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cjwatsonListing ubuntu/feisty (DONE) 0/012:23
cjwatsony'all are slackers12:23
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doko_cjwatson: is edgy-updates open?12:45
doko_or -proposed ...12:45
infinitySo, what's the status of toolchain mangling, kids?03:00
infinityAnyone have uploads ready for me?03:00
doko_yes, for edgy-updates; sparc has problems03:29
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jb-homedoko, fabbione: Whenever you guys wake up.  I'm going to patch glibc such that it build-dep's on linux-libc-dev 2.6.19.  Some defines went away, so I'll patch glibc to have them directly (and submit the patch upstream)03:48
infinityjb-home: So, am I going to do a manual bootstrap to get glibc in place, then do the rest of the toolchain (and kernel), then we'll upload glibc again with the correct build-dep?03:51
jb-homeinfinity: Eh, you're awake earlier than expected. =)03:51
infinityIt's almost noon...03:51
jb-homeglibc doesn't build without it.03:51
jb-homeSo I'd start with the kernel upload.03:52
jb-homeI suggested that to Ben, and he doesn't want people usng the kernel, so wouldn't update linux-meta.03:52
infinityOh, yeah, starting with the kernel seems sane, since it should build fine regardless.03:52
infinityDo we have a kernel upload for me?03:52
jb-homeBest to poke BenC.  He has one that he was using to give us linux-libc-dev .debs from.03:52
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=== BenC was summoned
infinityBenC: How quickly can I get that linux-source-2.6.19 in edgy?03:53
infinityfeisty, even.03:53
infinityThat's going to take some brain mangling.03:53
infinityfeisty, feisty, feisty.03:53
infinityI wonder how many changelogs I'll mess up in the first month...03:53
BenCI can upload tonight03:54
infinityWhere "tonight" = ?03:54
BenCwithing a few hours03:54
infinityCool.  Should do.03:54
BenCwant me to get on it?03:54
infinityPlease. :)03:54
BenCthere's no lrm, and not touching linux-meta, and don't suggest to anyone to install it :)03:56
jb-homeinfinity: It's only bad because you have the rights to approve uploads to edgy, don't you? =)03:56
BenCI don't have all the third-party drivers in place yet03:56
doko_jb-home: I can disable double-128 for sparc for now, but we shouldn't open the archive before we can fix that03:58
jb-homedoko_: Right, it seems like it's just a patch missing from the backport, yes?03:59
doko_jb-home: tell me which one ...03:59
jb-homeConsidering I had trouble *reading* the bloody assertion that was tripping...04:00
doko_I'm currently trying to work around the C++ regressions, (fixes of accepts-invalid-code :-/ )04:00
doko_yeah, and davem doesn't know either04:01
jb-homeDoes it happen with pristine CVS?04:03
infinityjb-home: s/edgy/feisty/ in the above?04:04
doko_jb-home: 4.1 doesn't support double-128, 4.2 does04:04
infinityAnyhow, if all the above babble is telling me we're not ready for the bootstrap, I can hold off.04:04
infinityI have other stuff to do right now anyway.04:04
doko_interim solution: make 4.2 the default on sparc and let fabbione fix the fallout bugs =)04:04
jb-homeinfinity: No.  As in, it's bad if you type edgy in the changelog, because you have launchpad god rights.  You can accidentally make it go through. =)04:05
infinityBenC: But please, do get us the kernel upload soonish, so when jeff and doko are ready, we're good to go with linux-libc-dev.04:05
jb-homeinfinity: re: hppa...04:05
BenCinfinity: on its way, at 30k/sec, so give it some time04:05
infinityjb-home: I'd have to put edgy back in "development" before I could do that, which would be a lot of effort to work around a typo.04:05
