crimsungit-format-patch -o ~/logs master12:11
=== imbrandon has never been quite right
crimsunerr, oops12:11
luisbgthe bright side is... all the hype means ubuntu is really getting a huge user base12:11
=== LaserJock snatches crimsun's git and runs around the room with it
luisbghow many machines running ubuntu do you reckon?12:12
=== marcin_ant [n=marcin@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJocktheCore: http://tiber.tauware.de/~lucas/versions/all-packages.html has pretty much all the info you need12:12
crimsunLaserJock: hey, it's your sound you're playing fast and loose with12:12
theCoreLaserJock, thanks12:12
imbrandonluisbg: last i heard there was 12 million installs last est bt canonical but thats a few months ago12:12
LaserJockcrimsun: who needs sound anyway?12:12
crimsunnot me!12:13
imbrandoni have no idea how they come up with the numbers12:13
LaserJockcrimsun: I honestly don't use sound very much as I usually work around people who are annoyed by it12:13
crimsunLaserJock: sound's one of those things people just tend not to notice unless it doesn't work12:13
imbrandoni cant live without my amarok, i hope my rommie in mtv likes my music heh12:13
crimsunthen all hell breaks loose12:14
imbrandoncrimsun: kinda like email12:14
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable128.255-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandoni learned one thing working for an ISP as a sysadmin for 9 years, someones website can be down for 2 days and they whine a little and you might get a phone call , possibly , but if email is down 20 minutes the phone is off the hook and all hell breaks loose12:15
theCorehmm... no bug12:15
luisbgI want to know how ubuntu works from the inside out in depth... where should I go? (is there a free online version of the ubuntu book? and is it too user oriented?)12:15
LaserJockyeah, mine was down for 3 *days*12:15
LaserJockgood thing I know the sysadmin12:15
LaserJockor he'd be having some hate mail when he got the server up again ;-)12:16
theCoreI wonder what cause bug 5795112:16
UbugtuMalone bug 57951 in xchat "xchat crashes frequently on quit" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/5795112:16
imbrandonluisbg: alot of things arent 100% transparent but look into the debian way and its very similar12:16
imbrandonluisbg: things like soyuz isnt "open" etc to know exactly how it works12:16
luisbgimbrandon, why not?12:17
LaserJockluisbg: Launchpad is a closed source app12:17
imbrandonluisbg: i dont know to be honest12:17
bhaleeven if it was open, it would be less than useful12:17
LaserJockvery true12:17
imbrandonbut LP is closed for one and we rely on it12:17
bhaleits managed by a very large staff of programmers and sysadmins12:17
bhaleacross many servers12:17
=== Hawkwind [n=SoS@ulteo/community-leader/Hawkwind] has joined #Ubuntu-MOTU
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bhaleif you had the code you couldnt easily use it12:17
luisbgmy question is where can I get the information of how ubuntu works, a easy to follow documentation12:17
bhalecan you narrow that down a bit?12:18
imbrandonluisbg: there are thousands of ways that can be intrepreted12:18
imbrandonhow in what way>12:18
luisbgI have a lot of docu about packaging, and have started doing my packaging12:18
imbrandonwe're happy to help when we can or point you in the right direction but we need a little more focus12:18
luisbgbut with time would like to help the core-dev12:18
imbrandonluisbg: then the best thing in that respect is learn as much about packaing as you can and all the diffrent ways it can be done and such12:19
imbrandonto start with12:19
luisbgis there a "and then..."?12:20
imbrandonlike python packaing , ruby packing , mono-cli packing , library packing etc are all slightly diffrent12:20
imbrandonthe and then is to start working on main bugs as a MOTU with a core-dev sponsor or sponsors, after some time you go infront of the TB12:20
imbrandonand they vouch for you and your woprk is reviewed12:21
imbrandonif all go's well you are core-dev with main upload rights ( this is all greately simplified )12:21
imbrandontechnical board12:21
luisbgoh ok12:22
luisbgthanks for the info imbrandon =)12:22
luisbgI have started trying to fix unmetdep bugs, have uploaded some debdiffs to launchpad12:23
bhaleyou have to have *significant* experience before going for core-dev12:23
bhalenot to discourage, but you cant rush it12:23
luisbgbut I still have a long travel of learning =) which is always good12:23
luisbgI have no rush12:23
imbrandonluisbg: great , thats some good first steps for MOTU , keep it up, if you stick with it and us in here you'll mpick it up soon enough :)12:23
luisbgI want to contribute, not have this or that "label", plus... I want to learn as much as I can, in its rythm12:24
luisbgimbrandon, will do ;)12:24
luisbgthe only thing I want to rush is having at least one point of karma in the launchpad LOL12:25
luisbgthat "0" looks so sad12:25
imbrandonluisbg: i can tell you one thing, i lurked in here for 3 months without saying much of anything before i started asking questions etc , that is when you learn the basics ( every one is diffrent but i learn by watching )12:25
azeembddebian: do you still have your bkchem package around?12:25
bhaleimbrandon: hah it sucked being first12:25
bhaleimbrandon: i felt like an idiot talking to mdz12:26
imbrandonluisbg: thats not to say dont ask , i was just giving what __I__ did12:26
luisbgimbrandon, are you asking me to "shut up and listen"? (not in a degrading way of course)12:26
imbrandonno no not at all12:26
luisbgimbrandon, LOL12:26
imbrandoni'm saying you can learn alot though by watching12:26
imbrandonbhale: hehe12:26
imbrandonbhale: my core-dev interview was 1+ hour long just on __me__ , i thought for sure i wouldent get it after that long, but i did :)12:27
imbrandonlike an hour and 15 minutes or something close to that12:27
bhaleits getting harder12:27
bhalebecause the TB doesnt know everyone personally12:27
bddebianazeem: Yeah, I think so, why?12:28
imbrandonyea and working mostly only on KDE packages myself they knew me very little12:28
imbrandonthey == TB12:28
azeembddebian: did you use python-support or python-central or something?12:28
crimsunimbrandon: to be fair, only about half that amount of time was TB actually "grilling" you.12:28
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable128.255-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandoncrimsun: true12:29
imbrandonalot was lag time waiting12:29
imbrandonbut it seemed like forever12:29
crimsunyes, it always seems like an eternity when you're in the hot seat12:30
=== cr3 [n=marc@pdpc/supporter/bronze/cr3] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunonce hobbsee is core-dev, you guys will be on a roll12:30
imbrandonheh yea12:30
imbrandon+e in there somewherre12:30
bddebianazeem: pycentral12:31
imbrandoni hate this notebok keyboard12:31
bddebianGotta eat dinner, bbiab12:31
imbrandontrying to use it more though so i can make sure all my "essentials" are on it and ready for MTV12:31
azeembddebian: cool, can you put it up somewhere?  We need to migrate the unofficial bkchem package to new python policy, that would help a lot12:32
imbrandonas before i just used it as a "backup" when i wasent at my desktop12:32
=== givre [n=Florent@APuteaux-152-1-42-159.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable128.255-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable128.255-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonluisbg: there is a transition most of the time going on that new packagers can "get their feet wet" with too12:39
imbrandonlike unmetdeps etc12:40
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable128.255-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== LaserJock is feeling another C/C++ transition coming on ;-)
luisbgunmetdeps are great for me right now =)12:41
imbrandonetc means , ummm ectectra ( sp? )12:41
luisbgtoo bad this days most unmetdeps are bigger bugs camouflaged, you guys did a hell of a job making all good for edgy12:41
luisbgironic I want feisty to come and things to get wild, to have more stuff to play with :P12:41
LaserJockluisbg: me too, I'd like to go for core-dev sometime during Feisty12:42
luisbgimbrandon, I meant... can you make that etc broader?12:42
LaserJockbut I need some practice with some sponsored uploads12:42
luisbgLaserJock, good luck12:43
imbrandonoh like a while back the libgamin transition ( rebuilds to make packages not use it anymore ) and ummm dh_iconcache from packages where it was missing12:43
=== luisbg shakes his eightball
luisbgI see a bright future for you :P12:43
imbrandonbut those are both done, new ones will come along12:43
LaserJockluisbg: well, I'm not nearly as good as imbrandon or ajmitch or crimsun or bhale :/12:43
luisbgimbrandon, will be looking forward to give a hand in future transitions12:44
imbrandonLaserJock: blasphmey12:44
luisbgLaserJock, practice makes perfection (insert karate kid quote here)12:44
crimsunI don't think I'm going to win this battle.12:45
=== LaserJock showers the channel with ponies
luisbgLaserJock, damn you and your ponies12:45
LaserJockdon't blame me, I didn't start it12:45
=== imbrandon is working twords a golden pony for Feisty
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable128.255-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxxLaserJock: guess what?12:46
imbrandoninstead of champaigne i'll spray mt dew everywhere :)12:46
joejaxxat does not work! :D12:46
joejaxximbrandon: Lol12:46
joejaxxLaserJock: also i did pbuilder debuild *.dsc but it did not build any packages12:47
LaserJockimbrandon: well, you could sell your golden pony for a truck load of Mt. Dew12:47
imbrandonpbuilder build file.dsc12:47
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable128.255-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxximbrandon: i know i did that12:47
imbrandonnot debuild12:47
joejaxxi do not get debian files from that though12:47
=== luisbg goes to have dinner
LaserJockjoejaxx: where did you look for the .deb ?12:48
imbrandonjoejaxx: look in /var/cache/pbuilder/result12:48
joejaxxLaserJock: imbrandon i have a question about the at package12:48
joejaxxwell it is my question before but12:49
joejaxxwhen you install at in debstrap it does not configure right12:49
joejaxxsomeone told me to look at strace12:49
joejaxxand that it was not outputting to syslog12:49
jdongwould a MOTU be willing to consider looking at an azureus edgy-updates candidate for me?12:49
joejaxxhe package configuration fails on starting the at daemon12:50
jdongfull sources at http://buntudot.org/people/~jdong/azureus-edgy/, closes bug 4226912:50
UbugtuMalone bug 42269 in azureus "Does not create a tray icon" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4226912:50
=== theCore [n=alex@modemcable128.255-131-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandondebootstap starts a daemon >?12:51
crimsunjdong: matthias's will probably supercede that.12:51
joejaxximbrandon: no12:51
jdongcrimsun: matthias's what?12:52
joejaxxchroot'd inside the debstrap environment12:52
jdongdid he have a fix ready to upload already?12:52
joejaxxas in12:52
crimsunjdong: azureus package12:52
jdongcrimsun: his is broken, or is there one that I don't know about?12:52
joejaxxchroot dbstrap-test12:52
joejaxxapt-get install at12:52
crimsunjdong: the latter, he was supposed to email mdz12:52
jdongah, ok12:52
jdongI didn't know12:52
crimsunthat's ok, you have a life.12:53
jdongcrimsun: sadly, I don't think I do :D12:53
bddebianazeem: I'll stick it on bddebian.com, give me a sec12:53
jdongI've just been too absorbed in other nerdy stuff :)12:53
=== jdong notices that Launchpad has sent him 500 new messages
jdong300 of which are duplicates of the flashplayer bug :D12:54
crimsunwhat flashplayer?12:54
jdongcrimsun: from when I broke it a while back :D12:54
imbrandontime for some food, bbiab12:55
crimsunoh, flashplugin-nonfree?12:55
jdongstill haunts my inbox12:55
jdongmostly from people with too much time marking duplicates12:55
crimsunoh don't worry, it just gets worse.12:55
jdong(and then rejecting duplicates) ?!12:55
jdongso I got 30 dups, 10 of which got marked rejected.... which gives me 300 messages in my inbox :)12:55
imbrandonjdong: just think thats only one package, wait till your MOTU12:56
=== rpedro [n=rpedro@87-196-70-92.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jdongimbrandon: I suppose by then I'll start filtering LP out of my inbox :)12:56
crimsunLP sends me about a thousand e-mails daily12:56
imbrandonyea i get aobut 400 or 500 a day from LP12:57
imbrandoni only get to read about 100 of them12:57
imbrandonif that some days12:57
jdongI guess I have no right to complain then :D12:57
crimsuncomplaining doesn't resolve anything; fixing bugs does :)12:57
jdonggrr, azureus is doing a suckier job than ktorrent on this particular baddie :)12:57
jdongcrimsun: the problem is the bug is already fixed :D12:57
bddebianazeem: http://www2.bddebian.com:8000/packages/ubuntu/bkchem/12:58
LaserJockbddebian: thanks dude12:58
imbrandonwhoa , i dident know you had bddebian.com /me go's to fanboi12:58
joejaxxbddebian: hurd?12:59
joejaxxbddebian: is that the next debian release?12:59
imbrandonno heh12:59
jdongjoejaxx: no, it'll take longer :D12:59
imbrandonhurd is an alternative to the linnux kernel from GNU12:59
joejaxxwhy whould someone want to do that?12:59
=== ivoks [n=ivoks@34-207.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jdongjoejaxx: ask wikipedia01:00
joejaxxie why was the project started :)01:00
jdongjoejaxx: GNU thinks linux is a hackjob, and a good OS should be engineered as one from ground up?01:00
imbrandonit was started about the same time as linux just dident catch on as well01:00
jdongbesides, linux is getting boring :)01:00
imbrandonmicrokernel vs monolithic kernel too :)01:01
ivokshurd? :)01:01
joejaxxare they trying to do this because everyone calls it linux and not gnu/kinux?01:01
jdongjoejaxx: it still has to be called gnu/hurd01:01
jdongso it doesn't fix that "problem"01:01
imbrandonjoejaxx: hurd was the first kernel for gnu systems, then linux cam and was less buggy and worked01:02
LaserJockthat's a "feature" not a "problem" ;-p01:02
imbrandonthus was use01:02
imbrandonand i cant say /worked/ enough heh01:02
joejaxxoh ok01:02
ivoksdoes hurd work today?01:03
imbrandonalso like i said you have the micro-kernel ( hurd ) vs monolithic kernel ( linux ) too , kinda like kde vs gnome01:03
LaserJockivoks: for some value of "work"01:04
imbrandonand then you have darwin , micro-kernel + bsd(ish) kernel strapped togather :)01:04
imbrandonand ofcourse the bsd kernel01:04
=== vil [n=vladimir@catv-tisnov-86.selfnet.cz] has left #ubuntu-motu []
pcniaticbut there is a working version of hurd??01:04
imbrandonand dos kernels ( command.com ? ) and windows kernels ( ntldr.sys ? )01:05
joejaxximbrandon: whould you like to help me solve the at dilemma?01:05
joejaxximbrandon: yeah windows kernels01:05
imbrandonjoejaxx: i know nothing about it01:05
imbrandonpcniatic: http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/01:05
imbrandonand http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/01:05
joejaxximbrandon: well if you debstrap a test environment and try and install at it does not work01:06
imbrandonjoejaxx: yea it works here, i have a etch , sid , dapper, edgy, and feisty chroots all setup using debootstrap01:06
joejaxximbrandon: well when you chroot in what are the first things you do before you do anything major ie apt-get install01:07
joejaxximbrandon: with me export LC_ALL & HOME and mout /sys and /proc01:07
imbrandonthats all done via dchroot and my .bashrc01:07
