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=== jsgotangco wakes up
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sbalneavEvening all02:31
LaserJockhi sbalneav 02:33
sbalneavHey LaserJock!02:33
sbalneavHow's it goin?02:33
sbalneavHey! We get to handle dinner ourselves down in MV!02:34
sbalneavYou know what that means!02:34
BonBonTheJon_ping nixternal02:34
sbalneav"Do what we do, say what we say"02:35
jsgotangcogood morning02:36
jsgotangcosbalneav: hahaha02:36
jsgotangcothat is so parisian02:37
LaserJocksbalneav: heck yeah02:40
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Kamping_Kaiserogra, you about?02:56
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dibblegowhat's the difference between the live CD and the install CD? is it just that the live CD has the added bonus of allowing you to boot and use it?03:28
crimsunthat's one feature.03:29
crimsunthe install (alternate, text-based) image tends to be "more" fail-safe in my experience.03:29
dibblegoso in theory, the live CD is everything the install CD is?03:30
dibblegobut perhaps with a couple of unforeseen problems uin your experience03:30
crimsunnot quite "everything," no03:30
dibblegowhat isn't it?03:31
crimsunthe desktop/live cd installer doesn't permit you to install just the minimum required packages03:31
dibblegoah ok thanks03:32
crimsunI recommend trying the desktop/live cd first03:32
dibblegoI have edubuntu 6.06 at home03:33
dibblegomy 5 year old loves it03:33
dibblegofigure I should get 6.10 - setting it up for my 3 year old03:33
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nixternalBonBonTheJon_: pong04:20
BonBonTheJon_nixternal: did you get my pastebin the other day04:20
nixternalwhat was it?04:20
nixternali get about 100 pastebins a day04:21
BonBonTheJon_nixternal: Concepts:Networks and Networking for the handbook04:21
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nixternaldon't think i seen that one04:22
nixternalare you done with it?04:22
BonBonTheJon_nixternal: for the most part, wanted to know if you could suggest anything04:22
nixternalyou can email it to me if you would like...i need to work on a couple of presentations here before i crash for the evening04:23
BonBonTheJon_nixternal: ok04:23
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Meshezabeelwhere do I find the updates that are new to 6.10 that weren't in 6.06?05:22
LaserJockhmm, I don't think there is a specific list of all the changes05:26
LaserJockdistrowatch might have the main stuff05:26
Burgundaviathe marketing team didn't do a changed page05:26
Burgundaviawe need one05:26
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Meshezabeelk thanks05:37
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Meshezabeelanyone know how to run an installer using sudo in gdm (rather than in terminal)?05:43
=== HedgeMage [n=HedgeMag@ubuntu/member/hedgemage] has joined #edubuntu
bimberiMeshezabeel: in gdm? the login screen?05:47
Meshezabeelsorry, I mean once logged in the gui05:49
bimberiMeshezabeel: ah, Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal05:50
=== jsgmobile [n=jsgmobil@] has joined #edubuntu
Meshezabeelsorry, didn't explain myself well, I want to be able to install in the gui, without using the terminal/console (text screen)05:51
jsgmobileUse synaptic05:52
MeshezabeelI know in the terminal you can use the sudo command, but what about just in the gui environment05:52
Meshezabeelsynaptic might not have all installers available05:52
jsgmobileUse synaptic or g-a-i05:53
jsgmobileWhat are you unstalling anyway05:53
jsgmobileAnd what do you mean by installer05:53
Meshezabeellike a flash plugin installer for firefox05:54
jsgmobileYou can grab that on synaptic05:54
=== bimberi [n=dsymons@DKPP-p-144-134-117-246.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #edubuntu
jsgmobileFlashplugin-nonfree or something05:54
Meshezabeelok, tx05:55
jsgmobileIt basically grabs flash from adobe so its pretty much the same software when you install it from a tgz05:56
Meshezabeelah ok05:57
=== bimberi glares at xchat-gnome crashes on edgy
