poningruits not down01:39
poningruthe port is 652201:40
poningruMagicFab: ^^^01:40
Burgworkthat is default01:40
poningruwell tonyyarusso is connected01:41
Burgworkok, fedora sucks01:41
Burgworkthey have disabled their repos for the release01:41
elkbuntuof course fedora sucks :01:48
=== gaz00 [n=gaz00@S0106000393c442d8.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
=== gaz00_ [n=gaz00@S0106000393c442d8.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
MagicFabponingru, I would use gobby if it was up. Burgwork said it was OK to edit it directly.02:48
poningruMagicFab: it is up02:49
poningrutonyyarusso is on it right now along with me02:49
MagicFabit was not when I tried.02:49
poningruMagicFab: are you on dapper?02:49
MagicFabedgy, right now02:49
poningruupdate the gobby package and try again02:49
MagicFabI just installed it today on this machine. The newsletter was going out tonight and Iw wasn' t sure I could connect later, so I asked Burgwork . Plus it had a pasword... nevermind02:51
MagicFabbut tx for the link, would have been useful earlier ;)02:52
poningruthe uwn is going out tonight/02:52
tonyyarussoAre things just about done on the UWN?03:49
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Burgundaviaanybody alive?05:12
elkbuntuBurgundavia, i am05:19
Burgundaviaanybody else that was editing the UWN around?05:20
elkbuntutonyyarusso, poningru around still?05:21
elkbuntutony is away05:21
=== jenda [n=jenda@ubuntu/member/jenda] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Burgundaviahey jenda05:22
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: I'm sort of here - tending my dinner05:26
elkbuntutonyyarusso, no prob :)05:27
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: Did you need something?05:27
elkbuntutonyyarusso, Burgundavia was calling people to arms for UWN05:27
tonyyarussoI did all of the parts I knew how to - wasn't sure where to find dapper updates info, and Burgundavia was going to do the edgy changes.05:28
Burgundaviadapper updates is not hard05:28
Burgundaviaare you subscribed to dapper-changes?05:29
tonyyarussoAh, nope.05:29
tonyyarussoSo the answer is mailing list archives?05:29
tonyyarussoLast archive date is the 20th05:30
Burgundavialook for anything in the range05:30
Burgundaviaremember to seperate backports from updates05:31
Burgundaviaignore security uploades05:31
tonyyarussoOkay, I can do that.  You still doing the edgy changes?05:31
Burgundaviaworking through my inbox right now05:31
tonyyarussoOkay.  I'll get on that right after dinner.05:32
=== lophyte [n=dsulliva@bas5-toronto63-1096729217.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
BurgundaviaUWN is strictly weekly05:52
Burgundaviawe are working on the 15-21 one05:52
Burgundavianot the 20-27th one05:52
Burgundavianixternal: this is me looking at you05:53
nixternalBurgundavia: this is me mooning you! ;)05:59
Burgundavianixternal: you ugly beast, I am going blind06:00
nixternalflat bottoms from sitting in the computer chair all day long06:00
=== elkbuntu [n=melissa@ubuntu/member/elkbuntu] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Burgundaviatonyyarusso: please make certain nothing got added that is past the 21st06:11
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: Okay, I had some things from before since I wasn't sure how it worked - going back through and fixing them now06:12
Burgundaviano worries06:12
Burgundaviaadd them to 2006:12
=== Madpilot [n=brian@S0106001150603f7d.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
Burgundaviatonyyarusso: you still around?07:12
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: Yep07:13
Burgundaviacan you add the info about the new accessiblity devel list?07:13
Burgundaviato 1907:13
Burgundaviaand no tech board meeting07:13
Burgundaviaor devel meeting07:13
BHSPitLappyso is there going to be a release party07:14
Burgundaviadepends on where you are07:14
tonyyarussoI don't have anything about a tech board meeting or devel meeting07:15
BHSPitLappyon IRC, at least, Burgundavia :P07:15
tonyyarussoAnd I just found the info for the accessibility list, so I'll get that.07:20
tonyyarussoWhat did you mean about the meetings though?07:20
Burgundaviathere is no tech board or devel meetings recently07:21
Burgundaviasee the -devel and -devel-announce list07:21
tonyyarussoYou mean you want me to explain why not?07:21
BurgundaviaI suggest anybody that works on UWN shoudl be subscribed to the all of announce lists07:21
Burgundaviamost that they are not going, but all the reason07:21
=== lotusleaf [n=lotuslea@unaffiliated/lotusleaf] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
tonyyarussoaccess list and mtgs info done07:34
lotusleafawesome, this channel exists!07:34
Burgundaviawe have existed for a while07:35
lotusleafBurgundavia: I guess it just took a clue stick to hit me to find it :)07:36
lotusleafis there a central location for discussions of marketing? :) && thx07:36
Burgundaviawe are currently finishing up the UWN for this week07:36
