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Kamion.wg 2506:53
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:Ubugtu] : Current meeting: Accessibility Team | Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 25 Oct 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 07 Nov 20:00 UTC: Technical Board
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henofrafu: I removed your onboard agenda, point as it's more of a bug report really08:58
henothis meeting is meant to focus on blue-sky new ideas and wishes :)08:59
frafui got it09:00
henoWe'll start in a few minutes09:01
=== Joanie [n=jd@c-24-147-88-22.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
henosome of the usual participants are missing09:01
henoI expect TheMuso is asleep in .au :)09:01
henoWelcome Joanie!09:02
Joaniethanks heno09:02
kristerDon't know if it's ok to introduce oneself yet, but anyways, hi, Krister from Sweden here. Rather new in the a11y team.09:03
henogreat idea :)09:03
henoI'm Henrik Omma, from Norway, Ubuntu Accessibility Coordinator09:03
TheBadgerHere goes then, I'm Mikael also from Sweden, and also quite new.09:04
JoanieJoanie Diggs, USA, volunteer worker bee (delegate to me)09:04
kristerHi my scandinavian brother.:)09:04
henoHi :)09:04
henoHow many people here bare using Edgy now?09:04
frafuFrancesco Fumanti from Luxembourg; rather new to linux09:05
=== gk4_ [i=chatzill@nat/ibm/x-6f79bb7ba9cbdef7] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== gk4_ is now known as gk4
TheBadgerI do09:05
=== Joanie raises her hand
henoI get a feeling that people have been quite early in testing bleeding edge stuff09:05
henoHi gk4, we are doing introductions09:06
kristerI also use Edgy and have done so after a tip from the badger here.09:06
frafui do on my second machine 09:06
hittsjunkI've switched from main stream Debian to Ubuntu in early September.09:06
henoSo today we really just have two rather broad topics09:07
heno#1 is Edgy+1 planning09:07
henonow known as Feisty 09:07
Joaniehehehe Feisty what?09:07
henoFawn :)09:08
Joanielol cool thanks09:08
gk4I'm George Kraft <gk4> from IBM.  I'm working on Linux accessibility for Gnome.09:08
henoOne approach is to look at the wishlist on http://live.gnome.org/Boston2006/AccessibilitySummit09:08
henoand think about which parts of that are realistic in the next 6 months09:09
henoand perhaps 12 months09:09
kristerHow broad a field do we actually cover, i mean is it our goal to make as many programs as possible accessible or just a few main stream ones, like in that other alien operating system ya know?:)09:09
henoThe role of Ubuntu here should be to try to bring together some work that is going on in the community and package it in a useful way09:10
=== cyphase [n=cyphase@ppp-67-119-186-34.dialup.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
henokrister: in our case it's more about making the toolkits and infrastructure accessible and the apps will follow09:11
henoso most GTK stuff works well09:11
henowhile the KDE/QT stuff needs a lift with an AT-SPI implementation09:11
kristerThat's the cool thing with this desktop. Most things seem to work.09:11
henoof course we also need to test individual apps09:12
henoright, but very key things like the browser are lagging a bit09:12
kristerCan i be specific for a moment or is this the wrong forum for it?09:12
henobut great work is being done there09:12
henokrister: go ahead09:13
kristerAny word on a good rather advanced audio editor? and how about ocr programs?09:14
henokrister: I'm not sure if Jokosher is advanced enough09:14
=== cyphase [n=cyphase@ppp-67-119-186-34.dialup.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
henobut is under rapid development09:14
henoand is generally accessible09:14
henothough we should follow it up closely09:15
hittsjunkOcrad and gocr are good enough now for me to use them to read my print mail.09:15
henohittsjunk: and you have them running on Ubuntu?09:15
kristerI've seen a little of Jokosher, and it looks promising but i don't think it's there quite yet, but i could be wrong. I only have an rather old version.09:16
henowould you mind writing a short howto somewhere?09:16
henohittsjunk: ^09:16
henoin the forum, wiki or on the list09:16
hittsjunkI still run them in a gnome terminal, so Windows users won't like my solution.09:16
hittsjunkI feed the output from scanimage to the OCR engines.09:17
