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fabbionedoko_: ping?10:40
doko_fabbione: pong10:41
fabbionedoko_: what gcc do you expect for feisty?10:41
fabbionei have glibc-2.5 almost done10:41
doko_currently 4.1; 4.2 is not released, and probably will take longer.10:44
fabbionedoko_: so the same gcc we have now in edgy?10:44
doko_so we have to backport the relevant binutils changes10:44
fabbioneor are you adding extra patches and stuff like that?10:44
fabbionewe will need a very new binutils to get hppa back in the game10:44
fabbioneAFAIK Jeff is looking at it10:44
doko_fabbione: no, extra patches, long double 64->128 bit ABI change on powerpc and sparc10:44
fabbionedoko_: ok, can you please let me have a source to build before monday?10:44
doko_fabbione: unreleased? an alternative might be the HJ Lu binutils for feisty10:44
fabbioneor if you have it done.. now10:44
fabbionedoko_: yes unreleased..10:44
fabbionedunno.. i hate binutils from the bottom of my heart10:44
fabbioneit freaks me out...10:44
doko_it's not my toy package either10:44
fabbionewhat i am done up till now is to merge all the packaging bits for glibc. i will need help from Jeff to review debian/patches10:45
doko_I'll prepare gcc either over the weekend or today10:45
fabbioneand that's basically done10:45
fabbionebut i want to simulate a bootstrap over all my machines10:46
fabbionebuild gcc with old gcc10:46
fabbionebuild gcc10:46
fabbionebuild kernel (that i know is going to suck)10:46
fabbionerebuild glibc and gcc and kernel again for fun and profit10:46
fabbionethat would be lovely.. thanks10:46
fabbioneif we can have at least part of the toolchain ready before we open feisty that will be great10:47
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jbaileyfabbione: Yeah, what you said.03:46
fabbionei was saying that my target now is to 2.5 out for opening03:47
fabbionethen we can cleanup as much as we want03:47
fabbioneafaict the only thing missing now for an upload is debian/patches/ubuntu from 2.4 to 2.503:47
jbaileyI need to merge in ports stuff for hppa/03:47
jbaileyAnd get the TLS patches in for binutils.03:47
fabbioneand decide if we want NPTL or LT for hppa...03:47
jbaileyThe nice part is that I now feel comfortable enough with BFD to do that.03:47
jbaileyNo LT.03:48
fabbionei can fix that easily03:48
jbaileyOur .orig.tar.gz shouldn't even have the tar.bz2 in there.03:48
fabbionewell it has for now..03:48
jbaileyBut just in general.03:48
fabbioneshould we kill it?03:48
jbaileyWe're not Debian, we don't drag corpses behind us chained to the bumper.03:48
fabbionethere are a few entries in debian/changelog marked as (requires testing) or (requires review)03:49
fabbionethat's because i am not 100% of the reason why that stuff is there03:49
jbaileyThe only thing that I see in there off hand is that some of the changes done directly to control.in/{main,opt} might be best done in sysdeps/depflags.pl03:52
jbaileyI *hate* sysdeps/depflags.pl03:52
jbaileyThat was about where I ran out of steam redoing the packages for Debian in 2003.03:52
jbaileyWhat I think it should be is a tab delimited table or something like that which sits in control.in03:53
jbaileyMaybe a few different files, conflicts, depends, etc.03:54
fabbioneimho we could simplify the packaging a lot with a set of shell scripts04:00
fabbioneor start eliminating tons of .mk stuff04:01
jbaileyThere's a surprising amount of this that *can't* be simplified once you start to look at what it does.04:01
jbaileyBut certainly half of rules.d/debhelper.mk can go.04:01
jbaileyI thought quilt provided a rules snippet to include, so I'm not sure why we have our own.04:02
doko_the tarball approach can go again; it was for the binutils-source package, elmo did prefer to have patched sources in this patch, so we can revert that again.04:08
