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cortexis it possible to move from i386 to amd64 ??12:47
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infinityBenC: A) Be around, B) Be in #ubuntu-toolchain, please. :)03:52
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zul*sigh* reiserfs is evil06:41
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tfheenzul: I could have told you that for free years ago07:11
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sistpotyHi folks11:36
sistpotydoes anyone know, why the _syscallX macros aren't in unistd.h any longer? (and how I can cleverly circumvent this?)11:37
jbaileyBenC: Hey - do you know if the -server kernel is on the edgy CD?11:51
jbaileysistpoty: Use the glibc syscall() function.11:51
BenCjbailey: probably only on the server CD's11:52
jbaileyAh, whups, forgot that the Cd weren't integrated anymore.11:53
sistpotyjbailey: but I cannot use own system calls with syscall()... because that would be exactly what I'd need11:56
sistpotyjbailey: or can i?11:56
jbaileyWhat do you mean "own system calls"?11:56
sistpotyjbailey: syscall by a kernel module... just a sec and I show you the code snippet in question11:57
sistpotyjbailey: http://faumachine.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/FAUmachine/node-pc/setup.c?view=markup (search for faumachine_helper... that's from a addon kernel module of that project)11:58
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