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mptGooooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!02:00
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mptjamesh / lifeless / spiv, are any of you able to help me get Launchpad running again? (I mailed my problems to launchpad@)02:22
jameshmpt: I just replied to your email02:23
jamesha few minutes ago02:23
mptoh, thank you02:31
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UbugtuNew bug: #69193 in malone "E-mail command syntax should be less accidentally triggerable" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6919303:55
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mptstub, staging is down04:36
stubLooks like it is rebuilding at the moment04:38
stubI wonder if I have enough diskspace to do the production duplicate to a seperate database and then switch?04:39
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yamaany launchpad admins around?05:20
indukiko: r u there, I am waiting for your mail, I want to register our distro in the launchpad site05:22
yamaI tried to migrate my launchpad account using the instructions at https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge . Launchpad forced me onto a different name than what I first entered, and I've lost all of my karma.05:23
UbugtuNew bug: #69204 in launchpad "Large crash reports take too long to load" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6920405:30
mptyama, try stub :-)05:33
yamampt: stub? what's that?05:33
mptindu, kiko is almost certainly asleep and has just forgotten to set an away message -- try in 10 hours or so05:33
mptyama, he's a Launchpad admin05:33
stubYou can change your name from your /person/whatever page (/person/whatever/+edit I think), and your karma will come back tomorrow.05:34
stub(Assuming the merge went as expected)05:34
yamastub: I made the mistake of trying to change my name by creating a new account and trying to merge my old account into it :(05:35
yamaMost things came back but I've lost my karma. Hopefully it'll return as you say.05:35
yamastub: is there a policy on names which are taken but not used? It sucks when someone active in the Ubuntu community such as myself can't pick the name he wants because someone is cybersquatting on it.05:36
stubNo policy that I'm aware of05:37
yamastub: so I can't ask to have a name reclaimed for me? It looks like it's not being used05:37
stubWhat is the name?05:37
yamastub: 'sridhar' (which is my first name)05:38
yamamy current name is 'lordyama'05:38
yamawhich could be construed by some as inappropriate (if you know what that name means)05:38
yamaI'd prefer not to use it05:38
yamait didn't bother me too much in the past, but I;m very active in Ubuntu now and I'd like a good name05:39
stubyama: sridhar is now free05:39
yamawow, that was quick :)05:40
yamastub: thank you :)05:41
yamastub: does that affect my Ubuntu Member e-mail alias as well? I'd like it to.05:41
jameshI wonder if there is a site somewhere that tells people to send their shipping address to the launchpad-users list?05:55
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stu1yama: I'm not sure of the status of that. If your email address isn't launchpadname@ubuntu.com in 24 hours, open a support request as you need elmo to fix it.06:16
yamathanks stu1 06:17
mptCybersquatting on Launchpad names!06:32
mptWhatever next06:32
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Burgundaviakiko: you aren't still up are you?06:33
mptThat's not help...06:35
mptoh, because you can't access the Launchpad dev wiki06:35
mptof course06:35
Burgundaviano, I cannot06:35
BurgundaviaLP needs to open source, pure and simple06:35
Burgundaviathere is no longer a sane reason to keep it closed source06:35
jameshspiv: got time for a quick review?06:40
yamampt: maybe I was a little harsh using the term 'cybersquatting', but the problem with name availability will only increase06:41
jameshspiv: https://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/filexh9Axd.html <- this is to get LP to use the twistd script from our internal copy of twisted06:41
jamesh(to get things working on edgy)06:41
yamafreenode deals with this by allowing nicks which haven't been used in a while to be claimed by someone else06:42
jameshyama: well, surely you can't expect that your first name is globally unique ...06:42
yamalaunchpad has no such policy, AFAICT06:42
mptThat couldn't possibly work with Launchpad06:42
mptas long as the previous person had done anything (reported any bugs, made any translations, etc)06:42
yamajamesh: of course it isn't unique, but if someone is sitting on a name but has done nothing with it, I think it should be revocable06:43
