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Burgworkogra: ping12:30
ograBurgwork, only two minutes ... i'm preparing for my flight ...12:31
cbx33hey peeps ... any one know why i just put a sound card into my edgy machine....and now the system is really really laggy, but with no visible processes running....IRQ conflict?12:31
Burgworkogra: no worries12:31
ogra(in 5h but i'm packing here)12:31
cbx33running a top shows nothing12:31
cbx33but the mouse and keyboard are really really laggy12:31
Burgworkogra: just wanted to talk about specs,12:31
ograBurgwork, edubuntu-directory-server ?12:32
Burgworkogra: funnily enough, yes12:32
ograwell, its about integrating AD into edubuntu ... whatever solution we'll have we'll have it deeply integrated in edubuntu and will have to have some installer tweaks ...12:33
ograsince i'm tired of being told that someone implements it i took a finished solution for the proposal, and invited upstream12:34
ograif you guys come up with something i can safely release with feisty, fine ... if not i'll go for smbldap, since thats the used solution in many/most edu distros atm12:35
Burgworkjust wondering about it, 'cause I had never heard of it12:35
ograand it seems to work well with generic admin tools12:35
ograi submitted a spec for edgy already, which mdz marked obsolete because network-authentication was there ...12:36
Burgworkthe other piece you might want to care about is lat, which might be accepted upstream in GNOME for their admin section12:36
ografor feisty AD integration in edubuntu is one of my declared goals, its achievable with an existing solution 12:36
ograoh, lat was the name ...12:36
ogradid you look at edsadmin ?12:37
Burgworkwell, I am not going to be at MTV, but I am certain ajmitch and wasabi will talk well12:37
Burgworktook a peek at the screenshots12:37
ograright, i saw that wasabi will come12:38
ograas well as moquist and dtrask (smbldap upstream)12:38
cbx33w00t for the AD integration12:38
Burgworkis smblap an entire ldap server12:38
cbx33been wanting that for ages12:38
cbx33please please please make it so we can map home dir's too12:38
ograits http://www.majen.net/smbldap/12:39
cbx33ogra you're good with hardware....does my problem sound familiar to you? - could the sound card be confilcting with the usb?12:39
Burgworkyes, but that page wasn't clear12:39
ograits only setting settings of samba, ldap, pam to act as NT4 AD server ...12:40
Burgworkah, ok12:40
Burgworkhave you seen easy-ldap-server?12:40
Burgworkour spec12:40
ograroughly ... i didnt have much time the last days ...12:41
Burgworkok, no worries12:41
ograi'll look over it if i put details into the e-d-s spec12:41
BurgworkI am certain it will all come clear with discussions at MTV12:41
ogra(its still empty if you noticed)12:41
Burgworkeasy-ldap-server is pretty light on stuff12:41
ograi just want to be sure to release a solution with feisty 12:42
ograi dont care which one as long as its feasable12:42
ograand smbldap simply is *t6he* solution in education atm ...12:42
ograso we'll see where we probably could merge efforts ...i'm sure dtrask and moqist are open for everything12:43
Burgworkthe -directory people aren't really concentrating on the server side this release12:44
Burgworkbecause we need a rock solid client-side solution first12:44
ograthats quitre trivial pam changes for a start 12:46
Burgworkajmitch knows the full details, along with wasabi12:46
ograright 12:46
Burgworkas there are two somewhat parallel things12:47
Burgworkubuntu <--> ubunt12:47
Burgworkand ubuntu <--> AD12:47
Burgworkogra: are you also aware of the work Novell is doing?12:50
ograyep ... but my time is up ...12:51
Burgworkno worries12:51
Burgworkgood flight12:51
BurgworkI might see you in MTV12:51
ograi really need to pack now eles i'll sleep to long :)12:51
=== ogra crosses fingers Burgwork can make it
ograbye all12:52
cbx33bye ogra12:57
=== cbx33 is starting a new project ;)
Burgworkcbx33: new project?01:00
cbx33just a little app01:00
cbx33hoping it'll make it into feisty01:00
Burgworkwhat does it do?01:01
cbx33oooh...I can't give all that away01:01
=== cbx33 wants a working prototype first
cbx33then I'll show it to you guys first I promise01:02
ajmitchBurgwork: hm?01:03
Burgworkajmitch: just talking about the edubuntu-auth-server stuff01:03
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sbalneavHappy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen01:37
sbalneavHalloween apples!01:37
sbalneavTrick or Treat!01:37
sbalneavSmell my feet!01:38
sbalneavGive me something good to eat!01:38
Burgworksbalneav: good evening01:44
=== sbalneav passes Burgwork a halloween treat
Burgworkyay! halloween01:47
BurgworkI got a great halloween treat from work today01:47
Burgwork19" widescreen monitor01:47
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=== sbalneav passes LaserJock a halloween treat with a laser in the middle.
