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Thib_hello, it was suggested I ask this non-support question here rather than in #ubuntu12:31
Thib_I upgraded from Dapper to Edgy and no longer have a disk management tool out of the box; in Dapper it used to be System > Administration > Tool. Was that functionality removed from the default Edgy menu?12:32
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cgeThib_: If you don't get an answer, you can also ask on the mailing lists, which seem to be the best place to ask nontrivial questions.12:36
lloydinhoThib_: as far as I understand it, the reason that the Disks tool has been removed is because Upstream (ie. GNOME) no longer maintains that function.12:39
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lloydinhoSo it has been removed from all of GNOME with 2.16 rather than just from Ubuntu.12:39
Thib_lloydinho: oh so it *has* been removed.12:39
Thib_lloydinho: okay that makes perfect sense.12:39
lloydinhoWell, it still sucks to be without a graphical tool for disk management, but I suppose we'll have to manage for now.12:40
Thib_just to clarify, I didn't mean to imply that was good or bad. Just wanted to know.12:40
cgeWe do have gparted in main.12:40
Thib_right, I like a graphical tool too.12:40
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lloydinhocge: True. But it isn't as easily discoverable for new users.12:40
Thib_but since I'm upgrading several machines from Dapper to Edgy and they all "succeeded" i.e. failed slightly in subtly different ways, I'm just trying to determine what is intended changes and what isn't :-)12:41
cgelloydinho: Yes, it would have to be installed by default.12:41
jordilloydinho: afaik there's something new that replaces it?12:41
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Thib_I'm happy with gparted.12:41
lloydinhojordi, not in the standard installation, as far as I can tell.12:42
cgeThib_: As you can see, getting answers to questions like that here is much calmer than in #ubuntu.12:42
lloydinhoBut when you install Gparted it slots right into the System -> Administration menu.12:42
Thib_cge: it is :-) I just didn't realize this place existed.12:43
cgelloydinho: It appears that gparted is installed by default in the LiveCD, but not in the default installation.12:43
Thib_lloydinho: it does? mine didn't, or maybe I need to log out and back in12:43
lloydinhoThib_: probably.12:44
cgeThib_: It does. 12:44
cgeThib_: You could also try killing the panel.12:44
Thib_killing the panel?12:44
Thib_lol I've never thought about doing that :-)12:45
Thib_does it, like, come back to life?12:45
lloydinhoThib_: killall gnome-panel12:45
cgeThib_: gnome-session brings it back to life, yes.12:45
Thib_yes, now the icon is there12:45
Thib_well I learned two things today, that's great12:46
Thib_many thanks, cge and lloydinho 12:46
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lloydinhoOh, and by the way: It's okay to come in here and ask a few questions when there's little developer activity, but generally the core-devs really like to keep the noise down in here, so they'll send you back #ubuntu12:46
lloydinho_to:_ #ubuntu12:46
cgelloydinho: No one answers questions like that #ubuntu, unfortunately.12:47
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lloydinhoHm. That is unfortunate. Maybe we should get Seveas to teach Ubotu about it. :-)12:47
cgeWe need an #ubuntu-nontrivial channel.12:48
lloydinhojeez, there's almost a thousand users in #ubuntu.12:48
cgelloydinho: And it moves so fast that nontrivial questions become lost.12:49
Thib_well yeah12:49
lloydinhoYes. Problem would be that everybody will demand Special Attention (TM) and will go straight to the -nontrivial channel.12:49
Thib_it's okay though, I know when I'm asking something out of the ordinary and I don't expect immediate technical answers, especially in a busy channel.12:49
lloydinho(at least that was the last explanation I heard).12:50
cgelloydinho: Yes, that's probably true.12:50
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cgelloydinho: I'll have to think about ways to have a channel like that without having that problem.12:51
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lloydinhocge: Sounds like a good idea. If you come up with something good, write an email to the sounder mailing list or try to put it in a spec for discussion.12:52
cgelloydinho: I will.12:52
cgeBy the way, does anyone know if the official edgy cds that are being sold are pressed? None of the vendors say anything about the actual cds, and since they all sell burned CDs for nearly everything else, they probably need to mention it.12:54
cgeOtherwise very few people are going to want to buy what appears to be a CD-R with edgy on it.12:55
lloydinhocge: There will be official Ubuntu DVDs that you can buy off amazon and such, I think.12:57
lloydinhocge: there's a list of authorized vendors as well: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/GetUbuntu#buycurrent12:58
cgelloydinho: There are places linked from ubuntu.com as selling "Official Ubuntu Edgy CDs", but since those places mainly sell burned CDs of linux distributions, it makes it look like that is what they are selling, even though I think they are selling pressed CDs from Canonical.12:58
lloydinhocge: oh. Well, I guess that would be their own fault, really.12:59
cgelloydinho: Ok, I'll try contacting them about it then.12:59
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lloydinhoCool, Goodnight.01:00
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kroWhen does feisty start?  Whats the best way to keep up with development.  Is there a specific fiesty irc channel/mailing list/etc?02:31
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Lathiatkro: after the development meeting (which is from the 5th to the 10th of november)02:56
Lathiatkro: this channel the ubuntu-devel mailing lis tis the best place to keep an eye on i guess02:56
giriI have heard that there was/is some discussion here on ndiswrapper02:56
giriI am developer of ndiswrapper02:57
giriwondering if anyone wants to let me know any decisions / feedback / comments02:57
kroLathiat: thanks03:05
Lathiatgiri: Doesnt' seem to be too many people around atm, might be best to try another time03:09
LathiatI think everybody is celebrating or something :)03:09
giriLathiat: heh; ok, thanks03:09
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soothsayShould gnome-power-manager run with superuser priviliges?03:43
jdubsoothsay: no, it is a desktop service.03:43
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soothsayOkay, how can I quickly check if it is operating reasonably correctly? Suspend works for me when running the script in /etc/acpid but not through the 'logout' menu. I'm doing gnome-power-manager --verbose: Should it log suspend attempts? AC disconnection?03:45
soothsayNever mind, was missing --no-daemon03:51
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jdubhrm. 64% into edgy install, access to the CD stops.04:24
jdubultimately freezing the entire thing.04:24
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=== jdub checks CD
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maxflaxWhats the deal with ubuntu and alsa-driver 1.0.13 .. ?04:54
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crimsunmaxflax: as I've stated in #alsa, if your issues are exhibited in upstream's 1.0.13, it's not Ubuntu's problem05:00
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robertj is there a way to list all packages that place files in /etc/init.d, even those not instaleld?05:24
neuralisrobertj: apt-get install apt-file; apt-file update; apt-file search init.d05:26
neuralisrobertj: apt-file search etc/init.d if you want to restrict to /etc/init.d, instead of any init.d directory, clearly.05:27
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naxx||.Req.:||  Help on building a debian package |pm me pls ;)||07:39
Burgundavianaxx: ask in #ubuntu-motu07:39
naxxi'll try07:40
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Burgundaviafabbione: thanks for teh logging07:41
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fabbioneBurgundavia: ?07:46
ajmitch#u-directory channel logging07:47
fabbioneah ok07:48
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ajmitchhey pitti!08:30
BHSPitMonkeyhey ajmitch !08:31
pittiGood morning08:32
pittihey ajmitch, how are you?08:32
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ajmitchgood, how are you?08:34
mneptonLARGE AND IN CHARGE!08:34
ajmitchready for UDS? :)08:35
ajmitchpitti: you don't mind if I start stealing merges of stuff I need? :)08:35
ajmitchsince you touched samba last08:35
pittiajmitch: BEWARE!!!1!08:35
pittiajmitch: of course I don't, go ahead ;)08:36
pittiajmitch: I'd just appreciate a quick ping for every package to avoid duplicate work08:36
ajmitchpitti: yeah, that's why I'm asking now08:37
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pittihi slomo_ 08:38
ajmitchbesides, I have to wait until we hear that it's ok to play in the feisty sandpit08:39
fabbioneajmitch: the toolchain is not there yet08:40
ajmitchI know08:40
fabbionebut you can still merge and make sure it works08:40
fabbioneonce the toolchain is unleashed you can rebuild and retest08:40
ajmitchI've got enough things to do before I upload08:40
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BHSPitMonkeywhen do we see a feisty pre-release, darnit!!!08:43
tfheenBHSPitMonkey: first week of december or thereabouts. 08:44
ajmitchtfheen: you're RM for feisty?08:44
BHSPitMonkeyseriously? that's actually sooner than I thought.08:44
DaGamewana fite08:44
BHSPitMonkeyand I was being facetious before 08:44