lotusleafI would like to get involved in marketing ubuntu. Would I need to follow the process of becoming an ubuntu member, or what is the best course to get involved in ubuntu marketing?07:38
Burgundaviayou show up07:39
Burgundaviayou breath07:39
Burgundaviayou produce07:39
tonyyarussolotusleaf: No need to be a member - anyone that mentions Ubuntu over coffee is involved in ubuntu marketing.  There are some materials on the wiki that could help you get started.07:39
Burgundaviagiven you have already passed the first two tests, lets work on number 307:40
tonyyarussolotusleaf: There's also a mailing list that you can subscribe to for marketing discussion.07:40
Burgundaviawhat sort of marketing do you want to do?07:40
lotusleafBurgundavia: beautifully put. :)07:40
lotusleaftonyyarusso: cool, thx ;)07:40
lotusleafBurgundavia: long range plan: to make sure everyone has heard of Ubuntu and knows what it is. :)07:41
BurgundaviaI am talking specifics07:42
lotusleafBurgundavia: I have been giving shipit CDs to some friends, a few professors in different unis to distribute to their students in their CS courses, distributing Ubuntu CDs throughout my area, the usual friends+family free installs/setup/support, I'm currently putting together materials to send to my local media (tv/newspaper/magazine) as well07:44
Burgundaviawe need people to create some rocking materials07:44
lotusleafBurgundavia: In 2007 I'm going to put together my first batch of glow in the dark Ubuntu bumper stickers so when the lights go down and all the other advertisements are visually silent, the ubuntu advertisements come alive07:45
lotusleafBurgundavia: also I'm printing out/distributing some flyers about Ubuntu which will say something like "Found: Freedom, and a picture of a cute animal wearing an ubuntu shirt with the ubuntu url below and information"07:46
Burgundaviawe have lots of ideas about brochures07:46
Burgundaviawe need some simple and professional ones07:47
lotusleafBurgundavia: awesome, I'm curious, do you have a central server with printables for distribution? Pdfs and the like?07:47
Burgundaviano, not currently07:47
Burgundaviajust the wiki07:47
lotusleafBurgundavia: k thx07:47
BurgundaviaI am likely to do something like document tree on day07:47
Madpilotlotusleaf, we've got some stuff on the docteam server, actually, but most on the wiki07:47
lotusleafBurgundavia: I saw an ubuntu marketing forum on the web somewhere, is that official and related to you guys?07:47
Burgundaviathat is dead07:47
lotusleafMadpilot: thx I will check it out! :)07:47
lotusleafBurgundavia: ah.. ;)07:47
lotusleafMadpilot: thx :)07:48
tonyyarussoI just did a server install, so I can host things September-April anyway if anyone's interested.07:48
BurgundaviaI am currently evaluating document managment servers at work07:48
BurgundaviaI will recommend something son07:49
tonyyarussoMaybe one day my family will break and get a high speed connection at home.  Until then I can only do fun stuff during the school year.07:49
lotusleafI've also contacted all the major talk shows in the U.S. and told them about Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth07:52
Burgundaviaso the marketing team is more about creating stuff07:52
MadpilotUbuntu on Oprah - ahhhhhh!!!!!07:52
lotusleafMadpilot: Montel Williams perhaps? :)07:52
lotusleafDon't underestimate the marketing power of a low-brow day time talk show, whichever one that may be07:53
tonyyarussolotusleaf: Any success with that?  I tried e-mail late-nights that do intelligent interviews, but no response of course.07:53
Burgundaviatalking with local people is a local teams07:53
lotusleafonce you get all the housewives bouncing around...07:53
MadpilotI can't really imagine anything useful coming out of something moronic like daytime TV meeting Ubuntu...07:53
lotusleaftonyyarusso: I just completed my first stage of contact.. My next stage will involve going through people I know in L.A.07:53
tonyyarussoIf we got enough people together suggesting it, what are the odds we could get Mark on the Daily Show?07:53
lotusleaftonyyarusso: that would be cool, but would he get enough air-time?07:54
lotusleaftonyyarusso: as compared to the talk shows07:54
tonyyarussolotusleaf: Anything that he got would be far more intelligent07:55
tonyyarussoAnd a larger intelligent audience07:55
lotusleaftonyyarusso: true07:55
lotusleafis it just me, or is there a media blackout on Linux in the U.S.?07:55
tonyyarussoWhen they get really big names sometimes 20 minutes is actual interview, so you never know.07:55
tonyyarussoMaybe more even07:56
lotusleaftonyyarusso: I don't watch it that often, that would be cool though.07:56
tonyyarussoI'll be Mark could manage 10 or 15 easily enough07:56
tonyyarussoI've been relegated to watching what I can get on YouTube, since I don't have cable and the Comedy Central site doesn't work on Linux.07:56
lotusleaftonyyarusso: does it work with firefox in wine?07:57
tonyyarussolotusleaf: Never tried.  Don't do wine.07:57
lotusleaftonyyarusso: for when you really need it, it works =)07:57
