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mptGoooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!04:31
UbugtuNew bug: #68517 in rosetta "enhancement (i18n:translate support)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6851704:45
Nafallompt is here and I'm not asleep yet :-P04:53
Nafallomorning mpt ;-)04:53
lifelessclearly bugs with hitler comments should be subject to godwins law04:55
mptlifeless, wrong channel, but yes04:56
mptlifeless, are you able to kick staging?04:56
mptOr more pertinently, do you think your bug 67888 is really a duplicate of bug 66552? They seem to be different cases.04:57
UbugtuMalone bug 67888 in launchpad "+filebug page says 'please fix the problems below' and does not tell you what the problem is" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6788804:57
UbugtuMalone bug 66552 in malone "Unhelpful error when reporting bug with non-existent package entered and "I don't know" chosen" [Low,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6655204:57
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lifelessmpt: I dont think they are duplicates08:28
lifelessmpt: but there may be a underlying prblem causing both.08:28
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carlosjordi: ping08:49
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jordicarlos: pong09:39
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SteveAmpt: morning09:43
mptlifeless, the underlying problem is that it's a custom form without the error messagism that automated forms have09:44
mpthi SteveA 09:44
bertehHi. I'd need some admin intervention for merging my account https://launchpad.net/people/berteh-hotmail into my (main) account https://launchpad.net/people/berteh; as the automatic +merge link does not send any email to my hotmail account.09:44
lifelessSteveA: I setup bzr webserve for devpad, but I forget the URL you got it redirected to09:47
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carlosberteh: did you check the spam folder ? we don't filter emails to hotmail09:48
lifelessberteh: can you please put 'its me' into the home page of both those acounts09:49
bertehcarlos: yes I did09:49
bertehlifeless: I can for /berteh, but not for /berteh-hotmail as this account was generated on the import of a .po translation and I didn't get the password09:50
bertehlifeless: nevertheless I can send an email from this hotmail account to anyone, to prove it's me.09:50
lifelessberteh: mail me - I've msged you my address - and I'll merge them09:51
bertehsure, thanks.09:52
lifelesscarlos: we have a known, but unchased problem with hotmail09:53
carloslifeless: in our side or in their side?09:54
lifelessberteh: done09:54
bertehfor the "hotmail" problem it might sometimes be that they change regularly the settings of their "spam" filter without warning the users09:56
bertehlike removing directly spam instead of putting it into junk folder09:56
bertehyou might just put a warning on launchpad to say users should add the "noreply@launchpa.net" adress to their "green list"... it should be enough09:57
ddaaGood morning!10:02
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_thumper_ddaa, morning11:05
ddaa_thumper_: hello11:05
ddaa_thumper_: how's singapore?11:06
_thumper_ddaa: grey11:06
_thumper_and humid11:06
ddaaI guess you must feel at home, then :)11:06
_thumper_not looking forward to the flight home though11:06
_thumper_14 hours11:06
_thumper_ddaa: now got enough on my plate to keep me busy for quite some time11:07
ddaayou better get used to it... flying from nz to just about anywhere is ~24 hours11:07
ddaa_thumper_: you mean you've been given work for one year of five persons team? No kidding!11:08
=== ajmitch isn't looking forward to the flight from NZ to the US in a week
_thumper_ajmitch: where in nz?#11:09
ajmitch_thumper_: I'm in Dunedin11:09
ddaa_thumper_: I'm looking forward to your debriefing.11:09
_thumper_ajmitch: that is where I'm going to in about two weeks11:09
_thumper_no, shifting11:10
jameshNZ is even further from Europe than Perth11:10
ajmitchyou're shifting to dunedin?11:10
jameshajmitch: he's a kiwi11:10
ddaait's a going back to roots11:10
_thumper_I'm expecting the next question to be "why?"11:10
ddaait's obviously written all over ajmitch's face, I can see it from up here :)11:11
jamesh_thumper_: I guess you'll have an easier time if we do sprints in Montreal though ...11:11
ajmitchfunny that mpt was just in dunedin for a few months, lifeless from dunedin, etc11:11
jamesh... or dunedin ...11:11
