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nixternal<informational rant - feedback encouraged>01:37
nixternalMicrosoft == #1 in the desktop arena01:37
nixternalthey didn't get that way be word of mouth01:37
nixternalgranted, you don't need word of mouth when you are the only choice01:37
nixternalnow there is choice01:37
nixternal#2 desktop == Apple01:37
nixternalthey definitely don't use word of mouth, because what i have heard has never been good01:37
nixternalMS and Apple both use very skillfully planned Marketing Campaigns that Utilize the TV which is huge, not possible for us at this time01:38
Burgworkand what is the your feasible solution?01:38
nixternalpeople still don't know that they have a choice though01:38
nixternalim working at it, and need the feedback to help it along01:38
tonyyarussoNot to mention powerful friends, ie. cozy up to IBM, then screw them over once you're strong enough to go on your own.01:38
nixternali spent all day in marketing class01:38
Burgworksplashy commercials are likely to be useless01:38
Burgworkwe are getting lots of great press from with Oracle stuff01:39
tonyyarussoGotta be informational01:39
nixternalwell, ubuntu and ibm are very cozy right now01:39
nixternalubuntu and sun are cozy as well, and lets not forget oracle01:39
tonyyarussoAnd Sun01:39
nixternaland ubuntu01:39
nixternalso we have friends in high places as well01:39
nixternaland that helps, but not in the desktop arena01:39
tonyyarussoIf we can keep those and skip the screwing over step, I think things will be very good, but might take a long time.01:39
nixternalfor a while, i had this belief stuck in my head that not only isn't Linux ready for mainstream, but Ubuntu isn't either01:40
tonyyarussoAlso, the suse preloads on Thinkpads is a good step, but a small one so far (you have to special request them by phone)01:40
nixternalit is changing day by day though01:40
nixternalbecause if you look at what the "mainstream" use their computers for, then any *nix os fits the bill01:40
nixternalthe majority of desktops int he world are used for 1. Web Browsing, 2. EMail, 3. Music, 4. File sharing, 5. Word Processing, and so on01:41
nixternali can't remember the rest nor the order, but after seeing this information presented to us today in school, it made me realize, that we are far beyond being ready for mainstream, and then some01:42
nixternalI was surprised that gaming was the 10th most popular thing with the desktop computer, and not higher on the list01:42
nixternal10th or 11th actually01:42
nixternalnow, what i don't see anyone doing is pushing not only Ubuntu, but Linux in general at those targets. When i see a marketing idea/campaign, it is all about safe web browsing, safe email, free office, and thats it really01:44
nixternali think Ubuntu has not only the community, but the resources to produce a campaign that would blow people's minds, and would show the world that they do in fact have a choice01:45
nixternalnow, does anyone else think a project like this is not only feasible, but would it be worth the time and effort to try? and if so, what would be the best possible way to manage this, and is this something for Canonical to carry forth, or for the Ubuntu community to go after?01:46
tonyyarussoI usually try to promote in bits and pieces.01:47
nixternali do to, and it doesn't work01:48
=== jenda is developing methods of making the word-of-mouth approach more effective.
jendaSo that's out of my scope :)01:48
nixternalfor instance, the firefox campaign was hot, but guess what, all those people that switched, they are starting to loose again01:48
tonyyarussoSay, Firefox on one occasion, Ubuntu on another.  Cross-platform stuff is my inroad to put aside some of the concerns people would have about switching OSs.01:49
sidnixternal: So what do you suggest?01:49
nixternali don't know, thats why i think everyone should suggest and collaborate01:49
sidnixternal: Also Ubuntu and Google are very cozy. Most of the Google engineers use Ubuntu.01:49
sidthey submit a lot of patches back upstream also01:49
tonyyarussoI think it would be great to have various campaigns, but don't know how to do it.01:49
nixternalif it was up to me, we would do "real" marketing, have defined marketing plan, short-term, intermediate, and long term goals01:49
sidnixternal: Where should the money come from?01:49
tonyyarussoMost advertising involves money, and not being a company, Ubuntu doesn't have that directly.01:49
nixternalthats that thing01:49
jendanixternal: I suggest collecting a bunch of howtos and guides on how to market Ubuntu in your neighbourhood. Things someone has already done in theirs... or not just yet.01:50
nixternalthe only thing in marketing that costs money is the medium01:50
jendaFrom small to huge, from free to expensive, from one-man to teamwork...01:50
=== jenda pauses in going over the same thing over and over again :)
sidhmm, Am I getting reponseses frome elkbuntu about my survey question..or no01:51
nixternalwell, i have seen many a word about it, but i haven't seen the meat and potatoes just yet01:51
tonyyarussoI'm off to a friends house to check out a monitor issue, but I'd like to continue this later if y'all are still around.01:51
nixternalthat is why i brought this up01:51
sidelkbuntu: Are those poll results in? for your survey01:52
nixternalwe had this lady Donna once again from the FSF, she is the person selling Free Software and what not to the UN01:52
sidnixternal: So get started. print up fliers and post them in your neigborhood.01:52
nixternalUbuntu Chicago does that, but it doesn't get people interested01:52
nixternalpeople here in Chicago hate paper01:53
nixternalif they can't get it on the radio, tv, or the intarweb, they don't care about it01:53
jendaouch :(01:54
jendaDo you think that's a world trend? I have the feeling paper is effective here.01:54
nixternallike the huge billboards, that litter our highways here in chicago, my buddy works for the company that owns a majority of them, and he says companies don't use them much anymore because they are becoming inaffective here01:55
jendaanyway, I gotta go to bed - it's two am.01:55
jendawow, that's weird.01:55