ajmitchLaserJock: bah, I'm not any better than you01:08
joejaxximbrandon: i have never used that01:08
LaserJockajmitch: sure you are01:08
imbrandondchroot -c <chrootname> -d01:08
=== joejaxx goes to try
=== givre [n=Florent@APuteaux-152-1-42-159.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== jdong just uses his pbuilders as chroots :D
imbrandonalso you might want to setup the bind mounts in your fstab01:09
jdongthey clean up after my messes :)01:09
LaserJockjdong: yeah, I just wish they were faster to unpack on my machines :(01:09
joejaxxjdong: Lol01:09
jdongLaserJock: yeah, there's a good 10 second delay to accessing a chroot, but it's worth it01:09
joejaxxi hate when this happens01:09
joejaxxroot@equinox:/# umount /proc01:09
joejaxxumount: /proc: device is busy01:09
LaserJockjdong: mine's a little longer then 10 s I think01:10
jdongLaserJock: loopbacking a reiserfs will give you quite a boost01:10
jdongbut that takes setting aside a dedicated area of space01:10
imbrandontakes about 8s here to pbuilder-<dist> login01:10
jdongactually, jfs with nointegrity is a hair faster01:11
joejaxxso you all use pbuilder for chroot also?01:11
jdongI don't think everyone's as crazy as me, no01:11
=== joejaxx is confused
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@ppp234-5.lns3.syd7.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jdongjoejaxx: pbuilder takes extra time to unpack and clean every usage cycle....01:11
imbrandonjoejaxx: i use both, depends on my need at the time01:11
joejaxxcleaning is nice01:11
jdongjoejaxx: typically I use my chroots  to test backports and other experimental-nature packaging work01:12
joejaxxoh ok01:12
jdongjoejaxx: so I'd rather do it in a self-cleaning environment01:12
LaserJockimbrandon: takes exactly 1 min 3 sec to do a pbuilder login on my fast machine01:12
joejaxxi am trying to use my chroots to build the fluxbuntu livecds01:12
jdongLaserJock: holy crap01:12
imbrandonLaserJock: wow01:12
jdongLaserJock: what is your setup?!?01:12
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jdongI think my junk router/server unpacks faster than that01:12
joejaxxonce i get past this at package error and can start01:12
LaserJock2.8 GHz Celeron with 512 MB Ram01:13
LaserJockthat's my laptop01:13
imbrandonahh slow hdd01:13
imbrandonthats the holdup01:13
jdongyeah, your hd is likely to blame01:13
imbrandon5400 rpm probably01:13
ajmitchLaserJock: how big is your base tarball & apt cache?01:13
jdongand 512MB of RAM is probably not helping you out01:13
LaserJockI also have a 1.3 GHz P4 with 256MB of Ram01:13
jdongimbrandon: my 5400rpm is MUCH faster than that!01:14
ajmitchheh, pbuilder login is somewhat broken on my box, due to the hook script used01:15
LaserJockthe base tarball is 91 MB and the apt cache is 464 MB01:16
joejaxxhow do i force a umount?01:17
joejaxxumount -f does not work01:17
LaserJockok, on my intel imac at work it takes 20 s :-)01:17
ajmitchLaserJock: ok, that's pretty small01:17
=== ajmitch has a 97MB base tarball & a 4.3GB apt cache that needs cleaned
LaserJockwell, I reinstall so often there usually isn't even a chance for it to get that big01:18
=== ajmitch never reinstalls
LaserJockhmm, takes 38 s on my P4 1.3GHz01:18
Jozo-Hjum... sid-base.tgz 64MiB, edgy-base.tgz 59MiB, breezy-base.tgz 38MiB ....01:18
LaserJockthis laptop sucks01:18
joejaxxbah/win 1601:19
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-219-183.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== joejaxx very much dislikes when /proc does not want to umount
jdongjoejaxx: -l01:20
jdongjoejaxx: WARNING: may send undesired SIGKILLs to random processes :D01:21
joejaxxthat is not a app flag for umount is it?01:21
jdongyour results may vary, not responsible for damaged belongings, not a low calorie product01:21
bhaleLaserJock: bah, bhale doesnt know anything01:21
joejaxxjdong: thanks01:21
LaserJockbhale: of course you do silly01:22
joejaxxjdong: that flag is not under --help lol01:22
jdongjoejaxx: it's lazy unmount01:22
LaserJockbhale: you wouldn't be a core-dev and do the cool things you do if you didn't01:22
joejaxxjdong: normall i just restart my computer that works01:22
jdongjoejaxx: it is in the manpage01:22
jdong       -l     Lazy unmount. Detach the filesystem from the filesystem  hierar01:22
jdong              chy now, and cleanup all references to the filesystem as soon as01:22
jdong              it is not busy anymore.  (Requires kernel 2.4.11 or later.)01:22
jdongjoejaxx: force unmount really doesn't do anything... unless you're using like NFS01:23
joejaxxoh ok01:23
LaserJockhmm, now I'm just confused as to why my laptop takes so long to unpack the base tarball01:24
jdongLaserJock: sane filesystem?01:24
LaserJockmaybe that's also the reason why when I install stuff in synaptic it freezes so bad01:24
jdongnot an XFS user, are you? :D01:24
LaserJockjust default ext301:24
LaserJockI've never used anything but ext and reiser01:25
jdongbtw, anyone know if I can get pbuilder to use a different form of compression for the tarball?01:25
jdongdon't see anything enlightening in the manpage01:25
LaserJockjdong: you could probably patch it to01:25
jdongLaserJock: that's what I was thinking....01:26
=== jdong expects that LZO would speed up his pbuilder work
bhaleor you could just patch it to use straight tar01:26
bhaleif you actually wanted to speed things up01:26
jdongbhale: I care slightly about disk space though :D01:27
bhalei have 3 chroots or so on my other laptop01:27
joejaxxchroots are fun01:27
bhalean empty debootstrap isnt that big01:27
jdongaround 1GB for all my pbuilders added together01:27
joejaxxespecially when you have dapper, dapper-dev dapper-test dapper-exp edgy edgy-dev edgy-test edgy-exp01:27
jdongenough for me to start caring on my space-limited machines01:27
LaserJockwhat are the -dev and -test for?01:29
LaserJockI just have dapper and edgy :/01:29
LaserJockwell and sid01:29
joejaxxso how do i use pbuilder for chroot?01:31
joejaxxpbuilder login?01:31
joejaxx15 seconds on mine01:32
joejaxxand when i exit it will clean itself up?01:32
bhaleunless --save-after-login01:32
joejaxxshould i still export home & LC_ALL and mount sys and proc?01:33
LaserJockbut I don't do that in a chroot either01:33
bhaleyou need /proc in chroot often01:33
bhalebut pbuilder handles it01:33
LaserJockright but I have bindmounts for that01:33
LaserJockI don't do it inside the chroot01:34
bddebianBTW LaserJock and azeem, there were still some issues with what I did :)01:34
bhalemount -t proc /proc /chroot/proc01:34
joejaxxoh also i was wondering why apt-get does this01:34
bhaleworks for me01:34
joejaxxIgn http://archive.fluxbuntu.net dapper Release.gpg01:34
joejaxxIgn http://archive.fluxbuntu.net dapper Release01:34
bhalesame as bind mount effectively01:34
LaserJockbhale: sure01:34
bhalebut seems more correct somehow01:34
LaserJockbddebian: better then nothing01:34
=== imbrandon returns
joejaxxanyone know how i can correct that?01:35
joejaxxis that because my pgp key is not in the keyring ?01:35
=== freeflying [i=flyingfr@gobstopper.dreamhost.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bhaleit doesnt need Release, anyway01:35
bhalemost likely you didnt make one?01:35
joejaxxi did make one01:35
joejaxxand gpg signed it01:36
bhaleyou really need Packages/Sources .gz01:36
joejaxxthey are there01:36
LaserJockjoejaxx: btw, have you seen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot ?01:36
bhaleignoring releases is no big deal01:36
imbrandonjoejaxx: how did you make the repo ? i recomend something like falcon, it automates most of that for no more packages than what you are working with01:37
joejaxximbrandon: created the directory01:37
imbrandon( i use it for my repos with less than 30 packages )01:37
joejaxxscanned them01:37
joejaxxcreated the *.gz and *.bz201:37
imbrandonand Seveas obviously uses it for all his as he wrote it :)01:37
joejaxxwell i cannot actually install falcon on this machine01:38
joejaxxwhich is why i did it manually01:38
imbrandonjoejaxx: yea try falcon, it takes about ~10 minutes to setup and will save you lots of mundane work when dealing with repos01:38
joejaxxand it still works01:38
Jozo-I use reprepro.01:38
LaserJockwell you could use reprepro or mini-dinstall01:38
joejaxxare those default on debian?01:38
imbrandonyou dont have to have falcon running on the machine where the repo is01:38
joejaxxif they are not i cannot use it01:39
joejaxximbrandon: oh01:39
imbrandonit will mirror ( i host at dreamhost and run falcon localy )01:39
joejaxximbrandon: ah01:39
joejaxximbrandon: my predicament01:39
joejaxxfor some reason i like manually doing it01:39
imbrandonimbrandon.com and buntudot.org are both on dreamhost :)01:39
LaserJockjoejaxx: yes, reprepro and mini-dinstall are standard Debian tools01:39
joejaxxi will try falcon anyway though01:39
joejaxxLaserJock: ah ok good01:39
joejaxximbrandon: :)01:39
imbrandonjoejaxx: yea dh has reprepro installed ( not sure about mini-di )01:40
joejaxxoh ok01:40
joejaxxSetting up fluxbuntu-standard (0.1) ...01:41
imbrandondh it debian 3.1 based ( i assume you host fluxbuntu.net there from the IP )01:41
joejaxxdo you knwo what that means? :D01:41
joejaxximbrandon: yes01:41
joejaxximbrandon: yeah01:41
joejaxxi loved when i found out dpkg-scanpackages worked01:41
joejaxxbefore that i did it on my computer01:42
joejaxxand uploaded the directories01:42
imbrandonif you do it by hand check the script Riddell uses on kubuntu.org01:42
imbrandonit will help somewhat, its what i used before falcon01:43
imbrandonhead kubuntu honcho01:43
joejaxxwho is riddell?01:43
imbrandonhere is an example he uses for the koffice repo on kubuntu.org that he does by hand, obviously you'll need to edit the paths but it works on DH as i used to use a modified one on DH before i got falcon01:45
joejaxxright now all i do is two commandlines01:45
joejaxxand the repo is updated01:46
=== ash211 [n=andrew@user-1121gsn.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxxyeah the other thing is i do not use a pool01:47
imbrandonwow, that will be hard to maintain later01:47
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-219-183.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxximbrandon: well01:48
joejaxxwait how so?01:48
joejaxxif everything is automated?01:48
imbrandonwell moreso i dunno how a repo would work without a pool and putting the old packages in thre morgue01:49
imbrandonnever tried making a repo without a pool01:49
joejaxximbrandon: oh ok01:49
joejaxxwell everything goes in binary-arch and source01:50
imbrandonjust seems like it would be harder01:50
joejaxxoh ok01:50
imbrandonbut hey if it works for you , more power :)01:50
imbrandonlinux is about choices and thats your show, just adding my 0.2c01:50
joejaxxwell atleast i just have the fluxbuntu metapackages in there until feisty01:51
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonHobbsee: !!01:52
=== mr_pouit_ [n=mr_pouit@lns-bzn-49f-81-56-214-84.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Hobbseehey imbrandon!!!01:53
LaserJockhi Hobbsee01:54
Hobbseehey LaserJock01:54
TheMusoSo are we still waiting for feisty?01:55
imbrandonmostly :)01:55
=== mr_pouit_ [n=mr_pouit@lns-bzn-49f-81-56-214-84.adsl.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu-motu ["#u-fr]
imbrandonmom is running ( but will likely have to be re-testbuilt again after the new toolchain hits )01:56
imbrandonbefore any are uploaded01:56
=== FliesLikeALap [n=Ryan@apricot-04.dynamic2.rpi.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchhello Hobbsee01:57
Hobbseehi ajmitch01:57
imbrandonomg kmail has crashed on me the last time /me sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird01:57
=== ajmitch used to use kmail
imbrandoni have tried to for a long time, but every since 3.5.3 its segfaulted and i've submited bug report after report upstream ans it keeps getting marked "fixed" but it never is01:58
joejaxxis there a way to find out the maintainer of a pakcage through apt?01:59
imbrandonit runs long enough for me to read about 3 ro 4 emails then boom01:59
Hobbseeimbrandon: heh.  yes, it's crap01:59
joejaxxi need to email the pbuilder maintainer and personally thank her/him01:59
imbrandonjoejaxx: in ubuntu it would be all of core-dev ( as its in main ) we dont really have maintainers "per se"02:00
joejaxxoh ok02:00
joejaxxwell i thank all of you core-dev for this package02:00
imbrandonand universe is the MOTU's :)02:00
joejaxxand the MOTU's02:00
joejaxxapparently ubuntu does not build the ubuntu-boot packages?02:01
imbrandonbut it originates in from debian and if you wanna find the debian maintainer iirc you can apt-cache show <package> for some info02:01
joejaxxso now i am going to have to make a fluxbuntu-boot package02:01
joejaxximbrandon: :D02:01
=== joejaxx tries that
imbrandonlooks like a team,02:02
imbrandonMaintainer: Debian pbuilder maintenance team <pbuilder-maint@lists.alioth.debian.org>02:02
LaserJockwhy do you need a fluxbuntu-boot package?02:02
joejaxxLaserJock: i am building livecds02:02
imbrandonjoejaxx: just depend on ubuntu-live(fs?) i woudl think02:02
LaserJockI think you'll need your own ubuntu-live02:03
joejaxxThe default kernels and bootloaders are not to be installed by debootstrap,02:03
joejaxxand *-minimal metapackages should not depend on them; however, they do need02:03
joejaxxto end up on CD images and in live filesystems. We therefore put them in a02:03
joejaxxseparate seed.02:03
LaserJockbut you should only need -desktop -live -artwork (or -default-settings)02:03
joejaxxLaserJock: i have a live02:03
joejaxxlive: minimal standard desktop02:04
joejaxxlive does not include boot :\02:04
LaserJockbut there is no ubuntu-boot that I know of02:04
joejaxxLaserJock: btw that was a quote fom the seeds02:04
TheMusoSearching the apt databases shows none here.02:04
joejaxxnot my own wording02:04
joejaxxit must include them at livecd build time02:05
joejaxxship-live: boot minimal standard desktop live02:05
LaserJockah, so there is a boot seed, that makes sense02:05
LaserJockthere isn't an ubuntu-boot package though02:05
LaserJockjoejaxx: how are you planning on making the .iso?02:05
joejaxxLaserJock: from scratch02:06
joejaxxi am doing manually now02:06
LaserJockthat's going to be tough02:06
joejaxxbut i am going to make a script for it02:06
ajmitchthat's mildly insane02:06
imbrandonrock on joejaxx , i've been waiting for someone to take that task on02:06
LaserJockI would think it would be much easier to use and existing .iso02:07
imbrandongood luck02:07
ajmitchimbrandon: why?02:07
ajmitchwhat's so wrong with debian-cd ?02:07
joejaxxLaserJock: you are right about that02:07
imbrandonajmitch: just to see if it could be done from the "outside"02:07
ajmitchwell, apart from it not being for live cds02:07
joejaxxLaserJock: that is what i have been doing but customized livecds are not clean02:07
LaserJockjoejaxx: have you talked to Kamion or one of the other release people?02:07
imbrandonajmitch: debian-cd ? is that to make d-i cd's ?02:07
LaserJocknot clean?02:07
joejaxxwhich is why i decided to build them from scratch02:07
joejaxxLaserJock: leftovers02:08
joejaxxLaserJock: when you customize a livecd there are alot of leftovers02:08
ajmitchimbrandon: yeah, sorry, I thought joejaxx was making one02:08
TheMusoAnd I believe they also use mksquashfs flags to better optimize the livefs.02:08
LaserJockjoejaxx: like what?02:08
LaserJockI'm just curious02:08
imbrandonajmitch: yea he is doing a live cd, but i wouldent mind looking at making a d-i cd, that seems cool too02:08
LaserJockas Ichthux uses a kubuntu .iso to start with02:09
=== TheMuso wishes there was something to build live CDs like jigdo for alternate CDs.
