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tmh__can I install launchpad tools such as blueprint on my own private server? where is the source code?02:12
Fujitsutmh__: No, it's not currently open source.02:14
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mptGoooooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!02:31
ajmitchhi mpt 02:31
Nafallompt: morning :-)02:36
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UbugtuNew bug: #68111 in malone "Message warning of lack of bug watch is too wordy" [Low,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6811103:10
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mptspiv, have you noticed WARNINGs during make schema?08:41
stubThere are two I think at the moment which remind us that we have only partially completed some schema modification.08:47
stub(but I can't recall just what, so it isn't doing a brilliant job...008:47
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jameshstub: did you end up running product-release-finder in production?08:55
stubjamesh: Yes. lifeless even gave me a blow job.08:56
jameshgreat.  Do you have a log of the run somewhere?08:58
jameshor would it be on the launchpad-errors list?08:58
UbugtuNew bug: #68126 in launchpad "Mirror prober go boom on staging" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6812609:00
carlosdo we have a launchpad-dependencies package for Edgy?09:03
jameshcarlos: if we do, then it is in a third party repo I don't know about09:04
carlosI know we were supposed to have it09:05
carlosbut I saw nothing about it in our mailing list09:05
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jameshcarlos: http://people.ubuntu.com/~robertc/lp-depends/ <- looks promising, but doesn't seem to have been updated since all the Python packages dropped the "2.4" suffixes09:22
carlosI see, ok. Thanks09:22
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stubjamesh: devpad.canonical.com:~stub/product-release-finder.log09:24
jameshstub: cheers09:24
stub(yes I restarted it - it was running for a bit before I remembered I should be running it under screen)09:25
jmlgood evening09:39
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SteveAmpt: got anything for me to merge to brilliant?09:44
mptSteveA, pushing the front page right now, I'll let you know when it's done09:46
mptplus pagetest fixes09:46
mptOther pagetest fixes are in PQM right now to land on mainline09:46
mptso you'll need to merge from mainline to get all the fixes09:46
SteveAok.  if they're just test fixes, then I can still merge and push out changes to brilliant09:47
SteveAthen merge in devel later today and merge the ui branch to pqm09:47
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mptSteveA, 2006-08-ui has finished pushing10:02
mptSteveA, it looks like my front page work has caused more test failures though10:12
carlosstub: hi, could you give me a patch number and db review for https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/pending-reviews/carlos/launchpad/bug-2322/full-diff ?10:15
carlos stub: jamesh did already the code review 10:15
carlos so I just need the db number to merge it10:15
stubcarlos: https://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/filerToPwd.html10:32
carlosstub: ok, thanks!10:32
stubcarlos: PostgreSQL will optimize sequential JOIN's normally, but there are so many that it thinks you are doing it deliberately to optimize the join order. Rewriting it like that lets it do its thing.10:33
carlosI just copied what main db schema has and removed the field from it10:34
jameshstub: carlos's version uses left joins.  Doesn't your version do inner joins?10:39
stubcarlos: Urgh... scratch that. I rewrite the LEFT OUTER joings to INNERs10:39
stub(I always say LEFT OUTER instead of LEFT so I don't get confused)10:39
stubcarlos: Use your original, same patch number10:40
jameshwell, there isn't such thing as a left inner join10:40
=== malcc [n=malcolm@host86-135-237-55.range86-135.btcentralplus.com] has joined #launchpad
stubjamesh: There is at the end of a sprint ay10:40
jameshso I usually just say join, left join, right join and outer join10:40
carlosjamesh: good catch!10:41
mptSteveA, test fixes have landed on mainline10:41
SteveAjamesh: I'd think "join" would mean "cross product"10:44
SteveAbut then, that's not useful mostly10:44
jameshSteveA: in terms of SQL, it is "foo join bar on condition"10:44