=== LaserJock accidentally blows his retina off while chomping on candy
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=== jsgotangco wakes up
Burgworkhey jsgotangco02:32
jsgotangcoBurgwork: congratulations on your new laptop02:32
Burgworkindeed. congats on yours02:32
Burgworkmeans I am wipe windows off it02:32
jsgotangcoreally and i was planning to prepare it for vista02:33
Burgworkbut I shiny halloween gift from work02:33
Burgwork19" widescreen monitor02:33
LaserJockyou guys got new laptops?02:36
nixternalyou guys stink!02:37
nixternalmy laptop has died once again02:38
nixternaldon't know if a soldering job will fix it this time02:38
Burgworkthe testing team laptops are ours now02:38
nixternalmust be nice02:38
LaserJockah cool02:38
jsgotangconixternal: no our 1 1/2 year old laptops from canonical are now ours02:40
nixternalonce again, "must be nice" ;)02:40
BurgworkI am debating buying on of those shiny lenovo thinkpads soonish02:41
nixternal1 1/2 year laptop works though?  my 6yr< laptop doesn't again ;)02:41
Burgworkmy laptop is too large and I dislike the widescreen02:41
jsgotangconixternal: its pretty old now considering the shiny new core duos02:41
nixternali want a widescreen, but i don't have the widescreen money02:41
jsgotangcoalthough i doubt there would be a laptop testing team part 202:42
nixternali can get a virgin mobile cell phone, about the closes i can get right now ;)02:42
Burgworkproblem is, my widescreen is only 800pix high02:42
Burgworkwhich makes it hard to see anything02:42
nixternallol, my laptop is that wide ;)02:42
LaserJockI was thinking of trying to get a 12 or 13 " for my next one (a long time from now)02:43
nixternali can't complain, my lappy has been cranking out Linux for more than 6 years, and i had the display replaced once, for one that stinks, and i just tried to mend a warped motherboard, and im thinking i may need to do some more mending to it02:43
Burgworkback in a flash02:44
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highvoltagesbalneav: you can get the ubuntu font by installing the ttf-ubuntu-title package05:56
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RichEdmorning all07:11
RichEdhi Kamping_Kaiser 07:12
LaserJockRichEd: finally got my email back07:16
LaserJockand read your menu email07:16
RichEdah ... does it make sense ?07:16
LaserJockyeah, you want to be able to determine what the menu looks like without having to actually go in there and write it down07:17
LaserJockI gotta take a quick shower and then we can discuss it ;-)07:17
RichEdthanks ... I am also going though the feature request from the email lists, for discussion at the meeting today07:18
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RichEdping ?07:26
LaserJockRichEd: back07:28
LaserJockRichEd: basically, as you said, it's not straightforward07:28
LaserJockthe menu is created dynamically from .directory, .menu, and .desktop files07:29
=== RichEd is listening
LaserJockso there is no one file that give the menu layout07:29
RichEdCan I step back a second to clarify what I am trying to achieve ? It may shortcut the discussion.07:30
RichEdI have heard comments often from people that: "when you install windows, all you get is an operating system, but when you install (add any linux brand name here) you get open office and a whole lot of applications" ... so ...07:32
RichEdIn order to get across what or how much more you get when you install Edubuntu ... ready to use off the CD ... it would be great if we could have a bullet list of applications.07:33
LaserJockyep that's what I did for the Edubuntu School Advocacy doc07:34
LaserJockI  just went down the menu07:34
RichEdSo from my "naieve outside standpoint" surely there is a list that was compiled (and maintained) by the "person" who selected the applications ?07:35
LaserJockthe closest you will really get to a list of "stuff" is the seeds07:36
RichEdAnd a process for making changes to the list, that can trigger off a flag to update the promo bullet list ?07:36
Kamping_Kaiserif the menu is generated dynamically, cant it be 'recreated' for 'other use then showing'?07:37
Burgundaviaa list of apps is easy07:37
LaserJockKamping_Kaiser: not to my knowledge07:37
LaserJockBurgundavia: but a useful list of apps that is automatically maintained?07:38
RichEdAnd if there is currently not a process or list, would it make sense to create and maintain a list, with a process attached.07:38
Burgundaviaparse anything that is in accessories, games, etc.07:38
LaserJockBurgundavia: sure, but that's assuming you have a default install07:38
Burgundaviaany package should instlal there07:39
Burgundaviaor ~/.local/applications/07:39
LaserJockright, but we are trying to maintain a list of apps installed by default07:39
Burgundaviato what end?07:40
LaserJockso you could do it in a chroot or you could go through the list of default packages and get it07:40
Burgundaviafor that you need something else entirely, assuming you are only talking ubuntu here07:40
RichEdTo let you know where I am coming from, for a home user of windows, looking for applications on the internet, deciding what looks good, working out what what is freeware, shareware (with time expiry), cripple demo ware, downloading, installing ... all of these are a major schlep factor.07:40
Burgundaviaright, are you trying to clone installs?07:40
BurgundaviaI am still lost07:40
RichEdIf we can say:07:41
LaserJockno, we are just trying to say, "Edubuntu comes installed with ..."07:41
RichEd[1]  you get this functionality ready to use off the CD07:41
Burgundaviathe seeds07:41
LaserJockI was going to suggest taking the seed and looking for .desktops07:41
RichEd[2]  you get this functionality off add/remove applications, with low level knowledge required to get up and running07:41
Burgundaviaif you want a list of what is installed right now, post install, the packages for a raw list and the .desktop files for an "end user list"07:41
RichEdthen to me this is a major plus factor07:42
BurgundaviaLaserJock: seeds are already commented07:42
Burgundaviaare we talking for marketing materials?07:42
RichEdyep ... web site, talks, presentations etc.07:42
LaserJockBurgundavia: but the seeds don't say which packages have .desktops07:42
Burgundaviaif they are enduser apps, they have .desktop files07:42
LaserJockright, that's what I said07:42
Burgundaviathe default loadout is pretty easy to get07:43
Burgundaviayou can also just eyeball a default install07:43
LaserJockRichEd was just looking for something we could easily maintain07:43
Kamping_Kaiserhow does add/remove apps do its thing? 07:44
Burgundaviaour brains, those maintain well07:44
LaserJockwe *were* going to make a wiki page with that material07:44
BurgundaviaKamping_Kaiser: parses .desktop files07:44
Kamping_Kaiser'its thing' being say 'packages selected' and 'packages available'?07:44
Burgundaviathere is already one out there07:44
BurgundaviaEdubuntu does not ship with that many apps07:44
LaserJockmore then Ubuntu07:44
Burgundavianot that many07:44
BurgundaviaKDE-edu suite, gcompris07:44
Burgundaviawhat else?07:45
Burgundaviainkscape? dia?07:45
LaserJockdenemo and kino I think07:45
BurgundaviaRichEd: I can probably list off the list of apps edubuntu and ubuntu ship just off the top of my head07:45
LaserJockwe did have blender I think at one point07:45
Burgundaviait is a fairly static list07:45
Kamping_KaiserBurgundavia, can you autolist intoa  wiki? ;)07:46
Burgundaviafor instance, 6.10 added f-spot and tomboy07:46
RichEdBurgundavia: ^^ Kamping_Kaiser 07:46
Burgundaviaupstream added baobob and invest applet07:46
RichEdSo Burgundavia does every upstream application make its way into our variant ?07:47
Burgundavialargely yes, but I don't think Edubuntu has mono yet07:48
=== Kamping_Kaiser mutters yay
LaserJockyou can get the differences by diffing the seeds07:48
Burgundavianow that they are maintained in bzr, it is trivially easy07:48
LaserJockyeah, I've done it a few times07:49
Burgundaviabut honestly, once we get a list once, it will take 5 minutes to prune/add it for each release07:49
RichEdBurgundavia: 100% ...07:49
RichEdtell you what ... I'll start a list on a wiki page, and then you can let me know what I've missed, and who is responsible for each addition/removal/update, and give suggestions on how we keep the list current07:50
Burgundaviasounds good07:50
RichEdI would love to have a bullet list of application and functionality:07:51
RichEd[1]   this you can do with just the CD07:51
Burgundaviayou are about to get it07:51
RichEd[2]  this you can do if you have an internet connection07:51
LaserJock[2]  is tough07:51
Kamping_Kaiser2 if you have the cd, 3 if you have a net connection wouldnt it? or does hte live cd not support post-install instlaling?07:52
LaserJockbut I hope by the end of feisty we'll have a better list07:52
RichEdLaserJock: if it's tough for us, how tough is it for an end user ?07:52
BurgundaviaKamping_Kaiser: if you have the alternate cd, yes07:52
LaserJockRichEd: much more so07:52
Kamping_Kaiserbut not on the live? :|07:52
Burgundavialive is not packages07:52
LaserJockno, the live cd doesn't have an .debs07:52
Burgundavialive is data, unpacked .debs07:52
RichEdJust look at the amount of discussion this "seemingly simple request" has generated.07:53
=== Kamping_Kaiser dislikes live mroe and more :(
Burgundavia2 is more like CNR07:53
Burgundaviawe can, however, prune the lsit out07:53
Burgundaviarecommend apps in each category07:53
LaserJockmeta-packages (or takss) for each category07:54
Burgundaviakind of overkill, for what is likely one package07:54
BurgundaviaI am thinking: Video Editing: Kino (installed)07:55
=== RichEd comments: If we had an infomercial for Edubuntu, and the person complining the advertisement said to us, what can we include in the "If you install Edubuntu now, not only do you get a great desktop ... but you also get ..." section, it seems we are currently unable to give a normal person an answer. Seems a pity to have great & useful functionality that we are unable to easily describe.