jameshyama: stub wouldn't have changed the name of the other "sridhar" if it was owned by an active Launchpad user06:43
yamaand that's how it should be :)06:43
jamesh(in this case, the account was automatically created when importing data from somewhere)06:43
yamayes, I noticed that. That's one reason why I made the request06:44
indumpt: are you one of the launchpad admin06:47
indui want to register our debian based distribution in the launchpad website06:48
spivjamesh: I'll take a look06:48
inducan i get any help for this 06:48
jameshspiv: thanks.  It'd be good to get this in before too many more developers upgrade to edgy ...06:49
spivjamesh: already I'm liking the tidying up of the portforward tap...06:49
jameshspiv: well, having one less place dealing with starting daemons is good ..06:50
spivDefinitely.  It was one of those little irritations that was sufficiently little I never got around to tidying it up to use the new stuff, so I'm very happy you took this opportunity to clean up my old mess :)06:51
spivUsing sys.executable is a good idea too.06:52
jameshyep.  One less obstacle to upgrading to Python 2.5 :)06:52
spivI wonder if runlaunchpad.py should be using tachandler.06:53
spivBut anyway, an enthusiastic r=spiv from me!06:54
mptindu, no.07:07
lifelessindu: hi. I think you need to chat with SteveA or kiko about that07:29
Burgundaviais there a way to be part of team but not receive the bug mail for that team?07:50
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mptBurgundavia, you could make a subteam, "NameOfTeam members who like being spammed" :-)08:04
Burgundaviampt: ugh08:04
Burgundaviampt: I want a "do-not-spam-me" button08:04
mptI think there's a bug report about that, one moment08:04
mptbug 4454208:05
UbugtuMalone bug 44542 in launchpad "Request: add a "Holiday mode" to temporaily turn off email sending" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4454208:05
mptNot quite what you want, I guess08:05
Burgundaviasort of08:06
Burgundaviawe can simply change to a  "I do not want to receive mail"08:06
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UbugtuNew bug: #69223 in blueprint "No obvious way to unregister attendance at a meeting" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6922308:35
UbugtuNew bug: #69224 in blueprint "Date/time fields are blank when altering meeting attendance" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6922408:40
SteveAjamesh: hi.  thanks for fixing the twistd problem in the launchpad tree.  do we still have a problem with the cgi module?09:05
SteveAmpt: morning.  how long are you around for today?09:05
mptSteveA, another hour or two09:10
mptWho's Jeff Greene, and why is he rejecting Launchpad bugs?09:13
jameshSteveA: yeah.  I haven't merged a fix for that yet09:14
jameshSteveA: there is also some test failures in pygpgme, but I can't commit to that branch09:15
SteveAlifeless is around now09:23
SteveAso, you can get the pygpgme tests committed with lifeless's help09:23
SteveAmpt: I'll need some more context about that09:24
SteveAjamesh: do you know of a workaround for the cgi stuff?09:24
jameshlifeless: would you be able to pull or merge changes from /code/jamesh/pygpggme/devel to /code/rocketfuel/pygpgme/devel?  It disables a few tests that give different results on dapper and edgy09:25
lifelessjamesh: sure. The reason you cant commit is, IIRC, that there is no test suite hooked up into the PQM setup for it09:26
lifelessI'll check that sortly09:27
SteveABjornT: morning.  Are you using edgy or dapper on your own machine?09:27
SteveAmpt: why do you ask about Jeff Greene and launchpad bugs?09:27
jameshSteveA: this seems to be the upstream fix: http://svn.zope.org/Zope3/branches/3.2/src/zope/publisher/http.py?rev=70593&r1=67212&r2=7059309:28
BjornTSteveA: morning. i'm using dapper currently.09:28
jameshi.e. add an optional arg to the HTTPInputStream.readline() method and ignore the value09:28
SteveAjamesh: a one-liner?09:30
SteveAwho can commit to the zope in RF?09:30
BjornTi can09:30
jameshit sounds like zope wasn't the only package that didn't know that readline() had an optional argument09:31
SteveABjornT: would you commit that change please?09:31
BjornTSteveA: sure.09:31
SteveAthanks.  please announce on the mailing list when pqm has merged it.09:31
SteveAso people know to update their zopes09:32
jameshfor the file-like objects that implement the optional argument for readline(), there is disagreement over what the default value should be ...09:34
jameshthe normal file object and cStringIO use -109:35
jameshStringIO uses None09:35
jameshStringIO does the wrong thing if you pass -1, and cStringIO raises TypeError if you pass None09:35