_thumper_jamesh: for flights that long, a few more hours don't matter that much11:11
=== ddaa puts on his best worried face and stares at jamesh
jameshddaa: it's a long flight to dunedin from Perth11:12
_thumper_SteveA did say something about NZ at some stage11:12
_thumper_7 or 8 hours?11:12
jameshsomething like that11:12
jameshplus time in Sydney airport11:12
_thumper_don't you just love airport time11:13
jameshIn January, I did Perth -> Sydney on Qantas, then Sydney -> Dunedin with Freedom air11:13
ddaa_thumper_: if you lose some weight, and I gain some, we'll be able to say that the gravity center of the launchpad-bazaar team is the center of Earth11:13
ajmitchnot when there's not quite enough of it to get to the flight11:13
jameshit was only when I got to Sydney that I found that you couldn't actually check your luggage all the way through11:14
jameshsince the Qantas people in Perth were the ones to check the bags all the way through, we made enough of a stink for them to do the transfer ...11:15
_thumper_jamesh: just as a matter of interest, what's the cost of NZ - Perth return11:15
_thumper_my parents and sister's family are now in Perth11:15
jamesh_thumper_: I paid $460 for the Qantas leg, and $530 for the Freedom air leg11:16
jameshreal dollars :)11:16
jameshso this year's LCA should be ~ $500 cheaper ...11:17
=== ajmitch is hoping for a cheap direct flight to sydney from dunedin
jameshthe last one was in Dunedin11:18
_thumper_should have been linux.conf.nz11:18
jameshit has been called linux.conf.au since 200111:18
jameshno point in wasting the brand recognition11:18
_thumper_how often is it in NZ?11:19
jameshthat was the first time11:19
_thumper_so not likely to be there again soon :(11:19
jameshit is very exhausting to run the conference11:20
jameshit's taken 6 years for the Sydney guys to think it would be a good idea again :)11:20
_thumper_we'll I have a conference in Oxford on 11 April next year11:20
=== _thumper_ signing off now to head to the Funan IT centre
mptMoving the Launchpad team to NZ would double our productivity11:27
jameshbecause of the ample supply of sheep?11:27
malccI'm afraid I can't move to NZ right now, maybe later11:27
mptNo, because it's so small11:28
mptWe wouldn't have to shout so loudly11:28
malccIt's bigger than the UK, according to the CIA11:29
jameshmalcc: but it does have more sheep, right?11:30
malccjamesh: I think so. The UK apparently has 36 million sheep, and the latest figures I could find for NZ show 45 million in 1999, but dropping rapidly11:33
mptYeah, it was about 70 million in 199011:35
SteveAjamesh: ping11:48
=== ddaa goes out for lunch with itaapy folks
jameshSteveA: pong11:49
SteveAjamesh: can we do a conf call about the scheduler?11:49
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carlosis there anyone else getting this error?12:43
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indravenikiko: Hi , 12:50
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=== carlos -> lunch
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surakIf I go to Launchpad -> Distributions -> Ubuntu -> 6.10 -> Bugs, do I have the proof that Edgy rocks or that there's a usability issue here? https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+bugs02:27
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matsubarasurak: https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/3279502:30
UbugtuMalone bug 32795 in malone "Distribution release Bugs pages and portlet list hardly any bugs" [Medium,Confirmed]  02:30
indravenikiko: hi, r u thre02:35
indravenikiko: hi, are you there02:35
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kiko-zzzindu, hey03:47
kikofala op03:48
salgadokiko, do you have write access to staging?03:56
kikosalgado, no03:56
salgadocarlos, I'll have to bother you again, then. ;) 03:57
carlossalgado: go ahead03:57
salgadocarlos, can you run https://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/file64pNHr.html on staging for me? 03:58
salgadocarlos, actually, there are some other things that I need and I already bothered you a lot... I'll get one of the admins to do that for me04:14
salgadocarlos, just one quick question... do you as which user the cronjob that rebuilds staging is ran?04:17
carlossalgado: sorry, I was distracted04:18
carlosI got many duplicates key errors04:18
carlosit's ran as launchpad04:18
salgadoI think it's better to file an RT if I want to stop it being rebuilt over the weekend, right?04:19
carlosyou mean the database?04:19