jsgmobileThats why i just use irssi05:57
bimberiyes, i might have to switch :)05:58
bimberiyou're mobile!05:58
Meshezabeelbetter than gaim?05:58
jsgmobileHeheeh im in my phone atm05:58
bimberiMeshezabeel: i prefer xchat(-gnome) as a gui client to gaim.  irssi is text based - and excellent05:59
bimberijsgmobile: ah - showoff ;p05:59
jsgmobilexchat-gnome has good integration with the desktop though thats why some like it06:00
bimberiyes, it clicking links works very well and it also offers reverse searching06:00
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Burgundaviahey RichEd08:30
RichEdhey Burgundavia 08:30
Burgundaviadoes willvdl still work for canonical? has he gone back the foundation08:30
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willvdlBurgundavia, still here :)08:31
Burgundaviawillvdl: ah, didn't see your nick08:32
RichEdBurgundavia: willvdl is on a 12 month contract for canonical ... Technical representative for Canoncial in the HP Consortium for on the NEPAD eSchools Project for Africa & Africa new business08:32
=== jsgotangco prepares to upgrae his machines
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jsgmobileAhhh i didnt notice it but my hostname is now edubuntu at last08:51
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jsgotangcodoes anyone have the old blackboard background we had in edgy09:31
jsgotangcoplease let me have it my eyes are burning already with this clash in contrast in the default background09:32
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jsgotangcohuh? why does gcompris create a 5.4MB crash report09:57
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stgrabergood morning10:24
stgraberI was wondering if someone wrote a spec for the student-control-panel to include a vnc client/server infrastructure like the one we can found in some software like NetOP School or Mastereye ?10:25
stgraberFor exemple, being able to watch all screens of a classroom, make all the screens show your own screen (demo mode)10:26
stgraberLock the screens, ...10:26
=== Rondom [n=Rondom@p54AECF23.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
stgraberIt's something which would be really appreciated here in Switzerland (the only thing really missing between Linux and Windows desktops)10:27
Kamping_Kaiserstgraber, i was thinking about that vnc like thing thismorning actually10:29
Kamping_Kaiseri agree - would be sweet to have (esp. for desktop support)10:29
stgraberI'll check if there is a spec for UDS MTV, if not, I will try to write one10:33
Kamping_Kaiserstgraber, link me if you find one /write one10:33
=== Kamping_Kaiser heads out for dinner atm
Kamping_Kaisercatch you later mate :)10:33
stgraberc u10:33
stgraberKamping_Kaiser: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StudentControlPanelSpec10:42
stgraberfor the spec : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StudentControlPanelSpe10:42
stgraberfor the spec : https://features.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/student-control-panel-upgrade10:43
stgraberbetter :)10:43
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Kamping_Kaiserstgraber, thanks :) *flys out door*10:43
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=== RichEd is off to German Embassy
cbx33Goooooooooood Morning all11:02
cbx33hey RichEd 11:02
cbx33good luck11:02
RichEdgun tag herr cbx3311:02
RichEdauw weidersein11:02
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pips1hey cbx33, congrats for edgy to you too :)11:05
cbx33congrats pips1 and everyone11:06
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Dheeraj_k Kids say "Thank you (Ed)Ubuntu Team" http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3961111:49
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cliebowstgraber: in classic ltsp ting over of classroom desktops is goable with my old Teach2.py..or with robarks new ftltk teachertool02:12
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lguerrahi all03:05
ulinskiehi lguerra03:08
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=== pips1 has just kicked off a server dist-upgrade test
