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vildoko: hello there06:52
dokovil: hi06:53
vildoko: last time I quit too early, did you have something to discus?06:57
dokocan't remember :)06:57
dokovil: when do you apply as a MOTU do upload eclipse and eclipse-pydev yourself Ubuntu? 06:58
vilI told you about the eclipse / gcj in edgy06:58
vildo you thing that it is about the time? I am fine with current setup that I do not take any responsibility and do not have to bother with uploading :)06:59
vilso I guess that I should follow the process described at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers?action=show&redirect=MaintainerCandidates07:07
vilmake a wiki page sumarizing my past work07:07
viland finally attend a technical board meeting asking to become a MOTU07:08
vildo you know, if I have to sign up somewhere? or can I just attend the technical board ask for membership?07:13
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dokovil: sorry, had a phone call, yes, in practice, that will work; you could join #ubuntu-motu as well and ask maybe dholbach07:24
vilok thanks, will do that later today07:26
vilI wanted to talk a bit about that eclipse / gij issue on fresh Edgy. would you have a few minutes for it?07:28
dokowhat do you mean with "fresh edgy"?07:29
viljust installed from a cd07:31
vilI got  a bugreport on eclipse-pydev saying that when he tries apt-get install eclipse-pydev it succedes, but when he tries to run it, the system lacks jvm07:32
dokoi386, amd64?07:32
vilthis is rather eclipse issue I guess07:33
vilcannot say07:34
dokovil: try to install java-gcj-compat?07:35
viland the above happens because the system from the cd contains gij-4.1,  which provides java-runtim2, so eclipse does not install java-gcj-compat07:35
vilright, if you install java-gcj-compat, everything is ok07:36
vilbut the bug is that it does not get installed as dependency for eclipse07:36
dokook, maybe we should adjust the script eclipse.sh to check for that. 07:37
dokowe dropped java-gcj-compat from the CD to save 8MB07:37
vilhowever, removing java-runtime2 (or 1) from deps would couse that java-gcj-compat would be installed even if you had sun java installed07:37
dokoyes, I don't have a good plan yet ...07:40
vilso shall I write a new bug on eclipse? I mean, you know about it already, so is there a reason?07:41
dokono, propose a sane fix ;-P07:42
dokoanyway, I have to leave, will be back late at night07:43
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matt19walesanyone there?08:50
matt19waleshow are u?08:55
vilfine :)08:55
matt19walesare u good at java programming?08:55
viland u?08:55
viljust medium08:55
matt19walesi'm ok, getting a bit stressed out to be honest08:55
matt19walesfed up of this java! doing it for uni, we're on algorithm's at the moment08:56
vilhow can I help you08:58
matt19waleswell at the moment we are studying runtime's of different algorithms08:58
matt19walesand i've managed to write the 1 algorithm called insertion sort08:59
matt19walesand works OK :) but i have no idea where to start on the next algorithm, counting sort08:59
matt19walesthere is the pseudocode09:00
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vilwell, this forum is more about packaging java progs for debian. maybe try ##java forum09:03
matt19walesah ok09:04
matt19walesthanks anyway :)09:04
vilyou can find some more info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counting_sort09:04
matt19walesyeah been on there! pretty much looking for a complete solution. we're allowed to pull it straight off the web cos its mostly concentrated on measuring runtime ect09:05
matt19walescant find it anywhere online09:07
vilat wiki, there is a link to c++ implementation, which could be quite close to java.09:09
matt19walesnever used c++ ever before09:10
matt19waleswill have to try and work from the pseudocode i think if i cant get anyhelp from the java forum later09:10
vilgood luck ;)09:11
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