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jbaileyfabbione: Awake yet?05:13
fabbionejbailey: now05:47
fabbioneWHOP WHOP05:51
fabbionenew gcc built on hppa05:51
jbaileyfabbione: Cool.  Is that using the new glibc?05:54
jbaileychroot test on ppc works for libc6.05:55
jbaileyDoing system test and reboot.05:55
jbaileyAh, found a missing patch in libc.postinst.05:56
fabbionewhich one?05:56
jbaileyDo you wish to restart services? [Y/n]  05:56
jbaileyThe one that eliminates that prompt.05:57
fabbionehmmm i thought i did pull it in.. 05:57
fabbionethose headers changes for IFA_ADDRESS will give us headacke05:59
fabbionewith this rebuild i got about 30 FTBFS compared to edgy05:59
=== fabbione uploads gcc hppa to chinstrap
jbaileyI thought it had been in there, but I don't see it...06:06
jbaileyLike, not in edgy, not in dapper.06:06
jbaileyWell.  I'm still not convinced of that change anyway, so leave it for now, solve it later.06:08
jbaileyReboot test.06:09
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jbaileyWeird.  This *feels* faster.06:16
fabbione* jbailey has quit ("ping timeout - glibc deteted ** double linked free **")06:17
jbaileyEh, you're kidding? =)06:17
fabbioneof course :)06:17
jbaileyBah ;)06:17
fabbioneit feels faster.... ping timeout.. too fast for internet06:18
fabbionelamont, jbailey, infinity: new hppa gcc is on chinstrap06:20
fabbione(usual place)06:20
jbaileyfabbione: Need anything else from me before I go pass out?06:25
fabbionedid you commit what you have done?06:26
fabbionelet me check one second06:26
jbailey'k, I still need to brush my teeth anyway06:27
jbaileyOh which arch was it that you can't build twice?06:28
fabbionehow can i check just check the commit diff you did?06:28
fabbionei am trying now with new gcc for the sake of it06:29
fabbionebut the error wasn't gcc related06:29
fabbioneok i am good with this06:31
jbaileybzr diff -r#..#06:33
jbailey'kay.  I'll look at the hppa problem tomorrow.06:33
jbaileyI went throught the ppc testsuite failures tonight.  isomac is just a bad test with ldbl-128.  tst-cancel24 is fixed.06:34
jbaileyThat solves ppc64.  The ppc32 stuff, there's something weird with how it calls the shell for one test, I don't understand.06:34
jbaileyThe remaining thread tests I *think* are just from me using a ppc64 kernel.06:34
jbaileyThe other stuff I did solved the segfault and the locale related tests.06:35
fabbionethe hppa thingy should be simple for you06:35
jbaileyYeah, I suspect so.06:35
jbaileyIs that the only thing blocking us openning now?06:36
fabbioneyes it still fails with new gcc06:36
fabbioneno it's not a blocker06:36
fabbionewe will need to upload glibc_2.5-0ubuntu2 once gcc is built06:36
fabbionethat will take another 24 hours round06:36
fabbioneand the bootstrap for hppa will take longer than that06:37
jbailey'k.  So what's our blockers?  ppc kernel.  What else?06:38
fabbionesparc and ppc abi change..06:38
fabbionedoko gave me a test case but i am not convinced yet06:38
fabbionei just need to talk to him06:38
fabbioneotherwise i would say we only need binutils to hit the archive06:42
fabbioneand we can upload06:42
fabbioneand you can go to sleep for today :)06:42
jbaileyis light reading for you for the nighttime.06:48
jbaileyThere'll be a test in the morning. =)06:48
jbaileyfabbione: Passing out in the meantime.  g'n!06:51
fabbionejbailey: night dude06:51
fabbionewanna-build -d feisty --list=needs-build07:48
fabbioneTotal 0 package(s)07:48
fabbioneok.. only a little bit left to complete sparc rebuild07:48
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infinityGuys, I'm going to do glibc first thing when I wake up so I can babysit it and make sure it goes smoothly.02:01
infinityIf someone has a new gcc and gcc-defaults for me, I'd love to see those in the queue as well.02:01
jbaileyinfinity: How far away about is that?02:01
infinityjbailey: ~8 hours.02:01
jbaileyI don't think gcc-defaults is changing - we're still on 4.102:02
infinityOh, we're still 4.1?  Kay.  Coo.02:02
