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tmarblefabbione: ping05:47
fabbionetmarble: pong05:47
tmarbleciao!  i'm wondering how one finds out what the UDS schedule will look like?05:48
tmarbleat what point does it "do the magic" and put specs into timeslots (etc.)?  and how can I find out about all the ancilarry (i.e. non-spec) events?05:48
fabbionetmarble: we will have a schedule soon.. but it's basically 50 minutes sessions + 10 minutes break all day long (+ break for lunch)05:48
tmarbleon the hour?05:49
fabbionewe start at 9 am and each session in 6005:49
tmarblegoing until....?05:49
fabbionecan't remember... 17:30 i think05:49
fabbionegimme a sec to check05:49
tmarbleFWIW I will have a T2000 rev2 with me :)05:50
fabbioneyeah 9 -> 17:3005:50
fabbioneok :)05:50
fabbionethe details of the schedule will be published daily05:51
fabbionenon-specs events are arranged on the fly05:51
tmarbleI'm pretty excited about it.. we actually have *lots* of people attending: http://blogs.sun.com/tmarble/entry/ubuntu_developer_summit05:52
fabbioneyes and nobody out of that list told me till 2 hours ago05:52
fabbionei was expecting an email from Simon05:52
fabbionebut he did never answer05:52
fabbionenow i need to see if we can arrange a dinner or something05:53
fabbionethe blog is empty?05:53
tmarblewow, that's wierd.. like it didn't get published?05:58
fabbioneit's empty05:58
tmarblemy bad -- apparently didn't push the right button... try again now (let me know what you think ;-)05:59
fabbioneeheh there it is06:00
fabbioneoky doky :)06:01

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