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tfheenBHSPitMonkey: I'll at least take a look whether it's feasible.08:45
BHSPitMonkeyI'm pretty happy with edgy, although I do have some issues (and I didn't upgrade!)08:45
tfheenajmitch: we haven't really discussed it, but both mdz and the rest of the release team seems to be happy with what I did for edgy and it was fun, so I think I'll RM feisty too, yes.08:46
BHSPitMonkeytfheen, are there even goals set out?08:46
tfheenBHSPitMonkey: specs have been proposed, but not drafted and approved.08:46
BHSPitMonkeya lot of the concept of planning features specifically for OS+1 confuses me... it seems like just intentionally holding back a feature08:47
tfheenBHSPitMonkey: it's only six months until feisty is released.  That's not very much time.08:47
BHSPitMonkeyin order to pretty up a new release08:47
ajmitchit's often needed in order to have time to get it ready 08:47
tfheenso it makes sense to plan which direction we want features to take over longer periods of time than just the next six months.08:48
ajmitchsome of our specs may only be implemented in 12-18 months08:48
BHSPitMonkeyno, it's like... "We need this, and this, and this improved! But as soon as it's been coded, let it sit on the shelf until the +1 release, so the release looks really big!"08:49
tfheenstuff generally don't get implemented and then shelved08:49
ajmitchwhat features do you think were held back?08:49
BHSPitMonkeywhy not have improvements in constant supply, that's just my dilemma 08:49
ajmitchanything that's not ready by feature freeze doesn't go in - there has to be tiem to stabilise a release08:50
BHSPitMonkeyand I'm not trying to argue or dissent or anything, I'm saying I don't really understand how these decisions work08:50
tfheengenerally it comes down to whether we have time to implement stuff properly.08:50
tfheenit's much better to have one well-working feature than three mostly-broken ones08:50
BHSPitMonkeyok, well how does everything happen to be ready at the time of release08:51
=== mnepton stifles a laugh
=== xeros [i=xeros@fan194.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mneptondefine "ready" >:)08:52
BHSPitMonkeywhy didn't tomboy or usplash (for vague example) get floated into dapper when they were done08:52
highvoltagetfheen: is it still a possibility that there might be a permanent 'unstable' release for ubuntu at some stage?08:52
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BHSPitMonkeymnepton, I'm not strong enough to withstand you tonight :S08:52
BHSPitMonkeyit's late08:52
tfheenBHSPitMonkey: usplash was in dapper.08:52
mneptonBHSPitMonkey: you can install Tomboy on Dapper, it's just not a package in the defaults.08:52
BHSPitMonkeytfheen, poorly stated- I meant the "purdy" usplash08:52
tfheenBHSPitMonkey: and tomboy is in main in dapper too.  It just wasn't part of the default install.08:53
tfheenBHSPitMonkey: because that wasn't coded until two months after dapper released?08:53
=== abattoir [n=abattoir@cm238.omega16.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tfheenand to answer the "how is everything ready" question.  Well, if it's not, we should already have dropped it earlier. :-)08:54
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BHSPitMonkey_sorry, my ISP gave out on me about 5 minutes ago09:01
BHSPitMonkey_IP rotation09:01
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BHSPitMonkey_my point before was, why aren't things like those "updates" to dapper? because this way, edgy can look like a bigger deal, right?09:03
fabbioneBHSPitMonkey: dapper has been released as stable and therefor it gets ONLY security or major bug fixes09:04
fabbioneby policy09:04
fabbionenew crack -> new release09:04
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=== dholbach [n=daniel@i577B34ED.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachgood morning09:09
ajmitchmorning daniel :)09:09
dholbachhey Andrew09:09
ajmitchexcited about feisty? :)09:09
dholbachYEAH :-)09:10
=== ajmitch is starting on some merges tonight
mvohey dholbach!09:11
dholbachheya mvo09:11
ajmitchhey mvo 09:11
mvohey ajmitch!09:11
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pygiphanatic: ping :P09:32
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pittihi mdz10:09
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highvoltagemorning mdz 10:12
ajmitchmorning mdz 10:15
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cjwatsonBHSPitMonkey: if it helps to understand, note that the new usplash required a bunch of changes in other packages, including a very complicated set of changes in the installer10:24
cbx33hi guys what's this about Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed10:24
cjwatsonBHSPitMonkey: even if we did do updates of that kind to dapper, this wasn't just one package that could have been dropped in10:24
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gebruikerI created a init script that changes the name of the ubuntu hostname, when should this be executed? At runlevel rcS?10:30
cjwatsongebruiker: why not just change the file /etc/hostname?10:32
fabbionecjwatson: it depends when it's executed. you also want /proc/sys/kernel/hostname10:32
cjwatson/etc/init.d/hostname.sh already reads /etc/hostname and sets the hostname according to that10:33
cjwatsonthere is no need for another init script10:33
fabbioneoh right. there is that one too10:33
gebruikercjwatson, We are selling ubuntu desktops, one of them contains 3 pc's and a printer, two of them ubuntu and 1 of them windows. We are cloning the hd images. Two computers can't have the same hostname on a lan10:33
cjwatsongebruiker: set /etc/hostname after cloning10:34
cjwatsongebruiker: that cannot possibly be harder than adding an init script10:34
gebruikerI'm able to add a init script, however, I was wondering wheiter it should be added at system level or elsewhere.10:34
cjwatsonthere's no point in adding an init script10:35
cjwatsonif you need to set the hostname dynamically, then either edit /etc/init.d/hostname.sh or use DHCP10:35
cjwatson(there's a "host-name" option in DHCP - it's only honoured if the hostname is not set though)10:35
gebruikerthe script that changes the hostname, invokes  oem-config-prepare. So it has to done correctly.10:36
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cjwatsonoem-config-prepare is supposed to be run before shipping to the end user, not after - I can't think why it would need to be run from an init script10:37
gebruikerthe computer is not installed with just ubuntu, it has additional software to.10:38
gebruikerand pre-installed printer configurations etc.. etc..10:38
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pittifabbione: FYI, glibc 2.5 is rocking fine here :)10:54
=== jinty [n=jinty@127.Red-83-50-221.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionepitti: what arch?10:57
pittifabbione: amd6410:57
fabbionepitti: ok. 10:58
fabbionemake sure that you will reinstall them once feisty is open10:58
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ogramvo, do we have a sCIM team in LP to assign bugs to ?11:36
=== OculusAquilae [n=oculus@pD9508571.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvoogra: only cjk-testers11:37
mvoogra: what bug is it?11:37
ograbug 3771111:37
UbugtuMalone bug 37711 in scim-qtimm "Qt/SCIM broken (Cannot enter numbers in to spinbox widget)" [High,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/3771111:37
ograit evolved from being a scribus bug to becoming a SCIM one ...11:37
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sladen*something* is broken with SCIM and Qt, just that we don't know who/how to debug it11:39
ograsladen, right, but i'm not doing anything with SCIM at all ... thats why i wanted to reassign it to the appropriate people 11:40
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mvohm, 8 duplicates :/11:45
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dholbachit might make sense to rename the cjk-testers into a cjk-hackers team and attract a different set of people also :)11:47
=== dholbach is pondering doing that with pdatesters too :)
=== Gman [i=gman@nat/sun/x-b8d716caa28b8177] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogradholbach, good idea11:54
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pittihi tkamppeter 11:55
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tkamppeterhi pitti11:55
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=== sladen reassigns to the cjk-team
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dholbachGloubiboulga: you heard of the xubuntu-derived livecd? http://www.golem.de/0610/48635.html ?12:21
Gloubiboulgadholbach, yes, that's really good news for the xubuntu team :)12:22
highvoltage*very* good :)12:23
=== dholbach hugs Gloubiboulga and highvoltage
=== highvoltage used to use xfld before xubuntu existed
highvoltageyay! free hugs!12:23
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-devel
GloubiboulgaI'll give it a try this week12:23
=== ogra wonders why people have exim4 on a liveCD
jsgotangcogood question12:25
=== highvoltage wonders why people have exim4 to begin with
=== fernando [n=fernando@unaffiliated/musb] has joined #ubuntu-devel
infinityhighvoltage: Because they have taste.12:32
dokoseb128, dholbach: (process:7014): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_screen_get_font_options: assertion `GDK_IS_SCREEN (screen)' failed12:32
dokoare these just warnings?12:32
infinityhighvoltage: Alternately, "an MTA flamewar on #-devel is pointless, please don't"12:32
FujitsuI can't believe there are exim4-lovers in Melbourne.12:32
seb128doko: looks like a program bug12:33
=== Fujitsu leaves Melbourne upon making this terrible, terrible discovery.