Burgundaviaonce we get them into Edubuntu, we have gnome-app-install07:55
BurgundaviaRichEd: have you played much with it?07:55
Kamping_Kaisereasy describing also helps when you want to contact people to ask what would help them ;)07:56
LaserJockBurgundavia: I was thinking more along the lines of edubuntu-science, edubuntu-math, etc.07:56
Burgundaviathat is slightly tangent to what we are talking about07:56
LaserJockI don't think it is necessarily07:56
RichEdBurgundavia: mostly productivity work ... not as a "what else can I do suite"07:56
BurgundaviaRichEd: sorry?07:57
RichEd<Burgundavia> RichEd: have you played much with it?07:57
RichEdOkay ... I'm going to slip out of the current discussion, and get the wiki page up. Then we can discuss in a sticky fashion.07:58
LaserJockI think if we had groupings of packages into meta packages then [2]  becomes much easier07:58
LaserJockthere is a very large amount of packages in Universe that people have acces to07:59
LaserJockletting people know that is important, IMO07:59
Burgundaviahelp.u.c down for anybody else?08:00
Kamping_Kaiserdns works -> help.ubuntu.com has address
RichEdLaserJock: also, I think we should have in the list / matrix:08:08
RichEdAvailable in [Dapper-LTS]  [Edgy]  [Feisty] 08:08
RichEdMaybe even:08:08
BurgundaviaRichEd: 6.06, 6.1008:08
RichEdAvailable in [Ubuntu]  [Edubuntu]  [Kubuntu] 08:08
Burgundaviathe code names are not used08:08
RichEdso noted08:08
Burgundaviaanythin in Ubuntu is also in everything else and vice versa08:09
Burgundaviathey share the same repos08:09
RichEdBurgundavia: you commented above "I don't think edubuntu has mon yet"08:09
Kamping_Kaiserimo if you care about gtk/qt/gnome/kde dependancies, you know enough to look it up.08:09
Burgundaviaah, by default08:09
Burgundaviaubuntu installs mono by default08:10
BurgundaviaKamping_Kaiser: the end user shouldn't care and that is what we have repos for08:10
Burgundaviawe are recommending best of breed apps08:10
RichEdIt may be a bit of work to set it up now (which I am prepared to do) but my thinking is "the list can only change if some human being makes a decision" and so if we have a full list, and an update trigger for when that human makes a decision, we can keep it up to date as a matter of process.08:11
Burgundaviahow big do you imagine this list to be?08:11
Kamping_KaiserBurgundavia, *most* end users dont.08:11
BurgundaviaKamping_Kaiser: we can say "you may also try"08:12
Burgundaviaif they know what gtk and qt are, they can figure it out08:12
Kamping_Kaiserpretty much.08:12
RichEdend users don't figure stuff out ... either it hits them across the head in big marketing bite size chunks, or they take the eaist path, which is ignorance, or a route away08:14
RichEdNow although I am not encouraging that sort of consumer behavior, if we want to target the mass audience, we need to cater for them ... which I am prepared to do, alongside the excellent dev work that the tech heads are already providing.08:15
Burgundaviathe biggest thing we can do is the following: promote the crap out of gnome-app-install08:17
Burgundaviatalk it up all the time08:17
Burgundaviaeverything is moving deck chairs on the ship08:18
RichEdLast comment on this angle, is that the end user has no clue what gnome is, never mind what gnome-app-install is ... but if he sees "hey it comes with a free CAD package I can use to plan the extra room my wife and I want to build for the new kid on the way" then he sees a real world benefit to him.08:19
Burgundaviathat is why gnome-app-isntall is cunningly diguised as "Add/Remove Applications" on the applications menu08:20
=== willvdl [n=Will@vc-196-207-32-253.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
Burgundaviahey willvdl08:22
willvdlBurgundavia, hey08:22
RichEdagreed ... but add/remove applications is only visible once the guy has installed, which brings me back in a full circle to the start if this thread, where can I list what is available !08:23
RichEdhi willvdl 08:23
willvdlhi there08:23
willvdlRichEd, missed the thread but are you referring to a list of (grouped) apps during the install?08:24
RichEda bullet point list of "what you get when you install edubuntu"08:26
RichEd"what you can download and install if you have an internet conntection"08:26
RichEdapplication name and functionality ... bite size promotional chunk sfor Joe VeryAverage08:27
willvdlooh, the latter could be a big list :)08:27
RichEdon the on hand, that is a drawback, on the other hand it is a "wow, look at al the shit I can get" !08:30
RichEd*on the one hand08:30
=== willvdl wonders if there are stats for the most downloaded apps in ed/k/ubuntu
=== nixternal notes the x as well ;)
willvdlI must make a point of looking at xubuntu again since breezy08:36
RichEdwillvdl: good point ... if we could show those figures, in an Amazon like format, that would be a good thing" people who teach this subject also downloaded these applications"08:36
willvdlone would then need a user profile for people to download. not sure if that would happen08:38
willvdlunless we grew the comm to advocate certain apps08:38
RichEdaim high, start low ... just a thought to keep on radar ... we may be able to get something like this in the user space as a long term target08:39
LaserJockwell, there is popcon08:46
LaserJockpopularity contest08:50
willvdlooh. missed that08:51
LaserJockI believe it is being used to "rate" packages in gnome-app-install08:51
=== RichEd jumps up and down and waves his hands around in the air
RichEdyou see ! we have the bits we need, just dispersed, and all we need is coordination, not creation.08:52
RichEdso much of the work has been done ... it's just a (current) pity that we do not have the last mile08:53
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highvoltageRichEd: I think you hit the nail on the head :)09:02
RichEdhighvoltage: Often I picture Mike Chiles or Alixe Lowenherz or Trudi in my head, and think about what they need or what would make sense to them in the course of their working day.09:10
RichEdWe've already got something of huge benefit to them, we just need to be able to wrap it up in a format that rings their bells.09:11
