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Luna-TickHi all. I filed https://launchpad.net/bugs/67301 about some strange hanging that has started happening for me on boot. I think that it belongs where I filed it, but I was hoping someone here could check that it wasn't meant to be filed against upstart instead.01:05
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Luna-Tick... Well, thanks for your help. Ciao01:31
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agentdoes anyone know what exact command finds out when is the appropriate time to do a fsck on boot?01:35
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, that's in your fs properties01:35
johnnybuoy|gentoyou can check it with e2fstune01:35
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, 'man e2fstune'01:35
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, you're using ext3, right?01:36
agentyes, thank ypu01:40
agenterr you :)01:40
agenterrr... i dont have e2fstune ;)01:40
agenti have e2fsck01:41
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, that`s no good01:44
johnnybuoy|gentoyou need e2fsprogs01:45
agentthere is tune2fs :)01:45
johnnybuoy|gentosudo apt-get install e2fsprogs01:45
agentwell, if i dont have it on my system that means that some other prog is doing the check to see when it should invoke a fsck01:45
_ionI don't know whether that was Arabic or Farsi or whatever, but gnome-terminal rendered that horribly. :-)01:46
agentworks in xchat :/01:46
agentxchat-gnome, if that makes a difference01:47
_ionProbably not.01:47
agentyeah, probably gnome terminal and gnome xchat do not have the same font rendering01:47
_iongnome-terminal renders combining characters as if they were normal characters.01:48
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, no, your fs parameters have it in them and the default is fsck every 30 mounts01:50
johnnybuoy|gentoyou can change it with e2fstune, which is in the e2fsprogs01:51
johnnybuoy|gentoI can't help you more than this01:51
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: so there is no check at boot to see what mount # it's on (as in, if this is the 30th mount)? this is somehow built into the fs?01:51
johnnybuoy|gentowell, yes, fs+distro01:51
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, it counts it01:52
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: yes, you can also change it with tune2fs... google search revealed that e2fstune = tune2fs... but maybe this is not accurate01:52
johnnybuoy|gentobut if there is a problem with it, it'll sometimes go in circle01:52
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: and im trying to figure out what exacting does the counting :)01:52
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, heh, okay, so tune2fs is the same :D01:53
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, I think the fs has a valuable for it01:53
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, ahy?01:53
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, why?01:53
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: i was wondering if it would be possible to list what mount in the cycle its on... so maybe it's possible to write some prog that catches this01:54
agenti think i was not being clear on that second part01:54
johnnybuoy|gentoyes, well, I think (tun)e2fs(tune) knows ow to query this, but I'm not shure01:55
agentex: write a program that sees that it's on mount #29 and tells the user...01:55
johnnybuoy|gentoI did see something like this on a distro01:55
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: i read the man page and i actually dont see anything about it being able to do that01:56
johnnybuoy|gentoit said maximum number of mounts reached, fsck will be ran on next mount, you can disable this with tune2fs01:56
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: yes, but i dont want to disable anything :( just query to see what mount its on01:57
johnnybuoy|gentookay, I dunno for the query...01:58
johnnybuoy|gentobut it should be an e2 (ext3) query tool, cause it's insided the fs01:58
agentsummary on e2fsprogs webpage: e2fsprogs, which consists of e2fsck, mke2fs, debugfs, dumpe2fs, tune2fs, and most of the other core ext2fs filesystem utilities. (notice the tune2fs - guess it was renamed)02:00
johnnybuoy|gentothen maybe there is a third-party tool to make queryes02:02
johnnybuoy|gentoit shouldn't be hard to make as the specs of ext3 are completely GPL02:02
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: well, seeing as my programming skills are in the crapper ;)02:03
johnnybuoy|gentoLEAVE me, I'm installing gentoo right now ;)02:04
agentok... good luck02:05
=== agent is a former gentoo'er (my first distro - back when there were no docs or automation! ;)
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, why did you change?02:05
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: i became tired of compiling everything02:06
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: also, i wanted a stable system, but not so stable like debian ;)02:06
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: ubuntu's 6month cycle is perfect02:06
johnnybuoy|gentoubuntu is nice, I like it02:07
johnnybuoy|gentobut my computer is too slow for it02:07
johnnybuoy|gentoand I wanted to test out something daunting and exciting ;P02:07
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: well good luck... if your pc is slow for ubuntu you will pull out your hair when you have to compile all those programs... over and over.... and over after every update ;)02:09
agentat least now they have binaries for big programs] 02:10
agentbut just so you know, speed increase is minimal02:10
agentwhat are your specs?02:10
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, well, it's not that slow, but a 2yrs old ubuntu is just sooooo slow now with like 210,000 files installed02:10
