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dg6e74can someone point me to the correct channel where i can get help with kubuntu networking01:34
infinitydg6e74: I would assume either #kubuntu or #ubuntu01:39
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BenCinfinity: 4.4 seems to be chugging along01:54
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srwalterso what's the story on bug https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.17/+bug/6313402:39
BenCsrwalter: It will be addressed on the first -proposed kernel upload I do02:45
BenCbut with feisty opening, and UDS next week, it wont be any time soon02:45
srwalterthat's encouraging02:46
srwalterI may as well poke you about https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/57625 while I have your attention02:46
BenCinfinity: yay, sparc and ppc built02:57
BenCsrwalter: I'm more likely to update to the latest atmel driver than accept that patch02:58
BenCsrwalter: Latest driver uses correct firmware loading and seems to better support current kernels02:58
srwalterthat solves the bug just as well as my patch02:59
BenCsrwalter: feisty has latest atmel in 2.6.19 if you want to test it03:00
BenCI can just backport from feisty03:00
srwaltersounds good03:01
infinityBenC: I saw.  Thanks. :)03:06
BenCI'm just waiting got i386 to fail to spite me03:06
infinitySeems unlikely.03:07
BenCinfinity: I wont hide it either, I added "sparc64" to prefix the make-kpkg commands to fix sparc03:07
infinityAnyhow, even if it does, it doesn't matter for the toolchain bootstrap, since we already have a linux-libc-dev from 2.6.19 on i386.03:07
BenCI'll figure it out later when you guys aren't blocking on me03:07
infinityBenC: Yeah, I saw the fix. :)03:07
infinityBenC: Better a dirty hack than being blocked so, yes, thanks again. :)03:07
BenCone week into feisty, and I'm already at abi 4 :)03:08
infinityShould have been using a magic 0.X scheme for "effin' broken ABI, don't count on it working" or something. :)03:11
infinity(Still could, since nothing yet depends on the ABI)03:12
infinityThen you could go back to 1, 2, 3, 4 again later. :)03:12
BenCyeah, would require logic changes all in the build setup though03:12
BenCI've already had to close two bug reports on 2.6.19 because people expect it to work every already, even though it's known that a lot of external modules are still missing03:13
infinityYeah, s'pose so.  Though using 0.X for test kernels would mean that we wouldn't have to shove every new kernel upload through NEW. :)03:13
BenCgood point03:13
infinitySomething to think about for feisty+1's kernel, perhaps.03:14
BenCI'm tracking ABI now, since we'll have built ABI files on all arches this time03:14
BenCthe mad-patch-rush in 2.6.19 git is over, so there wont be huge sweeping changes03:14
infinityAlright, I'm off to run some pre-UDS errands.03:15
infinityHave about 5 days of "real life" and another 5 days of ork to attend to in the next... 2.5 days.  Should prove interesting.03:15
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testwhere can I get 2.6.19? I want to use it for bootstrapping mondoarchive . Mondo archive is a backup my workstation to dvd or other media.04:44
BenCtest: It's in feisty, but I wouldn't suggest using it04:48
testlet me tell you the deal here. I'm on a deadline delivering 1500+ ubuntu desktop pc's.04:49
testI'm in the final stages, which is creating a recovery cd. 2.6.17 generic is crashing on my via chipsets04:50
testso I used the workarround to boot it, however, when mondoarchive is creating the filesystems and is about to recover the data the kernel says the machine runs out of mem.04:51
testthis 2.6.17 generic just doesn't feel right with this via chipset. 04:52
crimsundoes 2.6.15 not work?04:52
test2.6.15 is not availble in edgy repositorys as far as i know.04:52
crimsunright, I mean "using Dapper"04:52
crimsunif you're rolling out 1500+ desktops, I'd think that an LTS release is the more likely choice04:53
testwe use software that only works correct on edgy, for example the oem-config-prepare and some systems contain sis chipsets, and the 2.6.15 doesn't work with the sis audo chipset.04:54
testso I'm stuck with
crimsunaudo or audio?04:54
crimsunwhat in particular?04:54
crimsundapper and edgy have nearly identical alsa04:54
crimsunthere are only a handful of differences (across isa and older pci drivers)04:55
crimsun(don't pay any attention to the alsa version string)04:55
testsis964 if i'm not mistaking04:55
=== Keybuk doubts edgy will even boot with 2.6.15 :)
testhmm. let me see what the 2.6.15 can achieve04:56
BenCI have to agree with crimsun...rolling out that many, I suspect you want dapper04:58
=== test wonders if it is possible to just bootstrap the mondoarchive with 2.6.19-4.4 and boot the ubuntu desktops with the 2.6.17 generic
testre-installing and re-configuring everything, is going to take to much time... 04:59
=== test is about to stress out
testabout te toest 2.6.15-27-686805:19
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hughsieBenC: why is 2.6.19rc4 only useful for bootstrapping?07:05
hughsieI want to do some OLPC work...07:05
fabbionehughsie: totally untested, not finished, missing a lot of stuff from edgy07:06
mjg59_It's there so we can bootstrap glibc and so on07:06
hughsiefabbione: you mean it might boot, but my wireless wont work, or it just wont boot?07:06
mjg59_Once they're sorted, we'll be looking at doing a proper upload07:06
fabbionewithout which we can't do what mjg59_ wrote and open feisty07:06
mjg59_Ought to boot. Ought to support a compilation environment. Beyond that, you're on your own07:06
hughsiemjg59_: ahh, gotcha07:07
fabbionehughsie: it might eat your data, it might boot and work wonderful.. you are on your own07:07
hughsiewhen is feisty going to see some kernel upload lovin'?07:07
hughsiei.e. do i go compile my own kernel.org kernel.... :-)07:08
fabbionewe usually delay 2 weeks each time somebody come here and ask07:08
fabbioneso we are about at mid January now07:08
hughsiefabbione: lol, thanks. :-)07:08
fabbionehughsie: when we are ready there will be a kernel07:08
fabbioneand it will become the default automatically07:08
hughsiefabbione: that's what my mother used to say, well, replace kernel with "cake"07:09
fabbione(assuming you are upgrading from edgy and you have the meta packages installed)07:09
hughsiesure, i'm guessing feisty is pretty empty now07:09
fabbionefood time07:09
=== fabbione &
hughsiebut the kernel in edgy is just too old to work with the olpc patches07:09
hughsiei might have to fire up fedora.... :-)07:10
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pittizul, BenC: do you have time for another kernel security update?10:05
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