kristerThere should be some sort of gui front end for GOcr. Could you please write the solution to the list anyway, Hitsjunk.09:17
henohittsjunk: we should really get that linked up with the scanning app09:17
=== MikePedersen [n=mikep@c-71-202-47-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
JoanieHi Mike09:18
kristerHi Mike09:19
henoOK, so I now have one new spec idea: OCR support :)09:19
kristerAnd support for midi sequenzers like Cakewalk or somesuch...09:19
henoAnyone have an estimate of when Firefox 3 will be somewhat stable?09:20
henokrister: are there any realistic candidates?09:20
henoit would probably need to be GTK, QT or command line09:21
henoWhat about media players, how are we doing there09:21
JoanieIn terms of the list from the Accessibility Summit, if there is any way to look at the sound issues (item 14) that would be great09:21
kristerWhat about Ardour? I looked around for more such things with apt-cache search and found a couple. Perhaps the badger knows something09:21
Joaniequirky sound issues take out screen readers 09:21
hittsjunkReal player is a gtk2 app, so Windows media is the only missing format I know about.09:21
henohittsjunk: have you tried VLC with GTK or mplay (command line)?09:22
MikePedersenI think the real problem with sound cards is the legacy OSS support that often times gets used09:22
=== Adri2000 [n=Adri2000@unaffiliated/adri2000] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
henoJoanie: yep, I think we may be moving to polyaudio or something09:23
Joanievery cool09:23
henoThough I should raise this as an issue with our sound people (if we have any?...) 09:23
JoanieYeah, if that can be prioritized.... 09:24
henoI'll add that to my topic list09:24
Joanieoh shoot, I just realized that I forgot to file on launchpad regarding a sound for the initial live cd screen09:25
=== Joanie slaps forhead
kristerDoes anyone know if there's a sound forge like app for Linux accessible or not. Jokosher is multi-channel, Badger? or anyone09:25
henoMikePedersen: you were at the boston summit right?09:25
Joaniei'll file, but that little change would make a big difference09:25
henowe are looking at http://live.gnome.org/Boston2006/AccessibilitySummit09:25
henoto find implementable items :)09:25
MikePedersenyes I was09:26
henokrister: a good place to ask might be the ubuntu studio team: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=12809:26
MikePedersenWe spent a lot of time talking about accessibility testing09:27
henoOf applications, right. Is that a key bottleneck now?09:27
henoIs the lack of support in application one of the main problems?09:28
kristerHeno, can you please mail that url to me at krister@kristersplace.ws? I'll have to go to windblows to check that out, since i don't entirely trust my dear firefox 3.:-(09:28
henoAnd how much testing can be done manually by the community?09:28
henoas opposed to automated tools, still in development09:29
henokrister: sure09:29
MikePedersenyes, we'd like to get as much automated testing for the infrustructure and the applications as possible09:29
hittsjunkKrysterKryster, I saw an email about a sound editor in Emacs on the debian-accessibility list.  You mi9ght want to check the archives.09:29
kristerOk, i'll first tame Emacs and then i'll definitely check that.<smiles>09:30
henoMikePedersen: how far away is a working automated testing system do you think?09:30
henothat can see widespread use09:31
MikePedersenI don't know yet,  We are looking at dogtail right now09:31
MikePedersenThere is also hope of more colaberation between the dogtail and LDTP guys 09:31
henook. we have some general testing plans as well, but progress seems to have been slow09:32
MikePedersenThere will be a new list starting on gnome.org to discuss this shortly09:32
henoyep, we should encourage that09:32
=== jenda [n=jenda@ubuntu/member/jenda] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
henoanyone have comments about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Specs09:35
henoThat's mainly my list of ideas09:35
henobut other people should add theirs09:35
henoHow important is good access to GDM in real life?09:36
kristerWhat situations are we talking about now, sorry dumb question?09:37
henohow many people use public/shared Ubuntu machines or may do so in the future09:37
henowhere bthat would be important09:37
Burgworkheno: gdm accessibility is key thing09:37