joejaxxempty directories, random packages, configs, stuff i should not be on there02:09
joejaxxi know*02:09
imbrandonLaserJock: but ich is based on kde, imagine removing kubuntu-desktop and everything associated02:09
joejaxxespecially trying to take a ubuntu(gnome) live cd02:09
LaserJockhmm, I don't think I've seen any of those02:09
LaserJockimbrandon: true02:09
joejaxxand trying to get rid of gnome everything and putting on fluxbox02:09
LaserJockIchthux builds on top of02:09
LaserJocknot replacing it02:10
LaserJockok, but have you talked with Kamion?02:10
joejaxxLaserJock: yes02:10
imbrandonyea he is replacing it with fluxbox and lightweight apps so in both cases it seems like the right choice, ich with custom kubuntu and flux form scratch imho02:10
LaserJockdid you get scripts from him?02:10
joejaxxi do not think i am allowed to anyway02:11
LaserJocknot allowed? if he gives them to you then it's allowed ;-)02:11
imbrandonjoejaxx: he would probably give you the scripts that make the cd's from the seeds02:11
imbrandonif you asked right/nice02:11
joejaxximbrandon: seeds.fluxbuntu.net02:11
joejaxxseeds are pulled from there02:12
LaserJockfrom what I understand it's still a lot of work as Ubuntu uses LP so much02:12
joejaxxmeta packages built02:12
LaserJockjoejaxx: no, but the scripts that they use to build the .isos02:12
joejaxxlivecds created02:12
joejaxxLaserJock: yeah i do not have neither02:12
joejaxxi have to do it from scratch lol02:12
joejaxxthose scripts are probably done local02:13
LaserJockwell, I'm not sure how much use they would be to you but it would probably be better then from scratch02:13
joejaxxas i am doing them remote02:13
LaserJockI have no idea about that02:13
ajmitchjoejaxx: it's easier just to ask & find out02:14
joejaxxi have already02:14
joejaxxship-live: boot minimal standard desktop live02:14
joejaxxi mean02:14
joejaxxSetting up fluxbuntu-live (0.1) ...02:14
_MMA_Laserjock: With Ichthux do you guys only do a Desktop-Live cd?02:14
LaserJock_MMA_: yep02:15
LaserJockthat's what a Desktop cd is02:15
LaserJockI'll be looking into also creating an Alternate CD too at some point02:15
joejaxxalternate cds are going to be fun to build02:16
_MMA_Thats one of the things we have been discussing with Ubuntu Studio. I dont know which way we should go.02:16
joejaxxi have to include the pool of debian packages that are going to be installed02:16
joejaxx:\ lol02:16
imbrandon_MMA_: if its based on gnome/kde i would go the editing livecd way02:16
TheMusoAlternate CDs will actually be easier to build, as just about everything you need is in the archive, or in bzr repositories.02:16
joejaxxTheMuso: yeah02:17
TheMusoafaik anyway02:17
imbrandonheya TheMuso , later TheMuso02:17
joejaxxTheMuso: put for me the pools are different02:17
_MMA_TheMuso: We just need to figure out the process. UDS/MV will be a good place for info.02:17
TheMusoimbrandon: hehe02:17
LaserJock_MMA_: yeah, I think probably doing a Desktop .iso starting from Ubuntu would be the best to start with02:18
_MMA_imbrandon:Thing is, we arent sure how we are going to present the users with a choice of packages.02:18
LaserJockit you don't care about things like boot artwork02:18
LaserJockit's pretty trivial actually02:18
imbrandon_MMA_: yea if there is time, MV is pretty jam packed :) ( but you might coax kamoin afterhours heheh )02:18
_MMA_I can edit the boot art.02:18
joejaxximbrandon: time to try and build the iso02:19
LaserJockwell, getting the boot artwork ot actually work ;-)02:19
joejaxxLaserJock: :P02:19
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-motu
_MMA_imbrandon: I really cant wait for it. :)02:19
_MMA_I hope to learn alot.02:20
ajmitchit'll be interesting, sure02:20
LaserJockwell, I don't know if it would help, but the Ichthux Desktop .iso creation notes are at http://wiki.ichthux.com/Development/CD02:21
_MMA_LaserJock: You've tried Reconstructor right?02:21
_MMA_It creates edits Desktop CDs.02:21
imbrandon_MMA_: i have, its mostly geared to lang pack installs02:21
LaserJock_MMA_: I know what it is02:21
imbrandonnot the other stuff02:21
LaserJockbut I don't use a gui for it and we change other things02:21
_MMA_imbrandon are you sure? :) http://reconstructor.aperantis.com/02:22
_MMA_I used it to create test Ubuntu Studio disks. But only for out audio apps.02:22
_MMA_We need to find a way to give users a coice of what to install. Audio/Video/Graphic apps.02:23
_MMA_At some point in the process.02:23
_MMA_*But only for our audio apps.02:24
joejaxxwhat is that grub update command once again?02:24
LaserJockwell, tasksel would probably help in the future02:24
imbrandonsudo update-grub02:24
LaserJock_MMA_: you could include a little app that asks the user on after install perhaps02:25
_MMA_LaserJock: Yea. I still have to read up more on it.02:25
imbrandon_MMA_: looks like its come a ways since i last looked02:25
joejaxxhow can i find out the current pbuilder session?02:25
_MMA_We thought about that. C.Berg poo-pooed all over that idea. :)02:25
imbrandonstill dosent look like you can update things like the kernel and such02:25
LaserJock_MMA_: well, it depends on how you do it02:26
imbrandon_MMA_: does it work with the edgy livecd's ?02:26
_MMA_imbrandon: Id play with it a bit. Its dev is a REALLY nice guy also. :)02:26
_MMA_Yes. It works with Edgy.02:27
_MMA_I used the Beta for our tests.02:27
imbrandonahh but no KDE02:27
imbrandononly gnome :(02:27
_MMA_No. :)02:27
imbrandonyes ^^02:27
_MMA_Thats why he has this Moduals" thing. :)02:27
joejaxxyippeee fun02:27
joejaxxtime to build the cds02:27
_MMA_Ive been talkin to him about it. Well, yes. Officially now thats what it says.02:28
_MMA_Ive used it on Xubuntu disks also.02:28
_MMA_He pland to make it U/K/X independant through the use of "modules". Just little scripts.02:29
LaserJockI might try it out for a custom Desktop CD I want to make for my department02:30
imbrandonLaserJock: yea i was thinking the same thing, for inhouse here02:30
imbrandonif i can work with KDE02:30
=== reggaemanu_ [n=manu@ARennes-257-1-139-240.w86-210.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
_MMA_LaserJock: Its what I use. I have 5 desktops. All with custom cds.02:31
LaserJockI think it might convince my Department Chair might be convinced to use Ubuntu in the computer lab if it has the school artwork and chemistry packages by default ;-)02:31
LaserJockbah, I need to proofread my sentences02:31
_MMA_Codecs, samba, art, whatever.02:31
_MMA_You can switch kernels also through chroot with it.02:32
=== imbrandon downloads to give it a shot, is there an irc chan?
imbrandonah cool02:32
imbrandonmight be ok then02:32
_MMA_I dont think so. I told him to lurk in here. He has.02:32
imbrandonwho is "he" heh02:33
_MMA_Hell. I could call him now.02:33
=== rpedro [n=rpedro@87-196-98-164.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu-motu
_MMA_ehazlet is his nic02:33
imbrandoni got no questions for him atm, just curious02:33
_MMA_Yea, sure. :)02:33
imbrandoni'm gonna gice it a spin tonight/tomarrow02:33
imbrandondamn keyboard02:34
LaserJocksure, blame the keyboard ;-)02:34
_MMA_I was really supprised. It kinda helped me learn how disks work. Even though its not the "proper" way I guess.02:34
imbrandonLaserJock: i really hate the lappy keyboards02:35
imbrandonbut trying to make myself use it02:35
imbrandonso i can be productive next week with it02:35
LaserJock_MMA_: well, since the "proper" way involved closed source LP software, I suppose we just do what we can02:36
_MMA_LaserJock: I know. I just worry about it. I want to do things as I should and not get bitched at for hacking things together.02:38
LaserJockwell, I think people mostly have issues with hacked together 3rd party software02:40
LaserJocki.e. we would complain more if you were using checkinstall to build your .debs02:40
_MMA_3rd party?02:40
LaserJockhow you put your packages together into an .iso is a bit less of a concern, IMO02:40
joejaxxis there a ubuntu man pages anywhere?02:40
_MMA_By using reconstructor?02:40
joejaxxma pages site*02:41
LaserJock_MMA_: I mean, putting in 3rd party software (maybe even not .debs) in your .iso02:41
LaserJockthat would be a much bigger concern then how exactly you build the .iso02:42
_MMA_Ah.. Even for myself. I stuck to the repos. :)02:42
imbrandonthere is only two things in this world i dont stick to the repos on and those i install from source02:44
_MMA_Whats that sir?02:44
imbrandonlibdvdcss2 and w32codecs ( from mplayerhq )02:44
_MMA_I just use your packages now. :)02:45
imbrandonheh those are actualy Seveas's packages i just host them for him ( http://seveas.imbrandon.com is Seveas's and http://www.imbrandon.com/packages is mine )02:46
_MMA_Ok. I got it.02:46
joejaxxLaserJock: guess what?02:48
joejaxxi am up to the livecd part02:48
joejaxxi need to use casper now02:48
=== Kyral [n=kyral@ubuntu/member/kyral] has joined #ubuntu-motu
_MMA_Good news joe?02:54
joejaxxwell i am trying to build the livecd part of the iso02:55
joejaxxif i cannot understand casper i might have to find another way lol02:55
=== imbrandon fires up reconstructor for a look arround
_MMA_imbrandon: When I messed with Xubuntu and Reconstructor I used the chroot to change things that were Xubuntu specific.02:57
LaserJockKubuntu might be a bit tricky too02:58
imbrandon_MMA_: yea i'll get more indepth with it later , just poking at it for now as i'm headed to sleep soonish02:58
LaserJockas some stuff is a bit more hardcoded02:58
imbrandonbut i'm not afraid of makin some replacement packages for things i need :)02:59
imbrandonspecialy if its for in-house02:59
_MMA_If any of you guys like the app and want to suggest things its dev is really open and easy to talk to.02:59
imbrandonmake a easy to use kubuntu version that uses pyqt so i dont have to load gtk :(02:59
imbrandongtk+glade actualy03:00
imbrandoni can give him *.ui files and there are *.glade to *.ui files out there :)03:00
joejaxxeveryone having fun?03:00
joejaxxi am03:01
LaserJockajmitch: no fun?03:01
joejaxxajmitch: do you know anything about debian livecds?03:01
imbrandonahh it dont work with the edgy usplash yet ?03:01
joejaxxajmitch: i know i can ust bootcd03:02
_MMA_imbrandon: Crap. Yea. I forgot to mention that.03:02
_MMA_I think thats one of the things he plans to make a module out of.03:04
=== luisbg goes to sleep, goodnight all
imbrandonhow does it handle making iso's larger than 700mb , it dont complain hopefully ( i like to make 800mb iso's and dvd iso's )03:05
Laser_awaymy inlaws are taking us out to dinner03:05
Laser_awayI'll bbl03:05
imbrandonl8tr Laser_away03:05
joejaxxbuilding the livecd03:05
joejaxxbut just for kicks and soccerballs i am not using casper03:06
_MMA_imbrandon: It works fine with big isos.03:08
_MMA_I use DVDs also.03:09
ajmitchjoejaxx: I'm working, I'm not having fun03:09
_MMA_Though, if you dont need OO.o you can save alot of space. :)03:09
imbrandonjust makin sure , ok, i'm headed to sleep for a few hours hopefully , bbiab03:09
_MMA_night sir.03:09
joejaxxajmitch: :\03:09
imbrandon_MMA_: yea i replace OO.o with koffice03:09
imbrandonand remove the winfoss03:09
imbrandonetc, i ahve done all this before by hand, just looking at the "pretty way"03:10
_MMA_Yea. Its just a frontend for: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization/6.0603:11
_MMA_Well, started out that way.03:11
imbrandonyup yup, i have refrenced that wiki many times :)03:11
imbrandon( and a few others )03:11
joejaxxhmm its03:12
imbrandonokies my eyes are closing, see yall in a few hours03:12
=== joejaxx is stuck time once again hahaha
joejaxximbrandon: Goodnight03:12
=== Fujitsu [n=Fujitsu@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== joejaxx starts the Joejaxx is Stuck game Show
joejaxxFujitsu: hello welcome back03:13
FujitsuHi joejaxx.03:15
joejaxxi just tried building a debian livecd03:16
joejaxx lol03:16
joejaxxthat was fun03:17
=== cr3 [n=marc@pdpc/supporter/bronze/cr3] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxx:( it is dead in here03:31
joejaxxeither that or my client is lagging03:35
ajmitchno, it's quite dead03:36
joejaxxoh ok03:36
joejaxxwell atleast you are here lol03:36
=== ajmitch isn't
joejaxxajmitch: :\03:36
zulits dont dead its resting03:37
joejaxxi need to find a motu insomniac03:37
_MMA_Man, I swear at UDS im gonna drug you every night. ;) You better not keep me up all night.03:38
zulheh its not like your are going to get any sleep anyways03:39
_MMA_Im so gonna take you to a stripclub. ;)03:40
zulyou are going to be so tired you will not want to go to a stripclub03:41
joejaxxuds' are tiring?03:41
zulthey are going to work you into the ground :)03:41
joejaxxnice lol03:41
joejaxxthat should be an interesting event03:41
imbrandonyes that is the point of UDS , its a hands on for the next release, not a party :)03:41
joejaxximbrandon: i know ;)03:42
zulimbrandon: of course after the day is finished03:42
joejaxxwhy are openoffice-packages being installed >:(03:42
ajmitchat UDU, it was ~12 hours a day, from 9AM till 9PM03:42
ajmitchubuntu down under03:42
imbrandonzul: shhhhhh keep em scared03:42
=== joejaxx forgets what zul said
zulajmitch: less people were at UDS wasnt there?03:43
ajmitchI remember seeing people sleeping on the floor during breaks at UBZ03:43
imbrandonyea long tecnical days with lots of hands on though03:43
joejaxxso wait03:43
ajmitchthere were quite a few people03:43
joejaxxevery summit has a different name?03:43
_MMA_Thats cool ajmitch. The clubs will still be open.03:43
joejaxx_MMA_: lol03:44
zulheh there isnt alot of clubs in sj03:44
_MMA_There are 3 that look goot. I did research. :)03:44
zulno you want to go to sf03:44
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonoh lord, i can see it now, this is a work trip , people hung over the next days03:45
=== imbrandon go's back to bed
_MMA_Yea. But there we gotta be carful we dont wind up in the wrong one. :)03:45
joejaxximbrandon: lol03:47
_MMA_imbrandon: I dont drink but I have a good time. Will be my 1st time out west.03:47
joejaxx_MMA_: SHHHH03:49
joejaxxthe livecd is building03:49
joejaxxnevermind it stopped03:49
joejaxxoh nevermind itis still going03:50
joejaxxlet us see03:50
joejaxxoh crap03:50
joejaxxi forgot to do apt-clean03:50
joejaxxapt-get clean03:50
joejaxxok building again03:51
=== Hobbsee_ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxxjust hit the 60mb03:54
_MMA_Man. You need a faster machine. :)03:55
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxx_MMA_: well it is compressing the filesystem Lol03:55
_MMA_how long so far?03:56
joejaxx3 minutes03:56
joejaxxPentium M 1.4GHz with 1.25GBS of ram03:56
joejaxxon a*03:56
joejaxx120mb mark03:56
joejaxx180mb mark03:57
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Chandugood morning05:20