jb-homeinfinity: Are there feisty chroots there based off of dapper?04:05
infinityjb-home: There are no chroots for any arch, but yes, there will be an hppa/feisty chroot that's essentially a dapper chroot.04:06
doko_jb-home: just ronne/i38604:06
infinity(No chroots intentionally, so uploads don't trigger builds accidentally)04:06
jb-homeinfinity: Cool.  So with any luck, it'll give us the kernel headers there.04:06
infinityAssuming linux-2.6.19 can build on dapper, yeah.04:06
infinityIf not, this'll be a fun ride.04:07
jb-homeOh, which it certainly can't.  Forgot about that.04:07
jb-homeAlthough I can tell you which pieces need to be built. =)04:07
infinityIf the only thing we need to pull in is linux-libc-dev, and one of you has already bootstrapped that on hppa, I'm all for cheating.04:07
jb-homeI have all the basic stuff to do it, just need Ben's source package.04:08
infinityOkay, cool.04:08
infinityI'm less concerned about hppa today anyway.04:08
infinityBut if we can squeeze it in here and there and make it happen, cool.04:08
BenCinfinity, jb-home: 5 more minutes to upload completion04:55
infinityBenC: \o/04:56
infinityThanks, dude.04:56
infinityWere Fabio's "The headers are so busted that the kernel's scripts/ directory can't even be compiled against the new linuc-libc-dev" concerns addressed? :)04:56
BenCyep, retested today with latest git04:57
infinityAwesome.  Thanks.04:57
fabbionemorning guys05:02
BenChey fabbione05:03
fabbioneso what's the situation now?05:03
fabbionenew kernel is up?05:03
jb-homeHola Fabbione!05:03
fabbionejb-home: glibc still doesn't build on ppc05:04
dokofabbione: see the reply from davem, that's our major sparc problem05:07
fabbionedoko: is that long-double thing REALLY required ?05:07
fabbionedoko: i am going trough my emails right now...05:07
fabbionejb-home: did you commit that patch?05:09
dokofabbione: yes, see PR2870105:09
jb-homefabbione: No, I went to eat dinner. =)05:09
fabbionedoko: url?05:10
fabbionejb-home: ok05:10
fabbionejb-home: i am going to try to build glibc on ppc3205:10
jb-homefabbione: Starting by build now.05:10
fabbionebut that will take some time05:10
dokofabbione: http://gcc.gnu.org/PR...05:10
jb-homeThe patch commits, anyway.05:10
jb-homeI think this thing usually takes about 20 minutes to build.05:10
jb-homedoko: oh, is that the shortcut?  I can never remember it. =)05:11
BenCinfinity: got the NEW for l-s-2.6.1905:12
fabbionejb-home: we also still need to port the ubuntu locale patches to 2.5. in theory they could wait for the second upload..05:13
dokojb-home: what was Alzheimers first name?05:14
jb-homedoko: Is "I don't remember" a good answer? =)05:14
jb-homefabbione: They didn't apply cleanly?  I thought I had seen them in the patch set.05:14
fabbionejb-home: i didn't even look at debian/patches YET05:15
fabbioneyou know.. been doing only a merge for 8 hours or so05:15
dokojb-home: yeah, ...05:15
fabbioneppc32 fired up05:16
fabbionedoko: when is gcc-4.2 due to?05:22
dokojust branched05:22
dokono release date05:22
fabbionewhat does that mean in gcc world usually?05:23
fabbione3 months? 20 months?05:23
dokomaybe 3, maybe 5 months05:30
fabbionejb-home: building glibc on ppc32 basically froze my entire machines except the ssh sessione where it's building05:31
jb-homefabbione: Fucked kernel?05:31
fabbionejb-home: possibly.. 05:31
fabbioneLinux daltanius 2.6.19-1-powerpc #1 Mon Oct 23 05:18:52 CEST 2006 ppc05:31
fabbioneit's rc205:31
=== fabbione reboots in .17
fabbioneinfinity: feisty doesn't exists on the mirrors yet?05:34