carlosI don't have access to that and even if I had, stuart or an admin should do that04:20
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kikocarlos, can you answer04:21
kikoSubject: Gallery and Rosetta04:22
kikoin launchpad-users now?04:22
kikoSteveA, carlos: the "Rosetta reverts translations" is on the verge of becoming a disaster.04:26
carlosI know, and I don't have a clue, I'm thinking on adding some extra logging information in our database04:27
carlosso I can track better those changes and figure where the problem is04:27
kikocarlos, a) ask for help b) make that zero-priority04:27
carlosoh, ok04:27
kikosalgado, is there any chance of getting that review today? I can walk you through it if you like04:31
salgadokiko, yeah, I'll get to it soon. just sorting out some issues to get an up-to-date list of mirrors on staging04:34
SteveAcarlos: hi.  I just talked with kiko.04:40
carlosSteveA: hi04:40
SteveAI'm going to read the messages on rosetta-users, then I'd like to have a skype call with you04:40
kikosalgado, sure -- I just want to plan my day. so review late afternoon or so?04:41
salgadono, review going out quickly04:41
kikoah, cool.04:41
salgadoI'm on VAC this afternoon04:41
kikono way04:41
carlosSteveA: ok04:41
kikounsubscribed some loser from launchpad-users who has a whitelisting-promter04:41
kikoddaa, you know the text "This branch has no summary"?04:55
kikoon the branch page?04:55
ddaakiko: yes04:55
kikoddaa, can you add an "<small><a href="">Add one now</a></small>" to it?04:55
ddaaThere used to be something like this.04:56
ddaaI think it was removed because it needs to be only visible when the user has the permissions to do so.04:56
WebMavenSteveA: AYT?04:59
ddaakiko: so, I'll add one if you tell me a simple way to achieve this result.04:59
WebMavenSteveA: ping05:00
kikoddaa, well, you can use require/lp:Edit or something IIRC. another option is to allow anyone to add a branch description :-)05:01
ddaakiko: we won't do just that, but we will do bug 3607305:01
UbugtuMalone bug 36073 in launchpad-bazaar "product owner should be able to edit some branch details" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3607305:02
kikoddaa, yeah.05:02
ddaakiko: I'm a zpt ignoramus, if you can give me usable directions, I'd be glad to make a nice patch with pagetests for this.05:02
kikoddaa, sure. one sec.05:03
kikothanks SteveA 05:19
ddaakiko: I do not think we need to block on a Grand Unified Action Scheme to do history tracking.05:23
ddaano BDUF, please05:23
kikonot a unified action scheme for launchpad05:24
kikobut to do it right in malone I'm sure we need one.05:24
ddaalet's just whack up some crappy and inconsistent as we need it05:24
kikowe have that for malone05:24
kikoit breaks all the time05:24
kikoand nobody fixes it because it's extra work05:24
kikoI'm very much against a half-baked history solution05:24
ddaaI'd like to read more about this.05:24
kikoddaa, just click on "Activity Log"05:25
kikoand you'll see how bad it is :)05:25
kikowe should use the zodb for history05:25
ddaaso, this tabular display sucks horribly05:25
kikoto say the least!05:25
ddaawhoever decided everything should be tables should probably step back a bit05:25
kikoit's hard to see when there's all that smoke from the designer's joint05:26
ddaaaside from this, it's plenty useful05:26
kikountil you notice that half the changes aren't captured05:27
ddaaso, what?05:27
ddaais this worse than nothing?05:27
kikothe end-user trusts that history will capture his change05:28
kikoand it doesn't05:28
kikofor instance05:28
kikosecurity 05:28
kikothe fact that a bug was marked private/public is not tracked05:28
kikobut some people, mdz included, assumed it did05:28
kikoand then...05:28
ddaaI'll tell you one thing that would make me plenty happy.05:29
ddaathere's a pretty good email notification system05:29
ddaa1. make sure the email notification is always generated internally, even if it will be sent to nobody05:29
ddaa2. just record the damn thing as blog05:29
ddaawith a date05:30
ddaaand an author05:30
kikothat's an idea05:30
ddaaactually, I meant "as a blob"05:31
kikocarlos, also:05:31
ddaabut blog works well too :)05:31
kikoSubject: BUG: Lost russian translation in MPlayer from Dapper to Edgy05:31
kikocarlos, something else I'd like to see a reply from you on.05:31
kikoSubject: Accepted openoffice.org 2.0.4-0ubuntu1 (source)05:31
ddaakiko: here's another option05:32
ddaause svn as a back-end05:32
kikomy zodb suggestion was in that line05:32