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SteveAhmm... the default should be "don't supply the arg"09:37
SteveAmaybe python needs an "unsupplied" token09:37
mptSteveA, because of bug 6875409:39
UbugtuMalone bug 68754 in launchpad "Missing sort by number of subscribers option" [Undecided,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6875409:39
mptI didn't quibble because I agreed with everything he said, but still, it was a bit odd :-)09:40
SteveAmpt: you misrepresented the situation when you said "Who's Jeff Greene, and why is he rejecting Launchpad bugs?09:42
SteveAhe has closed one bug09:42
SteveAand you can find out that he's a member of the ubuntu bug squad09:42
SteveABjornT: can anyone reject any bug in launchpad?09:43
mptIt's a common figure of speech09:43
mptbut you're right, I should have looked at his team memberships09:43
SteveAIf you'd said "why did he reject a launchpad bug" then I would have had a different impression of the situation.09:45
SteveAinstead of thinking "someone closed a bug", I thought "maybe there is a situation of mass inappropriate bug-closing going on"09:45
BjornTSteveA: yes, anyone can reject any bug09:46
mptIt's interesting that many people can change Status but not Importance09:47
mptBut I guess Importance is much more likely to be exaggerated than Status is to be misrepresented09:47
SteveAI suppose so.09:48
jameshmpt: you want members of the public to be able to reopen incorrectly closed bugs too09:49
jameshespecially since closed bugs won't show up on default bug listings, so simply leaving a comment might get missed09:50
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SteveAmpt: are you expecting to have a phone meeting this morning?09:53
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mptSteveA, it was going to be only last week, right?09:54
SteveAthat's what I thought too09:55
mpt(and it's nearly an hour later now anyway)09:55
SteveAalthough we're also still waiting for some CSS from him, yes?09:55
jameshmpt: https://staging.launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+bug/929 <- an example of the new word breaking09:55
UbugtuMalone bug 929 in launchpad "Long words (such as URLs) overflow columns" [Critical,Fix committed]  09:55
SteveAhmm... it's actually almost time, relative to british time09:55
SteveAnow that we're in winter time TZs for europe, usual concepts of meeting times will have changed all round09:57
jameshthe politicians are considering another daylight savings trial here09:57
SteveAjamesh: I find it weird that it breaks on a +09:57
SteveArather than on a path segment of the URL09:57
SteveAbut maybe that's better09:58
SteveAbecause then it's more obvious that the URL must continue09:58
jameshSteveA: it is adding word breaks every 7 to 15 characters, preferably after a non-alphanumeric character09:59
SteveAI see the <wbr /> in the source10:00
SteveAmpt: I'll call usman later today10:00
induSteveA: Hi10:04
induSteveA: I am from India wokring for one of the Indian version of Linux, which is debian based10:04
induSteveA: and now I want to register our distro in http://launchpad.net/distros10:05
induSteveA: I already talked about this to kiko, and was waiting for his mail, but due to some reason he was not able to mail me. 10:05
induSteveA: So can you please help me in this case10:06
UbugtuNew bug: #69234 in rosetta "Some pages rendering unusually on screen" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6923410:06
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ddaaSteveA: poolie: spiv: jamesh: _thumper_: lifeless: meeting in 35 mins10:24
_thumper_ddaa: I'm off now until the start of December10:28
_thumper_only on-line as a side effect :)10:28
ddaaI saw you online, so  I thought you may as well attend. But thanks for reminding me that you are technically away :)10:29
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induSteveA: are you there?10:35
mptSteveA, in case you're not subscribed to rosetta-users@: I replied to Muhammet's message about the Internet Explorer display problem10:39
SteveAindu: hi.  please wait for kiko to reply.10:45
SteveAddaa: ok10:46
SteveAthanks mpt 10:46
ddaaBjornT: duh, it looks like the stuff about "M being special" in partial-copy was wrong10:50
ddaait appears that a A (copy) change always has an implied M (possibly no-op) change associated. For example for keyword expansions. There are also cases where there are genuine changes simultaneous with a file copy, but they do not appear in explicitly as a M if there is already a A for the node.10:53
ddaaSteveA: it looks like silva and python are only one bugfix away10:54