fabbionedoko: i dunno what to do with gcc... i have no idea what to look for and so on..05:38
infinityIt won't until something is published in it, I susect.05:38
fabbioneshould we go for 4.2 branch for all arches?05:38
infinityWoo, the queue tool still defaults to edgy.05:38
BenCwill new gcc build hppa kernels yet?05:38
fabbioneBenC: yes. 4.1 should do05:39
fabbionewe don't know yet if they will boot, but to start with, it's enough it builds :)05:39
infinityAlthough, hrm, I'd expect something to be published by now...05:39
infinityMaybe the publisher hasn't been run since the import.05:39
infinityNo Team Soyuz around to confirm which step we're at.05:39
infinityI may have to wait until malcc wakes up before I start this dance.05:40
fabbioneinfinity: don't sweat it... glibc and gcc are not ready yet05:40
infinityKay.  I'll get the kernel building as soon as I have malcc's okay, at least.05:40
fabbioneinfinity: yeps...05:40
infinityhppa will have to wait, of course, cause it'll need manual love, but the other 5 should work, right?05:40
fabbionenot yet05:40
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-toolchain:fabbione] : STATUS: glibc: ppc busted | gcc: sparc busted
infinityBenC: On which arches will the kernel actually build? :)05:41
BenCshould build on all05:41
fabbioneinfinity: all of them.. i did test build on all 6 a couple of days ago05:41
infinityEven hppa/dapper?05:41
fabbionehppa will need edgy kernel-package and kernel-wedge otherwise it should be good05:41
infinity(I suspect that will require love)05:41
infinityAhh, that's it?  Cool.05:41
infinityI can manage that.05:42
fabbionethe resulting kernel will NOT boot05:42
fabbionebut it will build05:42
infinityBooting is not critcal, getting linux-libc-dev is.05:42
fabbioneBenC: i assume you did pull also my changes to debian/d-i/ for ia64 and hppa, right?05:42
fabbionei didn't notice the commit logs after that depatch-repatch05:42
BenCfabbione: yep05:43
fabbionethat should do05:43
fabbioneif nothing drastic changed in the meantime05:43
jb-homeLooks like I got the patch to build with the 2.6.19 headers right enough this time.05:51
infinity"right enough"05:54
jb-homeinfinity: As in, the build didn't fail.05:55
jb-homeNot that I've reduced the patch to the set that I would expect to get past drepper.05:55
fabbionedoko: <fabbione> should we go for 4.2 branch for all arches?06:00
jb-homeEh, no.06:01
jb-homeHaving the merge be done with 4.2 in it's current state would almost certainly mean a rebuild after something crazy was discovered.06:01
jb-homeThey only branched what, a week ago?  maybe two?06:01
fabbionefun :)06:01
jb-homeIf we were sane and kept the results of the rebuild at the end for publishing, I'd say go for it.06:02
jb-homeBut I'd also track glibc-2.6 actively through the release.06:02
fabbionejb-home: that's MV spec (glibc-2.6 tracking).. we could start packaging it immediatly together with gcc-4.2 and use them offbw for some crazy rebuild.. we would have feisty+1 toolchain ready at the same moment it opens06:03
jb-homefabbione: By spec for the last two release, we're supposed to have had places to upload toolchains and the ability to do test rebuilds.06:06
jb-homeHard to get enthusiastic for that a third go 'round.06:06
fabbionejb-home: well let's put this way ... with my addition to the toolchain slackers, at least i have enough CPU power at home to do main once in a while for all arches06:07
jb-homefabbione: Ah, are you officially added to the crew now? =)06:07
fabbionejb-home: didn't you add me to the team?06:08
jb-homeYeah.  You just hadn't acknowledged it before. =) 06:08