highvoltageinfinity: apologies, I had no intention of starting a flamewar, I think my little joke needed a smiley face. I have no grudges against exim412:33
sladenGloubiboulga: is that the offical Xfce livecd?12:34
sladenGloubiboulga: is there anything in English to link to?12:34
=== viviersf [n=cain@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Gloubiboulgasladen, http://www.xfld.com/ 12:35
Gloubiboulgathe Xfce devs are not involved in this project AFAIK12:35
pittiKeybuk: can you please fix MoM to generate changelogs for feisty?12:37
Fujitsupitti: I believe it does already, although it will only affect merges generated since that change was made, obviously.12:40
pittiFujitsu: ah, ok12:40
StevenKFujitsu: In regards to your terrible discovery, are you moving to Sydney? :-P12:40
FujitsuI've noted a couple of mine have had feisty there.12:40
FujitsuStevenK: Oh no.. Not you too!?12:41
Keybukpitti: hmm?12:41
StevenKFujitsu: 220 enervated.wedontsleep.org ESMTP Exim 4.63 Mon, 30 Oct 2006 22:41:31 +110012:41
pittiKeybuk: see above, seems to be already fixed12:41
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FujitsuArgh, I live in an Exim-loving nation :(12:42
Keybukpitti: I haven't refreshed MoM yet12:42
Keybuknor have I begun the syncs12:42
pittiKeybuk: I started doing my merges, and the current MoM output is good enough for me at least (I check that it has the current version anyway)12:42
Keybukyou can't test them yet, let alone upload them!12:43
FujitsuKeybuk: The latter is understandable, but the former may good to perform...12:43
pittiKeybuk: I don't upload them yet :)12:43
FujitsuKeybuk: But merges can be done, then tested and uploaded later. Less time wastage.12:43
sladenGloubiboulga: so this isn't an offical livecd?12:43
pittibut now is a good time to review diffs, send patches upstream, merge packages, etc.12:43
pittiand test them with libc 2.512:43
Keybuka fair point12:44
KeybukI'll regenerate them12:44
Fujitsupitti, exactly. Right now, when there's little else to do, doing merges is a good idea.12:44
FujitsuThanks Keybuk.12:44
fabbionepitti: glibc ain't enough.. really..12:44
pittiKeybuk: the only thing that concerns me is that we don't have the newer gcc yet12:44
KeybukFujitsu: specs would be a better idea ? :)12:44
fabbionepitti: you also need binutils, kernel headers and gcc12:44
fabbioneand glibc still need some love12:45
FujitsuKeybuk: Possibly... But I'm not a speccy person :P12:45
pittifabbione: I know, but for patch review and initial testing it should be good enough for most packagages12:45
Gloubiboulgasladen, I don't think so12:45
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fabbionepitti: nope.. not really.. there are some radical changes in binutils/glibc that is not part of the binaries you are using12:45
pittifabbione: I can decide whether or not we can drop Ubuntu changes regardless of our toolchain12:46
fabbioneoh yeah that's for sure12:46
=== StevenK ought to poke mpt about the about-ubuntu spec.
pittiof course I'll test my current stack of merges again with the new toolchain12:46
cjwatsonI can't test most of mine until after they're uploaded anyway (installer)12:47
cjwatsonat least not without vast amounts of effort12:47
HobbseeFujitsu: get writing specs!12:47
cjwatsonit's far more economical for me to chuck them into the archive and test once everything's assembled12:47
=== infinity has noticed this chucking in action.
infinityIn fact, is there anything in the queue that you didn't upload? :)12:48
cjwatsonnot AFAIK :)12:48
fabbioneoh infinity.. somebody should whitelist LP in feisty-changes ML12:48
infinityfabbione: Yeah, it's not my list.12:48
fabbionewho is the one?12:48
Keybukis feisty-changes actually working?12:48
KeybukI don't see a mail for base-files12:48
fabbioneKeybuk: read 5 lines above12:49
infinityfeisty-changes list run by lists at admin.canonical.com12:49
FujitsuKeybuk: No, hence the need to whitelist LP.12:49
=== infinity goes to poke -sysadmin
Keybukah, heh12:50
ograand someone should do a user migration from edgy-changes to feisty as well 12:50
fabbioneogra: no you need to subscribe yourself manually12:50
ograunless thats already done12:50
cjwatsoninfinity: I've got 50+ to merge before the installer works at all, so getting started early has generally proven to be a good plan :)12:50
ografabbione, since when ?12:50
fabbionesince dapper12:50
ograwe always had auto migration between releases, no ?12:50
cjwatsonKeybuk: as far as I can see, setup-console-under-usplash will Just Work as soon as I remove the safety catches12:51
Keybukcjwatson: isn't that the best kind of spec?12:51
cjwatsonno kernel problems at all12:52
cjwatsonI took out the setupcon call in /etc/init.d/usplash and took out the check for a running usplash in /etc/init.d/console-setup12:53
dokoinfinity: any idea about bug 63676 ?12:53
UbugtuMalone bug 63676 in openoffice.org "OpenOffice Crashes on Launch" [Undecided,Needs info]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6367612:53
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Keybukcjwatson: what caused the console corruption?12:57
infinitydoko: /usr/lib/libpthread.so.0 isn't a binary we ship (ours is in /lib)12:57
cjwatsonKeybuk: probably attempting to fiddle with usplash's own tty12:57
cjwatsonrather than ttys 1 to 612:58
infinitydoko: Same with /usr/lib/libc6.so.612:58
Keybukah, how are we ignoring that now?12:58
Keybuk1..6 or checking for !KD_TEXT ?12:58
cjwatsonKeybuk: we aren't - console-setup was fixed to talk to the right ttys12:58
infinitydoko: They have a non-standard libc installed.  Not.  Our.  Problem.12:58
cjwatsonKeybuk: using its existing configuration for which are the active consoles (/dev/tty[1-6] )12:58
=== herzi [n=herzi@kiwi.mediascape.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukmy only concern there is that it will break if someone disables tty2, etc.12:59
Keybukbut that concern is probably petty and woefully misplaced at this time12:59
cjwatsonKeybuk: then it's easy to edit /etc/default/console-setup12:59
ograKeybuk, nout for ltsp12:59
Keybukmight be worth checking the console mode12:59
Keybukiterate active vts, check for KD_TEXT, and only then setup ?01:00
Keybukthat'd skip the X and usplash consoles01:00
cjwatsonwould be better to make consolechars (setfont in Feisty) do that check rather than pissing about trying to check it from shell01:00
Keybukunless we get /sbin/ioctl :p01:00
Keybukwhich I still want01:00
markcan someone please update the Release files in edgy-{backports,updates,security} so debmirror will mirror again? :)01:01
dokoinfinity: thanks01:01
=== ogra wonders wh< Keybuk isnt mentioned in the "people leaving debain" article in the recent german linux magazine edition ...
