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joejaxxwow launchpad is back to quiet02:02
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mptGooooooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!02:30
ajmitchhello mpt 02:31
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joejaxxmpt: :D02:48
mptWhat? :-)02:51
joejaxxmpt: your greeting :)02:52
UbugtuNew bug: #69808 in malone "Remote bug watches should get an initial status at creation time" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6980803:10
jameshlifeless: can you tell me what the pattern for that series is?03:20
lifelessjamesh: garh03:41
lifelessit did not save it :(03:41
lifelessok, its saved now03:43
lifelessjamesh: http://www.die.net/musings/page_load_time/04:28
lifelesscourtesy jdub04:28
lifelessspiv: ^04:29
lifelessmm, who else should see this04:29
jameshlifeless: SteveA pointed that out a few days ago04:29
lifelessok, well then ;)04:29
jameshit's interesting04:29
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jameshlifeless: w.r.t. that article, do you think our use of SSL would affect the use of multiple host names much?06:08
jameshlifeless: e.g. would it result in extra SSL negotiations?06:09
lifelessthe extra SSL counts as a penalty on three-way handshake time06:10
lifelessso its pretty much requivalent to just a higher RTT time06:10
stubAre browsers smart enough to pipeline HTTPS connections even when they don't do it under standard HTTP?06:11
lifelessIOW, it makes having larger images, and more hostnames a better tradeoff06:11
lifelessstub: no06:11
jameshstub: there is a switch you can flick in firefox to turn on pipelining06:11
lifelessHTTPS is no better or worse as a protocol - its literally just HTTP wrapped in SSL06:11
stubI was wondering though if the SSL layer is torn down after every request or reused06:12
stub(eg. keep the pipe open for x seconds in case a new page needs to be loaded from that ip)06:13
lifelesssame rules as for http06:13
jameshstub: if the HTTP connection is keepalive, it will be reused06:13
lifelessif you can keep an http pipe open, you do so, because it saves RTT for the 3-way setup06:13
lifelessmost browsers keepalive by default IME these days06:13
lifelessbut keepalive != pipeline06:14
jameshpipelining is sending N requests down the socket and then waiting for N replies06:14
jameshrather than only having one pending request at a time06:14
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stubi see06:18
=== jamesh just turned on pipelining to see how it affects things
stubbah. repository locks suck.06:25
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jameshmorning SteveA 10:05
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SteveAgood morning jamesh 10:08
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(Mez/#launchpad) I'm not a dev though, just an advocate and user05:52
(luisbg/#launchpad) ;)05:52
(luisbg/#launchpad) an other thing05:52
(luisbg/#launchpad) is the team owner the only one able to make big changes, or are all the admins?05:52
Mezchanges to what ?05:52
luisbgquestion is... admins have the same rights as owner?05:54
MezI'm not too sure.... 05:54
Mezthere are a couple of differences (or there used to be)05:55
luisbgI will just leave it this way for now05:55
MezI've never really had to use my admin privileges for anything other than approving members ;)05:55
Mez(in groups that I'm not the owner of)05:55
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carlosdanilos: sorry, I had a small power cut05:56
luisbgMez, ok, thanks again05:57
carlosdanilos: did you see my question?05:57
daniloscarlos: np, but you missed a hug by dholbach then ;)05:57
daniloscarlos: no, what question?05:57
carlos>carlos< danilos: do you know whether we are able to add custom tags/headers for firefox like we do with .po files with X-WHATEVER ?05:57
carlos danilos: we will need that to expand the fix for bug #68014 to other file formats05:57
carlos in this case, for Firefox05:57
UbugtuMalone bug 68014 in rosetta "Rosetta reverts translation fixes to old faulty values" [Critical,In progress]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6801405:57
daniloswell, we can add anything we wish, we just need to decide where to add it (i.e. we can add a completely new file with our metadata in there if we wish)05:58
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joejaxxhello everyone i am back after that freenode incident05:59
carlosdanilos: well, I would prefer to use one of the metadata files in .xpi archives05:59
Mezhmmm - I've just had a thought of how LP might get a lil screwy06:00
carlosbut lets talk about it next week at UDS....06:00
Mezadd two groups, and change the owner of each group to the other06:00
carlosjoejaxx: hi06:00
Mezso they own each other...06:00
joejaxxcarlos: hello06:00
daniloscarlos: sure, next week is better, probably, since we can talk face-to-face ;)06:00
carlosMez: you will need a launchpad admin to fix that06:01
UbugtuNew bug: #69911 in blueprint "difficult to get a list of a person's specs at a given sprint" [Undecided,Rejected]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6991106:01
Mezcarlos, I know - but I havent done it - i'm just saying - it'd be a bit ****ked if that happened06:01
carlosMez: I was just pointing that we can fix it without major problems...06:02
carlosMez: but yeah, I guess we should prevent that, could you file a bug?06:03
Mezcarlos will in a bit06:03
carlos(well, in fact, I'm not sure whether we already prevent that...)06:03
carlosbut it's a corner case that we would miss06:03
Meznice ...06:09
MezI cant fiel bugs via email06:10
Mezit isnt accepting my "affects" lines06:10
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carlosMez: are you signing your email with your GPG key?06:17
MezCARLOS - YES06:17
Mezdarn caps06:17
Mezforgot theindentation tis all06:18
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Mezlmao getign bounces from gmail because someons mailbox is full06:19
UbugtuNew bug: #69919 in malone "Bugs in non-existant package" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6991906:20
