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tritiumHi.  The email address my ubuntu.com forwards to is being canceled.  How can I change where it is forwarded?  Thanks in advance.03:17
tritiumI understand it's supposed to be my preferred email address.  This, however, is set to my @ubuntu.com address, yet is somehow being forwarded to my @purdue.edu address.03:58
LarstiQcan you still get email at that address?03:58
tritiumWhich?  purdue.edu?  Not for much longer, no.03:59
tritiumIt's due to be canceled.03:59
tritiumI'll try changing my preferred email, and then sending a test message.04:00
LarstiQsounds sensible04:00
LarstiQtritium: not for much longer implies yes to me btw ;P04:01
tritiumLarstiQ: yes until Nov. 20th04:01
tritiumOkay, sorry for the bother.  It appears that changing it worked.04:02
tritiumThanks for your help.04:03
LarstiQpleased to be of help for bouncing ideas off :)04:04
jameshtritium: don't set your preferred email address to your @ubuntu.com address04:05
jsgotangcoitll just make a loop yeah04:05
tritiumjamesh: For some odd reason, it was working.  It's been set that way for over a year.04:06
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UbugtuNew bug: #69616 in malone "Trailing whitespace fails when searching by bug number" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6961604:30
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joejaxxHello All04:53
mptGoooooooooooooooooooooooood evening Launchpadders!06:01
joejaxxmpt: Hello06:02
joejaxxare you involved in LP?06:02
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mptjoejaxx, yes06:12
joejaxxmpt: i was wondering about how i can have a distro more involved with LP06:13
joejaxxit is not right now06:14
lifelesswhat distro ?06:14
lifelesswhat does it focus on ? [I'm just curious] 06:14
joejaxxrunning on a vast range of computers older and newer06:15
lifelessa bit like xubuntu ?06:15
joejaxxa lot different06:15
mptjoejaxx, talk with kiko or SteveA when they're awake06:16
joejaxxmpt: alright i will thanks06:16
joejaxxlifeless: /win 2206:18
joejaxxi very much dislike when i do that06:19
mpt[07:28]  <SteveA> ddaa: /win 506:34
mptSeems to be a common problem :-)06:34
joejaxxmpt: haha :)06:34
mptThis must be some secret IRC game I don't know about06:35
joejaxxmpt: :P06:35
mptlifeless, are you able to kick staging?06:35
lifelessnah, its too far away. I can kick my laptop though06:46
lifelessseriously, isn't this its usual db update window ?06:46
jameshcan you kick it when it is on your lap?06:46
lifelessjamesh: I can06:46
lifelessjamesh: what did you think of my prf suggestions from this morning ?06:46
jameshmpt: the normal update window may be one hour different to last week now, due to DST06:47
jameshlifeless: would probably be useful, but I don't know how much effort is worth expending on it06:48
UbugtuNew bug: #69628 in malone "Need to advertise "OR"/"|" operator for searches" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6962806:50
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mptjamesh, I didn't know there was a normal update window. Is it written anywhere?06:59
jameshmpt: there is a cron job to restore the staging db from a dump of production each day, and update the code07:00
jameshmpt: it isn't an instantaneous process07:00
mptAnd it's at 1800 UTC?07:01
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jameshmpt: stub would be able to tell you the exact time07:10
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lifelessjamesh: I'm adding a new reviewer to the team, what do I need to do to the pending-reviews page - the obvious? or does your script need updating too ?07:32
stubmpt: Staging updates kick in as soon as the production backups have completed. Which tests to be about 1:00 1:30 London time. The staging update process then currently takes around 3 hours. I can fix this so it only takes a few minutes - I'll try and get this done tomorrow but feel free to nag me if I forget.07:37
mptok, thanks stub07:39
jameshlifeless: just add a new section for them and make sure there is a "## reviewer: nickname" comment below the heading07:51
lifelessjamesh: done that, [the obvious thing ;)]  - thanks.07:52
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jameshlifeless: well, that's it then.07:53
lifelessjamesh: sweet, thanks.07:54
jameshhrmm.  getting timeouts trying to view the pending-reviews page :(07:55
mptjamesh, you're a GPG expert, right? :-)08:18
lifelessmpt: together we should be able to help08:18