doko_but keeping the binutils-source package04:08
jbaileydoko_: I've wondered a few times if it's better to use the upstream binutils releases or HJ Lu's snapshots, since his snapshots tend to include extra optimisation instructions and such.04:09
jbaileyBut are still sort of crack-of-the-moment.04:10
jbaileyWith his snapshots, we'dhave the HPPA TLS stuff already.04:10
jbaileyOtherwise we'll have to backport them to get hppa working.04:10
doko_jbailey: yes, I was thinking about it as well. but then, how switch back to FSF binutils without having any regressions?04:13
jbaileyDunno.  I've never understood why the binutils release cycle is so slow.04:14
jbaileyThe changes that tend to go in there seem to be consistantly just opcode adds, etc.04:15
doko_if we can track these changes in a separate branch?04:17
jbaileyI don't think we have the bodies on toolchain to do that sort of work.04:18
jbaileySince that drags the QA responsibility for those things onto us.04:18
jbaileyI think it just wouldn't get done in the end.04:18
fabbionejbailey: i am getting a feisty amd64 chroot on ronne. the debs look good04:21
fabbionejbailey: at least debdiff did spot only 2 changes.. one i knew about but we don't care (it's ppc only) and the other one it's just an extra file that needs investigation04:22
jbaileyWe don't care about ppc anymore? =/04:34
fabbioneit's already fixed in bzr.. i didn't feel restarting the builds for a ppc thingy04:35
fabbionebut at least i know it is fixed properly04:35
fabbionedh_install: libc6-dev missing files (debian/tmp-libc/usr/lib/nptl*), aborting04:39
jbaileyRight, debhelper 5 broke that construct, sadly.05:06
jbaileyI pouted at Joey for it.05:06
jbaileyfoo* doesn't resolve to empty set in a glob anymore.05:06
fabbionei don't think we ship anything with that name anyway05:08
fabbionei386/ia64 did fail05:09
fabbioneamd64 is rebuilding and waiting sparc/ppc05:09
fabbionewe might as well chop it away if it's not required05:10
fabbione(feisty-libc)fabbione@ronne:/lib$ 05:17
fabbionewell.. they seem to work on amd64 at least05:17
jbaileywhee =)05:25
fabbionewaiting for all the builds to complete.. then i will respin with that postinst fix and the nptl fix05:26
fabbionei am sure locales are broken05:26
fabbionebecause we need to port the patch for belocs and the other search path from 2.405:27
fabbionebut at least we know that we can run05:27
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Dvalinfabbione: what gcc do you guys use to build kernel?06:56
fabbioneDvalin: doko is our gcc god here06:56
Dvalinthat's why I ask in here ;)06:56
DvalinI have this weird issue06:57
fabbioneyeah but you are building on *mandriva*06:57
fabbioneyou have issues.. no matter :06:57
Dvalinwith the atyfb driver, I tried recompiling the same old kernel where it was working06:57
Dvalinwith current toolchain, not what I compiled it at that time06:57
fabbioneoh you are suspecting a gcc breakage?06:58
Dvalinotherwise everything being the same, and problem exist in the same kernel release which previously worked (even with the same config)06:58
fabbioneDvalin: i suggest you try with -O0 and check the asm output06:58
fabbionein theory it should be the same06:59
DvalinI'm thinking about trying to build with gcc 4.0.3 which I built last working kernel with..06:59
Dvalinfabbione: okay, good tip, for checking the asm output.. I think you overestimating me ;)06:59
fabbioneDvalin: nah.. that was a trick doko handed to me06:59
Dvalinchecking the asm output? or -O0?07:00
fabbioneasm output07:00
fabbioneand -O0 ;)07:00
DvalinI'm not competent at asm stuff.. ;p07:01
Dvalinbut I did score 100% at a simple asm asisgnment at an exam last spring ;)07:02
DvalinI think that landed me the C in stead of E which otherwise would be the final grade :p07:02