SteveAddaa: that's great10:54
SteveAis the meeting in 5 mins?10:54
BjornTddaa: so when you copy a file, you always get an A, never M, right?10:55
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ddaaBjornT: when you copy a node (be it a file or directory) you always get a A for the copied node, and never a simultaneous M (it appears). If one of the decendent nodes was modified during the copy it does get a M, but it does not have an explicit A.10:56
ddaaSteveA: yes10:56
ddaaI'd still love to cram rename support in before getting python in production, but I guess it's acceptable to do a first import without it, and redo it from scratch when we have rename support.10:57
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UbugtuNew bug: #69253 in launchpad "Development focus should be displayed in a classier way" [Low,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6925311:05
=== carlos -> bank
carlossee you in an hour or so11:31
seb128carlos: ping about rosetta and the list of translators for a package (pong when you are back from the bank)11:40
SteveABjornT: thanks for sending the message.11:41
SteveABjornT: note that when you send a message that requires attention from people, make the subject line noticeable so that they won't ignore it as an ongoing discussion11:42
SteveAI just did this for your message11:42
BjornTSteveA: yeah. i thought that the thread subject was good enough, though.11:43
SteveAin general, if it contains an  re: ..., people who didn't read the original carefully will ignore it11:44
SteveAin this case, I expect most people to assume it's more discussion of the issue, rather than a notice that it's resolved, and a clear instruction of what they have to do11:45
SteveAso, you're using dapper.  I think that's interesting and useful, as we're still running dapper on pqm and in production.11:45
SteveAdo you think you'll stay using dapper, or you'll change to edgy?11:45
BjornTSteveA: well, i can't think of a reason for switching to edgy at the moment, so i guess i could stick with dapper.11:52
SteveAit's up to you.  I think it's useful, so that you can easily work on issues we may see in production or PQM that can't be reproduced on edgy.11:52
SteveApersonally, I like the new speed and nicer fonts :-)11:52
BjornTsince i don't run gnome or anything like that, edgy doesn't really bring anything extra for me :)11:53
jameshBjornT: it has Python 2.5 :)11:57
lifelessreview meeting in 0 minutes12:01
lifelessSteveA: nicer fonts ?12:05
SteveAjamesh: all the more reason for bjorn not to use it.12:06
SteveAlifeless: yes please12:06
jameshSteveA: Python 2.4 is still the default12:06
SteveAlifeless: I'm waiting for the review meeting, but I also want to get a late late breakfast12:06
lifelessI'm just grabbing the agenda12:06
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lifeless== roll call==12:07
spivI want to get a late dinner, for that matter...12:07
lifelessit will be fast, as per usual12:07
spivI'm present.12:07
BjornTi'm here12:07
lifeless * next meeting12:08
lifelessI'd like to move this to 1000UTC to adjust for .au daylight savings12:08
lifelessall in disfavour indicate that12:08
spivi.e. one hour earlier?12:08
jameshagain, I'm indifferent12:09
lifelessI thought you were james :)12:09
jameshlifeless: I can be both.12:09
BjornT1000 UTC is fine with me. next week i'll be at uds, though, and won't attend.12:09
lifelessme too12:09
spivFine with me.12:09
lifelessnext week, spiv - can you run the meeting ?12:10
lifelessand for allhands, it is cancelled.12:10
lifeless * queue status12:10
lifeless22 items in the queue12:11
jameshI didn't get round to allocating reviews on friday12:11
jameshand it grew over the weekend12:11
SteveAI asked jamesh not to allocate the reviews on friday12:11
SteveAin order for him to focus on some other urgent stuff12:11
SteveAI figured it was only the weekend12:11
lifelessfriday is the regular rush day for reviews12:11
lifelessfor some reason folk try to get things done on friday12:12
lifelessthe items all look reasonable in size though12:12
lifelessI dont expect a problem, I am allocating them now12:12
lifelesskiko: you have an item that is 9 days unreviewed. Please let me know whether it will get done or if I should reassign it.12:13
SteveAlifeless: better email about that12:13
lifelessBjornT: jamesh: you both have a 6(adjusted to 4) days old review - is there any time issue at the moment ?12:13
jameshlifeless: I'm part way through mine.  Will send it out later.12:14
BjornTlifeless: i'm also part way through. i'm quite busy with other stuff atm, so i guess my reviews have suffered a bit.12:15
SteveAnow that BjornT has a lot of malone work going on12:16