mptOn any commit I get "can't connect to `/home/mpt/.gnome2/seahorse-.../S.gpg-agent': Connection refused"08:18
mptI googled for this message last night and found several people asking about it, but no solutions08:18
mptJust before the passphrase alert I get that error, and just after the passphrase alert I get the same but "connect failed"08:20
lifelessso, you appear to be trying touse gpg2 with an agent08:22
lifelessdo you have the agent process running ?08:22
mptps aux shows two copies of ssh-agent running, and nothing else mentioning "agent"08:22
lifelesswhat about gpg ?08:23
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mptNothing gpg-related running08:24
joejaxx^/win 2108:24
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mptPerhaps if the phrase "/win" is included *anywhere* other than the beginning of what you're typing, whatever client that is should beep at you and make you type Enter once more to confirm it08:26
lifelessmpt: and is there a file in /home/mpt/.gnome2/seah*/ ?08:26
lifelesswith a name of S.gpg-agent ?08:27
mptlifeless, yes08:27
lifelessdo lsof | grep S.gpg-agent08:27
mptThat gives no output08:28
lifelessI think you have two problems, one that no agent is running, and two that there is a stale socket for the agent.08:28
lifelessits possible these are related.08:28
lifelessto start with, please rename that file to S.gpg-agent.old08:28
lifelessnow, as I know nothing about how the agent is started etc, I'm going to suggest you try man -k gpg-agent08:29
lifelessand/or try a gpg operation08:29
lifelessand/or logout and in again08:29
mptAfter logging out and logging in, I get the same two errors08:31
mptS.gpg-agent.old is srw-------, in case that's relevant08:32
=== mpt doesn't remember what s stands for
lifelessok, did it create a new S.gpg-agent ?08:34
lifelesstry running gpg-agent08:34
lifelessand then doing an operation in another window08:34
mptgpg-agent: command not found08:34
lifelessdpkg -L gpg2-agent, or whatever the package is called, will list the files08:35
mptAh, so I should have gnupg-agent installed?08:36
mpt"This package contains the agent program gpg-agent..."08:37
mptChalk up another oddness to the Edgy upgrade08:38
lifelesswell, you are configured to use it for some reason08:38
jameshmpt: does seahorse have any preferences about agent usage?08:39
mpt"The 'seahorse-daemon' program has been started. This program is necessary in order to cache passphrases."08:39
mptand now it works08:41
mptThanks lifeless, and jamesh 08:41
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FujitsuAnybody noticed a lack of *.ubuntu.com and launchpad.net?09:03
FujitsuI've got a couple of others in #ubuntu-motu that also cannot see any of them.09:04
mptI tested launchpad.net, wiki.ubuntu.com, and help.ubuntu.com09:04
mptThe latter two I hadn't visited in the past day09:05
FujitsuSeems some can access it, and others can't :/09:05
jameshFujitsu: I can't get through either09:10
jameshFujitsu: but can from other places I have shell accounts09:10
FujitsuThe US seems to be fine, Australia not so...09:10
jameshFujitsu: which ISP are you with?09:11
FujitsuStevenK is with Exetel, he also has issues, so it's not just ISP-related.09:12
jameshI'm with iiNet, and traceroute shows a few optus hops on the way09:14
FujitsuBurgundavia is in Canada, having the same issue...09:15
FujitsuA couple of US servers also having problems, but not many.09:16
jameshso, is there any other non Canonical servers these people can't reach?09:24
SpadsHas anyone noticed a pattern?09:24
Fujitsu<Burgundavia> telecity.net is having issues for me as well09:25
FujitsuLevel3 seems to be having some... issues... with internal routing.09:26
=== Spads nods
jameshSpads: on a traceroute, the last hop I get a reply from is ae-1-0.bbr2.London2.Level3.net09:27
SpadsDo you have any information on when this started?09:27
Fujitsu[18:30:55]  * StevenK pokes launchpad.net09:27
FujitsuThat was the first time it was noticed, though it could have been earlier it dropped out.09:27
Spadswhat time zone is that?09:28
FujitsuAEST (+11)09:28
Spadsso an hour ago?09:28
SpadsSo I'm seeing it from my home DSL and from one of my personal servers.09:28
FujitsuHow is that useful!?09:29
jameshSpads: I was getting intermittent connection problems a bit earlier than that, but now they always time out09:29
FujitsuAh, OK.09:29
FujitsuSilly routing issues.09:29
jameshI get no problems when trying to connect from window.gnome.org (another machine I have access to)09:29
