tmh___you can do flexible, easy partitioning with LVM and change it easily later12:39
chaoticg33ktook a long time12:40
tmh___comments like that aren't too polite.12:40
tmh___and someone already replied to you 5 hours ago12:41
chaoticg33kI'm sorry12:41
tmh___sparsely, I guess, but anyway. 12:41
chaoticg33kI was trying to joke, but it does not translate well into bits and bytes12:41
tmh___oh, ok :) http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/12:41
chaoticg33kI'm very sarcastic, but it does not end up well online.12:42
chaoticg33kthank you for the link12:42
chaoticg33khave you looked at any version of 6.1012:43
tmh___yes, Im using the release12:44
chaoticg33kI see the answer you were talking about now. Looks like a shorthand for something like lol12:45
chaoticg33kguess the ;) threw me off12:45
chaoticg33kanother question if you don't mind, Is it easy to configure the network for a ubuntu server after the install, using a line from a windows box?12:49
chaoticg33kMy setup is kinda weird I guess, I have two computers and I have my main windows box that has net, I'm getting another network card so I can pop it into one of the boxes and have a total of three so I can share the connection I have between the two12:50
chaoticg33kI live in a college dorm room with one network jack and we can not use routers or hubs, so I wanna have internet access for both, but I'm not very sure how easy that would be12:51
chaoticg33kany takers on my question?12:55
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PenguinistaKCIf you can't use routers or hubs, then your best bet is to get wireless cards for two of your machines and set the third one up as a gateway.01:05
PenguinistaKCOops, you have two machines. Even easier.01:06
PenguinistaKCSet up one machine with two network cards. Eth0 connects to jack in wall, eth1 connects to computer 2 through a cross-over cable. Set up computer 1 as your gateway01:07
PenguinistaKCWith windows, you use internet connection sharing. With linux, it's a little more work.01:08
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chaoticg33kI want the work, I want to learn more, so doing alot of work is no problem for me.02:26
chaoticg33kumm... k well I installed the lamp server software package in 6.10, I skipped the DNS stuff. I bet I can get that all installed later if I need it. I'm not postive on what I want to do if I want the linux box to share the connection or the windows box. If I do the windows box then I will be able to get help as I go along if I need it, however if I do the linux box I have to know what I am doing before hand seems how I will not have n02:54
chaoticg33kOk, well I got an error when I tried to install the lamp server package, so it told me to reselect it and try agian, so I selected the DNS too.02:56
chaoticg33kOk, it gave me "Instlation step failed" again... and I had both of the packages selected this time02:56
chaoticg33kok, so far so good with no packages selected02:59
chaoticg33kk well it is installed now but no predefined packages... I guess I'm gonna have to do that all manualy03:04
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Joespowerhi, am I in the right place? I have a ubuntu server specific problem but I've never used IRC b407:43
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gioeleIs there going to be something like "edgy server" distribution?10:51
infinitygioele: The server ISOs are right next to the regular ISOs on the dowload site.10:55
gioeleah, ok10:55
gioelebecause the site is not very clear. It is half updated and it seems that the server edition is going to stick with 6.06 LTS10:56
infinityWell, it's encouraged that server users stick with 6.06 anyway.10:57
infinityMost server users would prefer stability and 5 years of support over a few new packages, generally. :)10:57
gioelewell, not if you are running an ejabberd server ;)11:07
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mpathyHi there.. I asked yesterday if it would be a bad idea to use edgy for my server.. But today I recognized that I perhaps HAVE TO use edgy because there is Postfix 2.3 in it, and from this version I got support for the Dovecot-SASL: http://www.postfix.org/SASL_README.html#server_dovecot03:21
mpathyOr is it really a idea who is REALLY bad? :)03:22
mpathyTell me about the quality level of the server-specific issues @ edgy :)03:22
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mpathyHi there! I need to switch to Edgy for recent versions of Postfix and Dovecot.. Are there some serious objections against doing that?05:21
mpathy(on a server)05:21
infinityI'm not doing it on my machines, but the choice is, obviously, yours.05:22
mpathyinfinity: Sure. But are there serious points against doing that?05:24
infinity5 years' support on dapper, versus 18 months on edgy.05:25
infinityLots of testing and stability fixes in dapper, a more rushed release with edgy.05:25
infinityAnd the fact that I, personally, put several man-weeks into dapper's server release, and barely touched it for edgy, cause we had other goals. :)05:26
infinityBut I don't think it should have any *problems*, per se, I just wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it over dapper either.05:27
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Pych0nI almosty finished to install the Ubuntu 6.06.1 on a Dell PowerEdge05:27
mpathyinfinity: Hmm, okay. Its clear that I use Feisty, the next LTR in april! I think I will go, until then, with Edgy05:28
Pych0nNow im configuring the NICs with support for VLANs (+20 VLANS)05:28
Pych0nbut when the machine starts it takes to much time to setuo the network05:28
Pych0nAlmost +5 minutes05:29
mpathy5 years? That means in a few years you have to do support for really much releases..?05:29
infinitympathy: I doubt feisty will be an LTS.05:30
infinitympathy: The next one after feisty might be.05:30
mpathyinfinity: Really? But as I remember Mark said every second release will be one05:30
infinityHe said no such thing.05:31
mpathyinfinity: Hmm okay.. And there is no possibility that Postfix 2.3 gets somehow in dapper-backports?05:31
infinityA tentative plan was every third or fourth (dapper was our fourth), but we've committed to nothing.05:32
infinitympathy: You could file a bug requestin a backport, sure.  If it compiles cleanly on dapper.05:32
mpathyinfinity: Wher would be the right place to do that?05:32
infinityThe build-deps make it look like it should build on dapper.05:33
infinityLooks like it's already filed.05:34
infinitySo, follow up to thet bug and give a rationale, if you'd like.05:35
Pych0ninfinity: hi05:35
Pych0ninfinity: would you like to help me ?05:35
infinityThe backports team will vet the report, see if it compiles cleanly, etc, then pass it off to the archive team (me and a few others), and we'll process it.05:35
infinityPych0n: This isn't really a support channel.05:35
infinityPych0n: That, and I don't do VLANs in Linux, I tend to use real routing and switching equipment, so I might not be very helpful.05:36
Pych0ninfinity: ok, where is the support channel please ?05:36
infinityThere is no server-specific support channel that I know of.05:36
infinityIf I had to guess, though, it's possible you're being bitten by something in /etc/network/if-up.d/ being run (and failing or timing out) for every single one of your 20 VLANs coming up.05:37
mpathyinfinity: Posted it.. Lets hope ;)06:03
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porkpiehi guy's I am trying to do a echo "bnx2" >> /etc/mkinitramfs/module on the latest realease but I get cannot create  blalalal  directory nonoexistent   what has replaced this 07:10
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jbrouhardanyone try putting this out?08:44
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Jeeves__Is anyone able to help on a problem with ddclient? 08:58
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Jeeves___Does anyone have the ddclient program running?09:53
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tmh__just ask?10:07
tmh__porkpie: I think the default is now 'initramfs-tools', apt-cache show initramfs-tools10:09
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Jeeves___is anyone able to help me configure logwatch, their website seams to be down? 11:06
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