pips1hey bddebian03:24
bddebianHello pips103:25
ulinskiehi pips1 and bddebian03:25
bddebianHello ulinskie03:25
pips1hi ulinskie03:25
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sbalneavMorning all04:17
sbalneavogra: ping04:17
ograsbalneav, pong04:18
sbalneavWhat's the "proper" way to replace Evolution with Thunderbird.04:19
sbalneavI'm going all ubuntu, and replacing icewm with gnome.04:19
sbalneavBut, we use Tbird for mail04:19
sbalneavand I don't want to have to go to 160+ users prefs and switch them from evo to tbird.04:19
sbalneavWhat's the "proper" way to do it.04:20
highvoltagesbalneav: apt-get remove evolution ; apt-get install thunderbird?04:20
ograyeah, just install TB04:21
ograit should automatically become the default mailer04:21
sbalneavI can remove evo without it wanting to remove ubuntu-desktop? :)04:21
ograbut note that cool stuff like the appointment calendar only works with evo04:21
ogranot sure04:22
sbalneavThats fine, we've got a web-based appointment calendar we use.04:22
ograwe switched a lot of packages to be recommends instead of dependencies04:22
ograbut i'm not sure evo is in that list04:22
sbalneavI'll play around04:22
ograwell, you could use the web based calendar with evo ;)04:22
sbalneavhow's post-release day?04:22
sbalneavno major headaches?04:23
ograi'm sitting on my specs and think about them ... every hour i go to the garage for 20 min and do something on the car .... 04:23
ogranot at all :)04:23
sbalneav\o/ for us!04:23
ograi have a handfull of updates but dont want to bother with them now ...04:24
pips1good to hear this :-)04:24
ograi.e. the firefox homepage title is broken 04:24
ograthings like that04:24
ogranothing spectacular04:24
sbalneavI just discovered the gnome deskbar04:25
=== highvoltage has a big headache
sbalneavand it is THE AWESOME04:25
=== ogra never tried deskbar
highvoltagesbalneav: FTW!04:25
pips1ogra: If i install a second NIC after a dist-upgrade from dapper -> edgy, how will i get the system reconfigured to use that second NIC, rather than just the one?04:26
sbalneavA quick and dirty edit of /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf04:26
pips1can I run dpkg-reconfigure something ?04:26
ograin /etc/netwrok7interfaces 04:26
sbalneavOr, use the gui configurator.04:27
pips1gui configurator, huh, what?04:27
pips1you are pulling my leg04:27
sbalneavFor the network card04:27
ograSystem->Administration->Network 04:27
sbalneavogra types faster04:27
ograheh, i just started earlier :)04:28
pips1you were guessing my next question.. :-P04:28
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
pips1ok, thanks fellas04:29
sbalneavogra: You know, it would be pretty flipping easy to write a quick-n-dirty script or interface that you just say which interface is the ltsp one, and it auto-gens the dhcpd.conf file :)04:30
ograsbalneav, yes, but the dhcpd.conf file is a conffile04:30
ograit will give you questions on upgrades we want to avoid04:30
sbalneavdebian-policy thingy04:31
ograadditionally its a file an admin can edit ... they would get angry with you if you rewrite their custom setup04:31
sbalneavYes, true04:31
ograwhat we can (and likely will) do is that the installer part will rewrite it if the first interface already owns 192.168.0.X04:32
sbalneavOne of the biggest headaches we have in #ltsp is, as you know, stepping people through dhcpd.conf goofups though.04:32
ogradurin a fresh install thats possible ...04:32
sbalneavI just had a brain wave04:32
sbalneavThere's a rom-o-matic, right?  What about a dhcpd.conf-o-matic.  Answer some simple questions, plug in a few values on a web form, and is displays a dhcpd.conf file that you can copy and paste!04:33
highvoltagesbalneav: wow, that's a cool idea :)04:34
ograthats what ltsp-manager should do at some point 04:34
ograin fact the basic dhcp handling is in place there04:34
ograthe package in universe currently has a bug that prevents it from starting ... 04:35
sbalneavHmm, I looked at the ltsp-manager a while ago.04:35
sbalneavI should pick it up again.04:35