nixternalbillboards in chicago are nothing more than platforms for people to do graffiti on anymore01:55
jendathat means the prices will go down...01:55
jenda...or you can do an Ubuntu graffiti :)01:56
nixternal15K for 1 month on 1 billboard01:56
nixternaljenda: we have talked to a couple of artists01:56
jendathat's about... 60 times more expensive than here :/01:57
nixternalbut it really isn't a good idea, since most people view the graffitti as something from a "sub" culture01:57
nixternalthe most we get here, is i pimp Ubuntu every tuesday on a local radio show01:57
nixternalbut i might be the only one to listen to it though01:57
jendaheh :(02:00
jendabut it's a serious attempt.02:00
PlugThe Internets are serious business.02:01
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tonyyarussoHow'd the discussion go earlier?03:14
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Burgundaviaanybody around?08:27
tonyyarussoI am.08:29
Burgundaviatonyyarusso: are you able to work on the UWN?08:29
BurgundaviaI want to release tomorrow08:29
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: Depends what you need done.  I certainly have the time.08:30
Burgundaviatake a peek at 1908:30
Burgundavialook at 1808:30
Burgundaviafill in the missing bits08:30
BurgundaviaI generally do the edgy section, so you can leave that alone08:30
BHSPitLappyI can do it!08:30
BHSPitLappyI can do it nine times!08:30
tonyyarussoI can as well, but think I'd stick with doing it once and proofreading once or twice.08:31
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: Wait, there's still work t obe done on 18?08:33
Burgundaviano, on 1908:33
tonyyarussoOh, you mean look at 18 as a guide for how to do it.08:34
=== tonyyarusso gets it now
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: Do we get to pick the Feature of the Week?08:36
Burgundaviago nuts08:36
Burgundaviagenerally we pick something already in dapper08:36
Burgundaviaand try and alternate between the various projects08:38
tonyyarussoYou mean Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edu..etc?08:39
Burgundaviaand server08:40
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jendaMenZa: Seems system 76 put me out of business :)02:28
poningruoh yeah my server went down02:40
poningruit should be back up now02:40
=== poningru mutters stuff at libmusicbrainz
tonyyarussoDoes anyone here atm have gobby installed?  I'd like someone to test that IP to make sure the port forwarding is working in case someone actually wants to work on it later.02:50
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MagicFabis there any marketing material for ubuntu server ? like past presentations / figures of TCO, security etc. ? Searched the wiki without much luck04:43
=== MenZa points to jenda
MagicFabI have a customer asking this to compare to info provided by RH04:45
MagicFabClearly they have LOTS of it04:45
tonyyarussoBurgundavia, others: I made good progress on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue19 ; still remaining to be done are the Changes in Edgy (Corey said he'd do these) and Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates (I don't know where to find this information - let me know if you do).  I will leave Gobby running; if you'd rather I close it, ping me.04:50
MagicFabtonyyarusso, would it be possible to include a tidbit about last weeks presentation of Canonical in Montreal  ? We have it on video.04:52
tonyyarussoMagicFab: Absolutely.  Give me some info and a link to the video.04:52
nixternalhere, this is for all you RMS fans -> http://www.forbes.com/business/forbes/2006/1030/104.html04:57
nixternalthis just goes to prove that guy is an idiot04:57
KenSentMenixternal: you have to login to see the article04:59
poningruthe new IP for the server05:01
poningrucrazy isp changed my IP05:01
poningrucan you upload the UWN 19 on there?05:01
tonyyarussoponingru: Whatty?05:02
poningruthere is already a UWN 19 on there but its completely blank05:02
poningrutonyyarusso: the gobby servery05:02
poningrumind if I change the IP on the topic?05:03
tonyyarussoponingru: Oh.  The one I had said is just my machine here - you'd rather host it?05:03
poningrutonyyarusso: I have been hosting it for the last month05:03
tonyyarussoponingru: Ah, okay.  Then yeah, change the topic and I'll get the new stuff to you.05:04
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-marketing:poningru] : Welcome to the Ubuntu Marketing Team's channel | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam | UWN #18 is out | Help us write UWN 19 - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue19 **Gobby session hosted on** | Channel logs at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs/
tonyyarussoponingru: Got it?05:07
tonyyarussoMagicFab: Have that info yet?05:12
poningruI guess not...05:15
tonyyarussoUh oh05:15
jendaI don't have any data regarding Ubuntu server, sorry.05:55
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jendaUbuntu posters tomorrow :)06:32
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jendaMenZa: you up?09:11
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MagicFabBurgwork, can I update the newsletter directly (wiki) ?10:05
BurgworkMagicFab: no idea10:05
Burgworkat work10:05
MagicFabI mean , technically I can...10:05
jendaMagicFab: it's either yes, or yes, but use rather gobby10:05
jendalemme check10:05
MagicFabjenda, tx. When is it supposed to be published (sent) ?10:06
jendaBurgwork - you said sth about tomorrow?10:07
jendasth - something10:08
jendasorry ;)10:08
MagicFabok, loading up gobby :)10:08
Burgworkah, no worries10:08
jendaI can't connect10:08
Burgworkusing dapper10:09
jendaIt's been malfunctioning for some time now :l no idea why10:10
KenSentMeI see the gobby is password protected10:25
Burgwork^ your password10:26
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KenSentMeBurgwork: thank you. I don think i have much time to contribute now10:31
Burgworkno worries10:31
MagicFabBurgwork,, is there a specific port ? Can' t seem to connect w gobby10:37
Burgworkit might be down10:37
MagicFabcan I send the short blurb via email ? to whom ?10:38
Burgworkedit the wiki10:38
MagicFabok, just added it10:49
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