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infinitydoko: I may be blind, but I'm not seeing this mystical gcc upload on chinstrap (nor in the queue on drescher)02:00
dokooh, you want it directly in the queue?02:05
infinity~doko/uploads would have bene fine too, but you didn't put it there either. :)02:16
jbaileyinfinity: Didn't you hear?  doko took to heart the worries that edgy wasn't edgy enough - we're switching to gcc-snapshot as the main compiler. =)02:17
=== jbailey hides.
infinity-snapshot probably wouldn't make a horrible compiler, but the -snapshot packaging is useless for anything but testing.02:19
infinitySo, I'm going to assume that wasn't his intentio. :)02:19
dokojbailey: no release dates for 4.2 yet :-/02:23
jbaileydoko: At this rate, I'd expect January or February.02:23
dokoinfinity: you get the packages needing a rebuild tomorrow morning (my time), good night02:39
infinitydoko: Did you give me gcc?02:48
infinity  113232 | S- | gcc-4.1              | 4.1.1-18ubuntu1      | 33 minutes02:48
infinity         | * gcc-4.1/4.1.1-18ubuntu1 Component: main Section: devel02:48
infinitySo you did.02:48
jbaileyinfinity: Should I upload the glibc with the fix for hppa's building?  It's the only patch in -0ubuntu2 right now.02:53
infinityNot yet.  If you do, the binaries for sparc/ppc for the previous version will be rejected./02:56
infinityWell, actually, you can upload it, I just won't accept it yet.02:56
infinityAnd look, everyone but sparc is done now.03:02
=== infinity gets out behind artigas to push.
infinityjbailey: Upload whenever you feel like it.  I won't accept and build it until after gcc.03:02
jbaileyinfinity: Done.  Dinner time, back in a bit.03:22
infinityMeh, we really need faster sparc buildds.04:59
infinityOh, there, it's finally entered the testsuite, at least.05:15
fabbioneinfinity: did jeff uploaded glibc?06:58
fabbioneinfinity: please reject Jeff upload. hppa patch is not there07:06
fabbionehe forgot to checkin the file i think07:07
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infinityfabbione: Err, are you sure?07:38
infinityfabbione: How can you be sure, it's not published in the archive yet. :)07:38
fabbionebzr shared repo of death?07:38
fabbioneya know.. that thing that helps for development..07:38
infinityThe patch looks there to me.07:40
infinitylp_archive@drescher:~/foo$ debdiff *dsc | lsdiff07:40
fabbioneit's not in bzr than07:41
infinityEntirely possible.07:41
fabbionewell ok..07:41
fabbionelet it in07:41
fabbionewe will just need to rush another upload once he is awake07:42
fabbionethere is an import ppc fix that needs to go it07:42
fabbionebut it can wait after this round07:42
fabbionei mean it has been there forever07:42
infinityWell, if you want to apply this debdiff to bzr, add the PPC fix too, and then re-upload, that's fine by me.07:42
infinityOh, it's a bug we have in 2.4 as well?07:43
infinityIf that's the case, then I don't much care.07:43
fabbioneno, it happens only in a specific situation and our kernels can cope with it07:43
infinity(And also don't see the rush)07:43
fabbioneit's the rootcause of the hangs we were seeing07:43
infinityOh, if we have a fix for that, we may as well get it in.07:44
infinityLet me toss you the debdiff for this, and you can apply it in bzr and re-upload -0ubuntu207:45
fabbionejust go with ubuntu207:45
fabbioneour kernels are all ok07:45
fabbioneit can wait the next upload07:45
=== infinity shrugs.
infinityKay.  Then let's not "rush" the next upload. :)07:45
fabbioneit's something that's triggered at build time only anyway07:45
infinityI'd prefer to open with the toolchain that's currently uploaded, if we can.07:45
fabbionethat's ok07:46
fabbionelet's open07:46
fabbioneit's a fix that can go in anytime07:46
fabbioneand it's not going to change ABI or anything07:46
infinitysparc's in "make install"... Yay.07:46
fabbioneso it's safe for "later"07:46
infinityMaybe it'll make the :03 daily... Maybe.07:46
=== infinity goes to make some dinner.
fabbioneprobably but unlikely07:46
fabbionetop - 07:46:43 up 25 min,  3 users,  load average: 2748.72, 1987.47, 879.3007:47
infinityTell me that's not on a machine in the DC...07:48
infinityEvery time you do that to a DC machine, I cringe.07:48
fabbioneit's my T2000.. i was building a kernel and typed make -j07:48
infinityYou really don't get the concept of a "multi-user operating system", do you? :)07:48
fabbioneinstead of make -j $something07:48
fabbionearen't we a desktop? how many users can be in front of a desktop at the same time? :P07:49
fabbioneinfinity: i suggest you switch the publisher to manual.. sparc has almost done, but i am afraid it won't make it for :0307:57
fabbioneit did it :)07:59
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dokoinfinity: awake?09:29
infinityI am, yes.09:46
infinityust about to get gcc going, unless you're about to tell me not to.09:46
dokoinfinity: no, that's ok.10:31
dokouploaded gcc-defaults and gcj-4.1 as well10:31
infinityWe had a default change?10:31
dokono, just stuff in libgcj-common10:32
fabbionedoko: do we need those before a new glibc rebuild?10:32
dokofabbione: no10:32
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infinityGuten Tag, Herr Watson.10:38
infinitydoko: So, when do I get this mess of library rebuilds for the ldbl128 breakage?10:38
infinitydoko: Cause once that's done, we're open for business.10:39
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jbaileyEh, I notice that the groups test doesn't fail glibc under feisty.10:13
jbaileyMaybe I can go back to building the zero-regressions framework in.10:13
fabbionejbailey: i am ok to wait. there is no hurry my side10:17
jbaileyWait?  What's that?10:18
jbaileyfabbione: Sorry, I lost my backscroll when I rebooted.10:18
fabbione<jbailey> fabbione: jakub is proposing a different patch for ppc.  I'm inclined to sit on it for a day since it's a trapped alignment issue10:19
fabbione<jbailey> (performance, not correctness)10:19
jbaileyAh, cool.10:20
jbaileydoko: Seems we have a toolchain spec for feisty, not +1.10:22
jbaileydoko: should we just make it the feisty+1 spec?10:22
dokojbailey: we have both, not yet added to the meeting10:47
jbailey'kay.  I'll look up the other one and addmyself to it.10:48
fabbionewhile at it can you add me too please?10:50
dokofabbione: I thought, assignees would be scubscribed automatically ;-p10:51
jbaileyfabbione: Participation required or just show up if you can?10:51
fabbionedoko: ahaha10:51
fabbionejbailey: required10:51
fabbionei want to be there10:51
dokofabbione: done10:52
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