lotusleafI'd much rather see websites conform to standards, but oh well07:58
tonyyarussoThe really weird thing is what it does - tries to play a gif file in Totem07:59
lotusleafI visited the daily show site a few days ago, I didn't care at all for the layout, like most U.S. tv web sites08:00
=== nikon [n=nikon@64-193-2-36.dtb.clearwire-dns.net] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
nikonhello all08:01
tonyyarussoNBC gives you a nice little message saying "you must be using internet explorer on windows xp to view this site".  They got an angry e-mail.08:01
tonyyarussohi nikon08:01
lotusleafI can see why a lot of people like the daily show, but I think people miss the whole issue, we should all have the right to have our own radio station not tied to a corporation. I don't see the daily show as ground breaking at all. But then again, I voted for Nader. </offtopic>08:02
tonyyarussoI'm confused as to how the different sections of that sentence were related...08:02
lotusleaftonyyarusso: good for you. I go one step further and contact tv stations and radio when they talk about computer viruses and ask them why they aren't talking about Linux?08:03
lotusleaftonyyarusso: a lot of folks say the daily show is a fresh unique news source compared to the other news stations in the U.S.08:03
nikon<offtopic>agree with you there lotusleaf. my friend actually runs his own radio station all out of his own pocket.if he can do t anyone can</offtopic>08:03
tonyyarussolotusleaf: What sort of response do they manage for that one08:03
tonyyarussolotusleaf: Um...it's not a news show :\08:04
lotusleaftonyyarusso: well I swear they have a canned noise machine (like canned laughter) because they're like ferris bueller making up some b.s. excuse about how busy they are and have to go ;)08:04
lotusleaftonyyarusso: that show with stewart?08:05
tonyyarussolotusleaf: Yeah08:05
lotusleaftonyyarusso: it has news, right?08:05
lotusleaftonyyarusso: my point was that a lot of people feel that the daily show is a burst of fresh air in a climate of corporate news08:05
tonyyarussolotusleaf: He _makes fun_ of the news.  It's a comedy show, and he makes no claim that he is reporting the news.  See his appearance on "Crossfire".08:06
lotusleaftonyyarusso: right, I'm familiar with the show08:06
lotusleaftonyyarusso: and I saw the Crossfire thing08:06
BurgundaviaI think we should concentrate on things we can do08:06
Burgundaviamaybe a form letter to tell people about linux/open source/ubuntu, to send to editors when the mention computer viruses, not windows viruses08:07
lotusleafBurgundavia: yup :)08:07
Burgundaviathat would be great08:07
lotusleafBurgundavia: an excellent idea08:07
Burgundaviaso do it08:07
lotusleafBurgundavia: =)08:07
nikoni have found that flyers work great..expecially around computer stores08:08
tonyyarussonikon: Do you have some?08:08
lotusleafnikon: flyers are awesome08:08
nikonnot on the comp im using right now08:09
nikonive been thinking about making some new flyers, ill probably start that later toniht08:09
lotusleafhave you seen those OBEY posters with andre the giant and the Krikey! posters with the Croc Hunter? I'd like to do a very simple take on that with Ubuntu08:10
nikoni could scetch something up08:11
lotusleafBurgundavia: earlier, did I read you right when you said you had also presented ideas to US talk shows re: ubuntu?08:11
Burgundaviano, I have not08:11
lotusleafBurgundavia: perhaps we could organize a write-in campaign for people to write the talk shows about Ubuntu08:11
nikonthats cool08:11
Madpilotlotusleaf, I'm always looking for graphical inspiration - link me to the Crikey/Obey posters pls?08:11
BurgundaviaI don't know if taht is worth it, but sure08:11
lotusleafMadpilot: one moment please08:11
lotusleafMadpilot: ah... I don't have the Krikey links but they were on Flickr08:12
lotusleafMadpilot: my links are on another box in another place ;P08:12
lotusleafas for the obey posters.. those are pretty common and there's a site for them too I think?08:12
Madpilotlotusleaf, I'll ask almighty Google in a moment then - thanks08:12
lotusleafnp ;)08:12
nikonit isnt hard to convert people to ubuntu. just need a way to open up there minds08:12
lotusleafMadpilot: http://www.boingboing.net/2006/10/04/obey_irwin_posters.html08:13
lotusleafnikon: exactly08:13
lotusleafnikon: and subtle but constant bombardment of advertising works ;)08:13
nikonas always08:14
lotusleafMadpilot: http://flickr.com/photos/goodbyedoggy/261090161/in/photostream/08:14
lotusleafMadpilot: and the same Krikey poster but better quality: http://flickr.com/photos/spongemonkey/247277589/08:15
lotusleafwil wheaton's (wesley crusher from ST:TNG) website used to link to the OBEY andre poster site let me see08:16
lotusleafargh he bloggified it I don't see the link.. going to archive.org08:17
nikonas for a ubuntu flyer in the likeness of OBEY posters wouldnt be hard at all08:18
nikonan hours work at most08:18