infinityYou don't need to write asm fluently to be able to compare it.07:03
infinity(Thank god, too, because my i386 asm is less than perfect)07:03
DvalinI see your point :)07:03
infinityUseless architectures, like m68k, powerpc, hppa, and sparc.  Sure, they're easy. :P07:04
infinityi386, not so much.07:04
Dvalinquite a bombastic statement, no? ;)07:05
infinityYes, that belonged in quotes.  I missed adding the irony. :)07:05
jbaileyinfinity: hppa can be annoyingly hard to read.  It appears to be able to unable to load 32 bits into a register in a single operation.07:28
fabbionejbailey: ia64 glibc are good07:29
fabbioneif i could only get sparc to complete the testsuite without a kernel crash07:29
fabbionejbailey: i am uploading all the debs here: http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/glibc-2.5/07:29
fabbioneamd64 is good too07:29
jbaileyDoes it crash in a consistant place?07:29
fabbionei386 will test tomorrow07:29
fabbioneit's a kernel problem.. 07:29
fabbioneit lockups on high load07:30
fabbionei need to downgrade to edgy kernel07:30
=== fabbione was running 2.6.19-rc2
jbaileyAny idea if Ben is going to target 2.6.19 or 2.6.20 for fiesty?07:30
fabbione.19 afaik07:31
fabbione9391 fabbione  21   0  5088  448  304 D  300  0.0   9:22.63 ld-linux.so.207:31
fabbionenow i have a process on 400 of CPU07:31
jbaileyfabbione: Any idea when we're targetting to open the next one?07:32
jbaileyI remember that edgy had some hitches, openning up.07:32
fabbionethe kernel is already in git07:32
fabbionewe need to get a few important things fixed07:32
fabbionelike that headers issue i was mentioning07:32
fabbioneotherwise we won't even be able to rebuild the kernel07:32
jbaileyHeaders issue?07:32
fabbioneyes.. build .1907:33
fabbioneinstall linux-libc-dev07:33
fabbioneand you are doomed: )07:33
fabbioneyou can't even rebuild the kernel with that stuff07:33
=== jbailey knows of ia64 klibc headers and ppc merging ppc and ppc incorrectly.
fabbioneit's totally broken07:33
fabbioneno.. this is worst07:33
jbaileyKernel builds with -nostdinc.07:33
jbaileyNothing in /usr/include should matter in the slighjtest.07:33
fabbionenot the scripts/*07:33
fabbioneand you need those07:33
fabbionelike.. hmmmm modpost?07:34
jbaileyI don't think I know about those.07:34
fabbioneyou use them all the time.. you just don't know that :)07:34
jbaileyCan you toss a build failure into a pastebin?07:34
fabbionejbailey: sure.. in a minute 07:34
jbaileyNo worries.07:34
fabbioneno actually i can't.. i don't have the deb handy..07:35
fabbionebut i can show it here by memory07:35
fabbione#include <errno.h>07:35
fabbione#include <sys/socket.h>07:35
fabbioneint main() {07:35
fabbionereturn -EINVAL;07:35
fabbionereturn -SOL_SOCKET;07:36
fabbioneyou can't build that one07:36
jbaileyRight, but I'm curious about the actual failure.07:36
fabbioneit's an include order issue07:37
fabbioneeither SOL_SOCKET or EINVAL is not defined07:37
fabbioneif you swap the include's at the top, you get the other error07:37
doko_gcc-4.1_4.1.1-17ubuntu1 is on ronne:~doko/gcc/4.1/07:37
fabbionedoko_: cool.. there is a feisty-libc chroot (amd64) on ronne07:38
fabbionedoko_: 07:38
doko_enabling long-double-128 on powerpc and sparc, configuring with --enable-secureplt on powerpc07:38
fabbioneyou can build there if you like07:38
fabbioneit has glibc-2.5 installed07:38
fabbionedoko_: i will do ia64/ppc/sparc/i386 tomorrow07:38
fabbionei am just too tired today to do it07:38
fabbioneactually.. i could do ia64 overnight07:38
fabbioneii  libc6.1        2.5-0ubuntu1   GNU C Library: Shared libraries07:39
jbaileydoko_: Do you happen to know what binutils FC6 is shipping with?  I remember that they have the GNU HASH lookups for the PLT stuff as one of their features.07:41