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=== highvoltage tends to keep the end users and administrators in mind, but to each their own
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=== RichEd is rebooting
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RichEdpygi ... hello there09:42
pygihey RichEd 09:43
RichEd'lo jsgmobile09:49
Kamping_Kaiserhi jsgmobile 09:54
jsgmobileThis sucks it has no tab completion09:56
Kamping_Kaiserow, how can you handle it :(09:56
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=== Kamping_Kaiser wonders if theres a gnome bug open on 'connet to server' failling silently with ssh key issues
jsgmobileI just type09:57
jsgmobileI have a qwerty layout09:57
Kamping_Kaiserjsgmobile, how mobile are you? pda mobile, or laptop mobile?09:58
jsgmobileMobile phone via wlan hehehe09:59
Burgundavianight all10:01
jsgmobileIt seems im using it more for data rather than voice10:01
RichEdg'night Burgundavia ...10:16
=== RichEd goes off to collect his passport = 1 hour
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kwakhi, anybody has a guide on how to authenticate an edubuntu box to Active Directory?10:53
Kamping_Kaisernovell might be able to help ;)10:55
kwakim using k12ltsp 5.0 at the moment, but planning to move to edubuntu. hows the performance of edubuntu compared to fedora 510:56
kwakive been having problem with fedora.10:56
Kamping_Kaiserdont know. i dont use rpm distros10:57
kwaki think because of my broadcom Gb NICs. 10:57
kwakanybody knows if there's a problem with broadcom NICs in edubuntu?10:57
kwakwhere's teh download page for edubuntu. i went to /download. nothing's there11:04
Kamping_Kaisertried download.edubuntu?11:04
RichEdkwak: let me check for you11:05
kwakhi RichEd.11:06
kwaki waited for this version (6.10). 11:06
kwakhope this will work fine for me now.11:07
RichEdkwak: have you tried this http://www.edubuntu.org/Download11:07
RichEdand what goes wrong or is the problem  ?11:07
kwakno link for download11:08
RichEd?? there is a list of country mirrors ??11:08
kwaki only see three hyperlinks. 1 release announcement, 2, instructions on how to burn the CD, 3, Edubuntu 6.10: the newest Edubuntu release.11:09
kwakthe latter is not responding to my click11:09
kwakthat's weight, i don't have that list11:09
RichEd[Edubuntu 6.10, the Newest Edubuntu Release]  that is a heading ... you should also have a list underneath that like this:11:10
kwakyeah, i see that, nothing underneath that.11:10
RichEdrefresh your page please and let me know ... I'll also /msg you the links11:11
kwaki did a refresh. still the same11:11
kwakhope its not blocked by the government here. 11:12
Kamping_Kaiserhttp://edubuntu.org/Download#edgy has the country list - whats wrong with using one of them?11:12
kwaki don't see any reason.11:12
RichEdwhat is the last line you see on your screen  ??11:12
kwakEdubuntu 6.10: the newest Edubuntu release If you would like to benefit from the latest Edubu11:12
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: his page is busted11:13
Kamping_Kaiseraaah ok. how bizare11:13
RichEdkwak ... the page you are seeing is about 20% of the full page ... something is wrong with your connection or proxy I think11:13
kwakyeah. i think filtering from the ISP.11:14
RichEdI see that you have seen my msg window links ... try those and let me know if you have any problem11:14
kwaki tried the torrent file.11:15
kwakbtw, how's the performance of edubunt 6.10 compare to k12ltsp (fedora 5)11:15
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: re our application conversation earlier, I have found some pages on the wiki, but they are (1) old (2) duplicate and (3) a bit long and confusing ... so it has been attemepted before ...11:15
RichEdkwak: 6.10 uses LTSP 5 pre-release ... which has significant benefits in MTSP mode11:16
RichEdlet me get the release announcement link for you11:16
Kamping_Kaiseri find such lists quite hard to make+maintain - i have tried before (not for ubuntu)11:16
Kamping_Kaiserwhich is why i would rather a technical solution11:16
RichEdkwak see: http://www.edubuntu.org/news/8 [ Features of the integration work for LTSP-5 in Edubuntu include ] 11:17
kwaki read that11:18
kwakdoes edubuntu have issues with broadcom NICs11:19
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: My approach is to cobble together by hand, then improve. I find a reality easier to get going forwards than an theoretical that gets bogged down in debate. No comment on you :) just that when people see a "imperfect solution" they usually are quick to help improve it ... which gets a result, with improvements.11:20
RichEdSo you can think of the auto-update while I build the first step :)11:20
Kamping_Kaiserbut i feel in this case your finding several not-there-yets displays the flaw in the method :O, unless your the one coming and improving of course :)11:21
RichEdkwak: not sure ... the best people to ask are all on their way to a LTSP conference11:21
kwakwell, i will just try it. always having the same problem with K12ltsp11:21
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RichEdI think the previous efforts were done by the technical people, who had to focus on techincak solution, which made fixing and updating a nice to have. I come from the opposite end (user focus) so for me it is a more signficant focus, and I will persevere.11:22
RichEdjello cbx33 11:22
Kamping_Kaiserah, verry good, verry good. 11:23
=== RichEd must now check through the mail lists to see what features have been requested
=== Kamping_Kaiser debates html hacking, or writing a questionare
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: back to that team argument ... chew the bone from both ends11:23
cbx33hey RichEd 11:24
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: note that I can raise the discussion as an offline UDS topic ... show the page / concept and ask who would be dong stuff that impacts the list.11:24
=== Kamping_Kaiser hasnt kept in touch with uds
Kamping_Kaiserdoes 'offline' mean 'incidental'?11:25
RichEdAs I said earlier, a human being must be the trigger point for each addition / removal / sideways movement of any application, so if I can get list #1 and then link to trigger people, it must be possible to keep myself updated, even if it is on a nag reminder basis.11:25