SteveAwe should look at add someone to the review team12:16
BjornTlifeless: it'd probably be good to try to get salgado, and maybe some other people (like kiko and steve) to do some reviews. i will be quite busy this week.12:16
SteveAlifeless: can we talk about this later (tomorrow morning perhaps)12:16
lifelessreviews are quite time consuming.12:16
SteveA(tomorrow morning your time)12:16
lifelessSteveA: yes please. Tomorrow morning I'm at Aikido, how about tomorrow night.12:16
lifeless(my time - tomorrow morning your time)12:16
SteveAlifeless: yes12:17
lifelessBjornT: salgado has flagged himself as unavailable due to 1.0 workload.12:17
lifeless * whitespace cleanup12:17
lifelessjamesh: did you raise this ?12:17
=== cprov [n=cprov@monga.dorianet.com.br] has joined #launchpad
BjornTlifeless: well, i could do the same, but i don't since i don't think it's fair to the other reviewers. we are all busy at the moment, i think.12:18
jameshlifeless: yep.  People agreed to it, and I'm meant to add a note to the LP hacking FAQ (haven't done so just yet though)12:18
lifelessBjornT: I agree.12:18
lifelessjamesh: excellent.12:18
=== MatthewV is now known as WikiMan
SteveAlifeless: I think with salgado, it was temporary to do with shipit urgent work12:18
=== WikiMan is now known as MatthewV
lifelessSteveA: hes still marked busy on the wiki page.12:19
spivSomeone should ping salgado about his unavailable flag, perhaps he's forgotten about it?12:19
lifelessany other business ?12:20
SteveAI think unavailable flags should have an expiry date12:20
SteveAa review can renew it if necessary12:20
spivSteveA: +112:20
lifelessSteveA: thats reasonable. I'll ping salgado now12:21
lifelessthnks for coming, go get you food12:22
SteveAthanks lifeless 12:23
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UbugtuNew bug: #69279 in soyuz "New distroreleases need all pockets created from day 1" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6927912:50
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SteveAkiko, stub: http://slashdot.org/articles/06/10/30/0329258.shtml01:00
SteveAspreading content among different host names may well speed up perceived webpage performance01:01
SteveAso, we should investigate having one or more separate hosts for graphics and JS and CSS stuff01:01
SteveAand making the main template get them from these various hosts01:01
SteveAfor example, make graphics, JS and CSS available from hosts called resourcesN.launchpad.net01:02
jameshthe HTTP spec gives a maximum number of connections the browser should make to the server, which is why the multiple host idea can speed things up01:03
SteveAand make the main template use resources1.launchpad.net for the small JS, resources2.launchpad.net for the large mochikit library, resources3.launchpad.net for the CSS etc.01:03
jameshalthough in this case it might mean more SSL negotiations01:03
SteveAjamesh: yes.  I was talking about this in a launchpad meeting several weeks ago01:03
SteveAperhaps not more ssl negotiations... if the IP address is the same01:04
SteveAdon't know about that, though01:04
=== matsubara [n=matsubar@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
stubWe already use two domains (launchpad.net for some bits, librarian.launchpad.net for uploadable images).01:08
SteveAthat doesn't have an effect on most page loads01:09
SteveAwhich don't involve the librarian01:09
SteveAI'm most concerned about the large JS library, and our CSS and standard page images01:09
stubWith the wildcard A record on production, we could just do style_css.resources.launchpad.net, mockikit_js.resources.launchpad.net01:10
stubie. Make everything under /@@/foo.bar available as foo_bar.resources.lauchpad.net/foo.bar01:11
stubThen it is just a case of selecting what resources should be retrieved from their own domain.01:12
stuband changing the URLs in the templates01:12
SteveAI think we can do pretty well with resources1 - resourcesN (say 4 or 5)01:13
SteveAand hard-code where the things in the main template come from01:13
=== ddaa -> lunch
jameshstub: looking at the article SteveA mentioned, that would probably do more harm than good, since the connection for style_css.resources.launchpad.net wouldn't be used to access mochikit_js.resources.launchpad.net01:16
jameshstub: the idea is to spready things evenly over a maximum of 4 hostnames01:17
stubReading the article is cheating01:17
jameshso you can take advantage of keepalives plus multiple connections01:17
SteveAso, 4 elements per hostname01:17
SteveAper page01:18
jamesh"4 elements per hostname"?01:18
SteveAas a first step, let's sort out with the sysadmins to have resources1 -> resources4 available01:18