Keybukmmm... /sbin/ioctl KDGETMODE ...01:01
ogramjg59 is though01:01
cjwatsonmark: what's wrong with them?01:01
markdebmirror complains about missing gpg signatures01:01
Keybukcjwatson: they don't exist01:01
marklet me check01:01
infinitydoko: Though the fglrx thing is interesting as well (but I'm not sure I care today)01:01
cjwatsonyes they do01:01
Keybukwrong window, and wrong person01:01
pittimark: debmirror works fine for me ?!?01:02
=== pupeno__ [n=pupeno@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Fujitsuinfinity: You mean the lack of DRI in Edgy?01:02
=== zul [n=chuck@ubuntu/member/zul] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti waves to zul
infinityFujitsu: No.  That's known and a simple workaround.01:02
infinityFujitsu: Disable composite, DRI works, the end.01:02
pupeno__I have just installe Edgy and it seems cryptsetup is broken. I've searched in the bugs database but I've found no mention of it. Does anybody know about this ?01:02
=== zul waves back to pitti
markWon't mirror without dists/edgy-updates/main/debian-installer/binary-amd64/Packages.gz signature in Release at /usr/bin/debmirror line 1300.01:03
Fujitsupupeno__: What do you mean broken? It won't ask for a password?01:03
pupeno__Fujitsu: it fails to create a crypted volume, missmatched version of tools and module.01:03
cjwatsonmark: ok, would have helped a lot if you'd mentioned that earlier :)01:03
pupeno__root@plab:~# cryptsetup -y create pupeno /dev/hda301:03
pupeno__Command failed: Incompatible libdevmapper 1.02.07 (2006-05-11)(compat) and kernel driver01:03
markthere is no debian-installer01:03
markcjwatson: it would've helped a lot if I had used my brain earlier ;)01:04
cjwatsontell debmirror not to try to mirror it :)01:04
=== mark sits in a corner
cjwatsonthe error message is perhaps not entirely ideal01:05
markI just looked at the date 'august 8' of the release files and thought "they must be out of date"01:05
cjwatsonthere haven't been any updates published yet01:05
cjwatsonso nothing has caused the Release files to be rewritten01:06
=== givre [n=Florent@APuteaux-152-1-65-88.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pupeno__Here: http://paste.lisp.org/display/28971 , some more information. Can anybody confirm/deny this problem ?01:08
markassuming dists/edgy/main/debian-installer/ will never change again, I won't have to mirror that dir01:08
Keybukpitti: please don't file syncs!01:11
pittiKeybuk: why not?01:11
Keybukwe're not in upstream version freeze01:11
Keybukso syncs will happen automatically01:11
Keybukunless you are meaning that changes are to be dropped from a merge?01:11
pittiKeybuk: erm, for locally modified packages???01:11
pittiKeybuk: yes, that's what I do01:12
Keybukok, sorry01:12
pittiKeybuk: *phew* :)01:12
KeybukI didn't see a summary of ubuntu changes in your first mails01:12
Keybukso assumed you were doing "update these to Debian" :)01:12
Keybukjust noticed you added that in a reply to each01:12
pittiKeybuk: I use requestsync to file them and then add a followup with the explanation01:12
KeybukI can see that now01:12
=== snowblink [n=snowblin@wind.snowblink.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== tmarble [n=tmarble@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Hobbsee hugs requestsync
pittiKeybuk: maybe I should teach requestsync to spawn $EDITOR for this case01:13
Keybukdoesn't matter really, when read in LP it will look normal01:13
KeybukI was just reading the e-mail01:13
=== eggauah [n=daniel@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pupeno__so, cryptsetup seems to be really broken :(01:15
Hobbseepupeno__: file a bug?01:15
pupeno__Hobbsee: I am in the process, but there are other bugs for it already. What I don't understand is how people got so far to find out the other bugs since the one I've found should have stopped them earlier.01:16
markI see startup messages are no longer logged to the serial console in edgy - is this because of upstart/logd?01:16
pittiKeybuk: gnutls12 was removed in Debian; will some magick indicate that it should be removed from Ubuntu as well, or shall I file a bug for that?01:16
Keybukmark: remove "quiet" from the kernel command-line01:16
Keybukpitti: file a bug01:16
markKeybuk: thanks01:16
tepsipakkihow come the source for pine is not included in ubuntu as it is on debian?01:18
thomtepsipakki: because pine users should be burnt at the stake (not the correct answer)01:19
thomtepsipakki: seriously, i suspect because no-one has asked for it, and it would probably need to go into multiverse01:20
tepsipakkithom: yes, multiverse would be the place01:20
azeemthere should be GNU pain01:20
=== lukketto [n=lukketto@host238-159-dynamic.6-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
popeyis there a file like http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release which gives the correct answer to the question "what are the current supported releases of Ubuntu?" ?01:21
tepsipakkithom: we have maybe 10000 users who use it more or less frequently. I can already smell them :)01:21
popeyfor example that page has Hoary as supported but it's been 18 months since release, so I would expect that to become "Supported: 0"?01:22
thomtepsipakki: just install mutt with the pine theme and symlink pine to it :-)01:22
tepsipakkithom: :D01:22
tepsipakkimaybe I'll just grab the source from debian and use that ;)01:22
pittipopey: https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu01:23
popeyah, of course01:23
cjwatsonmark: dists/edgy/main/debian-installer/ won't change, no01:26
thomcjwatson: ISTR you mentioning that edgy kickstart was a bit bust at one point; did that get fixed or should I aim for preseed?01:27
marknow I understand why 'quiet' is the default - with upstart it gets very messy otherwise ;)01:27
cjwatsonpopey: hoary hasn't officially reached EOL yet; see https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2006-October/000418.html01:28
Hobbseecjwatson: one more day...01:28
cjwatsonthom: should be fixed01:28
cbx33hi popey01:28
Hobbseecjwatson: in fact, it's the 31st in NZ - so it has :P01:28
=== administrator [n=joejaxx@ubuntu/member/joejaxx] has joined #ubuntu-devel
popeydidn't realise it was that close01:29
zulyehaw i dont have to do security updates for hoary if i was in nz right now01:29
=== spike [n=spike@unaffiliated/spike] has joined #ubuntu-devel
spikehi there01:29
spikecan anybody comment about the debian-installer?01:30
thomcjwatson: ah, thanks01:30