hittsjunkThe gdm sound letting me know I can login is good enough for me.09:37
MikePedersenwe should be getting good aces to GDM with gnome 2.18.  Some of the patches have already been checked in.09:37
henoI guess most people have their home computers set up to ato login09:38
Joanieyep, I think most do09:38
hittsjunknot me09:38
jonsdWhat's a GDM?09:38
MikePedersendidn't know you could do auto-login09:38
Burgworkjonsd: the login manager09:38
henoMikePedersen: good as in not broken or as in Just Works? :)09:38
MikePedersenHopefully, just works09:39
henoAFAIR, the instructions for setting it up are several pages long09:39
kristerI didn't know you could auto-login either...09:39
hittsjunkUntil I can can run gnome apps on another system remotely, gdm isn't much use to me.09:39
henoso we could get that for free09:39
JoanieI'm thinking that needs to be on the wiki 09:39
heno(from gnome)09:39
henoJoanie: yes, there are some useful tips we should collate somewhere09:40
MikePedersenWe'll also get apps that require sudo for free with 2.1809:40
henonot directly documentation, but just useful info09:40
Joanieright, tips and instructions for accomplishing them09:40
kristerWhat i feel would be important, but it's probably worked on already is a good way of making speech and braille follow when you switch to root when doing things with Symaptic or the update manager or such.09:40
henospeaking of documentation :) Burgwork is on the doc team09:41
MikePedersenwe'll get that with gnome 2.18 Krister09:41
=== Burgwork ducks
=== Joanie laughs. I can do some doc work periodically
henoI'm sure there are things we could update there09:41
Joanieburgwork:  you lead the doc team?09:42
henoshould the access team have a documentation coordinator?09:42
BurgworkJoanie: no, mdke does09:42
henoThat can work with the doc team09:42
Joanieoh dunno.  Just wondering if there is one, being one of the new kids on the block09:42
Joaniemdke is for general, or accessibility?09:43
henoand generally make sure we have reasonable docs for the web and the CD09:43
Joaniek ty09:43
henothat does not mean writing all the docs, but coordinating09:44
frafua  coordinator for the doc would be a good idea, as the doc is rather sparsed around 09:44
Joanieyeah, maybe we should have someone coordinating09:44
henoSo do we have volunteers ? ;)09:44
=== Joanie steps back
henofrafu: ?09:45
JoanieI am a volunteer worker bee; not coordinator :)09:45
frafubut it should be someone that already knows what documentation we already have 09:45
henothat rules me out :)09:45
frafuin order to clean it up09:45
henowe are at the start of a cycle now, so there is 4-5 months to get it in shape09:46
=== GNAM [n=GNAM@host199-235.pool8252.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
frafuI am afraid I don't know enough yet 09:46
kristerNot me either.09:47
MikePedersenI'm afraid orca takes all my time.09:47
frafumaybe 2 coordinators, one for the visual impaired and one for the motor impaired09:47
henoWe did have some people volunteering to do doc work on the list09:48
kristerWhat would be the tasks?09:48
henofrafu: I'm not sure a split is a good idea. could cause confusion eventually09:48
henomake a list of the apps and topics that need documentation09:48
henocheck the current status and ask others to help09:49
henothen coordinate with the doc team on what should go into their main documentation09:50
henoand what we should leave in the wiki09:50
frafuwhere would the doc be? (if not in the wiki) 09:51
henoin the help browser on the CD and on help.ubuntu.com09:51
kristerAccompanying the program ass a special a11y readme, perhaps?09:51
=== robitaille [n=daniel@ubuntu/member/robitaille] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
frafuok, for offline use!? 09:52
henothe advantage of adding content to the docteam pool is that it gets translated by many volunteers in rosetta09:52
henofrafu: right09:52
henoor even printing09:53
frafuThen it has to be in a special format? 09:53
henosome of the docteam stuff gets printed as well09:53
henoyes, docbook09:53
henobut the docteam can help transferring it from the bwiki09:53
henothat's their area of expertise09:54
henoit can all be written in the wiki first09:54
frafuIs the docpool anywhere online to see what is already available? 09:54
henofrafu: https://help.ubuntu.com/09:54
