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Rieshey Guys, in a makefilee for a debian package I find this line:         @-cp debian/dtc-xen-soap $(DESTDIR)/etc/init.d 06:41
Riesshould i change debian to ubuntu?06:41
RiesOoo never mind...06:43
RiesI think I found it already06:43
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Alakazamz0r i accidentally deleted my /etc/bacula directory07:34
Alakazamz0rand all the files in it.07:34
Alakazamz0rhow can i totally reinstall bacula, including the /etc/bacula defaults?07:34
Alakazamz0rroot@bacula:/etc/bacula# cd /etc/bacula/07:35
Alakazamz0rroot@bacula:/etc/bacula# ll07:35
Alakazamz0rtotal 007:35
Riestry a apt-get install --reinstall bacula07:45
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CarlFKdapper desktop live cd kernel seems to support raid1 (/dev/md0 type) but edgy-desktop doesn't.  is edgy-server the same, or does anyone know if the 'rescue mode' on the -server CD does have md support?10:05
RiesI can imagine that server support md0.... But I don't run SW raid... so I cannot tell for sure10:09
CarlFKfdisk shows Disk /dev/md0: 20.8 GB, 20883832832 bytes10:11
CarlFKI want to dd that to a normal partition so that I can fsck it 10:11
CarlFKand not mess up my current mess10:11
CarlFKhow do I make a partition that size, or can it be a bit bigger?10:12
tmh_it can10:12
CarlFKcool.  thanks10:12
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buzznutanyone here able to help with getting postfix+sasl+mysql to work on edgy? Moving from debian stable to ubuntu-server 11:05
buzznutanybody able to point me to the right place for help on this? I can't get postfix to see my config in smtpd.conf in /etc/postfix/sasl11:22
sharmsbuzznut: wiki has all instructions11:34
buzznutsharms: looking at that howto right now to see if it is one of the many that I have consulted.11:36
buzznuteverything works great but smtp auth, but I will check the wiki to see if it provides me any insight11:36
buzznutI tried to follow this howto at http://flurdy.com/docs/postfix/11:40
buzznutbut smtp auth doesn't work11:40
buzznutsharms: which one of the many articles on the wiki do you recommend?11:43
sharmsbuzznut: ha none really, but  the 3rd party docs like flurdy never seem to work on my system11:45
buzznutsharms: aint that the truth. I am pulling my hair out because I have everything rocking but one piece and I just can't seem to get past it.11:47
buzznutlooks like I am going to start over with the complete virtual mail howto :)11:49
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anne__is there a way to connect Winterm ICA-based thin clients to an ubuntu server ?11:56

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