spike"This package currently only contains some documentation for the Debian installer. We welcome suggestions about what else to put in it."01:30
=== cr3 [n=marc@pdpc/supporter/bronze/cr3] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== gebruiker [n=gebruike@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittizul: btw, don't bother with preparing another hoary kernel; none of the outstanding issues are 'OMG the sky has fallen', and we won't be able to push it out today or tomorrow anyway01:32
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zulpitti: consider it done :)01:33
cjwatsonspike: yes, that's all that the debian-installer *binary package* contains01:42
=== CheekyBoinc [n=fox@p509233DF.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonspike: what are you looking for?01:43
spikecjwatson: so I'm probably missing something... I'm looking at this page: http://www.hands.com/d-i/01:43
=== pirast [n=martin@p508B2976.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
spikecjwatson: the idea is using preesedeeing and boot clients from a network image01:43
spikevia PXE01:44
spikeI'm using FAI atm, I wanted to give preseeding a try01:44
spikebut I cant get a clear picure how what I'm supposed to do01:44
spikethat page says about recompling some custom udebs and so on01:44
cjwatsonI'm not sure we have a lot of the necessary infrastructure by default yet in edgy01:44
cjwatsonif you really want to try it, start with 'apt-get source debian-installer' rather than the debian-installer binary package01:45
=== mark wonders how preseeding helps with booting off a network
cjwatsonbut Kickstart will probably be easier01:45
spikeunfortunately there doesnt seem to be any good doc either :/01:45
markwould you mind joining #ubuntu-installer? :)01:45
=== twilight_ is now known as twilight
spikethat page and http://interthingy.com/digby/ are the only decent resources01:46
spikeyet fairly chaotic and incomplete imho01:46
tepsipakkiwhat's wrong with nvidia-glx, since it insists on installing linux-image..-38601:46
tepsipakkiwhich then panics on boot01:47
cjwatsonspike: installation-guide01:47
=== lorenzod [n=lorenzod@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== geser [n=michael@dialin111003.justdsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogracjwatson, would you think it would make sense to have a special ltsp mode for netinst ? i provide the necessary infrastructure anyway 02:02
cjwatsonogra: what do you mean?02:02
ograso you could be off with installing ltsp-server and copy the neinst iso into place02:02
cjwatsonwhat netinst iso?02:03
=== Gerrath [n=Shane_@unaffiliated/gerrath] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograerr, s/iso/image02:03
cjwatsonwe've never provided netinst, only netboot02:03
ograthats what i mean02:03
cjwatsonnetinst == installer image plug base system02:03
cjwatsonogra: netboot needs to stay generic; I don't want to build lots of variants of it02:03
ograltsp-server sets up tftp and the like so you only need to put the image in the right place ...02:04
cjwatsonogra: you should be able to preseed netboot to do whatever you want to do02:04
ograi dont want to touch netboot 02:04
cjwatsonoh, you mean a netboot mode for ltsp?02:04
ograpreseeding will get me the dhcpd and tftpd infrastructure ready ?02:04
cjwatsonforget what I said02:04
ograi mean that you could re-use the ltsp package setup for netboot02:04
cjwatsonogra: sure, I guess02:05
ograi'm expressing myself complicated today, sorry02:05
cjwatsonogra: sounds like it's entirely up to you02:05
cjwatsonif you have people wanting it, and it's not too hard to do, then do it02:05
ograwell, i dont02:06
ograbut i see the question about netboot and how to set up dhcp and tftp more often02:06
cjwatsonthen perhaps you should not do it02:06
cjwatsonthat's not really connected to LTSP02:06
ograso i thought about a howto like: install ltsp-server and copy the image to ... 02:07
cjwatsonit shouldn't be tied into LTSP, IMO02:07
ogra...  then boot your client and watch it install02:07
ograwell, it already is in there ...02:08
ograltsp serts up the services ...02:08
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=== ^robertj [n=rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonogra: how-to documents for automatic installations that have nothing to do with LTSP shouldn't come with all the other LTSP bits02:09
ograwell, was just a thought to make it easier for users struggling with dhcp/tftp02:09
cjwatson^-- existing documentation on setting it up. happy to improve it given specific suggestions02:10
=== Amaranth_ [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograright, i'll think about it ...02:10
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cjwatsontfheen: do you remember what places in X depend on /etc/X11/xkb and/or /usr/lib/X11/xkb?02:59
cjwatsontfheen: new xkeyboard-config in Debian uses /usr/share/X11/xkb02:59
cjwatson(of which I'm all in favour - get rid of 2.7MB from /etc that hardly anyone touches03:00
fabbionecjwatson: iirc we discuss that in edgy merge and decided to keep it in /etc to avoid yet another transition..03:00
fabbioneand it's probably a path in the server03:01
=== joejaxx [i=jadaz87@ubuntu/member/joejaxx] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneor slam a compat symlink03:01
=== RadiantFire [n=ryan@unaffiliated/radiantfire] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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cjwatsonI think just Breaks: xorg-server (<< version-with-new-xkb-path)03:03
cjwatsonmaking that a compatibility symlink would be a pain, 'cos we'd have to ensure that the directory was nonexistent first, and then what do you do if the user had customised stuff there ...03:03
fabbionethen i suggest to leave it in /etc03:04
tfheencjwatson: the X server and xkbcomp/setxkbmap, iirc.  there are a couple of libs.03:04
fabbioneeven if there are custom things, once you move and "preserve" them in /usr/share, they will disappear at the first upgrade03:04
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonI don't want to keep that divergence forever03:06
cjwatsonAFAICT it was a pretty deliberate decision by Denis to move to /usr/share03:07
cjwatsonand I wasn't thinking of trying to dubiously "preserve" conffiles - more a postinst warning and just leave them there03:08
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=== tfheen idly notes that kopt=root=UUID=blah on the kernel command line doesn't work so well.