jameshSteveA: it is a cross product10:45
jameshan outer join is also a cross product, but also returns the rows where the condition evaluates to NULL (effectively)10:46
SteveAfor those reading along at home, here's a nice summary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Join_%28SQL%2910:47
SteveAmpt: I merged from rf/devel and resolved a conflict in the Makefile10:49
jameshyeah.  My description of outer joins is wrong10:49
SteveAit's wikipedia.  you can make your description right be editing that page.10:50
SteveAmpt: sftp://devpad.canonical.com/code/stevea/launchpad/ui10:50
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lifelessmalcc ping11:34
malcclifeless: pong11:34
lifelessmalcc: trying it this way11:34
lifelessso, PPA - we've been talking about a thing called SourcePackageBranch11:35
lifelesswhich will be used to ty bzr branches and soyuz otgether11:35
=== mdz [n=mdz@] has joined #launchpad
jameshspiv: I assigned brad's branch to you for review since he said you'd handled it before.  You might want to ask him for an incremental diff since it sounds like you've reviewed part of it before.11:41
spivjamesh: I always note revision numbers in reviews subject lines, so it shouldn't be too hard to calculate the diff myself...11:41
jameshspiv: brad gave the last reviewed revision in the description11:42
spivEven better.11:43
lifelesssorry, link glitch11:44
lifelessmalcc: so, when PPA comes in, what information will I need to know to be able to use a buildd to do a bzr checkout and then run dpkg-buildpackage -S in there, and from outside the xen instance gpg sign it11:44
lifelessand finally submit the result to the upload queue11:44
lifelessmalcc: and is there already a spec on this ? :)11:46
malcclifeless: I don't think there's a spec on this, but I'm still trying to catch up with what "this" is :)11:46
malcclifeless: You're talking about building for PPAs in a NoMoreSourcePackages kinda way?11:46
lifelessmalcc: yes, and for real distros too11:46
lifelessI'm knida getting low food wise now, so will try to catch up more seriously on this next week11:47
malcclifeless: Since we need a source package for publication anyway, I assumed we'd create a procedure to make a source package from the branch11:47
malcclifeless: And then let everything else proceed as it does today11:47
lifelessbut for now, has the soyuz side of NMSP been well specced ?11:47
lifelessmalcc: making a SP from the branch involves the checkout and dpkg-buildpackage -S11:48
malcclifeless: No, NMSP is barely on our radar as of yet11:48
lifelessmalcc: that runs user code11:48
lifelessmalcc: so it needs to run under xen11:48
malcclifeless: Ah, right, now I follow11:48
malcclifeless: So the step you're talking about is precisely that sourcepackage building step11:48
lifelessthats the step that I know of, but not about, the machinery in soyuz to make happen11:48
malccWell we'll need to set up Xen-based buildds to do the PPA building, so I'd hope there's not much extra machinery needed to use them for dpkg-buildpackage -S11:49
malccBut as of yet we have no machinery11:49
lifelesscan I feed requirements in ?11:50
lifelessI need to run:11:50
lifeless'bzr checkout' from either inside or outside of xen. This will require http access to the supermirror (which is accessible on an internal http side)11:50
lifeless'dpkg-buildpackage -S' from inside xen.11:50
lifeless'dpkg-signpackage' (IIR the command right) from outside xen with a local gpg key.11:51
lifelessin that order11:51
malcclifeless: Makes sense11:51
lifelessand then I will have the result to hand over to your upload queue as files on disk.11:51
lifelesswell, see you tomorrow.11:55
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SteveAjamesh, spiv: can we talk about launchpad-dependencies for a few minutes?12:07
SteveAI asked stuart to take this on, but he's currently very busy with sprints and such12:07
SteveAso, here's what I suggest: we use bugs to track what we want in the package12:08
SteveAetienne is doing the actual packaging, and is just waiting for our requirements12:08
SteveAso to sort it out, how about filing a bug listing the dependencies we know about for dapper, and one for edgy12:09
jameshlifeless asked for bug reports to be filed at https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad-development-infrastructure12:09
SteveAI'm not sure if we need a separate package for developers and one for deployment on servers12:09
