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=== jsgotangco is thinking he should retire from ubuntu for a while and explore the other side of the moon
nixternaland what side of the moon would that be?03:58
nixternalthe darkside?03:58
nixternali got you by 2 seconds Plug03:58
Plugah, but you forget I'm at least 18 hours ahead of you anyway03:59
jsgotangconixternal: im having  a hard time balancing things lately03:59
nixternal2 seconds lag03:59
nixternaljsgotangco: take a break then..nothing wrong with that...get stuff situated...only you know what you can do though ;)03:59
jsgotangcoand prepare for vista04:00
nixternalyou are stil04:00
nixternali was going to say something nice, but now i won't04:00
nixternali told you about the flyer that Microsoft sent Linux people in the Chicago area right?04:00
jsgotangcoi will most likely continue contributing but in a very discreet space, bluetooth and PDAs04:01
nixternalhehe, go figure, you are addicted04:01
jsgotangcoits something i know very well04:01
nixternali can help along with PDA, as I have an old school one, but im sure that doesn't count04:01
nixternalactually..it is only like 4 years old ;)04:01
jsgotangcoif its USB it counts04:01
nixternalit is usb04:01
nixternalit works like a champ with Kontact04:02
nixternali just need to port email and i will be good04:02
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jsgotangcoi actually got my 3G connection running in my laptop via bluetooth04:02
jsgotangcoits pretty hackish04:02
jsgotangcobut imagine if you have an evdo account with verizon and use that with your laptop04:02
nixternalya, i need some bluetooth toys04:02
nixternalyou know..i could very well have some connections with some manufacturers still from my days as a hardware reviewer..maybe i can get a couple of companies to send me some toys so i can test them with Ubuntu04:07
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jsgotangconixternal: that would be great, the bluez stack is pretty stable and covers much everything though04:15
nixternalwell, i have heard of people having issues with their bluetooth mice04:15
jsgotangcoyeah it would be nice to test a lot of bt HID04:19
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=== mdke moins
=== rob burps
Burgundaviahey rob, mdke09:09
robhiya Burgundavia, mdke 09:09
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mptBring it on, Ubugtu 11:33
UbugtuNew bug: #69650 in ubuntu-doc "Packaging Guide says "you a shell script"" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6965011:40
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LjLplease check the changes i made to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine  -  i've seen many users get version mismatches due to enabling universe/multiverse in the "dapper" (or "edgy") repository, but not doing the same in the -updates and -security repositories. (crimsun in particular, see this, since we were talking about it)07:34
LjLi would hope enabling graphically in Synaptic or whatever takes care of this automatically, as well07:35
BurgworkLjL: looks good. Two comments: you have a lot of whitespace just before the next header07:37
Burgworkthe other is that I would remove the two paragraph intro on repos07:38
Burgworkthat shoudl go on the partent07:38
Burgworkoh, and recommend the people use the graphical method, if they can07:38
LjLBurgwork, the only part i changed is the "Adding the Universe and Multiverse Repositories" paragraph" - but ok, i'll see if i can shorten the intro, since there's already a dedicated page07:40
LjLBurgwork, see if it looks better now07:49
BurgworkLjL: looks good07:52
mdkeBurgwork: do you already do some doc-list moderation?08:35
LaserJockhow many moderators do we have?08:35
LaserJockI thought it was more then just jerome08:35
LaserJockbut maybe I'm mistaken08:35
mdkeLaserJock: I have the admin password, and I think Burg does too08:36
Burgworkmdke: no, no I don't08:36
nixternali can only imagine the doc list..i do chicago and marketing lists now..if help is needed though, i can step up and help08:37
BurgworkI will tak eit08:37
nixternalgood, Burgwork said he would do it08:37
mdkeI don't have much time for list moderation, if someone else is up for it, that's be good08:37
=== nixternal sits back down
Burgworknixternal: no, you are getting it as well08:37
Burgworkwe need more than one person08:37
nixternali can help you out 08:37
Burgworkgiven I already admin/moderate -users,-devel,-news, -ca and -directory08:38
=== mdke nods at both
mdkeI'll set it up08:39
mdkeI'll put you down as admins, can't be bothered with the separate moderator business. No funny stuff!08:40
mdkeshall I use your LP preferred email addresses?08:40
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mdkehmm, nixternal - your LP preferred email address is your @ubuntu.com address, does that work? I thought that wasn't possible08:41
nixternalthat works08:42
nixternali use it for everything "Ubuntu" related, on all the lists08:42
mdkemust be a new feature08:42
LaserJockhow do you remove a wiki page by URL? is it ?action=delete ?08:42
nixternali have been doing it that way i think since june maybe08:42
mdkeLaserJock: DeletePage I think08:42
nixternalLaserJock: using lynx?08:42
LaserJockmdke: with ?action= ?08:43
mdkenixternal: in the old days the LP preferred email address was used for the *target* of the redirect, so setting it as @ubuntu.com didn't work... guess they fixed that :)08:43
=== LaserJock is on a MOTU wiki rampage today
mdkeBurgwork: should I use your preferred LP email for the ML?08:44
Burgworkor corey.burger@ubuntu.com08:44
LaserJockhow do they do the redirects now? manually?08:44
mdkeI'll mail the passwords08:44