SteveAjamesh: I think it says that a browser will make at most 4 symaltaneous requests to a given server hostname01:19
jameshSteveA: nope.  It says 2 connections per hostname, and that browsers generally handle a maximum of 8 connections total01:19
jameshSteveA: that's where the 4 hostnames maximum comes from01:19
carlosseb128: pong01:19
SteveAah, okay01:19
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jordidanilos: OI01:23
danilosjordi: heya01:23
jordidanilos: so, is nplurals=3? :)01:23
danilosjordi: yeah, I think so, but with one case being ==0, not <0 (as far as I understood the guy)01:24
jordi0 items:  There is no term for zero in Ojibwe.  In most cases, this01:25
jordiwould be applied with a negative, for instance the negated form of01:25
jordi"there are items".01:25
jordiI don't know what to understand there01:25
=== niemeyer [n=niemeyer@200-140-238-196.ctame7043.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #launchpad
jordiso it'd be 0, 1, and the rest?01:25
indukiko; hi kiko, r u there?01:32
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
SteveAstub: I guess resources1 - resources4 will need to go via pound as usual, to cope with app servers going down, as usual01:35
SteveAstub: would you work out what we need to do, and RT it?01:35
danilosjordi: yeah01:37
danilosjordi: want to prepare SQL update statement for that? ;)01:37
indukiko: kiko, r u back to work today or not yet01:39
danilosjordi: the "applied with a negative", he probably meant negative of "there are items", i.e. "there are NO items"01:40
seb128carlos: still around?01:41
stubSteveA: rt 1909001:43
SteveAthanks stub 01:43
SteveAthen, I guess we'll need 4 config items in launchpad.conf01:45
SteveAfor 4 resource servers01:45
SteveAso that these can be used in the main template for different resources01:45
SteveAperhaps some page template syntax too, to select them01:46
SteveAwould be simpler just to hack the main template :-/01:46
carlosseb128: yes01:52
induSteveA, kiko has come or not?01:53
indusorry to disturb01:53
SteveAindu: I don't know.  I'm in the netherlands, and he's in brasil.01:54
kikowhat's up.02:02
indukiko; hi, i am waiting for you02:03
indukiko: actually i was waiitng for your mail02:03
kikoindu, hi.02:03
kikoI emailed you a while back02:03
indukiko; oh, ok. I will check it02:04
jordikiko: hey man02:05
kikojordi, oy old man02:05
jordiif I am old, what are you?!!02:05
indukiko: but i din't receive any mail from you yet!02:06
kikojordi, @#@!@!!$#$02:06
kikocprov, did you ping elmo about the change?02:06
jordikiko: hopefully you can kick my ass next time on a bike. :)02:07
jordikiko: and dude, get some fscking rss02:07
kikojordi, dude, it's getting harder not to..02:07
cprovkiko: sorry, but what change are you talking about ?02:08
kikocprov, the header for b-f-n.02:08
indukiko: have u sent to indraveni@yahoo.co.in mail id?02:09
kikolet me see.02:09
cprovkiko: I think so, maybe not elmo, but lp & infinity, let me check ...02:09
kikoDate: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 15:35:18 -030002:10
kikoTo: Indraveni <indraveni@yahoo.co.in>02:10
kikoindu, ^^^02:10
indukiko: but i dint receive :-(02:11
kikoindu, I can resend it.02:11
cprovkiko: oops, only IRC, will send an email02:11
indukiko: ya plz do it02:11
kikocprov, say that we will be waiting for complaints and if not we can flick the switch again on friday.02:12
kikoindu, resent.02:12
indukiko: thankyou, i will check02:13
cprovkiko: yup, thanks for reminding me02:13
stubIt's beer o'clock. Later!02:17
indukiko: yeah I received your mail02:18
kikoindu, good.02:18
kikostub, one sec!02:18
kikostub, did you see my desperate plea for fixing people-merging and pofiletranslator?02:18
stubkiko: You mean some of them cherry picks on LaunchpadProductionStatus?02:20
kikostub, no, no02:20
kikostub, remember your POFileTranslator patch?02:20
kikothat caches who translated a pofile and what they last did?02:20
stuboh - yeah. It got punted to me last week.02:20
kikostub, well the problem is it misses the merge stuff02:21
stubSo people merge just needs to be updated to cope with the new table. ok.02:21
stubNothing difficult - I can land that as trivial tomorrow.02:22
kikostub, hmmm, I will probably need to merge it in and land it with the UI fixes02:22
kikowell that's easier for me anyway02:22
stubok. I'll give you a branch.02:22
kikostub, thanks a million02:23
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=== carlos -> lunch
salgadospiv, around?02:41
kikosalgado, ping?02:57
salgadokiko, pon02:57
kikosalgado, want me to investigate that mirror for you?02:58
SteveAstaging is being very slow02:58
salgadokiko, I do, but not right now... can I ping you later?03:02