ograyeah, test out the dhcpd stuff04:35
highvoltagesbalneav: it causes our helpdesk pain too... especially when someone left out a ; or put in one too many or little curly braces04:35
ograyou need to change one line in the /usr/bin/ltsp-manager script to make it start04:35
sbalneavWe probably spend 50% of our time in #ltsp on dhcpd and tftp related questions.04:36
ograchange: self.wTree=gtk.glade.XML ("./ltsp-manager.glade")  -> self.wTree=gtk.glade.XML ("/usr/share/ltsp-manager/ltsp-manager.glade")04:36
ograwell, for a running setup you only need a subnet declartation, filename and root-path set04:37
ograat the point where you want to start complicated setups that need more you should really understand the file content04:37
sbalneavgksu ltsp-manager?04:39
ograor just sudo04:39
sbalneavWhile we're down in SF, you gotta show me how this glade+python stuff works04:39
ograoki :)04:39
ograeric clearly expressed interest in ltsp-manager development for MV btw04:40
sbalneavBTW, you and I will be rooming together for the ltsp part.  I don't mind a smoking room, so we'll get that.04:40
stgraberogra: I just read this : https://wiki.edubuntu.org/StudentControlPanelCompletion, everything I was looking for is in the list except a small thing, here the software used by the teachers (NetOP school or Mastereye) also has a chat system you can use to talk with a specific student or a list of them (and they can't close the chat window). There is also a possibility to request help from the teacher by clicking on a tryicon.04:41
stgraberuhm, a bit too long :)04:41
ograwell, we can implement such stuff indeed :)04:43
pips1stgraber: why don't you add that as a comment on the wiki page of the spec?04:43
ograbut not at StudentControlPanelCompletion04:43
ograthat was the edgy spec, there is a new one somewhere04:44
jsgotangcohmm i just want to ask something04:44
jsgotangcowhy is scp installed on a desktop install04:44
ograjsgotangco, bug :/04:45
=== jsgotangco wished we had the old green wallpaper even if its not default
ograits in the wrong seed ... it will move to -server in feisty ...04:45
ograjsgotangco, i totally dont acceptr any complaint about the wallpaper, we had it in for two months before release ... nobody complained until yesterday ...04:46
ograsuddely all people seem to find it too bright ...04:47
jsgotangcowell sorry about not complaining earlier...but yeah its too bright04:47
jsgotangcoit doesn't fit to the theme either04:47
ograhuh ? 04:47
ograwhy that ? 04:47
ograred and yellow dont fit ? 04:48
jsgotangcoi mean the contrast is too much to appreciate04:48
jsgotangcoon my side though04:48
pips1Fetching file 616 of 1009 at 51.6 k/s04:48
sbalneavjsgotangco: Just do what I do: I bought a subscription to digitalblasphemy.com.  TONS of great wallpapers there.04:48
sbalneavPlus, I have about 4 gigs of saved wallpapers over the years, and I've written a python+gtk walllpaper switcher that changes my gnome wallpaper every half hour.04:49
sbalneavI can go for DAYS without a repeat :)04:50
sbalneavThat's a feature that gnome needs, imho: a built in wallpaper cycler.04:50
pips1they are all cgi..!04:51
pips1I meant 3d renderings04:52
pips1pretty amazing stuff04:53
=== pips1 goes back to work
pips1hey nixternal sbalneav, any thoughts on what to do with the ltsp doc bits?04:55
nixternalrm -rf?04:55
sbalneavWhat, they're that bad?04:55
nixternalhow can they be bad? they are the only thing in the handbook pretty much ;)04:55
nixternalsbalneav: if i could suggest, run the validate script in the root directory when you make changes...i fixed the validations changes, which weren't all that difficult truthfully04:56
pips1do they live in the svn repo only? or are the available online somewhere (as html)?04:56
nixternalthere was a long <listitem>blah</listitem> list you had04:56
nixternalshould be    <listitem><para>blah</para></listitem>04:56
nixternalother than that, your structure is good04:57
sbalneavah, ok04:57
nixternalsh validate edubuntu/handbook/C/handbook.xml04:57