infinityThen just the new gcc would be nice. :)02:02
infinityIf I can complete the dance tomorrow, we can open this bloody thing.02:02
jbaileyYup.  Is it useful if you get a tweaked glibc for hppa today, or should that just wait until later.02:02
infinityhppa can wait.02:03
jbaileyFabio said that it doesn't build itself with the new version, planning on looking at that today.02:03
infinityThough I'd like to spend some time with you on hppa sometime tomorrow, if our timezones match up at some point.02:03
infinityAnd yeah, glibc on hppa isn't self-hosting currently.02:03
jbaileyNeed to check with my wife, but I think she's working tonight.02:03
jbaileyShe that should be fine.  I'll try to solve the self-hosting problem before that.02:04
infinityCool.  I'll see you when I wake up, then.02:04
infinityToodles and such.02:04
jbaileySleep well, Adam.02:04
infinityBug doko for gcc, if you see him. :)02:04
dokoinfinity: I can upload that, what should we do with th ldbl128 changes?02:04
infinitydoko: We never got anywhere conclusive with that, did we?02:04
jbaileydoko: It only affects libraries that have defined ldbl-128 interfaces, right?02:04
jbaileyAnything calling into glibc will be fine.02:05
jbaileyIt'll otherwise be internally consistant.02:05
jbaileyI'm inclined to say non-issue and see if I'm right.02:05
dokojbailey: yes, I started https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ldbl128Main02:05
infinityWell, the only possible issue is a maintainer script calling into broken code during the upgrade.02:05
infinityIf that's not a likely problem, we can just hand-wave it all away and make sure the affected bits are rebuilt.02:06
=== cjwatson is with infinity on this
dokoand https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ldbl128Universe02:06
jbaileydoko: How are you testing these?  Are you grepping include files?02:06
fabbionejbailey, infinity: didn't we agree to upload another glibc after gcc???02:07
dokojbailey: yes, and then looking at the packages02:07
jbaileydoko: 'kay.  Just making sure we're not triggering on internal uses of ldbl - just public interfaces.02:07
infinityfabbione: We'll need another one to fix hppa anyway, so that timing will work out perfectly.02:07
infinityjbailey: If you can hold off on the hppa-fixing glibc until after I do glibc/gcc on the primary arches, we'll get the "glibc rebuilt with the new toolchain" for free.02:08
dokojbailey: and just include files in the binary packages, not the source packages02:08
jbaileyinfinity: 'kay.  I can push the changes to bzr rather than upload.02:08
jbaileydoko: Right.02:08
fabbioneinfinity: yes i am aware of hppa, but i think we should upload glibc after gcc again before opening 02:08
fabbioneinfinity: and yes.. we get hppa for free that way and that was my plan too02:08
jbaileyfabbione: He's agreeing with you.02:08
fabbionei am redundant02:09
infinityI wasn't going to say it. :P02:09
dokoinfinity, cjwatson: if we don't do anything with it, then we should upload the identified packages having long double in the interface just after the toolchain  upload (and before opening the gates)02:11
infinityIf you feel like hitting me with a mess of rebuild-only uploads, be my guest.02:12
fabbionedoko: i think we can do that using edgy source (just version bump) and merge them later02:12
cjwatsonI think that would be OK by me02:12
infinityIf we need to order library/app rebuilds, either set tightly-versioned build-deps (which might be a bit icky), or mail me a sort order.02:12
fabbionethat would probably be the fastest02:12
cjwatsonoh, fuck, app rdepends02:13
cjwatsonthat's gonna be a LOT of rebuilds, right?02:13
infinityA fair few.02:13
infinitylibgmp has a lot of rdeps, for instance.02:13
cjwatsonif we could prune the list as much as possible first ...02:13
fabbionecjwatson: why? if we upload the libs first then everything that happen after is ok... there will be a short window during initial import that we are exposed, but who cares?02:13