lotusleafnikon: yeah, it would just depend on finding a quality and catchy phrase08:18
lotusleafnikon: or set of phrases for different posters08:18
lotusleafnikon: I think they would be attention getting08:18
nikonmost def08:18
lotusleafand distribution of them would be a "no mercy" approach, putting them as many places as (legally) possible08:19
nikono yes08:19
lotusleafperhaps there could be flyer distribution penguin clans made, each with a different colored kilt08:19
nikonhow about UBUNTU! The Only Way!08:19
lotusleafI Will Not Konform !08:20
lotusleafdunno we need brainstormers08:20
lotusleafand a large poster which can be seen via google earth08:21
nikoni could make aa flyer in the shape of our beloved penquin and put the ubuntu logo on his belly. have him say "MMMMM ubuntu the healthy way to go"08:21
tonyyarussoThat might just be a tad expensive08:21
lotusleaftonyyarusso: but isn't the knowledge of freedom worth it? :)08:21
tonyyarussolotusleaf: If you have the money, go right ahead.  I don't.08:21
nikonme either08:22
lotusleaftonyyarusso: It's an idea I will keep in mind =)08:22
lotusleaftonyyarusso: it can be made cheaply if you have the labor done elsewhere08:22
nikonthis isnt wallmart08:23
lotusleafI didn't say sweatshop!08:23
nikoncheaply, elsewhere = sweatshop08:23
nikonin corporate terms anyway08:23
lotusleafis jack in the box a sweatshop?08:23
lotusleafthe minimum wage !08:24
lotusleafperhaps I could hire some knitting group to do something huge08:24
lotusleafknit a huge ubuntu banner08:24
nikonhang it on the great wall of china08:24
nikoni have an idea08:26
nikonmake ubuntu stickers08:26
nikonim talking about car window stickers08:27
lotusleafglow in the dark and black light08:27
lotusleafso they show up at night or under black lights =)08:27
nikonjust have a funky old time08:27
Madpilot30 seconds in Inkscape: http://www.warbard.ca/temp/ObeyUbuntu.png08:28
Madpilotwell, actually about two minutes, but close enough08:28
nikonyou should make the logo colored. will give it a more LOOK AT ME feel08:29
nikonnice though08:29
lotusleafMadpilot: cool job!08:29
lotusleafnikon: yeah but the b/w posters some times have a more raw ghetto look and appeal08:30
lotusleafand they're cheaper to duplicate ;)08:30
MadpilotInkscape makes roughing out graphical ideas so easy08:30
nikonthat is true08:30
nikoni need to get inkscape08:30
lotusleafa subtle play on that OBEY and KRIKEY thing would really be cool, I think08:30
lotusleafand a neat way to spread the message of ubuntu via flyers =)08:30
nikonhaha found another bug in knot 308:34
lotusleafI am the Lizard king! http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelrighi/133766075/08:35
MadpilotCool, an Ubuntu-themed eft!08:35
nikonwhat an intense color scheme08:35
lotusleafnikon: yeah, I'd like to see a film with him done to the Doors music08:36
nikon<offtopic>do you guys like purple kubuntu or blue??08:36
nikonyea i know haha08:37
lotusleafnikon: I like the edgy kubuntu splashy but I don't like the purple background once you login08:38
lotusleafnikon: but that's easily changed so it';s no big deal08:38
nikonyes true08:38
nikoni found the purple very calming08:39
lotusleafnikon: me too. I sit back and lap the milk from a coconut while the unicorns laugh beside me near a silver lake and a waterfall filled with hummingbirds who have since transformed into fish08:39
lotusleafI made an ubuntu logo from a hoolahoop and ping pong balls08:40
lotusleafmarketing in motion!08:41
lotusleafregarding contacting the media for show ideas, it's always nice to have something cool to show them, so I linked them to a youtube video where mark shuttleworth was briefly interviewed and it talked a little about him and ubuntu08:42
Madpilotcloser to the Krikey! original: http://www.warbard.ca/temp/ObeyUbuntu2.png08:42
jendaHow's the UWN going?08:42
Madpilotneed to get that rough printed look into the logo & edges too08:42
nikoni like that one08:42
MadpilotIt's amusing that we have to spend so much time re-creating digitally all the effects real printers try to get rid of but can't08:43
nikonim keeping that one do you mind?08:43
nikonhaha yea i know08:43
lotusleafMadpilot: cool job! we could do tons of these08:43
nikongotta love the grunge effect08:43
lotusleafMadpilot: perhaps we should make a thread on the forums about these and include them as attachments for printing out ?08:44
=== jenda goes to pick up the posters today - w00t
lotusleafsup jenda08:44
jendayo lotusleaf08:44
Madpilotsure. I can do better quality PNGs, and make the SVG available too - these are just quick screenshot PNGs08:44
nikonyou should08:44
lotusleafMadpilot: you've already whipped up some coolness in such a short time, nice work!08:44
Madpilotlotusleaf, like I said, that's why I love Inkscape - it makes prototyping this sort of thing so effortless08:45
lotusleafMadpilot: :) I just found some cool inkscape tutorials the other day but haven't had a chance to check em out08:45
Madpilotlotusleaf, which ones?08:45
lotusleafMadpilot: I have the links on another box ;(08:45
