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ddaaGood morning11:00
ddaaSteveA: jamesh: spiv: lifeless: MEETING STARTS11:00
spivGood evening.11:00
ddaalifeless: hello limited IRC client11:00
ddaa== Agenda ==11:01
ddaaNext meeting Monday 6 November, 10:00-10:45 UTC.11:01
ddaa* production status11:01
ddaa* status reports11:01
ddaa* Singapore meeting11:01
ddaa== Roll call ==11:01
ddaa_thumper_ is on leave until start of December.11:01
lifelessddaa: hello impersonation11:01
ddaalifeless: whut?11:01
ddaaI'm identified, I'm no impersonation.11:01
lifelessI'm teasing you back11:01
ddaaokay, poolie is "gone away for a bit"11:02
lifelessits now 9pm here11:02
lifelessI'm going to ask the reviewers meeting to move, and I'd like to ask this one to move back one hour too. 11:02
ddaamaybe he should change his away message to "gone away for a byte", though11:02
ddaa== Production status ==11:02
lifelessthis is applicable to the 'next meeting' topic.11:03
ddaayou mean one hour earlier?11:03
ddaahu... 10am is harsh11:03
lifeless10pm start for a meeting is harsher11:03
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poolie(hi, excuse me)11:04
ddaaI disagree, but I guess it's a matter of style11:04
jameshddaa: harsh for people who keep normal hours :)11:04
lifelesspoolie: hi. I've just been saying, that I'd appreciate it if this meeting could move to 0900 UTC11:04
ddaaI'm okay to give it a try11:04
spivI'm fine with that (unsurprisingly).11:05
ddaathough I might have a hard time showing up and being useful that early in the morning11:05
ddaaSteveA: any objection?11:05
jameshI'm indifferent -- the meeting is still 6pm for me11:06
pooliei'd like that too11:06
ddaaOkay: Next meeting Monday 6 November, 09:00-09:45 UTC.11:06
ddaabe the coffee be with me11:06
lifelessthank you11:06
SteveAI object to your not being useful in the morning.11:07
SteveAI'm fine with the new time11:07
ddaaSteveA: one of the good things with this job for me, is that it's compatible with this congenital problem I have with mornings.11:08
lifelessyour genitals do not rise well in the mornings ?11:08
lifelessI really did not need to know that.11:08
spivlifeless: let's not go there11:08
SteveAyou're working closely with antipodeans11:08
SteveAso, I think you should find a way to work effectively in european mornings11:08
ddaalifeless: you should know about that, we slept long enough in the same room11:08
ddaaLet's move on. Waking up early has been a problem for me all my life.11:09
ddaa== Production status ==11:09
SteveAtry to go more for existentialism than fatalism11:10
ddaaNothing much new this week. I have been testing some new code in importd-autotest.11:10
ddaajamesh: anything new in production from you?11:10
SteveA"the morning exists, and it isn't fatal"11:10
lifelessI have a new agenda item too, please be sure to ping me at the end. Right now, I'm partially here, partially busy. sorry.11:10
jameshddaa: stub ran the product-release-finder in production, so we have a bunch of new ProductRelease records11:10
jameshI don't think I've got anything else new launchpad-bazaar related in production this week11:11
spivThis is sort of related to production status: what's the status of the bzr webserve on devpad?11:11
ddaaany plan to run it on a regular basis?11:11
jameshddaa: I think he's got it running regularly, but I will check11:11
ddaaspiv: I thought you were in charge of this sort of thing :)11:11
SteveAthe bzr webserver is running on devpad, we need to get it RTed to be hooked up to an external server.11:11
SteveAI think there may be an RT issue on this already11:12
SteveAit should be protected with a certificate, perhaps, or a password11:12
ddaaSteveA: you meeting setting a http proxy so it's accessible from outside the DC?11:12
lifelessits running, stevea pout in a rt reuqest11:13
SteveAcan't parse that11:13
spivA glance at the devpad apache config suggests it's there, and protected by needing certificate, but I don't seem to have the client cert it needs.11:13
SteveAI need to pout in an RT request?11:13
lifelessyou did11:13
lifelessat the time11:13
spivIt's elmo's hidden weakness.11:13
jameshlifeless: looking at the apache config on devpad, https://devpad.canonical.com/code/rf/launchpad/devel requires a cert and passes through to localhost:808811:13
lifelessjamesh: yes11:13
lifelessas spiv said :)11:13
ddaa"we need to get it RTed to be hooked up to an external server.", you mean hooking up to allow people to access it without setting up their own ssh tunnel?11:13
lifelessand we tried last week. But the cert seems to be unknown11:14
spivjamesh: nearly, except that it needs a trailing slash ;)11:14
spivOr did last week...11:14
lifelessddaa: start over. There is a bzr webserve accessible at https://devpad.canonical.com/code/rf/launchpad/devel/ but no-one has the certificate needed.11:14
lifelesssomeone needs to rt a certificate replacement11:14
spivOk, so it's with the admins, and there is RT request floating about somewhere.11:14
ddaaAnd SteveA owns the RT?11:15
lifelessthe preior RT would have been done. We need a new one to fix its access :)11:15
ddaaspiv: care to follow up on this?11:17
ddaaOh something else. I put a RT to get up-to-date pysvn bindings on import slaves.11:17
ddaaneeded for current rocketfuel code11:17
ddaawill talk with SteveA about this later11:17
ddaaMoving on.11:18
ddaa== Status reports ==11:18
ddaa * spiv: supermirror-smart-server.11:18
ddaa * jamesh: product-release-finder.11:18
ddaa * ddaa: python import.11:18
jameshnothing more to report on p-r-f than it having been run in production11:19
ddaaso, I tested the python import with the new cscvs/partial-copy code, found a flaw in my initial design, will fix soon. After this there are very good odds that python and silva are going to work.11:19
