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gnaunitedimbrandon ping01:00
gnaunitedping ubuntulog01:01
gnaunitednvm then01:01
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troy_sgreetings all.03:50
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joejaxxGood Morning All07:10
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joejaxxBHSPitLappy: what are you up to at this hour?07:17
BHSPitLappyjust got home from work07:18
joejaxxoh ok07:18
BHSPitLappyis it 6:30am over there??07:18
BHSPitLappyyour ctcp time reply is funky, then07:19
BHSPitLappyI made a mistake, but it's still funky07:19
BHSPitLappyit reports 12:1807:19
joejaxxyeah it is where this server is07:19
joejaxxright now i am trying to make a ubuntu like drupal theme for the site07:22
joejaxxbased off the spreadfox theme07:22
joejaxxwell bbl07:26
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HiddenWolfIs there a designer here that would be interested in making me a logo for a project I'm working on?05:35
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HiddenWolfquestion still stands.06:06
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msikmaHi everybody08:37
msikmaI have a question: who made the new usplash code again?08:37
msikmaHmm... I want to use Evolution on an 800x600 display, but the wizard is too large for me to see the "forward" button :P08:44
msikmaAnyway, whoever made the new code for usplash, I have a (hopefully easy to implement) suggestion for an update.08:57
msikmaNamely, it seems to dump a lot of feedback into my terminal when it starts up.08:57
msikmaWhich seems to be debugging information, or something.08:57
msikmaI'd guess that it matters to the people who occasionally switch to tty1, because when logging in, the screen will be littered with debugging information.08:57
msikmaWhile everything still works, of course.08:58
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imbrandonmsikma, Seveas made it ( but best thing to do is make a wishlist bug report on Launchpad.net )09:44
Seveasmsikma, it's not usplash that does that09:45
imbrandonSeveas, upstart ?09:45
Seveasmostly the kernel09:46
Seveasif you boot with quiet on the kernel command line you won't be seeing it09:46
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frandavid100good evening!09:49
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frandavid100andreasn: did you have time to see the icon I sent?09:55
andreasnoh crap09:55
andreasnsorry, been busy with material for LinuxWorld the last couple of days09:56
andreasnand forgot all about it09:56
andreasnI'll look into it right away09:56
andreasnall right, looking at the last one you sent me09:57
frandavid100what's your opinion?09:58
andreasnit seems that it has a lot of extra nodes in dialog-cancel2.svg09:59
frandavid100really? but I just moved the ones that were already there.10:00
frandavid100didn't create any nodes...10:00
andreasncheck this out: http://ramnet.se/~nisse/diverse/temp/toosmanynodes.png10:02
frandavid100sorry for the unrlated question, but why does your inkscape have tango icons? you added them yourself?10:03
andreasnyeah, I did, it's in the works10:03
frandavid100that's really cool10:04
frandavid100well what can be done about those nodes?10:04
andreasnyou can select them and delete them10:05
andreasnif you want the inkscape icons10:05
andreasnfeel free to help out10:05
frandavid100I thought maybe inkscape could do that automatically or something10:05
andreasnyou can use the simplify action10:05
andreasnbut that works a little weird10:06
andreasnneed to get off to bed now10:06
andreasntake care!10:06
frandavid100take care andreas10:06
andreasnyou too10:06
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imbrandonokies, how many of you guys and gals are awake ?10:15
imbrandoni need a few testers for the new art.ubuntu.com site ( that mark announced a bit early on me hehe ) so if you all have some time today run http://art-staging.ubuntu.com through the ringer ( and it will /not/ get wiped ) as long as no "show stoppers" come up it will go live soon10:16
imbrandoni'm off for a little bit , email me if you have any issues ( imbrandon@kubuntu.org )10:16
imbrandoncbx33 dborg effraie HiddenWolf jelmer joejaxx michielsikma_ msikma nixternal ryanakca troy_s Seveas ^^10:17
=== imbrandon is afk
nixternalcan i put moonies up ?10:18
imbrandonnixternal, only if you want your ip banned ;)10:18
nixternalthat is art, unless of course it is my moon, then it should be illegal10:18
michielsikma_imbrandon: don't do that.10:19
imbrandonas in dont do what ?10:19
nixternalban my ip ;)10:20
ryanakcaimbrandon: PONG10:21
ryanakcatoo bad I can't do what seveas did and kick you with the message PONG10:21
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ryanakcahey Seveas :)10:22
ryanakcaimbrandon: it looks good :)10:27
ryanakcaimbrandon: umm... when the validation for registration is sent, would it be possible to have something like "Ubuntu Artwork" in the From/Sender field?10:28
imbrandonryanakca, done10:31
imbrandon( will from now on )10:31
imbrandonanyhow, i'm off, later10:31
ryanakcakk, see yah10:32
ryanakcaoooh, interesting, password protected albums...10:32
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michielsikma_imbrandon: don't name everybody in the channel for no reason. It sets off people's alerts.11:07
imbrandon_i set them off intentionaly, read the line before i did so, i know the netiquate for spamers , and this was not done in that sense,thanks11:09
msikmaimbrandon_: it matters not. Do not set off people's highlights needlessly. It needlessly alerts them.11:15
msikmaIt's annoying, it's spamming, whatever you want to call it.11:16
msikmaThere is never a reason to do it, and ``trying to attract attention for channel-wide announcements'' is not an excuse either.11:17
msikmaIf you're important enough to have to say things that concern everybody in the channel, you'll edit the topic.11:17
Seveasurh, msikma got his pants twisted...11:19
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-artwork:Seveas] : Welcome to #ubuntu-artwork! For more information - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork - Hot from the oven: http://art-staging.ubuntu.com
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