jbaileyBut I think that requires a new binutils snapshot.07:41
doko_2., the version number smells like beeing the HJ stuff ...07:43
fabbionedoko_: gcc-4.1 building on ia6407:44
fabbionedoko_: do you want to ask B-D on feisty-libc chroot or should I? i can do the others locally07:44
doko_they were installed07:45
doko_currently building on feisty07:45
fabbionehmm ok07:45
jbaileyHmm, here's going to be an interesting question.08:15
jbaileySome of the libc tests probably need corresponding kernel functions to pass.08:15
fabbionejbailey: ?08:15
jbaileyWhat do the buildds run for a kernel>08:15
fabbioneoh yes.. i already noticed that08:15
fabbione2.6.17 basically everywhere08:16
fabbionei saw a bunch of test failures08:16
fabbionebut i didn't track them down yet08:16
fabbioneand i don't think for bootstrapping we care too much08:16
jbaileyIf you toss those into a pastebin somewhere, I might be able to offer you opinions on them.08:16
fabbionejbailey: ronne:/home/fabbione/{i386,amd64}/08:17
fabbioneppc is on davis08:17
fabbionei can upload sparc and ia64 later08:17
fabbionedavis is still building FYI08:18
fabbioneoh acutally i did build ia64 with .1908:19
jbaileymake[3] : bug-atexit3-lib.cc: Command not found08:20
jbaileymake[3] : *** [/home/fabbione/i386/glibc-2.5/build-tree/i386-i686/dlfcn/bug-atexi08:20
jbaileyt3-lib.os]  Error 12708:20
jbaileyEh, weird.08:20
jbaileyOh, no G++ installed.08:20
fabbionescp glibc-2.5.tar.bz2 chinstrap.ubuntu.com:glibc-2.5-ia64-log.tar.bz208:21
fabbionejbailey: uh? i did use dpkg-buildpackage.. do we miss a B-D ?08:22
jbaileychecking for g++... g++08:23
fabbionei readded the CXX patch from you...08:24
fabbionecould that be related?08:24
jbailey604-421-2460 604-726-246008:24
Dvalinmm/filemap.c: In function ?__generic_file_aio_write_nolock?:08:29
Dvalinmm/filemap.c:1830: sorry, unimplemented: inlining failed in call to ?generic_write_checks?: function body not available08:29
Dvalinmm/filemap.c:2133: sorry, unimplemented: called from here08:30
Dvalinfabbione: are you sure you actually can compile the kernel with -O0?08:30
fabbioneDvalin: i am pretty sure you can08:30
Dvalinthen I don't get why I get that error when compiling with -O008:31
Dvalinwill try again with -O2 to see if it reproduces08:31
fabbionei usually compile only the bits i need with -O008:31
Dvalinso in other words, you don't know for sure that the *whole* kernel can be compiled with -O0?08:32
fabbioneno but it should be able to08:32
Dvalinthe error I got, a bug in kernel?08:32
fabbioneor gcc08:34
fabbioneit really depends what you are experimenting with08:35
jbaileyfabbione: It's entirely possibly that the kernel relies on optimiser tricks for correct code.08:35
jbaileyYou can't compile glibc at -O0 for instance.08:35
fabbioneyou are working on both at the same times so that makes it impossible to track easily08:35
Dvalinfabbione: I got the same error with the "old" compiler08:35
fabbionejbailey: it's a possibility..08:35
DvalinI reverted back to last known good compiler08:35
Dvalinwhich I'm using now08:36
jbaileyfabbione: You didn't use debuild to build this?08:40
fabbionedpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us -b08:40
fabbioneas i always do08:40
jbaileydebuild actually logs the whole build (as well as cleans some pieces of the environment)08:41
jbaileySo just "debuild -uc -us -b" is the equivalent.08:41
fabbionehmm ok08:41
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fabbionewe still shouldn't really on debuild.. it should just work...08:42
fabbioneif we need to sanitize the ENV that should happen in debian/rules08:43
jbaileyeh, what do you mean?08:43
fabbionesbuild doesn't call debuild or dpkg-buildpackage08:43
jbaileyNo - sometimes I set external environment varilables to change what's happening intentionally.08:43