FujitsuWhat routers is it going through?09:30
Fujitsu(Level3 ones)09:30
FujitsuIt's all behaving very oddly.09:30
Spadswhen I pass through Amsterdam, I se ethe problem.  When come from LA to London, I don't09:31
Spadscoming from Dallas I see the problem09:31
Spadsit's worse from dallas09:31
jameshmy connection goes LosAngeles1.Level3.net -> London2.Level3.net before it times out09:32
SpadsOh dear09:32
FujitsuOoh! YOu got to London, lucky jamesh.09:32
FujitsuHey, I get to London now too.09:32
FujitsuThey've rearranged their routing.09:32
mptBlame Heathrow09:32
FujitsuI was going through somewhere else earlier, several times...09:33
FujitsuI note that I can access it fine from another machine in the US, going through the same routers as I fail to get through from home. So it looks like it's a return-path problem.09:34
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yamaany launchpad admins around?10:08
yamaMy karma has disappeared :(10:10
=== Fujitsu looks.
yamaIt should be > 130 000, but it's now 387810:11
yamamy launchpad page: https://launchpad.net/people/sridhar10:12
FujitsuMost of that would have been translation karma?10:12
FujitsuThat's most impressive that it's vanished, as I still have all my translation karma, and it's very old.10:13
yamaI changed my launchpad ID from lordyama to sridhar, and it didn't migrate across10:14
yamaeverything else migrated properly10:14
yamastub told me to wait a day for it to migrate, but it's been a couple of days since then and nothing has happened10:16
stubyama: Please file a bug against Launchpad and assign it to me (Karma not being transferred on account merge or some such).10:22
yamastub: I'll do that. Cheers :)10:22
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mptjamesh, remember that you gave me an rs= for changing <h4>...</h4> to <h2>...</h2> in portlets? Can I get another rs= for doing the same for the fake portlets embedded in full-page templates?10:28
jameshmpt: sure.10:29
mptIt's the cause of occasional portlet heading display glitches10:29
jameshyeah.  I fixed one I noticed in one of my merges10:29
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UbugtuNew bug: #69649 in launchpad "Karma not being transferred on account merge" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6964911:40
yamathat's my bug! :)11:45
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aquarius_workIf I register a new launchpad product, can I import my bugs from another bugtracking system? (specifically, trac)12:00
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mptaquarius_work, we do that case-by-case at the moment12:02
mptWe've imported from Bugzilla and from Sourceforge before, but not Trac12:02
mptjamesh probably could tell you more12:03
aquarius_workmpt: cool. We're thinking of moving jokosher over from our external trac, you see. Is there an import format at all? (I can script trac output, for example, and write it into an import format if you have one)12:03
mptPaging jamesh!12:05
aquarius_workPresumably, if I've got a project in LP, I can do things like edit importance of bugs filed against it?12:11
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mptaquarius_work, yes12:21
aquarius_workthought so; just checking.12:21
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lifelessnight all12:31
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aquarius_workjamesh: ping?01:28
=== salgado [n=salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
aquarius_workSteveA: am I right in thinking that you know about bug importing into Launchpad?02:01
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laszlokhow can i add permissions for other people to change bugs in malone?03:00
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kikomatsubara, danilos: do you know if the pluralforms crashes in production yesterday was just during the cherry-pick window?03:06
kikolaszlok, well.. what product are you talking about?03:08
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laszlokkiko: https://launchpad.net/products/jokosher/+bugs03:09
laszloki need to let other devs change all the bug details03:09
LarstiQany person, or all devs part of the same team?03:10
kikolaszlok, they are currently unable to change milestone and importance, right?03:10
laszlokkiko: right03:10
laszlokLarstiQ: im setting up a group right now03:11
kikolaszlok, set that group as your bug contact03:11
kikolaszlok, they will get implicitly subscribed to your bugs, and will be able to change that data.03:11