nixternal#redirect WikiPage/Subpage08:45
LaserJockno, for LP08:45
nixternal#refresh 0 http://url08:45
mdkeLaserJock: no idea. Probably still in LP, but more sophisticated08:46
LaserJockactually, I don't think so08:47
LaserJockbecause I changed my preferred email08:47
LaserJockand I had to do an RT ticket to get it to actually work for the redirect08:48
nixternalall i did was add the ubuntu.com one, and then confirm it08:50
nixternalthen set it to "default" i believe08:50
mdkeLaserJock: using LP doesn't mean that it works automatically08:50
mdkeanyway, who knows08:50
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Burgworkyay! FUD http://www.platinax.co.uk/news/01-11-2006/linux-distros-ubuntu-trustix-and-suse-accused-of-email-spam/08:53
nixternalare people that stupid that they can't unsubscribe?08:55
LaserJockwhat the heck?08:55
nixternali had problems myself getting back to my page where i can unsubscribe08:55
nixternalthere is no direct links to do so08:55
nixternalbut, if you are like me, and keep your registration emails, there is a link in there to do so ;)08:55
LaserJockin the original email there is08:55
nixternali have a "Registrations" mail folder just for those08:56
LaserJocklists.ubuntu.com also has it08:56
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LaserJockit's much harder to subscribe to the lists in the first place08:56
nixternalplus you can admin your setting via email as well08:56
=== mdke hugs newsgroups
nixternalholy dumbarses...look at the bottom08:57
nixternalcomment 4 sets them straight..that was just a post to bring attention to that website i think08:58
nixternalactually, Collin is comment 408:58
BurgworkI just posted my comment09:01
nixternalare you Yock?09:02
Burgworkno, the very last one09:02
Burgworkthe man is whacked09:03
nixternalYock is the very last one for me09:03
=== nixternal tries yet another refresh
LaserJockme too09:03
LaserJockmaybe Corey got moderated ;-)09:03
nixternalhaha, he got owned that fast?09:03
Burgworkoh god I hate flash09:05
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nixternali would say the list edits were rather quick, as the bounces are coming already ;)09:09
nixternalgo figure..that same guy on the chicago site, remove him to stop those bounces..he gave up on that account i think..i banned him on the chicago list09:09
nixternalwould be nice if i could log in to moderate the list ;)09:18
mdkenixternal: bounces/09:19
nixternalya, they are the messages that bounce back because someones inbox is full09:20
mdkeshit, let's turn that off09:20
nixternalwell, don't turn off bounces, remove that guy..he is gone anyways09:20
nixternalhe is from chicago09:20
nixternalbounces can be good from a spam standpoint as well09:21
mdkeno, bounces suck09:21
mdkeit still unsubscribes them automatically after a while anyway, right?09:22
=== mdke checks, yeah
nixternalit is supposed to, but it doesn't09:23
nixternalthose bounces from that guy have been occurring for a couple of months now09:23
mdkeit has a setting to specify how many bounces before you're out09:23
nixternali have set that as well with the ubuntu-us-chicago list, and they were still occurring..i just shut it off..i will see what effect that has..so far none09:24
mdkeoh well. it can keep bouncing eternally09:24
nixternalmdke: i have a hack for the Kubuntu Firefox-Homepage...it is named redirect.html and does exactly as the name implies..it redirects to the /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kubuntu/about-kubuntu/index.html to fix the link breakage..it closes a bug, and i have done the packaging09:25
nixternalwhere should i put that in the doc svn?09:25
mdkethat sounds like the wrong way to do it. Doesn't Riddell use symlinks?09:25
mdkedid you discuss it with him?09:26
nixternalyes we do, but our homepage is the about kubuntu setup, and there are 4 links associated with it..the /etc/alternatives/firefox-homepage loads the index.html just fine, but the other html files are 404 when using the /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html09:26
nixternalyes, he has the debdiff now09:26
mdkefine, go ahead then09:26
nixternalthis will be fixed in feisty, to run like eveyrone else does, and we will create a index.html09:27
mdkethe whole alternatives system is pretty dodgy tbh, we have no good way to deal with derivative firefox start pages09:28
nixternalyes, and i want to do the same with Kubuntu instead of using the About Kubuntu pages for a start up page09:28
nixternalanywho..i will rock that out in a second...i need some food really bad09:29
nixternali think i will make me a veggie wrap ;)09:29
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newz2000mdke: ping - replacing help 6.06 content09:30
newz2000mdke: unping09:34
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LaserJockhas anybody been having problems with full text searchs on wiki.u.c?10:40
LaserJockI can't get it to do anything10:40
nixternalprovide me with an example?10:40
nixternalworked here, if that is what you mean10:41
nixternalhaha, that was title, not text ;)10:41
LaserJockyeah, title works fine10:43
LaserJocktext gives me nothing10:43
LaserJockit just sits there spinning its wheels10:43
nixternaltext don't even go through..it has been spin10:43
nixternalheh, it worked10:44
LaserJockoh, now it worked10:44
nixternaljust took fooooorrrrevvveer10:44
nixternalat the same time ey10:44
LaserJockI wonder if something was down10:44
LaserJockmine was spinning for longer then yours ;-)10:45
nixternalmust have been10:45
nixternaloh ya, well my dog could eat your dog10:45
LaserJocknow I get to fix my mess :/10:55
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