MikePedersenAll, I now have to leave for another meeting.  If any questions come op for me, please send me a note at: michael.pedersen@sun.com09:55
Joanietake care Mike09:55
henoMikePedersen: cool, thanks for joining us!09:55
MikePedersenI'l always try to attend.09:56
henoOK so we'll let people chew on the doc coordination a bit09:56
frafubye Mike09:56
=== MikePedersen [n=mikep@c-71-202-47-37.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
henoanother topic is forum coordination09:56
henoto keep an eye on the forums and stay in touch with the forum staff09:57
henoWe are still getting a fair number of off-topic posts in there09:58
heno(about wireless access and such)09:58
henobut I'm not sure it's a big problem09:58
frafuis it not the job of the moderators of each forum? 09:58
henosomeone has to notify them09:59
henothere are only about 20 of them for the whole forums09:59
henoso they cannot watch everything09:59
frafunotify by pm? 10:00
kristerI don't think you can totally avoid such problems with posts drifting off-topic if you don't put up rules that prohibit those posts, and i don't think we want that.10:00
henoanother task there would be to answer simple questions, point to documentation or seek help from the wider community if needed10:00
henofrafu: yes10:00
henokrister: it's not that they drift off topic, they start completely off topic10:01
henothey are about accessing your samba server not accessibility10:01
henoI'm not it's actually a problem though10:02
kristerOk, that sounds like wrong topics there...10:02
frafui know of another board with a notify moderator button; may be it is a good idea to add such a button 10:02
henoI'm more worried about people not getting answers when they ask10:02
henofrafu: that is a good idea, I'll bring it up10:03
kristerOr getting the all too common answer in this world, RTFM. I could maybe try answering simple questions on the list.10:03
frafuthe button should be good visible 10:03
henothe most common example is sound problems10:03
henoor general boot problems10:03
henowhich many forum regular know the answers to10:04
hittsjunkrtfm is the best thing to do when you are new to something.10:04
henobut our community is still a bit small, so we may not10:04
Joanieyeah, but rtfm is not all that friendly or in keeping with the ubuntu philosophy10:04
Joanieif we want more users with disabilities to adopt linux....10:05
henoyeah, it's bad form10:05
frafuand the person does not know what rtfm means;) 10:05
Joanielol true frafu10:05
henothen it's ok :)10:05
Joaniebut when they find out, they are likely to bail10:05
hittsjunkTrue, but I loose patients with people who ask me the same question over and over because they won't read the links I give them.10:05
Joanieradio transmitter frequency modulation, yeah, yeah....10:05
henobut it can be said nicely by providing a link10:05
kristerAnd Kenny, i'll have to say that i consider myself very new to the Linux environment although i've come a long way, and sometimes, i find i don't even know what FM to R in the first place.:)10:05
Joanieagreed hittsjunk10:06
Joanieand agreed krister10:06
henodo others agree that one or two forum coordinators would be useful?10:06
henowho can help new people and forward questions10:07
henoI'm not sure if the mailing lists need the same10:07
henounlikely at this point10:07
TheBadgerThat's a good idea10:07
kristerHitsjunk, i know where you come from, but see it like this, maybe they don't understand what they read and you or i explain things better than a rather dry man page or link.10:08
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hittsjunkMaybe, but the Gnome users guide explains basics better than I could.10:08
kristerI can't argue with you there, because i've only been to the help system.:-)10:09
henoperhaps forum coordination/mentoring should actually be shared between a VI and an MI person?10:09
hittsjunkI don't mind answering questions about I link I tell you to read I just have a problem when people don't read.10:09
frafuvi,  mi? 10:09
henosince personal experience can be important in answering questions10:10
henofrafu: what you mentioned before: visual impairment and motoric impairment10:10
frafuI also answer question when I know what has to be done 10:10
henoof course 'other' people can apply too ;)10:11
henofrafu: do you think it would help in some way to have a coordinator hat?10:11
henosome semi-official role?10:11