nixternalyou run the validate.sh script against the handbook.xml and that will tell you the errors you have...it is retardedly difficult because the way I structured the handbook.xml file...it makes it look like the handbook.xml is the issue04:58
nixternali need to figure out a good way to fix that04:58
sbalneavI could, though, just run it against a file I changed?04:59
nixternalnope, the validate script works against the main file, which in this case is the handbook.xml file..that validates the entire directory04:59
nixternalbecause i used the xml validation against the file itself, and it said it was perfect, there was no issues..which in all reality there wasn't...the validate.sh validates the docbook dtd and not just the xml05:00
sbalneavah, that was my problem then.05:01
sbalneavI WAS running it against files when I changed them, and it was oK05:01
sbalneavso foo on me.05:01
jsgotangcowe'll make a more complex script for feisty05:11
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangconixternal: the thing is that validation script hasn't evolved much after some of us became inactive for a while05:19
nixternalno it hasn't, but it is the "industry" way of doing it though..that script is nothing but a common command for xml validation05:19
nixternali shouldn't say the "industry" way05:19
nixternalbut the "common" way05:19
jsgotangcoits not05:19
jsgotangcowell not really05:19
jsgotangcoits our custom script05:20
nixternalthere are much more detailed scripts05:20
nixternalxmllint --noout --xinclude --noent --postvalid $105:20
nixternalthats all the script is05:20
jsgotangcothere no need much for another one because our xml is quite limited with what yelp can offer in the gnome side of things05:21
jsgotangcoi dunno about khelpcenter05:21
nixternali was wondering about that05:21
nixternalkhelpcenter == html05:21
jsgotangcokde has its own mad stylesheets05:22
nixternalyes, and they will become "KUbuntu" stylesheet for Feisty05:22
nixternalwe are going to redesign them05:23
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavWriting deskbar plugins in python == fun06:00
ograsbalneav, for localapps06:00
ograwe should have a transparency layer for the dektop06:00
sbalneavThat's gonna get REAL ugly REAL fast :(06:00
ograwe should talk to LaserJock about the menu stuff06:00
ograand have an override file for defined apps that run local  ... so we can provide .dewsktop files that override the ones that start the apps on the server06:01
ograwe'll need something like a config file or even an lts.conf parameter that defines which apps are local apps and which are run on the server06:02
highvoltageogra: congratulations. even Mr CatherineCapers seem quite pleased with edgy06:10
pips1highvoltage: ?06:11
highvoltagepips1: tell you later, got to run...06:11
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sbalneavDoes anyone know of a nice, simple, pastebin software that I can host?  The fellow who hosted the ltsp pastebin has gone dark.08:10
Rondomsbalneav: pastebin.com08:12
Burgworksbalneav: just use pastebin.ca08:12
Burgworkor .nl08:12
bronzepastebin.ca is good.08:13
sbalneavCan't see the "download" link for either one of those.08:14
sbalneavThose are just hosted sites, and they don't post a link back into the irc channel.08:15
sbalneavI'd like actual software, that I can host.08:15
Rondomsbalneav: pastebin.com08:17
PeBehave some troubles booting my thin clients after upgrading to 6.1008:20
PeBegot this message on my clients: PXE-T01: File Not Found08:20
PeBeany suggestions?08:21
sbalneavRondom: I'm sorry, but I'm not seeing on that site where he's got the source for download?08:21
Rondomsbalneav: there is08:21
sbalneavPeBe: You might need to do an ltsp-update-kernels08:22
PeBetnx, I'll try that, and see what'll happen 08:22
Rondomsbalneav: http://pastebin.com/pastebin.tar.gz08:22
sbalneavRondom: Thanks08:23
PeBedo I need a reboot/restart after ltsp-update-kernels?08:26
sbalneavShouldn't need to 08:32
PeBeit's still the same problem..08:32
PeBewhen I upgraded i said yes to replace the conf-files 08:32
sbalneavcan you paste your /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf file to the pastebin?08:33