fabbioneyeah yeah... whatever you say.. i am committing to glibc for fun :)06:08
jb-homefabbione: Do you remember on which test she zombie'd out?06:14
fabbioneppc ?06:14
fabbioneno, and i just started a build on davis disabling the test suite06:15
fabbioneyou are late by 30 secs or so06:15
jb-homeLate how?06:15
jb-homeNo build logs?06:15
fabbionelate with me doing ./debian/rules clean && rm ../*.build06:16
jb-homeI'm just curious if I've passed that point already or not.06:16
fabbionedon't worry.. i can rebuild running the test suite and claim that i thought i was using my machine06:16
fabbionehostnames are very similar :)06:16
jb-homedavis versus datbloodppcbox?06:17
fabbionewell get to the debs .. there might be an error in sysdeps/powerpc.mk anyway for the headers install in ppc6406:17
jb-homebloody. even.06:17
fabbionedavis versus daltanius06:17
fabbioneyou know.. tab completion shit06:17
fabbionei blame bash and its maintainer ;)06:17
fabbioneit means that in case i will never get root on ANY of the DC machines, but i don't think that will ever happen anyway06:18
jb-homeEh, why don't I have any swap on my box...06:18
jb-homeOh I see the problem you were describing.06:18
jb-homeSo it doesn't actually stop the build at all.06:18
fabbioneare you getting Zombies?06:19
fabbioneZl to be exact06:19
jb-home23241 jbailey   21   0     0    0    0 Z   95  0.0   3:17.46 ld.so.1 <defunct>  06:19
jb-home23103 jbailey   16   0     0    0    0 Z   13  0.0   0:40.09 ld.so.1 <defunct>  06:19
jb-home23159 jbailey   16   0     0    0    0 Z   13  0.0   0:32.74 ld.so.1 <defunct>  06:19
jb-home23196 jbailey   16   0     0    0    0 Z   13  0.0   0:28.47 ld.so.1 <defunct>  06:19
jb-home23120 jbailey   16   0     0    0    0 Z   13  0.0   0:36.73 ld.so.1 <defunct>  06:19
jb-home23139 jbailey   16   0     0    0    0 Z   13  0.0   0:33.48 ld.so.1 <defunct>  06:19
jb-home23176 jbailey   16   0     0    0    0 Z   13  0.0   0:29.87 ld.so.1 <defunct>  06:19
jb-home23216 jbailey   21   0     0    0    0 Z   12  0.0   0:29.16 ld.so.1 <defunct> 06:19
fabbionei am still not getting them on ppc32 kernel06:19
fabbionewell at a certain point the testsuite will hang06:20
fabbioneit won't take long from there06:20
jb-homeSwap: 19531232k total,        0k used, 19531232k free,  1398728k cached06:20
jb-homeMuch better.06:20
fabbione* tim (n=tim@carl-sgc-sg-1.inter-touch.net) has joined #canonical06:20
fabbionewho is he?06:20
fabbioneops.. ECHAN06:20
jb-homefabbione: You're one of thoses detectives that work for HP, aren't you?06:21
jb-homeSo hmm.  Are those zombied because of a bug in glibc, the kernel, or upstart?06:22
fabbionethose are spawned by glibc build so i can't think of anything upstart related.06:23
fabbionei am trying to exclude the kernel, building on ppc3206:24
jb-homeThey're parented to 106:24
jb-homeSo wouldn't that mean they might be hanging around for not having SIG..CHLD? acknowledged by upstart?06:24
jb-homeEspecially since they appear to be spinning?06:24
jb-homeOr using up CPU time somehow?06:24
fabbioneno i exclude upstart.. davis is running dapper06:25
fabbioneand i could reproduce it there06:25
fabbioneand it's running 2.6.15.x06:25
fabbionecompared to .17 on your box perhaps?06:25
jb-homeYeah, I'm current edgy from 2 days ago or so.06:26
fabbioneright.. so am i06:27
jb-homekill -9 won't take it out, so it's not a userspace problem.06:27
fabbioneas i told you yesterday you need a hard reboot of the box06:28
jb-homeBedtime soon for me.06:29
jb-homeI'll try asking Steve Munroe from IBM tomorrow.06:30
jb-homefabbione: It made it through the nptl tests, which is where I would've expected permanent problems if nothing else.06:32