SteveAprobably do12:09
SteveAthat place is fine to file bugs12:09
SteveAso, if you'd like to get things moving, file a bug describing what we need, and ensure that stu is subscribed to it and etienne is assigned to it12:10
SteveAthen mention it to etienne by email/irc12:10
SteveAwhat do you think?12:10
jameshsounds good12:10
jameshI've noticed that a few of the changes in edgy cause problems for running launchpad12:12
jameshfor instance, we try to run a "twistd2.4" script, and there now appears to only be a "twistd" script.12:13
=== ViRiDiS [n=viridis@vodsl-2201.vo.lu] has joined #launchpad
SteveAI think we should all be using these packages.  It's also helpful when new people join the team.12:20
jameshperhaps in the case of twisted we should be invoking the versions inside our tree12:22
jameshsourcecode/twisted/bin/twistd and trial12:22
SteveAthat's a good point12:27
SteveAit's probably just a coincidence that using the OS versions works12:28
jmlwhich version of twisted is in your tree?12:35
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SteveAjordi: ping12:57
UbugtuNew bug: #68161 in launchpad "Launchpad should use in-tree versions of twistd and trial" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6816101:05
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=== carlos -> lunch
lucasvojamesh: wasn't every 2.4 package renamed?01:14
jameshlucasvo: yeah.  Above I was talking about executable names though.01:14
lucasvoah, ok01:14
jameshlucasvo: in dapper, a /usr/bin/twistd2.4 script was installed, and in edgy there isn't.01:14
malccSteveA: Ping01:31
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jordiSteveA: pong01:38
SteveAmalcc: hi01:43
spivjamesh: yeah, it would be better to use the twistd in our tree.  It'll be at sourcecode/twisted/bin/twistd.01:54
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spivjml: some random version of trunk that has a sufficiently new version of twisted.vfs, it doesn't correspond exactly to a particular release.01:55
spivjml: Ah, it's a snapshot of SVN r17186 in fact.01:56
spivHmm, I wonder if the version in edgy is new enough?01:56
spivAlthough, I have a suspicion the supermirror sftp server is likely to keep needing the bleeding edge as it develops.01:57
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salgadohey spiv.  how about that bug 54791?02:25
UbugtuMalone bug 54791 in launchpad "The mirror prober should check a few files from each mirror in paralel instead of a lot of files from a single mirror" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5479102:25
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UbugtuNew bug: #68175 in launchpad-bazaar "vcs import should report cvs config and svn externals information" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6817502:40
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carlosdanilo[out] : ping04:14
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UbugtuNew bug: #68189 in launchpad "execute_zcml_for_scripts should support different setup when run under tests" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6818904:15
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salgadospiv, no love from you, eh?04:42
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daniloscarlos: pong05:06
carlosdanilos: hi, do you got your VISA ?05:06
daniloscarlos: yeah, I did, but Americans are real silly: I got it for 3 years, and my passport is valid until 2008 :)05:07
carloswell, they gave you 3 years, but it's your fault you can only use it for next 2 years... :-P05:08
carlosdanilos: I wanted to ask you about the status of your Firefox branch05:08
daniloshah, yeah, sure :) the common visa issuance requirement is to have passport that is valid at least 6 months after the end of your visa05:08
danilosor trip, or something like that05:08
daniloscarlos: well, I think I uploaded it05:09
danilosunless I messed something up, let me recheck05:09
UbugtuNew bug: #68200 in launchpad-support-tracker "dateanswered really tracks confirmation date" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6820005:10
spivjamesh: it turns out the diff for bradb's malone-release-management on pending-reviews is the one I need to review, because the last reviewed revision has been merged to rf.05:10
spivjamesh: (and in fact so have some later ones that got merged as [trivial] )05:11