laszlokkiko: k thanks03:11
kikodanilos, ping?03:14
matsubarakiko: rollout happened around 06:58 and the oopses around 09:5203:16
kikomatsubara, all at the same time?03:17
matsubarakiko: yes03:17
matsubarakiko: hmm sorry, the wiki shows the date in localtime. so the rollout happened at 9:5803:19
kikomatsubara, sounds okay then. interesting that we had somebody active at exactly that time.. 03:20
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kikomalcc, ayaround?03:24
malcckiko: Yup03:24
kikomalcc, so cprov and I were chatting yesterday about random things03:25
kikodid he talk to you about some of them perhaps?03:25
malccHe's been talking to me about his ideas for refactoring the build dispatching03:25
malccHe may have mentioned others, but I don't have my memory cross-referenced this way, you'll have to tell me what things you're thinking of :)03:25
cprovmalcc: ehe, also about empty pocket creation for feisty, the i-f-p extension idea ...03:26
malccAh yes03:27
kikomalcc, right, those two things.03:27
malccThe issue there is just getting the code which writes the release files to do the right thing03:27
kikoone is i-f-p to create the whole matrix of directories03:27
kikoanother which I find interesting03:27
malccIt depends on this release_files_needed variable, which I still feel we should be able to refactor out of existence, but haven't quite got my head around yet03:27
kikois to ensure dirty_pockets for unpublish or override actions03:27
kikomalcc, what's this about release files needed?03:28
malccYes, we should do this, this is part of the plan to put dirty pockets in the db, which has a spec now03:28
malcckiko: In order to create an "empty" suite properly, we have to write a bunch of empty Sources/Packages files, compress them in various ways, write some release files, then checksum the whole lot into a main release file03:29
kikothe fact that we don't dirty pockets for which we are removing or overriding out might even be causing issues today.. no?03:29
malcckiko: At the moment, the only way we have to do that is to basically do a full publish - override files, a-f, the works - because of the inter-dependencies between those methods, of which "release_files_needed" is the least comprehensible03:29
cprovkiko: also, IDSPR.changeOverride created a new SSPPH in PEDNING state, so it would be definatelly include in the current dirty_pocket structure03:30
kikocprov, oh, it's created PENDING?03:30
malcckiko: Package removals wouldn't take place until there's some other publishing action in the same pocket. Override changing produces pending publish records, so it triggers publishing03:30
cprovkiko: yup, so it's fine03:30
kikomalcc, aha. right.03:31
kikomalcc, the first is a bug?03:31
cprovkiko: removal requires some attention03:31
kikomalcc, what dya think of creating the pockets in i-f-p?03:31
malcckiko: Yes, I'd say it's a bug, but I'm not sure it's ever actually been triggered. Removals tend to be in the development release, which tends to see action every publisher run, so we get away with it03:31
kikoyeah. 03:32
malcckiko: I'd much prefer to create the right db state in i-f-p so that the next publisher run will create everything03:33
cprovmalcc: good point, the chances to have the developement RELEASE pocket dirty is high.03:33
kikomalcc, so we'd basically dirty all pockets in i-f-p?03:33
malcckiko: If i-f-p starts writing in the dists tree, we've got to be more careful with locking, it's kind of an unwritten but useful rule that only things run from cron.daily do that03:33
malcckiko: Yes03:33
kikomalcc, that's a good approach as well, good job. 03:33
malcckiko: For this time around, I just hardcoded dirty pockets on mawson and copied the generated files over, as I didn't want to try to rush dirty pockets in the db into deployment before travelling03:35
kikomalcc, k. dirty pockets doesn't interplay much with PPA does it?03:35
malcckiko: It does cross over; post-PPA it'll be pocket, distrorelease, archive instead of just pocket, distrorelease03:36
kikodanilos, ping?03:36
malcckiko: But it's not a complex interaction03:36
kikomalcc, so we know we don't need to publish stuff in PPAs which are unchanged.03:36
malcckiko: Exactly, we'll publish the packages we find, then we'll regenerate only the index/release files which we need to03:37
kikomalcc, did you see my hack^Wproposal to get the ppa support in the build dispatcher done?03:37
kikomeaning cprov mentioned the approach to you?03:37