frafuI still don't understand exactly what you mean 10:12
frafuif somebody wants to answer in the forum he will do so10:13
henosomeone who checks the forum once a week for unanswered questions and can forward them with some official capacity to other parts of the forum or mailing lists10:13
frafuhe can notify about wrong topics10:13
henoas a forum mentor10:13
henoright, but the forums have 130.000+ members, 99.9% of who don't read the accessibility section10:14
henowhen a question about sound or partitioning show up10:15
frafuokk; are you talking about all the forums  or only the accessibiliy forum10:15
frafu? 10:15
henothat can be linked to a new question in the general section10:15
henoexplaining some of the background, why jumping to the shell might not be a working solution for this person, etc.10:16
frafuif you are talking only of the accessibiliy forum, i can do it 10:16
henoI'm talking about helping out in the access forums, yes10:17
henobut drawing on the resources of the whole community10:17
frafuunfortunately, I don't know much about accessibility except m210:18
henoas someone who has a bit more of an overview than a completely new person10:18
henobut you now know where the general docs are found, how to log in to IRC to ask a question, etc10:19
frafuyes, i do10:19
henoand if you get stuck you can email or ping me on IRC10:19
henoif you don't know the answer you can draw in someone who does10:19
frafui am ready to try and see what I can do 10:20
henofrafu: cool! I'll get you a hat :)10:20
kristerToo bad i can't build Elinks with Ecma script suppoHeno, how about a fedora?:-)10:20
kristerignore the first part of that msg10:21
henono, but seriously I think that other community members will be happy to help with forwarded questions10:21
frafui will do my best 10:21
finalbetaHello, I'm not part of the team, so I hope I'm not invading or in the wrong place. I posted the last idea on this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Ideas/Edgy+1 "Enhance spell checking". Read you where looking for idea's, That one would be immensely handy. being able to switch between languages for spell checking.10:21
frafuyou know already different people i could contact? 10:22
henofrafu: are you happy to look at vision/sound questions as well, or would you like someone to share the job?10:22
henofinalbeta: I agree. do you have an idea of what packages need improving to make that work?10:23
frafuit would be better if someone would share the job, otherwise I will probably only be able to point the person to already existing documentation10:24
finalbetaheno, I think it should be discussed on how it could even be implemented. Like when talking xchat, how do you allow users to switch.10:24
henoany other volunteers to help with the forum mentoring?10:24
heno(we can ask on the forum and lists too)10:24
hittsjunkI can try, but I'm not the most dependable.10:25
henoheh, ok thanks hittsjunk10:25
henothe volume is not too great ATM10:25
henofinalbeta: it would be nice to switch keyboard layouts too10:25
kristerIf the forum involves the mailing list, i can answer simple questions, but don't come to me for answers about programming or emacs, cause i don't know the first thing about them.:-)10:26
henoI keep typing  in the wrong places =10:26
heno:) rather10:26
henokrister: great, thanks. Looks like we have a support team!10:27
kristerThen i'll take care of the mailing list?10:27
henokrister: excellent10:28
finalbetaheno, I agree, but that seems like another issue. Switching of keyboard layouts. Since that is global, and spell-checking supports seems to be something that is handled per application.10:28
henofinalbeta: I wonder if it would be possible for the spellchecker to figure out what language is being used?10:28
kristerHitsjunk, be ready for stupid newbie questions from me.:-)<smiles>10:28
finalbetaheno, MS Word can do it, but I have not yet seen it on a linux program.10:29
hittsjunkNo problem.  I'll also try to answer questions on the list.10:29
hittsjunkRemember, most of my experience in in the console.10:29
henoit can often be useful to copy in other lists, like the general user list or gnome-accessibility10:30
kristerI'm slowly getting used to that evil beast myself, finally.:)10:30
henodepending on the question10:30