cjwatsontfheen: does it parse it the wrong way round?03:11
cjwatsonISTR having trouble with that before03:11
cjwatsonthere's also no way to quote it03:12
tfheencjwatson: on the kernel command line proper, it just doesn't work.03:12
tfheenI was a bit heavy-handed when doing a bit of C&P03:12
=== pradeep [n=pradeep@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tfheenKeybuk: we should probably make it error out in the case above: ^^ ; it effectively didn't have a root= line which makes it spin forever.03:14
Keybukyes, initramfs should do something "sensible" when ROOT=""03:16
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arvind_We are going to deliver ubuntu desktops. We would like to create a costum gnome settings. This includes themes, icons themes, icons on the desktop and panel configuration/settings, font settings. How do I put all this in a skeleton is there a guide?03:25
whiprusharvind_: google for "sabayon" and the "gnome system administration guide"03:26
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sivangre all03:49
=== sivang wonders if repos are opne again for uploads
=== j_ack [n=rudi@p508D83E5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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jonoanyone know Mark Nielson?04:01
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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keescookhi all04:14
seb128hey keescook04:16
keescookhiya seb12804:16
seb128keescook: have you planned to get that vino password fix to edgy-proposed? ;)04:17
seb128keescook: some user asked about it today04:17
keescookseb128: yup, it's on my todo list.04:17
seb128cool, thank you04:17
_ionIf i were to propose that feisty should use the "Defaults insults" sudo setting, would there be 0.0% or 0.1% chance of that actually happening? :-)04:21
_ion(Btw, OpenBSD uses that by default.)04:21
Nafallo_ion: the what?04:22
thomno insults by default :-)04:22
Nafallonot by default :-)04:24
pittihi mbiebl 04:24
mbieblpitti: hi04:25
=== jdub thinks that fits perfectly with the "linux for human beings" goal
cjwatsonthe insults are all very amusing, but no, I don't think so04:25
cjwatson(-> _ion)04:25
_ionHehe, all right.04:26
jdubKeybuk: http://lwn.net/Articles/205585/04:26
_ionjdub: Would that make it possible to also relocate blocks for faster startup?04:27
iwjcjwatson: Could you or mdz prioritise https://features.launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+spec/unified-login-unlock-screen please ?04:28
jdubvery likely :-)04:28
iwjI looked around and amazingly I couldn't find another plan to fix this anywhere.04:28
_ionjdub: Because that would rule. :-)04:28
bhalejdub: is that really needed?04:28
jdubbhale: would be very awesome for optimising boot and application startup.04:29
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== PSUSI [i=hidden-u@iriserv.iradimed.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bhalejdub: hm oh, not for defrag04:29
bhalejdub: right on04:29
jdubbhale: kung fu teaches to use the opponent's inertia in your favour.04:30
_ionbhale: If something allows the disk IO part of startup to consist of reading a continuous n MiB chunk of data from the HDD, i'd consider it "needed". :-)04:30
PSUSIfabbione: ping04:31
=== Nafallo ska starta om till ny krna
=== lemsx1 [n=lemsx1@p86-65.acedsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsoniwj: I'm not involved in setting priorities at the moment - the tech board is (so try Keybuk)04:35
cjwatson(mdz's travelling)04:35
=== Keybuk picks a middle priority
_ionDoes anyone know how Windows profiles the startup of programs for block relocation? The profiler itself shouldn't slow things down more than block relocation speeds them up. :-)04:36
=== Nafallo [n=nafallo@ubuntu/member/nafallo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybuk_ion: I assume that windows has something that sucks less than inotify04:36
iwjKeybuk: Thanks.04:37
Keybukiwj: I assume you want to propose it for the meeting?04:37
iwjAlthough I'd make it `high'.  Have you ever seen a user who didn't know how it works struggle with this madness ?  It's quite crazy.04:38
iwjMost users seem to assume it's buggy or has crashed or something.04:38
Keybukiwj: though it seems to conflict/overlap with both feisty-login and consistent-login-screen04:38
iwjDammit, I'm sure I searched the spec list for login before inventing a new one.04:40
iwjI'll add some cross-references.04:40
iwjKeybuk: Hmm, can you make consistent-login-screen medium instead ?04:42
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cjwatsoniwj: and that's if they can even find how to switch user; see bug 67730, whose reporter you may recognise04:49
UbugtuMalone bug 67730 in Ubuntu "Usability bug - new login" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6773004:49
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GadiKeybuk, infinity:  Just wanted to let you know how I resolved the boot-by-label issue in the end.  I basically commented out the udev rule in persistent-disks that skips the by-label studd if the ide disk is tagged "removable" and recreated initramfs04:51
iwjcjwatson: *snort*04:51
Gadidont know what other probs this will cause, but wors so far04:51
=== jdub wonders if launchpad will grow a prayer wall feature
=== iwj adss it to the list of bugs in UnifiedLoginUnlock.
Nafallojdub: lol04:52
fabbionePSUSI: pong04:52
=== jeefers [n=jeefers@oh-76-1-39-244.dyn.embarqhsd.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittihm, I just tried to sub to feisty-changes again and still didn't get a verification email04:54
cjwatsonpitti: have you already set up procmailery for feisty-changes?04:55
cjwatsonpitti: if so, note that the verification mail may have gone to the mailbox you set up for the list ...04:55
cjwatsonthat one gets me nearly every time04:56
pitticjwatson: that's what I thought, too04:56
pitticjwatson: but .procmail.log doesn't have any sign of the verification mail04:56
pittioh, wait, it does, *blush*04:56
KeybukGadi: good luck :)  when your machine locks up on boot, don't file a bug <g.04:56
pitticjwatson: landed in spam folder...04:56
=== [PUPPETS] Gonzo [i=MrBlonde@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdub"For those vendors which have proprietary drivers that enable acceleration, we will consider enabling those drivers by default if they can provide us with an SLA for security and related updates."04:58
jdubhaw haw04:58
=== fdoving [n=frode@ubuntu/member/frode] has joined #ubuntu-devel
^robertjjdub: aka "no"04:58
PSUSIfabbione: hey, I noticed you made some changes to the lvm initramfs script since dapper04:59
iwj`If [condition not going to be met] ' is always easier to say than `no' ...04:59
PSUSIfabbione: it now assumes a boot path starting with /dev/mapper is LVM, and breaks it into vulume group and volume components, and spins for 3 mins waiting for the vg to appear in /dev04:59
PSUSIfabbione: this causes dmraid booting systems to appear to lock up for 3 mins during boot, so I was wondering why this change was made?05:00
fabbioneit does only if root is on LVM05:00
PSUSIright.... it thinks root is on lvm if root is on dmraid05:00
jdubiwj: versus "uh, we're not going to ship your shit anyway"? :)05:00
PSUSIthat's the problem I ran into05:00
fabbionePSUSI: it's a problem with some devices that takes longer to apper to the kernel.05:00
PSUSIbut I'm wondering why the script waits for the volume group to appear in dev?05:00
PSUSIdoesn't it just need the volume itself to appear?05:00
fabbionei am trying to explain.. let me write05:01
=== JanC [n=janc@lugwv/member/JanC] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionebasically in some cases the lvm script was executed before the underneath devices were available05:01
fabbionemaking the vgchange command exit immediatly05:01
fabbionethat means that the initramfs would have waited forever for /05:02
fabbioneso lvm needs to wait and scan while devices are appearing in the system05:03
fabbioneonce the VG is available it can exit the loop and go to mount root05:03
cjwatsonpitti: heh05:03
_ionHm, i think i ran into that, too, when i tried booting the md (RAID-1) + LVM system without the other HDD. Unfortunately i didn't have the chance to look into that because i had to get the 24/7 system running ASAP.05:03
=== Spads_ [n=spacehob@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
PSUSIfabbione: isn't udev-settle supposed to hold the scripts until all the devices have been detected?05:04
fabbionePSUSI: nope...05:04
fabbionedid try to add udev-settle.. doesn't work on slow devices05:04
fabbione_ion: a degraded raid is a totally different story05:04
fabbionei was still getting lvm executed way before the device was there05:05
Keybukudevsettle holds the scripts until devices that HAVE ALREADY BEEN DETECTED have been configured05:05
_ionfabbione: Ah, ok.05:05
PSUSIok.... well, I'd sugest that the loop print something to let the user know that it is still waiting after day, 10 seconds at most, and again if it times out completely05:05
Keybukthere's obviously no way to wait for devices that have not yet been detected05:05