Chanduhey , I found in README of motu-tools that ...Ping elmo to sync the package .... What is this elmo ...05:20
crimsunthat's outdated; ignore that.05:21
crimsunthe sync procedure is outlined on the wiki.05:21
Chanducrimsun, can you give me the link05:21
nixternalheh, that took me a sec to figure that one out..im like elmo??  then i remembered, ohhh elmo05:21
LaserJockChandu: were did you get motu-tools?05:22
LaserJocknixternal: hola senor05:22
joejaxxLaserJock: really quick do you know how to hibernate from commandline?05:22
LaserJockjoejaxx: no I don't05:23
LaserJockI've only used the KDE and Gnome tools05:23
joejaxxhmm i need to figure that out hibernation from commandline05:23
joejaxxthat is05:23
joejaxxalright then LaserJock thanks anyway :)05:23
crimsunChandu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources05:23
crimsunodd, Banshee is crashing on submitting to last.fm05:24
joejaxxLaserJock: btw the disc built it just stopped at configuring some drivers because i did not add some stuff05:24
joejaxxwhen i booted it up that is05:24
joejaxxwell i am going to shutdown my laptop Goodnight #ubuntu-motu05:24
LaserJockcya joejaxx05:24
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LaserJockhmmm, somebody should go through UniverseCandidates and get rid of the ones that made it in or are completely ridiculous05:42
FujitsuLaserJock: I shall take a look at it.05:42
Hobbseehey Fujitsu05:42
HobbseeLaserJock: heh05:42
FujitsuLaserJock: Any news on SRUs yet?05:42
LaserJockwell, ajmitch was going to write some stuff05:43
ChanduLaserJock, I got motu-tools from this link , http://tiber.tauware.de/~shermann/motu-tools/05:43
FujitsuThis is getting a bit stupid, though. I isolated the patch about a month ago.05:43
LaserJockFujitsu: well, didn't we decide to just have a motu-uvf person ok it?05:44
ChanduHey, How to get the list of packages for the merge ..How MOM is working05:44
FujitsuLaserJock: dholbach said he'd do it after release, but I haven't seen him much.05:44
ChanduI found one script in MON..grab-merge.sh ..... But I dont know how to work with that05:44
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LaserJockmerges.ubuntu.com is the website for it05:44
LaserJockFujitsu: I doubt it ;-(05:45
LaserJockgood thought though05:45
LaserJockI think the canonical guys are on vacation05:45
ChanduLaserJock, Ya , I got the link ...I founf grab-merge.sh script over there ..but How to work with that ...05:45
LaserJockso once dholbach is back we can bug him05:45
crimsunChandu: read http://merges.ubuntu.com please.05:45
ajmitchLaserJock: yeah, I'm a failure again...05:46
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LaserJockdon't worry ajmitch , I am too05:46
=== ajmitch goes off to his corner
FujitsuThat Redhat authconfig thing ended up being packaged, didn't it?05:46
Chanducrimsun, I gone through .. But Iam not able to understand05:47
Chanducrimsun, it has thsi , Merges are generated by combining both the Ubuntu and Debian changes since their first common ancestor05:47
HobbseeChandu: that's not the script that does the actual comparison05:48
Chanducrimsun, is this pool generated manually05:48
ChanduHobbsee, then who will do that comparision ..is it done manually ..package by package05:48
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LaserJockChandu: MoM tries to do it automatically05:48
crimsunChandu: it's generated by an automated tool we affectionately call MoM05:49
LaserJockbut in the end every one needs to be at least checked05:49
HobbseeChandu: it's not.  the script used to compare isnt on that page05:49
ChanduLaserJock, then where can I get MOM tool to do that05:49
ChanduHobbsee, Where can I get that script for comparision05:49
LaserJockfrom Keybuck05:50
LaserJockbut you don't need it to do the work05:50
LaserJockdarn, I always do that05:50
LaserJockKey+buck != Keybuk05:50
ChanduHey , If I have to do it for the first time ..means I dont have my own pool for my project .. I have to careate it form debian with some gnome related and few other packages modified05:50
LaserJockChandu: what are you doing? what is this project?05:51
crimsunwhy don't you just piggyback off the Ubuntu repo directly?05:51
ajmitchChandu: then you'll have lots of fun & lots of work05:51
ChanduLaserJock, I am working on building a distro based on Debian .. I need to have a repo same as Ubuntu .. But this our first release .. We ahve modified some gnome packages and few others05:52
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LaserJockChandu: ah, so it's like Ubuntu, but not?05:52
ChanduLaserJock, ya ,exactly05:52
crimsunif you need a repo "same as Ubuntu," why not just use the Ubuntu repo as a base?05:53
ChanduLaserJock, I hope MOM will be used to compare UBUNTU and Debian repo .. But in my case we dont have our repo yet05:53
ChanduLaserJock, We have a small repo of nearly 1000+ packages which have put into our single cd distro with some modified gnome packaes05:53
Chanducrimsun, I cannot do that on my own when I am working under some organisation .. I have to according to them05:55
LaserJockhmm, well I can't find the MoM source on people.ubuntu.com05:56
crimsunwill your organisation not listen to reason, then?05:56
LaserJockI thought it *was* there05:56
FujitsuLaserJock: It's not, and hasn't been since before Edgy's MoM.05:56
LaserJockis it on LP?05:57
FujitsuI don't believe so.05:57
LaserJockI thought it was available somewhere05:57
FujitsuUsed to be under ~scott on p.u.c, I believe.05:57
FujitsuNot any more, though.05:57
LaserJockChandu: anyway, you can ask Keybuk for the MoM script I suppose05:57
LaserJockor write you're own05:57
ajmitchwriting your own wouldn't be too hard05:58
FujitsuOr derive from Ubuntu, which is probably a better option.05:58
FujitsuChandu: How many modified packages do you have?05:59
ChanduFujitsu, May be around 30+05:59
minghuaI assume to derive from ubuntu, translation is going to be quite a problem05:59
ChanduFujitsu, and my base is dcc05:59
ajmitch30 packages isn't many06:00
ChanduLaserJock, How can I contach Keybuk06:00
ChanduLaserJock, contact Keybuck06:00
Hobbseeh'es on irc06:00
ChanduHobbsee, which channel06:00
LaserJockwell, he's not up right now06:00
LaserJock^^ has contact info06:01
ChanduLaserJock, ok thank you06:01
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ChanduLaserJock, hey , If I know what exactly that MOM tool will do .,.. then I can write on my own06:01
BurgundaviaChandu: dcc is essentially dead06:01
minghuaFujitsu: maybe DCC is http://www.dccalliance.org/06:01
ChanduBurgundavia, Oh... No new developments are happening06:02
minghuawhich is quite likely dead as Burgundavia said06:02
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Chanduminghua, ya the same06:02
BurgundaviaChandu: dcc was a stillborn idea. Base off of pure Debian or Ubuntu06:02
ChanduBurgundavia, But our idea was to go for LSB certified ,,so we started with dcc06:04
Burgundaviaboth debian and ubuntu will give you that06:04
ChanduBurgundavia, I dont think sarge is lsb compliant .. but from etch debian is providing06:05
minghuaI doubt you get lsb compliant effortlessly just by deriving from DCC06:05
Burgundaviaespecially if you change any packages06:05
ajmitchhi Burgundavia06:08
Burgundaviahey ajmitch06:08
BurgundaviaI could kiss seb12806:08
Burgundaviahis "upstream delta" stuff06:08
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LaserJockBurgundavia: yes06:08
ajmitchsomething for the MOTUs to do as well06:08
Burgundaviaexactly my thoughts over the last few days06:08
ajmitchevery package merged, the MOTU must check upstream & debian06:09
Burgundavias/days/weeks & months/06:09
Chanduminghua, Ya .. We have generated the journals for lsb3.0 and lsb3.1 ..and have unofficially submitted to freedesktop.org..Which has been satisfied06:09
LaserJockMOTU Science is just organizing a "reduce the delta" project06:09
Burgundaviaajmitch: how does directory's delta look?06:09
LaserJockI tried to work on it a little during Edgy but I had so many other things to do it slipped past me06:09
ajmitchBurgundavia: no idea06:09
Burgundaviathere must be an easy way to generate that information06:10
ajmitchit's not hard06:11
ajmitchbut classifying the changes that we may carry is harder06:11
BurgundaviaI was thinking across the entire distro06:11
ajmitchlike MoM does?06:11
Burgundaviawe need a -qa page, like debian has06:11
Chanduhey , where do I get germinate tool for download06:11
Hobbseeyou write one?06:12
minghuaI believe germinate is packaged06:12
LaserJockChandu: apt-get install germinate06:12
LaserJockBurgundavia: we have http://tiber.tauware.de/~lucas/versions/all-packages.html06:13
minghuaBurgundavia: you mean pages like the packages.qa.d.o ones?06:13
LaserJockbut it doesn't describe the kinds of divergence06:13
Burgundaviaminghua: yep06:13
Burgundaviasomething that would merge all these various pages06:13
minghuaBurgundavia: yeah, those would be wonderful06:13
ChanduLaserJock, ok06:13
=== minghua hates getting lost in LP maze
LaserJockyeah, package information is a particularly bad maze06:16
Burgundaviathere is no clear heirarchy06:16
FujitsuBurgundavia: There is, sort of.06:16
FujitsuBut it's a very convoluted hierarchy.06:17
ajmitchBurgundavia: spec it06:18
Burgundaviaajmitch: right, add that to my todo06:18
LaserJockthat reminds me06:18
LaserJockLP needs to grow a dotproject-like interface06:18
Fujitsuajmitch: A civilian writing an LP spec?06:18
FujitsuLaserJock: dotproject?06:19
ajmitchFujitsu: excuse me?06:19
BurgundaviaFujitsu: proper project management interface06:19
LaserJockyeah, what Corey said ;-)06:19
Fujitsuajmitch: Isn't spec stuff for LP meant to be on their super-private wiki thingy?06:19
FujitsuBurgundavia: Aha.06:19
Burgundaviano, launchpads wiki si open06:20
ajmitchFujitsu: so?06:20
FujitsuBurgundavia: That's the documentation wiki. The proper development (ie. spec) wiki is private.06:21
Burgundaviabut that lists most of the specs06:21
ChanduLaserJock, Do you know How to generate diffrerent seeds list06:29
ajmitchyou write them06:30
ajmitchseeds are maintained manually06:30
LaserJockChandu: the seeds themselves? you just edit a plain text file with the package names06:30
ChanduLaserJock, I didnt get06:30
LaserJockwell a seed is just a file with a list of packages06:31
ChanduLaserJock, oh! I can create a seed list for desktopjust by listing the packages related to desktop in a text file ..right06:31
ChanduLaserJock, Is there any syntax for that ..or just list packages06:32
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ChanduLaserJock, I found something different as this link .. http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/seeds/dapper/boot06:33
LaserJockyeah, that's an old seed06:34
LaserJockyou can get the current ones from Launchpad06:34
ChanduLaserJock, Oh .. Give me the link dear06:35
ChanduLaserJock, Is this launchpad si specifically for ubuntu06:36
LaserJockUbuntu derivatives and other projects also use it06:36
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ChanduLaserJock, How do I make use of that06:37
LaserJockChandu: well, it depends on what you want to do exactly06:38
LaserJockyou can register an upstream product or a maybe even a distro06:38
LaserJockyou can use Rosetta for translations06:38
LaserJockMalone for bug tracking06:38
LaserJockBlueprint for specification tracking06:38
ChanduLaserJock, Is it to be paid ..or its allowed for free06:39
LaserJockuse is free06:39
ChanduLaserJock, ok06:39
LaserJockit's what virtually all Ubuntu development is done on06:40
ChanduLaserJock, ok06:41
ChanduLaserJock, hey .. I didnt any text file of seeds in launch pad ..Do I need to check out from bzr06:50
Chandudidnt get06:50
LaserJockChandu: just do: bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.edgy06:51
ChanduLaserJock, ok06:53
LaserJockgood night MOTU land07:04
ajmitchnight LaserJock07:04
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naxx||.Req.:||  Help on building a debian package |pm me pls ;)||07:39
minghuawhy does pm is required?  can't be talked in the channel?07:41
naxxcan be07:41
naxxi dont mind07:41
naxxi just prefer not to spam the channel07:42
naxxand keep it free for others07:42
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naxx||.Req.:||  Help on building a debian package |contact me pls ;)||07:43
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ajmitchhave you looked at the ubuntu packaging guide?07:45
naxxand i got some trouble07:46
ajmitchit may help if you ask a more specific question then07:46
naxxi can read manuals, and documentations and put it all together07:46
naxxmy problem is i'm trying to build a package for truecrypt07:46
naxxbut that stuff is weird ;)07:46
naxxcoz it requires some kernel modules07:47
naxxand it tries to build some stuff frome the kernel src07:47
naxxbut the source is in a archive07:47
ajmitchthen you'll probably need the appropriate linux-headers package07:47
naxxi know07:47
ajmitch& do a bit of makefile hacking07:48
ajmitchit's a shame it appears to not be free software07:48
ajmitchhm, it may be07:49
naxxproblem is, truecrypt needs drivers/md/dm.h, and linux-headers does not include it07:49
ajmitchit looks like it may allow modification & distribution of modified sources provided you don't use the truecrypt name07:49
naxxi know07:49
ajmitchclosest match I can see is:07:49
ajmitchlinux-headers-2.6.17-10: /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.17-10/include/config/blk/dev/dm.h07:50
naxxlet me check07:50
ajmitchperhaps that's not a public header07:50
naxxi fear that ;)07:50
ajmitchsince the source tree does have drivers/md/dm.h07:51
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dholbachgood morning09:09
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nemequis there something I can do to help make sure you don't release an ancient version of libraptor in the future? like help maintain the package, maybe?09:16
ajmitchyes, you could help out, especially by filing bugs about it09:18
ajmitchit's in main, so release conditions are stricter09:18
nemequBugs like "1.4.9 is ancient, please update"?09:18
ajmitchyou'd have to give some reasons for it09:19
nemequI can do that.09:20
ajmitchit just wasn't updated once upstream version freeze hit, since automatic syncs were turned off09:20
ajmitchand noone has filed any bugs about it09:20
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nemequum, 1.4.10 was released in july. we're on 1.4.13 now. was there a feature freeze in july?09:22
ajmitchupstream version freeze was july 13th09:23
ajmitch1.4.10 wasn't uploaded to debian until august 12th09:23
nemequoh bloody hell. 1.4.10 was released on the 14th.09:23
ajmitcheven so, syncs are based on debian packages09:24
=== Fujitsu prods dholbach with a bug #43150... Please?