RichEdoffline means I will not get it onto a team discussion with its own room and agenda, but I can ask questions in the corridors and lunch breaks, and take the "lobbying approach"11:26
Kamping_Kaiseraah right.11:27
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RichEdhi juliux ... I've just collected my passport & schwengen ... thanks for your help11:58
juliuxRichEd, cool11:58
RichEd======= edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 1 hour ==== UDS Topics: Feature Requests and Outside Participation ====11:59
juliuxRichEd, can you e-mail me your flight details?12:00
RichEdsure ... let me grao them for you now ...12:00
juliuxRichEd, dresden is a very small airport so you will finde the way out;)12:02
RichEdjuliux: mail sent12:04
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RichEdhello ... anyone got some time to help me prepare spec summary from LP for the meeting discussion ?12:28
Kamping_Kaiseri'm willing to try12:29
RichEdthanks Kamping_Kaiser : there are a bunch of discussion topics / specs on this page:12:31
RichEdWould you be able to go through and note the ones:12:31
RichEd1. assigned to Oliver12:31
RichEd2. which look edubuntu / or education related ?12:32
RichEdI'm building this page: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/UdsMtvEdubuntu12:32
Kamping_Kaiseri'll note them down for you, then work out step 212:32
RichEdAnd am myself going through the edubuntu-user & edubuntu-devel emails12:32
Kamping_Kaiserok :)12:33
RichEdThanks ... we just need enough detail to allow us to chat through at the meeting soon. You can cut & paste to a /msg window ? 12:33
Kamping_Kaiserso spec name, and priority?12:34
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RichEdthat should be fine ... we can always get a quick summary as we go through each12:42
Kamping_KaiserRichEd, all the stuff for 'ubuntu directory services' (easy-ldap-server, network-auth), do you want them?12:47
Kamping_Kaiserthe network auth for example is meantioned in a spec12:47
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RichEdif you can, please ... I am actually cutting and pasting users requests for this right now !12:48
juliux!seen ogra12:48
ubotuI last saw ogra (n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra) 11h 43m 50s ago, quiting: "Verlassend"12:48
=== Kamping_Kaiser copies into list
pips1hi there12:48
pips1meeting in 10 mins, right?12:49
RichEdhello pips :)12:49
Kamping_KaiserRichEd, i have 17 specs. i'll pm them to you. 12 are edubuntu related/ltsp. 5 are ubuntu dir.services12:49
RichEdyep ... 10 mins12:49
RichEdlovely thanks Kamping_Kaiser 12:49
RichEdjuliux: ogra last seen leaving frankfurt airport and sitting in row 54d ecomony on the way to the us of a12:50
juliuxRichEd, thanks;)12:50
Kamping_Kaiserok, you have them all. hope i got all the ones that are deemed relevent :)12:50
juliuxRichEd, only ecomony?12:50
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RichEdthanks ... that's enough to discuss ... us or others can refine on the page after the meeting 12:51
Kamping_Kaiserdarn. i just damaged my monitor12:52
RichEd=== edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 3 mins  == UDS Topics: Feature Requests and Outside Participation ===12:57
Kamping_Kaiserwhew, just in time12:59
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juliuxyeah, localdev is workind with my thinclients;)01:03
juliuxhighvoltage, is this a known bug? http://ubuntu.juliux.de/message1.png01:08
highvoltagejuliux: :)01:10
juliuxhighvoltage, yes or no? :)01:10
highvoltagejuliux: I can't say that I've seen it before01:11
juliuxhighvoltage, if the message you send via student control isnt log enough the window is to small and you can read the window title01:12
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=== mode/#edubuntu [-o highvoltage] by highvoltage
highvoltageedubuntugirl: scp01:47
edubuntugirlhighvoltage: what?01:47
highvoltageedubuntugirl: scp is secure copy, or see s-c-p01:47
edubuntugirlhighvoltage: daar's hy01:47
highvoltageedubuntugirl: s-c-p01:47
edubuntugirls-c-p is student-control-panel, bzr archive under people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/bzr-archive/student-control-panel-0.1/, spec under https://wiki.edubuntu.org/TeachersPet01:47
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highvoltageedubuntugirl: google  pysycache02:37
edubuntugirlhighvoltage: Google found 'PySyCache - Application ducative', at http://www.pysycache.org/02:37
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jsgotangcopips1: you can remove the admin access of the drupal cms for my username, i may not be able to do much even thanks 03:03
pips1jsgotangco: ok. I wish you all the best at work and hope to see you back for feisty+1 for sure :)03:04
pips1I suspect you'll be around on irc in the mean time...03:05
jsgotangcopretty much, i dont do much at night really except hang around on irc03:06
pips1you might want to consider sleep? 03:07
jsgotangcomore like get some real work done ;)03:08
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Joe_SWAUHello. :-) I was updating, and the laptop lost power. Now it won't boot. What do I need to do? I already tried the rescue boot command from the live cd. It wouldn't do anything just gave me some error.03:52
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sbalneavMorning all04:00
bddebianHeya sbalneav04:01
pygihey ho sbalneav 04:03
sbalneavhello hello hello04:03
juliuxhas somebody an idea why the sound comes out at my server and not at the client?04:05
pygihow is you sbalneav ? :)04:06
RichEdhello sbalneav sbalneav sbalneav 04:06
sbalneavI'm fine.04:06
RichEdsbalneav: are you at the LTSP user conf with ogra ?04:06
sbalneavRichEd: I certainly am.04:06
sbalneavjuliux: is this a fresh install of edubuntu?04:06
pygisbalneav: will we even try to implement that burning on LTSP for feisty or is that dropped?04:07
juliuxsbalneav, it was an edgy beta installtion04:07
juliuxsbalneav, localdev is working, only sound is not working04:07
RichEdsbalneav: Give ogra him my regards ... and let him know that I will send him an email about our meeting topday and specs / featrures meetings04:07
sbalneavjuliux: Have you upgraded?04:07
