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infinityBenC: I'd kill for that "kernel that builds with linux32", by the way (Yes, I realise it's still your weekend)05:59
fabbioneinfinity: i spoke with him yesterday.. he should upload when he wakes up06:07
fabbioneplus we still have a bunch of other issues before we can do some real work06:08
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infinityfabbione: Yeah, I'm planning on bootstrapping hppa while I'm waiting on other toolchain stuff to fall into place.08:13
fabbioneinfinity: i am about to start a test rebuild of main on sparc08:13
fabbioneinfinity: we also have a new binutils for hppa08:14
infinityYeahp, I know.08:14
infinityJeff's been chatty out-of-band, as usual. :)08:14
fabbionethe orig is on chinstrap and the debian dir in bzr08:15
fabbioneinfinity: do you want the build logs of edgy main on feisty toolchain?08:19
infinitySure, my old procmail rule should continue to catch them, yes?08:20
fabbionei think so08:21
=== ajmitch probably doesn't need build logs this time round
fabbionewhat email address?08:22
fabbioneajmitch: i already removed you08:22
ajmitchthanks :)08:22
fabbioneinfinity: what was your email address? i can never remember it08:25
fabbione0c3 something..08:25
infinity(You could have asked LP)08:27
fabbioneyou are better than LP08:31
infinityI won't deny that claim.08:34
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zulBenC: what time are you getting into UDS?01:08
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gebruikerwhere is the 2.6.17-686 kernel?01:32
zulits gone, you either get generic or 386 (although generic is kind of the equivalent)01:33
gebruikerwhat's the reason for not releasing 686?01:36
gebruikerI thought it would have a better performance inpact. I mean on 2.6.15-686 i play ppracer fine, but with 2.6.17-386 it doesn't go smooth as in the previous kernel 2.6.15-68601:37
zuleasier to maintain besides generic is the equivalent01:38
BenCzul: I think around noon01:41
zulBenC: cool..01:41
zulgoing through sfo?01:42
BenCsan jose01:42
zulheh ill be in san jose the same time01:42
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gebruikerquick question what happend to the build directory of -generic?02:03
infinityBenC: Hey, you live.  Will I have a kernel in the queue when I wake up in ~7 hours?02:29
BenCinfinity: Yep02:30
infinitySpiff.  Thanks.02:30
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=== kylem eyes the word hppa in backscroll.
zul*sigh* friday cant come sooner enough04:25
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jbaileyBenC, fabbione: Around?04:33
jbaileyI'm wondering if upping /proc/sys/net/core/{r,w}mem_default is ever harmful, or just potentially a waste of memory?04:34
fabbioneyes i am 04:52
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BenCjbailey: yeah05:08
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BenCethernet bridging is cool05:26
jbaileyBenC: I remember reading about the direct bus-to-bus stuff for ethernet briding.05:27
BenCnot much else you can do with a 6-port P4 1.2ghz, 256Meg ram machine05:27
jbaileyI gather that if it could tell that the packet stream wasn't going through netfilter or something it could just flip the packets from one interface to the other and not make it CPU bound?05:27
BenCheadless at that05:27
BenCjbailey: ooh, wonder if it's doing that05:27
jbaileySure, P4 should have all the busmastering bits needed.05:28
fabbioneBenC: we... need... kernel... we... hungry.. of ... new..crack...05:29
BenCfabbione: work is in progress :)05:29
BenCshould be uploading within a few hours05:29
fabbionejbailey: binutils looks ok on sparc.. builded glibc on top and gcc on top of glibc... no errors up till now05:30
fabbioneit would have fallen apart a while ago05:30
fabbioneanyway i am off for a bit05:30
jbaileyup until now, like you just got an error, or like no errors so far? =)05:30
fabbionetime to enjoy wife :)05:30
fabbioneno errors so far05:30
jbaileyEven better. =)05:30
fabbionei will need to teach you that we say the former in italian to indicate the latter05:31
jbaileylemme paste thjs into -toolchain for doko.05:31
jbaileyfabbione: I'd love to learn italian one day. =)05:31
zulhey jbailey 05:32
jbaileyHeya chuck!05:33
zulhow is it going?05:35
jbaileyGood.  busy as always.05:37
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kosnicki tried to update kernel through synaptic , but synaptic search tool gives back only kernel version 2.4.sth . I have added extra repositories , is there any idea how can i get newer version of kernel through synaptic ( i wouldbn06:59
kosnick't dare nstall it myself).06:59
tfheensure?  you need to look for linux-image, not kernel-image07:01
kosnicki'll try that , thx07:01
kosnicktfheen : you were right , is there any command to help me find out which version i have now?07:03
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tfheenuname -r07:10
tfheen(in a terminal)07:10
kosnickso i have 2.6.15-23-386 . If i get 2.6.15-23-k7 will i have to install all the apps from the begining in order to make them work with the K7 version?07:13
kosnickok thx07:15
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zulso yeah...its a boy but that can change10:05
BenCzul: Usually if they say it's a boy, they are right 90% of the time...it's when they say it's a girl that the accuracy goes down :)10:11
zulyeppers katie has been telling me10:12
zul*sigh* another computer geek in the family ;)10:12
ajmitchwhat a shame :)10:12
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:BenC] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryKernel | 2.6.19-2.2 uploaded. Don't use it, it's for bootstrapping only
BenCmy fastest kernel upload ever10:29
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ajmitchupdating external drivers is post-UDS?10:31
BenCmost external drivers are there10:31
BenCmissing a lot of acpi related ones though10:31
BenCand there's no LRM yet, but I suspect it will just build10:31
BenCI plan on having the kernel installable with LRM and linux-meta by UDS10:31
ajmitchright, I'll know not to test it then :)10:32
BenCI don't want to hold things off for three more weeks10:32
=== ajmitch mainly wants it for updated selinux hooks
BenCit's pretty damn solid, I have most machines running it now10:32
ajmitchI don't think there's any hardware I particularly care about in my laptop that'll break, unless you're missing wireless firmware10:33
BenCif you don't need any special drivers (like ibm-acpi) or LRM (ipw3945, ati, nvidia, madwifi), then you can probably install it now10:33
BenCand even for ipw3945, it's as simple as copying existing /sbin/ipw3945d-*10:34
ajmitchjust ipw2200, nothing special10:34
BenCyou should be good then10:34
ajmitchgreat, I'll grab it once it's built10:34
BenC-1.1 is already there if you want to give that a go10:36
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