carlosdanilos: well, from what I see at https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/pending-reviews/danilo/launchpad/firefox-import/full-diff (it was generated one hour ago) nothing changed since yesterday05:11
daniloscarlos: (bzr push is taking quite some time; apparently it hasn't been pushed through last time)05:15
danilosbtw carlos, did you manage to track the "reverting to old translations" bug people have started to report?05:15
BjornTspiv: fwiw, the revision of malone-release-management was indeed merged to rf, but then later it was pulled out. so you shouldn't have to review everything again, although it's hard to produce a good diff of the changes made, so maybe it's easier to do a complete re-review.05:16
spivdanilos: have you tried bzr+ssh://?  It should be ~20% faster.05:16
spivBjornT: Oh, I see.  That wasn't clear from the notes in the review queue.05:16
danilosspiv: as a matter of fact, no, let me try that05:16
spivI'll look closer at the commit logs.05:16
carlosdanilos: no clue05:17
carlosdanilos: I asked for concrete messages that were reverted to investigate at db level, but I'm not sure whether would be too helpful... we should log translation changes to be able to debug this kind of actions05:18
flacosteBjornT: ping05:18
BjornTspiv: rev 3682 is a bit special; it reapplies the changes reverted in the previews 'merge rf'.05:18
jameshspiv: given the reversion, it'll probably be a bit difficult to get an incremental diff that filters out the RF merges05:18
BjornThi flacoste 05:19
flacostehi BjornT05:19
spivjamesh: Yeah.05:19
daniloscarlos: logging translations would significantly slow everything down, and we already have performance issues, imho :(05:19
flacosteBjornT: regarding using comment index in the confirmation URL, where is this used in Malone?05:19
flacostei'm looking for an implementation example05:20
BjornTflacoste: it's used to display the individual comments. it's mostly browser code, i think.05:21
carlosdanilos: well, I was thinking in some extra metadata information more than using an specific table to log the events05:21
flacosteBjornT: ok, and I'm going to go forward with your suggsetion of tightening the security with permissions05:22
flacosteBjornT: I'll need a new permission for the reject one though, I was about to call it launchpad.Moderate, what do you think of this name? that way, it's not too specific05:23
kikosalgado, is marilize happy? I saw no email05:24
flacosteBjornT: other thing, since i'll be using an index in the URL, should I rename the parameter to answer_idx?05:25
salgadokiko, yes, she said everything looks okay05:25
jameshspiv: I guess a diff from 3682 to head would be fairly easy to produce (using the double merge algorithm I mentioned on the list)05:25
kikosalgado, you are the man05:25
jameshspiv: then see if 3675..3681 is easy to review on its own05:25
UbugtuNew bug: #68203 in malone "Bug description with only whitespaces should return a nice error message instead of crashing" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6820305:25
spivjamesh: yeah, that's basically what I'm going to try05:26
BjornTflacoste: launchpad.Moderate would work for me. it'd be good to send mail to SteveA, though, to see what he thinks.05:29
BjornTflacoste: i think answer_id looks better than answer_idx. the index will still be an id, unique within the ticket.05:29
flacosteBjornT: fine with both05:30
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UbugtuNew bug: #68206 in launchpad "custom mail headers for specifications " [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6820605:35
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doko_carlos: ping06:15
carlosdoko_: pong06:16
doko_please have a look at http://people.ubuntu.com/~doko/ooconv/06:17
=== BaKKaR [n=BikOS@] has joined #launchpad
doko_currently po files like test_de_merge.po are created06:18
doko_can rosetta handle files like  test_de_msgid_comment.po as well?06:19
doko_and if yes, what happens with the old strings if I upload these?06:20
doko_carlos: ^^^06:20
=== mdz_ [n=mdz@] has joined #launchpad
carlosdoko_: I guess the change is the '_: ...' part, isn't it?06:20
doko_yes, problem is, that with the current approach, some strings are marked as fuzzy (and maybe not imported in rosetta?)06:21
doko_at least we do loose the string "Initialienzeichen" with out current approach.06:23
carlosdoko_: no, we don't yet support that in Rosetta06:23