juliuxsbalneav, yes04:07
juliuxsbalneav, if ogra is next to you ask him about sound at the rangee thinclients;)04:07
sbalneavRichEd: Well, I'm not seeing him until tomorrow.  But I'll let him know.04:07
juliuxsbalneav, it is a normal edgy now04:08
sbalneavjuliux: Edgy edubuntu, or edgy ubuntu?04:08
RichEdthanks ... there are what looks like a few duplicate specs, so we wanted to get our heads together about an early meeting to combine.04:08
juliuxsbalneav, edgy edubuntu;)04:08
sbalneavis this the user you created at install time, or a newer user?04:09
sbalneavYou may need to add this user into the audio group04:09
juliuxsbalneav, it is a second user and he is in the audio group04:10
sbalneavpygi: Yes, I'd still like to target for feisty.04:10
pygisbalneav: oki, I'll try to get the new libburn out as soon as I can then04:10
sbalneavjuliux: ok, hold on, give me a sec..04:11
juliuxsbalneav, ok04:11
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juliuxhi Yagisan 04:17
YagisanG'day juliux 04:17
pips1juliux: I had the same sound prob after my upgrade, but then I re-did 'ltsp-build-client' and now it's working here.04:18
pips1juliux: did you see the post to the edubuntu-devel mailing list about this? "sound on clients" 04:19
juliuxpips1, yes, but it is a fresh edgy installtion04:21
juliuxpips1, not an upgrade from dapper to edgy04:21
pips1right, so there is a chance that it might actually be a bug.. hmm04:22
juliuxit could be also the thinclient;)04:22
pips1I haven't tested the fresh server install with the final release, but with an earlier daily build, it was working for me, afaik04:24
juliuxhm 04:25
pips1juliux: where in Germany are you based?04:25
juliuxpips1, dresden04:25
juliuxit is in east germany04:26
pips1I've only been there once - long time ago, as a kid, with my parents, when it was still DDR04:26
juliuxi never was in the ddr04:26
sbalneavjuliux: You said it was a beta upgraded04:27
sbalneavnow you say it's a fresh install04:27
sbalneavwhich is it?04:27
juliuxsbalneav, it is a beta upgrade,with fresh install i mean not an upgrade from dapper;)04:27
sbalneavok, hold on, I'm at work, and I'm having to set up a client to test.04:28
pips1hmm, wouldn't it be worth trying to re-build the client ? that get's me thinking.. how do the upgrades get deployed to the chroot ?04:29
juliuxpips1, i will give this a try, so at  first delete /opt/lspt/ and then rebuild it?04:31
juliuxpips1, i found your mail at the devel list will test it04:33
pips1to be on the safe side, you might want to mv /opt/ltsp/i386 first, and then re-build04:34
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sbalneavjuliux: What's the value of the ESPEAKER environment variable?04:50
juliuxsbalneav, on the thinclient?04:50
sbalneavi.e. open a terminal when you log in on the thin client, and type env | grep ESPEAKER04:51
sbalneavMeeting.  be back later.04:53
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juliuxsbalneav, i am rebuilding the chroot at the moment04:56
juliuxpips1, i get an error during ltsp-build-chroot05:18
juliuxW: Failure trying to run: chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 mount -t proc proc /proc05:18
juliuxerror: LTSP client installation ended abnormally05:18
juliuxthat is not good:(05:18
pips1did you backup your chroot?05:19
pips1hmm, I wonder why it failed... I suppose ogra or sbalneav could shed some light on this05:20
juliuxi will wait05:21
pips1also, did you do the ltsp-build-chroot via internet ? or locally, with cd?05:21
pips1you can use the installer cd to speed up the build-ltsp-client process... also, sbalneav introduced me to 'apt-cacher' local archive for .debs from the cd05:22
pips1to use the cd, you can do ##mount /cdrom && sudo ltsp-build-client --mirror file:///cdrom05:23
juliuxpips1, via internet but all the packages are allready installed05:24
juliuxthere was not download05:24
juliuxi can paste the whole output05:24
juliuxpips1, hang one there was an error 05:24
=== pips1 continues weeding through the uds mv specs
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
juliuxhi cbx33 05:28
pygihey cbx33 05:28
cbx33hey juliux 05:28
cbx33hi pygi 05:28
=== mario_ [n=mario@83-131-90-202.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #edubuntu
cbx33hey mario_ 05:44
mario_hey cbx33 05:44
=== ajayc [i=HydraIRC@] has joined #edubuntu
ajaycRichEd, ping06:04
cbx33anyone here know any japanese?06:05
pips1cbx33: my wife does, but she isn't home yet06:08
ajayci just know one word06:08
=== LaserJock [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #edubuntu
pips1cbx33: how much do you need translated? or do you need real-time translation?06:14
cbx33I'm trying to learn some with my wife06:14
LaserJockhow did the meeting go?06:16
pips1I think it's possible to pick up spoken japanese comparatively easy, but reading and writing is another story06:16
=== ajayc [i=HydraIRC@] has left #edubuntu []
pips1LaserJock: we went through all the user requirements from https://wiki.edubuntu.org/UdsMtvEdubuntu to determine what specs are still missing from MV06:17
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@mail.ottens.com] has joined #edubuntu
=== cbx33 is sorry he couldn't make it?
LaserJockhi cbx33 06:24
cbx33hey LaserJock 06:24
cbx33howz it going dude06:24
LaserJockI'm trying to quickly come up with some kinetic equations06:24
LaserJockbefore I go meet with my boss to discuss data fitting06:25
LaserJockpips1: that's quite a lot of info06:30
pips1yeah, RichEd will go over it and merge duplicate requests, etc06:31
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juliuxsbalneav, the output from env |grep ESPEAKER ist ESPEAKER=
juliuxsbalneav, that is the ip from the client the server has
juliuxsbalneav, but the sound is still on the server08:06
sbalneavSo, when you log in, the little chord that sounds comes out on the server too?08:07
juliuxif i login there is not the start sound08:08
sbalneavCan you go to the menu "System -> Preference -> Sound" please?08:08
sbalneavOn the first tab, what are the settings?08:09
sbalneavok, under the "Sounds" tab at the top, is "Enable software mixing (ESD) checked?08:11
juliuxyes it is enabled08:12
sbalneavWhat happens if you click on the little ">" button next to the login or logout sound.08:13