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #launchpad
indukiko: hi, i sent the details to your mail03:14
kikoindu, and I replied.03:14
indukiko: oops .. ok :-)03:14
indukiko; thankyou, I wil check all the features and let you know03:17
indumany thanks Kiko03:17
indukiko: ok bye, I am leaving03:21
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=== Nafallo ska starta om till ny krna
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ddaajordi: you may have noticed that there's a brand new import of e-d-s online04:40
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carlosjamesh: Do you know the cause of https://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/file6Qjbqf.html ?05:00
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SteveABjornT: ping, question about bug pages05:40
SteveAcarlos: was that from a PQM request you sent in?05:49
BjornTSteveA: pong05:50
SteveABjornT: I'm doing some work on replacing the pop-up person chooser with a simple ajaxy thing05:50
SteveAand I noticed that for bugs with multiple targets, the fields use exactly the same ids in the HTML element names05:50
SteveAI guess this is a bug in any case, because there's supposed to be at most one element with a given id in a document05:51
SteveAis it easy to fix, or is it something I should work around instead?05:51
BjornTSteveA: right, that bug was introduced when the inline-editing was implemented. i guess it could be quite trivially fixed by using a form prefix, which would be the name of the bug target.05:54
SteveAis it a known bug, or should I file one?05:54
BjornThmm, it might not be that trivial, since it's not a LaunchpadFormView, and it's quite complex.05:55
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #launchpad
BjornTi think there is a bug for it already, let me check.05:55
matsubara-lunchBug 5911305:57
Ubug2Malone bug 59113 in launchpad "Person chooser doesn't enter text into the field" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5911305:57
matsubara-lunchBjornT, SteveA: that one maybe ^?05:57
BjornTSteveA: seems like it isn't filed, i was thinking of another bug regarding non-unique ids.05:58
BjornTmatsubara-lunch: it looks like that is caused by having non-unique ids, yes. it's not specific to the person field, though, all the fields in the bugtask edit form have non-unique ids if there are more than one bugtask.06:00
SteveAthat's what I'm talking about06:00
SteveAand yes, it isn't just person fields, but target fields too06:00
SteveABjornT: can I assign it to you to fix it?06:01
SteveABjornT: just did  :-)06:02
SteveAtell me if it's a problem06:02
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BjornTSteveA: i'd prefer if someone else could do it. but i guess i could do it... it will be after i've finished my 1.0 tasks, though.06:03
SteveAthis is a blocker for one of my 1.0 responsibilities06:07
SteveAcould you add to the bug a sketch of how to do it?06:08
BjornTSteveA: i see. it *should* be quite quick for me to fix it, so how about if i try to fix it tomorrow, and if it turns out it would take too long, i'll sketch out the solution and problems in the bug?06:11
SteveAok, thanks06:12
ddaaBjornT: I'm about to start fixing the design bug in cscvs/partial-copy I mentioned earlier today06:20
ddaaBjornT: how would you like to have it? I'm thinking of inserting a partial-copy-part-three between partial-copy-part-two and partial-copy06:21
ddaaBjornT: but maybe you'd prefer a cscvs/svn-copy-modify _after_ cscvs/partial-copy?06:22
ddaaIt's likely to translate mostly into deleted code and changed tests.06:23
BjornTddaa: what's the advantage of having it before partial-copy?06:23
ddaait reflect that partial-copy is not complete without the fix. I won't land partial-copy without it.06:24
ddaaalso, it affects the documentation I'll be adding to partial-copy when you have replied to the last email.06:24
BjornTddaa: i think i'd prefer having it after partial-copy, so that it's easy to see the end result. but do you think the diff will differ much depending on if you do it after or before partial-copy? if it will be more or less the same, then doing it before partial-copy should be fine.06:25
ddaasince the stuff I have written on friday is factually incorrect06:25
BjornTddaa: if it will be mostly deleted code and changed tests as you said, i don't care what you do. do what you think is best.06:27
ddaamh... nevermind...06:28
=== ddaa is confused
ddaashould definitely be after06:28
ddaathis multi-branches reviews are confusing me hard :(06:28
ddaasorry for the distraction06:28