fabbionejb-home: since it doesn't take too long to build there, could you please get it to the deb before you head to bed?06:33
jb-homefabbione: It's working it's way through now.06:33
fabbionei am running 2 builds here: full on ppc32 and without test suite on ppc6406:34
jb-homeBut with a zombie taking up 98% of one CPU, and a collectiong of others fihting for the second one, it's not going quickly.06:34
fabbioneso what i would suggest is:06:34
jb-homeIn the meantime I'll commit the build fix.06:34
fabbioneif ppc32 builds fine without zombies and ppc64 goes trough, we look at the tests results from ppc32 and upload temporary disabling the test suite06:34
fabbione(assuming the results are good enough)06:34
jb-homeI'd *really* rather talk to Steve first.06:35
fabbionewell that can be parallelized :)06:35
fabbioneit's not going to happen before monday anyway06:35
jb-homeWhat part of "first" can be parallelized? =)06:35
fabbioneour test build can parallelize with you talking with Steve :)06:36
jb-homeLovely, I've commited that.  Builds will now demand newer linux-libc-devs than edgy has.06:36
jb-homeAnd it's 00h36, time for sleep.06:37
jb-homeSee y'all.06:37
fabbionenight jeff06:37
fabbionejb-home: it hangs on ppc32 too07:06
fabbioneF U C K07:06
fabbionedavis did build without testsuite but clearly that's NOT good07:07
fabbionejb-home, infinity: mailed all the ppc hackers for glibc issue.. let see what happens07:58
fabbioneBenC: latest git is FTBFS on ppc 09:50
fabbioneoh nevermind09:51
fabbioneit's Olaf patch09:51
fabbionejb-home: portforwarded the patches from glibc-2.4 09:58
fabbioneso we should be good with that09:58
cjwatsondoko: edgy-{proposed,updates} are open as of edgy release; follow StableReleaseUpdates as usual10:01
infinity(open and functional, even)10:02
cjwatsoninfinity: publisher should've been run since i-f-p happened ...10:04
infinitycjwatson: Should've, as in "you think it has", or as in "why hasn't it"?10:04
infinitycjwatson: I've been waiting for malcc to show up to give me a status report.10:04
cjwatson$ ls ubuntu/dists/feisty/10:05
cjwatsonRelease  Release.gpg  main  multiverse  restricted  universe10:05
cjwatsoncan't see what else would've put that there. :-)10:05
infinityYeah, fair point. :)10:05
infinity(I thought someone said that wasn't there earlier..)10:05
infinityWell, then, I guess we can NEW the kernel, and I can work on getting it building.10:05
cjwatsonat this point I'm happy to turn the cron job back on10:05
infinityAlso, the queue tool still defaults to edgy.  Fun.10:05
cjwatsonnow done10:06
cjwatsonyeah, I noticed that10:06
cjwatsonI wonder if that's because feisty is EXPERIMENTAL not DEVELOPMENT10:06
infinityCould be.  Why is it, anyway?10:06
infinityI'll happily change it.10:06
infinityI thought EXPERIMENTAL was meant to only exist if there was *also* a DEVELOPMENT release.10:07
infinity(And, afaik, we've never actually used it for anything)10:07
fabbionei suggest you feisty in frozen10:07
fabbionetill we bootstrap the toolchain10:07
infinityI'm down with that idea.10:07
cjwatsonthat will work for queue too10:07
fabbioneinfinity: it wasn't on the mirror a couple of hours ago10:07
infinityThere, it's frozen now.10:08
cjwatsonqueue (and everything in launchpad that does Distribution.currentrelease) tries FROZEN, DEVELOPMENT, CURRENT in that order10:08
cjwatsonand if there isn't one of those then it just picks the first one10:08
infinitycjwatson: Err, did you already NEW the kernel?10:08
infinityOh, feh.  The changes list is empty.10:08
cjwatsoninfinity: no10:08
=== infinity fixes.