malcckiko: cprov just told me you guys had been successful in finding a workable minimal approach.03:38
malcckiko: I said "Yay" and I stand by that comment :)03:38
kikomalcc, the approach is pretty minimal -- the only thing we are doing is ensuring the builds go to the right set of builders (untrusted). if that's all there is to it... :)03:39
cprovmalcc: tests for it will be harder, but not that much.03:39
cprovkiko: just for the record, https://launchpad.canonical.com/DirtyPockets is another four-hands-written spec, which turns to be the best way to produce good specs outside the sprint (gobby works very weel, even throught low bandwidth connection)03:40
kikocprov, I would only worry if the number of hands was odd, not even03:41
cprovkiko: for god sake :), you know I meant ... I better shut up and get back to tests ...03:43
=== kiko sniffles and goes back to report
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=== LarstiQ frowns at https://features.launchpad.net/products/bzr/+milestone/0.13 output, trying to sort on Assignee for targeted bugs doesn't give what looks like sorted order
LarstiQie, John A Meinel, John A Meinel, '', vila, vila, John A Meinel03:57
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mamzers555hello, how to delete attachments in launchpad if i am the creator of the bug-report, i posted an attachment twice, i will remove one of it03:58
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daniloskiko-afk: pong04:11
LarstiQnor does status sorting work as wanted, feh04:12
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #launchpad
daniloskiko-afk: it seems they were, they all happened between 9:52 and 9:53 UTC04:20
salgadomamzers555, I'm afraid that's not possible04:21
mamzers555salgado; thanks so i have to leave it as it is04:22
salgadomamzers555, for now, yes.  but you may want to subscribe to bug 4877104:23
UbugtuMalone bug 48771 in malone "It should be possible to delete attachments" [Medium,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/4877104:23
kiko-afkhey danilos 04:23
matsubaraLarstiQ: bug 6249504:23
UbugtuMalone bug 62495 in malone "Milestone bug list doesn't sort properly" [Undecided,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6249504:23
daniloshi kiko04:24
kiko-afkdanilos, how's it going?04:25
kikowanted to check with you on your 1.0 work04:25
daniloskiko: it's fine, getting all ready for UDS/AllHands ;)04:25
daniloskiko: ah, right04:25
kikodanilos, tell me the firefox story04:25
LarstiQmatsubara: thanks04:25
danilosas for ff stuff, it's done, except I need to "bzr add" some files, clean up some conflicts, and put it up for review04:26
danilosoo stuff, based of that ff stuff, is close to completion as well04:26
kikodanilos, did it end up taking a lot longer than you expected?04:26
daniloskiko: it did, in fact04:26
LarstiQmatsubara: how do you do triage work with issues like that?04:26
kikodanilos, what were the issues?04:27
daniloskiko: well, I had some issues fighting over zope interfaces which I never used before04:27
matsubaraLarstiQ: sorry, what do you mean?04:27
kikodanilos, you mean security proxies?04:28
daniloskiko: next, I had to do some design changes in the middle to allow better extensibility (eg. not to have to rework everything for OOo stuff)04:28
daniloskiko: well, stuff in launchpad/interfaces/*.py ;)04:29
LarstiQmatsubara: I'm preparing a weekly status update, and not having the sorting do what I want irks me. I've resorted to just copy pasting to vim and working there04:29
LarstiQmatsubara: and since I thought you do something similiar for lp..04:29
daniloskiko: and it also took quite some time to migrate existing tarball import/export support to the new stuff, and I'll probably be getting quite some review comments04:30
kikodanilos, who's got the branch?04:31
daniloskiko: it's not yet up for review04:32
dokodanilos: OOo support in rosetta is ready? can I test it?04:32
danilos(I'm cleaning it up a bit more still)04:32
matsubaraLarstiQ: I don't use that listing. I use https://launchpad.net/project/launchpad-project/+bugs which doesn't have that js sorting.04:32
kikodanilos, what's the ETA, and what's holding it up?04:32
danilosdoko: not yet04:32
daniloskiko: ETA tommorow, Friday together with OOo stuff04:33
LarstiQmatsubara: oef04:33
daniloskiko: well, it's just some rechecking if all's fine, so just some tedious work, no concrete blocekrs04:33
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aileanguys, where is the channel for rosetta?04:40
