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Burgundaviayo! sloths? anybody awake?04:22
Burgundaviaelkbuntu: you at least must be awake04:25
elkbuntui am, but busy04:25
Burgundaviaand johnlittle has been awol for quite some time04:25
elkbuntugimme a bit and i'll be able to help for about an hour04:27
Burgundaviasounds good04:27
elkbuntuok? gobby?04:44
Burgundaviasounds good04:44
elkbuntuare we week 20?04:45
elkbuntuhmm.. nothing added to it in gobby04:46
Burgundaviano, nothing04:47
elkbuntuno you in gobby either04:48
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BurgundaviaMadpilot: can you proof read?06:04
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Madpilotlooks pretty good06:07
Burgundaviamgalvin: long time, no see06:07
mgalvinBurgundavia: hey, indeed... hows things06:08
Burgundavianot bad06:08
Burgundaviaour release notes feel apart06:08
Burgundaviabut the UWN continues06:08
mgalvincool, i am glad to see UWN living on and doing well, i read it all the time, you guys are doing a great job with it06:09
Burgundaviayou coming back to help with the release notes?06:10
poningruhehe yeah06:10
poningruBurgundavia: you know for mv I can offer up my sobby server if they wanna use it06:11
poningruI dont know where to put that offer up though06:11
Burgundaviaponingru: email Mark and Matt06:11
poningrusabdfl and mdz?06:11
Burgundaviaoh, and jane silbers06:12
Burgundaviasilber, rather06:12
mgalvini will help when and where i can, should start to have some free time again within the next few weeks06:12
BurgundaviaI don't imagine fiesty herd will be06:12
Burgundaviaanytime soon06:12
Burgundaviahmm, "The usual term for a group of deer is a herd, but there are a couple of alternatives, according to the internet. These are 'leash' and 'mob', although I've never heard these terms used with deer.06:13
Burgundaviaponingru: we ready to roll with the release?06:13
mgalvinha, the Ubuntu Mob, sweet (that might not go over to well though)06:15
Madpilot'the Ubuntu Mob' would go well with that "We're here for your desktop" poster johnlittle came up with :)06:16
Burgundaviathat desktop rocked, too bad the image was non-free06:17
Burgundaviathat image, rather06:17
Burgundaviacan somebody start uwn 21?06:18
poningruyeah looks good06:18
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-marketing:Burgundavia] : Welcome to the Ubuntu Marketing Team's channel | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam | UWN #20 is out | Help us write UWN 21 - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue21| Channel logs at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs/
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Burgundavianixternal: I have discovered your secret identity: http://www.nypost.com/seven/10312006/gossip/pagesix/birthday_girl_pagesix_.htm06:34
Burgundaviaby "Richard Johnson"06:35
nixternalyou actually read page six?06:35
Burgundaviano, I read thesuperficial06:36
nixternalahh, and that was linked06:36
nixternalwell, i didn't know i wrote for the NYP, but I did know that I am a famous author, a professional golfer, a weatherman for the Weather Channel06:37
BurgundaviaI love common names06:37
nixternala hockey player as well i believe06:37
nixternali hate them06:37
BurgundaviaI am me, me, me and some professor at some university06:37
nixternali hate when i meet someone and they go, are you related to so and so06:37
poningruwhat?? pssh06:41
poningrunixternal isnt a common name at all06:41
poningrunixternal: I am actually on  the opposite end of the name spectrum06:42
poningruEldo Varghese06:42
poningruweirdest name in america06:42
nixternalactually, our best family friend is Varghese, and he is the Chief of Police from the very small town in Michigan wehre I am originally from06:42
poningruwhere is he from?06:44
poningrumust be a malayalee06:45
poningruask him this06:45
poningrumalayalam ariyamo06:45
poningruelongate the ya06:45
poningrushorten the o and the ari06:45
nixternalhe is from that small town...i guess him and my dad went to high school together many moons ago06:48
Burgundaviaoh, I got my weekly thankyou email from JiaBin Huang07:01
Burgundaviahe emails me each week to thank me for the UWN07:04
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elkbuntuaww how nice :)07:11
Burgundaviahmm, I solved my cache corruption issue by turning off the cache07:18