lotusleafMadpilot: they should appear in my next site update in Nov08:45
lotusleafMadpilot: http://lotusleafslinks.tuxfamily.org/ :)08:46
jendaInkscape rocks08:46
jendaEven I can use it, and that's a lot to say :)08:46
lotusleafMadpilot: I'm really liking the second design you made, perhaps you could make the ubuntu logo appear a bit brutal too to coincide with the text beneath?08:47
Madpilotlotusleaf, yeah, just working on that08:47
lotusleafMadpilot: sweet!08:47
lotusleafMadpilot: when you get it done, and in a printable size, with your permission I'd like to print some myself for distribution =)08:47
lotusleafMadpilot: I'll start in lots of 50008:48
Madpilotlotusleaf, I'll work on it, post here & the marketing ML when it's available08:48
lotusleafMadpilot: right on! :)08:48
lotusleafMadpilot: give me a shout out please in case I miss it: lotusleaf@tuxfamily.org08:49
Madpilotlotusleaf, will do - you are on the marketing mailing list though, right?08:49
lotusleafMadpilot: not yet, I just found this channel today ;)08:49
jendalotusleaf: I'm working on a website to encourage & help with similar endeavors, so once you print them out (if it's ready) you can put your info in there :)08:50
jenda(that's why I'm doing the posters and was doing the stickers)08:50
lotusleafMadpilot: if you have large PDFs I can provide some hosting on my site too ;)08:50
lotusleafhow heavy is the mailing list for marketing?08:53
jendanot much, really.08:53
lotusleafk cool I'll go ahead and sign up08:53
jendamost days, there is no traffic08:53
lotusleafhmm I wonder if it's on news.gmane.org08:54
jendalotusleaf: we have doc.ubuntu.com/~marketing for hosting thingies like this... except I'm the only person who uses it :)08:54
lotusleafjenda: ;)08:55
lotusleafthx I'll check it out too08:55
jendaalthough everyone in the MT has access...08:55
jendaMadpilot: would you mind pushing it through the bzr branch?08:55
lotusleafjenda: DIY website template looks nice08:55
Madpilotjenda, will do08:55
jendathx )08:56
=== jenda wants two things to happen:
jenda1) the DIY website to get finished08:56
lotusleafI'm liking the DIY posters =)08:56
jenda2) the doc.ubuntu.com server to be stable :/08:56
jendalotusleaf: I'm going to pick them up from the printer today :)08:56
jendaa buck a piece, if you're interested.08:56
lotusleafjenda: awesome!08:56
lotusleafjenda: are you continuing production on them in Spring 07?08:57
jendaer... huh? ):08:57
lotusleafjenda: you're making them for sale right?08:57
jendaWell, I'm having a batch of 500 pieces08:57
jendayes - pretty much08:58
lotusleafjenda: yeah, I was curious if you were going to continue running them into 0708:58
lotusleafor if this was a limited test run08:58
jendaIt's a limited test run, but if there's demand, I don't mind printing again.08:58
lotusleafk cool thx08:58
jendaI keep 7.3 US cents from every poster I sell (10% of the price) and the rest will be used to fund marketing projects08:59
lotusleafyou could make a cool ubuntu logo out of pennies retained from that =)09:00
jendahehe :)09:00
jendaIt'll be $31.30 on the entire batch, if all 500 are sold.09:00
lotusleafI'm making an ubuntu logo out of the metal gold and silver tops from tobacco can lids09:00
lotusleafjenda: great, so with that tidy profit you can buy... an ubuntu shirt!09:00
jendagreat idea :)09:01
jendaHonestly, I'm only doing the posters to have some first stuff to put on teh website, and to prove that it works :) And for that I need to take some sort of profit in order to show people that they can take a profit if they so wish.09:01
lotusleafhow about a discs of tron poster with an ubuntu logo in place of a Tron disc.. oh wait.. nevermind, you'd have to pay disney for that wouldn't you.. :)09:02
lotusleafjenda: the fact that you're doing it at all is cool and I respect that09:02
jenda(The image would be spoiled if they knew I was going to donate the $30 to Ubuntu afterwards, so keep that secret, just in this channel... ;))09:02
nikonwhat poster are you printing out jenda??09:02
lotusleafjenda: ok, just don't tell ubuntulog =)09:03
lotusleafoops, too late! :D09:03
jendaubuntulog: you didn't see _anything_ right?09:03
jendaI suspect most of the people won't notice.09:03
lotusleafjenda: most people don't notice, that's how the media retains power NO CARRIER09:03
jendaI think it's totally legitimate to take a profit from such a project.09:04
jendaAnd I want the people thinking of printing something to know that.09:04
lotusleafjenda: I would tell them I was buying a pink flamingo fedora hat09:04
lotusleafwith a bird beak snouted front09:04
lotusleafand pink feathers around the edges09:04
=== lotusleaf flaps arms like a bat and screeches
=== jenda pretends he doesn't know lotusleaf
poningruwhat are we doing?09:06
lotusleafjenda: *<:O)09:06
jendaponingru: idle chatter :)09:06
jendaI'm not sure what's up with the UWN09:07
lotusleafponingru: /exit and /part went to the picnic by the lake. Who stayed behind for tea?09:07
jendait was supposed to be due yesterday, but it didn't seem to come out...09:07