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #launchpad
salgadoailean, you just joined it. :)04:40
aileancool. thanks. I need Scots support on my machine and I language-support-sco doesn't seem to exist.04:41
kikoailean, aha! file a rosetta support request04:42
aileankiko, ok, will do. how? :)04:43
kikoailean, /products/rosetta/+addticket I believe04:43
aileangreat, thanks :)04:44
kikodanilos, how much more work to get the OOO stuff in shape for review? what's left, technically?04:44
daniloskiko: well, I don't have the export ready yet (it's not working yet), and it's based on all the firefox stuff, so it's blocked by ff first04:45
matsubaraLarstiQ: oef?04:45
LarstiQmatsubara: sound of air escaping my lungs04:46
LarstiQmatsubara: it's a large collection of bugs to wade through04:46
matsubaraLarstiQ: indeed04:47
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kikodanilos, and the import?04:50
kikodanilos, be more verbose, if possible -- it will help me :)04:50
daniloskiko: sorry; the import works already; import is the easier part anyway :)04:51
aileankiko, tickets submitted. thanks for your help.04:51
kikodanilos, what's left for the OOO export to work?04:52
daniloskiko: well, I have a test ready, so TranslationExport class needs to be fully implemented before it will work04:53
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aileanthere are only 6 support requests for Rosetta? And I've submitted two of them??04:53
kikowe only started using the support tracker for it recently.04:54
aileanin March. though04:54
daniloskiko: basically, TranslationExport provides a unified interface for all the export stuff, so that's where I map Rosetta data model to files04:54
UbugtuNew bug: #69703 in malone "Shouldn't be possible to unassign from a bug and leave it as in progress." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6970304:55
daniloskiko: and for OOo, it has to map all the stuff to a single file04:57
daniloskiko: or alternately, to a bunch of files per language (i.e. it maps several POTemplates and their POFiles to a single file)04:57
kikodanilos, and this code isn't written yet?04:59
daniloskiko: most of it isn't04:59
danilos(there's some boilerplate code)04:59
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aileanwhat's boilerplate code?05:10
aileanno matter, got it05:11
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joejaxxkiko-fud: oh yes i wanted to talk to you about how do i go about having a distro more involved in LP05:43
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kikojoejaxx, so tell me about this distro06:00
flacostekiko, salgado: ping06:01
kikoflacoste, oing06:01
flacostei've got an issue with notifications for localized requests06:02
flacosteLocalizedSupportRequests states that notifications are only sent to support contacts that have the request's language in their preferred languages06:02
joejaxxkiko: the distro is Fluxbuntu06:02
flacostewhat should I do with teams that have a preferred email address?06:02
kikosalgado, do you remember what we decided when we discussed that issue?06:03
flacoste(teams without a preferred address are handled like a bunch of person, so they are not a problem.)06:03
kikojoejaxx, okay. what Launchpad services are you looking to use ?06:03
salgadoflacoste, that's a tricky one, but as a start I think it'd be fair to send an email to the team if any of the team members has the ticket's language as one of his preferred languages06:12
salgadoflacoste, the rationale being that we won't actually send the email to the people themselves, but to a mailing list which will be the team's contact address06:12
flacostesalgado: that makes perfect sense06:12
flacostei'll do this06:12
salgadoflacoste, you're welcome. :)06:13
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flacostesalgado: in theory, teams can also have a preferred languages, is it possible to set this in practice?06:21
flacosteand should we make use of this?06:21
salgadoflacoste, yes it's possible --we just miss a link to the +editlanguages page, IIRC06:23
flacosteok, then if the team has languages we use that otherwise we consider that the team preferred languages is the union of all the members preferred languages06:23
salgadomaybe we can define the set of a team's preferred languages as the languages choosen by one of its admins, falling back to all languages of the team members06:24
flacostehow does that sound?06:24
salgadosounds a bit similar to what I had in mind. ;)06:24
flacostegreat :-)06:25