johnnybuoy|gentoI have no time to prune everything02:10
johnnybuoy|gentoand it's immpossible to do a perfect job02:11
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: your not doing a good job with maintanance ;)02:11
johnnybuoy|gento2 trs, man02:11
johnnybuoy|gento2 yrs02:11
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: thats always the case, regardless what distro...02:11
johnnybuoy|gentoany debian unstable system get's oooold after 2yrs02:11
agentwhen was hoary released?02:12
johnnybuoy|gentoI used ubuntu unstable allways02:12
agentyeah, thats probably not a good idea if you want to keep things clean :)02:12
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: is there an easy way to check the amount of files on an fs?02:13
agentoh, and im on 2 years ubuntu (but mostly stable)02:14
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, for me apt told me when it was 'reading the database' for ages, then tell me I had 210,000 files installed02:14
johnnybuoy|gentoalso, I was using kde for a while, but then switched to GNOME02:15
johnnybuoy|gentonow that didn't help02:15
agentjust remove everything :)02:15
agentit's actually not that difficult to revert to a "fresh install" system02:15
agentjust compare the "fresh install" package list with what you have and remove the extras02:16
agentnot counting the extra packages that you want to keep, of course ;)02:16
johnnybuoy|gentowell, I did that02:17
johnnybuoy|gentobut I'm pretty shure I still had some leftovers..02:17
agentthats always the case, but im curious how you intend on getting gentoo to solve this?02:19
johnnybuoy|gentowell, it's not as a solution, more like a "I need to get some excitement" in my life02:20
johnnybuoy|gentoand I really do like gentoo a lot02:20
johnnybuoy|gentofor being able to have my own cflags and USE= flags02:20
johnnybuoy|gentoI mean, I know the performance benefit..02:21
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: yes.... if it suits you, why not? now are you planning on using a DE?02:25
agentjust curious since you say your pc is not very fast02:28
johnnybuoy|gentono, it is02:29
johnnybuoy|gentobut not for 210,000 installed files02:29
johnnybuoy|gentoit was just crufty02:29
johnnybuoy|gentoI have a PentiumM centrino 1,5Ghz.02:29
agentalso, i dont understand how a linux system can be slow if it has many files... they are on the hd but not being used02:29
agentand ubuntu for 1.5 years on 450mhz pc works fine here ;)02:30
johnnybuoy|gentowell, starting a program was taking ages02:30
johnnybuoy|gentoafter that it was fine02:30
agenti see02:30
johnnybuoy|gentoI see you really don't like gentoo02:31
johnnybuoy|gentoany reasons except the compile times?02:31
agenti have nothing against gentoo actually02:32
agentits just not for me02:32
agentcompile times are pretty much it...02:33
agentand running find on / results in this nice number for me: 49519102:33
agentbut that counts EVERYTHING02:33
johnnybuoy|gentoI have heard that btrees improve ext3 performace quite a bit, so that's what I'll use02:34
agentincluding directories, links, and even  all those "files" in proc02:34
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, what does apt say about installed packages?02:34
agentno performance hit whatsoever02:35
agentis that a lot?02:35
johnnybuoy|gentoman, even on base ubuntu install it's02:36
agentyou asked for # of packages02:36
agentnot files ;)02:36
johnnybuoy|gentoah, right02:36
johnnybuoy|gentoI meant files02:36
johnnybuoy|gentowhen apt (dpkg) says reading the database02:37
agentits too fast02:37
johnnybuoy|gentothen it spits out some files02:37
agentand this is on a 1ghz laptop02:37
agentwhat command do you pass to get the # of file02:38
agenti see nothing about files, just packages02:38
agentmaybe its just too fast02:38
johnnybuoy|gentojust reinstall a package, it'll read that database every time02:39
agentyour right!02:40
agentnever noticed that before02:40
agent100498 files and directories currently installed02:40
johnnybuoy|gentoI had twice as many02:41
johnnybuoy|gentodunno, tho02:41
agentyou don't clean your system!02:41
johnnybuoy|gentoyes I do02:41
johnnybuoy|gentoI'd like to use upstart02:41
agentwell, 100,000 packages says you dont ;P02:41
agentnot packages02:42
johnnybuoy|gentoit's a nice project, would be nice if gentoo didn't have that initng cr*p02:42
agentoh and one more thing i like about ubuntu: it just works (well, except multimedia)02:42
johnnybuoy|gentoheh, 100,000 packages would be a world record, I guess02:43
agentthere are only 20,000 in ubuntu repos02:43
johnnybuoy|gentoagent, yea, I know, but still, if gentoo is configured properly it just works also, and better02:43
agentjohnnybuoy|gento: aye :)02:43
agentoh... i found out how to check inodes02:46
agentdf -i02:46
agentthat will quickly show you amount of files, directories, etc. together02:46
johnnybuoy|gentoyea! ext3 is nice02:47
johnnybuoy|gentoI wonder what they'll do for ext402:47
agentin gentoo i switched from ext3 to reiserfs :)02:47
johnnybuoy|gentowel, that's highly unsafe...02:48
johnnybuoy|gentoin this install I wanted to use reiser4, but I think I'll just use ext3 with btrees02:48
johnnybuoy|gentoyes, reiser402:48
johnnybuoy|gentoand reiserfs02:48
agentreiser4 != reiserfs02:49
johnnybuoy|gentoboth are rather unstable02:49
agentworked for me02:49
johnnybuoy|gentoalso, do you know about Mr. Hans Reiser?02:49
agenti know who he is, yes.... i dont know much about him02:49
agenti guess reiser4 wont be stable soon, eh?02:51
johnnybuoy|gentoprobably not heh02:51
johnnybuoy|gentotho some project might pick it up02:51
johnnybuoy|gentoit's a quite nice design02:52
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rmjbdoes udev trigger an event when it starts in edgy?05:35
rmjbcan I create an upstart script that runs "on udev-start"?05:36
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