infinityOn the other hand, I don't much care if APPS in feisty are broken, if we can just rebuild the libs out of the gate.02:14
infinityWe can catch the apps at a more leisurely pace.02:14
cjwatsonfabbione: I guess we could just ignore apps and let them get sorted out on merge/sync, assuming that they've changed in Debian02:14
fabbioneinfinity: exactly...02:14
cjwatsonI'd be a lot more comfortable if we had an automatic way to scan binaries for the old long double ABI02:14
fabbionei guess we can track the list and see if something is not rebuilded02:14
infinityI'm sure someone could write a quick archive scanner to find it... Maybe?02:15
infinityOr is it completely opaque?02:15
fabbioneinfinity: i think you could just unleash glibc on the buildd... some of them will take hours to build anyway02:15
infinityfabbione: It's not published yet.02:15
fabbioneinfinity: ppc kernel is ok so buildd should survive 02:15
jbaileycjwatson: Not possible, sadle.02:15
infinityfabbione: I'll probably get it building before I sleep, though.02:15
jbaileycjwatson: The problem is that on arches where long double didn't exist, it came out as double.02:16
fabbioneit should be published in few minutes :)02:16
jbaileysadly, even.02:16
dokoinfinity: once you use a typedef in a header, you can't really find out something about the app without knowing the typedefs02:16
infinitydoko: Anyhow, either way, get me gcc for tomorrow, pretty please.  We can get this whole library rebuilding mess sorted then.02:16
cjwatsonjbailey: can we scan for binaries using double at all?02:16
infinity(Or you guys can keep hashing it out while I watch TV for an hour and then go to sleep)02:16
cjwatsonthen we could just compare timestamps ...02:16
cjwatsonor for binaries using long double on i386 but double on powerpc, or something02:17
cjwatsonsorry, this all feels horribly impractical I know, just thinking out loud until it becomes practical02:17
jbaileyUmm, probably, since they'd have a floating point register somewhere in the signature?  glibc has some sort of abi check that they use for that.  It's black magic I've not poked by head into though.02:17
fabbioneshower time..02:18
dokowhy does postfix need long double?02:47
fabbioneto process faster tons of TB of spam02:47
infinityGrr, lib64stdc++6 was in universe.  Promoting to main, glibc will have to rety on ppc/sparc.03:15
=== infinity is going to bed, but will attend to it in the morning.
dokoinfinity: gcc-4.1 didn't change, will put it on chinstrap:~doko/uploads/03:18
fabbioneinfinity: eh?03:21
fabbioneinfinity: i did build glibc with what's in edgy main03:21
fabbionespecially on sparc03:22
fabbionethis is weird tho03:23
lamontdoko: where does postfix use long double?04:12
dokolamont: http://people.ubuntu.com/~doko/ldbl/ldbl.headers-main/postfix-dev04:13
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jbaileyfabbione, infinity: hppa patch committed for ustat bug.09:18
fabbionejbailey: great!09:20
fabbioneonce we get gcc out i will reupload glibc and we can open the dance09:20
jbaileyTurns out I wrote the patch for it in July. =)09:20
jbaileyfabbione: The build isn't finished here yet, but it's at least past that point.09:22
jbaileyI'm a bit concerned by the number of testsuite failures in there, but I suspect that most of those go away with a newer kernel.09:23
fabbionei guess we will never know till we boot a .1909:24
fabbionealso.. did you notice that we have unalligned access warnings with 2.5?09:24
jbaileyNot so far.09:26
jbaileyMostly I noticed that my locales appear to be broken on hppa, but I don't remember them being broken at home.09:26
jbaileySo I'll check again on ppc to make sure.09:26
fabbionepitti claims locales is ok for him on amd64 or x8609:27
jbaileyWeird.  I probably am just missing something that got twiddled from dapper.09:27
jbaileyfabbione: You just use English on your desktop?09:27
fabbionethere is no other language for computer stuff09:28
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