joejaxxkiko: services similiar to edubuntu and kubuntu06:28
kikojoejaxx, distribution management, essentially?06:29
joejaxxkiko: yes06:30
kikojoejaxx, that service is not being publically offered at this time.06:30
joejaxxoh alright06:30
kikojoejaxx, would you like us to contact you when it finally is?06:30
joejaxxkiko: sure06:31
joejaxxkiko: jjacksoniv@fluxbuntu.org06:31
kikojoejaxx, okay -- if you send me an email with a description of your distro it would be ideal06:31
kikojoejaxx, you can use malone and the support and specification trackers, btw06:32
joejaxxoh ok06:33
kikowould that interest you? have you already registered a launchpad product?06:33
joejaxxyes it whould06:34
joejaxxi have not registered a launchpad product as of yet06:34
joejaxxbecause i came here to inquire about the process, i did not know whether a distro was considered a product or not06:34
kikojoejaxx, wonderful -- send me the email and I'll set up a distro for you. no soyuz yet, as I said, but you get bugs, specs and tickets.06:35
joejaxxthanks i will send the email immediately06:35
joejaxxkiko: email sent06:41
kikothanks jo06:41
kikoer joejaxx 06:41
joejaxxkiko: you are most welcome06:42
UbugtuNew bug: #69723 in launchpad-bazaar "Problem with branch hosting" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6972306:50
kikogreat bug title06:51
LarstiQkiko: thanks! :)06:51
kikoNew bug: #666 in launchpad "Problem with launchpad" [Incomprehensible]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/66606:51
UbugtuMalone bug 666 in malone "can't file a bug on Ubuntu" [Medium,Rejected]  06:52
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lifelessjamesh: https://launchpad.net/products/bzrtools/0.12 should have picked up some releases from the prf - do you know where the logs are going ?09:03
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UbugtuNew bug: #69755 in soyuz "Gina shouldn't use the maintainer for the sourcepackagerelease owner" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6975509:10
kikomatsubara, you can confirm that one ;-)09:14
matsubarasure, I was about to ask you. Importance?09:15
kikomatsubara, medium for now, but if Gina is to be used, then critical.09:15
lucasvohow long does it take lp to import an ssh key?09:17
kikolucasvo, ssh keys are imported synchronously AFAIK09:17
kikodo you mean gpg keys?09:17
lucasvoand how often is http being synced09:18
lucasvo(the copy of the bzr branch)09:18
kikoI'm a bit confused by your questions :)09:18
LarstiQlucasvo: continously, should be done within 10 minutes, iirc09:19
LarstiQor was that only for hosted branches?09:19
LarstiQno idea about ssh keys09:20
LarstiQkiko: lucasvo is asking about launchpad-bazaar09:20
lucasvowhat means: This transport does not update the working tree of: sftp://lucas@wservices.ch/home/lucas/org/harmony/code/addressbook/09:20
lucasvooh sry off topic09:21
lucasvowrong channel09:21
kikoit means that you are using sftp push and the working tree won't be updated, just the bzr metadata09:21
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rpedrowhat group is responsible for the ubuntu daily iso builds, anyone know10:44
rpedroI have a problem with the lastest jigdo file for i38610:45
LarstiQrpedro: I suppose people in #ubuntu-devel will know10:47
matsubararpedro: please file a bug against ubuntu-cdimage10:48
radixwhat do you guys use for sending mail in zope-land?10:48
radixzope.sendmail is kind of suck10:48
matsubararpedro: bugs 64722 and 67444 might help10:49
UbugtuMalone bug 64722 in ubuntu-cdimage "[Xubuntu Edgy]  Jigdo file looking for template file with wrong name" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6472210:49
UbugtuMalone bug 67444 in ubuntu-cdimage "[Edgy]  Jigit .conf files not being provided? Jigit doesn't Just Work, certainly" [Undecided,Fix released]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6744410:49
rpedroneither of those, it's a bad checksum, I think...10:49
matsubararpedro: ok. anyway, if you need to file a bug, file it against ubuntu-cdimage10:50
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rpedroalright, I'm on it :-)10:51
matsubara-afkradix: we have our own sendmail module; its docstring says: "The One True Way to send mail from the Launchpad application." :)10:55
radixmatsubara-afk: ok, I will need to find a way to steal it from you :-)10:55
rpedromatsubara-afk: "Launchpad doesn't know of any source package named 'ubuntu-cdimage' in Ubuntu." o.o11:16
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