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tmarblefabbione: do you know of any Niagara hardware representation at UDS?01:26
tmarblewell, that's what I'm working on (got to run now... i'll be on later....)01:34
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fabbionetmarble: no we are not going to have many presentations like in a conference06:14
tmarblei know that!06:14
fabbione<tmarble> fabbione: do you know of any Niagara hardware representation at UDS?06:14
tmarblemy question was "are YOU aware of hw presence..."06:14
tmarbleI have tentatively scheduled a T2000 rev2 to accompany me :-)06:15
tmarble... for you to play with (well, eveyrone, of course)06:15
fabbionethere will be hw yes but not a T200006:15
fabbionethere won't be time to play with hw anyway06:15
tmarbleOne thing I'd like to do is update my notes into a form of documentation that can be used more generally06:16
fabbionemake sense..06:17
tmarbleso, which specs have you signed up for (and/or put on the agenda)06:17
tmarbletrust me, I'm going to work (I was just using the word "play" in jest)06:18
fabbioneall the sparc stuff, udev/devmapper/raid/lvm06:18
fabbioneand others..06:18
fabbionei can't remember06:18
fabbionethe schedule will remind me :)06:18
fabbioneyeah i know what you mean06:18
fabbionebut i can tell you from experience that there isn't much time for hacking around06:18
fabbioneas in working on real hw06:18
fabbionejust talk and spec writing06:18
tmarbleare you saying it would be a BAD idea to bring hw/06:19
fabbionei am saying that is pointless because usually the load level of spec stuff is so high, that if you get one hour free you enjoy it as such :)06:20
fabbionetalk with other people... socialize06:20
fabbioneget coffee.. etc.06:20
tmarblehrm... ok... well I may try to get it just in case anyway06:26
fabbioneup to you really, but imho it's not worth the troubles of carrying it around06:36

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