fabbioneok.. those are well defined things to trigger certain behavious08:43
jbaileySucks to be sbuild.  If the buildds don't use what all the developpers use then I consider the buildd broken.08:43
fabbionebut i don't set anything in my env other than ccache 08:43
jbaileyRight, I don't know that it's a problem or not.  Just that debuild is handy for that.08:44
jbaileyMostly what I'm wishing for is the .build file.08:44
jbaileyThe logs that the glibc build produces on its own start logging too late.08:44
fabbionejbailey: actually.. no.. i disagree.. according to policy you should be able to call ./debian/rules $target and it should work. All the other tools are "wrappers" for that08:44
jbaileythe buildd should do what the developpers are doing for maximum reliability.08:44
jbaileywhether the devs change or whether the buildds change is irrelevant.08:45
fabbioneif debuild does extra cleaning, then it might fail on the buildd08:45
fabbionewell i don't use debuild and like you i did build 95% of the biggest packages around without issues...08:45
fabbioneif you understand what i mean08:45
jbaileyIt's less likely, I think, since the buildds don't tend to have random things in their environment.08:45
jbaileyWhereas a user running gnome and a pile of crap might.08:45
fabbioneright, but in my buildd/chroots i don't set random crap either08:46
fabbionei know that for a fact of me being sane :)08:46
jbaileySo you agree, nice. =)08:46
=== jbailey hids
fabbioneahah whatever :)08:46
fabbionewhat i consider scary is this:08:46
fabbionei have  a clean environment08:46
jbaileyeither way, I want a log file of the build more than I care about the environment.08:46
jbaileyIt would've told me how make was called.08:46
fabbionejbailey: the sources are stilll on ronne08:47
fabbioneit doesn't take long to build there08:47
jbaileyNope, should be about 20 minutes.08:47
fabbionemore or less yeah08:47
jbaileyWhich I can do.  But I was asking that you consider using debuild since it just always produces a log file.08:47
fabbionei will try.. i need to get used to type it :)08:48
fabbioneoh  my wife made dinner!08:48
jbaileyenjoy! =)08:48
jbaileybah!  no source package! =)08:48
=== jbailey also talks fabbione into dropping the -b =)
jbaileyecho "CXX = "   >> build-tree/i386-libc/configparms08:55
jbaileythat would be the bug. =)08:55
jbaileyNeed s BUILD_CXX line in debian/rules08:57
jbaileyAlthough more I wonder how much we care about the cross-compilation case.08:57
jbaileyecho "CXX = g++-4.1 -fno-stack-protector"       >> build-tree/i386-libc/configpa08:58
jbaileydoko_: Any idea if upstream gcc is going to integrate cleanly an option to enable the stack-protector by default?08:58
fabbionejbailey: yes.. in ~fabbione/08:59
jbaileyfabbione: All good.  cp -a was my bitch. =)09:00
fabbionejbailey: so are you going to commit the fix?09:00
jbaileyAfter I see a succesful test suite on i386, yes. =)09:00
fabbionejbailey: also note that the patch pristine from 2.4.. so it have been buggy in edgy too?09:01
jbaileyI don't think these two tests existed in 2.4.09:02
jbaileySo the only thing would've been the C++ abi test, we I never paid attention to anyway.09:02
fabbionesee.. as i said.. harmless errors in the logs09:02
fabbioneyou should have trust me before :P09:02
jbaileyI didn't say I didn't trust you.  =)  I merely offered my opinion.09:03
jbailey"wow, this is broken.  Here's the fix."  Easy opinions like that. =)09:03
fabbioneyeah yeah09:04
jbaileyfabbione: There've got to be *some* advantages of staring at this package for 6 years. =)09:04
fabbionejbailey: like an extra discount for the super-pack offer from your shrink?09:05
jbaileyDoesn't help much after the surcharge.09:05
fabbione10 hours at the price of 809:05
jbaileySomething about my reality check bouncing...09:06
fabbioneand if you are a glibc maintianer 10 hours at the price of 6!09:06