jenda/quit ?09:07
lotusleafjenda: you win!09:08
Burgundaviajenda: yesterday? it is only midnight here09:08
jendaBurgundavia: ah.09:08
poningruBurgundavia: anything you are working on I can help with?09:08
poningrudoc, or marketing or whatever09:09
jendaBurgundavia: midnight-o-nine, no? :)09:09
Burgundavianeed to finish up one paragraph, then copy back to teh wiki09:09
poningruBurgundavia: where are you?09:09
Burgundaviagoing to spell check tomorrow morning and send09:09
jendaI finally signed up to gobby :)09:09
lotusleafponingru: you've heard of the OBEY andre the giant posters and perhaps the Krikey croc hunter posters right?09:09
Burgundaviawest coast of NA09:09
lotusleafponingru: Madpilot is doing something like that for Ubuntu for flyers09:09
poningruBurgundavia: for the conference?09:09
Burgundaviano, I live here09:10
poningruwait when is the mv conference?09:10
jendaMadpilot: I might think of printing a third batch to make the set - some flyers. I wonder how they would sell, though.09:10
poningruI thought you were toronto09:10
jendaOTOH, I could probably fund them completely from the profits on the posters...09:10
=== jenda checks... hmm... $160 in the red once I get all the money people who preordered will send me... hmm... did I say profit? :)
poningrujenda: a 500 gig hdd09:12
poningruplease dig http://digg.com/software/Your_bookmarks_aren_t_lost_they_re_just_hiding09:12
jendaponingru: what about iL09:13
jenda*it? ;)09:13
poningrujenda: what to buy with that money09:13
jendaumm... it's a $160 _loss_... not sure I can buy much with that :)09:14
Madpilotjenda, just declare yourself a government, they're good at spending money they don't have ;)09:14
jendawow, great Idea :)09:15
poningruoh... hhe09:15
=== jenda publishes a declaration of independence
=== jenda buys a $160 harddisk
=== jenda blames the taxpayer.
jendathat's right, the only taxpayer ;)09:16
Burgundaviaok, anybody editing in gobby?09:20
BurgundaviaI am going to copy back to the wiki09:21
Burgundaviathen let you lot have at it for a few hours while I sleep09:21
elkbuntujenda, how much are the posters again?09:25
nikonwhat is gobby?09:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gobbt - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi09:30
ubotugobby: collaborative text editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.0-1ubuntu3.1 (dapper), package size 464 kB, installed size 1628 kB09:30
elkbuntunikon, --^ :)09:30
nikonthank you09:30
jendaelkbuntu: a buck apiece09:32
jendaI prefer euros, in which case it's a bit cheaper.09:32
tonyyarussoBurgundavia: What's left?09:32
elkbuntutonyyarusso, probably just making sure it is coherant09:33
jendaelkbuntu: the production price is about 73.something cents09:33
poningrunikon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gobby09:33
tonyyarussoWhat about a link for more info about the i386 rebuild?09:34
tonyyarusso(line 58)09:34
Burgundaviathat would be part of waht we missed09:34
Burgundaviakeep working on it09:34
BurgundaviaI need to sleep09:34
jendaI need to sleep too, that's why I'm off to school.09:34
tonyyarussoSame here unfortunately (Eastern).  I'll see if I can at least find that link.09:35
jendaelkbuntu: if you're interested, please drop a mail, or pick me up later, gotta run now.09:35
elkbuntujenda, ok, cya later then09:35
poningrujenda: nn09:36
tonyyarussoGot the link in.09:39
nikonalright guys going to sleep its 340am and i have classes tommorow. goodnight all09:40
poningruhmm quick question... if I were to work on making a vmware image that had sobby running with zeroconf support would that help during the mv conference?09:41
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elkbuntumost people at MV will be using edgy and at least someone will know which particular gobby build will work with the particular obby build used09:43
tonyyarussoNo idea09:43
poningruelkbuntu: see people can use my server if they want09:44
poningrubut since it will be in a different network you cant use the zeroconf to easily discover the docs09:44
elkbuntuponingru, i think canonical will have all this sorted out already09:45
poningrubut yeah since its only like 2-3 steps to connect09:45
poningruoh ok09:45
elkbuntuponingru, will you be at MV?09:46
poningruI wish09:47
tonyyarussoAnyone that is going I'm looking for an attendee to adopt a feature specification.09:47
poningru<--- poor college student09:47
MadpilotWIP: http://www.warbard.ca/temp/ObeyUbuntu3.png09:47
Madpilotlotusleaf, ^^^09:48
lotusleafMadpilot: thx, the grit seems a bit off on the ubuntu logo, the previous one pwns!09:48
lotusleafMadpilot: #2 is a keeper09:48
lotusleafhttp://www.warbard.ca/temp/ObeyUbuntu3.png <309:49
Madpilotthe 'grit' inside the white is still the WIP part, all of them are exactly the same peice just copied for a placeholder :)09:49
lotusleafoops, I meant: http://www.warbard.ca/temp/ObeyUbuntu2.png <309:49
poningrunaah I like 3 better09:49
lotusleafMadpilot: you're rockin' keep up the good work! :)09:49