cjwatsondoes feisty-changes exist yet?10:09
cjwatsonit didn't last night10:09
cjwatsonwait until I subscribe? :-)10:09
cjwatsonnot that I'm a sad completist or anything10:09
infinityBe quick. :)10:09
infinityOkay, NOW it's frozen (and has a changes list)10:09
infinitycjwatson: Subscribed yet, huh, huh? :)10:11
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cjwatsonBenC: you seem to have gone back to native packaging rather than .diff.gz ...?10:11
fabbionecjwatson: yes it's an -rc..10:12
fabbioneno point to go .diff.gz10:12
fabbionei guess he will switch with .19 final10:12
cjwatsoninfinity: yes. :-)10:12
cjwatsonfabbione: ah10:12
fabbionecjwatson: this upload is only to bootstrap10:12
fabbionenot for use10:12
cjwatsonI know10:13
infinityWell, she's accepted.10:14
infinityNow I get to play.10:14
=== infinity does a publisher run, real quick-like.
Keybukdoesn't that need a toolchain? :p10:16
infinityOh, I remember what I wanted to ask malcc (he says, 2 minutes after the publisher starts)...10:16
infinitycjwatson: Are we sure the dsync changes got made, so we don't keep altering edgy?10:17
infinityKeybuk: linux-libc-dev is the first bit of the chain that we want.10:17
Keybukof course10:18
KeybukI'd forgotten about that10:18
=== infinity runs to 7-11 for nutrience while the publisher does... Stuff.
cjwatsoninfinity: yes10:18
cjwatsonmalcc commented out link-dups; we have a better solution in testing10:18
infinitycjwatson: Oh, good.  I didn't want to have to test how well the publisher deals with a SIGINT.10:18
cjwatsonwe made sure of this before creating feisty. :)10:19
cjwatsonKeybuk: carlos wants to start up feisty translations before we do the first big auto-sync, if possible10:21
cjwatsonwhich requires downing launchpad for a few hours10:21
fabbionecjwatson: we don't have glibc yet.. so that shouldn't be an issue10:21
Keybukcjwatson: that's ok10:22
fabbionejb-home and I think we will need a new kernel on ppc buildd to let glibc build10:22
Keybukwe also need to sync edgy -> feisty before I'll do the unstable -> feisty one ;P10:23
Keybukand that needs a toolchain10:23
fabbioneedgy -> feisty?10:23
fabbioneisn't that done automatically when they "clone" edgy into feisty?10:23
Keybukapparently not10:24
Keybukit appears to have been done now though10:24
Keybukit wasn't when I looked yesterday10:24
fabbioneqh ok10:24
cjwatsonyeah, that was done early on10:27
infinitycjwatson: I'm down with the initial translation run being done anytime after this publisher run is done, since my kernel builds will likely be out-of-band anyway.10:41
infinityAnd, the publisher just finished.10:42
=== Keybuk so can't remember how mom works
infinityShe just sits at home, does laundry, and watches Oprah while dad works, doesn't she?11:19
infinityAt least, that sounds like my mom.11:19
Keybukthis is the first release cycle where she hasn't had a PMT attack, so I literally haven't touched her for sixth months!11:19
Keybukwe should let Hobbsee loose on the archive, if only to free up some disk space on casey :)11:41
fabbioneKeybuk: i knew about PMS attack.. PMT?????12:42
Keybukfabbione: another word for PMS, I guess s/Stress/Tension/12:43
fabbionesyndrome ... yeah gotcha12:44
fabbionedict has a lot of interesting other definitions tho :)12:44
cjwatsoninfinity: are you the one accepting stuff?01:41
cjwatsoninfinity: note that debootstrap has some C programs in it01:42
infinitycjwatson: I am.01:42
infinitycjwatson: Don't mind so much, I'd just like to see it built and useable.01:42
infinitycjwatson: It'll get reuploaded at least once, I'm sure. :)01:43
cjwatsonfair enough :)01:43
jb-homefabbione: The build hang is *tee* hanging.01:43
infinity(Not accepting anything else, mind you)01:43
cjwatsoninfinity: just uploaded debhelper; you might want that01:44
