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makxhmm infinity it's frustrating that you have to catch errors that were long fixed in the debian version01:33
makxi hope we can find a better way to sync01:34
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mhatI suppose this is the right place for this question, if not let me know. I'm using nssldap, which has been working well for me for ~2yr now. With Edgy now have a problem where udevd wants to do something that requires libnss to talk tot he ldap server. Normally that would be fine except that dhcp appears to happen after udev -- so there's no network, no ldap, and the machine takes 2+8+16+32+64 extra seconds to boot.09:40
mhatone option is that I could have nssldap setup for soft bindings but that's specifically wrong anytime except during boot.09:41
makx  passwd:         files ldap [UNAVAIL=return] 09:48
makx  group:          files ldap [UNAVAIL=return] 09:48
makxmhat speaking of /etc/nsswitch.conf, hf09:49
mhatseems reasonable enough09:50
makxwtf no thanks :-P09:50
mhat? oh ! ha, thanks09:51
makxhehe ok09:54
mhatwould you happen to know which channel I should go to next for questions about how gnome/edgy decide a user is an admin? Being in admin(114) appears to not be sufficient, physically being in the group file seems to be required.09:56
mhatI suspect you can guess why this is an issue for me based on the last question. :)09:56
mhatI tried #ubuntu but I'm fairly sure I've been lost in the noise.09:58

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