Burgundaviamakes it much slower to browse07:18
poningrucache corruption issue?07:20
poningruin ff?07:20
poningruwait you are an epiphany guy I thought07:20
Burgundaviayes, but the cache is managed by ff07:20
Burgundaviahmm, it might also be an issue with my router07:20
poningruxulrunner you mean07:20
Burgundaviano, not xulrunner07:21
Burgundaviaubuntu doesn't use it yet07:21
poningruoh right07:21
=== poningru cant wait for 2.0
Burgundavia2.0 is out07:22
poningruerr I mean gecko07:23
poningru2.0 ff == 1.8 gecko07:23
poningru3.0 ff == 1.9 gecko07:23
poningru2.0 == teh roxorz07:23
Burgundaviaah, right07:24
Burgundaviawe need xulrunner07:24
Burgundaviadon't know how that will play with Moz corp07:24
poningruvery well07:24
Burgundaviano, they want us shipping FF07:25
poningruits not trademarked07:25
poningruwell... we dont have to07:25
poningruff can be moved to universe... thought I would be very much against that07:25
=== poningru <3 ff
BurgundaviaI would like us to ship ephy07:26
poningru... I totally fell for that07:27
poningruoh wow thats not a joke thats real!!!07:28
elkbuntuhahaha... corey got called an aussie!07:29
BurgundaviaFF is a great browser for Windows07:29
Burgundaviait shows in all their decisions and how ti doesn't really integrate into Linux07:29
poningruelkbuntu: arr?07:29
Burgundavia<Burgundavia> no worries07:30
Burgundavia<Happy> no worries.. that sounds very Aussie07:30
elkbuntuponingru, flip over to -locoteams07:30
poningruBurgundavia: well I guess... but a few extension later... its very linux friendly07:31
Burgundaviaextensions are not an answer07:31
poningruofcourse they are07:31
Burgundaviaand that doesn't solve the udnerlying issue07:31
Burgundaviathe way it stores profiles is very window-centric07:31
poningruhow so?07:31
Burgundaviathe fact that it doesn't really integrate07:31
Burgundaviaevery other app stores is ~/.app07:31
poningrusame for ff as well07:32
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Burgundaviamoz is ~/.mozilla/firefox/asd;lfkhjaerst-978asdfkjh/07:32
Burgundaviaor something like that07:32
Burgundaviathat is a windowism07:32
Burgundaviawhere they instlal by default07:33
Burgundavia/usr/lib/firefox-1.0.4/, etc.07:33
Burgundavianot acting like a real library, with so numbers07:33
poningruthey no longer have an installer07:33
Burgundaviano, the default package, until hacked by debian/ubuntu07:33
poningruagain they dont have an installer07:33
Burgundaviaalmost everything debian does to Firefox makes it act more like a unix app07:33
BurgundaviaI am not talking about their instlaler07:34
BurgundaviaI am talking about thier tarball07:34
poningruok... why would you put that in /usr/lib?07:34
Burgundaviahalf the crap that FF does we don't see because iwj and others get in the way, with much pain to themselves07:34
Burgundaviabecuase libraries go there07:34
BurgundaviaI am talking about the /firefox-1.0.4/ not /gecko2/ or /firefox/07:35
poningruhehe I would put it in /usr/local/bin07:35
BurgundaviaI am talking about the package that distros ship07:35
BurgundaviaI deal with FC machiens at work, which ship almost stock FF, as that is what RH packages07:35
Burgundaviait is a fracking nightmare07:35
Burgundaviayou should listen to whiprush talk about the pain of dealing with FF in a large deployment07:36
poningrubut mofo has no control over where/what names rh puts for different libs07:36
Burgundaviadid you listen to what I said?07:36
BurgundaviaRH ships almost default FF07:36
Burgundaviain other words, all teh stupid stuff that moco does07:37
poningruBurgundavia: I still am not understanding you... the default tarball moco puts out... has not control over where it goes07:37
poningruI put the entire tar ball into /usr/local/bin07:37
Burgundaviathe binary tarball or the source one?07:38
poningruoh you mean make07:38
BurgundaviaI am talking source07:38
poningruah gotcha07:38
BurgundaviaI could care less about mocos binaries07:38
Burgundaviathose are even worse07:38
poningrudid moco give reasons why these bugs were wontfixed?07:39
Burgundaviasome of their process things07:39
MadpilotGiven what *else* "mofo" stands for, how on earth has Moz Foundation been saddled with that nick, anyway?07:39
Burgundavialike not acting like a real library07:39
poningruMadpilot: rofl07:40