doko_jbailey: no idea ...09:07
fabbionedoko_: you want to look at debian bug #39185809:10
fabbionedoko_: it's not a glibc bug, but gcc.. the same we fixed in ubuntu not too long ago09:10
fabbionetheir fix is just wrong09:10
fabbioneand they don't take into account other arches like sparc09:10
fabbionethat does the same thing09:10
doko_Tags: experimental, fixed-in-experimental09:24
fabbioneyes but still in glibc09:25
fabbioneand you are the gcc maintainer so you might want to explain to them that it is wrong09:25
doko_fabbione: fixed-in-experimental, they did fix it already ;-p09:28
fabbionedoko_: yes i know.. whatever.. our gcc is fine and will cope.. 09:29
fabbionejbailey: the ppc build seems to hang on a test suite09:30
fabbionei have a bunch of processes in Z on davis09:30
fabbionethis is the second timei see this09:32
fabbionein the same build09:32
fabbionethe first time did "unblock" itself09:33
jbaileyfabbione: Can you tell which test?09:37
fabbionex/regex.h posix/wordexp.h posix/fnmatch.h posix/getopt.h posix/tar.h posix/sys/unistd.h posix/sched.h posix/re_comp.h posix/wait.h posix/cpio.h posix/spawn.h pwd/pwd.h resolv/resolv.h resolv/netdb.h resolv/arpa/nameser.h resolv/arpa/nameser_compat.h resource/sys/resource.h resource/sys/vlimit.h resource/sys/vtimes.h resource/ulimit.h rt/aio.h rt/mqueue.h setjmp/setjmp.h shadow/shadow.h signal/signal.h signal/sys/signal.h socket/sys/soc09:37
fabbioneket.h socket/sys/un.h stdio-common/printf.h stdio-common/stdio_ext.h stdlib/stdlib.h stdlib/alloca.h stdlib/monetary.h stdlib/fmtmsg.h stdlib/ucontext.h sysdeps/generic/inttypes.h sysdeps/generic/stdint.h stdlib/errno.h stdlib/sys/errno.h string/string.h string/strings.h string/memory.h string/endian.h string/argz.h string/envz.h string/byteswap.h sunrpc/rpc/auth.h sunrpc/rpc/auth_des.h sunrpc/rpc/auth_unix.h sunrpc/rpc/clnt.h sunrpc/r09:37
fabbionepc/des_crypt.h sunrpc/rpc/key_prot.h sunrpc/rpc/netdb.h sunrpc/rpc/pmap_clnt.h sunrpc/rpc/pmap_prot.h sunrpc/rpc/pmap_rmt.h sunrpc/rpc/rpc.h sunrpc/rpc/rpc_des.h sunrpc/rpc/rpc_msg.h sunrpc/rpc/svc.h sunrpc/rpc/svc_auth.h sunrpc/rpc/types.h sunrpc/rpc/xdr.h sunrpc/rpcsvc/bootparam.h sysvipc/sys/ipc.h sysvipc/sys/msg.h sysvipc/sys/sem.h sysvipc/sys/shm.h termios/termios.h termios/sys/termios.h termios/sys/ttychars.h time/time.h time/sys09:37
fabbione/time.h time/sys/timeb.h wcsmbs/wchar.h wctype/wctype.h > /home/fabbione/glibc-2.5/build-tree/powerpc-libc/begin-end-check.out09:37
fabbionethis is all i can get09:37
fabbioneor you need to remind me how to scroll back in screen09:38
jbaileyC-a {09:40
jbaileyC-a [09:40
jbaileybut I don't remember what begin-end-check.out is.09:41
jbaileyI can look in my i386 build logs.09:41
jbaileyMeh, they haven't started the test suite yet.09:41
jbaileyI'm fighting doko for CPU time on ronne. =)09:42
fabbionejbailey: if we really need a running .17 to build glibc we need to talk to elmo for the buildd09:43
jbaileyShouldn't need it on ppc.09:44
jbaileyWill certainly need it on parisc.09:44
fabbionewhat about i386/amd64/sparc?09:45
fabbioneand ia64?09:45
jbaileyMainstream arches should all be fine.09:45
jbaileyHave to check with Dave on sparc to be certain.09:46
jbaileyBut since their nptl port worked fine, I wouldn't expect that to change.09:46
jbaileyThe rest of the arches all had corporate funding for their ports, so they got done early.09:46
fabbioneok.. i killed the build on ppc.. waiting Znarl to kill some Zl processes leftover09:47
fabbioneand restart with debuild09:47
fabbionejbailey: ppc will wait tomorrow09:50
fabbionei need to get some sleep09:51
jbaileyfabbione: g'n! =)09:52
Dvalinseems like I was right09:53
Dvalinbuilding kernel with old gcc09:53
Dvalinmade it work09:53

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