I remember now10:42
mdkestelis: look at that, especially "Style"10:42
mdkeobviously in terms of content, the page should be really good too10:42
stelisWhat I wasn't sure of is who makes the call as to when the page is good enough10:42
Burgworkyou do10:42
stelisTo be taken off the hitlist10:43
nixternalafter you edit, just remove the CategoryCleanup from the bottom10:43
stelisThat saves formfilling :)10:43
stelisSure - I've worked on Wikis before10:44
nixternalyes, because I used to email the list all the time with my edits, and burg and mdke responded with "please stop!"10:44
stelisBut each community has it's own rules10:44
nixternalthe Ubuntu Documentation projects number one rule is10:44
nixternalyou don't talk about ubuntu documentation10:44
nixternalyou knew that was coming i bet..no more tv for me10:44
stelisCliches are cliches because they're good10:45
stelisI loved that film10:45
stelisI've been making notes on setting up Vmware, and noticed that the Wiki pages for it need cleanup10:47
stelisIs there a restriction/guideline on third-party apps?10:48
nixternalstelis: heh, you can remove my "VMware" page that i started, as that was my task a few months back, but of course that got side tracked with other work10:48
mdkestelis: that would ROCK - there are a million different VMware pages that need integrating10:49
stelismdke: That's what I noticed10:49
stelisIt needs some tough love to sort out :)10:50
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mdkestelis: yeah10:56
stelisWhich is why I felt I ought to check on the protocol, and not just rewrite a bunch of other people's work and maybe even start sticking in redirects  10:57
mdkethe redirect policy is in WikiGuide there somewhere too, I hope10:58
nixternal#refresh 0 http://external.link10:58
nixternal#redirect WikiPage/SubPage10:59
mdkenot so much how to do it, but when to do it10:59
nixternalahh, yes of course10:59
stelisThere's a short on how but I can't see much about the "when"11:00
stelisBut I'm speed-reading11:00
mdkeyeah, you're right11:01
stelisI think that all that there is on redirects11:01
mdkewe should add some stuff11:04
stelisI probably won't get round to working on this for a week or two, so I'll just ask here if/when redirects become an issue11:05
mdkehmm. The official docs on help.u.c break 500MB. That's gonna take a while to upload11:06
nixternalnah, that is about a 2 hour upload i think for me11:11
mdkeI am on 128kbit upload. We'll see what bzip can do11:13
stelisIt's my day for silly questions...11:26
stelisIs there a DocBook entity for "Debian"11:26
stelisI can't see one in the global.ent11:26
stelisOr generic.ent11:27
mdkestelis: no. Just write Debian11:41
mdkewe have far too many silly entities11:41
nixternalmdke: what should be an entity, and what shouldn't?11:43
nixternalversion numbers?11:43
nixternalhowever, numbers are translatable strings in some languages11:43
stelisThere's entities for the Ubuntu distros, so I wondered if there was one for Debian too11:44
stelisI've seen DocBook where different entity sets go with different translations11:46
nixternalya, kde does it like that11:47
stelisIt's a knotty problem...11:47
mdkenixternal: something that will save you time when typing11:49
nixternalurl's are about the only thing that would save time, as doing 6.10 is quicker than doing &distro-rev;11:49
mdkethings like menu entries, separate files, etc11:51
mdkebut yeah, also things that are easier to change in one file than doing find/replace over loads11:51
=== mdke -> bed

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