ddaadunno if zodb is good at versoning05:32
ddaabut the svn fs is pretty much what we need here05:32
kikoyeah, it is05:33
carloskiko: that one is just that mplayer is in universe. In fact it's not in Dapper, so nothing is lost...05:33
BjornTddaa: we already do that (re email notications). the notification is always generated, and it has a date and author. in fact, we made an explict choice not to delete the notifcations after they are sent, just in case we wanted to use them later :)05:33
carloskiko: at least not in Rosetta05:33
ddaaBjornT: fantastic!05:33
kikocarlos, the fact that you haven't replied is concerning -- and nobody else has either 05:33
ddaaBjornT: so we can just discard the current history stuff and display email stuff instead?05:34
carlosI'm a bit behind on those mailing lists05:34
ddaakiko: I think that's the way to go05:34
ddaamuch more realistic than trying to introduce large infrastructure changes at this point05:35
carlosit's now an excuse, it's just an explanation. I will try to be back on track05:35
ddaaI know by experience that making anything depend on better infrastructure is a sure recipe for endless delays...05:35
BjornTddaa: yes and no. we have the issue that the email notifications don't go as far back as the bug history goes. but we should be able to generate the old history if necessary.05:35
kikoddaa, well... it would be a nice cleanup to unify this, and it could be done incrementally.05:36
kikocarlos, rosetta-users is either yours or danilos, make sure people get prompt answers05:37
ddaaokay, I'll keep the email archive idea under my pillow05:37
ddaawhen the time will come to actually do it for branches05:37
kikocarlos, you talk it over with danilo_ and decide who's going to cover it05:37
ddaa(soon, hopefully)05:37
ddaaI'll ask if anything better is ready on the ML05:37
ddaathen I'll proceed05:38
carloskiko: ok05:38
kikocarlos, I don't want to find out about problems because I read the list -- I want you guys to say "we have a problem that is bothering many users"05:38
carloskiko: I was following the problem about missing translations from malone, but you are right, don't worry05:39
kikocool. yeah, malone is great, but the users mailing list is publicity, and it can be really bad publicity if the users don't feel developers pay attention to it05:40
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matsubaraBjornT: is it feasible to have a bug tracker registration workflow where you inform only the tracker's URL? mpt commented about doing that on bug 459205:45
UbugtuMalone bug 4592 in malone "Add Watch page (+addwatch) should make it easy to add a new bugtracker" [Medium,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/459205:45
kikomatsubara, one day yes but not before 1.0 :)05:46
matsubaraBjornT: sorry, not only the tracker's url but the base_url + bug_id05:46
BjornTmatsubara: yes, something like that. my long-term plan is that the user should be able to simply confirm that he wants the register the tracker, while adding the bug watch.05:47
matsubaraBjornT, kiko: oki, because I'm going to close that bug and open a new one regarding that. what do you think?05:48
kikomatsubara, why close and not mutate?05:48
matsubarakiko: yeah, I'll do that, but I don't like it. Looking at the bug number and date it feels like: "Wow, this bug was reported eons ago and wasn't fixed yet."05:54
kikomatsubara, it's true though. :)05:54
kikocprov-lunch, can you update the title/description for bug 65052?05:55
UbugtuBug 65052 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/65052 is private05:55
kikocprov-lunch, err I meant bug 6297605:55
UbugtuMalone bug 62976 in soyuz "duplicate package/version allowed in unapproved queue" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6297605:55
kikoBjornT, is there a way of setting the widget value we're going to post using testbrowser? I.E. I want to set a date to year=2000 but the select box only offers years up to 2001.05:58
BjornTkiko: no, i don't think so. testbrowser is meant to mimic a real browser, so it won't (easily) let you do things you can't do in a browser.06:01
kikoBjornT, how do you propose doing that when you want to test you handle invalid values correctly? using http()?06:01
BjornTkiko: yeah, http() should be fine. can't think of a better way. although, for such tests i personally prefer doing non-pagetests, i.e. test the view class directly.06:02
kikoBjornT, okay. question 2:06:02
kikois it possible to clone a browser instance?06:03