UbugtuNew bug: #69920 in malone "Add all groups to bugmail settings?" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6992006:20
Mezthere we go ;)06:21
UbugtuNew bug: #69924 in malone "Recursive owner team setting?" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6992406:30
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luisbgwhere do I edit the "Details" section that appears in the homepage of a team?06:30
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joejaxxluisbg: hey you are in here too :D06:54
luisbgjoejaxx, hey =)06:54
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highvoltageHi. any launchpad admins around?08:16
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joejaxxkiko: are you around? i had some questions08:55
joejaxxif you do not mind :)08:55
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mdke_rock, bug spam09:01
UbugtuMalone bug 2553 in launchpad "Can't edit group wiki page details" [Medium,Confirmed]  09:01
mdke_in the description too, no less09:01
mdke_do you have a bug about that? :p09:01
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UbugtuNew bug: #69942 in launchpad "we sell nike shoes" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6994209:06
mdke_someone might want to ban that user09:06
mdke_lifeless: you can do that?09:06
lifelessmdke_: not really. We have work being done to allow banning. I can change their password though09:12
mdke_lifeless: that would work09:13
lifelessthey can just do password recovery09:18
UbugtuNew bug: #69946 in launchpad "admin use of /people/PERSON/+changepassword does not work" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/6994609:26
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lifelessjamesh: where is the code for pending-reviews these days ?09:34
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janneke-lilyI've registered LilyPond's CVS branch.  The status now says: Auto Tested, Date last sync finished: 2006-10-31.09:51
janneke-lilyBut there's nothing but ~janneke/+junk when I login on sftp?09:52
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giskarddo you know if i can search people by *localtimezone*?10:47
lifelessdont think so10:48
lifelessinteresting idea though, you might like to file a bug requesting this10:48
lifelessor a spec10:48
giskardlifeless: what you prefer?10:48
giskardhi lifeless :)10:48
lifelesswell we work off specs, so a spec is probably the right thing to file10:48
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lifelesspqm is doing down for maintenance11:19
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theCoreis there an Launchpad admin here?11:21
theCoreI just want to notice that there a user that is posting spam in Bug report11:23
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theCorefor example, in this one https://launchpad.net/products/launchpad/+bug/255311:23
UbugtuMalone bug 2553 in launchpad "Can't edit group wiki page details" [Medium,Confirmed]  11:23
theCorethis user too https://launchpad.net/people/aotaielec11:26
lifelesstheCore: yes, but we currently have little tools to manage this11:28
theCoreand maybe it isn't a good idea to let people have a nickname that start with something else than a letter11:31
theCorebut that is purely an aesthetic choice... not really a bug11:32
theCorethere also some "spam" accounts, like the "malinda0000x" https://launchpad.net/people/+peoplelist?start=225&batch=7511:34
theCoreI wonder why someone would want to register 35 accounts...11:35
lifelesswe do that11:35
lifelesswhen we generate usernames and they collide11:35
theCoreyeah, but I doubt the "malinda" ones are real accounts11:37
theCorecheck the email addresses11:37
lifelessI see11:37
theCoreIs there a way to get an advance people search?11:38
theCore(ew, that doesn't sounded right ...)11:38
theCoreoh, I found a bug11:39
theCoreTimeout error: OOPS-306D73311:40
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theCoreIs there someone managing the mailing-list?11:54
theCorethe lp-users one?11:54
theCorebecause there a good load of bogus emails 11:55
SteveAtheCore: what kind of bogus emails have you seen?11:56
theCoreSteveA, many empty messages, plus some spam11:56
theCorethankfully, it's nothing like the linux-kernel mailing list11:57
theCorewhere I get about 10-20 spam messages per day11:57
theCoreI would be glad to help managing the mailing list, if you need someone11:59
SteveAI haven't seen any spam in there12:01
SteveAsometimes, people sign up to the list, and then send empty or almost empty emails12:02
theCoresure? I just deleted one12:02
SteveAor emails with just their name and address12:02
theCoreyeah, these are common12:02
SteveAI don't know why they send these emails.  I've tried asking, and so has kiko.  No reply.12:02
SteveAI guess there's something in the instructions on the shipit page, maybe the error page, that some people are misunderstanding12:02
SteveAI mean, they've gone to the trouble to sign up to the mailing list12:03
theCoreI wonder how they find the list...12:03
SteveAtheCore: do you still have the spam you deleted?  (on my imap server, I keep deleted things around until I "purge" the mailbox)12:03
theCorelet me check12:03
SteveAon the launchpad OOPS pages, it says to sign up to the list if you want to tell the launchpad team about a problem with launchpad that is blocking your work12:04
SteveAif you can send me that email, with all its headers still there, then I'll look into it12:04
theCorehmm... I don't find it12:07
theCoremaybe it was from another list12:07
theCorethe only spam is in the footers of the empty emails12:07
SteveAkiko is usually very careful about removing spam from addresses that haven't signed up to the list12:08
SteveAnot much we can do about people who sign up and then send non-useful email12:08
theCorethere's a lot of people requesting CDs on the list too12:11
theCoresome even send their full address and telephone number12:12

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