Keybukbecause if they've not been detected, we don't know to wait for them05:05
PSUSIdoesn't it wait for the bus scan to complete though?  thus we know all devices have been detected?05:06
Keybukmost modern bus scans have no concept of completion05:06
Keybuktake USB, for example; how do you know that an arbitrary topology tree-formed bus has completed a scan?05:06
PSUSIfabbione: hrm.... well can you sugest any way that it could be kept from clashing with dmraid?  Other than just removing lvm from the initramfs?05:07
_ionfabbione: I take it the delay caused by booting with a degraded RAID-1 is a known problem? (Sorry, didn't yet look at launchpad bugs)05:07
PSUSIKeybuk: simple... you have queried all the hubs05:08
PSUSIand all ports on those hubs05:08
fabbionePSUSI: i am not sure.. the only way we have to know it's to wait for the VG to appear in /dev05:08
KeybukPSUSI: and what if a hub is connected to those ports?05:08
fabbione_ion: i don't know about that bug. what i am saying that the problem you are describing is different from what PSUSI is talking about05:08
Keybukwhat if the hub takes 3s to power up, and doesn't return an announcement of its own presence until then?05:08
_ionfabbione: Ok, right.05:08
=== mvo [n=egon@pD951F5ED.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbione_ion: also.. i see no reason why initramfs should hold up on a degraded raid.05:09
PSUSIfabbione: let me make sure if I get this then.... the VG appears first, then the script must run a command to create the volume itself?05:09
=== lukketto [n=lukketto@host238-159-dynamic.6-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbione_ion: it *CAN* wait only if you have a configured raid and you remove it completely (100%) from the system and that's documented 05:09
PSUSIKeybuk: then you have not scanned all hubs yet, keep scanning05:09
KeybukPSUSI: and how do we know that there's no device on a port?05:09
fabbionePSUSI: no. the problems are devices that are part of the LVM volume and that are not there when lvm script is executed.05:10
PSUSIKeybuk: iirc, usb detectes taht there is a device connected to the port via the characteristic impeadence, so its prescense is known immediately05:10
KeybukPSUSI: not true05:10
fabbionePSUSI: the only way to know that root is on lvm is when root=/dev/mapper.. 05:10
Keybuka long cable with nothing on it would be detected as a connected device by that means05:10
fabbionePSUSI: and we know that the VG is active once there is the directory in /dev05:11
Keybukwhich would cause the boot to hang while we waited for the device on the other end to announce itself05:11
PSUSIfabbione: right, but what creates those devices?  I thought that the scripts ran commands that scanned actual disk devices, and then created the dm devices on top?05:11
PSUSIfabbione: so the scripts should depend on the real underlying hardware, not the vg device no?05:11
fabbionePSUSI: vgchange...05:11
PSUSIKeybuk: which is why there is a maximum cable length05:12
fabbionePSUSI: not really.. you can't add these information in the initramfs. LVM is way too flexible for that05:12
fabbionePSUSI: LVM scans the disks for LVM UUIDS to see if all devices to activate a certain VG are there.. regardless of their name (sda sdb..)05:12
fabbionePSUSI: so a device might appear always with a different name05:12
PSUSIfabbione: the vg does not appear until you run vgchange though right?05:12
fabbioneand LVM will still work05:13
fabbioneyes right05:13
fabbionebut you don't know what devices are part of the vg05:13
PSUSIfabbione: is this done by udev callouts or by an vgchange like command?05:13
fabbionevgchange calls05:13
fabbione(it's the only way)05:13
PSUSIcalled from where?  udev, or the script?05:14
PSUSIif it is from the script, then the devices should appear synchronously no?05:14
fabbioneor you need a much more complex algo that will still invoke the lvm binary05:14
fabbioneudev doesn't do anything for us yet05:14
fabbione(it will in feisty.. HI SCOTT!)05:14
PSUSIoh wait, ok, I see now... the script just keeps calling the binary to search all known devices for a vg05:14
PSUSIand it either finds them all and makes the vg or not05:14
fabbionefor THE vg05:14
PSUSIif not, the script delasy 0.1 seconds, and tries again05:15
fabbione0.5 but yes05:15
Keybukfabbione: maybe05:15
fabbionevgchange is expensive05:15
fabbioneKeybuk: just kidding :)05:15
Keybukfabbione: we will either use udev callouts for LVM/EVMS/etc.05:15
Keybukfabbione: or we will drop support for them entirely05:15
fabbioneKeybuk: drop support is not an option05:15
PSUSII'll start working on udevifying dmraid ;)05:15
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Keybukfabbione: then make sure you're subscribed to the discussion BOFs, and come with information about how to make it possible <g>05:15
PSUSIdiscussion bofs?05:16
fabbioneKeybuk: i am subscribed already.. you did... implementation isn't my issue :) i am sure you are going to have a lot of fun testing it :P05:16
fabbioneKeybuk: i think you subbed me as essential ;)05:16
Keybukfabbione: yes, testing and understanding is a big part of what we need05:16
=== mbiebl [n=michael@e180101102.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneKeybuk: yeps.. i can help you there05:16
KeybukI'm going to put vmware on my laptop so we can set up trials05:16
fabbionenah.. just keep about 300MB of spare disk space05:17
fabbioneno need to use vmware05:17
fabbioneif you can shrink a partition or something.. just free 2/300 MB05:17
fabbioneit's way too much for playing05:17
Keybukwill do that then05:17
fabbionewe can use loop devices05:17
fabbionesame results.. faster.. less pain05:17
fabbioneWHO DOESN'T HAVE ROOT ON A RAID5 over LOOP over LVM is just.. .a normal user..05:18
=== evand_ [n=evand@acmns.pct.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukfabbione: as I've said before, I find it amusing that of all the parts of the system you can play with to make life interesting for yourself, people still choose their root filesystem05:21
PSUSIwell, I didn't have a whole lot of choice actually since I wanted to be able to dual boot with windows which was installed on my hardware fakeraid05:22
fabbioneKeybuk: personally.. i still like my root on lvm.. really.. how other people get to trash it ain't my problem05:22
=== Ubug2 [n=bugbot@ubuntu/bot/ubugtu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jorgp [n=jorgp@adsl-70-234-128-48.dsl.tul2ok.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
PSUSIfabbione: so for dmraid users upgrading to edgy, I should recomend they just remove the lvm script and rebuild their initramfs?05:26
fabbionePSUSI: your call.. dmraid is universe... but make sure that they are not running LVM on top of dmraid05:27
fabbioneotherwise you are going to mess up for them05:27
PSUSIoh good god I hope nobody is that crazy05:27
fabbionewhy not?05:28
fabbioneyou are crazy enough to run dmraid05:28
fabbioneyou can't assume05:28
PSUSIdevice mapper, on top of device mapper, on top of device mapper?05:28
fabbioneyes of course05:28
fabbionewhat's the big deal with that05:28
PSUSIhehe... all I can say is DAMN!05:28
fabbioned-m is a fast layer05:28
fabbionevery cheap05:28
PSUSIyea.... but... well....05:28
=== lamont wonders why xmms won't play his just-ripped mp3s
=== pygi [n=mario@83-131-28-93.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== nkassi [n=nkassi@mullion.maint.fsu.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
iwjrodarvus: I was wondering if you had any useful opinion about bug 68440, which is quite annoying for me ?05:38
Ubug2Malone bug 68440 in xorg "X does not work in Xen, causes crash" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6844005:38
rodarvusiwj, let me take a look at it05:41
iwjrodarvus: Thanks a lot.05:41
iwjVarious other people have similar setups without trouble so it's probably something specific to my hardware.05:42
=== lloydinho [n=andreas@host-81-191-164-121.bluecom.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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markis there a system/script for doing automated backports of packages?05:50
markbackport builds05:50
dholbachmark: the process is automatic, but each backport has to be requested and approved05:55
=== raphink [n=raphink@ubuntu/member/raphink] has joined #ubuntu-devel
markI was more wondering if there's an easy way to do this stuff outside debian/ubuntu, without having to build all packages by hand05:56
dholbachsomething like          apt-get source -t edgy -b <package>  && sudo dpkg -i *.deb          ?05:57
dholbach(you'll need a   deb-src   line for edgy)05:57
markhmm maybe :)05:58
iwjInstall pbuilder ?05:58
markbut changing the version number to include something like "~dapper1" would be nice05:58
dholbachshould all be easy to set up, look into dch and pbuilder06:00
markokay, thanks06:00
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PSUSIdangit... how do you mark a bug as a duplicate on launchpad?06:14
=== evand_ is now known as evand
PSUSInevermind... there it is06:15
=== PSUSI misses bugzilla