tonyyarussoAll right, I just made my pass through UWN 19 for proofreading.  You want to check it over now poningru?09:54
tonyyarussoYou'll have to add yourself to the bottom, since I wasn't sure what to put for you.09:56
poningru:) k09:59
poningruhow did we handle links?10:00
poningrutrying to get rid of wiki markup10:00
tonyyarussoFor things within the Ubuntu wiki I used the usual WikiNames automatic links, and just regular links for everything else, except for in the Montreal presentation section, which has text other than the URL linking.10:01
tonyyarusso(Fabian did that part)10:01
poningruyeah I have to put that as footnotes for that particular article10:03
tonyyarussoWhen you moved the links it looks like you forgot to put back in the name of the group sponsoring the presentation on line 37.10:06
tonyyarusso(Or maybe you're just still working on that)10:06
tonyyarussoponingru: Also, I have a disagreement with what you did with the dates.  "th" is not commonly capitalized.10:07
poningruwill revert10:07
poningruoh still working on that10:08
tonyyarussoIs it possible to have an X-less server host the Gobby session?10:13
elkbuntuthats what Sobby is10:14
tonyyarussoAh, got it.10:14
tonyyarussoAnything Gobby/sobby-like for things other than plain text?10:16
elkbuntuno idea10:16
tonyyarussoShould our contributor attributions at the bottom be linking WikiNames or just regular?10:17
poningruactually with sobby you cant edit10:24
tonyyarussoWhat do you mean?10:24
elkbuntusobby is a server not a client10:25
poningruyeah you cant actually use sobby to edit the docs... it will only host em10:26
tonyyarusso(I'm looking for different things I can do with my new desktop machine that weren't as practical for my laptop)10:26
poningrutonyyarusso: your email server, space heater etc.10:26
Madpilothttp://www.warbard.ca/temp/ObeyUbuntu4.png <-- last one before I crash for the night - thoughts?10:26
tonyyarussoHey!  We have the regular firefox logo now!10:27
poningrutonyyarusso: :D10:27
poningruI know10:27
poningruits teh awesome10:27
tonyyarussoStill waiting for 2.0 final to come through the tubes though.10:27
poningrubut the tubes are clogged10:27
tonyyarussoLots of traffic will do that10:27
poningruMadpilot: :(10:27
poningruI liked 3 better10:27
poningrutonyyarusso: also folding10:28
=== tonyyarusso wonders if we got a decent TB logo too
Madpilotponingru, too much roughness on the logo now, or ???10:29
elkbuntutonyyarusso, yeah, i noticed that. surely a bug?10:29
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: Why?10:29
poningruMadpilot: yeah a little too rough10:30
Madpilottonyyarusso, has Moz changed policy then?10:30
poningrunaah re: the logo, we signed the contract :)10:30
tonyyarussoMadpilot: I don't believe so.  Ubuntu just decided to go a  different route from Debian I think.  They were "in talks" with Mozilla about it.10:30
poningruyeah /me <310:31
poningrutonyyarusso: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protein_folding10:32
tonyyarussoAargh.  We still have the gross Thunderbird icon.10:32
poningruwe do?10:33
poningruoh wow10:33
tonyyarussoponingru: You done with UWN yet?  Doesn't look like anything's chaged recently.10:35
poningruyeah havent really found anything wrong recently10:36
tonyyarussoDo you think it's ready?10:36
elkbuntutonyyarusso, only Burgundavia can make that call ;)10:37
tonyyarussoelkbuntu: Got it.  I suspected as much, but was wasn't sure.10:37
tonyyarussoGuess it's not going out tonight then.10:37
elkbuntusince he has to get it through the ML :)10:37
elkbuntuno, he said first thing tomorrow afaik10:37
poningrutonyyarusso: no still going through stuff10:38
tonyyarussoI suppose I could at least remove the work in progress and template stuff from the top so nobody forgets about that in the morning.10:38
poningruhehe yeah10:39
poningruit looks good10:42
poningruthe only thing I dont know about is the oracle article10:42
poningruits got crazy logic10:44
poningruand a bit too speculative for my taste10:44
tonyyarussoThat was the one thing that was there when I started, so I didn't really want to mess with someone else's work without having them around.10:44
tonyyarussoMuch of that though is quotes, and the articles that are going around are very speculative.10:44
poningruyeah lame10:49
poningruwill leave it to the chief editor10:49
poningruBurgundavia: ^^^10:49
elkbuntulet the poor guy sleep, would you10:53
poningruelkbuntu: I was up for about 30 hours last couple of days straight11:08
poningruand working on about 6 hours of sleep after that11:08
poningruthis classes+job+other projects thing is really draining11:09
elkbuntuhehe yeah11:09
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poningrutommorow I have Campus Sustainability conference to go to11:14
poningruearly in the morn11:14
poningrunn guys11:36
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jendaposters are in :)03:06
elkbuntudo they look as good as expected?03:08
jendaMuch better, of course ;)03:09
=== jenda totally loves them.