spivI have no news on the supermirror-smart-server.11:19
spivddaa: awesome11:20
ddaaThere are also some other random importd bugfix in importd-autotest ATM, so it might be that they helped a bit too. See you soon on PendingReviews.11:20
ddaa * jamesh: spec-branches.11:20
ddaa * ddaa: pyrex.11:20
ddaa * poolie: bzr-lp features.11:20
ddaaI uploaded my current work on pyrex bindings to devpad, and put in pending reviews. The good stuff is going to depend on the partial-copy landing, but the current work probably needs a fair amount of review polish first.11:21
jameshI didn't get round to discussing spec-branches with you, so haven't got anything to report on it11:21
ddaaoh right11:22
ddaajamesh: let's set up a time to discuss spec-branch. Say, tomorrow 10:00 UTC?11:22
ddaaor later if that's okay with you :)11:22
ddaapoolie: anything new from the bzr-lp soap-box that you wish to mention before talking about the Singapore meeting?11:23
jameshcan do 11 UTC if that's better for you11:23
ddaajamesh: by all means11:24
ddaaTomorrow 11:00 UTC11:24
ddaapoolie: hello?11:24
poolieddaa: tim has written up a good number of bzr-lp features11:25
pooliefrom our meeting in singapore11:25
ddaaokay, so let me start the next item and the stage is yours11:25
ddaa== Singapore meeting ==11:25
ddaa * poolie: Report on outcome of the Singapore meeting.11:25
poolieok, we had a good meeting11:26
ddaaplease, tell us what went on down there!11:26
poolieour effort is in three main areas11:26
SteveAddaa: I'm still in the office of the silva people, so I'd like to know when there's something for them to play with11:26
pooliebzr by itself; bzr with launchpad; and bzr for the distro11:26
pooliea summary might be better done in email; i can do that later11:26
ddaaSteveA: barring emergencies, that could be up in production within a week.11:26
pooliebut, there are no major changes of direction11:27
pooliefor lp some of the top priorities are going to be11:27
ddaatim alluded to the fact that he got a nice full plate11:28
poolie- getting more value out of attaching branches to bugs - show badges to indicate this; let people get the diff to the landing target; a simple review interface11:28
pooliewe want to work on having private branches and products so that launchpad can dogfood more of this11:28
pooliealso to get a code browser up11:28
poolieand to move jamesh's review and merge analysis tools into being launchpad features11:29
spivI like the sound of all this.11:29
jameshI noticed that you'd marked the braindump spec I wrote about that as obsolete11:29
pooliespiv, ddaa, when i've checked they're all recorded as specs i'd like to let you grab things from the feature buffet11:29
pooliejamesh: the one about bug-branch metadata?11:29
jameshpoolie: PendingReviews in launchpad11:29
poolieonly because there are several specs in the same area and they should merge11:29
ddaapoolie: so you'd like use to do some spec gardening, obsoleting superceded specs in favor of the new ones?11:30
pooliejamesh: i don't remember changing that - maybe someone did from my machine?11:31
ddaaor you mean you'd like us to start implementing stuff?11:31
poolieddaa, jamesh, spiv: yes, i would like if you could quickly garden the specs11:31
jameshpoolie: https://features.launchpad.net/products/launchpad-bazaar/+spec/pending-reviews-on-launchpad11:31
pooliei meant i'd like to talk about what you'll each be doing in the next while, and which features you might want to work on 11:31
ddaaACTION: ddaa, spiv, jamesh: garden launchpad-bazaar specs11:32
ddaapoolie: I'd like to focus on making vcs-imports not suck...11:32
spivpoolie: this should wait until you've checked the singapore specs are all recorded, I assume?11:32
pooliespiv: yes, that's what i meant11:32
spivGood, just making sure.11:32
ddaaand fixing some other infrastructure issues, before adding new features11:33
poolieddaa: ok, let's talk about that later - say 0900 UTC  tomorrow?11:33
ddaa1000 UTC?11:33
pooliei sympathize, i just want to understand what the roadmap is11:33
poolielet's start on mail first11:34
poolielifeless: any other notable points from singapore for you?11:34
lifelessone of the goals of the singpore meeting was hct planning11:34
lifelesscause we still want to achieve hct!11:34
lifelessso I'd like to give a little status update on hct.11:35
poolielifeless: before you do 11:35
pooliesome of the discussion there is canonical-specific11:35
poolieand this is not a canonical-specific channel11:35
ddaayeah, this is a bit awkyard11:36
pooliecan we lock it or something?11:36
pooliewho's the channel operator?11:36
jameshnote that the channel is being logged11:36
lifelessubuntulog is probably the problem.11:36
lifelessso let met say some vague things instead.11:36
lifelessmy primary goal of having a path forward has been achieved.11:37
lifelessand this is tied into our long term plans as usual.11:37
lifelesslets talk on #canonical-meeting about the specifics 11:37
lifelessalso, edgy++.11:38
ddaawe can go to #launchpad-basement11:39
poolieseveral package maintainers are now keeping their packaging info in bzr11:39
pooliewe want to encourage more of this11:39
SteveAddaa: in general, #launchpad-xxx channels are public, #canonical-xxx channels are private11:39
SteveAthere are grey areas here though11:39
lifelesspoolie: right.11:40
lifelessso there is a wiki page11:40
lifelessI think we agreed to try and move that into launchpad11:40
poolieright - move this into something that's supported by launchpad, and also improve the tool experience for distro developers11:41
poolieok, so, next?11:42
lifelesspoolie: we're in #canonical-meeting11:45
SteveAare we done?12:05
lifelesswe're done12:05
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