UbugtuMalone bug 43150 in gcl "[SRU]  maxima frontends fail to connect" [Undecided,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4315009:24
ajmitchso dajobe didn't get it packaged for awhile09:24
dholbachFujitsu: we need a policy09:24
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dholbachFujitsu: the situation has not changed :/09:24
=== ajmitch goes & hides in a corner
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dholbachFujitsu: and it's not only "my call"09:25
=== Fujitsu pulls ajmitch out of the corner.
dholbachnemequ: if you want to stay up to scratch, I'd recommend subscribing to https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-devel-announce and https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/raptor/+subscribe09:25
nemequokay well i'll file a bug in launchpad, and i'll talk to dajobe tomorrow--he just went to bed. thanks for your help.09:25
dholbachnemequ: it is possible to get exceptions granted09:25
dholbachnemequ: but as long as nobody has an eye on it, it doesn't happen :/09:25
ajmitchnemequ: it's very unlikely that you'd get a new upstream release into edgy-updates though09:26
ajmitchexceptions generally happen up to a week or two before release at the very latest09:26
nemequthat's okay about it not being in updates. as long as this kind of thing doesn't happen again next release.09:26
dholbachnemequ: if you could help with that, that'd be GREAT :-)09:27
nemequand I will, of course.09:27
dholbachROCK ON09:27
=== dholbach hugs nemequ
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fracoI'm repackaging scorched3d with the latest version, and get this complaint at the end of the build: http://www.pastebin.be/3452/09:30
fracothe path to docs contains two / iso only one09:30
fracoI just don't know where it could come from09:30
fraco(packaging newbie)09:30
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nemequsorry guys, another question... where should I submit the bug? The raptor project on launchpad doesn't seem to be the right place to do it...09:45
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fracocan anyone tell me where i can go for help with packaging?09:48
PlugHere, at a different time of day ;)09:50
PlugYour error suggests the directory isn't being created09:51
fracoUS daytime is better then?09:53
=== mat [n=mat@igoan/mat] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Plug.eu daytime I think09:54
Plughang on tho:09:54
Plughow are you building the package?09:54
PlugI doubt the two //s matters09:54
fracoPlug: you're right, the dir isn't being created; I was staring at the //09:54
fracodpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot09:54
fracoI suppose the docs have moved09:55
minghuafraco: check with "fakeroot debian/rules build" first, and make sure that dir is created during build09:57
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fracominghau, Plug: it is being built but at different location10:12
Plugedit the debian/docs  file10:12
fracohas separate package for docs, i think it is defined in debian/scorched3d-doc.install10:14
fracoPlug, minghau: can I test changes to install without having to clean the entire thing?10:15
fracofakeroot debian/rules install ?10:15
Plug"dpkg-buildpackage -nc" will do what you want10:15
Plug(no clean)10:15
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fracogot past the docs now10:17
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fracoI edited the pastebin with a new error i get now http://www.pastebin.be/3452/10:25
fracoi really don't have a clue - stumped10:25
Plugisnt that the same error as before?10:26
fracoi reused the pastebin10:27
fracostill shows10:27
fracoill make a new one i guess10:28
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fracoi'll try to build it clean, maybe some file hanging around10:32
Plugcould be relevant.10:33
UbugtuDebian bug 375749 in dpkg-dev "tar: -: file name read contains nul character" [Important,Closed] 10:34
minghuathat's harmless10:34
fracoI had lack of patiance then10:36
fracoi thought the build was hanging on that10:36
fracobut just a warning10:36
fracothnx again10:36
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fracohow do i get an app to install in the ubuntu games dir instead of in the debian/games/strategy dir?11:04
azeemfraco: ship a proper .desktop file11:05
fracolinks 2 wiki?11:05
azeemno idea11:05
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xerxasHi everyone !11:30
fracoso now, with the help of Plug and minghua i made a updated package for scorched3d11:34
fracoshould i leave it to the original contributor to update the repos11:34
fraco(me being a packaging virgin and not part of the MOTU team)11:34
fracoshould i send it to the original contributor (==siretart)?11:35
fracoshould i step in and follow the wiki to upload the package for review and later inclusion?11:36
fracoI'm willing to work through that if it helps11:36
fracobut only if it helps11:37
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bjphi guys, I've merged the original debian-unstable package of flamerobin to an ubuntu package. Should I build the package with debuild -S -sa and dput it, like necessary for other packages?12:04
Fujitsubjp: Is the package currently in unstable?12:06
bjpFujitsu: yes it is12:08
Fujitsubjp: It is new, correct?12:09
bjpFujitsu: well it's accepted in unstable about a month ago so it's pretty new yes12:09
FujitsuOK, so what do you mean when you say you've merged it?12:10
FujitsuThere aren't any Ubuntu changes to merge with...12:10
bjpFujitsu: I've changed the package maintainer in debian/control and bumped the version in debian/changelog (concatenated it with '~ubuntu.1')12:12
Fujitsubjp: Why did you change the maintainer?12:12
bjpFujitsu: you're right, I'm sorry. I meant that I've adapted the debian contents for ubuntu12:12
bjpFujitsu: the debian maintainer told me too12:12
FujitsuNo adaptations are required in the vast majority of packages.12:12
FujitsuEr, why!?12:13
FujitsuDid the Debian maintainer give a reason for changing the maintainer field?12:14
bjpFujitsu: one moment please, I'll ask..12:14
ograif its in universe it will get imported automatically anyway12:15
ograno need to change anything except it breaks12:16
Fujitsuogra: Not automatically, AFAIK.12:16
FujitsuUpon our request, yes. There's no need to change anything, unless the Debian maintainer has an incredibly good reason for it.12:16
ograif MOM runs for feisty it will get imported automatically12:16
ograMOM imortas all packages automatically that have no -XubuntuX in the versioning12:17
FujitsuI'm pretty sure it doesn't automatically import new ones...12:17
ograor that are manually blacklisted because we are uzpstream (i.e. ltsp)12:17
ograif it doessnt, thats a bug12:18
ograit did before afaik12:18
bjpogra: well okay, but AFAIK it isn't imported yet.. how long does it take?12:18
FujitsuI would consider it a bug if it DID import new source packages without checking.12:18
Fujitsubjp: Once Feisty opens, it could take a few days.12:18
ograbjp, it has to wait until the archive opens12:18
Fujitsubjp: Has the maintainer given a reason yet?12:18
ograand MOM runs indeed12:19
bjpFujitsu: nope not yet, he's busy right now and will answer me later..12:19
ograits very very odd to have to maintain a delta manually for a maintainer name change12:19
ograwe usually dont do that12:19
FujitsuAdd a couple of verys to ogra's statement, and you get my view.12:19
bjpFujitsu: :-)12:20
bjpFujitsu: well I guess he isn't that aware of the Ubuntu system. Maybe I'm just having the wrong approach to get a flamerobin package included in Ubuntu. What steps should I take to do it, or should I wait for a system that includes it automatically?12:22
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Fujitsubjp: Source packages are (unless requiring modifications) synced straight from Debian, with no changes at all. That includes most of the archive.12:23
FujitsuYou should wait until Feisty opens, and wait a few days to see if it appears. If not, file a bug requesting it be synced, and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to get a developer to approve it.12:24
bjpFujitsu: well, shouldn't it have appeared in edgy as the debian package is accepted in unstable over a month ago now?12:27
Fujitsubjp: No. Autosyncing was turned off in mid-July.12:27
thombjp: no, edgy was frozen some time ago12:27
bjpFujitsu: okay I see12:27
bjpFujitsu: so it will be synced to Feisty sometime soon as far as you consider this?12:28
bjpFujitsu: okay well I'll just wait for that moment then :-) any ideas on the time period before Feisty is opened? And the sync system runs every night I guess?12:30
=== StevenK waits for Feisty to open so he can deal with his 11 merges and then get bored again.