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (you can always find it in the channel topic, among other useful things)08:33
PeBesince I've used a pretty much standard installation the first when installing 6.0608:33
PeBeguess maybe the problem could be there..08:34
sbalneavHave you pasted the dhcpd.conf file?08:36
PeBeit was also replaced08:38
PeBebut the clients to get at ip-adress08:38
PeBesubnet netmask {08:39
PeBe  range;08:40
PeBe  option domain-name "example.com";08:40
PeBe  option domain-name-servers;08:40
PeBe  option broadcast-address;08:40
PeBe  option routers;08:40
PeBe  option subnet-mask;08:40
PeBe  if substring( option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 9 ) = "PXEClient" {08:40
PeBe    filename "/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.0";08:40
PeBe  }08:40
PeBe  else{08:40
PeBe    filename "/ltsp/i386/nbi.img";08:40
PeBe  }08:40
PeBe  option root-path "/opt/ltsp/i386";08:40
sbalneavYou didn't read the pastebin part08:40
sbalneavat anry rate.08:40
sbalneavwhat's in /var/lib/tftpboot?08:41
PeBesorry - didn't see your pastebin comment08:43
PeBeit's a file there called "pxelinux.0" but says it's modified sunday, so seems that it has not been updated08:44
PeBewhen I follow the edubuntu cookbook: "sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386" and run "apt-get update" it failes to download the index files08:50
PeBeguess this will mean that i cannot run "ltsp-update-kernels" properly either08:51
sbalneavI'd say your best bet at this point is to rebuild the chroot08:55
sbalneavmv /opt/ltsp /opt/ltsp.old08:55
sbalneavthat should clean it up.08:56
PeBeI'll try that08:57
PeBetnx - hope it'll work :)08:57
sbalneavIt should, that will rebuild the chroot from scratch, which I know works.08:59
PeBerunning the commands now..08:59
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cbx33hey peeps09:07
cbx33how are we all09:07
sbalneavWe are ok09:10
sbalneavWe are legion09:10
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cberl1Hi folks.  Just finished an upgrade of a test box to Edgy -- so far, looks quite nice.  A couple things seem to have broken, though.  DHCP changed, temporarily disabling TFTP boot -- fixed that easy enough by changing the file option to point to where the pxelinux.0 file actually resides.  Updating the LTSP-client chroot, however, keeps getting stuck trying to install the newer kernel.  I get the message:  Failed to find suitable ramdisk generation t09:44
cberl1Any assistance with this, short of blowing away the old chroot and rebuilding?09:45
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sbalneavcberl1: That's probably the best approach09:47
cberl1sbalneav: Okay.  I was guessing as much, but for some reason my connection to any server has been really slow the past couple of days, so that's a fairly "painful" operation.  But I will do what I need -- it's only a test box for now.  I'd like to see the effects before I migrate my production box.09:48
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PeBehi folks11:42
PeBehad some trouble after upgrading to 6.1011:42
pygishoot ^_^11:43
PeBenow the clients will finally boot from PXE again, but I get a "permission denied" when they try to mount to /opt/ltsp/i386 on the server11:43
PeBeso the whole mounting fail and the clients stops 11:44
PeBeany suggestions?11:45
pygidunno, chmod to right permissions? :)11:46
PeBeand what should that permission be?11:47
PeBeI didn't need to do anything with this before I ran into the trouble after upgrading11:47
Kamping_Kaiserhavec you checked nfs is running?11:56
PeBehow do I do that?12:03
Kamping_Kaiseropen a terminal, and type 'ps aux |grep nfs'12:03
PeBensfd is running12:04
Kamping_Kaiserwell thats what should be12:05
Kamping_Kaiserand check tftp is tehre ps aux |grep ftp12:06
=== Kamping_Kaiser has to go now. bbl
Kamping_Kaiser(if you need to start the services sudo /etc/init.d/servicename restart)12:06
PeBetnx, will try that12:10

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