juliuxi hear no sound;)08:14
sbalneavDo you know sound works at all on that terminal?  I.e. does Linux detect sound on it using the ubuntu live disk?08:15
juliuxit is a thinclient so i cant test it with a live disk;)08:16
sbalneavSo, perhaps sound might just not work on that box?08:16
juliuxorga has the some thinclient and i remeber that he said that sound works08:16
=== linuxboy [n=anon@yoda.frogfoot.net] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavWhat kind of thin client is it?08:17
linuxboyedubuntugirl: liferea08:17
edubuntugirllinuxboy: huh?08:17
=== linuxboy [n=anon@yoda.frogfoot.net] has left #edubuntu []
juliuxit is a bt100 from fujitsu siemens08:17
sbalneavNot familiar with it.08:17
sbalneavHow many thin clients do you have?08:17
sbalneavjust the one?08:17
juliuxi have three08:18
juliuxi will test an other one08:18
sbalneavit could be 4 things:08:19
sbalneav1) That PARTICULAR thin client doesn't work.08:19
sbalneav2) That TYPE of thin client doesn't work08:19
sbalneav3) Theres a user setup issue with that user08:19
sbalneav4) theres a bug08:19
juliuxat 3) i test it also with my admin account08:20
juliuxsbalneav, is there a list of supportet audio chips?08:21
sbalneavSo, does it work work with the admin account?08:22
juliuxno it is also not working with my admin account08:22
sbalneavThen it's either 1 or 208:22
juliuxok 08:22
=== Amaranth_ [n=travis@ubuntu/member/amaranth] has joined #edubuntu
juliuxsbalneav, it is a ad1881a audio chip08:23
sbalneavI'm not familiar with it.08:24
sbalneavI don't know if it works or not.08:24
juliuxok, thxs for your help08:24
sbalneavDo you have a different kind of thin client there, like an old PC to test with?08:25
juliuxi have only my notebook and thinclients08:26
juliuxsbalneav, the card is supported by the snd_intel8x0 module08:28
juliuxsbalneav, it is also loaded08:28
juliuxhm there is no esd running is that ok?08:30
sbalneavon the client?08:35
juliuxi havent checked08:36
sbalneavDid you end up rebuilding the ltsp chroot?08:37
juliuxthere is no esd running on the thinclient08:38
juliuxis that ok?08:38
pips1does anyone know how long each BOF session is at UDS Mountain View? (how many minutes per BOF session) ?08:39
sbalneavHmm, there should be an esd running on the client.08:40
sbalneavWhat's the contents of your /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf08:40
sbalneavpips1: They're usually an hour08:40
pips1sbalneav: and what is the break time in-between?08:41
sbalneavlike, maybe, 5 minutes.08:41
sbalneavIt's a full 8-10 hour day.08:41
pips1oki, ic.08:41
sbalneavyou work.08:41
juliuxsbalneav, http://www.ubuntuusers.de/paste/4815/08:41
juliuxsbalneav, if i type in esd i get an error that no card is found;)08:42
pips1sbalneav: I assume you are a hard-working fella ;-) what is your BOF average per day?08:42
pips1I mean, how did it pan out in the past... how many BOFs did you manage to attend on a day?08:43
pips16? or more like 3-4?08:43
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=== sorush20 [n=sorush20@82-43-184-143.cable.ubr07.newm.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
sorush20hi anyone here hase qtiplot? 09:56
LaserJockhmm, not right now09:56
LaserJockwhat's up?09:56
sorush20well I just would like to compile it and use it .. but we have to buy the .deb for some reason.. 09:57
sorush20don't know if that is allowed.. 09:57
LaserJockwhat do you mean by "allowed"09:58
LaserJockhmm, that is interesting09:59
LaserJocksorush20: well, you can download the source and compile10:01
sorush20I have a problem10:01
sorush20the dependency is missing and I'm trying to download and install it.. 10:01
LaserJockhmm, it is kinda messy looking10:03
sorush20I don't know what do here. the installation section is not really that helpful10:03
LaserJockdo you have to have qtiplot?10:04
sorush20is there anything else that is similar.. I just want a really editable graph plotter.. 10:05
LaserJocksorush20: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuScientists#head-dd371d9b9785b37df7c9a011fd3e52cc9eba6e6410:05
LaserJockI'd try maybe labplot and scigraphica if you want an origin clone10:06
LaserJockgnuplot is a good command line standby10:06
LaserJockgrace seems decent as well10:06
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LaserJockthose are all in the Ubuntu repositories10:07
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sorush20LaserJock: thanks that was great.. 10:21
LaserJocksorush20: no problem10:21
sorush20linux rocks.. ms excel is gay10:30
LaserJockI've never been fond of Excel, even in Windows10:31
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LaserJockogra: are you here? :-)11:05
ograflew over reno some hours ago :)11:06
ogradidnt you see me passing at the sky ? 11:07
LaserJockif I had known I'd have waved11:07
ograits wonderful11:07
ogra could stay for a month more  :)11:07
LaserJockogra: I was going to ask you about Edubuntu merges for Feisty11:07
ograogra@edubuntu:~$ ls merges11:07
ogradenemo  fuse  nbd      sysklogd  tuxpaint  xaos11:07
ogradhcp3   kino  portmap  tuxmath   tuxtype   xscreensaver11:07
ograthats what i currently have on my list11:07
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LaserJockI was wondering if I could work on some of them and have you sponsor the uploads11:08
ograbut tell me what you picked so we dont do duplicate work11:08
LaserJockI'm guessing we won't be actually doing the uploads for the edu stuff  until after UDS11:09
ograi'll see that i get my specs fleshed out the next days and get all the third arty ltsp code merged 11:10
LaserJockyeah, I saw there was a whole lot of material from the meeting this morning11:11
ograwhich meeting ?11:12
ograedubuntu ?11:12
ograi'm just starting to catch up on mails11:12
ograwhy is *all* ubuntu network auth stuff in that list ??11:13
Kamping_Kaiserogra, RichEd asked me to put together a list of stuff that looked relevent to edubuntu - i added the 5 ubuntu dir. services items because i saw them meantioned in various edubuntu specs11:14
ograi did create the edubuntu-network-auth-{client,server} specs on purpose to avoid that 11:14
Kamping_Kaiserjust before the meeting11:15
=== Kamping_Kaiser heads out. gotta run.