carloswe will show the msgid as it's atm06:24
carlosthat's with '_: ...' part06:24
carloswhich sucks06:24
carlosyes, we plan to support that06:24
carlosno, I don't think you should use it for OO.org06:24
carlosis better to move to use native GSI support06:24
carlosdoko_: danilos told me that we should have it ready to review next week06:25
doko_ok, then the only thing I can do with the ku translation is to ignore rosetta at the moment and use erdals GSI file directly.06:25
doko_carlos: nice06:26
carlosdoko_: yes, I think that's the best and fast option right now06:26
salgadokiko, do you think it'd be fine to create the missing mirrors with an SQL/python script?06:27
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BaKKaRcan someone tell me pls what's gnome-orca?06:31
BaKKaRas far as i know it's acc application06:32
BaKKaRbut is it the same Gnopernicus?06:32
fabbionestupid question...06:53
fabbionehttps://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-toolchain/+branch/ubuntu-toolchain/glibc-2.5-package <-06:53
fabbionehow often are these pages regenerated?06:53
fabbionei committed 36 like one hour ago06:53
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=== carlos -> gym
carlossee you!07:28
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salgadocarlos, already left?08:03
=== Spads [n=spacehob@host-84-9-50-138.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #launchpad
=== tmh___ [n=tmh_@tonih.iki.fi] has left #launchpad []
UbugtuNew bug: #68261 in rosetta "OOPS exporting an empty POTemplate." [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6826110:00
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kikomatsubara, I'm confused by your patch10:42
kikooh, I see10:42
kikoit crashes in unpatched trees10:42
kikobut not in a patched tree10:42
kikomatsubara, can you add something to check that the desired effect was obtained?10:42
matsubarakiko: thinking about it, it doesn't make much sense let the user export an empty POTemplate.10:44
kiko(i.e. that the export worked)10:44
kikomatsubara, do you think we should try to stop him? :)10:51
matsubarakiko: well, I don't know. Maybe avoid uploading empty potemplates in the first place. 10:56
matsubarakiko: but I don't know if there's a real use for POTemplates that have messageCount == 010:57
kikomatsubara, until they are imported they do10:58
matsubarakiko: https://sodium.ubuntu.com/~andrew/paste/fileeuTuLx.html11:02
kikomatsubara, good job :)11:04
=== Jozo- [i=jozo@viola.uninea.fi] has joined #launchpad
kikomatsubara, hold on to that patch let's see what carlos says11:04
carloskiko, matsubara: I'm moving from __getitem__ like methods to explicit ones as I'm touching code11:06
carlosso I'm fine removing __len__11:06
=== BaKKaR is now known as bakkar
=== bakkar is now known as bakkar-afk
kikocarlos, what about exports of empty files11:07
carloswell, export empty files makes no sense11:07
kikoshould we allow them?11:08
carlosand it's an UI bug that we show them11:08
=== flacoste [n=francis@modemcable207.210-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #launchpad ["Bye"]
kikocarlos, what should we do then?11:29
carloswell, current patch fixes the issue, right?11:30
=== flacoste [n=francis@modemcable207.210-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
kikocarlos, it does, but I want to know what you want us to do11:33
carloswell, the faster solution would be to go with that patch11:33
carlosthe final solution, would be to remove from the navigation links any potemplate with zero messages11:34
carlosthe url should be valid, but we shouldn't link to them from sourcepackages or productseries11:34
kikocarlos, but then export will still be a valid action item.11:35
UbugtuNew bug: #68277 in malone ""newer first" doesn't sort bugs correctly" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6827711:36
carloskiko: we could disable that action then11:36
kikocarlos, yeah11:36
=== WaterSevenUb [n=WaterSev@c-65-96-188-198.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #launchpad
kikocarlos, so for now allow people to generate empty exports?11:55
kikoand file a bug for the fact that we do?11:55
carlosyes, please11:55
=== carlos -> bed
kikomatsubara, I'll take care of that as well11:55
carlosgood night guys11:55
carloskiko, matsubara: Thanks for handling that11:55
matsubarathanks kiko11:55
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