FujitsuStevenK: I've almost finished my 19.12:30
StevenKHeh. I've glanced at 3 of them, all of them turn into syncs.12:31
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FujitsuHey Hobbsee12:42
Hobbseehey Fujitsu12:44
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fracoI updated a package (scorched3d) with the latest version01:06
fracoshould I now upload it for review and later inclusion01:07
fracoor should a packaging virgin and not motu team member leave it be01:07
fracoor maybe i should contact the original packager for ubuntu?01:07
=== luisbg_zZzZz luisbg
luisbg_zZzZzhi all01:12
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siretartfraco: do you happen to have your contribution in a bzr branch?01:15
siretartfraco: I (at least) try to maintain it in debian, so that both distros profit from that01:16
fracoi don't even know what a bzr branch is01:16
siretartfraco: the current problem of scorched3d is that it uses a non-free font, which renders the package undistributable01:16
fracoI c01:16
fracono, i didn't take any of that into account01:16
siretartI'd be happy to upgrade the package 40.1b, if someone could provide me the replacement font01:16
fracohow did you do it for the older releases?01:17
fracoreplace the font01:17
siretartfor older releases, we didn't notice that problem01:17
siretartthis is http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=298932, btw01:17
UbugtuDebian bug 298932 in scorched3d-data "scorched3d-data: contains non-free fonts" [Serious,Closed] 01:17
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fracoso there will not be an offical universe package until someone fixes that font?01:18
siretartI should 'import' it into launchpad.net as well, right01:18
siretartfraco: unless that issue is fixed, I cannot upload a newer package to debian01:18
siretartfraco: and I really like it to be fixed in debian first. OTOH, we don't want non-free stuff in multiverse as well, so..01:18
fracothe reason i went and produced a package is that as a user i *just want* scorched3d :-S01:19
siretartfraco: btw, I talked to Gavin (scorched3d upstream). he agreed to include new fonts if I could provide some01:19
siretartfraco: I know. however you need to see that the package does have problems. I'm no font artist either01:20
fracoI c01:20
siretartand I'd really appreciate an updated scorched3d as well ;) - I love that game01:20
fracosame here01:20
fracoactually, as I don't care much (maybe not enough) about the non-freedness of the font, I have my own packages now01:21
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fracohowever, I imagine it's frustrating for other players01:21
fracoI'm not sure if I can help anything in the font department (being a newb in packaging and totally in fonts)01:21
fracohowever, if I do get any results, I'll ping you again ?01:22
siretartfraco: the bug already mentions a good replacement font I intend to use. we only need an 'outline' font based on that01:22
fracoso we need a font artist01:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about me - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:22
fracowhich im not01:22
siretartfraco: I've looked into the issue again this weekend with a friend.  it doesn't look to hard to create such a font01:22
fraconever even tried that01:22
DarkMageZsiretart, what is the licencing on the font?01:23
fracowilling to try, but I have serious doubts on how far I would get01:23
siretartbut if you happen to meet someone who can handle fontforge, just ask him to do such an outline font based on the bitstream font01:23
fracoif I do happen to meet someone like that, I will01:23
siretartDarkMageZ: the copyright is "all rights preseverd, including modification and redistribution"01:23
fracodont put any money on it though...01:23
DarkMageZoh, that IS serious01:24
fracosiretart: btw. why is nvidia-glx marked as a conflicts?01:25
siretartfraco: of scorched3d? it isn't01:26
siretartonly as build-conflicts01:26
fracook as build-conflicts then?01:26
Hobbseeso that the nvidia package doesnt become a dependancy of it01:26
siretartto prevent building against the non-free headers. use a changeroot with the mesa headers01:27
Hobbseethat too01:27
fracoOk, out of my depth01:27
fracoI'll google some on that01:27
fracosiretart: thnx for the info, If I have something on the fonts I'll get back to you.01:28
siretartfraco: ok. great!01:28
fracoif for some reason you would be interested in the package I made, you can contact me of course01:28
siretartfraco: what did you need to change?01:28
siretartbesides debian/changelog and the new upstream tarball?01:28
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fracoerm the alut stuff (but you had a patch for that01:29
fracoremoved some patches01:29
fracodid the .configure with an extra flag (to prevent it from choking on the openal/alut stuff)01:29
fracodocs have moved up one dir01:29
fracothats all01:29
fraconot much01:30
siretartyes, many patches can be dropped (and are already in my bzr branch)01:30
=== cr3 [n=marc@pdpc/supporter/bronze/cr3] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DarkMageZ!bzr > DarkMageZ01:30
fracoextra configure flag was --disable-openaltest01:31
fracobut i think you did work around that in a different way01:31
siretartah, that broken configure snippet, yes, I think I fixed that check01:31
siretartat least in my local copy01:31
fracook, well, erm, big thnx for maintaining that fun game01:32
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Hobbseethom: +1 on yoru post on -devel02:08
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jsgotangconice post02:09
thomi think the big problem is going to be providing an infrastructure that makes sense for kde and gnome; it may well be that the one-size-fits-all style of beryl isn't appropriate02:10
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gnomefreakantone else think its a good ideat o get frostwire in multiverse?02:10
gnomefreaks/antone/anyone  s/ideat o/idea to02:11
thomi have no idea what frostwire is, so you may want to provide some more details02:11
gnomefreakthom: an Opensource p2p app. pretty much Open Souce version of limewire also runs on java.02:12
ubotufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire02:13
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gnomefreakwhat spurs me asking is they never build a version of the installer to work with dash. many users use this app and i have had to fix a few people so far with the bash/dash conversion02:14
azeemso why in multiverse?02:14
gnomefreakazeem: i was thinking universe but since it depends on java it should be a canidate for multiverse02:14
azeemoh, I assumed there was a free java stack in Ubuntu by now02:15
gnomefreakunless it can be compiled with gcj but i doubt it02:15
=== herzi [n=herzi@kiwi.mediascape.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
azeemwell, would be useful to research that02:15
gnomefreakagreed but my knowledge is slim when it come to packaging it may take me a while to figure it out. and i didnt want to spend a week on packaging it if it was not possible to be added to repos. i dont know why its not there now02:16
gnomefreaki wrote frostwire an email about building an edgy version of saturday so im expecting a reply on that (makes packaging a bit easier not having to change the installer script)02:19
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azeemwhy does it have an installer anyway?02:20
gnomefreakazeem: cause its writen in java i assume02:21
azeem*blink* :)02:21
gnomefreakit would be nice if we can drop the installer but thats well over my head02:21
=== gnomefreak still not sure if apt/dpkg can read the installer
gnomefreakmaybe the reason its not in repos02:23
gnomefreakhowever there are .debs built for it on their site02:23
azeemah, so the .debs don't use the installer?02:23
gnomefreakazeem: im assuming they do. since the .deb wont install on edgy proprely because of the #!/bin/sh02:24
gnomefreakthe installer is made to run on bash02:25
gnomefreakdownloading the .deb and opening it i never saw the installer file but i might have missed it02:27
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bhaledebconf at 9600baud is painful03:41
bhalencurses that is03:41
zulbhale: what are you doing to use 9600 baud?03:42
bhalezul: serial console server03:42
bhaleit could do much faster03:42
bhalebut 9600 is default03:42
bhalei got tired of managing remote servers via the network03:43
bhalethere is an obvious problem with this03:43
Jozo-Is there any chances push fixed gnunet-package to edgy-updates? See bug 66467 and bug 6650703:45
UbugtuMalone bug 66467 in gnunet "Missing dependencies" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6646703:45
UbugtuMalone bug 66507 in gnunet "[DEBDIFF]  gnunet: merge new debian version" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6650703:45
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sivanghi all03:49
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianHeya gang03:54
Gloubiboulgahi sivang, hi bddebian03:59
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gnomefreakin theroy we would like all scripts to run in dash instead of bash correct?04:01
gnomefreaktheory even04:02
thomwell, if you want them to work as /bin/sh there's no theory about it04:03
trappistgnomefreak: if they're POSIX-compliant, yeah04:04
gnomefreakdoesnt seem to be so changing the #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash is ok?04:04
thomif you _have_ to. fixing the script would be better IMO04:05
=== magnon [n=co@po-dhcp2.ping.uio.no] has joined #ubuntu-motu
gnomefreakthom: yeah figured as much04:05
gnomefreakwill see if i can find where its defined other than #!04:05
bddebianHi Gloubiboulga04:06
trappistgnomefreak: what script?04:06
gnomefreakAVA_PROGRAM_DIR="$D/bin/"  that looks like it needs to be changed04:06
gnomefreak+J in front04:07
gnomefreakassuming this means no gcj # short-circuit gcj04:07
trappistthat looks like it ought to be find04:07
trappistmost of the stuff breaking in dash has to do with command substitution04:08
gnomefreakeverything i see is defining javas path not so much bash/dash04:09
thomgnomefreak: does it run with /bin/sh ? if not, what are the errors04:10
gnomefreakits a 9 error04:10
gnomefreak( error04:10
gnomefreakcant read the (04:10
thompaste the whole thing, or run it as "sh -x foo" and see exactly what the line is that fails04:11
zulanyone know if its ok to remove the files in /var/run/sudo?04:12
gnomefreakok let me see if i can try to install her04:12
trappistzul: I don't have a /var/run/sudo04:13
gnomefreakit installs fine when you go to run it you get runFrost.sh: 44: Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "}")04:14
gnomefreakline 44 looks noraml04:15
gnomefreakso does 43 and 4504:15
trappistgnomefreak: got a link to the script?  pastebin maybe?04:15
trappistah, I knew I'd see command substitution on line 44 :)04:17
gnomefreaktrappist: english please04:17
gnomefreakyou mean the j*04:18
gnomefreaki dont see an ending "04:18
trappistI mean the ``04:19
gnomefreaki see beginning04:19
gnomefreaknvm i found it04:19
gnomefreak` isnt a sub is it since it has one at beginngina nd end?04:19
trappistgnomefreak: try getting rid of the parens04:21
gnomefreak` or "04:22
gnomefreakack )?04:22
gnomefreakwould the deb use the same .sh file as the tar?04:24
gnomefreakrunFrost.sh: 45: Syntax error: Bad substitution04:27
gnomefreakafter removing the ( )04:27
gnomefreakin line 4404:28
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trappistchange that to04:30
trappistfor D in "$potential_java_dirs"; do04:30
gnomefreakmind you this is witout changing the #!04:30
trappist(line 45)04:30
gnomefreakok trying04:31
gnomefreakhmmmmmm thats not good04:31
=== Nafallo ska starta om till ny krna
gnomefreaknow its not seeing my java04:32
bhale[[ is bash, no?04:35
bhalethere is a binary version for compatibility04:36
bhaleer, only [04:36
gnomefreakbhale: it gonna end up being chaning the full script to do this and i will be looking it up04:36
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=== gnomefreak will wait someone see what he would like to be done. (also waiting for email from frostwire
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joejaxxLaserJock: hello06:11
LaserJockhi joejaxx06:11
joejaxxi wanted to ask you if you could be motu mentor06:12
joejaxxsince you already help me :)06:12
joejaxxhmm if i just built a package that is in edgy but for dapper that should be in backports06:13
=== joejaxx moves the package
joejaxxmy motu mentor*06:13
LaserJockjoejaxx: sure, that's fine06:16
joejaxxLaserJock: alright06:17
LaserJockregarding motu mentorship06:17
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giskard_hello  LaserJock06:29
LaserJockhi giskard06:29
imbrandontoday sucks06:30
imbrandoni think i'm gonna get an ulcer06:30
imbrandoni think i /have/ an ulcer06:30
=== Tonio__ [n=tonio@121.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxximbrandon: :\06:30
zulimbrandon: that sucks..06:31
imbrandonzul: well thasts not the bad news, its becouse i got divorce papers today06:31
imbrandonfsk, i need to call a lawer06:31
imbrandonand i really think i have an ulcer now06:32
imbrandonman today is gonna suck06:32
zulit could be worse..06:33
imbrandoni guess, i just cant see how right now06:33
imbrandonello Tonio_06:33
Tonio_imbrandon: ;)06:34
Tonio_imbrandon: I finally bought a dual core......06:34
Tonio_third laptop of the year..... shame on me06:34
zulimbrandon: you could loose your foot due to frost bite06:34
_MMA_imbrandon: Sorry to hear the news. Thats a shame.06:34
imbrandonzul: haha06:34
imbrandoni need a stiff drink06:34
zulzul: then we could call you clubby06:34
imbrandoni think i'm gonna go get sloshed tonight06:35
_MMA_Ill buy one at UDS. ;)06:35
Tonio_imbrandon: good point is that the seller was an ubuntu user, so when I show him my ubuntu card, he reduced the price 300..... I was completly amazed :)06:35
imbrandonTonio_: rockin06:35
Tonio_imbrandon: absolutly :)06:36
imbrandonman my head is going 100000 miles an hour06:36
Tonio_imbrandon: did you test my patches for multimedia simplification ?06:37
Tonio_packages are available for edgy, waiting for feisty06:37
_MMA_imbrandon: Do you have kids?06:37
imbrandonyea 306:37
imbrandonTonio_: cool, i'm not really in the rightn frame of mind to test them right now, but i will06:38
_MMA_Wow. Im sorry to hear that man. Thats rough. I have 2.06:38
Tonio_imbrandon: better wait for mtv now.... :)06:38
imbrandon_MMA_: http://www.imbrandon.com/misc/all.gif has 2 of them in the pic06:39
=== tuxmaniac [n=aanjhan@unaffiliated/tuxmaniac] has joined #ubuntu-motu
_MMA_Cute :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1189795&postcount=12 Me and mine.06:40
=== xerxas [n=xerxas@mut38-5-82-246-190-19.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
herzidholbach: ping06:52
dholbachherzi: pong06:52
herzidholbach: about a year ago you told me about your network-lib?06:53
dholbachoh man06:53
herzican you set up a repository for it?06:53
=== herzi hides...