poningruthat joke has been killed and beaten so many times in moznet its not even funny07:40
poningruno body even uses it anymore07:40
Madpilotyeah, I'm sure it's not an original observation, just amusing07:40
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digitalmousegreetings programs! :)09:34
BHSPitLappygreetings mouse09:35
digitalmouseall quiet here, as usual :)09:36
digitalmousehey there jenda09:40
Burgundaviagreets jenda09:42
Burgundavia21 is ready to edit09:42
Burgundaviago to town09:42
Burgundavianeeds lots of work on the "in the press" sectoin09:42
=== jenda will try to find a bit of time, but I honestly doubt it. Study is catching up with me :(
Burgundaviano worries09:44
Burgundaviay'all just a bunch o' slackers :)09:44
jendaI know :)09:45
jendaI'll do my best - but even so, I've still got marketnig stuff of my own to work on09:45
digitalmouseif there is something i can do (edit, report, interview, graphics, web-stuff), just holler!09:46
Burgundaviadigitalmouse: play with the UWN?09:47
digitalmousehmm... refresh my memory...  UWN?09:49
Burgundaviaubuntu weekly news09:51
Burgundaviapretty much the sole reliable product of this team :)09:51
digitalmouseah right09:52
digitalmousehave not been in here in a while.  i offered up, and even installed, a web-zine CMS system for an Ubuntu Magazine (many many moons ago), but there never seemed to be anything more than 'talk' about it, and commitees, and meetings.  so i've been disillusioned about the marketing teams purpose.  but i am always willing to support the effort (when there is actually some).09:55
Burgundaviathere is a the fridge, which is somewhat seperate09:57
digitalmouseand there were repreated 'meetings' here about what to offer that the fridge already provides09:58
BurgundaviaI have mused about to merge them, but peope appear to like a "newsletter"09:58
Burgundaviaregardless, we have the UWN09:58
Burgundaviait works, but needs people09:58
digitalmouseok, i'll take a look and see if i can contribute somehow09:59
Burgundaviasee the topic09:59
digitalmousewill do10:00
Burgundaviasleep time for me10:00
=== jenda grumbles about the UWN not being a real marketing product...
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poningruhey guys quick idea06:08
poningruthis may not be marketing domain... but still06:09
poningrucan we check tonyyserver and see who provided most support in #ubuntu06:09
poningruthen give some sort of reward according to that?06:09
jendaSay... and Ubuntu poster or two? :)06:13
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Burgworkponingru: we should do verfiable things, no vague stuff, for prizes06:31
poningruit would have to be verifiable06:33
nixternalthere was someone already doing that, but their server either disappeared, or they moved it elsewhere..i haven't seen it in a while07:53
popeywhy not help the people who reply to support tickets?08:16
popeythat's more easily verifyable08:16
popey(although some people seem to reply to tickets with the only intention of bumping up their karma)08:16
Burgworkwhy not reward people for marketing?08:20
Burgworkwe are the "marketing team"08:20
jendaBurgwork: I don't see us doing much marketing, though...08:26
jendaI'd like to see a good set of howtos for people who would like to market Ubuntu in their area.08:27
jendaBasically, what spreadubuntu was intended to be - I'm slowly working towards it, BTW, but I don't have enough time.08:27
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MagicFabhi - is anyone using ttf-ubuntu-title in OOo with Edgy ? Just installed it, can't see it.08:38
jendaI think I used it.08:38
jendaI _think_.08:38
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MagicFabBurgwork, Ubuntu is now a "vendor " ?09:19
MagicFabjenda, can you check it out ? The font shows OK in Gimp and other apps.09:24
jendaI used it just last week to make Jono a LoCo teams logo, i'm quite sure it works in Inkscape here.09:26
MagicFabI just have a problem in OOo. Can you check it in OOo ?09:28
jendaMagicFab: what problem do you have?09:29
jendaseems ok here.09:29
MagicFabubuntu-title font doesnt show up in the list of available fonts (Edgy+Ooo 2)09:30
jendaIt does here :/09:31
jendaI upgraded from dapper09:31
jenda(somewhere at the beta)09:32
MagicFabme too.. :(09:33
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