cjwatsonI'm skipping dpkg because (a) it's bloody hard to merge and iwj can do it and (b) it doesn't seem necessary01:44
cjwatsonmind you, debhelper doesn't look like a huge deal either01:45
jb-homefabbione: Oh, I guess that makes sense since the children haven't exitted.01:45
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jbaileyfabbione: Still around?  /proc/##/wchan says that the process is sitting in do_exit02:20
jbaileyIs there any way to tell where it is in that?02:21
dokofabbione: gcc-4.1 built on 2.4 at davis:gcc/4.1/02:25
lamontjbailey: twisting like a baby in a slow flame?  you sick puppy02:30
jbaileylamont: Eh?02:30
jbaileyOh.  It's a quote from a Cult song called "edie"02:30
lamont27-10-2006 06:17:36 -!- jb-home!n=jbailey@modemcable139.249-203-24.mc.videotron.ca has left #ubuntu-toolchain ["Twisting like a flame in a slow dance, baby..."] 02:30
lamontmaybe I transposed a few words02:30
jbaileyPerhaps. =)02:31
jbaileyAlthough it's an incredibly depressing song.  One of the ones I really enjoyed as a teenager.02:31
fabbionejbailey: i am here now. i did mail all of upstream.02:34
fabbionedoko: it does?!?!??02:34
fabbionedoko: glibc-2.5? please doublecheck02:34
dokofabbione: I'm currently building in feisty-libc02:37
fabbionedoko: ok...02:37
fabbionethese Niagara failures are scary. i need to talk to david02:37
=== lamont wonders if there's any signficance to neither of his pet architectures being in the topic
fabbionelamont: ia64 is ok already as i told you02:38
lamontfabbione: right.  must wake up.02:39
fabbionelamont: hppa we need to do some extra bootstrapping love but getting ready for it02:39
lamontand hppa has the signals, um, patch.  plus bootstrapping02:39
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-toolchain:lamont] : STATUS: glibc: ppc busted | gcc: sparc busted | hppa: bootstrapping needed
fabbionedoko: looks good glibc.. dunno what to say02:39
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-toolchain:fabbione] : STATUS: glibc: ppc busted | hppa: bootstrapping needed
fabbioneso we only need ppc glibc02:40
fabbionejbailey: anyway i did build a set of debs for ppc02:40
fabbionewithout running the test suite02:40
jbaileyfabbione: Any thoughts on my debugging questiosn?02:40
fabbioneno i have no idea. i did spoke with benh and he also believes it's a kenrel bug02:41
fabbioneand he said that they were going to look at it very quickly02:41
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fabbioneoh doko halt stop.. are we talking about davis??? or faure?03:12
fabbionei got confused now03:12
fabbionedoko: there is also a feisty-libc chroot on davis with 2.503:12
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-toolchain:fabbione] : STATUS: glibc: ppc busted | gcc: sparc | hppa: bootstrapping needed
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-toolchain:fabbione] : STATUS: glibc: ppc busted | gcc: sparc busted| hppa: bootstrapping needed
fabbionejbailey: btw i did also port the ubuntu patches to 2.5 so that's done. i assume all the other dirs are "ok" and we don't want to delta from them03:13
jbaileyother dirs?03:14
jbaileyYou're scaring me. patches are in a pile of directories..03:14
fabbionejbailey: in 2.4 we had an ubuntu directory for our own patches.03:23
fabbionei did port them to 2.5 (one only required)03:23
fabbionethe other dirs.. with tons of patches...03:23
fabbionei am assuming we don't want to create a huge delta with Debian03:24
fabbioneexcept for the documentation one03:24
infinityIdeally not.03:24
fabbione(removed from debian/patches/series only)03:24
fabbioneinfinity: exactly03:24
dokofabbione: davis03:30
fabbionedoko: ok.. there is feisty there.. before i read faure... dunno why03:36
BenCno builds for linux-source-2.6.19?03:58
infinityBenC: No chroots (officially), so no build records, I'm playing with stuff manually.03:59