dholbachI'll have to dig it out06:53
dholbachyou'll be thoroughly disappointed06:53
dholbachphone brb06:53
=== Tonio_ hugs imbrandon
Tonio_I didn't read the log before speaking here....07:03
Tonio_stupid of me07:03
imbrandon:) its all good07:03
fernandohi all07:04
joejaxxany documentation on how to properly go about putting a package into dapper-backports?07:07
Burgworkjoejaxx: it needs to be in dapper itself07:08
Burgworkand then you ask for it via a bug report07:08
LaserJockjoejaxx: what do you mean by "putting"07:08
joejaxxwell i was building this packages for testing on fluxbuntu07:08
joejaxxand it is already packaged07:08
joejaxxfor dapper07:09
joejaxxbut it was for edgy07:09
LaserJockok, what package is this?07:09
=== vil [n=vladimir@catv-tisnov-86.selfnet.cz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockjoejaxx: and you want 1.1.3?07:10
joejaxxi am about to try the package on my system07:10
joejaxxi still need to run linda and litian07:10
LaserJockthen you need to file a backports request07:10
joejaxxLaserJock: oh07:10
joejaxxoh ok07:11
=== marv_ [n=marv@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== mez_ [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #ubuntu-motu
marv_hi, the easiest way to include my debian packages to ubuntu universe is to upload to REVU, right?07:16
LaserJockmarv_: are they already in Debian?07:17
marv_LaserJock: yes07:17
=== RedKrieg [n=RedKrieg@ip68-10-83-27.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== giskard [n=giskard@81-174-29-51.f5.ngi.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockmarv_: then they should be automatically be included when we sync for Feisty07:18
marv_LaserJock: ah ok right, but do i receive bug reports from ubuntu?07:19
marv_or is the maintainer changed?07:19
LaserJockwell, the Maintainer: field will change per Debian's request07:19
bhalemarv_: bug mail isnt automatically sent to the Maintainer from control07:19
bhalemarv_: (from Ubuntu)07:19
LaserJockbut there is another field that will have your name07:19
bhaleyou can search bugs by package07:19
imbrandonyou can add your self to the bugmail in LP easy07:20
bhaleor subscribe to a package07:20
joejaxxLaserJock: well the package works :)07:20
LaserJockjoejaxx: did you have to change anything to get it to work on Dapper?07:21
marv_LaserJock: is there only a sync if ubuntu gets updated?07:22
joejaxxLaserJock:  *** 1.1.3~20060831-0ubuntu1 007:22
joejaxx        500 http://archive.fluxbuntu.net dapper/main Packages07:22
joejaxx        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status07:22
LaserJockwe sync to Debian sid at the beginning of each release cycle07:22
LaserJockbut you can request a manual sync later on if it's needed07:23
marv_LaserJock: ok, universerse is comparable with sid, right?07:24
bhalemarv_: sortof?07:24
bhalethats wheremost packages come from07:25
LaserJockit's a snapshot of sid plus any Ubuntu specific packages and a few other packages07:26
marv_my target is, that my packages are well tended on debian and ubuntu ;-)07:26
bhalesounds good07:27
LaserJockthat's my target too :-)07:27
joejaxxqqq/win 1107:28
LaserJockmarv_: If I were you I'd put myself as a bug contact for the packages I maintain in Debian07:29
LaserJockmarv_: and if there are particular things the Ubuntu people need to know just ping them on IRC or ubuntu-motu mailing list07:29
LaserJockthe MOTU can't always keep everything maintained as we would like07:30
LaserJockso just getting a little "heads up" from the Debian maintainers is really nice07:30
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=== ProN00b [n=dot@pD9E3BC9F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunProN00b: please do not fill -devel will senseless drivel. Those applications are not relevant to Ubuntu development. Ask in here regarding updates -- and specifically WHAT YOU CAN DO to help maintain them. Complaining that they're nonexistent or outdated is likely to be ignored if you're not going to step up.07:43
=== jorgp [n=jorgp@adsl-70-234-128-48.dsl.tul2ok.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
gnomefreakim assuming we are still all kinds of frozen?07:52
gnomefreakfor edgy07:52
=== dholbach [n=daniel@i577B1D07.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonas its stable yes, any edgy updates have to go through the SRU processes07:53
=== gnomefreak just waiting on a few updates is the reason i asked
imbrandoncrimsun, did you hear any word on -backports ? amarok is ready to go so it might be a good "test"07:56
gnomefreakbackports not -updates?07:57
imbrandongnomefreak, yes becouse its a new upstream version , not a simple fix to an existing version07:57
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchmorning all07:59
imbrandonheya ajmitch07:59
gnomefreakgood morning ajmitch08:00
herzidholbach: back?08:00
herziso, where'd you like to host that code?08:03
dholbachherzi: I will try to find it (I think I have it burnt on a CD or something) and send you a tarball08:04
dholbachit's horribly broken and maybe won't even build08:04
dholbachso I doubt i'll put it online anywhere atm08:04
herzii might ping you on saturday again :)08:04
dholbachwon't be here on saturday, but i'll look into it08:05
herzithank you08:05
ajmitchwhat fun code have you written, dholbach ?08:05
dholbachfor my thesis, nothing fancy :)08:05
ajmitchaha :)08:06
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luisbgthe english expresion "what so ever" is it written like that?09:09
luisbgall together?09:10
luisbgok, look at bug number 6545009:10
luisbgI just apt installed it with no problem whatsoever09:10
luisbgwas just going to add a comment saying so09:10
=== bhale pokes sivang
=== twilight [n=twilight@ubuntu/member/twilight] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
luisbgshould I make the comment or check with you guys the bug doesn't really exist first?09:11
bhaledid you install every binary09:11
bhaleor one?09:11
bhaleyou should not ask us if you are sure09:11
luisbgdid apt-get install libao-ruby09:11
bhaleno no09:12
luisbgand it got libao-ruby1.8 too and installed it all09:12
bhaleapt-cache showsrc libao-ruby | grep inar09:12
bhaleinstall all of them09:12
bhaleif you havent already09:12
luisbgit also depends on libao-ruby1.6 (which is broken)09:13
bhalethere you go09:13
bhalethe cause of the bug09:13
luisbgbut shouldn't it work with libao-ruby1.8 only?09:13
bhalea binary from that source is uninstallable09:13
bhaleits a bug09:13
luisbgso I should like at why libao-ruby1.6 is not working, right?09:14
geserI assume it's because libruby1.6 is gone (only libruby1.8 and 1.9 is there)09:16
luisbglibao-ruby1.6 depends on libruby1.6 when that's obsolete, it's libruby1.809:16
luisbgdamn... you wrote it at the same time as I did09:16
luisbgso I'm going to update the depends of libruby1.6 =)09:16
bhalein that case it should stop building libao-ruby1.609:16
luisbgand building libao-ruby1.8?09:17
bhalewhy make 1.6 depend on 1.809:17
bhaledefeats the purpose it seems09:17
luisbgit seamed weird to me to depend on two versions of the same thing, must be for some reason09:17
geserlibao-ruby1.8 exists09:17
bhaleso that ruby 1.6 and 1.8 are paralel installable09:17
bhalebut apperantly 1.6 is being dropped?09:17
luisbggeser, yes yes, libao-ruby depends on 1.6 and 1.809:17
bhalewould be nice to hear that from the ruby guys09:17
luisbgso where are the ruby guys to ask?09:18
=== zul [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
geserhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/edgy/sound/libao-ruby shows only libao-ruby1.809:18
luisbggeser, apt tells an other story09:18
luisbgbut then that means the package should depend only in 1.809:19
geser$ apt-cache show libao-ruby | grep Depends09:19
geserDepends: libao-ruby1.809:19
luisbggeser, yes... that's why I could install it without problems but...09:19
crimsunimbrandon: no. I wouldn't count on it until feisty's floodgates open.09:20
luisbgd33p@selene:~/Desktop/development/ubuntu$ apt-cache showsrc libao-ruby | grep inar09:20
luisbgBinary: libao-ruby, libao-ruby1.8, libao-ruby1.609:20
geseryes, the source package builds also libao-ruby1.6 but libao-ruby doesn't depend on it09:21
luisbggeser, in the debian/control of libao-ruby there is a package: libao-ruby1.609:21
luisbgthe package installs and works, but that section is obsolete09:21
luisbgseams like 1.6 is deprecated09:22
=== marv_ [n=marv@] has left #ubuntu-motu []
trappistI don't see a reason to keep the 1.6 stuff09:22
luisbgme neither09:22
geserif you stop building libao-ruby1.6 (remove from control) then the bug is fixed09:22
trappistyou'd also want to remove it from debian/rules09:22
luisbgremoving it and sending the debdiff as a comment to launchpad09:22
trappistlines 24-2809:22
luisbgtrappist, ok thanks09:23
trappistso then of course you want to remove the build-depends too from control09:23
imbrandoncrimsun, figured as much, wish we could upload directly :(09:24
crimsunimbrandon: you could try after asking kamion/infinity/keybuk09:25
luisbgin the changelogs it isn't "unstable" anymore right? is it "edy" or "feisty"?09:26
crimsunluisbg: the latter.09:26
imbrandonyea i asked in general in -devel, but i'll do it again when one of them is "awake"09:26
imbrandonluisbg, correct "feisty"09:26
=== dous [i=dous@ubuntu/member/dous] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== kkubasik [n=kjk38@kjk38-laptop.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandongnomefreak, you still arround, i got to looking at the frostwire packages , seems only needs 3 small changes to work great09:28
=== tritium curses openoffice and banishes it to hell for being unable to change default printer settings
joejaxxbackporting is fun09:29
joejaxxexcept when you have to backport the package's dependencies and their dependencies haha09:30
imbrandonjoejaxx, that wouldent be my choice of words :)09:30
joejaxximbrandon: :P09:30
joejaxximbrandon: ^09:30
imbrandonjoejaxx, thats when it becomes in pratical to backport something, it should be able to be backported alone :)09:30
imbrandons/in pratical/impratical/09:31
joejaxximbrandon: yeah :)09:31
luisbgdebdiff sent =), I have sent a few ones in the last days... how do I know if they have actually been looked at by a MOTU and possibly uploaded?09:31
joejaxximbrandon: like i am looking about backporting usplash also09:31
joejaxxusplash-dev that is09:31
ajmitchluisbg: you've subscribed ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug?09:31
luisbgajmitch, yes =)09:32
imbrandonjoejaxx, wow , to what ? if you mean from edgy to dapper, why on earth would you ?09:32
ajmitchok, then someone will get to them in time09:32
imbrandonluisbg, yup it will get taken care of then09:32
joejaxximbrandon: well for productivityu09:32
joejaxxproductivity :)09:32
luisbgmy question was how I know it has been taken care of09:33
=== twanj [n=chatzill@c-66-176-118-121.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchluisbg: you'll see comments on the bug09:33
imbrandona comment on the bug ( along with it being closed when it has )09:33
ajmitchwe can't upload anything at the moment09:33
imbrandonand since you made a comment or filed the bug you will get an email notification about it09:33
joejaxximbrandon: i am told that the new usplash supports more colours09:34
luisbghow does the assigning bugs work in launchpad? I mean when it is used?09:34
joejaxximbrandon: instead of the normal 1609:34
imbrandonjoejaxx, it does but its very very involved package, you will have to backport many many packages and libs for little or no benifet09:34
imbrandonand introduce more bugs into a stable release09:34
joejaxximbrandon: well i do not have rights to upload to the repository09:35
imbrandonso i'm still at the stance "why on earth would you?" , instaead of just using edgy if you want "bling"09:35
joejaxximbrandon: there whould not be an bugs09:35
joejaxxas it whould not be uploaded09:36
joejaxximbrandon: because edgy has problems in this application09:36
imbrandonjoejaxx, even if it was used localy , it took the devs many months to get it right and it still falls back on amd64 and such09:36
imbrandonright but it still boils down to why you "need" more colors for usplash , time spent getting that to work ( weeks at the leaste ) on dapper would be better spent getting the app in question to work on edgy , and also benifet others too09:37
imbrandonbut again , its your time, i cant tell you what to do, just seems off base to me09:38
joejaxximbrandon: for fun09:40
imbrandonokies :)09:40
=== ctd [i=ctd@shell.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-motu
joejaxximbrandon: just trying to explore all the jobs of a motu09:42
joejaxxthat you all do09:42
joejaxxright now i have building a package from source, backporting09:43
joejaxxi still do not know how to update or patch packages09:43
joejaxxor maybe i do and i just do not understand that terminology09:43
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ajmitchluisbg: please remember to use x.y-zubuntu1 versioning10:01
ajmitchso that 0.1-1 becomes 0.1-1ubuntu1, not 0.1-210:01
crimsunbetterdesktop.org has some interesting usage videos10:02
luisbgajmitch, oops10:02
luisbgajmitch, going to fix, sorry10:02
=== nemequ [n=nemequ@ip68-111-222-133.sd.sd.cox.net] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Ex-Chat"]
luisbgajmitch, since when is this new ubuntu versioning?10:04
Plugimbrandon: can I grab your art-staging.ubuntu.com g2 theme?10:06
Burgworkluisbg: since the very beginning of ubuntu10:06
imbrandonPlug, yes its on art.ubuntu.com live now, but sure10:06
Burgworkluisbg: it means that when we sync -2 from debian, we don;t have issues10:06
imbrandonPlug, need me to tar it up for you ?10:06
ajmitchluisbg: it's always been like this, for any changes we make10:08
Plugimbrandon: I have another site that could benefit from having it10:08
Plugimbrandon: if you could, that would be great!10:09
=== mmtb [n=mmtb@dyp205.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonPlug, yea give me a few minutes to finish this upload then i'll login and grab it10:09
Plugcool, no hurry10:09
=== ryanakca [n=ryan@unaffiliated/ryanakca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
luisbgBurgwork, ajmitch, ooooh, wondered because I've seen a few packages without this versioning10:11
ajmitchbecause they're unmodifed from debian10:11
=== rytmisk [n=irc@CPE-155-143-134-168.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-motu
luisbgajmitch, ok cool10:18
imbrandonhrm who is the copyright holder for the software hosted on gnu.org , the FSF ? or the upstream authors10:24
imbrandon( thinking about gnash )10:24
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@79.207.103-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchwhatever the copyright says10:26
crimsunimbrandon: the authors listed here: http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewcvs/gnash/AUTHORS?rev=
imbrandonyea i have the authors but not sure whom to list as the copyright holder in the debian/copyright10:30
=== anibal_ [n=anibal@debian/developer/anibal] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchimbrandon: look at the source licensing headers10:30
imbrandonit lists the FSF , so i guess thats it10:34
=== reggestraat [n=a@hal.phenome.org] has left #ubuntu-motu []
imbrandoncrimsun, you said libmad0-dev is likely not to stay in main for feisty possibly? should i not link against it ?10:41
imbrandonerr s/-dev//10:41
LaserJockimbrandon: are you doing backports already?10:43
imbrandonamarok 1.4.4 , yea10:43
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunimbrandon: no, I said I'd be pleased if it didn't remain in main10:45
crimsun(it and xmms)10:45
imbrandoncrimsun, ahh ok, hrm well i'm at the point now i'm ready to upload gnash to REVU for some crituque before feisty opens , but the only "questionable" thing i can see is it ( optionaly ) uses libmad0 for mp3 stuff10:46
crimsungnash would be universe, no?10:46
imbrandonto begin with, but i could see it easly goto main if it matures a bit10:47
crimsunif it remains in universe, I see no reason not to link against libmad10:47
ajmitchcrimsun: gtk+ 1.2 should be dropped from main10:47
imbrandonyea i guess that could always be removed later ( as its a ./configure option )10:48
crimsunoh happy day when that happens10:48
=== TheMuso is surprised GTK 1.2 is in main, and checks what needs it.
ajmitchI don't know the justification of xmms remaining in man10:49
ajmitchlaggy ssh today :)10:49
Burgworkajmitch: likely canonical staff10:49
Burgworkseems everybody is having issues with typing today10:50
TheMusoRhythmbox is better than xmms IMO.10:50
Burgworkyes, yes it is10:50
Burgworkbut there are oldschool people hooked on xmms10:50
ajmitchBurgwork: git is taking much of my bandwidth getting the latest feisty kernel code10:50
imbrandonyea but old school can enable universe hehe10:52
Burgworkyes, yes they can10:52
imbrandonbut it is the only thing that plays mp3s OOTB i guess in main10:52
ajmitchI used to be hooked on xmms as well10:52
Burgworkwelcome to "I work for a Linux distro company"10:52
bhaleit might end up being orphaned10:52
ajmitchuntil I realised that it's crap10:53
Burgworktherefor I get my crap in main10:53
imbrandonheh i uesd xmms untill i learned about amarok :)10:53
=== TheMuso used to use rhythmbox, but is now hooked on mpd.
bhaleBurgwork: eh i have had people buy into putting stuff in main w/o much question as well10:54
crimsungst-launch-0.10 all the way.10:54
LaserJockI just don't listen to music10:55
ajmitchLaserJock: I can't go without it10:56
LaserJockit just distracts me from my raging Ubuntu-holic MOTU behaviors10:56
crimsunyeah, us lowly mortals have to have some distractions10:56
ajmitchit helps lift me to even higher levels of hacking :)10:56
LaserJockwell, I listen to some music10:56
ajmitchso that one day, I can hope to be as great as LaserJock :)10:57
LaserJockbut I have pretty much stopped watching TV and playing games because of Ubuntu10:57
Burgworkso have I10:57
=== LaserJock fires up rhythmbox
LaserJockI think I have some music on this thing10:58
joejaxxi have not used rhythmbox before10:58
ajmitchbut music while hacking is essential10:58
=== ajmitch listens to a fairly broad range
_MMA_Laserjock: Have you tried "Listen"?10:58
LaserJockajmitch: what kind of music do you listen to while hacking, everything?10:58
Burgwork_MMA_: that bastard child of rb and muine?10:58
_MMA_Yea. :)10:58
LaserJockmost of my stuff is rock/alternative10:58
ajmitchLaserJock: classic rock, classical, gregorian chant, you name it :)10:58
LaserJockmaybe I need to go classical for hacking10:59
ajmitchnothing better than banging out some code while listening to Bach :)10:59
Burgworkyou can also write marketing and docs well to bach or gregorian chant11:00
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@79.207.103-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunI tried Banshee yesterday; I like it11:00
LaserJockoh, I do have a Norah Jones cd on here11:00
LaserJockthat's about as low key as I've got11:01
ajmitchI need to get something portable that I can take to work11:01
ajmitchsomething that'll play the many .ogg files I have11:01
LaserJockmy grandpa was offering to give me a ipod nano loaded with old gospel tunes he likes11:01
LaserJockI wonder if I should take him on on that11:01
crimsundefinitely. Then install rockbox or whatnot on it.11:02
Burgworkcrimsun: try changing your username to jono and run banshee11:02
LaserJockBurgwork: what?11:02
=== TheMuso listens to music on and off. The problem is that it interfears with listening to my speech synth.