kikoI want to test double-posts06:03
kikoand right now to do that I need to manually copy the browser data06:03
ddaakiko: what about copy.deepcopy?06:05
kikoddaa, that's kinda pornographic06:05
BjornTkiko: it might be easy doing that using goBack(). the bad thing is that goBack() doesn't work that well in our version of testbrowser.06:05
ddaaI assure you, in Dutch it's perfectly safe-for-work06:05
malccbrowser.reload works for double post testing, I believe06:06
kikoddaa, the dutch find the strangest things normal06:06
ddaapornography, for example?06:06
kikomalcc, really? doesn't reload()ing update the page and form elements?06:06
flacostekiko: fyi, tt-workflow landed in RF 4199 and is now up on staging06:07
kikoflacoste, I know all about this, let's love this branch a bit :)06:07
malcckiko: Yes, I'm pretty sure. Check pagetests/soyuz/26-queue-pages.txt06:07
BjornTkiko: ah yes, it seems that reload() would do it as well.06:07
kikoBjornT, rock on!06:07
flacostekiko: do you know how much testing time we got before this is rolled out?06:08
kikoflacoste, as long as we want. :)06:08
flacostekiko: fine :-)06:09
ddaaBjornT: okay, sent replies to all your three reviews for partial-copy06:11
ddaaBjornT: still have to write the "later mail" one06:11
ddaaBjornT: can we talk it through first?06:11
flacostekiko: i'll send a request for feedback to launchpad-users like I did before we deployed guided support filing06:11
BjornTddaa: ok. can it wait until monday? i have to get something to eat now.06:12
kikoflacoste, good job06:12
ddaamh... I guess it will have to wait...06:12
ddaawriting the later email then... my mondays tend to be quite busy usually06:13
flacostekiko: we should also run the new expire-tickets.py script on staging to see how it behaves06:13
kikoBjornT, malcc: I can't easily use reload() because the friggin page redirects after posting06:13
malcckiko: Then I've got nothing. Sorry06:15
flacostekiko: btw, you have a better http() in Browser.open(): browser.open(url, urllib.urlencode({'field': 'whatever'}))06:15
kikoflacoste, ah!06:16
kikovery cool06:16
kikoflacoste, maneirissimo06:16
flacostebabelfish isn't able to translate that one :-(06:17
kikoit means "super-cool!"06:18
salgadokiko, everything seems fine06:21
kikosalgado, thanks.06:21
UbugtuNew bug: #68655 in launchpad "It should be easy to clone browser() instances." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6865506:31
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kikomatsubara, how much faster is bzr+ssh push08:12
matsubarakiko: haven't tried it yet08:13
kikome neither08:13
kikoI don't know whether I should or not :)08:13
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flacostekiko: go ahead you shouldn't have any problem with it08:27
kikoflacoste, I'm lazy though08:27
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flacosteperl -i -e 's#sftp://devpad#bzr+ssh://devpad#' ~/.bazaar/locations.conf is your friend :-)08:29
flacosteoops, rather use -pe08:29
flacostekiko: ^08:29
kikoI would rather use an icepick to edit that file!!!!08:30
kikobut sed works08:30
kikobut I am not upgrading just yet08:30
kikobecause I am a poullinet08:31
flacosteyou mean a poulet?08:31
kikolike a little chicken08:32
kikoI can say it and french girls understand what I mean!08:32
kikoobviously you're not a french girl08:33
flacostenor a french boy :-)08:33
SteveAkiko: are you in the office?08:38
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fabbioneSteveA: ping?10:16
fabbionekiko-afk: ping?10:17
lamontkiko-afk: how come I'm getting copies of launchpad support tickets (e.g. 2072)10:18
lamontor rather, WTH is ubuntu-audio subscribed to that ticket?10:18
fabbionelamont: ubuntu-audio is registered as contact point for LP10:19
fabbionewe need to kill that10:19
lamontfabbione: oh. let me rephrase that....  kiko-afk WTF is ubuntu-audio a contact point for LP???10:19
matsubaralamont, fabbione: someone from the team might have subscribed it10:20
fabbionematsubara: ok 2 things please10:20
fabbioneremove ubuntu-audio and ubuntu-audio-art as contact point for LP10:20
fabbioneand https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+ticket/207210:21
fabbionecheck for Geoff Newman autoreply and please disable the account10:21
fabbionewe already get enough SPAM.. i really can't care less of LP tickets because i am part of the Ubuntu kernel team10:21
matsubarafabbione: I can't unsubscribe the teams. Only team members can do that; Here: https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+support-contact10:23