nkassiPSUSI: I know what you mean ;0) 06:18
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=== MagnusR_away is now known as MagnusR
PSUSIwhat should I do with a bug that has no ubuntu maintainer and appears to not be modified from debian?  specifically reiserfsprogs06:33
Ubug2Malone bug 60894 in reiserfsprogs "mkfs.reiserfs creates an unmountable file system" [Undecided,Confirmed]  06:33
=== besonen2____ [n=besonen2@dsl-db.pacinfo.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
PSUSIhrm... maybe I'll just assign it to myself?06:34
=== jamesh [n=james@203-59-208-48.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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cjwatsonPSUSI: only if you intend to fix it yourself and push the fix into the archive (via a sponsor or whatever)06:44
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elmokeescook/pitti: well, hmm, infinity doesn't seem to have added edgy-security to the buildds.  I could just try bodging it in if you like?07:23
keescookelmo: I thought he said he'd built the chroots?07:24
elmohe has, but the buildds aren't looking at the distro yet07:24
keescookso in theory, it might work if it was just added to the buildds?07:25
sladenPSUSI: file it upstream in Debian, and link to the upstream bugtracker07:25
elmokeescook: yes, I'll give it a go07:26
fabbioneelmo: infinity was waiting for you to OK dak before adding edgy-security to the buildd...07:30
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mattionsDo you know where I can find libgdl-1-dev .deb verion >=0.7 ?07:34
elmopitti: dh_strip killed the screen build?07:34
elmodh_strip debug symbol extraction: all non-arch-all packages for this build platform i386: screen 07:35
elmodh_strip debug symbol extraction: packages to act on: screen 07:35
elmodh_strip debug symbol extraction: ignored packages: 07:35
elmomake: *** [binary-arch]  Error 107:35
pittiwhy didn't this turn up in autobuild?07:36
elmowell it could be a chroot problem07:36
elmohowever pkg-create-dbgsym is installed07:36
pittielmo, keescook: sorry, I have to run in 2 minutes, will look into it later07:36
elmoas is pkgbinarymangler07:36
elmohmm, I wonder if it's installed the in the autotest chroots07:37
elmoyeah, it is07:37
pittielmo: pkg-create-dbgsym FTBFS were uncovered in the autotest cycle07:37
pittikeescook: please mail me the status, gotta go now07:37
keescookpitti: okay07:38
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ProN00bwhy are the ubuntu repos so old ?07:38
BurgworkProN00b: old?07:38
Burgworkdefine old07:38
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cjwatsondon't feed the troll07:39
=== martink_ [n=martin@ip-80-226-222-114.vodafone-net.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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mattionscjwatson: I'm not a troll.07:39
mattionsI'm triyng to explained..07:39
cjwatsonmattions: I wasn't talking to/about you07:40
Burgworkmattions: he was talking about me07:40
mattionscjwatson: no problem ...07:40
cjwatsonBurgwork: no, I was talking to you, not about you07:40
ProN00bold as in no audacious, no bmpx, no gaim beta4, old version of gWget07:40
cjwatsonmattions: Debian has libgdl-1-dev 0.6.1-1, as does Ubuntu, so the answer seems to be "nowhere" at the moment07:41
crimsun3/4 you refer to, ProN00b, are not even main packages. You should ask in #ubuntu-motu.07:41
mattionsthank you.07:41
_ioncrimsun: Remember what the sign said about feeding it? :-)07:42
ProN00bcrimsun, yeah, thats why i said "no"07:42
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PSUSIsladen: yea, I found a bug in debian bts to link to and added a comment to it07:53
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imbrandonwhats the status for us to upload to edgy-backports atm ?08:00
imbrandoniirc from paris we were going to open it for uploads once the RC freeze was in effect ( and i have a package ready is why i'm asking now )08:01
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=== keescook waves hi to ajmitch
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Burgworkmorning ajmitch08:17
sladenBurgwork: not in #doc ?08:17
Burgworksladen: I am there08:18
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Mezhmm... anyone have any idea how to make it so my resolv.conf doesnt keep getting overwritten (or to kill dhclient3 on start - which I believe is what's causing the issues)08:26
tfheenMez: change /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-script?08:27
Meztfheen: that doesnt exist... 08:28
tfheenupgrade to a dhcp client from this century and fix it, then.08:28
Mezit's annoying - it autodects my modem as the damn DNS thing which keeps returning as any IP08:28
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ispikediwj: ping08:58
tritiumdoko: is spadmin gone in edgy?09:06
tritiumdoko: oh, found it.  /usr/lib/openoffice/program/spadmin is a symlink to soffice (odd!), but spadmin.bin works09:09
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tritiumwell, spadmin.bin is what I was looking for, but it doesn't work09:16
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=== mjg59 *really* fixes usplash
nixternal[14:29:19]  <floydwilde> Hey the Dupage County Courthouse uses Ubuntu09:33
nixternaloops, wrong channel09:34
=== nixternal scrolls down a couple more windows
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blueyedWhat was the channel for the ubuntu webmasters again? I'm wondering why there are edgy-*.torrent files, which differ from the ubuntu-6.10.*.torrent ones here: http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/10:06
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cjwatsonblueyed: that's got nothing to do with the Ubuntu webmasters10:39
cjwatsonblueyed: the edgy-* files are daily builds predating the release10:39
cjwatsonimbrandon: edgy-backports is open for requests via ubuntu-archive as usual. Manual uploads will land in the unapproved queue where archive admins can look at it10:42
imbrandoncjwatson, perfect, thanks10:42
blueyedcjwatson: thanks. But they should get removed then, shouldn't they?10:43
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cjwatsonblueyed: yeah, they will be at some point10:44
cjwatsonI'll go and look at that now10:44
cjwatsonblueyed: they would get automatically removed when daily builds for feisty start up; but that won't be for a while10:44
cjwatsonoh, they're just xubuntu images by the looks of things10:45
ulaasapt-get refuses to install sun-java510:45
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=== mvo goes to bed
ulaascan anyone check?10:46
cjwatsonblueyed: ok, most of them should be gone once the mirrors sync10:47
cjwatsonulaas: 'dpkg-reconfigure debconf' and make sure the frontend isn't set to noninteractive. If you originally installed from certain pre-release dapper desktop CDs then you'll have that problem.10:47
ulaascjwatson: i surely coming from early edgy development.10:48
ulaascjwatson: is 'dpkg-reconfigure debconf' enough?10:48
ulaascjwatson: or do i need to do something for the frontend isn't set to noninteractive thing..10:48
cjwatsonearly edgy> could be a different problem then. If it's the problem I'm thinking of, then 'dpkg-reconfigure debconf' is sufficient, but if it's some other problem then I do not know.10:48
cjwatson(the usual default for the frontend is dialog)10:49
cjwatsonulaas: failing that try 'sudo env DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer apt-get install sun-java5' for a better debug trace that you can put in a bug report10:49
ulaascjwatson: debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process10:50
cjwatsonulaas: you have apt or dpkg running in another window10:52
cjwatsonor perhaps suspended10:52
ulaascjwatson: checking10:53
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cjwatson(or else you're running debconf-communicate or something by hand but in that case you ought to know enough to put the pieces back together for yourself :-) )10:53
ulaascjwatson: i think i seem to fix my problem. thanx. however i am using adept as package manager10:56
ulaascjwatson: and if dialog is set to dbconf will it open up a console automagically?10:56
ulaascjwatson: or just fail again with a dead apt in the back10:57
=== nkassi going home
cjwatsonI don't know what adept does if a program tries to read from the terminal; sorry10:57
cjwatsontry it10:57
ulaascjwatson: i will try to use kde as a frontend.10:58
ulaascjwatson: thanks for all dude.10:58
cjwatsonmake sure you have libqt-perl installed if you do that10:58
ulaassure. thanx10:58
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Riddellulaas: adept and sun-java packages don't mix11:04
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ulaasRiddell: now they do :)11:14
Riddellulaas: how?11:14
ulaasRiddell:  follow cjwatson's answers to me.11:14
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sladenmjg59: I've just been ignoring usplash say that I can have the moral high-ground of being able to say "well, *I* didn't break it" :)11:39
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