Burgworkabock wrtoe some special jono-only code11:02
ajmitchBurgwork: why does that not surprise me?11:02
ajmitchwhat sort of special code is it?11:03
Burgworksomething todo with sharing11:03
BurgworkI don't think anybody named jono can connect to other peoples shared music11:03
BurgworkI can see the bug reports on that one11:04
ajmitchhow cruel11:04
ajmitchslomo_ will have to deal with those :)11:04
LaserJockwe need an Ubuntu patch to give our Community Manager back full functionality ;-)11:04
Burgworkno we don't11:04
Burgworkour community manager is fully function11:05
=== Tonio___ [n=tonio@142.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
BurgworkI mean, look at the dog he got ;)11:05
ajmitchBurgwork: that's a dog? :)11:05
LaserJockyeah, my wife loved that puppy11:05
=== ajmitch watches firefox spin out of control
Burgworkfinding ephy has been freezing at least once every two hours for me11:06
ajmitchthis was due to a google maps thing on a page11:07
ajmitchit slows everything down11:07
poningruajmitch: try getting rid of their cookies11:07
poningruand there are few js stuff you should disable but that doesnt allow the newer maps features to function11:08
=== ajmitch might get an old ipod or something
_MMA_ajmitch: My iRiver has been great and Cowon makes a good player.11:11
slomo_Burgwork: oh i thought abock removed that part again11:12
slomo_Burgwork: apperantly not... will be fixed with next upload ;)11:12
LaserJockI obviously haven't listened to music enough11:15
=== POX_ [i=pox@pox.t19.ds.pwr.wroc.pl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
LaserJockI can't figure out how to do much of anything cool with banshee11:15
LaserJockI got all my music imported11:15
LaserJockat least11:15
LaserJockI guess I need to make some playlists11:16
=== doko_ [n=doko@dslb-088-073-066-095.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Gervystar [n=alessand@host230-162-dynamic.56-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@142.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Burgworkslomo_: don't fix it11:28
Burgworkslomo_: according to abock at Boston it was still there11:29
LaserJockwhat the heck11:33
LaserJockMOTU Science got an email from the gpredict maintainer asking us to sync edgy11:34
LaserJock"the gpredict version living in ubuntu is way out of date."11:34
LaserJockwell so I finally had a look at what package we had and what Debian had11:34
ajmitchI love how these things come up *after* release11:35
LaserJockand Edgy's version was uploaded to Debian on 2006-07-0111:35
LaserJockand he uploaded the new version on 2006-9-1211:35
ajmitchBurgwork: you'll love this..11:36
=== Werdna [i=Andrew@wikimedia/Werdna] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Admiral_Chicagoi've got a user who suggests kpowersaver be moved from the universe to defaiult repos11:38
Admiral_Chicagoanyone know why it's in univer11:38
LaserJockajmitch: haha11:39
bhaleeverything is in universe until someone determines otherwise11:39
Burgworkajmitch: saw that11:39
=== Werdna invades.
Admiral_Chicagobhale: ah i see11:40
imbrandonwow made my 3rd post on the forums11:40
ajmitchBurgwork: yes, just shows the detachment of the forums from the rest of the Ubuntu world11:40
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@ppp1-167.lns1.syd7.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
luisbgimbrandon, url?11:41
LaserJockimbrandon: I've got 66 beans ;-)11:41
luisbghey LaserJock =)11:41
LaserJockhi luisbg11:41
luisbgwhen is mark giving that interview at bbc?11:41
imbrandonwell considering my other 2 posts were 8 or 9 months ago heh11:41
imbrandonluisbg, afaik he already has11:42
luisbgimbrandon, is there any digital copy in the intraweb?11:42
imbrandonyea , i forgot the url, lemme look, i thought it was on the fridge11:42
imbrandonlemme check11:42
Admiral_Chicagoimbrandon: i never go on the forums11:43
=== tenshu [n=tenshu@sgc91-1-82-231-155-79.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
imbrandonluisbg, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6080048.stm11:43
tenshuhi all11:43
luisbgimbrandon, you are a fast googler11:43
tenshui'm getting a weird error with pbuilder, could someone help me with my first package? http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=169038711:44
imbrandontenshu, have you read the package guide, and whats the error11:44
tenshui'm getting a "install: cannot create regular file `/tmp/buildd/ciso-1.0.0/debian/ciso/usr/bin': No such file or directory" error11:45
imbrandona forum url does me no good :)11:45
tenshui read the manual on ubuntu-fr.org11:45
imbrandondid you create the dir ?11:45
=== ajmitch gets annoyed with these demanding people on the forums, who say that "the devs *must* do this for feisty"
_MMA_luicbg: Heres a audio copy of the interview: http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/rmhttp/downloadtrial/worldservice/digitalplanet/digitalplanet_20061023-1700_40_st.mp311:45
imbrandonin the debian/dirs file or in the makefile ?11:45
imbrandonerr rules file11:45
tenshuimbrandon: should i create one through the app makefile (sorry i'm quite confused)11:46
imbrandonno ignore i said makefile, my head was elsewhere, but you need to make it in the rules or debian/dirs11:46
LaserJocktenshu: if the app's makefile doesn't you can do it in debian/dirs11:46
imbrandonif you are trying to install files there11:46
=== ajmitch should stop reading now
tenshui have this in rules "$(MAKE) install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/ciso"11:47
luisbgimbrandon, why are there so many references to microsoft in the article about mark? especially the last two paragraphs11:47
LaserJocktenshu: do you have a debian/dirs file?11:47
imbrandontenshu, i dident write it bro :)11:47
imbrandonerr luisbg11:47
LaserJocktenshu: what's in it?11:47
tenshuchangelog, compat, control, copyright and rules =)11:48
imbrandonthen no dirs file11:48
LaserJocktenshu: no, I was asking if there was a file called dirs in debian/11:48
LaserJocktenshu: make one and put usr/bin in it11:49
LaserJockmaybe that should be user/bin/11:49
tenshushould i do it manually or through the rules file?11:49
LaserJockjust make a file called dirs in debian/11:49
tenshuam i supposed to di this every time i package something?11:50
imbrandonfor the most part yes, every packages is slightly diffrent though11:50
tenshuok big thanks to all of you11:50
LaserJockyou're welcome ;-)11:51
=== Tonio___ [n=tonio@129.8.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== imbrandon is listening to Never Been to Spain by Three Dog Night [Amarok]
LaserJockgood to know11:53
imbrandonwont ya sleep better tonight ? hehe11:53
=== Werdna watches his dist-upgrade
imbrandonTonio_, connection issues ?11:54
=== LaserJock unsubscribes from ubuntuu-uk
imbrandonheh , why were you subscribed to that list ?11:54
LaserJockwell, there was a cool post11:55
LaserJockthat I wanted to get in on11:55
LaserJocksomebody wanted to start a Biobuntu11:55
Werdnaimbrandon: what should I package after my dist-upgrade finishes?11:55
luisbgLaserJock, what's the difference between banshee and rythmbox?11:55
imbrandonWerdna, as in , learning to package ?11:55
LaserJockluisbg: well, they're different, but similar11:55
imbrandonluisbg, obvious diffrence one is c++ one is c# :)11:55
luisbgLaserJock, let me guess rythmbox is the c# one11:56
TheMusoIs rhythmbox C++? I thought it was just C.11:56
imbrandonbanshee is c#11:56
imbrandonTheMuso, possibly, i combine c/c++ in my head11:56
luisbgrythmbox is a little cpu heavy for what it does11:56
TheMusoThat could be gstreamer.11:56
Werdnaimbrandon: hmm?11:56
TheMusoPitty the xine back-end wasn't maintained.11:56
imbrandonfor what ?11:57
TheMusoRHythmbox used to have a xine backend.11:58
=== imbrandon hugs his amarok-xine , but banshee does come a close second imho ( for when i use gnome )
TheMusoUse mpd, and your mind may be changed again.11:58
imbrandoni have a daap server running11:59
imbrandonon the file server that i connect to for music11:59
Tonio_imbrandon: yeah my internet connections sucks for a few days now.......11:59
TheMusoimbrandon: Right.11:59
Tonio_imbrandon: I'm getting tired with it11:59
imbrandonTonio_, i bet11:59
luisbgTheMuso, really?11:59
LaserJockTheMuso: what do you use for a client11:59
TheMusoLaserJock: Mostly mpc.12:00
=== MatthewV [n=MatthewV@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
TheMusoBut sometimes ncmpc, and when in GUI I use pympd.12:00
tenshuSorry this is me again, i had creted the debian/dirs and adding usr/bin in it but i still have the "install: cannot create regular file `/tmp/buildd/ciso-1.0.0/debian/ciso/usr/bin': No such file or directory"12:02
TheMusoLaserJock: I used to use rhythmbox, but since I have several machines on a KVM, if I wanted to change the track, I always had to go back to the machine running rhythmbox to do so.12:02
TheMusoThis is where mpd is really handy.12:02
LaserJockthe biggest thing I like about mpc is that I can logout and switch DEs and still have my music12:02
=== ash211 [n=andrew@user-1121gsn.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
TheMusoCLients on all machines means I can change whenever I feel like it, and from the current box that I'm using.12:02
LaserJockWerdna: whatever you want12:02
WerdnaLaserJock: I'm after ideas here/12:03
luisbgTheMuso, that is cool12:03
imbrandonWerdna, shouting will get you ignored more, but do any package you fancy to12:03
TheMusoluisbg: Yeah it is.12:03
luisbgTheMuso, how many machines do you have?12:03
LaserJockWerdna: pick something on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/Candidates12:03
WerdnaI know, but I was trying to figure out which ones would be easiest12:03
TheMusoluisbg: 5.12:03
TheMusoOne alpha, one PPC, and threst x86.12:04
LaserJockWerdna: that's a very tough question to answer12:04
luisbgTheMuso, alpha? why?12:04
LaserJockWerdna: pick one you are interested in try it out12:04
TheMusoluisbg: Because I got it for free, and I like learning about non x86 hardware.12:04
luisbgTheMuso, nice, lucky you to get it for free12:04
tenshuno idea guys?12:04
TheMusoluisbg: Yeah.12:05
TheMusoIts an old Alphastation 500.12:05
TheMusoAnd is singlehandedly the loudest machine I have.12:06
luisbgand why 3 x86's?12:06
luisbgisn't one enough?12:06
TheMusoOne dual celeron, one Pentium M notebook, and one P4.12:06
LaserJocktenshu: pastebin your debian/rules file12:06
imbrandontenshu, add "mkdir -p $(CURDIR)/debian/ciso/usr/lib" in the rules above the make install12:06
LaserJock!pastebin > tenshu12:07
luisbgTheMuso, why don't you retire the p4?12:07
imbrandonretire a p4 ?12:07
TheMusoBecause I currently haven't got the cash to upgrade it yet, and it still works fine for my needs.12:07
TheMusoBut I have a family member who will receive it once I move on.12:08
=== imbrandon still has a celeron 333mhz with 96mb ram in good use
luisbgor why did you got the dual celeron having a p4?12:08
TheMusoAs I would like a dual core machine at some point.12:08
TheMusoluisbg: I wanted a dual CPU machine.12:08
TheMusoluisbg: There are people out there who have much more hardware than I ever will have.12:08
luisbgTheMuso, I know12:09
TheMusoBut having lots of machines allows you to spread tasks between them very efficiently.12:09
TheMusoEven if some of them are quite slow.12:09
luisbgTheMuso, do you really have that much tasks?12:09
TheMusoimbrandon: Mine is a dual celeron 466 on an Abit BP6 mobo.12:09
LaserJocktenshu: and how are you building the source package?12:09
TheMusoluisbg: SOmetimes.12:09
_MMA_Speaking of hardware. Laserjock. Did you have a chat with the System76 guys?12:09
luisbgI used to have a few old machines running all time, until I realized it wasn't worth it12:09
imbrandonluisbg, yes , many of us have that many tasks and more12:09
tenshudebuild -S -sa12:10
luisbgimbrandon, like what?12:10
LaserJock_MMA_: not yet, we're still getting our stuff together :/12:10
_MMA_Hopefully they make it to UDS/MV.12:10
TheMusoluisbg: For example, when ripping a lot of CDs, I rip four CDs at once on four machines.12:10
luisbgTheMuso, LOL12:11
TheMusoVery quick and efficient overall.12:11
_MMA_Laserjock: They mentioned going.12:11
TheMusoAnd store them on one machine via NFS.12:11
luisbgI just think sometimes it is useful in such puntual moments, in general it might not12:11
BurgworkLaserJock: system76 going to be offering the MOTUs some buildds?12:11

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