finalbetaheno, the problem with spellchecking I think is that every program seems to have it's own way of doing it. Gaim, Openoffice, Totem, Xchat..., how can you enable spellchecking in multiple languages in all those packages in a consistent way.10:31
henothe a-devel list has not seen much use, but it will pick up with the new cycle10:31
finalbeta(Scratch Totem from that list :p )10:31
henofinalbeta: yep, it's a generally useful idea. do you know how to set up a spec?10:32
Burgworkfinalbeta: there was a spec to change that10:32
Burgworkhowever, licensing is an issue10:32
finalbetaBurgwork, yes, with firefox, that spec was to enable one spellchecking lib. But not to enable spellchecking in multiple languages10:33
jonsdA spellchecker ought to be able to recognise which language by looking for the one with fewest errors.  Auto language recognition for TTS would be useful too.  Perhaps a spellchecker could look at the text in order to tell TTS whuch language?10:33
finalbetaOpenoffice or firefox, on of the two needed it's own lib because of licensing. (I vagualy remember reading it)10:33
Burgworkdue to the MPL10:34
frafuis there not already a framework for spellchecking in linux that could be used by the different apps? 10:34
Burgworkthere are a number of libraries that provide that framework10:35
finalbetajonsd, indeed. The spellcheckers throughtout the system should be able to do this for the languages the user enabled language support for.10:35
BurgworkI guess you coudl say that there are multiple10:35
henojonsd: that's s cool idea!10:35
kristerJonst, this provided that there's a tts engine for that language. AFAIK there's only one engine today that support Swedish, for example and that's Festival, and i don't know how good that is.10:35
henoperhaps it should be implemented in the spellcheckers first and then tie the TTS into that10:36
jonsdI'll set up a Sweedish voice for eSpeak if you want to make it useable :-)10:36
TheBadgerWell i hope to in sometime have some success with swedish for the espeak.10:36
hittsjunkI don't know how ggood festival sounds in Swedish, but it is one of the more stable gnome-speech drivers.10:36
jonsdBut Sweedish sounds look very complicated, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweedish_phonology10:36
henowhat about spell checking as you type for screen reader users?10:36
henois there anything useable today?10:36
kristerNo, or rather yes provided spell checker and speech provides the same languages.10:37
henohas anyone tried mbrola?10:37
TheBadgerIt is, but i have done some testing10:37
henothat does have Swedish 10:37
kristerBut mbrola and festival is the same, ain't it?10:38
henodoes the same job, but in different ways10:38
hittsjunkNo, festival can use mbrola voices, but they are different synths.10:38
kristerBadger, is it the embrola voices you have for Swedish?10:39
henomrbrola is also not 100% Debian free10:39
henoso we cannot put it on the CD10:39
TheBadgerI hope we could get some better functionality with seech-dispatcher (or a direkt driver for espeak).10:39
kristercould one stuff it into multiverse?10:39
henobut we could put it in 'multiverse'10:40
henoIt would be great to see some testing of this10:40
henothe Oralux team have made some packages as well10:40
henowhich may well install on Ubuntu10:40
kristerI'd love to, if i only knew what to do and how.<smiles>10:41
henolook back a few weeks in the mailing list at the post from Oralux about it10:41
hittsjunkI was planning to use the Oralux packages when I installed Mbrola this time.  I'll post my results.10:41
henohittsjunk: cool!10:42
kristerDoes Embrola work with gnome-speech or speech dispatcher?10:42
TheBadgerI've tried these a bit, but was unable to get the connection to gnome to work.10:42
hittsjunkYou use Mbrola with festival, and the gnome-speech festival driver.10:43
hittsjunkThe Mbrola voices will show up as festival voices.10:43
kristerSounds complex, is there a howto somewhere?10:43
hittsjunkI don't have the link handy, but I'll find it.10:43
hittsjunkIf the Oralux packages work, it will be a lot easier to get it working.10:44
finalbeta(Should I write a Spec about the Multiple language spell-checking, or can one of the accessibility teamers do it? If I do it it's likely to get ignored, like the other spec I wrote, heh)10:44
kristerHitsjunk could we keep intouch via mail about this and about that elinks bug thingy?10:45
hittsjunksure. kenny@hittsjunk.net10:46