fabbionei am not a direct team member and i can't do it10:23
fabbionehence we are here asking for an LP admin to do it10:23
matsubarafabbione: I'll nag kiko about it when he comes back.10:25
fabbionekiko-afk: consigliere... i know you will make sure that everything is ok...10:25
fabbionekiko-afk: the familiy will be once again honoured of your help10:26
fabbionematsubara: thanks10:27
matsubarafabbione: hmm I'm afraid kiko won't be of much help. I just found out that admins can't unsubscribe other teams that they're not member of. Obviously they can add themselves to the team and unsubscribed but that shouldn't be like that.10:33
matsubarafabbione: I'll file a bug about it. Meanwhile, the easiest route would be to ask martin pitt to unsubscribe ubuntu-audio 10:34
fabbionematsubara: another bug? i am pretty sure i filed one already a few months back10:35
matsubarafabbione: do you have the bug number handy?10:36
fabbioneno.. i filed months ago10:36
SteveAfabbione: hi10:43
fabbionehi SteveA 10:43
fabbioneSteveA: ^^ pretty please10:43
matsubarafabbione: well, couldn't find it. I'll dupe it later if find it. btw, I think it would be rude to unsubscribe ubuntu-audio-art since no member explicitely asked for that and the likely culprit for the spam you're receiving is your implicit subscription to ubuntu-audio via ubuntu-kernel.10:44
fabbionewell i didn't ask to be implicitly subscribed to ubuntu-audio even if i am the owner of ubuntu-kernel10:45
fabbioneso any foobar idiot that creates a team can endorse another team without permission and i am forced to get their spam10:45
fabbionenever mind it's pitti.. i can talk to him10:45
fabbionebut there is a design flaw here10:46
fabbioneit's like i will make lp-admins part of ubuntu-bugs10:46
fabbioneand you start getting 2398294732 emails per day10:46
fabbioneyou would NOT be pleased by that10:46
kikoMaSa69, what's going on?10:47
SteveAfabbione: we know there's a problem where the agreement for teams being members of teams is not approved in both directions10:48
matsubarafabbione: yes, you're completely right to be annoyed. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  I'm just explaining what happened.10:48
SteveAmatsubara: is there anything you need an admin to do?10:48
fabbionematsubara: i know what's happening.. i am already aware of that.. i want it fixed please10:48
matsubarafabbione: I'm not trying to justify lp faulty behaviour.10:48
fabbionethis has been diagnosed already a long time ago10:48
fabbionebug filed and probably lost10:48
matsubaraSteveA, kiko: could you please add yourself to ubuntu-audio team and unsubscribed it from launchpad support contact here: https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+support-contact10:49
fabbioneand check also that person that's spamming LP back10:49
SteveAmatsubara: well, let's just one of us do it10:50
kikoI can do it10:50
fabbionekiko: consigliere.. i had no doubts...10:50
kikomatsubara, do we know who subscribed this team?10:51
kikofabbione, done.10:51
fabbionekiko: grazie consigliere. the family will not forget10:52
kikobut wtf10:52
matsubarakiko: I don't know for sure, but I think it was Fred Chu10:52
kikowho is this fred chu person?10:52
fabbionekiko: be careful10:52
fabbionethere are 2 audio team10:53
kikoI know10:53
kikoboth need to be removed10:53
fabbioneyou want to take away ubuntu-audio-art10:53
fabbioneok thanks10:53
kikoSupport contacts for Launchpad10:54
kiko    * Launchpad QA10:54
kiko    * Andrea Veri10:54
kiko    * Fred Chu10:54
kiko    * SecurityLiveCD10:54
kikoI'll get rid of SecurityLiveCD too10:54
kikomatsubara, can you contact this fred chu person and let him know what he did wrong?10:55
matsubarayes kiko 10:57
kikothanks dude10:57
fabbionekiko: great thanks10:59
kikofabbione, should be all good.10:59
fabbionekiko: did you also see that Geoff Newman spam on ticket 2072?10:59
kikonot yet11:00
fabbioneit's somebody with an autoresponder11:01
fabbionenothing fancy11:01
fabbioneanyway.. thanks for the thing guys...11:02
kikofabbione, do you have a URL for it?11:02
fabbionei am going to hit the bed and crash till monday morning11:03
fabbioneno problem11:03
kikonight duder11:03
fabbionenight consigliere..11:03
kikohow annoying11:03
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Mezhow long does it take before bazaar.launchpad.net recognises your ssh key11:17
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sabdflkiko: around?11:53

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