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UbugtuNew bug: #69345 in soyuz "Timeout in +builds page when "Needs building" is selected" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6934507:15
kikoNewly reported, not assigned:07:28
kikomatsubara, typo in bug #.07:28
UbugtuMalone bug 6154 in xfce4-terminal "xfce4-terminal: merge new debian version" [Medium,Fix released]  07:28
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matsubarakiko: fixed, thanks07:34
SteveAkiko: ping07:38
kikoSteveA, pong.07:46
SteveAkiko: call?07:49
kikoSteveA, let me just finish jordi's letter? or perhaps we can write it during the call so yes.07:49
kikoSteveA, you call the office?07:49
UbugtuNew bug: #69363 in malone "Personal bug list as iCal file" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6936308:00
matsubaracarlos, danilo[food] : any plan to support ".ts" Translation source files as per bug 68959?08:14
UbugtuMalone bug 68959 in pkgbinarymangler "Should handle Qt/KDE '.ts' Translation Source files in addition to '.po'" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6895908:14
carlosmatsubara: there is no concrete plans on it08:17
carlosbut we have our infrastructure ready to add support for it08:18
matsubaracarlos: ok, I'll confirm and wishlist it then.08:19
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EmxBAi always get an error on the launchpad when i try to make a team called "ubuntu-bs" - it doesn't exist but i can't make it08:27
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derekSdoes launchpad include a feature to create rss feeds for ubuntu packages that are updated? (like the ubuntu-changes list but via rss)?08:29
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UbugtuNew bug: #67424 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.17 "linux-restricted modules not installed from Alternate Install CD" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6742408:55
UbugtuNew bug: #69056 in Ubuntu "PCMCIA WLAN-Card not supported with Edgy, worked fine with Dapper" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6905608:55
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ddaalifeless: helo09:08
ctrlsoft'evening lifeless, ddaa 09:10
Nghow easy is it to get support for tracking a given upstream bug system into launchpad? is it even something that is wanted for small or even project specific ones?09:12
kikoNg, well, we don't have a lot of resources, but we're interested -- file bugs!09:12
lifelessNg: are you the submitter of the gnats wishlist item ?09:12
kikoit's not too hard if it's got XML rendering09:12
Nglifeless: nope, I'm just interested in one bug being tracked in upstream's small bug system (using trac) and wondering if that's a good thing or not ;)09:13
lifelesstracing trac bugs would be good, there are a lot of trac using projects nowadays09:14
salgadokiko, I have a 6 lines patch to fix bug 54791. can you review it?09:16
UbugtuMalone bug 54791 in launchpad "The mirror prober should check a few files from each mirror in paralel instead of a lot of files from a single mirror" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5479109:16
salgado(it's nearly impossible to write proper tests for the change, unless I refactor the whole thing)09:16
salgadokiko, https://devpad.canonical.com/~andrew/paste/filevS2jtI.html09:17
kikosalgado, I can't review that.09:18
salgadokiko, of course you can. it's almost trivial09:18
lifelesskiko: btw, we had a flood of review requests on the weekend, so I've had to give you and steve both requests.09:19
lifelesskiko: this is me nagging you on irc as per your wiki page note.09:19
kikoI am overloaded09:19
kikobut ok09:19
lifelessplease do what you can, and any you cant do just move up to the rejected-reviews section09:20
ddaareviews are like the tide09:20
ddaawhen you see it going away, it only means that you're going to get really wet, unless you run away fast09:20
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salgadohey kiko. I just noticed you got two of my branches on your queue, and both of them are /really/ small (200 lines in total). maybe you can do them today?09:34
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=== carlos -> out
carlossee you!!10:33
kikocarlos, laters10:33
ddaahey lifeless, care to assign cscvs/svn-copy-modify to a reviewer? It's part of the cscvs/partial-copy package, that's why I'm asking for early assigment.10:44
ddaalifeless: ^ oops, forgot about your irc nick highlighting.10:45
kikomatsubara, https://launchpad.net/products/rosetta/+bug/41954 still relevant?10:56
UbugtuMalone bug 41954 in rosetta "/rosetta/imports/ page timing out" [Medium,Confirmed]  10:56
=== matsubara checks
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