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chaoticg33kanyone around?06:33
henoDoes the server CD have a live CD option, with a command prompt?06:36
henoJust the d-i installer?06:37
chaoticg33kif you want something like that you can try out slax, I can't remember the site right off hand but if you go to google.com/linux and search for slax then you could find Slax: Server Edition06:37
chaoticg33kwhat is d-i?06:37
chaoticg33kno problem06:37
henothe blue one :)06:38
chaoticg33kahhh yes kinda06:38
chaoticg33kon 6.06 it had a few extra things that you could do and a special lil install screen, to choose server, LAMP, and some other options06:38
jsgotangcohey heno how's it going06:38
chaoticg33kits crazy in #ubuntu06:39
Burgworkheno: the  live cd is build differently than the server and alternate cds06:39
henojsgotangco: good, working on Feisty access features :)06:39
henoA live prompt would let blind users run it with speakup06:40
jsgotangcoits in the kernel???06:40
henod-i is rumored to support install with speakup, but I haven't seen it yet06:40
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henojsgotangco: yes06:40
chaoticg33kso, I got a question, how do you guys make partitions for ubuntu server?06:41
jsgotangcoi don't06:42
jsgotangcolvm ;)06:42
chaoticg33kI mean like a / is 2GB, /usr 10, /home 20, etc. How do you make them?06:43
chaoticg33kI've got this project I want to do and I want to do some smart partitioning so I can make the most out of a 40GB drive I've got.06:44
chaoticg33kMy project is where I take the functionality of Google Personlized homepage and recreate that minus the email. I will then add music player to it and load up my music on the server its about 5gb.06:45
chaoticg33kSo it will serve out pages to people who login that have RSS feeds, news, updates, music, calander, and I can upload webpages to it to let people see the webstie I created. Its gonna be a family type webpage for the parents.06:46
chaoticg33kI've been reading where you can have like a 500meg root partition with /boot, /var, /usr, and /home all seperate, and I was wondering if this was possible06:47
chaoticg33kI get the feeling I'm talking to myself06:48
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