infinityI'm taking my time with some fiddling here and there, since I'm not opening anything until glibc and gcc happen anyway.04:00
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dokoinfinity, fabbione: is a test rebuild of the archive on sparc and powerpc possible, using the new toolchain?06:39
Dvalinwhat kind of status is "busted"?07:00
Dvalinis it good or bad? :p07:00
=== jbailey [n=jbailey@montreal.canonical.com] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
fabbionedoko: sparc yes.. no idea for ppc07:30
fabbionedoko: i could theoretically ppc here, but it's slow and i need the laptop07:32
dokofabbione: ok, do we have a dependency order, how to build?07:34
fabbionedoko: yes. kernel first -> binutils or glibc (depends how much we care about hppa) -> gcc -> open gates07:34
jbaileyfabbione: binutils is also for PT_GNU_HASH07:34
fabbioneso kernel (that's already uploaded) -> binutils -> glibc -> gcc -> opengates07:35
jbaileyso kernel -> binutils -> glibc -> gcc -> glibc -> binutils -> gcc -> open gates probably.07:35
fabbioneyeah or something like that07:35
dokofabbione: no, long double ... 64 != 128 07:36
dokowe have to be careful ...07:36
dokoon sparc and powerpc07:36
Dvalinfabbione: btw. why do you build for sparcv8 and not sparcv9 when sparcv8 isn't supported (~broken?) anyways?07:55
fabbioneDvalin: that was David request to do it that way07:55
Dvalindunno what additional optimizations one could actually really aquire in real world by building for sparcv9, but seems odd to me..07:55
Dvalinfabbione: hmm, okay, but any reasoning behind it?07:55
fabbionei don't recall07:56
fabbioneit was something done a year ago07:56
Dvalinfor Mandriva I was thinking of trying to keep a pure sparcv9 (sparc32plus v8+ abi) for consistency, maintainability and performancewise07:56
Dvalinalso wouldn't a more precise target be sparcvX-blabla-linux-gnu than sparc-blabla-linux-gnu?07:56
Dvalinif for nothing else, consitency and clarity of actual platform..07:57
fabbioneDvalin: you are really talking to the wrong guy :) i am not the gcc expert 07:57
Dvalinfabbione: well, you're still the sparc guy, and uh.. we're in tthe chan for gcc experts, soo, doko? :)07:58
Dvalinalso, was it a decission pre or post 2.6 (sparc32 ~brokenness)?07:58
fabbioneDvalin: sparc is a supported arch.. everybody contributes to it.. not just me.. i am the one that goes around trashing people testicles to get stuff fixed07:58
Dvalinfabbione: sparcv7?07:58
fabbionewe did never support sparc32 from the beginning07:59
Dvalinthat's why I refer to sparcv9 as more consistent/precise target than sparc (as it's ~known as sparcv7)07:59
fabbioneDvalin: i don't have any energy left today.. neither for sparc or for me :)08:00
Dvalin(keep in mind, I'm speaking of lack of knowledge, this might be obvious to the rest of you, but educational for me, aka: don't get annoyed;)08:00
fabbionelet's look at it tomorrow or monday08:00
Dvalinfabbione: yeah.. I didn't neither08:00
Dvalinmy concerta was ending08:00
Dvalinbut then I had some tequilas08:01
fabbionesorry but i am really just way too tired to focus08:01
Dvalinand shared a puffpuff with my gf.. then I got excited ;)08:01
fabbionebetween release yesterday and other stuff08:01
Dvalinfabbione: I totally understand you :)08:01
Dvalin(as pointed out earlier, I might be some sporadic/erradic/hyperactive;)08:01
fabbionewe noticed :)08:02
Dvalin(note to everyone than fabbione, so people will not get *that* easily annoyed for me being annoying.. adhd..)08:02
Dvalinfabbione: good :)08:02
DvalinI hate to come by channels, asking questions I've actually done some rtfm and then feeling like a total retard since it's so obvious to everyone else, especially when I'm hubahubaadhdboy08:03
Dvalinare ubuntu involved in the EDOS project?08:05
Dvalin(I know niemeyer was when being onboard with us)08:05
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