henofinalbeta: writing the spec is only part of it, then you need to make others aware of (as you are now doing)10:46
frafuheno: you asked before whether accessibility at the login was important: there was a thread in the accessibiliy forum where a user said it would be important to have onboard at the login screen on a tablet pc10:46
henoit should also be scheduled for the summit10:46
henofrafu: I remember. it's sort of a use case in the spec too10:48
henoOK, shall we start to wrap up and continue detailed talks in #ubuntu-accessibility?10:48
kristerWonder if the auralux packages contained Swedish. As i understood it from the mail there were only a few languages, but i could be wrong.10:48
henoI think we've have a great meeting today!10:48
henosome new ideas and a new support team!10:49
henoand it's been nearly two hours :)10:50
frafuThere is another thing I was wondering: why are you trying to add the accessibiliy to the normal livecd; why don't you make special cds? 10:50
henonot as long as some community council meetings of course10:50
henofrafu: for several reasons:10:50
frafuone for vi and one for mi10:50
JoanieI'm all for special cds if they provide more compelling access, but I see live CDs in places like CompUSA.  10:50
Joaniethey should all be accessible10:51
hittsjunkSpecial CD's always will lag.  One of the things I like about Ubuntu is they include accessibility in the main CD.10:51
kristerAgreed Kenny!10:51
henothis way we get more exposure, more help from core developers, makes it easier to maintain, we don't lag several months behind10:52
henowe actually followed the separate approach first10:52
kristerAnd we are on the cutting edge, which is very cool i think.10:52
henobut it did lag10:52
hittsjunkThe difference shows.  I couldn't use Gnome  full time until I switched to Ubuntu.10:52
henoIt really started to pick up momentum when we joined the main CD10:53
kristerI couldn't use gnome at all under Sarge.10:53
hittsjunkMain stream Debian has to many problems that have been solved in Ubuntu.10:53
henobtw, you should all try Xubuntu as well10:53
Joaniescreen reader support there?10:53
henoIt's got Orca, festival etc.10:53
Joaniedidn't know that10:53
henoand it's very light weight10:53
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henoyeah, we've been working in the shadows :)10:54
TheBadgerSame way to start accessibility?10:54
henoNot sure if the CD boot menu stuff will make it for edgy, but you can start it manually10:54
henonot all the XFCE apps have good access support either10:55
henobut we should work towards that10:55
henosee http://blog.omma.net/?p=1810:55
kristerI can't boot my live cd, because there's something wrong in how Ubuntu sees my graphics card. It simply can't start in 24 bit mode.10:55
henokrister: you should be able to type in some alternative boot commands with F6 at the boot menu10:56
kristerDunno the alternative commands.:)10:57
henothe safe graphics mode option might work too10:57
hittsjunkThere should be text files on the CD with the different possible boot commands.10:58
kristerDidn't we try that, Badger?10:58
henokrister: I'll look it up for you10:58
TheBadgerwill tryI think so.10:58
henokrister: first try: boot CD, press down arrow once, then F5, etc10:59
henothat should start it in safe graphics mode10:59
heno(whatever that is exactly)10:59
TheBadgerI think its vesa11:00
kristerIs that the same as force-vesa or something like that, if so, i think it didn't work.11:00
henoah, ok. I dunno11:00
hittsjunkKryster, do you know the make and model of your graphics card?11:00
henothis is a good question for the wider community though :)11:00
kristerI think theres something screwed up with the i810 driver, that's what i use... don't know though.11:01
henolots of people will know the answer to this in #ubuntu and elsewhere11:01
kristerOk, i'll dig around.11:02
hittsjunkI was going to suggest you google using the chipset on the mother board and Ubuntu as your search.11:03
kristerWill do.11:03
henook, I'm off to sleep :)11:05
henoThanks all for joining!11:06
kristerSounds like a great idea.11:06
Joaniei've got to take off.  take care y'all11:06
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frafugood night heno; I have to go to sleep to11:06
kristerKenny, still there?11:06
hittsjunkI was about to move to #ubuntu-accessibility.11:07
kristerOk see ya there.11:07
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