jendaelkbuntu: Once I cover the cost, I'll start donating (the posters) to LoCo teams.03:49
=== lloydinho [n=andreas@rosinante.egmont-kol.dk] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
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KenSentMejenda: should i send my money through paypal?04:00
jendayeppers :)04:01
=== KenSentMe forgot what we had agreed
KenSentMewas it 20 euro's for posters and stickers?04:02
KenSentMeor 10, i don't know04:03
jendahehe :)04:03
jendalooks like 1004:03
jendaubuntulog: you didn't see anything04:04
KenSentMewhoops, sorry about that04:04
jendaKenSentMe: please don't post my addy in a publically logged channel :(04:04
jendano problem.04:04
KenSentMecan i undo it in some way?04:04
KenSentMeMoney sent btw04:06
jendaUmm, well...04:10
jendayou'd have to contact fabbione and ask him if it's possible to remove the address...04:10
jenda...and perhaps suggest an automated de-spamifier that would grab x@y.z format things and make them x(a t)y(d.o.t)z :)04:12
KenSentMejenda: i contacted fabbione, but he says he too busy preparing for edgy release04:21
jendano problem, I'll survive :)04:22
jendaI just realised I was supposed to have been somewhere half an hour ago...04:23
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MenZajenda: :O05:47
MenZajenda: some Danish guy asked me if I had more stickers yesterday :D05:48
MenZaelkbuntu: hey Melissa :D05:48
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nikonhey all07:04
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jendaMenZa: Tjoels.08:32
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jendahello nikon_09:37
jendawelcome to da marketing channel (and mailing list ;))09:37
nikonhey jenda can i get a link to the marketing wiki??09:43
jendatyped it manually :) :) :)09:43
nikonthanks a bunch09:43
jendamy fingers have several words taught very well on the keyboard... ubuntu, marketing team, ubuntuforums, ... :)09:44
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nikonwhen is the next issue of the mailing list being sent out??09:54
jendathe mailing list is a communications media - whenever someone posts to it, all the subscribers recieve the message.09:56
jendaYou can post to it too, and everyone subscribed will receive it.09:56
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jendaNow what _does_ come out in issues is the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.09:57
jendaThere should be one today, I believe...09:58
Burgworkthere will be, I am just ignoring it right nw10:00
nikonwhere do i go to get it?10:01
Burgworkisn't out yet, currently in gobby10:02
jendanikon: you can have a look at the previous issue.10:03
MagicFabBurgwork, I don't see the bit about the Montreal presentation10:04
Burgworkhmm, forgot10:04
Burgworkadd as needed10:04
Burgworkoh, wait, when was the montreal thingy?10:05
Burgworkafter the 21st?10:05
jenda@now Prague10:07
jendanikon: fire it up, and click join session.10:11
jendanikon: the host is ""10:12
jendaand leave the port default (5222)10:12
jendachoose a color.10:13
jendait'll ask for a pass - it's ufl@ftw10:13
jendanow just feel free to edit :)10:13
jenda(/me was asked for help)10:13
MagicFabI still can't connect with that info - using Edgy.10:14
nikonthis is what i get when i start gobby "Howl initialisation failed. Probably you need to run mDNSResponder as root prior to Gobby. Zeroconf support is deactivated for this session."10:14
MagicFabSame for me.10:14
jendaMagicFab: what's the problem?10:14
jendanikon: that doesn't matter.10:15
jendai get that too.10:15
jendaor... I did. I don't think I do anymore :) I have no clue why.10:15
MagicFabAnd how can I check the version of the nl I edited yesterday ?10:16
nikoncannot assign requested address10:16
MagicFabnikon, same for me10:17
jendaI had that too...10:17
jendaI have no clue how I fixed it :(10:17
MagicFabBurgwork, where can I find my edit from yesterday ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue18?action=info doesn't show it.10:17
Burgworkhmm, no idea10:17
MagicFabpfh... why is does this feel such a WASTE of my time (and yours)10:18
Burgworkdoesn't to me10:18
MagicFabI don't enjoy seing my bit gone, and no solution for contributing other than broken gobby session10:19
nikonhey jenda what is your default port10:19
=== jenda blind
jendawasn't it 5222 in old gobby?10:20
nikonhaha got it10:21
MagicFabsorry, I hat doing things twice with the wrong info10:21
=== MagicFab apologizes - washes mouth with soap - takes a big breath
MagicFabreally, this is a bad day for me.10:22
jendaSorry. But I told you to keep default ;) Don't listen to _all_ I say,though, pick the good parts.10:22
nikonha alright ill keep that in mind10:23
nikonall updates to the doc is displayed in realtime right?10:25
jendain neat little colors! :)10:26
=== lloydinho [n=andreas@rosinante.egmont-kol.dk] has joined #ubuntu-marketing
MagicFabok, re-wrote it.10:37
MagicFabdo I need to do anything specific so it's saved ? Can someone comment on it / approve...10:37
MagicFabIt's at the end of the community section10:37
jendaMagicFab: you can save locally,10:38
jendabut the server has your changes already.10:38
jendaDo save. It's a good idea. What if a bomb hits the server.10:38
MagicFabok, so saved. I checked for mistakes, tested links, seems ok.10:39
MagicFabgotta run now... :(10:39
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jendaI listened to it. It's worth it :)11:58

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