fabbionedoko: i get the same error on gcc/pcc with  WITHOUT_LANG=biarch debuild -uc -us -b05:33
dokofabbione: don't have a G4 to check ...07:11
fabbionedoko: ok.07:11
fabbionedoko: i am about to start the rebootstrap on sparc. do you want to receive the build logs or not?07:20
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dokofabbione: just the failed ones please08:03
fabbionedoko: i can't filter from here08:13
fabbionei will need to forward it manually08:14
dokofabbione: we should get these filter scripts from lucas (the guy who did make the cluster build)08:28
fabbionedoko: sbuild doesn't filter.. it just sends08:30
infinityIt's trivial to filter is with procmail.08:32
infinityGiven the uniform subject lines.08:32
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Keybukdo we have a toolchain for feisty yet?12:42
fabbioneit should be by the end of the week12:43
infinityWe have several, and some of them almost work, we don't have one in the archive yet.12:45
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-toolchain:fabbione] : STATUS: glibc: ppc busted if kernel != .19 and headers != .19 | gcc: sparc busted (under testing) | hppa: bootstrapping needed (test in progress)
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jbaileydoko: g'day!02:24
dokojbailey: good morning!02:24
jbaileydoko: I put the binutils stuff in bzr based on the current packaging.  One patch merged upstream (i386/amd64 biarch).02:24
jbaileyBuild of glibc shows no regressions.02:24
jbaileyand ppc64.02:25
jbaileyI have the .orig.tar.gz in my homedir on chinstrap if you're interested.02:25
jbaileyglibc correctly detects the hashing stuff and enables it.02:25
dokojbailey: ok, will have a look02:25
fabbionejbailey: hashing is detected fine on sparc too02:41
jbaileyfabbione: Luvly.02:42
jbaileyI have a feeling i'mgoing to need to dust off my G4 for some build tests.02:43
jbaileythe ppc64 glibc has no significant errors.02:43
jbaileythe ppc32 one does.  I suspect it's all compat bugs, though.02:43
jbaileyI still want to look over the i486 one.02:43
jbaileyi686 and amd64 looked fine.02:43
jbaileyI'd be surprised if ia64 were anything other than fine, but I should build that too.02:44
jbaileyfabbione: I haven't committed my patch stuff yet.02:44
jbaileyI'll try to get it done by end of today, I think I was too aggressive in my pruning and want to review it again.02:44
fabbionejbailey: what patch? glibc or binutils?02:45
jbaileybinutils is probably final subject to a review from doko.02:46
fabbionejbailey: this binutils can build hppa right?02:46
jbaileyfabbione: Right.  glibc itself is missing a patch, but the binutils is fine.02:47
fabbionejbailey: ok. i am going trough a bootstrap sequence.. i will stop before glibc and wait for you02:47
jbaileyfabbione: on hppa?02:47
jbaileyI nudged adam a bit about the hppa kernel last night.  Dunno if he found time for it or not.02:48
fabbionei am building a kernel from git now. just to get the headers and get to binutils -> glibc -> gcc02:48
fabbionei am pretty sure the kernel does build02:49
fabbionebut it might not run.. tough02:49
jbailey<fabbione> jbailey: binutils looks ok on sparc.. builded glibc on top and gcc on top of glibc... no errors up till now05:31
jbailey<fabbione> it would have fallen apart a while ago05:31
jbailey anyway i am off for a bit05:31
jbailey<jbailey> up until now, like you just got an error, or like no errors so far? =)05:31
jbailey<fabbione> time to enjoy wife :)05:31
jbaileydoko: ^^ 05:31
jbaileyWe were in -kernel, instead of -toolchain, sorry.05:31
fabbionehe is in kernel too05:31
=== fabbione bounces
fabbioneok i am off now05:32
fabbionejbailey: libc6-dev in dapper Depends: linux-kernel-headers06:05
fabbioneand linux-libc-dev doesn't provide it afaict06:05
fabbioneso once we build hppa kernel, we can't build glibc06:06
fabbionei guess we will need to force that one in06:06
fabbioneactually no06:07
fabbionebinutils doesn't need new linux-libc-dev to build06:08
fabbionebut glibc does..06:08
fabbionejust postponing the issue..06:08
dokofabbione: did see it, nice.06:09
fabbionedoko: gcc build seems to going fine now on sparc06:09
fabbioneeven on Niagara06:09
fabbionedoko: once gcc is done i will rebuild glibc and open the gates for testing06:09
fabbioneNOTE that i will not be using the rebuilt debs06:09
fabbionewe are only going to test pkg foo built on edgy+feisty toolchain06:10
fabbioneand not feisty rebuilt on feisty06:10
fabbionethat will happen automatically while we import stuff06:10
fabbionejbailey: i need the glibc patch for hppa somewhere.. even offbandwith so i can test build and test06:10
dokofabbione, jbailey: for long double 64->128 change: we'll need to rebuild all packages (at least on powerpc and sparc) which uses long double to be safe; it's not that easy to detect thoese packages easily06:11
fabbionedoko: well i will try to rebuild all of main BEFORE we open the gate06:11
dokonot sure, if we want to open the gates for libraries and binary-indep stuff first, then for other packages06:11
fabbionedo you expect just plain FTBFS or runtime errors?06:11
fabbionewe can't really filter manually.. it would be hell of a work to let one package at a time in06:12
dokofabbione: runtime: libc and libstdc++ dohave support for both 64 and 128 bit long double, but other libraries don't have it.06:12
fabbioneoh christ06:13
fabbionedoko: we do have a local mirror on people.. what about a nice apt-get source $allofmain and a lot of grep magic?06:13
fabbionethat would help me to prioritize pkgs that use that 128bit thingy06:13
fabbioneand test them06:13
dokofabbione: you would have to unpack tarballs inside packages, scan for typedefs and defines, and probably still miss some06:14
fabbionedoko: well that's doable.. 06:15
fabbionemissing some can happen06:15
fabbionebut we can still catch a few for testing-?=06:15
dokoyes, probably06:15
fabbionedoko: well want to start a script now so i can actually get to test by tomorrow or something?06:17
dokoyes, probably write one tonight. but you can start testing as well06:18
jbaileydoko: I think in general it would be nice to go through and look at any package that hasn't changed ina release and rebuilt it for good measure anyway.06:18
fabbionedoko: i can't start testing without rebuilding first06:19
fabbionejbailey: statically i haven't see ONE release in which all packages in main have been the same06:19
fabbioneonly one _all.deb in one release IIRC06:19
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jbaileydoko: awake?10:48
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