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quail-laptophi all, does anyone know when Feisty Fawn is coming out for testing? if it is already out can someone lead me to were i can download a copy from as i can't find it08:18
ajmitchquail-laptop: seriously - edgy was released last week, why do you think there'll be *anything* to test?08:18
ajmitchwork has barely started on it08:19
Burgundaviaajmitch: apparently not having the latest crack causes withdrawl in some people08:20
ajmitchthey must think that the development team can whip up a distro for testing over a weekend08:20
quail-laptopsorry for the stupid question /me goes back to his corner in shame08:22
=== ajmitch would think it'd take significantly longer than that for buildds to just catch up with automated syncs
ajmitchwhich will probably break everything08:23
ajmitchas useful as users are, the first few weeks aren't a good time to report bugs08:23
quail-laptopi not wanted to start reporting bugs, i just wanted to test it out08:24
quail-laptopto me ages to start reporting bugs for edgy08:25
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iwksehi all. I'm having problems with cpu frequency scaling..can somebody help me?11:12
iwksei downloaded cpufreqd11:13
iwkseand set /etc/modules with speestep-centrino11:13
iwkseit works..but im not able to change it by clicking on the icon11:13
NailorYou mean the gnome applet? 11:14
iwkseNailor: yes11:14
NailorIf so, do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets11:14
iwkseNailor: ok,..i try11:14
NailorIt should ask you should cpufreq-selector have SUID bit set11:14
NailorSay yes11:14
iwkseyes..its so11:16
iwkseit asks to me if i want cpufreq-selector with SUID root11:16
iwksei should accept?11:16
iwksei haven't read your reply11:16
iwkseit works now11:17
iwkseso everytime i add something i need to dpkg-reconfigure?11:17
NailorIt's just that particular applet11:18
iwksejust the cpu applet?11:19
NailorIf cpufreq-selector is not set sith SUID root, it cannot change the frequency11:19
iwkseyes, i catch now11:19
Nailorand the default install doesn't set suid root, so that's why the reconfigure11:19
iwksethanks for your support11:19
NailorNo problem :)11:19
iwksejust another little thing...my wireless card is working...i mean, when i iwconfig i see it and i can start it manually with ifconfig. Thats normal?11:20
iwkseisn't up by default?11:21
NailorShould be11:21
iwksethat i though too11:21
NailorYou could try though a different approach11:21
NailorThere's a gnome package, network-manager-gnome, which adds a nice applet and daemon to control the wireles11:22
iwkseah good...11:22
NailorCould solve your problem11:22
iwkseubuntu is really great11:22
Nailorplus gives a nice point-and-click interface for connecting to wireless networks11:22
Treenaks(and it supports WPA)11:23
iwksehow's called the applet?11:25
iwksei just see network monitor11:26
NailorHave you installed it?11:26
NailorIf so, you need to restart X, by pressing ctrl+alt+backspace11:26
Nailorit should appear in the notification area11:26
iwkseah ok11:26
NailorIt's not really an applet, but an notification icon11:26
iwksenow i catch..11:27
iwkseso i don't need to add it11:27
iwksei'll kill the X without restarting11:27
iwksesee ya soon :p11:27
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NailorWellcome back. :)11:29
iwkseyou was right..its really nice applet11:29
NailorApparently it works 11:30
iwkseit found also my modem:)11:30
NailorGreat =)11:30
iwkseit seems to work good:)11:31
iwksei remembered another little lack...11:32
iwksewhen i run gconf-editor11:32
iwksecause i wanna show icons on desktop, eg. computer11:32
iwkseit wont show also when i select it11:32
iwkseso..lets try again11:32
iwkseit works now :o)11:33
NailorNice to hear. 11:33
iwkseeverything works...11:33
iwksethats nice11:33
NailorNot on my laptop :( 11:33
NailorUpgrading from Dapper to Edgy broke my brightness control11:34
NailorBrightness up -hotkey restarts X 11:34
NailorWhich sucks :P11:34
iwksei haven't upgrade...11:34
iwksejust installed the edgy11:34
iwksei was on gentoo before11:34
iwksei used it for long tim11:34
NailorWell, I tried the clean install too, but it didn't help either11:34
Nailormaybe I'll try it again some day. 11:34
iwksebut i needed more fast box11:34
iwkseand i'm on laptop..11:34
NailorAnyway, gotta go now to university11:34
NailorSee ya. 11:34
iwkseok see ya11:35
iwkseand thanks for help!11:35
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doluuI'm having issue with network-manager-gnome on Thinkpad x6004:46
doluuit seems that wpa_supplicant is failing to start or something like that04:47
jlduggerisn't that in universe?04:50
jlduggerby chance do you have an ipw2100 chipset?04:52
jlduggeror ndiswrapper?04:53
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doluuI have ipw3*05:27
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tritiumhello, mjg59.  How are things?09:32
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