Burgworkogra: did you create those specs before the -directory team existed>11:16
ograBurgwork, i think so, yes11:18
ogradoes that matter11:18
Burgworknot really11:18
ograthey are totally different ... the edubuntu specs are specific to a setup while the ubuntu specs will cover only functionallity11:19
Burgworkconfused. I dont understand what you mean11:19
ograBurgwork, the edubuntu specs are all about reconfigured services11:20
ograwhile the ubuntu specs are abut having the services integrated at all11:20
Burgworkah, right11:21
BurgworkI think there is a place for a common spec, however11:22
ograwe will only take existing packges and make override configs or something in /etc/edubuntu-directory-server if the server side in ubuntu isnt done in feisty 11:22
ogralike we do with ltsp for the dhcd or syslog configs ...11:23
ograso we wont tweak the packages but allow overriding their configs if e-d-s is installed ...11:23
ograand i was planning to look inot the smbldap configs 11:24
ograif ubuntu doesnt attack the server side yet11:24
ograyou will be able to get a huge amount of feedback from the edubuntu users 11:24
Burgworkjust want to make certain this is not "right hand, meet left hand" :)11:25
ogranah, we'll meet anyway11:26
ograand i'll try to attend as much of the network auth specs as i can beside the ltsp work11:26
ogranetwork auth is needed by *many* of the new ltsp features 11:27
ograi cant implement them without soemthing in place11:27
BurgworkI am about to try and get Userful to support LTSP alongside our other stuff11:27
ograi.e. ful diskless workstations (fat clients) 11:27
ograand local apps11:28
ograthe latter is the only way to handle multimedia correctly ...11:28
=== pips1 listens in to the interesting conversation
pips1ogra: RichEd said he will work on refining that wiki page.. at the moment, it is just a rough cut-and-paste job from user requests that came in through mailing list...11:44
=== ogra has a hard time to keep his eyes open :)
ograyep i see that11:44
ograwe cant do anything about stuff thats not specced 11:45
pips1I can imagine, I need to get some sleep now myself.. I'm looking forward to see you in MTV soon11:45
ograas i say sinc weeks :) we need at least the specs registered in LP11:45
pips1hmm. I have been thinking about spec that are still missing... 11:46
ograthere are many things on that wikipage that are intresting, but nobody ever wrote a spec for them11:46
ograi have only doen the obvious ones that i know of ... 11:46
pips1there are some specs that edubuntu community members (laserjock, highvoltage, ...) wrote, but they haven't appeared on the MTV spec listing yet..11:47
ograall the answers on RichEd's ML call would have needed speccing ... bu i told you guys that things without spec will drop on the floor 11:47
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ograhttps://features.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-mtv/+specs has many of them 11:48
pips1maybe we can create some rough specs that will cater for the remaining stuff...11:48
ograltsp-fat-clients, edubuntu-menus-completion etc11:48
ograi'm not sure thats possible this late ... but we'll see having at least a non fleshed out version in LP for each of them would be a start11:49
pips1well, all the specs under point (1) on RichEd's wiki page are specs that appear on the MTV spec listing... but there are some more specs done, that don't even appear yet on the MTV listing... who determines what get's onto the MTV listing?11:50
ograall the answers to his ML call arent specced11:50
pips1afaik, RichEd will work on that tomorrow11:51
ograthe ones that are in yet are either old ones, or ones that i created without any content yet or they are successive specs fro something we started in edgy i.e. LaserJocks menu stuff11:51
ogradont forget we'll only have five days11:52
pips1I have come up with some vague "catch-all" spec titles, e.g. 11:52
ograeach spec will have at least three BOF sessions11:52
ograof 1h each11:52
ograafter that the drafting and reviewing must be done as well11:53
pips1I didn't know there were three sessions per spec11:53
ograso more than 10 specs isnt realistic for us (edubuntu) ...11:53
pips1what is the current count?11:53
ograwell, there arent strictly three sessions per spec11:53
ograbut thast a comon number guessed from experience from the last conferences11:54
pips1ogra: how many spec have already been submitted in LP for Edubuntu?11:54
ograall you see on the link i gave above11:54
ograi should be subscribed to all of them https://launchpad.net/people/ogra/+specs11:55
pips1you are talking about the (uds-mtv/+specs page11:55
ografor me there are two *majorly important*  things we'll need in feisty ... one is network auth (server *and* client side) and the other is the ltsp gui tool (even mdz will disagree here and mark it a low prio again) since thats an upstream requirement we defined at the ltsp hackfest11:57
pips1well, I had a look at the "personal spec listings", by some of our "usual suspects" (you, rodarvus, sbalneav, highvoltage, laserjock, cbx33), but I'm confused about how relevant those are...11:57
ograrelevance is only provided by the uds-mtv page11:58
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ograonly specs listed there are accepted11:58
pips1so is it mainly mdz and sabdfl deciding?11:59
ogra(and i'm not sure the ones with "Undefined" count at all)11:59
ograthats how it was before ... dunno if they will follow that practice this time11:59
pips1during our meeting, RichEd went through all the user submitted requirements and asked the meeting participants for input.. I'm sure he will compile a list of spec to fill gaps.12:01
pips1... we will see how it goes.12:02
LaserJockwe have way to many specs for one UDS12:04
ograLaserJock, totally12:07
pips1I see the following topics that would benefit from discussion:12:07
pips1* Bundling-Edubuntu12:07
pips1  * Edubuntu "bundle" for Seconday Schools12:07
pips1  * Edubuntu "bundle" for Universities12:07
pips1* Edubuntu-Product-and-Add-On12:07
pips1* Ubuntu-Education-Network-Integration12:07
pips1* Edubuntu-Desktop-Applications12:07
pips1* Edubuntu-Web-Applications12:07
pips1* Ubuntu-Education-Content12:07
ograthat can bite us very bad .... we'll need proper priorization12:07
LaserJockogra: it might be nice to have our own set of specs12:08
ogradont we have that ?12:08
ograwe did in edgy ...12:08
pips1nope, not in launchpad12:08
LaserJockwell, I was thinking a wiki page12:08
LaserJockI mean, we need to have a list of ideas12:09
pips1LaserJock: the wiki page that was discussed today will be reduced again to a concise list12:09
LaserJockI guess that's what I'm thinking of12:09
ograpips1, my personal subscription list had *all* edubuntu specs 12:09
pips1RichEd said he will do it...12:10
ograthats how i handled it in breezy, dapper and edgy 12:10
pips1ogra: ic12:10
ograif you dont thing that suffices, set up something else12:10
ograwe had a wikipage like the ne you guys made for edgy as well ... 12:10
ograso thats the right wasy12:10
LaserJockogra: that's great for official specs and UDS12:11
pips1but now there are more developers... I'm thinking rodarvus, sbalneav, laser, cbx33..12:11
ograbut we need to thin out the list12:11
ograits way to much12:11
ograpips1, rodarvus is 100% busy with his other stuff12:11
LaserJockwe need UDS specs and we need just general specs12:11
ogracbx33 starts new projects over and over atm 12:12
ograi dotn see him finishing the SCP spec12:12
LaserJockwell, that's the thing12:12
ogralaser will only have limited time i guess ... and sbalneav must care for ltsp upstream 12:12
ograso there is not really *much more* yet12:13
LaserJockit's one thing for somebody to write a spec, it's entirely different to get somebody to implement it12:13
ograi'm hpoing to get dtrask, eharrison and moquist abouard during the conf ...12:13
ograbut you need people familiar with the topic to discuss them12:13
pips1^^ ^ ltsp devs?12:13
ograsmbldap upstream and k12 devs12:14
LaserJockbut on the other hand, it is useful to have a list of idea/specs for community people to look at, work on, etc.12:14
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pips1LaserJock: I think I understand what you are trying to get to. sort of (A) "big tasks" listing for UDS and the "core devs"  and (B) "small concrete tasks" for community devs and contributors12:16
LaserJockmore or less12:16
sorush20I@am unable to killall scigraphica12:16
LaserJockif we fill LP and the UDS spec lists with *everything* it's a mess12:16
pips1hmm, yes12:17
LaserJocksome things don't really need a UDS discussion12:17

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